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Open Discussion #13

I’ve decided to take some more time off this week and focus on my gardening and working around the house. One thing I have to do that I’ve been putting off is canning. Enjoy this open thread.

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59 thoughts on “Open Discussion #13

  1. AH!!!!! canning. I can remember when I would watch my grandmother and her daughters do the canning at the end of summer. My grandfather grew everything and raised everything as well it seems.

    The big pots on the stove boiling and the big pot in the backyard was boiling as well. Tomatoes, snap peas, okra, strawberries, pears, sweet peas and some other things I can’t remember. Those mason jar lids that I would get in trouble for playing with were everywhere. We also had a smokehouse for all my grandfathers meats that cured in there. I guess we had it made. Thank you for allowing the memories to come back.

    Peace sis.

  2. My gardening skills are majorly lacking. I managed to kill almost all of my cucumbers and all of my lettuce. 😦 I’m happy that you are gardening and canning. I do have a question. With respect of just knowing, what are the beliefs that you all believe in? I’m trying to figure it out, and just recently stumbled on this blog and today I watched about 42 minutes of Dr. Yaffa Bey’s “fall of Rome” and I’m so ..intrigued, confused, want more information. I grew up COGIC, and left that behind, and my family watches Israel of God, (Chicago) and have for the last 4 years, even got baptized and all that. Just trying to find out what I should be believing in. I just have so many questions, Who is this Jesus, the real Jesus? Are we in fact praying to “heavenly father=POPE” . Dr. bey, just hit a ton of information doesn’t mean I believe it 100% but it sounds valid. I’m just really trying to figure it all out. Recently I believed following the bible, preparing for a journey into the wilderness, and Jesus coming back (revelations). Maybe its still true, but we have the names all mixed up???? Just so many questions. I honestly have never felt a connection with a higher connection, God, etc. But I have felt scared and felt the presence of evil people around me. Just wondering how can I start on a path of finding the truth and strengthening my spirituality.

    thanks to all 🙂

  3. i can’t garden well either my seedlings last for maybe 2 months then die lol. Anyway I believe in Jesus.I research things and am finding that may not be his name but something else.When i pray i say lord,father or creator.I am working on meditation its relaxing and puts my mind at ease. I have felt the creators presence and gave my life to him about 3 months ago.There are things i still question but there are also things i can’t deny and do believe in.I don’t care about specific religion and visit different churches from baptist to non denominational. I have come to the conclusion that if there is evil in this world then there has to be an opposite to that which is good. Sometimes by just feeling evil it creates doubt about the good,and sometimes the evil is louder and more pronounce than good is.WHich is hard for me sometimes.I’m just starting out on my spiritual journey but i’m sure others who are more mature in their spirtuality can help you further.

  4. Thanks for your insight. I do pray, but just confused now as to who to pray to as words have been changed, and all of that. I do believe there is a High Spiritual God that is for the good of people, to counter and go against the evil in this world. So much evil, its just scary. I guess the reason why I battle so much within myself is I want to make sure that I’m teaching my children properly. I don’t verbally express my confusion to them, when we attend bible study, but things I hear don’t make sense. For now until I get more answers, and figure it out, we will still attend, Israel of God, I don’t want to confuse them further. I used to get on teachers nerves growing up because I’m the “why, why, why, why” person. I always want to know “Why”. Now my battle is with the Bible, While I believe it to be valid, I just wonder how much was changed and for who’s favor? Maybe its not to be figured out? I’m just tired of being a lost sheep.
    Thanks ! 🙂

  5. LOL at the seedlings dying. I always wonder if I’m doing to much with it. Maybe I’m tending to the garden to much. I’ve researched many websites and blogs about gardening, and they die. I even try talking to my poor plants, and they wither away. 😦 I remember growing up my grandmother(primary caregiver) would garden effortlessly , seemed like she threw some seeds down, and they grew like crazy. 🙂

  6. Kushite Prince on said:

    Black people need to change their mindset. Too many of us are just working a 9 to 5 and believing that everything is okay. Some believe that the government will be there to take care of us. Well Hurricane Katrina should’ve been a wake up call for ALL of us! We can only save ourselves if we work together and realize all we got is US. Uncle Sam will not save your black a$$! We should be stocking up on food,canned goods,water,weapons,bullets,flashlights,survival kits etc. There is a coming storm in the next few years. It might be after Obama leaves office. Either way we have no more time to waste. And when that storm comes(and it will)you will have no one to blame but yourself for not preparing. Come on people! WE can beat this BEAST! Let’s pull together and do this! Our children are depending on us!

