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The Awakening of White AmeriKlan

Yesterday as I got finished wrapping up my newest post, I clicked on Yahoo News and saw this:

Bostonian’s in fear

As runners crossed the finish line, not one, but 2 bombs exploded injuring roughly 144 people and killing 3. Last year, as Hurricane Sandy plunged us into darkness for 6 entire days and nights, we had to make do with:

No heat in the freezing cold

No running water

No electricity

Trees that blocked roadways and highways

An overflowing river

And no escape route as we were “closed off” from all highways

It was a time of relying on your wits, your connection with The Great Spirit and going back to “living off the land” if only for a week.

The disconnect from the pleasures we take for granted gave me time to think, to realize what truly matters in life and why certain things are happening in the sequence that they are constantly occurring. Yesterday, as I watched the bomb detonate and saw runners fall to the ground, I did what I usually do in a time of crisis: I allow Jah to tell me what is happening. In my opinion, and only my opinion, this newest “terrorist attack” on white-bread Boston, U.S.A. is nothing but a false flag to usher in the New World Order. This false flag on white-bread AmeriKlan will be the beginning of the end for a country that takes pride on the suffering of others. This false flag on the consciousness of white AmeriKlans will be their one way ticket into a dark, fearful, unsettling, anxiety-stricken place that black people all over the world know all too well.

Because tel-lie-vision and I have all but parted ways, I rely on my blogger buddies to send me info and clips to keep me up to speed. This morning, X, gave me this:

Of course, this will be taken down, justified as a conspiracy theory and the gentleman who “saw too much and spoke too soon” will disappear without a trace, found dead via “suicide” or given hush money to change his story. Ameriklan is a stolen country founded in blood, made rich in blood and will be destroyed in blood. My only fear is this:

Who will be the patsy in this newest charade?



A random Asian person?

A white, gun-loving, 2nd Amendment-preaching, conservative doomsday prepper?

A college student on Zoloft?

The list is endless!

But of course, there is another side to this Evil game of chess. Adolf Hitler’s best line of dialogue with his right hand man summed up the mind of many diabolical men:

Lucky for us the masses do not think.

Since O-bomb-a’s Zionist’s masters have given him strict orders to invade Iran leading us into the final chapter of our destruction, perhaps this false flag is one of the many distractions to keep us glued to the tel-lie-vision while they plan their invasion strategy. Since we know that eugenics is always at the top of their Master Plan, what’s next? When will it come? And what can we do to prepare ourselves?

Black Family, you and I have been through hell at the hands of white supremacy. Therefore, I say in all truthfulness that I am NOT worried about us. We are the most resilient people on earth! Forever adapting to our changing environment no matter how detrimental and dire. You and I shall persevere no matter what Evil throws our way. My only concern, so far, is this one thought:

As whites realize that the country they love so passionately despises them and wish them erased off the planet in the same fashion that we are despised and hunted, what will they do when that revelation sinks in?

I leave you with a biblical quote that best describes the up and coming situation:

13:9 If any man has an ear, let him hear.

13:10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.  —- Revelations

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129 thoughts on “The Awakening of White AmeriKlan

  1. They will continue to endorse politics that rob them of their money, liberties and lives so they can say well at least we are not blacks. And they will fall for the old excuse your lives are in danger and minorities who have hijacked their country are to blame. A biracial president, mighty whitey savior movies , and staged terrorist strikes. All of this is connected and to shape a dumb group think mentality for more of the same evil wearing a new disguise. Whatever they promote whatever they want you to know is a distraction.

  2. Mickey on said:

    Have you heard that they suspect a “darker-skinned or Black man” as being the culprit and this supposed boogey man has “a foreign accent”? They said that there was a man of such appearance that tried to get into an off-limits area 5 minutes before the bombs went off. I thought Blacks were too dumb to pull off these types of stunts? *sarcasm*

  3. Cant log on to stormfront

  4. Mickey on said:

    LOL Actually it was CNN that said that, but what’s the difference?

  5. Mickey

    Already a “darkey” is suspect?! Wow…they don’t waste any time, do they?

  6. This is not cnn

  7. Even though the entire thing is probably just one big ‘act’ like Sandy Hook, I can’t help but hope that if anyone did actually die or lose limbs, it was all, or mostly white people. Preferably white college aged teenagers, and if not them, then white children.

    ::sips coffee::

  8. Mickey on said:


    I think you misunderstood me. I am a woman of color who posts onto this webpage constantly. I am not some racist White man or woman bashing Blacks. Sista Truth, can yo uback me up, please?

