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AmeriKlan’s New Colonizers


Amos Wilson warned blacks decades ago to “get ourselves together” before the Chinese colonized this country. He spoke earnestly of their technologies, their ruthless ambition and their goal to become a super-powerful global ruler. He said, and I quote, “If you think whites are bad, the Asians have NO historical ties of guilt. They’ll be even more ruthless towards us…”

When I took a quick look around my house, my lamp, oven, socks and various electronics are made in China. Food that we buy is made in China. Even construction material, like nails and insulation, is made in China. Last year, we gave China 1/2 of a TRILLION dollars. They are also the largest gold producers in the world and we are in debt to them.

Chinese investors known as “Sino-Michigan Properties” has brought over 200 acres of land in the state of Michigan and are increasingly moving their operations into other parts of the United States itself, like NYC, Ohio and Pennsylvania to name a few. When my cousin went home to check on his business, he told me that the Chinese are buying hundreds of acres of fertile land, beaches, sugar cane plantations and building restaurants, stores and spice markets by the dozens. Meanwhile, farmers and construction workers “can’t seem to pay their bills or find work.” (His words)

We have seen proposals in the past for “tech zones,” where Chinese companies could establish operations to increase their level of competitiveness in bidding for American contracts. With this increased access to the U.S. and a ready flow of capital from back home, there is a very real possibility that these individuals could drive American companies out of business. This would include residential housing units, commercial units, and manufacturing.

Since I’ve been writing for some time about how the Divided Snakes govern-Nazi gives ALL other races free grants to open businesses in our neighbourhoods and spies on us to make sure we’re not progressing too far, what do you think will be the impact on Africans as a whole? Do you think once white people realize that they are now being shoved into 2nd place and must work for someone who looks nothing like them and comply to their rules and regulations, they’ll understand, finally, how we feel? And lastly, how far must we fall before we finally band together as one race?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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64 thoughts on “AmeriKlan’s New Colonizers

  1. This is a serious topic, and deserves a serious answer. But, as I am still figuring out what is truth and what is false flag, I can only respond by answering the last question by copy-pasting a joke I read the other day at tehuti-online (no longer active), but I am not sure it is theirs. (Warning: rude language at the end.)

    A white man, a jew and a Black man died and went to the pearly gates. They were met by St. Peter who told them they were all good men but that they could only enter heaven if they asked him a question he could not answer. The white man walked up and whispered his question in St. Peter’s ear. Without a moments hesitation St. Peter whispered the answer back to him and told him to go stand by the down elevator. The jew walked up and whispered his question in St. Peter’s ear. Without hesitation St. Peter whispered the answer back to him and told him to go stand by the down elevator. The Black man walked up and whispered his question in St. Peter’s ear. St. Peter’s eyebrows arched sharply, he stepped back and thought for a few seconds. Then St. Peter sat down, put his elbows on his knees and rubbed his forehead in deep thought. He stood up and told the Black man to go on through the pearly gates to heaven. The white man and the jew were shocked beyond belief. Just as the Black man went through the gates to heaven the door to the down elevator opened up for them as they begged St.Peter to tell them what the Black man asked him that he could not answer. St. Peter said, “He asked me when were niggers going to get their shit together?”

    If we cannot get our shit together, then we will be leading ourselves astray. So, start with the man or woman in the mirror. Show yourself respect, instead of demanding it from others. What is there to respect anyway? Use your mind. Get rid of the faulty white programming. Re-member your potential and grow into it. Ashe.

    Oh. As for the Chinese… they sit at the table of the bosses of the wanna-be light-bearers and other white and pale horses to their use. So, I am definitely studying that piece of the puzzle. Just like the lesser Arab and Turk question. Peace.

  2. Pete

    How many black leaders and scholars have begged us to get our shit together? I spoke the other day to Claude Anderson’s wife and she told me some things that made me wanna tear up. Her husband went around this country, spending his OWN MONEY, to lecture us on businesses, banding together and creating one BIG COLLECTIVE marketplace instead of a bunch of little ones and wrote the best damn book I’ve ever read called Powernomics…and all we did was ignore him, talk in the audience while he was lecturing and buy Baby Phat clothes to show off.

    Our ancestors, who formed black wall street, knew that they had NO other choice but to band together and look what they created!!!! You have no idea how anxiety stricken I am watching every other nationality speed past us while we sit and talk about Beyonce’s new outfit and if her husband is gay. And perhaps the most frightening thing about this mess is : We don’t seem to give a fuck.

  3. Mickey on said:

    Ditto. Not to mention that Dr. Umar Johnson said in one of his lectures that the Chinese were infiltrating the Nigerian economy, setting up businesses, etc.

    He also said that Blacks need to get themselves together because the Chinese could be worse to Blacks than the Whites (and he believes nobody is worse than the Whites.) I think that some Whites would realize what is going on and try to band together with Blacks and other POC to stop the Chinese takeover, but I am afraid that if they are successful in doing so, then things will go back to the way they were before. Whites will go back to being on top and dumping the Blacks at the next bus stop.

  4. Mickey

    I saw that interview and he’s 100% right. As for your comment regarding whites in solidarity with us…that’s a whole other post to come, my luv.

  5. There is good news, and there is a lot of bad news. The good news is that those who are waking up, do so with a bang and in depth. Welcome.
    Then there are those who either do not know or do not care. And I am not waiting on them to get their “shit” together. We organize real education for them, and they do not even bother to show up, or when they do they are only one big distraction. The jews go to Hebrew school, the Chinese go to Chinese school. Once or twice a week… ON THE SIDE. They do EXTRA. White, jew and Chinese supremacy is not a fluke. They work hard at it.
    That is what I had to learn to do. To work hard on educating myself on the side. And then only. No one was interested in letting me know how the game behind the game of the game worked. If there is no teacher one teaches oneself. And now that I look at China, HongKong and Tibet, I understand that game a bit more. I am starting to see whose belly all the hands are resting on. The light is still too bright to see. And with a lot of misinformation out there, I remain careful to check and double check every piece of the puzzle. Hell, tripple check.
    Those who want to follow the fake stars are allowed to. Why learn about Orion and Sirius, when you have Black boule starlets to gossip about? To reach those who have no need for their soul, I just point out that evil takes work too. So, might as well keep your soul and do something good then. Operative word: DO!
    It does not have to be difficult. Our future lies in the cultivating and manufacturing of the simple things. All the things being wiped out of the memory of the mass. DuPont and MonSatan are profiting from killing seeds AND drought. We have to know better than them. The mass will remain ignorant until the mass has nothing more to eat.
    Yes, we had leaders warning us for decades. I cannot post articles fast enough on http://toomuchblack.wordpress.com/ (a little self-promo). But, to most it still sounds like sci-fi or just maniacal bwe bwe bwe. It is up to them to turn into something they can understand, and keep studying. The jew and Chinese do. Once or twice a week. Every week.
    Great job Negress. Truth be told.

  6. Mariama on said:

    Thank you for this post. Sadly, I see so much truth in this joke. I believe that the black “race” (most of them) is suffering so much because they have not honored or respected the sacrifices of the ancestors and yes, our living elders. With the exception of certain individuals in little groups, the black collective overall has continually spit on the graves of their ancestors. I truly believe that this is why they are in the hell that they are in. No moral codes, no value system, intergration-obssessed, the black male/female gender wars , you name it.

    If most whites begin to feel the sting of this potential so-called Chinese supremacy, then all I can say is that Karma is starting to begin. The evil you reap, is the evil you will so. Of all the people on this planet, Europeans have sowed so much pain on indinegous people. As far as African-Americans are concerned, well, you know how the story goes. Most of us have become extremly complicit in our own destruction. Ask yourself why most blacks dont support black owned businesses? Why do so many black women support these shit-hop artists? There are so many whys.