  7. @ alia

    my grandmother gardens so well,she even gave me a collard green plant a couple weeks ago and its dying.I dread when she will call and ask how it’s doing.When or if i figure out how to garden i will let you know everything i use.I will try this fall to grow some veggies, if it don’t work i’m tempted to just throw in the towel.
    I’m confused sometimes as well with some things in the bible.I apply the things i can to my life like treating people with respect.At the same time i do think some of it has been messed with or lost in translation. There are different bibles out there,and it is confusing at times. Good luck sis.

  8. Matari on said:


    You aint lyin!

    ” There is a coming storm in the next few years. It might be after Obama leaves office. Either way we have no more time to waste. And when that storm comes(and it will)you will have no one to blame but yourself for not preparing.”


    The problem I see with a lot of folks is that they’ve become complacent – because the long expected (the big financial collapse) still hasn’t happened – YET.

    But it’s coming, and it will be very ugly. Biblical ugly – whether you believe the bible, or not.

    Prince is right! Do NOT put off until tomorrow what you can do TODAY.
    This storm has the potential to strike with a vengeance at ANY TIME. Because it has been delayed doesn’t mean everything is alright.

    It aint.

  9. Ms lauryn Hill is back in the studio again !!. I hope she don’t end up like whitney and michael.They both were great and were making a comeback and you see how they ended up. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/26/lauryn-hill-new-album_n_3163056.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular

  10. Guys, I’m beat. Today I worked in the yard, cleaned, cooked, made toothpaste, another batch of laundry detergent, did laundry and cleaned out my linen closet.

    Methinks I’ll settle in now and relax.

    For you gardeners/ would be gardeners:

    Mother Nature will take care of her own. Tend to your seedlings with sunlight and lots of water for the first month til they begin to sprout. Then water when the top of the soil is dry. Depending on where you live, you may need to help the PH of your soil with raw compost. I use peelings from my vegetables, egg shells, coffee grinds, anything that is full of raw nutrition.

    Let the butterflies and bees do their thing. They’ll help you just by eating the nectar.

    As for what’s coming…

    It’s been coming for a looooooooong time now. When you go shopping, pick up a few cans of peas, carrots, etc so you don’t draw attention to yourself. Do this EVERY TIME you shop and in 6 months, you’ll have quite a stock handy.

    Well, nite nite family. I’m gonna settle in a listen to my radio program.

  11. Amarie on said:

    Hey yall, I hope everyone on the board is doing well. My mother and I tilled the ground yesterday so we can get ready to plant our gardern. We are planting eggplant, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, bellpeppers, okra, lettuce, potatoes and onions. We will also start planting our herbs such as basil, thyme, oregano, parsley and dill. And I got a blueberry tree planted in the backyard. Yes, I’m so excited. I’ve been taking better care of myself by walking more for excercise and getting some sun and avoiding drama. In the words of James Brown- ” I feel Good”lol. Hey Truth, what radio program are you listening to? I like to listen to Coast to coast 1500am with George Nory. They talk about alot of interesting stuff like biblical prophecy and ufo’s.

  12. I’m learning new things everyday about our people.I just read an article about the gullah wars and its amazing. The only slave revolt i’d heard of was nat turner,this was different these black seminoles escaped slavery then built their own villages.The native americans and the black seminoles teamed up against Andrew jackson and his army.That coward andrew jackson attacked and killed the seminole women and children since his weak punk ass couldn’t get the men.Sad they do this same sheit today.It’s amazing the damage we do together when we unite with other poc.This is why the whites always want to keep us divided out of fear we will unite and be unstoppable.Then once these whites got their ass kicked they asked the black seminoles to join their army to defeat the comanche indians.
    THe great thing is some of the black seminoles today still speak their native tongue.


  13. honeytreebee on said:

    This is why these post are so great. It helps you get motivated to do stuff. To all here trying your hand at gardening way to go don’t give up you are doing something great here. Change is happening.