  9. Mickey,

    I think everyone got their wires crossed up there for a second. I think Kal is just saying that Stormfront was down momentarily.

  10. My apologizes I love confrontations with those you describe

  11. Nah I was picking a fight

  12. Mickey on said:


    No problem. I know how you feel. You know they are the first ones to try to pin something like this on one of us, no matter how much violence they perform on others, even each other. It is amazing what they will tolerate amonst themselves and will not tolerate from POC. Hence my sarcastic comment – they think we are too stupid to pull off something like this, yet they want to put it on a Black man or other man of color. SMH

  13. You are correct and again im sorry I tend to get over protective especially over black women and children.

  14. Mickey is indeed one of us.

  15. Bry

    My friend uttered the *exact* same thing.

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  17. honeytreebee on said:

    Thanks for the up date as i have no t.v. and try to stay away from their news as it is always filled with lies either out right or in some twisted way. It is like they wanted these people hurt, why not cancel the event and error on the side of caution. Just goes to show if, they care this much about them how much do they care for us. This should be everyone’s wake up call.

    Have a preparedness plan and for every situation. Start traveling so if, and when you need to bounce you can. As we have been through enough and don’t need no more BS in this life or the next. As for expecting a darker skinned person well it is rare and few between that do it. They always suspect A POC and when it is one of them their always surprised.

    Whenever you see them out on roof tops in gear saying its a practice you know that shit ain’t real and to get the flip up out of there. Another reason to stop being any where near them. Shit started exploding around them. I’m waiting for them to start putting their kids in our schools to keep them safe and use us as shields.

  18. Tyrone on said:


    None of us should be shocked by what’s taking place. America has enemies internally and externally as well. A lot of wickedness has taken place in this country. Karma is real, it’s not a fantasy in a book or movie. White people in the US have been forewarned for many years…get right with the universe, or else. America has treated black women and men with disrespect, the offspring of former slaves that made the country what it is. As we all know, actions have consequences…good or bad. As black people, we should not be celebrating violence of any kind. Black folk live in Boston as well, when America bleeds, we bleed just the same. White Supremacists, Arab Terrorists, Angry Blackman…Doesn’t Matter! If folk don’t stop the bulls**t, this insanity will continue.


  19. Mickey on said:

    There is a movie called “Wag the Dog” that is about a politician involved in a sex scandal hires a Hollywood producer to create a war. One of the tactics used is they have a woman running in front of a blue screen holding her belongings. The producers then superimpose a war-torn area behind her, which is supposed to be Albania. He uses fake footage for this.

    The truth is stranger than fiction.

  20. That is crazy.If i saw the police out there like that I would’ve left.They always go where there is a threat and tell people not to worry its only a drill.They just tell that lie so people won’t panick and will stay where they are.I bet they knew about this and thought oh its probably just a fake threat,but we’ll go and check it out and say don’t worry be happy.Or they planned this ish,but if it was planned why send the police out there?Unless they were making sure the bomb was where it was supposed to be.

  21. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Deuteronomy 30:3 then the Lord your God will restore your fortunes[a] and have compassion on you and gather you again from all the nations where he scattered you. 4 Even if you have been banished to the most distant land under the heavens, from there the Lord your God will gather you and bring you back. 5 He will bring you to the land that belonged to your ancestors, and you will take possession of it. He will make you more prosperous and numerous than your ancestors. 6 The Lord your God will circumcise your hearts and the hearts of your descendants, so that you may love him with all your heart and with all your soul, and live. 7 The Lord your God will put all these curses on your enemies who hate and persecute you.

    Basically malcolm said it best the chickens coming home to roost.

  22. Bry

    Download it before they take it down. We are truly living in The Matrix. This is why black folks can’t wake up. We’re plugged in 24/7.

  23. Ty

    I’m not celebrating white death. I’m just indifferent to it now. I didn’t bat an eyelash.

  24. What if they make this about iran, israel wants them wiped out. And obama and his handlers like sister truth has stated this is their agenda. I find the bible quotes appropriate. Cuz we going get biblical over this. I believe they will be undone by their own evil agenda. They cant handle this level of awareness, this new age gathering spiritual awakening amongst us will expose their truly devlish designs. What is hell for them aint hell for us. They are going by their terrorist playbook and this time is going to bite them in the behind for all to see. I believe they going to take themselves out.

  25. White on white violence hollywood style

  26. Kal

    I just had this conversation moments ago! We are truly in sync. Because whites lack understanding of Ma’at, they will indeed destroy this earth and everything on it simply because they can. I’ve always said, half-jokingly, if they were to kill us off then they would also need to dig 2 graves for themselves as well.

