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How White People Perverted the Swastika

Ancient Swastikas: A-Rhodes (585 BC) B, C – Greek (500 BC) D – Greek (615 BC) E – Peru (300 CE) F – Woodland Indian (1000 CE) G – Greek (300 BC)

A friend of mine, who recently came back from India, brought me as a souvenir a red headband encrusted with a gold thread, a Hindu devotional object. After a closer examination, to my great surprise, I found it to be covered with tiny swastikas. Forgetting completely about the true meaning of the sign and looking through the prism of my Polish historical heritage I was shocked (and at first terrified) with my discovery. So how did it happened that this ancient multicultural symbol of ‘good luck’ has such horrid and evil connotations in the modern Western culture?

Signifier: swastika is a symmetrical cross with its arms bend usually at right angles. In geometric terms, it is known as an irregular icosagon or 20-sided polygon.

Sacred Swastikas in different cultures

Signified: the word swastika comes from Sanskrit and literally means ‘well-being’.

It describes a lucky object or a mark denoting good luck. The symbol appears in many ancient cultures with different meanings attributed to it: image of the supreme god, solar symbol, symbol of fire, union of the male and female sex, harmony. It is a historical sacred symbol in Eastern Religions. In Buddhism swastika represents eternity and it appears on the chest of some statues of Buddha. In Hinduism it represents Sun’s rays, upon which life depends. As well in Christianity swastika is used as a hooked version of a Christian Cross and appears in many ornaments and church decoration.

The swastika was adopted as a symbol of National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSDAP or the Nazi Party) in 1920, and in the 1930s, after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, it became a commonly used symbol of Nazi Germany. It was during the Second World War when in many cultures worldwide the connoted meaning of swastika changed. From the universal genuine sign it suddenly became a racist ‘Aryan’ emblem, a symbol of the Nazis and their atrocities. “The Nazi movement has become such a strong sign that many of the cultural signs to which it linked itself were retooled to be entirely identified with that movement. This re-purposing affected the swastika.”

In 1950’s French philosopher Roland Barthes broadened semiology by the term ‘myth’ which he described as “a peculiar system, in that it is constructed from a semiological chain which existed before it: it is a second-order semiological system. That which is a sign in the first system, becomes a mere signifier in the second.” As the sign becomes associated with a concept, it becomes a signifier and produces a second sign, which is detached from the original meaning.

So following this method: the swastika (sign) is a crooked cross (signifier) and in pre-Nazi times symbolizes ‘luck’ (signified); when Hitler decided to use it as a symbol of Nazi Germany (sign) swastika (signifier) became the symbol of hate, racism, evil etc.

{Thank to you speloona for this post}

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54 thoughts on “How White People Perverted the Swastika

  1. Not surprised.They take things and mess them up.They are so good at taking something which is good and parading it around while they do evil so people view the object as evil instead of the person. Like the number 6 is to be looked at as evil but i read 6 is actually a good number supposedly the most harmonious single digit number.

    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;”

    (Isaiah 5:20)

  2. No. It’s also known a fylfot. Symbol of Mjoellnir. A German thing. You left that out. No biggie.
    Anyway, that’s why the Germans used it.

  3. futurodellanazione

    I know who you are but I’ll allow your comments.

    For now.

  4. honeytreebee on said:

    Yeah but didn’t the Nazi take it from the monks in tibet. That was one of the reasons for being out there. They were searching for the origins of the Aryans. Which is funny Cause Iran means land of the aryan. They don’t like the Germans either and are pissed about the abuse of their name.

  5. all non-white cultures — especially black and African cultures– have been robbed of our traditions, cuisine, political system, dress, dance, arts and entertainment and those contributions have been RENAMED and appropriated by the white culture

    like the food created by AFRICAN SLAVES (who did ALL the cooking for whites)

    is called “Cajun” and “Southern” cuisine but not a single word of recognition for the ORIGINAL CREATORS of that food

    because there NO respect for the contributions of anyone who is not white

  6. I mean no harm. Just trying to make sure diversity is accurately presented. One Love!

  7. I don’t know. I just wanted to make the point that the “Swastika” wasn’t necessarily “stolen” from “another culture.” It’s found in Northern European art as early as the first century b.c.e. Not defending the Nazis, mind you, just setting the record straight(er).

  8. Z,

    You know your tolerance of them will be your undoing…..