  14. honeytreebee on said:

    I am planning to learn how to make soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other body products. I also will find black owned shops to buy my stuff from. My summer goal is to not buy anymore personal supplies from wp. Our people or make it myself.

  15. honeytreebee on said:

    Hey Negress how about a reading list for the summer like a book a month. Then we could discuss it here. Just an idea.

  16. darqbeauty on said:

    Has anyone ever heard of “chow-chow” or “cha-cha”? My great aunt used to jar it and send us so many Mason jars of it. It was like a pickled spicy cabbage or okra that went as a condiment to greens or fried chicken and the like. Anyone know what I’m talking about or know a good recipe for it? I miss that stuff that crazy! Mmmmmm.

  17. darqbeauty on said:

    In a few years, I will be applying to the Medical School at that University. I live approximately 20 minutes from there. They are not stupid and know exactly what they were doing. We are the most hated in the world. And that’s ok. Because it’s just another clue to our real identity. Let them hate.

    “Everybody wants to be a n*gga, but nobody wants to BE a n*gga.”
    ~Paul Mooney

  18. Amarie on said:

    @darqbeauty, yes I love that stuff. I don’t have a recipe but you can probably find it at the farmers market in your area. Check around at local grocery stores also.

  19. Amarie

    I listen to the COWS or sometimes prophetic info wars. It depends on my mood and what’s that topic.

  20. mrs. hugh on said:

    i would really love to start growing more of my food but i live in an apartment. does anyone have any advice?

  21. My aunt grows herbs on her apartment balcony.You can grow herbs and small veggies in a pots.As for how to keep them alive i don’t know lol. Just use containers to garden in. http://www.urbanorganicgardener.com/

  22. emile on said:

    I really love the fact that all commentators are becoming industrious and business-minded in their personal endeavors. This, as DOAN might well agree, is the essence of what we can be doing to replace the ostracization many of us are experiencing as Black people in a changing world. Already, we have many entrepreneurial buddings taking place among us. Please take some time this week and give yourself credit for daring to think outside the box. For this is a great thing you’re doing and I feel it will only be a matter of time before many of us will become successful in accomplishing the self-sufficiency and prosperity all are seeking. I mean this from the bottom of my heart when I say that I am praying for you and support you 110% in your efforts. I know its painful to sometimes to start from scratch, but there are always lessons to be learned from struggle. In the end, it makes you a better person and only strengthens your self-respect and personal drive.

    Last year, per our discussions about our economic condition, I made a personal and conscious commitment to focus upon Black economics, and to do whatever I could possibly to get things onto a better path for us and new generations to come. I’ve become more heavily involved with very engaging commitments that keep me real busy. I’m finding that many of us are gradually awakening to situation at hand in which most find themselves, both economically and socially. There are multiple reasons for it, but it is fruitless to keep going back and dissecting the various reasons that produced our current plight. Let’s remain diligent and continue to believe in one another’s venture into this new paradigm, wherever you are.

  23. You what I’m working on?

    An African Collective Store called Sankofa. I don’t know how I’m gonna do this but I know it will be done. I have so many ideas but it’s just putting them all together.

  24. Dang. You live the good life! How about some tutorials on growing food for those of us who have lost their plants along the way. May they rest in peace. I did not mean to kill them. They were hanging in there, until I tried talking to them, just like alia5012. Recently I read somewhere that you are supposed to cuss some plants out, and even beat them. But that must be some people with a slave-state-of-mind talking. Enough of this nonsense. What is the easiest herb to begin with?

  25. Pete

    Curse out your plants?

    I’ve never heard of that! Lol! I can see you now drop kicking your tomato plant.

    The easiest no fail herb to begin with is my absolute fave: peppermint. All you need to do is plop it in some soil and nature does the rest.

  26. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Lol never heard of cussing out the plants,but i have heard of cussing out fish to catch them and saw a vid of it working lol.I guess some plants and animals are hardheaded and need more than talking and hugging lol

  27. Much appreciated. I will get some seeds at the organic store. Save up some of my organic veggies waste, and just not talk to the plants anymore. They know what to do by themselves just fine. Peace.

  28. LMAO. It is sick and it makes sense at the same time! Fish are chemical bombs, so I have no desire to go catch some. But I shall have plants do as they are supposed to! Which means that I will have to apply wu wei, and not interfere. Peace.