    When I last visited West Africa (Sierra Leone), I saw many Chinese business men there. So, you see, Mr Wilson knew what he was talking about. Black folks often participate in their own demise. I really resent that because it does not have to be that way. I cant imagine the frustration folks like Claude Anderson, and the countless other dedicated black “leaders” feel when they put their time, money, effort and sweat into uplifting the “race” but get nothing but ungratefulness and apathy in return. I am starting to believe that the majority of black folks have extremely hard heads and soft bottoms (no pun intended). Forgive the rant, it is really a very depressing situation.

  7. Mariama on said:

    This brings tears to my heart too. Beyonce and all these other so-called entertainers are being used as a distraction.

  8. Tyrone on said:


    As you stated, the Chinese will be more ruthless than whites, Why? They have no legacy of slavery to keep them in check, Whites Do! What’s sad about all of this, is that, none of this ish had to happen. The greed of whitemen is to blame for a large part of this. Richard Nixon opened the door to relations with China when he visited the nation in 1972. But, it was Bill Clinton that set the stage for the demise and enslavement of the US economy when he put his support behind China gaining membership in the WTO(World Trade Organization). In 1994, NAFTA was signed into law January 1 by Congress, the beginning of the slide. Since then, the Chinese have been stabbing us in the back ever since…stealing technology, hacking our computers, undercutting our dollar, selling bad merchandise, building up their military, etc. Another point, blacks in Africa are dumber than dumb. The red Chinese are communist, nothing has changed. They’re the new colonizers, and some african women have the nerve to jump into bed with them while they’re raping our homeland with impunity. The common excuse, is that, they’re not white…Why should we be worried? Black people are so gullible, so naive about the ways of the world. Us blacks here in America made the same mistake in relation to so-called hispanics. We supported them breaking the laws of this country, in exchange, they would work with us on a myriad of issues…Not So! The same goes for Arab whites. Black muslims and liberals are the biggest defenders of them, yet, are causing all kinds of bloodshed and chaos in Africa, Why? They’re not real white people, therefore, black people can trust them. Black people, my best advice to all of you is to move away from organized political parties in this country if possible? We’re supporting political ideologies that are enslaving us, and who are the biggest cheerleaders, The Black Elite! I have always viewed them as anti-black, and i’ve been proven right, Sadly! Negress, it’s vital that free black people exit from the “Global Nexus” that is trying to kill us. China is in bed with Russia and Iran, black folk all over the globe should be concerned for Africa, Seriously! As the saying goes, history can and does repeat itself!!!


  9. Yes, China has been shipping out Chinese to South-America and Africa for decades ‘to help’. Help with what?! People in the Caribbean will respect a Chinese shopkeeper more than a Maroon (visibly African) market woman. They gladly pay extra for the Vetsin and Adjinomoto poison. I am a bit more harsh than usual, because I recently wasted a lot of time explaining to someone that this poison is in ALL the junk food. Junk food – including supermarket junk – has no taste, so they put MSG in it to fool the tongue, and thus the mind. To then watch this person pull her nose at my veggie dish, and stuff her mouth with junk. And watch others take her lead. Actions speak louder than words…
    Anyway. Where did white Pete get the MSG from? See. China has been in bed with the big boss the whole time. Like Negress already pointed out, everything is already made in China. How would that be possible without China being in on the game behind the game? To even listen to the white babble, is to allow them to fool our ears, and thus our minds. The Chinese took care of Tibet, while the queen of England was doing her stiff dance in Hong Kong. How can that be?
    This is the advanced class, though. It does not get spelled out on tv, so it does not exist for most people. Tell them where you can find the best yak (hair, not the animal) and they will be all ears. And that is not even the sad part. The sad part is that they will not even ask questions… but will demand a hand-out of solutions.
    Okay, enough from me. I got some cooking to do. Poison free… And continue reading “Worse Than Slavery”. Peace.

  10. honeytreebee on said:

    MSG is what they feed to rodents to make them fat. It is very hard to make rats fat, but MSG does the job. Look it up. It is in everything all food cocolring, whey proteins, and so much more. Aspertame and caffine kill your brain cell, but give you a rush before the brain cells die. Most stuff in the supermarket and most anything in a box is not food, but poison.

  11. honeytreebee on said:

    Ty read my response to you back in the double standard post it will add another twist for you. Ir shows how it is coming on multiple fronts and that they are coming for sistas in a big way.

  12. emile on said:

    The word (pronoun) “we” was quoted eight times in this blog.

    This is where I’m confused. Could you explain further of “whom” you’re referring to when referencing “we” and its relevance to the obvious rise of the Chinese global superpower?

    As a Black man, I am already “disassociated” from the so-called mainstream society within virtually all nine areas of people activity. The social status of Black men and Black women, as well as the fragmentation of Black families, communities and business interests have been expressed through news, books and studies but not given any serious contemplation. On a general level, we see the plight and commercial ostracization of Black people in the areas of business and commerce, with stagnant unemployment, supplantation through the new “majority-minority” status of others and gentrification. In a sum total, there would be no greater loss than what is being experienced right now. Alternatively, this leaves us with no other option than to work together, with more sincere efforts, in building (rebuilding) opportunities for prosperity. I could be wrong, for this is my personal opinion based upon my personal observations of how global events are taking shape.

    You are absolutely correct in stating the upcoming second-class status of whites (aka “americans”) in the future. I think a lot of them are truly beginning to see what it has been like for Black people as the trickle-down theories, economic exploitation and loss of livable wages begins to set in as not something that “us” so-called minorities had to deal with. But now, regardless of whether they admit it, all one has to do is put the pieces of the puzzle together and see things for what they really are. Based upon what I’ve read in the news from multiple sources over the past several years: their living standards are gradually falling in notches; their children’s education is not even on par at the very least with the exhibited passion and drive of foreign students (i.e. STEM skills); and the reality of the government’s shameful status as a debtor nation with a more than $16 trillion budgetary abyss makes the future of the u.s. all the more bleaker. The endless, maniacal projection of the most negative economic profiling of Black people was a mental buffer that they used to make themselves feel better with one-up-man-ship. “Well, at least I’m doing better than my Black counterpart.” On a daily basis, I see more white people living out of their cars, shopping at affordable supermarkets in “our” so-called neighborhoods, hanging around in public plazas and buildings all day, applying for food stamps at public assistance centers than I’ve ever seen. A lot of these people were most certainly “middle-class” wage-earners who lost their homes due to foreclosures (post-2008 recession after-effects), an outsourced job to “guess where out of all places???”…CHINA!!!…or have obsolete/incompatible/non-competitive skills for this new “global” economy. All the sh*t they blamed on us is now happening to them. When Black people were losing their jobs, their neighborhood were getting gentrified or are living on the street (including Black veterans), nobody gave a rat’s ass. So “who’s” really feeling threatened? Why should any of us Black people feel threatened by any action on their part when we were systematically locked out? What do we own now that could be potentially lost? What opportunity were we ever given to own anything without it being usurped, stolen or infringed upon by “guess-who”? Are the chickens coming home to roost? Is karma finally coming to whites from the mistreatment we’ve received unjustly? I mean, who’s losing and who’s losing what? Whatever the outcome may be, white people are going to do the same thing that they have always done. They’ll befriend you and play the victim game until they can get on their feet and go right back to their old ways. Seen it happen too many times to say it won’t happen this time. I’m not mad at you DOAN, but these are the questioned piqued in my mind when I think critically about these sort of things.

    Give credit where it’s due; Asians have got their sh*t together, and it’s tight and air-locked. You gotta respect people who’ve got a game plan and STICK WITH IT, regardless of how fatal their intentions may be in reference to others. There’s always, always, always something to be learned, even from your enemies. I get more insight from Asian news than from the incestuous, censored and race-baited news sources here in the u.s. Personally, I don’t consider them an enemy and perhaps never will. “If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot harm you.”- African proverb. If push comes to shove, Black people have PROVEN to have the skills, creativity and acumen to compete.