  9. emile on said:

    No surprise here. Read about it a few years ago. It is ironic that in every instance where this type of historical misinformation has been recently disclosed, there seems to have always been total usurpation and outright infringements/theft of the most valuable and sacred non-white cultural assets. This is why we have to question every iota of history as taught to us. There are thousands, if not millions of falsifications, outright lies and post-war revisions we’ve yet to learn about. It should come as no surprise as we discover more fact-based truths about “non-redacted” history.

    BTW: “Iran” was a non-white, all Black civilization thousands of years before the migration of albinos (Caucasians) from the western steppe lands of Central Asia, starting in 1500 B.C. These were illiterate, nomadic, pastoral and uncivilized people who had no written language or advanced/technical skills when migrating/imposing themselves upon Iranian and Indian cultures of that period. The unwarranted trespass into these civilizations probably happened in the same patterns as occurred in the western hemisphere. If only the truth were simply told and not “fantastically” pumped with mythological and inexplicable origins, maybe the entire world would have more peace today.

  10. I hear ya. If they whitewash the bible then you know they’d whitewash the food,music,and dance as well.Even latinos give credit for their dances to african culture,it seems whites are the only ones with a problem saying something they do originated in africa.They’ve been doing this,it started with them “discovering “america when the native americans were already here.They like to use different words to make what they’ve done not seem so bad or appear more amazing than it actually was. THey replace the world steal with discover,they replace the word genocide with war,they replace the word racism with a misunderstanding. I’ll give them this they are great storytellers,but that probably originated in africa too. I don’t understand why they can’t just say yes this originated in africa but we added a modern twist to improve it.But they have to be arrogant and say no i made this all by myself with no ideas from anybody else.

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  12. Crissjensen on said:

    Like the post!

    this kind of “EVIL” is all whites doing anything “EVIL” comes from “THEM”

    Nothing but the Truth in this post.

  13. Miss Pam

    Whites know but can never admit that they are totally dependent on us. We can and have lived without them. The same would not be true the other way around.

  14. Umoja on said:


    The swastika didn’t originate in Europe if that is what you are implying; yet replicated , twisted and distorted by the Aryan nation as many have done so also….so if there were any swastikas’ in such paintings, it had already existed prior to such paintings. It was replicated/stolen/borrowed, ect… from the ancients (Africa; from the sun god….it’s origin ) which many have copied to suite their own styles and belief systems. The Aryans (whites) have given this symbol and ugly perception; it originally meant, “good luck”
    I always question the “knowledge” or “education” given from a European. Just setting the record straight.

  15. Umoja on said:

    I trust what Jordan Maxwell has to share; he’s European, yet he has nothing to gain….so I trust him….so far. He mentions in the video above the ancient Hebrews and Jews. Keep in mind the first Hebrews and Jews were Black.

  16. soforeal on said:

    yep. they also did the cross and the confedarate flag.

  17. In response to Umoja:
    I don’t claim to know its origin, and wouldn’t doubt if some variation or another has been in Africa longer than anywhere. It seems to be a pretty universal little simple design. I’ve seen it on Chippewa wigwams and I’ve seen toddler children who know nothing of Nazis or Anasazi make them with Legos. My point was that the Nazis, as Germans, had a cultural claim to the design independent of any culture on Earth.

  18. honeytreebee on said:

    Hey Futurdellanazione,

    I visited your web site. I encourage everyone here to take a look at it to get a better understanding of who he is and what he stands for. So, why are you here is it just for the swastika, diversity or is there more? Just wanna know either way No biggie. Oh and when you say one love does that like mean you love everybody and stuff. Or is it just a sign off. Just though a little intro would be nice.

  19. honeytreebee on said:

    Funny you said that I ran into someone who told me the same thing and also explained how companies take our ideas to generate things and find trends.

  20. honeytreebee

    What’s going on in our neighbourhoods right now in terms of hairstyles, clothing, dance moves and music will be the “new” thing in the white mainstream in 6 months.

    We start it, they steal it and put a blonde face on it. And get LOTS of profit.

  21. I read this blog. I follow it. I like it. My hope is that there will eventually be a movement among people in these “divershitty” societies we are forcibly building to re-separate the races for everyone’s mutual benefit. Diversity doesn’t work and this blog seems to get that from the Black perspective. I like the idea of Black people wanting to go their own way and be separate from White society, and this blog gives me hope.

