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Dropping Out of the System: A Tangible Way to Regain Black Freedom

 They know whatever we focus on, it will become reality. It is as though we are creating THEIR reality by default alone. —— Umoja

A black reader wrote to me recently to ask me this question, “Ummm… don’t get mad, Truth, I know you’ve been talking about this for some time now, but how exactly do I drop out of this system?”

For those of you who are also wondering this same thing, this post is for you. I want everyone who reads this blog to know one thing that I’ve known my entire life. Black people throughout the diaspora have no friends, no allies and no one to call on in a time of desperate need. We are alone in this fight. Even though we love to use the term Persons of Colour, in my estimation, it is a farce. We are universally hated, universally ostracized and universally made to be the scapegoat for all huemanity. Every Coloured race has a free organization where food and supplies, even money, is given to them to help support their needs. This I know for a fact.

I’ve watched Spanish speaking Africans cook for each other, give each other bus fare and rent out a room to their brothers and sisters for as little as 20.00 a month. They understand the universal law of “taking care of their own”, something we have yet to understand. I’ve seen Asians come to this country with no money, no clothes, no food…and miraculously turn around and own a store, a restaurant and a laundromat in 5 years! What’s their secret? They understand the universal law of “taking care of their own.”

Jews in Brooklyn never speak to anyone about their business, their child’s education, their job, their whereabouts, their food, their lives nor do they feel the need to. They hold meetings at their homes and discuss matters privately. I’ve seen Indians at the park holding those same meetings where they gather around and bounce ideas off of each other. Then, miraculously 5 years later, they own a convenience store, a liquor shop, a check cashing place, a run-down motel and a spice store in your neighbourhood. And all we’re doing is standing there and asking, “What is going on?”

“What is going on” is a question that we’ve been asking for 500 years. The simple answer that we do not like to hear is this:

Every race takes care of each other and has “dropped out of the system” in one way, shape or form. EXCEPT US. 

It’s really that simple.

Dropping out is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. Why? Because it takes 3 things:

1. Consciousness

2. Work and Effort

3. Repetition

But, it can be done! How do I know? Because I’ve met blacks who have done it (to varying degrees) and continue to do it. My “dropping out” began with not eating Chinese Food and escalated into traveling with a cooler full of homemade snacks to avoid Fast Food temptations, to making my own products and growing my own food. It may not seem like much at first glance but if you really sit and think about how much emotional, sexual, Spiritual and financial investments we give this white (and soon to be Asian) system just following a few of these tips and ideas would drastically change your life.

I do not have magic solutions.


The system is rigged so that everywhere you turn, you’re set up for failure. But, do not despair! Taking control of your mind and your habits is the single greatest step towards freedom. Black family, Hurricane Sandy was a test. When the lights no longer come on, what will you do? Who will you turn to? Who’s going to help the universally hated scapegoat? Who’s going to feel pity for the one race that has been propagandized to be the “problem” for this planet? Answer?

No one.

Here goes my list. It is laughably simple yet so difficult.


1. Stop sleeping with white people. (Ever wonder why this is always number one?)

2. Stop buying hair. Yes, that again.

3. Stop processing your hair. (Please read “Black hair and white domination”)

4. Bring your lunch from home instead of buying fast food.

5. Stop using their toothpaste and make your own.

6. Stop drinking sodas on a daily basis.

7. Stop smoking.

8. Eat dinner together as a family as often as you can.

9. Stop buying music that degrades us.

10. Stop getting your nails, eyebrows and bikini area done.

11. Stop buying labels and shop in thrift stores. Or wear hand-me-downs from your siblings, etc.

12. Plant your own food if you can.

13. Stop spending money to watch movies. Many are available online.

14. Get rid of your cable box.

15. Stop watching TV EXCEPT to analyze and learn the hidden messages.

16. Read more books by black scholars.

17. Learn the power of herbs.

18. Lose weight if you are overweight.

19. Stop whoring around. (Black women, you don’t realize how important this is for you)

20. Buy a home hair cutter kit and cut your own hair. (I myself have recently decided to be a Ras)

21. Reconnect with your conscious black friends and form a black community.

22. If you have black friends who refuse to “see”, leave them alone.

23. Stop calling women “bitches” and “hos”.

24. Stop calling men “dawgs” and “good-for nuthin’ bums”.

25. Reconnect with your black Spirituality.

26. Stop eating white sugar. (Sugar is a chemical that reacts poorly with melanin)

27. Replace white flour with wheat or barley.

28. Homeschool your own children.

29. Know the company that your children keep. If you do not approve, banish them from your child’s life.

30. Refrain from spending money foolishly.

31. Know the difference between a want and a need.

32. Stop buying shoes and purses. Men, you don’t really need 50 pairs of sneakers, do you?

33. Stop buying TV’s, electronics, IPhones, etc…

34. Support black businesses, black bookstores, black causes only.

35. Stop lying to yourself that “everything is fine”.

36. Wean yourself off chemicals. Most illnesses can be reversed, like diabetes.

37. Stop competing and fighting with other blacks.

38. Stop separating and ostracizing other blacks by country of origin.

39. Stop separating and ostracizing other blacks by skin complexion and hair texture.

40. Learn to love your African self.

41. Leave the Divided Snakes if possible and reconnect with Africa/ The Caribbean.

41. Relearn your native language.

42. If you offend a fellow African, apologize immediately and don’t do it again.

43. Invest in a solar oven and learn to live off “the grid.”

44. Learn Aquaponics (if you have the space and means) and live “off the grid.”

45. Make your own laundry detergent.

46. If you can sew, make your own clothes.

47. Use a clothesline in your backyard (if space allows) and stop giving whites your money at the laundromat.

48. Learn a new trade: carpentry, plumbing, gardening, etc and build up a “bartering community” with other blacks (You will need this when the dollar collapses…)

49. Use your grill whenever you can to save on the electricity/ gas bill.

50. Learn to farm chickens if the space allows. (Don’t laugh but many “urban” cities will allow a small chicken coop in your backyard. Just check for permits, etc. You at least get fresh, organic eggs and endless food supply)

51. Open your own business no matter how small. We are the most creative people on earth! Use it.

52. Learn bee keeping. Sound funny? No. No bees = no food. Those of you that have the space and desire, please look into this excellent system of keeping us alive.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m proud to say that I’ve done at least numbers:

4, 5, 6, 12, 14 etc…I’m trying to get more and more numbers under my belt by this year! At first, it’s hard. I will not lie. But then it does get easier and easier and soon, you don’t even miss it.

Can you think of any more to add to help this young woman and the black family?

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85 thoughts on “Dropping Out of the System: A Tangible Way to Regain Black Freedom

  1. Love this post. It’s really about going back to the basics. What I think we see around us is that ‘technological advances’ have in fact enslaved us and moved us away from ourselves and each other. Great Post!