  29. larissa on said:

    I saw the news about that BLACK NBA player coming out as gay. Eugenics much?
    Interestingly enough he has been engaged to a woman for eight years. Wonder how much he was payed to ‘come out’:?

  30. EyesWideOpen on said:

    [White] America – I HATE YOU.

    I hate everything you represent, everything you stand for, everything about you. EVERYTHING. I fucking hate you.

    You completely destroyed my country, my home, my family, my relatives, my friends. You have completely ruined our lives with your greed, your apathy, your criminality, your hypocrisy, your evilness. I fucking hate you. Stealing our riches, stealing our lives, stealing our blood and living off it like some worm, like some parasite… I HATE YOU AMERICA.

    The Iraqi population is living in misery, fear, loss, destruction, neglect, poverty…while you are sucking on our blood. Your so called “good will” people come to the rescue and try to help…assuaging the bit of conscience you have left. But you have no fucking conscience. You are just ego, you have embellished your acts with such denial, you are evil itself. You ripped us of our dignity, us the proud Iraqis who would not bow to any human.


    Humanity? What fucking Humanity? You have no humanity, you have no soul, you have no fucking conscience…You are DEAD. A DEAD PEOPLE. There is worse than physical death. There is a soul, moral death and you are fucking dead. You are nothing but armed skeletons on this earth.

    You think you are so fucking sophisticated, don’t you? You are fucking idiots with guns. Even your so called intellectuals, I don’t buy them for one cent. You are a worthless people and a worthless nation.
    Layla Anwar

  31. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Where Are Our Human Rights

    The West in general and the Americans and their slave boys the English, in particular, expect you to take it, unconditionally, and mum’s the word. You are not to express, vent, argue, debate, point the finger, criticize, insult, denounce… any of the crimes perpetrated by these people, their governments and their countries.

    Why is it, that this kind of ideological subservience, acquiescence, compliance, is expected from us ? I tell you why, because deep down those bastards see us as third class citizens of the world that need to gulp it all down and be grateful…they see you and I as sub-human. That is why.

    I am still shocked with the deliberate, willful, mental thickness of the West and of the Americans and English in particular, with their refusal to be personally held accountable…yes personally held accountable for the immense violence, brutality, theft, misery and grief that were inflicted and still are, on innocent peoples and countries, be it in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere…

    I am still shocked by the fact that you people can actually sleep every night knowing full well that you and your governments have committed the most atrocious crimes in modern history on innocent peoples and countries.

    I am still shocked by the extent of your Immorality and lack of Conscience. I am still shocked by your lies, I am still shocked by how deceitful you are.
    Layla Anwar

  32. EyesWideOpen on said:

    A Message Of Forgiveness For 2010 – January 1st, 2010

    Forgive your enemy, don’t hold on to rage…bla bla bla…
    And all the while you hypocritical motherfuckers do nothing but wage wars of occupations, where our children are murdered, our elderly go begging, our women are raped and our men sodomized and killed. What are you preaching you fucked up bastards??!!! Peace on earth and good will to all men? You have brought nothing but fucking destruction and bad will.

    If you are so good at new age bullshit and love thy neighbor crap, why did you vote for Bush the fucking illiterate criminal who can’t spell, not once but TWICE. And the same goes for that psychopath liar Blair. TWICE you voted for that motherfucker. [Because they are fucking EEEEEE-VIL & profoundly racist. They DON’T CARE.]

    And you have the NERVE to come preaching to me about the negative side effects of holding on to anger?!!! Fuck you. Fuck you, you indecent, immoral pieces of shit. Millions have died in your name and in the name of your fucking system built on lies… Fucking hypocrites, of the West…of America…

    Every time I “warm up to you” and give you the benefit of the doubt, blaming it on your endemic ignorance, apathy, indifference and self centeredness – your fucking perpetual state of megalomania wakes me up.

    You wage the most immoral wars in history, destroying innocent peoples lives and you have the NERVE to preach to them about selflessness. You make abstraction of other peoples tragedies, tragedies brought on by your evil acts and you have the NERVE to sit on your bums preaching about love and how everyone should just get along. [Because they are INSANE.]