    I just commented on this post because I thought the notion that “Whitey had stolen the Swastika” was a bit silly and is demonstrably wrong from an historical perspective. And “One Love” was me being facetious; it was a joke. I’m the last person in the world who would use the phrase. You know, like “Keep It Real.”

    I’m a White Separatist and I won’t lie: I prefer the company of White people and believe most Black people prefer the company of Blacks. But I have never said, written or thought that the separation need be by force. I think this blog reaffirms my hope of peaceful parting.

  22. Verbs2013 on said:

    I believe that it would take a dozen lifetimes to sift through the layers of lies, propaganda, misinformation and disinformation that the so called European man has contaminated this entire planet with.

    Of course he is proud of his works and views them as monumental landmarks of historical achievement and progression. Naturally the “progression” is part of the course to forward his own agenda to benefit himself and himself alone.

  23. @ mstoogood4yall

    I think that’s one of the main ways whites are able to maintain the system of white supremacy

    by making everything appear to be magical that only white people are capable of doing and creating and discovering EVERYTHING worth doing, creating and discovering

    to create the illusion (and delusion = LIE ) that non-white people created nothing, especially black people, other than “music”

    and even that has been stolen and repackaged in the form of Elvis Presley and the very fake Justin Timberlake just to name a few

    so non-white people generation after generation will feel so inferior that they will believe and will teach their children to believe that they

    “must be like white people to accomplish anything worthwhile in life”

    which leads to huge self-hatred and group contempt

    and sex and breeding and marriage with white people

    because whites usually go after the “best” that we have to offer

    the most educated
    the most attractive
    the most melanated
    the most ambitious
    the most successful

    which creates a HUGE BRAIN DRAIN from the black community (deliberately)

    — taking ALL our resources and education to enrich the white side

    because far, far, too many educated, attractive, melanated, ambitious, and successful black people believe

    “I must be with a white person to be with someone who is worthwhile..”

    If I could do just one thing

    I would create an independent educational system for black children so they would learn the truth about themselves

    because once they had that knowledge there would be nothing they couldn’t master: the arts, and sciences and languages, medical, architectural, agricultural, etc

    that’s why the white -controlled school systems work SO HARD to mis-educate and under-educate our children

    because they know — even if most of us don’t –what they are capable of and who they are

    that’s why it is SO SO IMPORTANT that we help other people understand the system of white supremacy and how it functions

    because once they do that, they will understand the REASONING behind most of white people collectively do

    and we would IMMEDIATELY stop “hoping” or waiting for white people change and would begin to CHANGE the way WE do things

    and we would find a way to pool our resources and open our own schools and have our butts sitting in those seats right next to our children so we could catch up on what we need to know as well!

  24. @ diaryofanegress

    I agree that they need us, I just don’t think they need or want as many of us black folks around,

    now that our labor is largely becoming OBSOLETE in the U.S.

    and they have new N*GGERS to take our place (brown people from all over the world)

    and the most powerful white people think there are too many of them around, too

    that’s why there is so much war, so much food adulteration, new “viruses”, sterilization disguised as “medical and food aid” and “birth control” etc, etc.

    Also, Africans have the highest fertility rates in the world and are an obstacle to whites taking over the African continent and claiming all its resources.

    yes, we could survive without white people – once we figured out how to do what was needed and eventually we would learn because all people are capable of self-government

    I think that independence from white people would be very frightening and very frustrating at first to many black people born in the U.S.

    because we are such a dependent and low self-esteemed and braintrashed population due to 500 years of living in a prison camp without an identity or any real power over our lives

    black people who descended from slavery are just like a woman who has been married for decades to an abusive man who brainwashed her into believing she couldn’t survive without him and was able to totally control her

    Then one day her husband dies or just disappears for good

    and the wife who was totally dependent on him is frightened at first and confused about what she should do

    but once she realizes that no-good bastard is six feet under

    and can never harm her or control her again

    she will wake up every morning and see the sun shining and the birds singing and will realize that being without him was the best possible thing that could have happened to her

  25. Umoja on said:


    ” My point was that the Nazis, as Germans, had a cultural claim to the design independent of any culture on Earth.”

