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Blacks and Health: The Natural Way to Heal #12

Our ancestors called Tea Tree oil “liquid gold”.

Tea Tree Antiseptic

If I were to list all the wonderful properties this “doctor in a bottle” has, I’d been typing til next week.

Our indigenous ancestors in Australia used this potent, slightly camphor-smelling tree “sap” as an antifungal and antiviral medicine for centuries. The leaves were crushed then inhaled to treat coughs and sore throats. Steamed in boiling water, the leaves made a great antiseptic wash for cuts, open wounds and other skin ailments.Tea tree oil is not just soothing and disinfecting, it is capable of penetrating into the lower skin layers with its anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and analgesic (pain-killing) properties. 

Tea tree oil exhibits expectorant and balsamic characteristics, which are especially beneficial in the case of throat or chest infections, having a generally soothing and clearing (mucus-expelling) effect on the entire respiratory tract. It is also effective against head colds.

Every black household should have a bottle of this amazing sap to prevent:




Sore throat (use as a gargle with 2 parts water)

Tooth pain/ infection




Cuts and bruises

Minor burns

Head lice

The smell is quite strong and it is very potent so only a drop or two is needed. Please relearn the healing properties of our ancestors medicines. Soon, we will have to rely on them for help.

Next Article: Turmeric

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19 thoughts on “Blacks and Health: The Natural Way to Heal #12

  1. I’m actually headed to the store in a few to buy a new bottle. I sweat like crazy in the summer and end up with sebaceous cysts every now and then, tea tree oil eats through them like acid in a couple of days with next to no scarring or pain. The scent is strong the first time you use it but after a while it becomes really pleasant.

  2. I love the stuff. I used it a lot to combat gardening bruises and cuts.

  3. The healing ability of this natural and very popular substitute for those synthetic medical antibiotics should not be overlooked.

    I used tea tree oil when I had an ear infection a month ago. I dilute about 3-5 drops of warm tea tree oil with a little olive oil and trickle a few drops into the infected ear, and within a few days my ear infection was gone…Every home should have a bottle in the medicine cabinet.

    Thank you Sis. Negress

  4. I use tea tree oil for my dogs lol.to repel fleas and ticks,it works pretty well.I’ve also heard people use it in their shampoo.

    I made my own toothpaste this morning from coconut oil and baking sodaLet me say i love it!!.My mouth feels clean and when i eat after i brush i don’t have a weird taste in my mouth.when i used flouride toothpaste i always felt like i never rinsed enough even after 5 rinses i could still taste the toothpaste.I looked at the ingredients for the toothpaste and It had names i couldn’t pronounce and had sodium lauryl sulfate.I was like if i don’t use shampoo with sodium lauryl sulfate why would i use toothpaste that has it in there to clean my mouth.Yeah so i can check that number off the list of things to do to drop out of the system one down and still many to go woohoo.

  5. I use/used Tea Tree Oil for disinfecting cuts, and also cleaning products (you can put it into Castile soap for example and use it to wash floors, surfaces etc). Once I cut my thumb badly(you could see the ‘meat’ beneath the skin). I applied the Tea Tree Oil and bound it. For the next several days, I cleansed the cut with the Tea Tree Oil and when it healed, there was nary a scar. A great product, the more ratio to cleaning solution or balm, the better.

  6. ynotme

    Yep. Tea tree is great for ear infections too.

  7. “…Yeah so i can check that number off the list of things to do to drop out of the system one down and still many to go woohoo.”


    I’m soooooo proud!! One at a time.

  8. Thank you.I’m not very organized so your list helped with visualizing what needs to be done.Next,I’m going to work on gardening this fall.

  9. Guys

    If I can help you to get healthy and move away from this Babylonian system, then it’s all worth it.

    Please visit the “dropping out” post often and check off as many things as you can. I’m working on a few myself. And please add to the list.

    We must learn from each other.


    Once you begin growing your own food, you’ll NEVER go back to outside food.

  10. So glad to hear it. It sounds like you started something great. It is just getting started and you are now on your way. So proud of you. Your action to improve is inspiring!!!!

  11. I mix tea tree oil into my shampoo every washing and my husband has just started growing vegetables (tomatoes, onions, herbs) but he hasn’t had much success out here in this wretched desert climate. We’re researching getting off the grid and have recently decided to lock our hair, but its all slow going as we have been so heavily dependant on western modes of convenient living. Your suggestions are phenomenal and the list really organizes things and makes it seem more doable. I was guilty of heat straightening my hair to look more “presentable” I suppose, but for the last month I’ve been wearing it out in its natural texture, moisturizing with coconut, olive, and argan oils. It’s big, puffy, wavy and wonderful. I tie it up in bright scarves on hot days and plait/twist it at night. You are incredibly inspiring, so thanks.

  12. Excellent reminder! I forgot about restocking, because I could not get my hands on the real thing. The stores around here, trying to sell me synthetic poison, or mixed junk. So, I have been focusing on other stuff. Using shea butter to ‘oil’ my scalp and hair. Limiting my intake of GMO food. But, now I am ready to focus on plants again. I recently managed to kill all my plants, so I need to start from the beginning. Watch a tutorial. ‘How to take care of a plant?’ Feed it! Lol. Or just leave it for now. There may still be too much white babble distracting me…

  13. mrsmorris

    I try to give us reasonable ideas to this eternal problem but I too falter and suffer from the same ills as you and the rest of the black population.

    One small step at a time.

  14. Pete

    Use the sun to mediate. The white noise will lessen.

  15. Yes. I am heading out to the park, and feed off the sun a bit. Listen to Self. Ashe.

  16. Tyrone on said:


    Could you compile a one-page list of all the organic wonders that you speak of? I would like to send the list to relatives and friends who want natural food and medicine.


  17. Ty

    I’m working on something for us hopefully due out this summer. You’ll like it, I hope. It’s a compilation of pretty much everything involving natural herbs and roots.

    In the meantime, have your friends visit this page and type in “Blacks and Health” in the search column to get ideas.

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  19. QueenTiye on said:

    It also cures Yeast and NC infections without worry of damaging reproductive organs.

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