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Fun Facts on Aetna

Aetna Inc., the nation’s largest health insurer, apologized for selling policies in the 1850’s that reimbursed slave owners for financial losses when their slaves died. African slaves who fell ill during the 3-4 month journey to the pits of hell were killed or simply pushed overboard so they could drown. The Jewish owners of the slave ships kept a rigid record of their livestock so they could be reimbursed for their financial loss. 

Aetna has long acknowledged that for several years shortly after its founding in 1853 that the company may have insured the lives of slaves,” said Aetna spokesman Fred Laberge. “We express our deep regret over any participation at all in this deplorable practice.”

Aetna’s public apology was prompted by an inquiry from activist Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, who earlier this year contacted the Hartford-based company to seek an apology and reparations.

Aetna, which noted that the slave policies were legal before slavery was abolished, said it plans to make no reparations. We have concluded that no further actions are required at this time,” Laberge said.

Aetna said its records show the company wrote no more than a dozen such policies to slave owners. The company said it previously acknowledged having written slave policies in a report prepared in 1956.

Meanwhile, a battle is raging in Rhode Island to change its official name, which is “the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.” A bill has been introduced in the Rhode Island legislature. At one point, eight percent of Rhode Islanders were held in bondage.


When you begin to open your eyes and see what’s right in front of you, you’ll notice a pattern:

1. Everything about your past and the role you played into making this country the richest nation in THE WORLD will be kept cleverly hidden from you.

2. The past, which is never at rest, will eventually come back to haunt the Demons that stole us from our Homeland. When confronted with their evil, they will deflect, become indignant and try to justify their behaviour.

3. Whites, who claim to desperately want to “move on” and “just forget about it”, will make NO attempt to reconcile and give reparations for their continued evil, destruction and envy of our culture.

4. Only Jews, who are white, can be given reparations and are permitted and encouraged to speak about their oppression.

5. If Aetna, or the hundreds if not thousands of Wall Street companies, is truly apologetic, they would give free healthcare/ benefits to the descendants of the slaves who made them rich.

Please note one interesting fact about the healthcare industry. As of today, Aetna is one of the fastest growing companies, along with Microsoft, PepsiCo and Walmart, that are participating in the privatized prison industry.  Do you think that it is a mere coincidence that a Jewish owned health care industry that once participated in chattel slavery is now participating in privatized prisons? Do you think that it is a mere coincidence that the NDAA Act (formerly Patriot Act), which says the govern-Nazi can arrest you for any reason, was implement around the same time talks of privatized prisons were underway?

This entire system is rigged for one thing only: Your eternal enslavement.

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22 thoughts on “Fun Facts on Aetna

  1. blackmystory on said:

    Nice post here. As well, the policy of insuring against us is still going strong in our communities. They prey on us selling us policies that are to our detriment and we spend limited resources to get “covered”.

  2. Tyrone on said:


    As long as whites run away from fixing the mess their forefathers created on this planet, they will be cursed. Apologizing to us is not good enuf. Every other group that has been raked over the coals by this country has been financially compensated in some fashion. Money is important, Very Important! Financial gain was the motivation that allowed whitemen to enslave our ancestors. It’s not about skin color black people, whites lust money and power.


  3. Ty

    Whites must kill. It is in their DNA to destroy. I know that now. Profit comes a very close second in their grand scheme of things but destruction will always be number one. Other coloured groups do not pose as serious a threat as we do. That’s why they are given money to soothe their wounds. When we had black wall street, they bombed it and killed us because they could not handle the clear fact that we do not NEED them to survive.

    There is no redemption for them and even they recognize it. Karma will act itself out in their recompense.

  4. Blackmystory

    O-bomb-aCare will be most detrimental to us. That’s why I’m trying hard to get us to go back to herbs and roots.

  5. Leviqueen on said:

    Amen! Esau is wicked from the womb. Their destruction is coming soon. I pray to the Mist Hugh for their speedy judgment.

  6. Leviqueen on said:

    Excuse me *Most High*

  7. Tyrone on said:


    Whites are a vivid example of “Bad Seed.” They originated from our loins, yet, they hate us. It’s vital that black people understand this historical fact and context. Yes, whiteness is a genetic error, which explains the self-loathing in whites. Understanding albinism is the key to decoding whiteness.