    As I’ve stated earlier; many including the Nazis, adopted, stole, and depicted the swastika according to their own style and belief systems, independent of others; yet the swastika originated from the ancients of Africa. Which is the reason for the MANY designs, depictions and interpretations. All replicas of the original sun symbol of the ancient Africans. It’s identical to the European claiming America; placing claim on America, refusing to reveal the truth. They stole and claimed America; having the nerve to say to the African Americans, ” go back to Africa”. How about they go back to Europe and the caves. Once again lacking in the knowledge that Africans were here before the evil and corrupt murderer –Columbus.
    We sure as hell don’t need some European “correcting” us or “educating” us….especially when it pertains to history and ancient Africa. It’s that arrogant and superiority mindset at work here.
    Can we have a site to ourselves please. Where ever we go, we can be sure whites will interfere; that aggressive need to control and dominate; via their delusional superiority mindset. We are capable of researching and uncovering the truth collectively and independently. Why would any sane African put any trust in a European who has totally and continues to corrupt truths, especially pertaining to origins, history, Africa and its peoples. “one love”….SMDH Adopting and claiming again to something pertaining to those of the African only. I know what you stand for….I agree…separatism; so what is your point of being here. To educate….that delusional superiority mindset at work. When it pertains to history, origins, Africa… from the European….no thanks. Educate your own. You’re like the liberal white person; always desiring to “help” the African populous , yet never addresses white supremacy to their own race of people….where the practice, maintenance, support and responsibility lies. SMDH

  26. Everyone:

    I allowed the white separatist on here to prove what no article I’ve ever written can prove. Whites are obsessed with us. They cannot stay away from us even if their very lives depended on it.

    They follow us around in our neighborhoods, our jobs, our lives and in cyber space desperate to show us their vast knowledge.

    Please take notice that I *never* go to them,yet they always come to me. a good buddy of mine explained to me it’s my energy vibrations that they are picking up. My only response, that even he couldn’t answer was, “how do I control it so they can’t pick up on it?”

  27. @ Negress

    i have noticed this obsession, too

    anything “black” attracts whites like a MAGNET

    a strange behavior for a people who seemed to largely despise us and feel we’re inferior…

    I doubt you see many black people hanging out at Stormfront or on other racist websites although you may see a few now and then

    I have gotten a few responses from what I believe are white people recently, like on the review of the movie “The Purge” (which I hope black people will NOT financially support)

    but for the most part, I seldom get any responses from whites

    and I’m relieved because most of the time their posts distract from the issue or insult black people

    and they NEVER share any useful information about white supremacy or how white people practice it

    to help the Victims understand how it works,

    because if white people told black people about the ‘white code’ I believe more blacks would believe it exists (rather than coming from another black person)

    now, if white people would do that, I would welcome their posts!

  28. Miss Pam

    Whites were put here to kill everything on this planet. They are literally anti life.

    Their attraction to melanin is their way of clinging to their own survival for even they realize they are deficient.

    Have you ever noticed that they would rather die than stop having sex with us? They use our energies and our melanin for sustenance.

    As for revealing truth in their posts…they cannot ever do that because they know intrinsically that it would mean suicide.

  29. I know. They are always coming to our websites and youtube channels.When blacks talk about uplifting each other there they go saying oh that’s racist its anti white,blah,blah. I was watching truewise7 vids on youtube about black women and this one white dude went to all 10 of his vids leaving comments talking about oh white women can do that too or we all need to unite. I hate when they try to say we need to unite against the government.I’m like really yall are some bs mofos u want us to unite then when we accomplish what they want they will throw us to the side and we will be beneath them again.Its like they did in ww2 they were fighting along black men but when they got home it was black men being treated like shit by whites instead of a war hero.
    I also hope for a school system of our own,i saw a vid of a elementary school in chicago that was doing well.THose kids were smart and even knew the capitals of different african countries. I have family in louisiana and the charter schools there mostly have failing grades.They put white teachers fresh outta college in those schools that don’t know what they doing and when that teachers get a job offer else where they leave.We need teachers that live in our communities and won’t up and leave the kids.I hope you do try to open a school or something,shoot just think if the black leaders and churches really came together.Imagine if the tithes&offerings people put on sunday in church had a certain percentage going to build a school.But we have some greedy people around us.We will stay where we are as long as we have other blacks profiting off us and not putting it back into our communities,they actin like the white and asian people.

  30. honeytreebee on said:

    Negress it goes deeper than that I’m talking about the not having our own web space and them watching what we are thinking. They know we think the next thing into being. They know that our neuronetwork could do something like this which we are doing now. It makes you jump. You did some post on hair and here the hair care people come to my mostly black school wanting to talk to black women with a WW rep about our natural kinky hair cause sales are not what they once were. Well those young ladies at the school sent them packing and gave them a piece of their mind to boot. It was a feel good moment indeed.