  27. This war has nothing to do with us. And I sincerely believe we who dont love them want them need them will not die with them. Cuz the meek going to inherit what. And these cats have lost it and really decided to show they asses. The end of their reality tv. Who wants popcorn.

  28. All we need do is step away. Stay away from them and don’t participate in their stuff. Make our own thing happen. They want to live apart let them it is best for us. Once this happens they are left with themselves and their history says what they are like left on their own. This is why they don’t go back to Europe and repopulate there. They can’t lve too close to eachother. We are being used as their buffer so they don’t destroy themselves right away. The more we are not avalible fr their terror the more they will have to deal with themselves. I just move away from them and all of this madness. They get nervous when there are three or more of us around I say we should be the same with them. Don’t stay in places with large groups of WP are. Keep moving cause if, it breaks wide guess who’s going down first. This is why when i see the police like that I don’t care what i was planning on it is time to go. WP and drinks time to go. Crowds of WP time to go.

  29. Ms. J on said:

    Meanwhile, people are mad over Jamie Foxx paying homage to Trayvon Martin at the MTV Awards.


    WHEN will this thing end??!!

  30. verbs2012 on said:

    This is Edom’s time of recompense. As he made the original inhabitants of America to suffer, so he is now suffering in like manner. The problem with white people on the whole is that they have very short memories, very few of them will link these attacks that are taking place and their standard of living being diminished rapidly to their bloody past.

    Whites are the only nationality on the planet who travel around pillaging, robbing, murdering and raping and then expect the plundered and desecrated victims to adjust to a ravaged environment and poor living conditions without complaining. The Most High said it before and I have also said it, Edom WILL drink down his recompense completely at full strength and undiluted. His mastery at dodging accountability will not help him evade the wrath that is coming down the pike in his direction.

  31. Its like survivor but with bullets real ones

  32. verbs2012 on said:

    The so called white man believes that he has he upper hand with his weaponry but that advantage will be very short lived. His arrogance and pride has deceived him.

  33. Umoja on said:

    I thought they where much more skillful planners than this! They’ve become too confident. Their staged atrocities always have holes in them now. It’s either that or they think the public are just to ignorant and dumb to notice their flaws, by loosely orchestrating their “atrocities”. We’re all being “punk’d” into fear, ect. They’ve made the world their stage….yeah, anybody up for popcorn!?

  34. Everyone

    In my heart I feel that this is linked to 3 things:

    Martial law
    2nd Amendment rights disappearing

    Once O-bomb-a invades Iran per his masters instructions we’ll have ww3 at our doorsteps.

  35. honeytreebee on said:

    What about North Korea?

  36. Yes you are right sister truth. And they can wrap that sht up. Cuz this wont touch us. They can kill each other my fear is gone. I think this is the moment we have been waiting for. So wrap that sht up b. In front of the whole world we going to be able to see our enemies fall under a mountain of sin. And us not a scratch

  37. Mickey on said:

    Didn’t those fools realize that the white children who died at Sandy Hook were also on the T-shirt? I bet if he wore a shirt featuring only the Sandy Hook victims they would not have been tripping.

  38. Mickey on said:

    How about “Battle Royale” or “The Hunger Games”?

  39. Tyrone on said:


    You”re good Negress, i was speaking in general terms. I don”t lose sleep either,but, we get caught up in the madness by addition. That’s the point i was trying to get across. We may not be the targets of the enraged party,but, bullets and bombs can”t see. Stay aware black people!!!


  40. Relax darling have some popcorn cuz they going to show you how it ends. For them.

  41. kowaba on said:

    When I heard about the Boston Marathon bombing, I figured it was another staged attack to get the public to become fearful and DEMAND for more security. Everything appeals to emotions these days. It’s rarely based on logic and if it is I find that those arguments are quickly dismissed.

  42. Umoja on said:

    I’m starting to believe that whites don’t value, “white power”, but just power alone…they use each other to obtain such power; yet will kill each other for the sake of power. They have no value for their lives; besides, in order to keep their feet on our necks, they can’t move either.
    I was troubled with fear and succumbed to all the hype and fear for our people; but I’m no longer fearful. I believe “they” are feeding all this fear and people are waiting for the inevitable…..it’s what they want us to do. They know whatever we focus on, it will become reality. It is as though we are creating THEIR reality by default alone. Examine this; all the self-hate, division, destruction of Black families, hate, ect, ect….the result of succumbing to THEIR propaganda…THEIR THOUGHTS… which is now OUR reality. You don’t have to control, dominate or annihilate people through bloodshed.