  2. nmaat

    Technology was never our ally. All it did was make us more dependent.

  3. “….I do not have magic solutions…..Sorry”.
    Yours is not the task to take us by the hand, yours is just to point us to the way. The decision will be in the hands of those who the information comes to. To me sister truth, this is the most meanigful post you have put together yet. Contained therein is all the information, reasons and results needed. To do anything else is so…uncivilized. Thank you for this reminder!

  4. Ms. J on said:

    Interesting suggestion about Toothpaste. I just noticed that it’s always WHITE and depicted as a sign of cleanliness. Wow…

  5. honeytreebee on said:

    I do this and it saves money. Instead of buying paper towels use a rag or old cloth instead. I stop buying Kleenex and such and saved $20 a month.

    I started making all of my cleaning supplies and saved even more. Also, the stuff I use is stuff I always buy anyway like vinegar and baking soda.

    After my classes I am going to learn how to make soap, lotion, and my own hair stuff from shampoo to conditioners and such.

    If time permits I am also going to learn jarring. Cause even if you don’t have a garden if, you know how to jar you own food you can save money when you buy in season foods and save them for later.

    When weather is good bike and walk all of your short trips this will save you gas money and get you exercise. I started doing this for school and trips to the store. Use the bus or car pool for farther distances.

    Don’t buy a thermos instead use a mason jar wrap it up in some pretty cloth so it won’t break and it becomes your all purpose thermos.

    Never throw out your worn out jeans instead make shopping bags out of them. this is true for any garment that is worn out and no longer wearable.

    Another thing I want to learn is how to sun dry food for storage. You know just add water so i can make my own survival kit.

    With the money I save I keep my goals posted to my bedroom wall so when I wake-up I work towards these things.

    Save up to buy my own place so, I paying rent to someone else. I also want to buy a small apartment building to bring in money and maybe a laundry mat too.

    Truth is right we are creative and there is plenty we can do. When we shift our goals we can drop out of the system like everyone else so when it breaks down we don’t go with it.

    Also, when I can I buy black, shop black, and trade with black, and give to black first. I watch other people in their communities to get ideas.

    The internet is a powerful tool in finding ways to pull out of the system like learning to urban garden, learning to make your own house hold and personal products, learning ways to preserve food, reusing materials around the house and finding communities to connect with so you have backup. We have collectively over a trillion dollars. Let’s us that money to build our own world and freedom.

    Can you imagine what it would be like if, we employed or own and stayed with our own first. Others have done it we have done it before and we can do it again.

    We now know never to put all of our money in the banks, we should have am outside of the country account and we should have money at home too. eventually we should have our own money. Yes a money separate from the U.S. dollar is a must for us everyone else has theirs we need ours.

  6. Mariama on said:

    What an excellent list!! Thank you for all your insightful suggestions. One thing that you definetely should have mentioned is: “Message to the black man and black woman in America, STOP participating in these GENDER wars. This will be the ultimate death of the black community. We NEED to hear each other and RESPECT each other. We need to understand each other’s pain. Please stop falling into this destructive and diabolical Willie Lynch trap.”

  7. Kushite Prince on said:

    Reblogged this on Black Survival and commented:
    Great post! Everyone needs to read this impressive list. This is very important information. The time for excuses is over!

  8. 1. This went hand in hand with when I quit smoking – subconscious Welsing moment perhaps? 3. Used to put a texturizer in to “loosen up” my curls. Now the only stuff in my hair is yours 🙂

    7. Ditto.9. Removed the last bit of Beyonce and Rhianna from my playlist back in December 11. I’ve always been cheap. 13. Projectfreetv – google it.
    14. Haven’t had cable since 2003 or 2004 15. My last two shows were True Blood and BattleStar Galactica – stopped TB last year and BSG for entertainment last spring (along with smoking and white sex)

    16. Yall know what my bible is. 20. Cut my own hair since I was 20 years old.
    22. No problem there, I’m non-confrontational, though that’s a problem in other areas……23. Made that mistake when I was 9 and my dad beat the dog shit out of me… don’t do it now except for the few times that it was clearly meant and interpreted as a joke…

    27. Always about the cottage wheat and earthy breads.
    30. I’m cheap as hell – nothing I wear costs more than 29.99 unless it’s a gift.
    31. same 32. same 33. All of my electronics I find necessary for my work/design are either second hand or late model.

    37. Not competitive here 38. Never really thought to except for once and I apologized 39. Same 41 – working on this…. 42. I watch my words – sometimes too carefully. 51 – learning adobe illustrator and photoshop and studying to do just that

  9. Excellent post!

    I also believe that the descendants of 400 years of chattel slavery (most of the black people in the U.S.) have to stop looking for outside validation (from whites and other non-blacks) and start to validate EACH OTHER

    we are broken because we went through the process of chattel slavery, something NONE of the other groups here experienced, so we need to stop blaming each other for being damaged

    but it is UP to us to start repairing that damage if we want to survive and not become further insane.

    SUPPORT AND VALIDATE EACH OTHER and what other non-blacks think won’t matter

    I really liked the info about the way other groups come together and discuss strategy PRIVATELY, among themselves

    instead of how black people here have been trained to do (by white people)

    to march and protest and wait for the white man to pay attention and bring his TV news cameras because we are like children still vying for (white) mommy and daddy’s attention so they will fix things for us

    only a people who want to lose a war would share their strategies with their enemies!

    I will definitely share this post with as many as possible!

  10. honeytreebee on said:

    Truth I like this one the best so far. I hope you get a lot of post of great ideas. I plan on coming back and looking them over and making a plan from them and learning how to do these things and then teaching others. I see Asians do this all of the time with test and how to classes. Teach one and they go back and teach everyone else for free.

    So, when I get my list together I’ll share and I was thinking perhaps a how to on making tooth paste and cleaning supplies is in order. Or where to go in your area for classes. though a lot of this is now on line.

    technology just because it is there doesn’t mean we need to use it or that it is the best way. Like you said you don’t need a t.v. and cable if, you have internet access you can watch most everything off line. I don’t go to the movies anymore as I can watch it on line and save money. Unless it is supporting my own i don’t pay to watch WP no more.

  11. I have a lot of work to do. I need to do numbers 3,5,12,16,26,27,41,and the bee keeping thing is not happening where i live lol. This kinda off topic but did anybody else kinda laugh or have a sigh or relief that those “terrorists” that bombed Boston were white.Its amazing how it went from dark skinned terrorist to these white mofos.Lets see how they change it from terrorists to disturbed individuals when reporting this smh.


    glad your are back sista everything ok?

    Technology is another way for them to track us and sell us things.THey do tell us what they are planning based on movies and games.ITs a video game coming out called Watch dogs.ITs about a man who hacks things because almost everything is put on a computer.heres the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY3Up7-GbgQ

  12. Amarie on said:

    Wow that’s a long list and I have alot of work to do lol. When it comes to toothpaste, I would use baking soda instead.