  8. Good post. I never heard of this company before lol.It is a shame black people aren’t compensated for our pain and suffering.They will never let that happen.This is why we need to plan for another black wall street somewhere else.Anything that has to do with money they try to withhold it from us.They send people to prison for not paying child support yet they won’t pay people back for all the sheit they’ve done.I don’t think the victims from black wall street got any money for all those damages,many just left .We see they are not going to help us or give us what’s ours.Then next step would be to get our money up and move somewhere else we gotta create our own noahs arc.In africa land is cheaper there than it is here.I want to move when i get older and build a community for us somewhere else.

  9. Umoja on said:


    No, none of those participants were compensated for their lost in Black Wall Street. That was intentional as was the evil lie that motivated its destruction. Whites have NO intention in the support of Black progress. NONE. They know, if progress were to happen without interruption; Blacks would surpass everyone; therefore we would have a “Black Planet”….their greatest fear.
    ANYTHING towards unity, family, community, love, marriage, honor, respect, children, commitment, collective power, collective economic growth and capital, will be thwarted, interrupted, and poisoned; therefore, destroyed. We all are looking at this globally.
    I think the best we can do is to remove ourselves from this system, live amongst each other and depend on each other…..find ways to survive with as little involvement of this system and whites as possible. An ideal answer to this would be the complete and absolute annihilation of the whole European populous and all those who breed with them including their offspring. I believe they are genetically predatorial, murderous, animalistic, sexual terrorist, and the psychopaths of the world.
    As long as they exist, there will be no peace. I do not believe that they came from us or Africa. I truly believe that is a LIE, in order to give the Europeans rights to Africa …it’s resources, lands, ect…including the continuation of the genocide of it’s people and the continued infiltration of white supremacy.

  10. Umoja

    You echoed the thoughts of my family in our discussion last night. May I contact you?

  11. Umoja on said:

    Yes, you may Beloved….what is it you need to do so?

  12. mary burrell on said:

    This is an interesting post. My place of employment used this company. I also heard Chase bank in the 1800’s helped finance slavery. I am not surprised by any of this though.

  13. As a multi-generational black Canadian(family came up in 1819, given land for helping with the War of 1812, runaway slaves after the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850), my family was torn apart. For almost 120 years the Canadian side was not aware of their American brethren. These are the half who were escaped slaves. I have no idea what happened to the family torn asunder after the War of 1812. Yes I want reparations. The systemic racism still persist to this day. It can be said it is even worse as it is insidious and many blacks have been brain washed to think it is mostly a thing of the past. It ain’t. These companies should be made to pay dearly for the generational havoc visited on black folks in North America.

  14. This poster says it all!

  15. verbs2012 on said:

    Well, its all written in the scriptures how this white man would live by the sword(war, death, destruction, disease, pillage, murder etc) and take the richest lands on the planet for his own greedy gain.

    The scriptures also tell us that the so called white man has a bottomless belly when it comes down to material wealth and resources, what he has isn’t enough, he must have the wealth of others and is prepared to destroy this entire planet in order to achieve this goal. He is never satisfied with what he has, never.

    We blacks are the weapons of war that the Most High is going to use against the so called European man and he knows it, hence why he has accelerated his skull duggerous agenda called Eugenics in an attempt to wipe out the entire Negro population. Prepare thyself Edom, your recompense draws high and you will drink it down fully with no respite.

  16. Negress,

    I doubt we will ever be monetarily compensated. Whites want us dead or enslave, so why would they give us money… They are doing practically everything in their powers to make us dependent on them, which will make it much easier for them to destroy or control us. They understand that financial wealth will help us to be more independent. Also, remember that whites did not/do not consider us full human beings to be deserving of any respect.

  17. Mickey on said:

    Speaking of financial independence, there is a book written by a man whose job was to purposely destroy Black-owned businesses. I will try to find the title and inform you guys of it.

    It’s funny how this country has this mantra of pulling yoursel up by your own bootstraps, yet, when some of us try to do this, we discover that our straps have been ripped off.

  18. ynotme

    Also, they know that we pose a serious threat to them on all levels. Measures must be done to ensure that we never succeed.

  19. Mickey

    Destroying black owned businesses will be the topic of my new post. And wait til you see who they hired to aid them in our destruction!

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  21. Tyrone on said:


    As is the case with everything else, black folk will suffer the most under so-called Obamacare(aka Government Takeover of Private Healthcare).


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