  31. honeytreebee on said:

    At Futurodellanazione

    Thanks for responding and being honest about who you are. So why are you a seperatist? Besides hope what do you hope to gain by being here?

    What do you intend to contrubute by your comments? Also Like Trojan Pam said very few whites share anything useful with black people about white people and their system of world wide oppression.

    So, my question to you is are you here as a taker getting hope and soothing yourself at the cost of being a distraction? Or are you going to contribute something that will be of use here?

  32. @ Negress

    I suspect you might be right

    I watched this Monster Quest show about white people who thought they were “vampires” (?)

    and this one WF who claimed she was a spiritual vampire and regained her health by taking people’s spiritual energy and to demonstrate,

    guess who she used as a human “subject”?

    A young brown skinned black male

    and I was like, I’ll be damned, now she thinks she can REGAIN her health by sucking the spiritual life out of a black person ??!??

    I wanted to reach through the TV screen and snatch that black male out of her clutches

    they know what they are doing to us and they know WE do not know

    that’s why they are TERRIFIED at the idea that black people will wake up, see who they really are, find out who we really are and UNITE and start loving each other


  33. @ mstoogood4yall

    their instinctive reaction to black males and females loving each other leads them to run interference

    that’s why they portray the black female as “ugly”and “whorish” (what decent black male wants a woman like that??)

    and they push homosexuality on black males and reward them

    so confused black males will think it’s a good thing to be

    and so black females will become so disgusted with black males that they turn to other females OR white males

    and why they provide better access to jobs and education to black females while locking black males out of good jobs and a decent education and into prison

    so black males will blame black females being more educated and having jobs

    and black females will view black males with contempt and treat them like children

    and why so many white people are pursuing black people and breeding with them

    they are running INTERFERENCE and using the strategy of


    and we better figure this out before it’s too late

  34. I just want to read what she has to say. I like her style. I’ll only comment if I’m sure it has purpose.

  35. T.Bee on said:

    At Futurodellanazione
    Good. Glad you will put in effort not to be a distraction.

  36. You forgot the most important thing in letting some of these white loons post; they make fabulous comic fodder as they are absurd to say the least!

  37. Please take notice that I *never* go to them,yet they always come to me.

    They stick to us black folk like shit to a shovel. At their very core, they need to feel good about themselves. If they were to obliterate every black person on the planet, they would go collectively insane or turn on some other group. Nah, they just prefer to abase, and repress us.

  38. To Umoja:
    I would never presume to be able to educate you.

  39. Umoja on said:

    Well I’ve just received a “hate speech” strike on my YT channel. Why? I’ve been promoting Black unity, Black collective power and capital, Black families, Black marriages ( Black men and Black women), Black progress, Black communities and Black business ownership and African agency…..opposing interbreeding with whites, marriages with whites, and that homo/lesbian crap that they’ve been pushing fiercely all over the freaking globe…..what next? Bestiality!!!

    I’m appalled to realize that NOT ONE video promoting breeding with these beast is opposed by any of them, not one racist remark….not one. YT is FILLED with racist remarks against Blacks, yet you’ll not find one remark against using Blacks as sexual toilets. That’s all that’s about. Whites have always deemed Blacks to be at their disposal for the use of a sexual toilet ….and now in the disguise of love and acceptance. The OLD war tactic again!
    When it pertains to sex, it’s one of the few times that these “people” speak of that comical “utopia” of the races. Same soup warmed over!!! SMDH
    The ignorant “negros” comply with this, naively ripe for victimhood. It’s clear they haven’t taken a look at CynicalAfrikans channel….having not a clue what and who we’re truly dealing with. It’s clear they’re ignorant to war tactics, and their history….our history. Head first in denial and ignorance….perfect for the success of these tactics put forward….and to our demise.

    As for the white dude here….I get it Beloved.