  13. honeytreebee on said:

    If you do the first ten you will save a lot of money over $100 a month easy. If you stop buying or processing hair and all that comes with it that is 40-100 right there. If you bring your lunch and make you own drink that is 7-12 dollars per day right there. If you make your own tooth paste like baking soda and lemon oil something like that and stop smoking and ate at home that is 100 easy over a months time. So, that is anywhere from 100 to oh 550 a month depending on how much of what you do.

    If you did 11-20 you could save even more even if you just got some herb plants around the house and learned to dry and save in glass jars. even if you bought fresh herbs from the farmers market or store you could dry what you are not using now and save it. get a little coffee grinder and grind the herbs as needed or in advance. Take them and fill your jars. The rest store in the freezer to refill you jars later. Cause herbs and spices are expensive at the store 7 dollars for a few oz. When you can do this at home for far less. So, that in a months time is serious money another 500 depending on what you do.

    21 through 30 could just save your life and health physically and mentally too. along with 1 and 2. rid yourself of toxic situations and people as to make room for better to come into your life. When this is done you would have done most of the rest by default.

    Learning to love yourself also means learning who does not love you. Learning to stop looking for validation from WP and other non BP. Also, learning that not all BP are well and mean you well. So, we must learn when to get us and leave when we are not being loved and nurtured.

  14. honeytreebee on said:


    here you go for toothpaste

    here is a little encouragement about the hair stuff.

    It is great that you could list those things and are working on them. Word of warning about natural hair, once you go natural you won’t be able to keep your hands out of it. LOL

  15. honeytreebee on said:

    Bry wow way to go you are on fire with this list. Wow.

  16. honeytreebee on said:

    Pam I wish you would visit more often you words add another dimension to this too. We must learn to self heal before we can move forward.

  17. honeytreebee on said:

    so true

  18. honeytreebee on said:


    I would love for this to stop. I don’t say nothing to brothas anymore if, they date or marry out I figure they have to learn for themselves and learn to love themselves. All I can do is take care of me right now and get me into shape and then find my mate. Besides if, he doesn’t want me why should I want him.

  19. honeytreebee on said:

    I second that Kushite time to get to work.

  20. honeytreebee on said:

    I watched you clip mstoogood4yall

    very interesting i would encourage every one to watch it even if, you know it it is worth watching. Great one and give weight to we need our own groups off line to set up our own plans.

  21. honeytreebee on said:

    This is off subject, but i am glad that those boston bombers are not black, but white people. we really don’t need anymore police foolishness right now. Now let’s see how they spin this into poor little white boys.

  22. Hey Sis…I’m fabulous…just focused on creating…so when I get in that mode, I’m obsessed and damn near catatonic…I’m sure other writers, artists, etc. will feel me on that…but I am still reading and peeking in til I get finished with my project…thanx for asking…hope all is well with you…

  23. Mickey on said:

    Shopping/buying Black is really important. One of the reasons why Black people do not get on well with each other when it comes to economics is because Black people do not trust other Black people when it comes to money. Yet, they can trust any one else of any other stripe, even if those other stripes mistreat them in return. Dr. Umar Johnson has spoken about this in many of his lectures. Black people really need to get things straight with each other before dealing with anyone else.

  24. Mickey on said:

    I use neem toothpaste. It does not contain flouride and is brown in color.

  25. kowaba on said:

    Great list, DOAN!

    When the Black Panthers were operating their own clinics in black communities, they taught women how to do their own gynecological self-exams. Here is a link explaining how to administer a self exam.


  26. emile on said:

    The fourth paragraph pretty much sums it up for me. I’ve been saying this for years and your keen observations are on point and very well stated. This is why I say that it’s extremely important for us not become blinded by hate and the disillusionment of POC because they are only doing the exact things that we should be doing ourselves, instead of falling for the “divide-and-conquer” techniques used by the SOR (mistreatment) and its success in having us work against our own best interests. In my neck of the woods, there are many Latinos who survive by helping, supporting, patronizing, assisting and spending their money with other Latino-owned businesses. They are now classified as the so-called majority-minority. I’ve seen it coming for years, all the time watching small businesses and shops become full-fledged businesses, some even corporations. They hire their “own”, market to their “own” and support their “own” causes in the community. Give credit where it’s due. How can you hate a group of people who are doing what they are SUPPOSED to be doing? While we talk about i, they actually do it. Same goes for the Indians, Koreans, Chinese and other so-called ethnic groups that come to the u.s. This is how they have empowered themselves, and are using this socioeconomic platform to move onto the next phase of empowerment: political. It’s amazing how this sh*t is revealed before our eyes. We built coalitions, marched, protested on behalf of these people and they ran over our backs when the doors of opportunity opened up. Yep, there’s a lot of sh*t I learned the hard way over the past 25 years. People will say you’re angry, anti-social, xenophobic, even racist when you steadfastly say that Black people need to use the same conventions to get their share. But that kind of light is never placed on the aforementioned groups, where they are viewed as hard-working, family-oriented, culturally-based and innately entrepreneurial. Overall, we know that our condition cannot be compared with other non-whites. Shades of skin color, hair textures, nose shapes, class status, religious affiliation, political confusion and other insignificant, divisive, counter-productive bullsh*t are the mental blocks that will keep the majority of us from seeing the truth. There’s not much you can do about this but move on with your life and do your thing. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it.

    I have been doing my part in helping out other Black businesses/entrepreneurs the best way that I can, but again, we have been taught to take each other for granted, marginalize ourselves from our people and underestimate our potential. I think it’s a mindset that is being increasingly challenged, as more Blacks from all backgrounds are seeing the effects of gentrification, extended unemployment and economic exclusion increasing dramatically. As well agreed, we are, undoubtedly, the most creative people on the Planet. This is the reason why we are despised and continually deprived of the necessary resources to become independent players and competitors with the larger society. But we can work around that. And the system is indeed rigged, but if enough of us as like-minded people were to band together with a common goal and purpose, we could cut a lot of corners. Alternative #21 is the best and most practical way to empower ourselves. There’s strength in numbers and realistically you can’t do everything by yourself. But as a group where savings add up; creative and technical skills are aggregated; and everyone is on the same mental/conscious level, there’s a lot that can be done.

    Dr. Claude Anderson’s definition of racism is where it’s at now: “Racism is a competitive relationship between groups of people who are competing for the ownership of power, resources and wealth.” When you use your existing resources, you create wealth; when you create wealth, it opens more opportunity to create more wealth, thereby empowering yourself and your group.