    Oh man, you are such a perfidious, fake, dishonest, arrogant, depraved lot. Forgive you? Forgive you while you sit wanking your theories away, giving yourselves airs of being so sophisticated and above it all, while your bombs and military rape one people after another, into oblivion?

    You must be fucking kidding me…
    Preach forgiveness while you are still at it? Full blown?!
    You must be fucking kidding me…
    Layla Anwar

  33. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Plain & Simple

    What is so radically wrong, so fundamentally warped with the Western mind?

    What is the matter with you people – don’t you have any sense ???

    What if my country, on bogus charges, invaded their country with 650 000 armed thugs and bombed the shit out of them, destroyed their institutions, homes and infrastructure; partitioned their country, built walls around their neighborhoods, unleashed deadly militias against them, used DU and Napalm, displaced and made millions homeless, maimed and murdered millions more, turned thousands of their women and kids into widows and orphans, raped and tortured their women and men, sodomized their kids, changed their school textbooks, urinated in their churches, pillaged their homes and treasury, arrested thousands of them…and more….all in their own country, on their own turf – how do you think they would react?

    The bare minimum is that they would get angry. But the way their sick minds function, we’re not even allowed our anger. In their minds, it is not called an invasion and occupation, it’s an “unfortunate mistake”, “an unnecessary war” at best. They preach to us that we should forgive, yet they’re still here, “visiting” us while they persist in the lie.

    In their sick, minds, they justify it all with, “we are here to help.” Do you know why they do that? It is because they have this amazing propensity to LIE TO THEMSELVES. They are in fact the PEOPLE OF THE LIE.
    Layla Anwar

  34. I go to an HBCU and am finishing a doctoral program there (health science field). My class is diverse with a large Asian, South Asian (Indian), and Hispanic population.

    After a few years together, the non-black population has become more tolerant of us blacks (American blacks and African blacks), but the majority of the time, they are racist. They have managed to marginalize us in our own school. Black people (in our own fu**ing school) are made out to be less intelligent, less capable, and incompetent.

    And I don’t know what the dean of my school has been smoking but one of the newest faculty members is a young white male, as typical, bland, insecure, over-compensatory, racist, sexist, negative, “liberal”, and pale as they come. He even believes Asians are the model minority. His wife is Asian. How about that? How unique….NOT! The saddest thing is he thinks he is helping us by failing students and trying to get them kicked out of school. As hard as it is for us to succeed, this wack ass white man rides in to save the day by making it even harder for us, “for our own good”. Smh. He must have watched Dangerous Minds one too many times.

    And although I have gotten shade from my own people occasionally, it is NOTHING compared to the hate and disdain from the so called “people of color”. These “women of color” are mystified by me. I started wearing my natural hair a few weeks ago and their jaws literally dropped. Disgust? Awe? Anger? I don’t know. But the fact that simply wearing my hair in its full natural glory is something to warrant a reaction is just insanity. THIS IS MY HAIR. I’m NOT sorry that it is thick, lush, kinky, bushy, and BLACK.

    I hid my hair behind weaves and braids for a slightly similar reason to Negress. When I wear my natural hair, I am ME. Its like being naked for some reason. I am there, exposed, and I feel more vulnerable to attack. I have never known why I felt this way. But once I felt strong enough to DEFLECT and COUNTER-attack, I took the extensions out. Day 1 of natural, jaws dropped and hate from WOC started coming in. I’d be sitting in class and look up and see at least 3 or more non-Black women STARING at me. Some would even stare and then whisper to their neighbor. Like, really? Why are you so concerned with MY EVERY MOVE??? Then with your natual hair out, you can feel the negative energy so much easier. You can feel posiitve energy too, but you can also sense negative thoughts from other people .

    As a Black woman in the western world, you have to be spiritually aware and as mentally healthy as you possibly can get. It actually takes strength to be a strong FEMININE black woman. At my school, there are so many women dressing and acting like men. Part of it may be biology, but a large part of it is PROTECTION and SELF-PRESRVATION. You are less of a target as a black woman if you are asexual and non-threating.

    Negress, how about doing a post on Black femininity?

  35. inuejo5

    I know where you are coming from. My hair has been a continued source of pain for me partly because I REFUSE to relax it. Many days, I do not even comb it so when it grows, it looks like a matted lion’s mane.