    None of this is perfect, as we don’t live in a linear world. But I learned long ago that the Chinese are not messing around when pursuing their agenda. And there is not going to be this large, enmasse congregation of Black people finally coming together for the good of every Black individual, even if the heat is turned up. We are too fragmented, have too many setbacks and still too divisive with petty bullsh*t that keeps us from operating efficiently on the same frequency level as other so-called ethnic groups. Like-minded Black people are going to get with other like-minded Black people and do their thing. Do you remember the fundamental concept of how “sets” are defined in mathematics? That is how things are going to morph in the future. Once people start to “see” something is happening (tactilely) then the others will follow suit, having a reason to get their sh*t together. Why? Because other people are doing it. Sounds simplistic and condescending I know, but gotta tell it like it is. There’s a lot of us who ain’t going to do sh*t until the other person makes that move. Those who know what’s going on are going to do what they can, e.g. each one teach one, and become a leader of one. It sounds cold but time is being wasted trying to get people to see something they continually ignore. The good news is, there are many Black entrepreneurs out here right now how are making that move and their sh*t is for real. Produce + Achieve = Prosperity. I know the events we encounter are depressing and unbearable at times, but we also have to have the balance of hope that there “are” alternatives to our challenges.

  13. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great post Sister Truth. This is very helpful information. I hope it will wake many of our people up. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the coming reality. We need to prepare ourselves and educate our children. If we don’t prepare—we could all be speaking Mandarin in the near future.

  14. Kushite Prince on said:

    Very true Tyrone! Great post!

  15. MSG is also a meat tenderizer so imagine what it does to the body!

  16. emile on said:

    I disagree with your comments about Africans (in totality) being dumb and naive. This is not the case. It is their leaders who are manipulating the exploitation of their natural resources and national wealth through a newer phase of colonization. Many Africans in various countries are very cognizant of this and protest daily about how their land deeds and other family wealth are being sold off, even sometimes without their acknowledgement. Same goes with the African women and other non-African men. Just as they are doing here in the western hemisphere, the propaganda machine spews out what they “want” you to see. Not saying that it doesn’t happen, but there is also a greater amount of self-respect among African families than what is reported to the world. I read an article once by Zimbabwean reporter who made similar complaints about how much excessive negativity about African people is displayed in the media to the world. She compared it to the plight we have in the western hemisphere and the portrayal of Black people in the most negative light. News and information sources have to be vetted and sieved for clarity and truthfulness, even on the Internet.

  17. emile on said:

    I often think of who will replace/take up the baton of the likes of Dr. Anderson, Dr. Welsing, Nelly Fuller Jr., Dr. Wilson, Dr. Johnson…..

    Scary thought…

  18. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Answer to the first question: I don’t know.

    Answer to the second question: Not a chance. Whites have no compassion for black people. It’s the old double standard of ‘When blacks are unemployed, it’s because we’re lazy. When whites are unemployed, it’s because there’s a recession.’

    Short answer to the third question: IMO, we will never band together as a race to the degree that whites and asians do.

    There are enough reasons why it will never happen to fill a book but two of the main ones are:

    1) As you’ve stated many times Truth, whites simply will not leave us alone. The stakes are too high. We are too much of a threat for them to ever leave us alone. They know they can’t come close to competing with (the best of) us on an equal footing. What happens in basketball would happen in business. AS IF our collective creativity and superiority is limited to just sports and music. They KNOW this. They don’t want (the majority of) US to know this. They’re still trying to fugure out how our ancestor’s built the pyramids! Who knows what other tech they discovered, stole, suppressed and (attempted to) reverse engineer as they rampaged around the globe.

    The only hand these inferior neanderthals have to play is gangsterism – and they’re playing it as if their survival depends on it. Cuzz it duzz. Unfortunately for them, their evil, ruthless tactics are simply prolonging, rather than preventing, their day of reckoning.

    Nature is fighting back in her typical patient but relentless manner. Think about it; these anti human, anti earth, anti LIFE freaks are allergic to the Sun, the giver of all life on the planet. Plus they are unwilling / unable to reproduce themselves at replacement levels. They are genetic LOSERS. That should clue us in to their long term future not only on this planet. Being allergic to the sun, where can they go except back underground – back in the hole they came from and the only place they truly belong? But I digress.


  19. EyesWideOpen on said:


    2) Whoever coined the phrase, ‘No good deed goes unpunished’ probably had white people in mind. Since the Moors made the almost genocidal mistake of civilizing these cavemen, their war against us has been brutal and relentless. As bad is that was, it wasn’t enough to keep us down. We are simply too resilient. So in the past 40 years, the deceitful ones have added stealth and asymmetric warfare to their bag of dirty, devious, devlish tricks to keep us from rising up and kicking their asses.

    They have pushed Sun Tzu’s tactics – and especially psychological warfare – to the nth degree which is why I am not as quick to bash blacks for ‘not getting it together’ as so many seem want to do. When the enemy is not only dealing from the bottom of the deck, but doing it with a friendly face, it can take the better part of a lifetime to REALLY GET that he is not only not your friend, he is our mortal enemy who wishes our hasty demise and thus, has made it as easy as possible for us to fail.

    On the surface, some of the solutions to our problems do seem simple: Stick together but stop sleeping around, stop supporting insulting Hollywood movies, disrespectful Korean corner stores and the spirit killing ‘system’ for starters. But just scratching a bit beneath the surface begins to unravel the mind boggling, systematic effort that has been erected to make us hate ourselves and to fuck us up on every possible level (mental, physical, psychological, emotional and spirtual). Suddenly, things don’t seem as simple any more.

    If many of us who have supposedly woken up cannot fully appreciate the devastating effects of the psy ops being waged against us, how can we expect blacks who are still asleep to ‘get their shit together’, simple as it may seem?

  20. EyesWideOpen on said:


    ITO personal growth, we each have only one main responsibility and that is to ourselves. Who anybody else is sleeping with, how they wear their hair or where they shop is none of my business. If I keep my focus primarily inwards rather than outwards and concentrate on getting my own shit together, then perhaps, eventually, my light may shine bright enough to be an example and an inspiration to a few of my brothers and sisters. Until then, I’ve still got work to do. Not for them but for me.

    Because of reason number one above (that whites will never leave us alone) we can never again have a true visible leader, they simply will not allow it. They will MLK / Malcolm X anyone who can make a material difference. They will also Black Panther any appreciable attempts we make to organize. They are that insecure, that inferior and that scared (achieving dominance through gangsterism is only a sign of superiority for psychopaths – aka whites). What has worked for asians and other groups will not work for us. Again, we are too much of a threat.

    The only viable response to asymmetrical warfare is asymmetrical warfare: decentralized, stealthy, leaderless so there’s no target to focus on, no head to cut off. As I said in a previous comment, we must take a page or two out of the enemy’s playbook.

    You cannot fight what you cannot see.

  21. honeytreebee on said:

    really disconnecting from our oppressor is the best thing we can do. Wp sold themselves to the Chinese and Wp are so greedy that as long as they think some $$ is coming they will keep persuing their other hobby oppressing BP. This will be their undoing as everything willbe taken away from them cause they just cn’t leave us alone. They will sell someone the rope that will be used to kill them for some $$. They will be happy living in shit as long as they think we have it worse. Others have figured this out and are using it against them and in the end Wp will be put back in thier corner. I just don’t want us to be used in order to keep them there at our expense.

    Sometimes I really do wish they would go and try to save Europe.