  27. mswanda on said:

    Negress, what’s wrong with getting ones nails done or waxing services? I am a Black nail tech and esthetician. Most of my clients are elderly. I come to them. Do you mean that black women should not gp to Asain owned shops? I hear ya on having a side job. I also make soap,candles,and natural skincare products too. We as Black people have to have a side job. But what really hurts me is Black won’t support my services. They have no problem goimg to Asians and whote people. They ask me endless questions about my natural homemade soap and lotipn like I don’t know what Im doing. But they never read the label of the products that tjey buy from walmart.

  28. emile on said:


    Outstanding post!!!

  29. @ honeytreebee

    I sure will and I agree with you, we must stop blaming ourselves for not being whole after 500 years of chattel slavery, black codes, Jim Crow, segregation, and then the most deceptive period of all


    we have to recognize the damage, blame the right white people and then do the hard work of healing ourselves

  30. emile on said:

    I’m feelin’ ya on that!

  31. Mswanda

    I mean from people who do not look like you. Congrats on your own shop. Would like like a free promotion? If so, let me know and I’ll do an “Introducing” post on you.

    By the way, ALL black business owners complain of the same thing. Lack of support. And yes, they do ask me the same questions too. Answer them in the best way you can to gain trust. Then they’ll be hooked.

  32. To all:

    Thanks for the support. Now, the question is, what do we do about it?

  33. emile on said:


  34. @ honeytreebee

    Thanks for the vids.The toothpaste vid looks so simple i will try once i get the ingredients.Omg that hair vid,her hair looks so amazing.I love all the different hairstlyes she did.


    Glad you are good.It’s good to go away and get your thoughts and creativeness together.I’m not a stalker,but i just love reading your comments.I just missed your spiritual insight into these discussions.

    @ Mswanda

    Please let Ms truth give you a post for your products.I need a good lotion right about now so please post your website if you have one.

  35. Emile

    Focus is number one. I’m working on a post that will hopefully put things in perspective for us regarding the Chinese. The harsh truth is, we will become a permanent underclass if our pettiness does not stop yesterday. I’m going to contact a few people to get some ideas and when I do, I’ll put together something for the family to mull over.

    Not to scare you, love, but we have 3 years to get our shit together. The writing is on the wall for those of us that want to “see” it. Also, I spoke to someone who pretty much confirmed that there’s a “spell” on us. It is renewed every so often when a promising black leader/ speaker/ educator arises.

    There are also spells on our :

    Hair that we buy
    In the chemicals we put on our bodies, etc…

    I shall go into detail in my posts to come.

  36. Had a challenging moment today, there’s been a lot of stress for me lately with me finding a new apartment and job and I thought I would just try some retail therapy, maybe buy myself a used video game on the cheap to zone out with, so I went to the mall.

    I think that I had your Chinese Food moment in my own way. Something about the atmosphere – the white people, that evil, repugnant vibe they give off…..

    I dress very plainly, white t-shirts, simple sweaters, jeans and walmart tennis shoes. The vibes I was catching made me want to vomit, I literally felt like I was under attack by presence of their minds alone – as if I could feel every aspect of me being judged. My hair – natural and picked out, I felt the need to put my sunglasses over it, the only thing I had to guard it. My skin, the darkest of anyone in the building, I pulled my hands further up into the sleeves of my jacket, trying to draw inward.

    I’m used to working in corporate America (or trying to rather…) and the community college I go to is 80% white, this was totally different than the usual racist underhanded bullshit I’ve endured for so long. It was metaphysical as you said.

    The flustering got worse, as I got closer to the store this post rang through my head. I thought to myself “This is why I’m just going to be done buying this crap.” the rudeness, the smugness – every dollar we spend just enables them more and more. I broke out into a sweat, paced the mall one more time and left without buying anything. I may have wasted 5 dollars in bus fare, but it’s a lesson learned.

  37. Bry

    First, I’m sorry you experienced that. I know what it feels like and yes, you do actually get sick.

    Second, congratulations! You’ve raised your consciousness to the point that you can feel another person’s vibe so intensely, it guided your decision-making process.

    Thirdly, I’m glad you left without buying their crappy merchandise. Once they learn and see that you don’t want their:


    …they’ll be kicking down your door asking you to explain to them, “WHY?”

    That’s the beauty of taking back your African self. Control over you and only only.

    May I suggest a few things to help you unwind? A long, hot shower followed by some ginger tea and a deep mediation session. No TV, No stimulation, just peace.

    I zoned out a few weeks ago when I had my vision and it was the best medicine ever. Get back to herbs. Ginger and peppermint are great to relax you and ease your mind.

    I really proud of you.

    BTW: Buy a headwrap, hat or any other hair protector to guard yourself from them as you “vibrate” into a higher consciousness. When you learn to control it (I’m still working on mine) you’ll need protection less and less.

  38. Thanks Miss Pam!

  39. Matari on said:


    For those who can —

    LEARN about the healing powers of HERBS, PLANTS and NATURAL FOODS.
    FOOD GRADE 35% Hydrogen Peroxide !!!! Knowledge is powerful medicine!

    Purchase land – preferably that has a source of drinking water… far, far away from any large city!!!! When the SHTF, any CRISIS, real or contrived, large cities and metropolitan areas are going to get REALLY UGLY really quick. Buy land/property in low populated areas!

    SAVE your disposable income, etc.
    Purchase some precious metal! WHEN (not if) the dollar collapses, gold, silver, etc will STILL have its real value, as it always has for thousands of years.

    Learn about alternative energy. Knowledge is power – no joke!
    The more practical knowledge you have, the more of an asset you’ll be.

    Put together an emergency “grab & go bag” aka bug out bag… in case you have to leave Dodge in an instant … flood, hurricane, earthquake, whatever. A back pack or whatever with a change of clothes, underwear, emergency essential items (can food, Mre’s, tooth-brush, soap, wind-up radio, two way FSR radios, flashlite, batteries, water filter etc, etc).

    Keep an eye out for potential like-minded individuals… organize a co-op if possible.
    Stay the hell away from flaky and fake people/friends/family – guard your personal private business as if your life depends on it, because it will.

    Be constructive with your time. Use it to YOUR benefit. TV is a time waster, as you can use your time better learning to ENHANCE your survival/drop out skills.

    Learn how to can, preserve and store FOOD…. LONG shelf life.
    Oats, beans, rice, lentils, grains, nuts, flour, cooking oil, dry pancake mix, etc, etc, etc, etc. If you can’t do this, think about what YOU CAN DO, and create/do that instead.

    If you have the space and money – STOCK UP on essential items (needles & thread, toilet paper, soap, etc..). Some of which you can use to trade for things you need – should/when that time comes.


    Always stay in continual communion with your Creator. Listen for instructions, then do them!!!

    Think, plan, pray and listen. The Universe has a thousand ways of talking to you – if you’re tuned in. Remember to give thanks for ALL things, even the messed up stuff. (Seemingly bad) Things are not always what they appear to be.