    To everyone; I just don’t believe a word he says or his motives. He’s here to spy and get the “black perspective” and according to the “black perspective” he’ll devise some tactic against us….against our plans. Same crap. There is nothing of “purpose” that he can possibly share in Black life. Nothing! This is what whites do on YT….always interjecting in “black conversations” and our goals….as though they hold the barometer on what is right or wrong in Black life ….always getting on their delusional superiority box, as though they have the right to do so…. speaking with that forked tongue with a banter of that comical “utopia” and “can we all get along” crap….NEVER ever once addressing the end to white supremacy to THEIR RACE OF PEOPLE. The owners, creator, maintainers, and supporters of it. It’s their way of interfering by way of “help” , “concern”, and ” I feel you”, when in actuality , they’re only there to guide and direct the goals and conversation of Blacks to THEIR satisfaction. Monopolize the whole dam thing. Whites don’t need us in order to separate from us….hell, if only they did!!! …and take their white supremacy with them.
    And what makes them think that all would be well once separation is in play. As long as white supremacy exist, separation isn’t progress for Blacks. SAVE ONE….that whites leave us the hell alone, interjecting with their white supremacy laws, rules and regulations. If you ask me, we’re already separated…..under the subjugation of white rule.
    Weren’t Blacks separated in “The Black Wall Street” and many others? They prospered immensely without whites. Blacks didn’t bother them, they depended on each other. They didn’t need, nor desire them. Peace, happiness and things hoped for was in the air….
    What did whites do?!!! Separation without the end to white supremacy is pointless, we have that…covertly and many times overtly. Whites don’t intend for one moment to end this system of white supremacy; being that they are the only benefactors of it…..well die off for Christ’s sakes then!!! The only intelligent and reasonable answer. So when whites speak of “separation” does that include the end to white supremacy….more than likely. NO! Their objective isn’t separation from Blacks….it’s death to the whole African populous.

    Ones oppressors NEVER gives you the keys to your freedom.

  40. honeytreebee on said:

    GREAT observation. I give all white commentators the sideways glance. I just wanted him to state why he w as here to see what he would leave out. You pretty much said it all. Yet here he is taking and commenting tongue in cheek one love. So wrong on so many levels, but I d doubt he realizes we know that.

  41. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great post Sister Truth. They pervert just about everything. So this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  42. Kushite Prince on said:

    Very good assessment. A+

  43. Soforeal on said:

    wow i just posted on youtube that black women have real hair and white women have fur and sure enough, the white women lovers thumbs down my comment it won’t show it said comment have received too many negative votes. it was on a sotomayor video he just did i ain’t no simp! but, i just hate to see our brothers side with white women. this type of shit gives white women confidence.

  44. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Is there anything these devils haven’t perverted?

    Trojan Pam – who’s on fire in this thread – said:
    they know what they are doing to us and they know WE do not know.

    Yes, They LOVE – They LIVE – to deceive, like their father, The Great Deceiver.

    As the saying goes, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’.

  45. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Is there anything these devils haven’t perverted?

    Trojan Pam – who’s on fire in this thread – said:
    they know what they are doing to us and they know WE do not know.

    Yes, They LOVE – They LIVE – to deceive, like their father, The Great Deceiver.

    As the saying goes, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’.

  46. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Half a world away, a woman from a completely different culture and continent came to the exact same conclusion about the theiving, covetous, arrogant nature of the creatures known as white people:

    Who and What were you 6’000 years ago? You and your nations were NOTHING, you were not even in existence… you were nothing, had nothing…not that it changed much since…

    History is a bit like God…it enlightens and teaches the ignorant, humbles the arrogant…but in your case, you are genetically predisposed for arrogance.

    Forget about you, you ignorant barbaric hoards, you uncultured, uncivilized, backward people…you covetous, jealous, envious, Godless people… What disgust I feel every time I see one of you around, talking with airs of knowledge, when you and I, know deep down what a failure of a human being you are …

    You see, ignorant assholes that you are, History cannot lie…and I know how much you covet what you don’t have…I am reserving a post for just that…I have studied you for so long…I know you inside out…and I know how you love to GRAB…you grab anything …you are a nation of grabbers with NO dignity… you are nothing but a bunch of thieves, bandits…

    You stole us…you stole us from everything we owned…from our daily bread all the way to our history…to our memory, to our monuments, to our artifacts, to our souls… You stole us because you knew and you know what inferior beings you are…what empty, shallow, rootless, ignorant people you are…you stole us because you are hungry…not hungry for food, but hungry to appropriate anything that is better, BETTER than you…because deep down you know what a bunch of worthless pieces of crap you collectively are.
    Layla Anwar (Arab Woman Blues)

    Isn’t it interesting that the preceding could have been written 300 years ago or 30 months ago by an Arab, an African, a Native American, an African American or an Aboriginal Australian and it would be just as true?