  22. emile on said:

    That is a very good summation you’ve given. I’ve often viewed what’s happening between China and the u.s. in these same terms. Another thing that is surprising is there are Black people (commentators here) who are critically thinking about such issues and providing good insight. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even watch the news/business news because everything in u.s. media is so glossed over and superficial, increasingly white, increasingly non-Black, as if the economy is thriving when in fact it is on life support for several years now. Consumerism is the new dope of the masses. No dialogue about production, savings, the things that China focused upon over the past 10-20 years and are not using as carrot and stick. I swear people in the u.s. have been mercilessly dumb-downed beyond redemption. It’s scary at times when thinking about it. People in my neck of the woods don’t even talk about serious issues such as this, even when they do talk intelligently. I still say Asians are smarter than we think they are. If they can’t get into the colleges, they’re in the libraries, hitting the books, learning new programming languages or whatever they do.

  23. Emile

    I think about that too.

  24. EyesWideOpen

    Excellent reply!

    That’s why I’m always urging us to band together quietly like the Jews. Set up your own system quietly, work out a plan quietly and when the time comes…strike!

    The only problem I see for us is sell-out traitorous blacks who will infiltrate our plans and cause diversions. Remember Marcus Garvey? Look who sold him out. His own right hand man for 30 pieces of silver.

  25. Emile

    The reason why Asians, Jews, Whites, Spanish Africans are where they are and we are not is very simple:

    They understand the basic rule of “taking care of your own.” Blacks will fuss and fight over the stupidest things while Jews are planning 20 years ahead.

    Blacks will gossip over whose prettier, Rihanna and Beyonce, while Mexicans buy 50 acres of land with every member of their community.

    The people holding us back, sadly, is us.

  26. @ EyesWideOpen

    I don’t have much to add to this post other than to say THANK YOU for your moving, touching and insightful comments.

  27. Emile

    I’m not mad at Asians or any other group that has it together. They’re just capitalizing off of our own insecurities. We have a choice. And almost every time we make the wrong ones.

    But change begins with us. It has to start from within and each of us must make the choice every day who we’re going to pledge allegiance to.

  28. The plight that blacks find themselves these days is nothing new. Condtioning of the collective black mind is of paramount importance to whites. I will venture out even further and say that whites must keep most of us in a state of ignorance, oppression, dependancy and the almost continual state of training of our minds to respond in a predictable manner in almost any given circumstance. If whites will just drop every thing and leave black folks alone, ultimately, it’ll be a threat to their own survival.

    If in fact this was to happen (leaving us alone), the black ingenuity will once again rise and eventually begin to exert it’s mastery in all facets of life once again (political, engineering, commerce, medical, financial, etc.). As someone mentioned up thread, they must keep multiple points of distraction in progress in order to keep us collectively off balance. In other words, they must keep moving the goal post. They must keep the ball in the corner and on the offense.

    The only thing that could ultimately unravel the tangled social, psychological and political web of deceit spawned by white people, is UNITY. This is why the slave master had House negroes and Field negroes. In order to keep us from banding together, there must be a dichotomy of competing forces. This is the same reason why today, we have black Democrats and black Republicans. Each party profess to have the better plan for blacks, without truly having our best interest at the center of ther heart. These political parties feign quite well that they’re looking out for us, but never have any of them bothered to place within their platform that blacks should in fact truly be a free people.

    I apologize in advance if I ranted far too long, PEACE!

  29. Blakksage


    Well said.

  30. Well, …thank you very much Negress! 🙂

  31. EyesWideOpen on said:

    @ynotme and TBT:

    Thank you for your kind words.

    “The people holding us back, sadly, is us.”

    Truth, are you sure about that? I really wonder if, Koreans for example, would be any better off than blacks if whites did everything to them that they did to us – and I mean EVERYTHING. For reasons partly explained in the following paragraphs, I don’t think they would be.

    We are the toughest, most resilient MOFOS on the planet. That’s not even debatable. As hard as our Native American brothers and sisters fought the white devils, from what I understand, they couldn’t or wouldn’t handle slavery. Not only were we tough enough for chattel slavery but our black brothers and sisters in Haiti were able to chase the midget Napolean (one of the most revered generals in HIStory lol) and the rest of his demon squad off the island with sticks and fucking stones LOL.

    Aside from black men, is there any group in the world who’s had it tougher than black women? Yet, who has the lowest suicide rate on the entire planet? That’s right. Sistas. Who has the highest? I’d have to look it up but it’s between white men (more LOLs) and far east Asians (Japanese, Koreans etc). They’re so mentally weak they’re offing themselves in record numbers despite the fact that they have it infinitely easier compared to us. I can only imagine their collective condition if they’d gone through half of what we did. I won’t even comment on the white fantasy that the Irish had it as tough as blacks.

    I honestly believe that the white PTB must be astounded by our resilience. “Damn Becky, those niggers just WILL NOT DIE FAST ENOUGH. Doesn’t matter how meticulously we plan or what we do to them: Slavery, lynchings, planned economic devastations, mass incarcerations, flooding their neighborhoods with crack, booze, guns and abortion centers, spiking their drinking water, AIDS, giving our POE-leece departments the green light to use them as target practice, vaccines to make them infertile, they’re STILL multiplying like rabbits, much faster than we are, honey.” (unbeknownst to each other, that last bit about the rabbits causes a stirring in both their loins). “They’re like indestructable cockroaches that keep on truckin’ after a nuclear holocaust. Oh well, back to the lab, again.”

    Brevity is obviously not one of my strengths but I’ll take a shot at it: part of the point I was trying to make in comments 2 and 3 above was that after the civil rights movement ended in the late sixties, the white power structure with their think tanks and all, doubled down on their war against blacks. They’ve just been very careful to match the increase in intensity with a commensurate increase in stealth and plausible deniability – two of their favorite weasel tactics.

    It’s taken me a while to see this but we are not the ones holding us back, they are. And as I wondered in the comments above, I’m not sure how we can expect blacks who are still asleep to get it together if we, who are ostensibly awake, are unable to see the (psychological) chains that still bind.

    To summarize, for the reasons mentioned above, none of the aforementioned groups would be doing any better than us (at taking care of their own) if they had been in our shoes for the last 300 years or so. Given the light man’s penchant for suicide as soon as the going gets rough, I strongly suspect that they, especially, would be doing much worse.

  32. Tyrone on said:


    I will do so, Thanks! I’d like to make blackmen aware of these AMBW(Asian Men Black Women) dating sites that have popped up recently. As i’ve said many times before, Asian men are the most dangerous because they have a chip on their shoulder. Why do they want african women? Sistas have what all non black men desire…African DNA. As is noted, Asian men did not win the masculine lottery at birth. Brothas, please understand that our black sisters are in the crosshairs of men that hate us…Chinese, Arabs, Persians, Spaniards, Portugese, etc. These men are playing for keeps, they want us dead and gone, Please Believe! Why are these sistas doing this? Getting with Asian men is about stabbing brothas in the back, let’s not kid ourselves. Asian men are the last on the totem pole, so, it’s not about sexual attraction. Sistas are trying to spite blackmen by diluting black manhood. Tall, athletic, well-endowed blackmen with Chinese fathers…Hell No!

  33. Tyrone on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    What’s good brotha? Kushite, you’re in Cali, so, you know the deal already. Black folk are dolphins in a world full of sharks, Indeed! Everybody wants to eat our lunch, and we think the world is a bed of roses. As blackmen, we must get away from the frauds in our race, they have no love for our people. We got a fight on our hands, Kushite. As always, keep it eye level blackman!!!


  34. Eyeswideopen

    no doubt we are the toughest people on the planet. that’s why everyone fears us and desires to be like us. but at some point, we must take responsibility for our own failings.

    I’m angry at us because I feel as though too many of us have given up. I constantly ask myself is this what are ancestors died for? I do agree with your statement however I really do believe that our mentality is what’s holding us back. we have a mental block and a part of it is not our fault. I saw in my vision demons that have spells over us.

    the rest of it is us just not caring.