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  42. just reblogged this post on




  43. Umoja on said:

    I love this post and all the added comments ( writing many down )!! One thing I’ve noticed amongst our people is that we seem to talk too much. We tell our business too much…easy access to our oppressors; which allows them to use our information by implementing plans devised against us. YT for example; there’s way too much information shared there. We’ve had everything stolen from us…our inventions, ideas, ect. Our struggles need not be displayed publically anymore on YT….I believe all of it is and will be used against us through much propaganda. It’s wise never to reveal ones weakness to ones enemy as we seem to do so freely on YT.

    I didn’t realize till now that I’ve been slowly dropping out of this system until now. I’ve resorted to using Baking Soda for toothpaste for years now; Mom taught us as children. Baking Soda gives me a cleaner “feel” to my mouth and teeth. I’ve been making my own jewelry and jewelry boxes for years now; I’m going to veer out into a small business now…taking that plunge!

    Many people have advised me to do so for years; along with my homemade hats, scarves and paintings. I just purchased a sewing machine. I love making things. I’ve never liked American/European clothing not even as a child; they always just didn’t “feel” like me. They feel so constraining and confining and the colors aren’t vibrate. I love the rich and vibrate colors of nature….deep greens, rust maroons and reds, yellows, ect… And I’ve picked up my guitar again in order to soothe my own soul with my own music and song with the guidance of my god within and my own creativity….I believe they’re one in the same though.

    ( I enjoy Motown also….when music was music; the music spoke of love, pride and respect for each other back then….remember when we used to dance, male and female together. It was so much fun and communal?! That died also through the propaganda and tricks of the beast of course)

    It’s therapeutic ( my guitar) and a great tool for meditation… and saves much money opposed to professional therapy; I’ve also picked up my Kaliba that I enjoy playing for hours also. Well I’ve been natural for some time now and I’ve been shopping at thrift stores for years; much to the dismay of family and friends….but I’m never broke as they are!! (giggles). I find many treasures in thrift stores, in addition; many items still have their tags on them (new). There’s dishes, sweaters, furniture, even a good pair of shoes, ect….
    ….well on to working on this list and more. (smile)

  44. Umoja

    When you open your company, please let me know and I’ll promote you. We are the most talented people on earth! We should utilize all of our gifts.

  45. honeytreebee on said:


    Please let me know when it is up. I’d love to have a new source for things. Also, your comment about keeping things to yourself is right. i heard the Asians at my job say let’s keep it all Asian here. Oh, they’ll talk to you only to find out what you know and your ideas. I have stopped talking to them about anything I know and wait for them to tell me something. It gets rather quite during lunch break now. I stopped letting them see what I am working on and I can tell it gets to them almost as much as the WP.

    Now I don’t discuss anything around them and stay quiet not even small talk if I can help it. They’ll use even little things against you. Best they think you are shy and quite never let them see you sweat, and never let them hear you chatter.

  46. honeytreebee on said:

    Just for fun

  47. Wow, so many answers to the many problems us Black face in this racist society. I am a new comer to this blog and I am a commenter of Abagond’s blog. Yes you are right.

    We need to stick together and build our own communities. Most of all, Blacks across the Diaspora should learn how to love themselves and stop depending on the White man for everything

  48. You left the readers with good list of things to do. May I add one more? Breastfeeding. Believe it or not, this is viewed as perverted and nasty in the black community. When I made the choice to breastfeed my daughters my Black friends were the ones bashing me “how perverted you have your daughter sucking on your breast, what if you have a son…” “you’re spoiling your baby by breastfeeding them” “My husband is the only one allowed to suck on me”…”It’s to hard I cant breastfeed, I have flat nipples, my nipples don’t point out” “Formula is quicker” I couldn’t believe my ears. A couple of women said they just couldn’t do it, but I’ve attended Le Leche League meetings and went to see a speech therapist to help me out and its not hard at all and unless you have some serious medical illness, ALL women can breastfeed. I think we’ve been programmed to just give up and give into the “easy” method of feeding our children. What happens when we’re without the conveniences of having purified hot water and access to bottles of formula? what do you feed your screaming infant when you’re out in the wilderness or whatever you believe, but when Stuff Hits the Fan, black women won’t know what to do. In Africa and other countries some women still breastfeed their children, but they’re being targeted by Formula companies (whites, etc) to use formula and they don’t have access to sterilized bottles or any of that. So they’re taking our natural instinct away and setting us up for failure. You ever notice what you get in your “FREE Diaper bag” when you leave the hospital after giving birth. Cans of formula. Even if you are breastfeeding they still throw in formula just in case. And when I went to these classes I was the only Black in attendance of about 20 women. 😦 Women in other countries breastfeed their children well until theyre 9, 10, years old. I may be reaching but imagine, if a womans body can produce milk , good sustaining milk for so long, she could feed her whole family if it came down to it. Breastfeeding also cuts down on all those Post Partum depression illnesses as well. I can tell you that I see a huge difference with my youngest compared to my first. I only breastfed her 2 months, and my youngest is 2 and I barely stopped and I never felt the urge to throw my baby out, or kill myself. I popped back into daily activities quicker as well. And the bond is very close. Sorry to be so longwinded but I’m passionate about natural childbirth and breastfeeding. I see so many of young black women who give into the pressures of society when I know they can have a baby natural and breastfeed. Thanks for your time all 🙂

  49. Alia

    Great suggestions. Thanks for reminding us that mother nature provides.

  50. and I also have what “they ” call “flat Nipples” and I breastfed just fine. 🙂

  51. emile on said:

    That is why I said we need to focus, which is very hard to do in a media-saturated society in which we live today. If we don’t focus on the tasks to be completed, we’ll never get anywhere and only disappoint ourselves in the long run.

    As for the Chinese, time constraints, and other confusion, again the objective is to remain focused. The Chinese, Indians and Nigerians will undoubtedly play leading global roles within the next 5-20-50 years. That’s a fact that we’re going to have to get used to and recognize. It has been obvious that these are very diligent people, unapologetic in their pursuits and are wasting no time in fulfilling their plans. I’ve learned a helluva lot from reading and observing them over the years. I strongly feel that their approach toward leadership will be the complete antithesis of the present. Not many people will agree with me, but I see more opportunities to come with this leadership, as many social and economic development projects are under way in various points around the world. Is this a perfect world? No. But the alternatives we can look forward to are far much better that what exists for our people. It is our sincerity for self-reliance that can become an true asset for creating positive outcomes…”i-f” we choose to do so. That choice can only be made by the individual. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results. We’ve seen what doesn’t work, so we’ve got to come up with something more constructive.

    The point I’m trying to make is this: the time we spend on pettiness among ourselves and other POC/non-whites is truly insignificant and counter-productive, whereas more time should be used toward planning, refining and executing established goals (with contingency plans) to contend with many of the projections mentioned here. The only way to make a realization of all of this is to remain focused while sieving the bullsh*t from what’s truly necessary and complementary to our goals. We’ve got to be about the business.