    It drove them wild!!!!!!!

    And yes, we have NO allies in Coloureds. NONE. Many of us are starting to wake up to that harsh fact. May I may a suggestion? On the days that you are strong, let the demons *try* and bring you down. On the days that your vibrations are too much and you pick pick on too much evil, cover your hair with a head wrap or scarf.

    As for black femininity? That post is loooooong overdue.

  36. honeytreebee on said:

    I experience the same thing. For a long time I didn’t wear a dress and I still cover up my body’s curve. Not because i don’t want to be a woman and feminine, but to keep their eyes and comments off me. MOC ans WW think it is their right to treat any BW they see as a whore regardless of how she is dressed and if, she is in a dress I have experienced them going out of their way to harass and try to put their hands on me.

    You can feel them eying you and it makes you feel dirty. As for the WOC they are no better. The more attractive the sista the more attacks she’ll get.

  37. Happens to me and my friends too. I think black women are so naturally feminine but typically so unaware of our own potential. So seeing us living in our feminine state is just terrifying! I think you should be free to dress as beautifully as you want. they may still hate you in a potato sack!

  38. Oh wait, they did hate us when we were barefoot and dresses in rags serving and slaving …but it was ok cuz they were in control!!

  39. Thanks! will definitely start covering my hair more.

  40. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Low lifes (i.e. 95% of the world population) are going to hate you no matter what you do, so do what you want PROUDLY & UNAPOLOGETICALLY and let the haters go fuck themselves.

  41. Negress, I just purchased some products from your site!

  42. Hernie

    Thank you! I’ll ship asap. Don’t forget to use your “thank you” coupon for savings next time.

  43. Negress, I love the idea of the Castile Soap done as solid. I use the liquid Castile soap. I thought I’d try a few of the soaps and the hair cream.

  44. Hernie

    I so hope you love the Castile soap. It’s made with raw olive oil and buttermilk. I added a free bar as a “thank you.”

  45. Everyone

    Gonna try to boil some water with my solar oven. Wish me luck that this puppy works. If it does I’ll do a post on it to give you some ideas on cooking with NOTHING but the sun.

  46. mstoogood4yall on said:
  47. Kushite Prince on said:

    I doubt it. But it’s too early to tell. We shall see if he’s genuine in time.

  48. Tyrone on said:


    What are your thoughts on the Kermit Gosnell murder trial in Philly? Another so-called blackman that took delight in killing unborn babies, most of them black. The media has tried to bury this story, but, the truth still found a window to shout from anyway. As expected, so-called political and religous activists within our ranks have remained silent about the senseless killing of black babies. Right now, jurors are deliberating his fate.

  49. Ty

    Tel-lie-vision and I have parted ways. I know naught about this man. Being black, perhaps a really long prison sentence where he’ll make products for Nike.

  50. Negress I got your order! My sister already ‘stole’ one of bars! I tried the beauty bar followed by some Shea oil. Not only did it make my skin feel squeaky clean(no dryness), but it lathers beautifully! Can’t wait to use the other products especially the Castile soap! Thanks!

  51. Hernie

    Most welcome! I’m so happy you enjoyed it. If your sister buys from me, have her drop me a note that says you referred her to my shop and the next time you order, you get a free bar.

    Let me know how you like that Castile soap. It’s very gentle and even babies can use it.

  52. Forced Reality on said:

    How long do comments stay in moderation? I have a few comments that have yet to clear.

  53. To all:

    Methinks the meditation is working. I’ve gotten dirty letters for the past 4 weeks now from whites who are saying the most repulsive things. My post “21 harsh truths that black people don’t want to hear” is bothering them!

    Funny how when you banish them from your life in all areas of life they go out of their way to find you only to remind you that you are nothing but dirt beneath their feet. This paradox is highly amusing…if it weren’t so dangerous.

    Please continue to pray/meditate with me. We are heating up the atmosphere and reeking havoc on them.

  54. kowaba on said:

    @ DOAN

    Is there a way I can contact you via e-mail? I wanted to ask your advice on something, but I don’t feel comfortable posting my question and info on the public forum.

  55. Yes my love. I’ll send you an email right now.

  56. kowaba on said:

    Thank you! 🙂

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