  35. Tyrone on said:


    Black folk need to move the hell away from “It’s Just The Whiteman” mindset. Any black person that falls for that nonsense, should be locked up. Why are we surprised, african men selling out their race for money. My respect for blackmen in Africa is not very high right now. Allowing other men to plunder the resources of our homeland and target our sistas is not cool at all. Bowing down to Islam, WHAT THE F**K! I trust no man not of my tribe, blackmen in Africa are playing a dangerous game. Blacks in the US should be upset with Bill Clinton more than anybody. He sold out the US and Africa both. China is the new bully because of Clinton, keep it real black people.


  36. Negress,

    I do believe that we (Black Folks) are under some type of supernatural spell, but some of us are starting to wake up…As the Creator’s Chosen people we need to understand that while we live among these demon who call or see themselves as white supremacist (all white folks), we should not be apart of them.

    We need to limit our daily activities (if possible) with them, stop fraternizing, stop believing that they are our friends, stop reading their books/literatures, stop watching their television shows, stop eating their white foods, limit OR stop participating in the things they enjoy the most among themselves, then I really believe we will slowly snap out of this mental bondage that is keeping us from reaching our full spiritual potential to fight and conquer those supernatural forces.

  37. honeytreebee on said:

    Tyrone funny you would say dolphins. As dolphins kill sharks.

    Back on the AM BW note yes they are out for blood, and to improve their stock. However, for this to happen in a big way they need brothas to turn away from sistas which happens all the time out here. I know that the larger majority of BP marry each other but, out here in Cali I swear you wouldn’t know that. Sistas tend to prefer BM and hold out for BM. However, what happens here tends to get exported to the rest of the country.

  38. ynotme

    You stated that perfectly. And…you are NOT the first person with those beliefs. Even Claude Anderson’s wife hinted that our problems are “other worldly.”

  39. Mickey on said:

    Wow, EyesWideOpen. Did you see the Hidden Colors documentaries? Dr. Umar Johnson appears in both and even he said that different elements were brought out to kill Blacks, but none of them are killing Blacks fast enough. That is the flaw in their plan. I have always wondered why this mad fixation on Blacks always existed and I have figured out on my own some of the reasons why (as was/is confirmed on this site), but I am both amazed and shocked that Black people are such a threat to White Supremacy and any other so-called supremacy out there that they go to such great lengths to destroy a people. SMH.

  40. emile on said:

    Exactly, and excellent “choice” of the word: choice. Because that’s what it really breaks down to. Each individual here and elsewhere, making an individual, conscious choice to change the situation in the best way that they can with the resources, acquired knowledge and energy they can muster. We have the outline of nine particular areas in which each of us, if we choose to, can concentrate our special gifts, talents and skills to make a difference. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle. You can’t be everywhere and doing everything, and I believe this is one of the mistakes that we’ve made in the recent past. The Civil Rights Movement had its flaws but it was the application of a strong network of people specializing/working in different areas that produced the positive outcomes of this movement. Sometimes we bring too much upon ourselves and get overwhelmed with the predicament of our specific and collective situations, only to wind up disappointed with the results of getting nowhere. That’s a problem that can be fixed through review, analysis and refinement. If your passion is law, work on the challenges within the legal system as it applies to injustices placed upon Black people. If it’s sports, what can your bring to this area that will uplift a new generation of Black male and female athletes to prevent their exploitation? Education? Sexual health? Religion? Business?… Apply yourself within these respective areas of people activity and share the knowledge with the rest of us. This is the essence of the quote, “knowledge is power”. There is always something that can be learn, constructively, from another’s diligent efforts, research and contributions. A system is defined as “a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network.” Systems as forms of defenses can be found in every facet of life, from micro-organisms to trading blocs to every other so-called ethnic/racial/gender group that defends/protects/buffers their best interests against all unwarranted threats to their livelihood and prosperity. I agree with you that wrong choices have been made on our part. I can speak for and own up to my own wrong choices responsibly. My advise to all is to not beat yourself up for having done so. That’s life; if you haven’t made mistakes in life then you haven’t lived. But if we’re not learning anything from these past mistakes, then we deserve the outcome of the choices we are making “now”.

    No Black Pete summed it up best with this quote:

    “If we cannot get our shit together, then we will be leading ourselves astray. So, start with the man or woman in the mirror. Show yourself respect, instead of demanding it from others. What is there to respect anyway? Use your mind. Get rid of the faulty white programming. Re-member your potential and grow into it. Ashe.”

  41. honeytreebee on said:


    Ditto for BM with AW brothas have what all non black women want African DNA. Asian women didn’t win the same blessings as African women in intellect and beauty. So, please understand what is happening when BM get with Asian women, they earn the resentment of Asian men for denying them their rightful mates, they are being used by WW and WOC to strengthen their stock and weaken ours. They are putting sistas in the cross hairs of other men and setting them up to be easy prey of WM and MOCs.

    Why are black men doing this? Is it to get even with the WM and b/c so many of them have been brainwashed to hate their own they think this is how it is done. So, sistas are never good enough, so, every other woman the attention of a Black God except the Black Goddess. Is it really about sexual attraction or something else. If BM really wanted revenge on WM then they should take care of their own and make as many little ones as they can handle and raise them up to be good to their own and unyielding and never giving measure to the WM and his. They should work on the Black family, unit, community, and nation at all times and expect the same from all around them. For all that surrounds him should be of his reflection.

    Brothas have spited sistas for a long time with this and yet it comes back around to them in the end. If, an Asian man and Black woman would dilute Black manhood what does a Black man and a Asian woman do to Black womanhood and Black manhood. Black girls grow up knowing that daddy prefers anything but an African woman that she is an exception yet never as good as mommy. Guess who she most likely will marry to try and fix this problem? Tall, athletic, well endowed Black men with Chinese mothers … Hell NO!

  42. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks a lot brother. I hear you.lol

  43. Kushite Prince on said:

    I didn’t know you lived in Cali too. You live in the Bay area or LA county? I ask because I know people that live in Oakland and they say interracial dating is everywhere out there. But in Orange county,Long Beach,Fullerton,Santa Monica it’s everywhere also. Cali is a sick epidemic! Sometimes I want to get the hell out of here! It’s not the place for conscious intelligent black people.

  44. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi Mickey,

    Yes, I saw Hidden Colors 1 a couple days ago, in fact. I loved Dr. Johnson’s passion and intensity. I could feel the testosterone coming through the screen. He’s just the kind of strong, black man who scares the shit out of scaredy-cat, weakling whites (unless they’re bringing a machine gun to a knife fight, of course).

    I agree, it’s nice to see black scholars confirm some of my own independent conclusions about white people. For example, it’s been years since I came to the conclusion that white people = psychopaths. Low and behold, a book was written about that in the 70s called ‘The Psychopathic Racial Personality’ by Dr. Bobby Wright.

    To some, it may seem radical to say that at least 95% of whites are psychopaths but once you examine their history, their astounding lack of compassion and remorse, their two faced, deceitful, duplicitous nature plus the fact that they are ALL part neanderthal (which makes THEM the subhumans, not us lol. For animals, neanderthals were intelligent (but not creative), violent psychopaths – sound like any race we know???), concluding that they are psychopaths is about as radical to me as stating that water is wet or The Beatles SUCKED.

    The great lengths they go to actually trying to DESTROY us, IMO, is proof of their evil nature and proof that this is much bigger than just black vs white. This is actually a spiritual war between good and evil. These devils aren’t just anti black, they are anti human, anti life and anti all that is good and true. They are a threat to the entire planet as their nuclear stockpiles proove.

    If anyone can suggest a great book or video that goes into depth about the evil nature of white people I would appreciate it.

    Also, to anyone who has seen both Hidden Colors 1 & 2, which did you prefer? Overall, I was a bit disappointed by 1 so I’m wondering if it’s worth it to get 2.

  45. Eyes wide open

    I’m going to post soon on Michael Bradley’s The Iceman Inheritance. There is a audio of him on YouTube with Gus T Renegade of the Cows.