  52. That’s great you breastfeed.I was breastfed as a baby but my two brothers weren’t.I will breastfeed my kids when i have them.To me it makes more sense and is cheaper.Plust when you look on the formula its made in china,they have recalls all the time for formula.Ain’t no telling what they add to that formula.Breastfeeding has more benefits,your child is smarter,you lose weight faster,their immune system is stronger,and it reduces the risk of them having ADHD and asthma.
    We all know how they are always saying black kids have adhd to put them on meds.Its imo the best option.

  53. @ Truth and Umoja
    “Jews in Brooklyn never speak to anyone about their business, their child’s education, their job, their whereabouts, their food, their lives nor do they feel the need to. ”

    “We tell our business too much…easy access to our oppressors; which allows them to use our information by implementing plans devised against us. ”

    This is something that I’m living right now. I’m almost considering withdrawing from my classes (which I have near perfect scores in) at the last minute as it seems that everything Marimba Ani, Amos Wilson and Dr. Afrika said re: this is 100% true.

    Whenever you go into -any- institution of theirs you end up becoming their lab rat as “figuring out” melanin people and their essence is the end goal of every company, every school, every research foundation.

    I have three classes, two that are mostly black and one where we’re about 10% of the class. The professors for the first two classes cannot seem to actually do any training at all, they pose endless questions to us about what our viewpoint is, with specific examples from our lives – constantly. No real analysis, no head-scratchers, nearly all of the questions focus on “how do you see this as relating to your personal, professional, or academic life”, “using real life examples explain”, “over the weekend go home and observe”.

    The class that’s mostly white? “Looking at figure 2a on page. 264, explain how x factor correlates with the data in table 2b”.

    Monolithic power machine…..

  54. Bry

    I know how you feel. I’ve spent thousands on my “education” only to have it lead me more dependent on them. I would never tell a black person to drop out of school. Perhaps you can use their “education” in the future to help our family.

    You never know where the future may lead you. And you did mention you wanted to start your own business one day…can you use them to benefit us? I’m using my medical training to educate us on herbs and how food correlates to disease.

    It’s up to you but what ever you decide, we’re here to support you.

    As for the professors, he himself has no idea. That’s why he’s asking you. ALL institutions under the system of white racism benefits white people. Their job is to study us, pick our brains, quiz us on “what we know” to use it to further their agenda.

    Refrain from giving too much info. And never reveal personal information about yourself, likes, dislikes or family.

  55. Birth certificates are a no-no…and having your babies/children ‘immunized’.

  56. Tyrone on said:


    What is your opinion of the BWE Movement? It started out as pro blackwoman, but, has become more about hating blackmen. I support sistas having the best in life, but, some of the blogs i”ve visited are troublesome to say the least. Then again, why am i surprised? Whitemen and Asian men pushing black females to turn on blackmen is predictable. A lot of sistas think that jumping into bed with “other” men is good for blackwomen. I”d like to know the thoughts of sist
    as who see thru the bs? Stupidity in blackwomen is just as bad, blackmen have no allies among men. Some sistas have yet to understand this ugly truth.


  57. You did what was right for you, and ended up way ahead of the herd. No need to justify yourself to those who cannot understand. I applaud you on your thrift shop bravery. I know they have good stuff, because when I was done with my material hoarding, I dumped a lot of good stuff there. Next thing to dump there is my microwave. I have had no use for it in a long time…

  58. Excellent suggestion!!

  59. Tyrone

    I do not agree with any movement that separates us.

  60. Number one and seven Darq.

  61. watch this video about the chip in ppl skin

  62. kowaba on said:

    28. Homeschool your own children.

    I found some videos here of the Glen Beck Program where they discuss the education trends in America. The first video discusses CSCOPE which is being implemented in 75% of Texas’ schools. The other two videos talk about Common Core and how it is indoctrinating our youth. I’ve only watch part of the second video ( I didn’t know about the other videos until later). It’s also really interesting how words are used during the discussion in the second video.

  63. kowaba

    Thanks for the videos. I’ll watch later and get back to you. Whites have taken their kids out of schools whenever the darker-skinned populous gets to be too much.

    I say, homeschool your black children to keep them safe and away from elements that will interfere with their learning.

  64. Samadhi on said:

    A variation on ¤30, debt is slavery. Get educated but be aware about the student loans system, and how badly affected minority students are.

    Also avoid for profit colleges, they’re bogus.

  65. kowaba on said:

    You’re welcome, DOAN.

    Unfortunately, the Common Core will most likely affect homeschooled children. Already some states require parents to adhere to state standards or a state approved homeschool curricula. This may shift to a Common Core aligned homeschool curricula . I tried to search real quick to see if it is required, but I couldn’t find anything. I do know that the ACT and SAT are aligned to Common Core now.

    “The SAT is aligned as well or better to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) than any assessment that has been developed for college admission and/or placement. The College Board will continue to invest — and is committed to building deeper alignment — to ensure the SAT reflects the key components of the CCSS.”
    excerpt: http://press.collegeboard.org/sat/sat-and-common-core-state-standards

    I believe that to a certain extent public schooling serves as a way to socialize children into a particular socioeconomic status. In addition, it also conditions the black students to seek approval from WP i.e. their teachers and reinforces the myth of black inferiority (by falsely placing and classifying black students as special needs and tracking them into the lower tier academic programs) This fact alone should be enough for parents to pull their children out of public schools, but many times black people believe that their children are getting a good education in predominately white schools (my father feels that way).

    Today’s methods of instruction are mediocre compared to traditional methods. Here are some examples:

    -inventive spelling (just guessing how to spell the word) vs. orthography (spelling rules showing the relationship between speech sound and the written word)

    -whole language (a lot of sight words and high frequency words) vs. synthetic or explicit phonics (taught rules and exceptions of words as well as single sounds and blends).

    Schools also have no instruction in grammar really. Parsing and diagramming have gone to the wayside.

    As for white people fleeing school districts when there is an influx of black people, I agree this has been quite common. Black people are the scapegoat. I believe because white people feel that they are superior to black people they may feel threatened in the classroom (a space where intellects compete). Also the property taxes directly affect the funding for local school districts. In reality, the realtors are to blame and overall RWS.

    I, myself, unfortunately have been put through the public school system K-12 and am in the process of relearning or learning for the first time things I would have learned if I were homeschooled. Learning the wrong material or the right material incorrectly not only is an inefficient use of time, but it has also hindered my ability to argue and think critically. I really hope that more black parents take their children out of public schools and decide to homeschool so as to avoid a similar fate for their own children.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the videos.

  66. We also should stop addressing one another by the N word. We should start teaching our children that they are not n***ers. Tell your children that they are beautiful human beings

  67. @kowoba:
    Agree with several of your statements here about today’s methods of instruction. It’s not just the children, too.