    From Columbus to Patraeus, from the west coast of Africa, to the east coast of America to the Persian Gulf in the middle east, the theft and murder M.O. of the evil ones has not changed because THEY have not changed.

    Yet they want US to “Get over it.” That statement is nothing but proof of their cold, compassionless, remorseless, psychopathic, deceptive nature .


  47. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Layla Anwar was the first person I found online who had a better understanding of the nature of the beast than I did. Her blog convinced me that I wasn’t insane, THEY are. For that, I am eternally grateful.

    As you can imagine, she is royally and rightfully enraged at the raping, pillaging and murdering that has occured in her homeland of Iraq since the start of Operation Desert Slaughter, and she pulls no punches about westerners, whites and uncle Tom’s of all colors who have forgotten who the real enemy is.

    IMO, her blog is essential reading for anyone who thinks a) whites have changed or b) the word ‘EVIL’ is too extreme a descriptor for them. There is absolute GOLD in her archives but you have to be prepared to do a little digging. I suggest starting at the beginning in 2006(!) and working your way forward.

    Obviously, not everyone is willing to read through hundreds of posts so hopefully Truth won’t mind if I post of few snippets and links to some of my favorite Arab Woman Bluesclassics.

    If her posts don’t convince you how evil whites (still) are, her white commenters will. Eventually, being the cowards that they are and loving the anonymity afforded by the internet, they got so demonic and abusive, Layla turned off the comments completely.

  48. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Another Love Mail…

    This one comes from someone called Sahley Dern:

    “If i ever see you i will attempt to gauge your eye out of it’s socket. You have officially made we want to join the army just to have the chance to see a relative of yours get shot, explode or burn.

    Tell me where you live so I can fly to your run down shit of a place and beat your terrorist ass into the fucking pavement.
    Burn in hell bitch…
    Future assasian”

    Followed by a whole A4 page full of “fuck fuck fuck…”…ad infinitum.

    It feels so wonderful to be that loved…by psychopaths, pathological liars, sadistic murderers, plain assholes, ignoramuses, backwards cave men and women who live in trailers and below average, mediocre specimens who can’t spell….and the list goes on…

    A reflection of Iraq. These are exactly the kind of people who are currently occupying and ruling it. Bravo for such a great accomplishment.
    Layla Anwar

    If you needed any proof Sister Truth, you’re not alone with the ‘love letters’. The truth really brings out the claws in these devils. Yet more proof of the demonic entity that resides in most of them.

    If anyone wants to read some more of my favorite AWB posts, I’ll put them in the Open Discussion thread so I don’t completely hijack this thread.

  49. EyesWideOpen on said:

    OK, I lied – sort of. I put 4 of my favorites in the Open Discussion thread but I’ll put one more here because it’s such a great summary of so much of the great thoughts posted in this thread….

    Nimrud’s Lamentations, Nimrud’s Wrath. 2

    There comes a point in anyone’s life when one has to put an X – I have reached that point….I have put an X on you and everything you represent. EVERYTHING you represent…

    The crimes have been too many – uncountable, the destruction – indescribable in words, the lies too intricate to unravel, and the pillaging, plundering, looting beyond anyone’s imagination…

    A nation of looters, thieves, bandits, rapists, torturers, liars, profiteers, exploiters, criminals, killers — a nation of gluttony, concupiscence, envy, covetousness and greed…

    Behind that politically correct public facade of yours, behind that veneer and the mask, behind lurks the biggest lie…behind it lurks the worshipers of dollars and gold…behind it lies miserliness, hoarding, avarice — the mind of a cheap calculator, the mind of a miser accountant, the mind of a ravenous grabber…always avidly vying what others have, even if you are satiated to the point of exploding…but you are NEVER satiated. There are holes in your body and in your soul, and they will never be full…however much you grab, however much you loot, however much you steal, however much…however much you envy, covet and appropriate others, you will never be full…you will never be satisfied…and I now understand that this is how you’ve been cursed. Yes this is your Curse.
    Layla Anwar

  50. Damn if it doesn’t sound like Yuguru.

  51. @futureodellanazione. You sound and act like a Very Desperate Neanderthal. Why do things such as yourself, follow on sites that have Nothing to do with you? There are sites that are out there catering for your tastes and mental.

  52. From the Volta to the Congo to the Nile, from scarification to gold weights to hieroglyphics, the swastika has been used throughout Afriqa for a long time…


  53. Pingback: One Day of Alt News. 1.14.16 | TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

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