    Bradley pretty much summed up in a nutshell that whites are sick. And he himself is a white man.

  46. When I took a quick look around my house, my lamp, oven, socks and various electronics are made in China. Food that we buy is made in China. Even construction material, like nails and insulation, is made in China.

    The Chinese will indeed be ruthless, but the war they’re waging against us started with the carcinogenic products that they sell to us. They are extremely smart, they’re capitalizing off our greed simply because they know we are a nation obsesses with new and fancy gadgets. They are very good at attrition warfare and this is just another war tactic that they’ve perfected.

  47. ynotme

    Yes!! That’s why we’re getting sucked in with these new toys like the IPhone and Apple computers, flat screen computers, etc…

  48. honeytreebee on said:

    Kushite Prince

    I live out here in the Bay Area. Yeah I’ve been down by the other bay too and L.A. it is all the same, but up here it gets crazy. There are more BM in IR than BM not. Or they are looking for to be in one. Very few are not or have never been in an IR. However, BW are leaving the area as over the years I see fewer and fewer of us or are starting to bend like I mentioned earlier. AM are picking up sistas with the help of BM out here. How you ask brothas will knock a sista down to get to the AW and then act like she not there. Then the AM come and help her up. If, this happened to you a few times you might start seeing them different. Especially if, you are a young woman being consistently over looked. I’ve talked to a few sistas I see with AM and I am find so variation of this to be true. I know that there are divine brothas out there I just think that there is a shortage in Cali.

  49. kowaba on said:

    what do you think will be the impact on Africans as a whole?
    I think the impact on Africans as a whole will be similar to what has happened with our interactions with white people. If we don’t make changes as a group, collectively, we will be in the same place or in an even worse place than we are now.

    I see it like this, there are two primary objectives of white supremacy/racism:
    1)Mistreat Black People 24/7 in all people areas of activity and in different mass medium
    2) To ensure and maintain that black people continue to stay at the bottom of societies worldwide

    Do you think once white people realize that they are now being shoved into 2nd place and must work for someone who looks nothing like them and comply to their rules and regulations, they’ll understand, finally, how we feel?
    No way! White people seem to lack any empathy towards black people. They will feel empathy towards every other group except black people. Let’s face it: we are the scapegoats of the entire world. White people have to rationalize everything all of their problems so that they come out ‘looking’ pristine. Majority of white people will never care or want to change. The ones that do acknowledge the truth and try to resist ( who are making a constructive difference) are injured, harmed, or killed. Ones that admit the real deal are not at all shocked by how mentally ill their group as a whole is.

    And lastly, how far must we fall before we finally band together as one race?
    I don’t know how far we must fall before we wake up and unite as one race. There are many forces at work here. I do know that in order for things to change we need to change because other people i.e. non black people are not going to change.

    SOR is so great, overwhelming, and intricate that it seems many fall for its pitfalls, myself included. When I think of all of these obstacles that are set in our path, I cannot help but believe that our position is not just based on our choices. For instance, others will make black people pay more, but than they would probably pay us less for the same job so we are getting double screwed over. Historically, when black people went to the north during the Great Migration, they were housed in apartments which were $53/ week whereas white people would have actual rooms instead of one room and only pay $48 or $50 per month. White people would get paid more for jobs while black people were getting paid less.

    This type of stuff still continues to this day. There are so many gatekeepers in the system it is not even funny. People say the ‘black elite’ sell us out. And they do, but I also see it as this. White supremacists study everything in great detail. They are very precise. They apply theories of incentives and reward systems. Those black people who are willing to go to the extra mile to uphold white supremacy are rewarded. Each level or year in a profession, those who are and continue to uphold those standards are promoted to a higher echelon. Eventually it comes a point where most of these black elites are blamed and put on display in the media. Why? The system is not meant to see us in a positive light. The only solution unplug from the system.

    I hear people say why is it that these white people spend money to fund research on stuff that we already know? And now I believe I know a huge part of the answer. White people see that there may be something that they don’t know. There may be an anomaly in these results that others may not realize and they can capitalize/ exploit on this hidden knowledge. The money that was invested in that project with this particular knowledge gained from performing that experiment could be used in the real-world and help them profit ten -fold. They gain back all the money and more from taking the time to invest and do the experiment.

  50. Kowaba

    I wish I could put your entire statement on a T-Shirt!!! That was excellent!

  51. Verbs2013 on said:

    I’m not afraid of the Chinese and I will do whatever it takes to prevent them over running my people.

  52. Kushite Prince on said:

    I totally agree with you. Interracial marriage/dating is an epidemic out here! It’s reaching ridiculous proportions! I fear it will turn into another Brazil. Even though over 60% of Brazil is black they still have a serious racism problem over there. Blacks still mostly live in slums(favelas). And the whiter looking Brazilians control the government and part of the elite class. All that race mixing did not produce justice and equality. Yet over here America is still pushing this interracial crap! Nothing but deception!

  53. emile on said:

    For the sake of healthy criticism, I think there might be a certain amount of hypocrisy on some parts of commentators here. Why aid the “enemy” by placing focusing on IRs when we should be counteracting by finding, associating and getting together as Black men and Black women? I could be wrong, but the art of deflection and its captivating influence upon our vulnerability of getting distracted with insignificant issues such as the aforementioned are one of the reasons why we never move beyond Point A.

    If I’m correct, IRs aren’t that much of a threat to us on a general level, as Black men and Black women still overwhelming associate/date/marry/court/engage each other in larger proportions than the over-sensationalized hype of IRs.
    Our focus, energy, time and resources could be better spent perpetuating and building more potential with Black relationships, which can be viewed as an asset/strength/defense in its entirety. There’s not much we can do when others make personal choices based upon their peculiar experiences, upbringing and environmental factors that heavily influence them. Justice means every individual having the right to make their own choices in life while also responsibly living with the consequences. Don’t get me wrong, for I totally comprehend the observations some of us are making. I used to be confused about the whole picture, and might have become a victim/abuser/promoter of IRs, had I not become knowledgeable through the information given to me by Dr. Welsing and Mr. Fuller.

    On the other hand, I feel the best candidates for successful Black-on-Black relationships are those who know the benefits, history and significance of such choices, and how it strengthens us in the long-term as individuals, families, communities and nations. We must also remind ourselves of the majority of Black people who are unfortunately still victimized with a lack of knowledge about self, their “true” and “hidden” history and the redemption process they have yet to go through on a more personal level, just as you and I were at one time. A Black man and Black woman who know themselves, who know the dynamics and powerfulness of their synergistic efforts and the “true” reasons for their existence on Mother Earth as sanctioned by The Creator are indeed one of the most unique forces in the Universe.

    I learned since to spent more of my time concentrating, focusing and zeroing in on this power aspect of our existence for the rest of these 26,000 days given to me by The Creator.

  54. kowaba on said:

    Thank you, Sister Truth!

    It dawned on me last night, I don’t think white people allow to be put in 2nd place if they could help it. Looking at the history between China and the spheres of influence put into place during the 1800s and 1900s, white people battling it out for power and resources in China is nothing new. Did you know Russia, the U.S., Japan, Germany, Britain, and France all had special trading privileges set up to benefit them in China??? China then reacted by eventually setting up the communist party and closing the door to their country.

    After China reopened in 1979, there have been westerners developing their business ventures. I believe one of the reasons white people push for interracial relationships is so they (white people) can have a distinct advantage over other groups. Why do I say this? Suppose a white person marries a Chinese person he or she can theoretically have a larger network of go to people for his business plans then say someone who is not married to a Chinese. The propaganda stating that mixed people will be healthier and stronger because of their genes and making it out that foreigners are exotic and it is chic to date and/or marry a foreigner is another issue. It seems to me that Chinese women tend to marry outside of their race more so than the men because the men carry the family name. If say white people were able to have Chinese accept a rule similar to the one drop rule and say if a white person has only one drop of Chinese blood then they are Chinese. Perhaps that in theory could make it so that White people can dominate that area of the globe. Or perhaps another possible scenario that I could see is something similar to South Africa.