    You all hit on a very sensitive subject (education) and I agree wholeheartedly that home schooling should be the first step in rendering a renewed and well-educated generation. This is a powerful move and should not be underestimated, for if a child is cheated out of a rock-solid, fundamental education, they’re literally screwed for life. Hate to use such words in connotation with the subject at hand but this is how vital our children’s future are dependent upon such matters, including contributive health and environmental factors that nurtures success.

    The best examples we can use as guidelines and counter-actions for preventing intentional and systematic failures is our personal experiences and failures, as we were the ones who’ve gone through the system(s) and are now cognizant of how planned educational failures for Blacks are really engineered. I lost count the number of the times when I’ve read about how young Black children (historically) were rebuffed by white teachers after foolishly expressing their aspirations to white teachers. But now that we know these are the types of things that black children are more than likely to encounter, we must ensure that they are shielded from such attacks upon their vulnerability. When I went to public school, it was 99% Black, full of gifted writers, musicians, visual artists, craftsman, you name it. But since we lived in what was called a ghetto, we were destined to encounter tremendous obstacles to overcome to get the same recognition and respect for our talents and potential, “working twice as hard to get half the credit” and all of that other bullsh*t. The system was rigged against us from the start, yet the deception was to tell us that we weren’t trying hard enough. Mental confusion + anger = people just giving up on hope. I often wonder what happened to my fellow classmates and if they learned those things that I’ve acquired.

    I think that the fact that you have so many young people who have been churned through college with papered “degrees” and no opportunities due to the current economic climate is pretty indicative of where the world is headed. I can’t speak for the rest of the world but from what is observed in the u.s., the future is not looking too bright. Greed, arrogance, racism and narcissism are the ingredients for the perfect downfall. Education should be viewed as social (1st) and economic (2nd) investments for the future prosperity of any society. When I was naive and wet-behind-the-ears, I truly believed that this concept was the key to solving nearly all of a given society’s social and economic ills. That is, until I began to comprehend the deeper implications involving the SOR (mistreatment) in the second area of people activity, and its exclusive agenda to challenge every scholastic step by Black people on all income and social levels. Integration, as we now see it for what it truly is, undoubtedly played a key role in regressing educational advancements made in the past. If only we could have ensured that this specific facet of the “integrated” social contract were left completely alone, we would have less than half of the troubles that challenge us today. Well, write that one off, because you know what they say about 20/20 hindsight…(smh)…

    Still, education can be obtained in numerous ways, if we are smart enough to recognize its offerings. It’s not that fact that we’re educated that makes the difference; it’s what we do with that education to help ourselves that makes all the difference. From the Internet to private schools to old/used/vintage bookstores, and even customized home-school curricula that can be designed by serious parents/groups, there are incalculable ways to enhance our children’s learning environments to produce active, healthy and constructive engagements to shape their minds.

    We have to also remember that education is another important tool that is used to create wealth, where one generation’s acquired wealth is passed on and multiplied to the next through continued education and private ownership. This is why, when it comes to “us”, education is purposely, politically, scholastically and socially engineered and “structured” for failure within and throughout Black student populaces. That’s is why they start the “defelction” process as early as the 3rd and 4th grade. The resulting intent is to keep you economically vulnerable and susceptible…”Dependent Mode”…And the only way to break this cycle is to start off with a new generation of educated people who are educated to benefit their people and not become usurped, exploited and used to the benefit of others.

  68. Parent(s) should organize and keep their family close by holding weekly family meeting(s)/discussion(s). You can use this time to talk about problems, discuss solutions, give ideas, organize chores, etc. This is a wonderful way for families to bond, and the more time you spend as a positive cohesive group, the less you will probably spend getting influence by this oppressive society.

  69. Exactly! we need to remember that our negative actions and those derogatory words can have a negative impact on our children’s psychological/moral development, and if we are not thoughtful enough on how we handle these matters, our children will grow up repeating the things we say and do, which can cause a conflict with others.

  70. I have some good news lol.I told my mom today that i want to go natural,and she said she will probably go natural with me,she has a jheri curl[i know wtf lol].The only person i think is not going to like it is my dad.I’m to a point where i don’t care what he or anybody says when it comes to my body.It’s a shame that some black men are hooked on the long straight hair thing ,yet say they don’t like women with fake hair.Anyway i can’t wait to go on this journey,i know its mental and physical i think i’m ready.Thanks sistahs for the support.

  71. It has been a hard day for me and our news mstoogood4yall has been a bright stop today. Please let us know the big day. Perhaps an on lie celebration will be in order. You are about to recieve your royal crown of glory. A corrination is in order as a Queen is about to arrive. I salute you and the majesty you will soo be reclaiming.

  72. mstoogood

    I’m thrilled!!!!

    Once you go back to your natural state, you’ll never want to go back to chemicals or fake hair! Congrats and welcome to the Natural Club.

  73. anonymous on said:


    Just added this for individuals who were discussing learning and education. Hopefully, someone will find it useful. Negress I have been re-reading this post. Thanks for posting this.

  74. kowaba on said:

    Emile said, “The best examples we can use as guidelines and counter-actions for preventing intentional and systematic failures is our personal experiences and failures, as we were the ones who’ve gone through the system(s) and are now cognizant of how planned educational failures for Blacks are really engineered.”

    I’m actually planning on giving one of my students a copy of Trojan Horse Death of a Dark Nation so she is exposed to how WSR affects her life. These children need to know this at an early age so they can plan accordingly, mentally and emotionally.

    “The system was rigged against us from the start, yet the deception was to tell us that we weren’t trying hard enough. Mental confusion + anger = people just giving up on hope.”

    This is probably why WP don’t want us to know the whole history of this country. It leads to connecting the dots which leads to waking a sleeping giant and then revolution. Is it coincidental that the education system was becoming more and more dumbed down after the 1960s? I think not. I find it interesting that when I go to lectures regarding black history in my town there are an overwhelming majority of white people, but 1 or 2 black people present. The other day I attended a public lecture on the mass incarceration of women who are put in jail for having abortions or still births. The overwhelming numbers of these arrests are black females. I was the only black person in that room. Perhaps part of it has to do with advertising the event, time, and location though. But I find whenever information is useful for us all of these intentional roadblocks are put up.

    “Education should be viewed as social (1st) and economic (2nd) investments for the future prosperity of any society.”

    If I’m not mistaken, many European countries and the UK see education in this way as a societal investment. When I was in France, a master’s degree tuition was somewhere around 200- 400 Euros per year!!! In Finland they established a common core curriculum which I believe the US is trying to model, but the key issue here is that Finland believes in an equitable education across socioeconomic levels. I believe America’s cultural beliefs and ideologies (rugged individualism, white supremacy, capitalism, meritocracy etc.) would not allow for an effective implementation of the common core standards.
    Here’s a summary of Finland’s common core standards.