    As for in the U.S., I am not sure how it will all pan out. I can see a lot of Chinese coming here which is happening in the town I currently reside in. They will shop at many stores probably keeping the economy afloat and will send their kids to the best schools and universities. Then they will probably head back to China. Although, I do believe there will be a major power struggle between White people and Chinese people for those Chinese people who stay here and wish to challenge the system.

  55. Kowaba

    Once I spoke to Dr. Bey and she gave me some leads on melanin and its energetic properties, I took the liberty to read as much as possible on why they are pushing the interracial agenda.

    Being deficient, they need melanin to exist with the changing effects on earth’s ionosphere. We, Carbon peoples, are heating up the earth! We’re making it impossible for them to live without severe cancers so they mate with us and other Coloureds to gain just enough melanin to live and pass on their genes but still rule over the darker-coloured Originals.

    Whites are truly parasitic! And I’ve plenty of conversations on if they are in fact hueman. As for your hypothesis on the Chinese…agreed.

  56. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Truth said: “I’ve plenty of conversations on if they are in fact hueman.”

    There’s no doubt that whites are anti-human. Whether they are actually anti-human humans or anti-human hybrids (half animal, half human) or aliens cloned as humans or demons in human form is an extremely interesting question. I would love to see a post on this.

    My gut tells me that the PTB (the Rockefellers, Rothschilds etc) know exactly who and what whites really are.

  57. emile on said:

    You may have a few legitimate points about caucasoid-Chinese IRs/marriages. But as far as economics and education is concerned, the Chinese and their Asian counterparts have a complete and strongly competitive upper hand on caucasoids. It is downplayed a lot (as expected), as even now Asians are MORE educated and earn HIGHER incomes than caucasoids. caucasoids are parasitic in nature and maybe you explained it best for these types of pairings. I see a lot of these types of arrangements in the area where I live all the time. Their defense is transparent and predictable, where deflection continually placed on us as always doing poorly educationally and economically, you know, throw the attention away my sorry ass.

    The Chinese have two long-term assets working in their favor:
    (1) their culture and history is older than the caucasoids and;
    (2) the Chinese have longer memories and have a known tendency to not forget much soon. I highly, highly doubt that they have forgotten what were the causes leading up to the debilitating The Opium Wars and the societal/cultural/economic repercussions, impacts and devastation it had upon their society. After this instance of history, the Chinese vowed to never let it happen again nor to undervalue the strengths of it culture.

    Again, give credit where it is due, and see what it is that we can learn from the mistakes of others with humbling attitudes. We’re not taking anything away from ourselves by doing this.

    The caucasoid know that they can never, ever take China for granted nor underestimate her cultural, diplomatic, economic or military power, which can be viewed as very reassuring in certain ways. China is an unmistakable force onto itself, within its own sphere of influence. It doesn’t have the negative characteristics of being an arrogant, racist, narcissistic, and greedy as does the u.s. IMO it has met the challenge of defining the role it will play increasingly and prominently within the coming decades, for different challenges will require creative diplomacy, a skill in which again the u.s. comes up short.

    The economic blow-backs from Asian competitiveness, innovation and ethics haven’t even begun to affect the caucasoids in ways that they least expect. People think times are tough now; wait until they see what’s coming. caucasoids have spent all of their efforts trying to suppress “us” and have quite a pre-occupying agenda to fill these days. Will China surprisingly and mercilessly stick to ’em fast and hard economically to the point that it will bring the caucasoids to their knees? Why shouldn’t they? Hasn’t that been the way the u.s. done it to others? When you are “already” indebted to the Chinese at gargantuan, inescapable levels; when there are “already” many complaining that the Chinese are buying up too much real estate in the u.s., even when the housing and real estate market of 16 million empty homes is in the most deplorable condition ever; when you finally realize that you can’t have your cake and eat it too, then you are already being brought to your knees. And with the country literally being up for grabs, who else bu the Chinese are going to have the money and resources to take full advantage of such opportunities.

  58. emile on said:


    “SOR is so great, overwhelming, and intricate that it seems many fall for its pitfalls, myself included. When I think of all of these obstacles that are set in our path, I cannot help but believe that our position is not just based on our choices. For instance, others will make black people pay more, but than they would probably pay us less for the same job so we are getting double screwed over. Historically, when black people went to the north during the Great Migration, they were housed in apartments which were $53/ week whereas white people would have actual rooms instead of one room and only pay $48 or $50 per month. White people would get paid more for jobs while black people were getting paid less.”

    This is why the Chinese should screw the u.s. every way that it can so that they can get a taste of their own medicine. If I were the Chinese government, I’d make every western business pay out the ass in tax upon tariff upon levy and more taxes, for every damn thing they want to do. I would make it so enticing to do business in China but quadruple their taxes once they got nice and comfortable, just on the basis of being caucasoid. Wishful thinking…

  59. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, asian women are doing the same. Out of all the tribes, asians have been the most homogenous. Meaning, they have not mixed with other tribes to the same extent as the others. As a result, there is not a lot of genetic diversity within the race. I understand where Emile is coming from, but, this issue is a mirror that reflects truth. Interpersonal relations are the easiest way to break the defenses of the targeted group, this is the fundamental point. Chinese men marrying blackwomen creates a false sense of reality. Well, they must not be that bad, they like sistas? Honey, how many times have you heard that statement about whitemen who like blackwomen? Yet, blackwomen have a higher incarceration rate than whitewomen. Using blackwomen as a portal to the riches of Africa is not helping black womanhood. I’ve seen this movie before too many times, it never ends well. As blackmen, we’ve dropped the ball in a major way.


  60. Tyrone on said:


    The red Chinese want to rule the world, this our people must understand. The same pattern of behavior that took place with whitemen, the Chinese will duplicate. Africa has been the Mango Tree(Sweet Fruit) for Europe hundreds of years, nothing has changed. As Negress specified, they’re intention is to gobble up as much land and resources they can get their hands on…Believe It! Whitemen in the US got caught up because their white brothers in Europe were already trading with China, which they viewed as unfair to American business interests. I billion people is a lot of dollar signs to ignore, i can understand the temptation. In doing so, the US and Europe sold their souls to the devil on a silver platter. Capitalist and Communist at the same time…Contradiction! Americans are addicted to cheap goods, which is why China will be a big headache in the near future.


  61. honeytreebee on said:

    I agree with you. You make excellent point on why IR are relevant. Living out here I. California makes it really hard to find a black man wanting and willing to settle down with. Add to the mix the desire for children and being over thirty the pool shrinks. So, it may just be time to move.

  62. kowaba on said:

    “You may have a few legitimate points about caucasoid-Chinese IRs/marriages.”

    I mentioned what I did because I lived and studied in China when I was in high school. I also went and traveled there again when I was in college. My cousins are white/Asian and my mother is Chinese. When I was growing up my mother’s friends were Chinese with white/Asian children. These children were admired by other Asians and were much more accepted, but everyone could tell including myself that these kids were mixed. Also many models are white/Asian in Asian countries they are seen as exotic and attractive. As for the comment about the one drop rule strategy I proposed, I find that to be highly unlikely, but it is still a possibility because Chinese people admire fairer skin and high noses as well as more noticeable eyelids. White supremacy has reared its ugly head in all countries it seems.

    “But as far as economics and education is concerned, the Chinese and their Asian counterparts have a complete and strongly competitive upper hand on caucasoids. It is downplayed a lot (as expected), as even now Asians are MORE educated and earn HIGHER incomes than caucasoids”
    In this aspect, I think it would be safe to say that we are defining Asian as East Asian. There are disparities in income and education among those who are from the Southeast Asian countries. When I visited Cambodia, there were children who had their limbs blown off from land mines that were still active from the Khmer Rouge Era. These children are learning English and have to pay for schooling in these countries so it can be a financial burden on their families to send their kids to school. Many of these kids lost their limbs when they were looking for fire wood etc. In no way am I saying that Southeast Asians don’t value education, but their circumstances are different.