    Click to access CommonCore-WWB-Finland.pdf

    Interview with Documentary Filmaker

    and the documentary which discusses Finland’s Education System

    “But now that we know these are the types of things that black children are more than likely to encounter, we must ensure that they are shielded from such attacks upon their vulnerability.”
    Here is a journal article entitled, “African American Schooling as Racial Protectionism”

    Click to access african-american-homeschooling-as-racial-protectionism.pdf

    There is also another journal article discussing homeschooling called “Homeschooling and Racism” which can be found in the same article. Here’s the website: http://jbs.sagepub.com/content/39/6/905

    “The resulting intent is to keep you economically vulnerable and susceptible…”Dependent Mode”…
    One of racism side effects is learned helplessness. P-20, the education agenda to track students from pre-school until 20 in students’ academic and career paths, will further reinforce this dependent mode and integration on top of that!

    “We have to also remember that education is another important tool that is used to create wealth, where one generation’s acquired wealth is passed on and multiplied to the next through continued education and private ownership”
    “Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.” In order for the black community to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, we need to take a different approach to education. Perhaps there could be educational programs in churches that teach (personal finance, economics, political systems, racism/white supremacy, law, and black history)

    Finally some interesting articles on why black people should homeschool their children.



  75. kowaba on said:

    Thank you for the link!

  76. honeytreebee on said:

    Try taking as much as you can at a JC. Then if, you need it an affordiable State college. Save the loans and $$$ for the grad school. Yes it may take longer, but you won’t end up oweing like the clip above. After I finish what I need for my program I plan on working maybe two jobs to ave up as much as possible to off set this. It also paysto spend time at the school finding everything and applying for everything you can to help cover the cost. Then and only then do you take out a loan hopefully a small one and pay it back with a quickness.

  77. emile on said:

    ????!!!!….Simply stunned at the information and integrity of your response, which is all good! Thanks for the links, as I will thoroughly check/read/study/analyze their content. Not trying to be facetious either. I’ve found that a lot of these sites have to be sieved for practical content that is constructive and beneficial.

    Also, you are absolutely right about European educational systems. The Finland educational model will never work in the u.s. simply as you’ve stated. In addition, the financial motives behind education here would have to be legally and fundamentally restructured to place sole priorities upon the student’s overall development from pre-school through university/technical school/vocational training level, which they can’t fathom as realistically feasible because the system per se is inherently corrupt, top to bottom, across the board, including government, unions, LSCs, et al. You’re also right in that the system has been in dumb-down mode since the sixties, primarily as a side effect of the Brown-vs-BOE ruling, where the full intent was to exclusively single out and prevent giving Black and non-white populated public schools the necessary resources as much as legally possible. I lived it and went to those types of schools. I also learned about the German school system years ago through a then-German associate and was enlightened to the blatant disparities that existed within the u.s. I got a heads-up as an apprentice in h.s., where the teacher broke down the racial contrasts he experienced while working at my school (in the so-called “ghetto”) and his other job in the white-populated school in the white-populated suburbs at that time. He pointed out that, although we were essentially learning the same trade, the white students were endowed with state-of-the-art equipment, while we were given second-handed/used/donated equipment. The teacher often stated that it wasn’t the fact that the used equipment mattered but the acquired advanced and technical skills that would last longer. Never forgot those words from his mouth!

    Intergenerational wealth is the antithesis of intergenerational poverty. The only way to turn this ship around is by following through with the aforementioned methods. ‘Nuff said; it’s time for something new.

  78. Thanks for the link! Great information, very useful and well appreciated. Already found two courses I’m starting next week!

  79. kowaba on said:

    “????!!!!….Simply stunned at the information and integrity of your response, which is all good!”

    Thank you, emile!

    ” I’ve found that a lot of these sites have to be sieved for practical content that is constructive and beneficial”

    I agree. Mainstream media i.e. any media with somewhat constructive information is geared towards and for the utmost benefit of white supremacy. I suppose because it is within that Eurocentric Framework, we as black people, would have to apply a different schema (Afrocentric and/or Counter-Racist) while taking in this information. This blog and racismws blog have been instrumental in helping me to realize this. I found the Glenn Beck videos to be heavy with a Christian Conservative bias, but I still find the information to be useful and constructive.

    Anyway, it has been a pleasure reading your views (your previous comments pushed me to look at things in a different context and seek out new information) on these issues. 🙂

  80. Levon on said:

    Thanks for the tip about sugar not reacting with melanin. I knew it was a connection. very useful info.

  81. How does Rihanna degrade BP, I understand Beyonce…but RIRI? ❤
    Is it because she's over sexual and lacks class…?

  82. Wow, before reading this post I had already started doing quite a bit of these things.Some I’m working on like losing weight,I’m already natural and using only water to spread the sebum down the hair shaft.It’s amazing how God already equipped us with all we need.So no hair products from the Asian stores.We should work on putting them out of business.I know I am.Please research the water only method on YouTube.
    It starts out a little rough but after some weeks you’ll never need another hair product or minimal manipulation.We don’t need any of these cancerous chemicals just H2O.Your hair feels so soft and silky,preferably use a water softener or filter system.Using only water to wash your face.I always asked my cousins’ girlfriend who had gorgeous skin what she used to wash her face and she told me water.I thought she was joking until I tried it now like the hair this is a continuous process because we’ve been stripping our skin with these soaps and chemicals it takes a little time.But washing with preferably filtered water or a water softener.And use the water as you would a soap massage it in circular motions.And your skin will glow and become smoother.The foods we eat play a big role also but it worked.
    After reading your post I’m loving my melanin skin and appreciating the sun even more.

    I’m trying to break into eating meat only once a week and more fruits and veggies.Our bodies don’t have to have meat everyday I love peppermint tea or ginger and lemon tea.Lemon and water to detox every morning. Coconut oil to oil pull helps with oral health.And baking soda and peroxide to brush my teeth.I cut off the cable and no more ratchet TV.
    I’m an empath and have issues with second hand things but before I was a thrift store junky.Now I’m just into minimalism.Less is better.I go to the islands and get rejuvenation they have no man made beaches.And the sand and earth under your feet have amazing healing properties especially in the Caribbean.After all we are from the earth so when stressed walk outside let your feet feel the earth.Ground yourself.And Coconut water….hmmm so good for the skin and body.Also, we need to develop more skills ..yes…but also know ourselves but also know our enemy.The pale skin studies everything to try to get ahead.They always want to one up,in their game of supremacy.All their technology to “improve” life is really just a high tech way to keep us enslaved to the system.
    Life isn’t suppose to be this big complex mess of Yurugas trying to equal themselves to God with their technology.Simplicity is key enjoy nature and slow down and smell the seaweed and connect to God.

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