    “Their defense is transparent and predictable, where deflection continually placed on us as always doing poorly educationally and economically, you know, throw the attention away my sorry ass.”
    It’s interesting that you brought that up. One of my coworkers who happens to be Chinese is married to a Caucasoid. She told me that black and latinos are dangerous and lazy. All of these stereotypes. This is the stuff I have to hear from Chinese people to my face. I find that the white males that marry Chinese women are incredibly racist.

    “The Chinese have two long-term assets working in their favor:
    (1) their culture and history is older than the caucasoids and;
    (2) the Chinese have longer memories and have a known tendency to not forget much soon. I highly, highly doubt that they have forgotten what were the causes leading up to the debilitating The Opium Wars and the societal/cultural/economic repercussions, impacts and devastation it had upon their society. After this instance of history, the Chinese vowed to never let it happen again nor to undervalue the strengths of it culture. ”

    “Again, give credit where it is due, and see what it is that we can learn from the mistakes of others with humbling attitudes. We’re not taking anything away from ourselves by doing this.”

    As for giving credit, I have a couple of stories to illustrate what we can learn from Chinese. From my observations, many black people seem to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. One of the first things, I believe would be helpful is to stop thinking that we know everything. Reading Neely Fuller’s book and analyzing it, I realize his code is spot on. I’d like to share a story that illustrates this point. In particular, a story about one of my black coworkers, who happens to be married to a Chinese man. As I am a product of an interracial union between a Chinese woman and a Black man, this particular coworker struck up a conversation with me regarding this matter. It began like so. …
    “Are you half Asian by chance?”
    “Yes.”, I responded somewhat surprised because most people in this area of the world do not ask me such a question. “Why do you ask? How do you know?” I continued after a slight pause.

    “Well, actually, my daughter is like you. My husband is Chinese. She looks like you. Let me show you a picture.”
    She takes a picture of her teenage daughter out of her wallet and hands it to me. I assess the picture realizing that indeed her daughter is mixed.
    “So what are your thoughts about being mixed?” She continued as I gave her back the picture.
    “Well, honestly, everyone treats me just like any other black person. From my experience, other white, black, and Chinese people treat me just like any other black person. And actually I’m mistreated by Chinese people.”
    “Well, I don’t believe that. You clearly look mixed. If anyone tells me that my daughter is black I correct them. I force them to acknowledge that she is half black and half Asian.”
    “Yeah…. I used to feel that way, but I’ve realized people really don’t care what I say. They are going to think what they want to and they are going to treat me the way they feel like treating me.”
    “Wait, so you were saying Chinese people were mistreating you. How do you know they were mistreating you?”
    “There were other Chinese people telling me that I was being mistreated and that I shouldn’t be around those Chinese people.”
    “You know what? I have a book about mixed people’s experiences. I’ll bring the book in tomorrow so you can take a look.”

    Now during the course of this conversation, we began to have conflict. I became perturbed with the fact that she was asking my thoughts on my experiences and then she completely shut it down and said I should refer to some book. Am I wrong to think that most people would welcome hearing a person who lives the experience and want to understand and question why someone takes a certain position? On top of that she was never in the position I am in or her daughter because she is not mixed herself. If she understood the system of white supremacy she would know that: 1) you cannot force a white person to do anything (if you do and your caught you will face dire consequences 2) the rule of hypodescent 3 )to a certain extent race is not purely biological. It is a social construct and I find many, many biracial, mixed, multicultural people not understanding the difference between how genotype, phenotype, and race operate in a white supremacy system.
    Despite me, her husband, and a white person who lived in china telling her that Chinese people are very closed and will not accept her children, she continues to be adamant and not listen to anyone’s words. What I don’t understand about the situation is why is it that her husband knows this and would have kids when his group of people would mistreat his children. As I have had other conversations with her, I’ve asked her why her husband does what he does and she tells me she has no idea. To me it seems she doesn’t know the Chinese culture that well. What can be learned from this story to me is she could have been more humble and listen to what I have to say instead of just REACTING to it and pretending that she knows everything. It’s obvious to me that she must get push back from people since she said that she forces people to acknowledge both of her children’s heritages. Realize that details make the difference and first- hand knowledge can be more valuable.

    As for myself, quite frankly, I don’t know the Chinese culture that well because I didn’t grow up in China and didn’t live in a Chinese community my whole childhood. Chinese culture is very complex, but from what I have experienced and observed Chinese people cultivate their child starting at a very young. They will inculcate their children to be proud of their culture, their language, traditions. Education is stressed heavily. Confucian ideals are stressed heavily although probably not as heavily as in Korea (if you notice Koreans tend to bow to each other more frequently) You mentor your siblings (and even your friends/classmates). It’s common in Chinese culture to have your classmates as friends. Even if you When I first traveled to China by myself, there was a Chinese couple (say grandparents age) who sat with me and helped me along. They asked if I was Chinese and said that they would be there with me as we traveled to the same destination. As a child, my mother had my brothers and me attend Chinese school and then go to Chinatown every Sunday. We’d even celebrate Qingming Jie: a holiday where you visit your ancestors grave and eat cheung fun.
    There are demands and expectations you must keep. They are unwritten. It’s a code of conduct and if you step out of line you are shunned. For instance, to be a good child you obey your parents and study hard. Or being loyal to your friend and never ever speaking ill of your parents. Being modest is uplifted because arrogance can keep you back (paraphrasing a Chinese proverb there). Time is more precious than gold because you can never gain it back. Look at a man, look at his heart; listen to his words and their underlying meaning. Silence is golden. All of these proverbs, I notice Chinese people follow. These are things that we need to consider if we are looking at the future of our relations with Chinese people. The Chinese are shrewd, practical, systematic and calculating people.

    Chinese people and Asian people in general are masters at emulating something and then making it even more efficient.
    Here are two examples:
    – Toyota Car Company came to America to study Ford’s Assembly line and developed the Just In Time operation system.
    – Singapore Educators came to America to study Math Instruction they then created Singapore Math resulting in Singapore Students scoring among the highest on PISA tests

    “It doesn’t have the negative characteristics of being an arrogant, racist, narcissistic, and greedy as does the U.S.”
    If you mean that China does not project that it is arrogant, racist, narcissistic, and greedy than yes. But I can tell you without a doubt, Chinese people and Chinese society are racist. I have had it where Chinese people have completely shunned me because I’m black. They would move their desk when I sit down. Some would think that I was dirty because I’m black. I’ve had Chinese people who also treated me warmly and I come to find out that they are racist. Other Chinese people treat me well, but I find that they thought I was Hakka or Cantonese. A few years back, my mother and I visited her family’s hometown. She was born in the States, but her parents were from there. I know Chinese because as I mentioned earlier I went to a Chinese language school. My mother doesn’t know the language well at all. One of my college classmates family was from the same village when I went with my mom. They told me I couldn’t speak Chinese and then when they introduced me and my mother to other people (speaking in Chinese of course) they said that I was ‘her friend’. My mother had no idea I was being introduced that way because she couldn’t understand what they were saying. I don’t think Chinese people are arrogant, but they are VERY PROUD, VERY ETHNOCENTRIC.

  63. Forced Reality on said:


    I believe the Chinese will treat us, as blacks, just as bad as the whites do. If you do not agree, then I will just agree to disagree.

  64. Powerful. The chinese have taken over Africa in the Congo and Sierra Leone. After they are through going through the African for access to resources the next step will be to genocide the African. We must watch the Chinese very closely. Their greed and obsession with being replacement whites is dangerous.

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