    Steve Biko, “The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

    It is true what that mastermind evil-doer and murderer Adolf Hitler said,
    “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise”….and

    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

    New world order?…..I think not.

  43. I was wondering the same thing.Maybe they want to deal with Iran first then north korea.Or maybe north korea will attack when we are in a war with iran.At the moment north korea is busy oppressing south koreans and displaying their power. It is definitely the end times wars and many wars are coming i can feel it.THey just had an earthquake in Iran.

  44. If there were ever a time for you to make a post about how we can return to the mother continent, the coming weeks and months are definitely it.

  45. Bry

    A black reader asked me how do we “drop out” of their games? I’m working on something tangible for us.

    I had a 2 hour discussion today with my blogger buddy on this topic. What do we do now? That was the constant question.

    Want the painful truth? White people are everywhere. They rigged the system that way so they can keep an eye on us all over the world. Between them and the Chinese, who own A LOT of U.S. money, Africans are equally fucked.

    Dr. Afrika warned us on one of his videos that a Chinese man, along with whites and one Italian, I think, all have secret meetings throughout the years on Melanin and its powers.

    Right now, all I can think of is ALL of us collectively working together towards the same end goal putting race first. That sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

    It has to start with each black individual and grow from there.

  46. soforeal on said:

    I’ll be glad if the world ended tomorrow.
    i’m tired of this shit!

  47. blackmystory on said:

    Do people here realize that their is a coup attempt going on right now in Venezuela? The Amerikkkan economy is dying, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and orther countries are opting out of the European Union….then there is this…

  48. Umoja on said:


    “Dr. Afrika warned us on one of his videos that a Chinese man, along with whites and one Italian, I think, all have secret meetings throughout the years on MELANIN AND IT’S POWERS.”

    Why aren’t we tapping into this?? We say our hair is the antennas to God, spirit, and we our the chosen.
    Is it that others KNOW THIS yet we do not?
    Is it that they KNOW our powers and we do not?
    Is it that we say this yet do not KNOW this??Is it that we are only giving this statement lip service??
    ….and if many are, let’s face it, are terrifically armored with are melanin and it’s powers….and will do ANYTHING to thwart ALL our progress ( our powers of melanin )…..why aren’t we tapping into and using our powers melanin??? Our powers of melanin and our antennas??
    Are we consumed with the INTENTIONAL distractions that they’ve orchestrated for us….worry, fear, self-hate, rejection, destruction of our families, relationships, disunity, struggle, death with impunity, ect….because maybe we don’t realize that it is our power WITHIN OUR MELANIN that is so great and awesome that it can create and change things like the wind as we deem fit?? That maybe, just maybe it was necessary for them to create these things as those distractions needed so we DO NOT tap or FOCUS into our given powers….and that we FORGET that we have such powers.
    Is this what they KNOW and we do not?? I think so…
    They’re not having continuous meetings for centuries for nothing….and why do they keep this a secret?
    What good is our antennas to god and our melanin and it’s powers if they lay doormat? Are we squandering this great and awesome power?
    I’m off to uncover the powers of our antennas and melanin…..

  49. darqbeauty on said:

    Mr. Icke thinks he has all this man’s secrets. He doesn’t. Neither do they all the info that the still surviving Mayans have. People have become hip to their devilish ways and recognize giving them TRUE knowledge is folly.

  50. blackmystory on said:

    sister…I care not what lizard man claims to be. It is divine process that the brother’s knowledge was made available to those that are not shaman or healers. I find the elders plea a chilling one and believe at the end of the day this is greater than any Boston bombing or other “crisis” or “Red Flags” the doers of Isfet are conducting.

  51. Umoja

    I firmly believe that whites have a metaphysical hold over us. No one really knows what took place on the slave ships, on those plantations and in those secret meeting that still happen.

    Our powers have been studied for centuries and ultimately have been turned against us. That’s why Yurugu is in Haiti and Congo and Mali…trying to uncover “secrets” that were not meant for man.

    Why do we know this about ourselves?
    500 years worth of self-hatred, poison food, fluoride in the water, manganese in the malt liquor, cigarette smoking, crack, promiscuity, etc, etc….

    But we’re slowing waking up to all of this. Yurugu is destined to fall. His weapons will be no match for us when the time comes. Keep meditating and focusing on healing and gaining strength from The Spirit.

  52. Blackmystory

    That was so sad and chilling. Whoever controls Africa rules the entire world. They cannot destroy us without destroying themselves. They know this all too well. That’s why they are injecting our melted melanin into themselves.

    I pray and meditate in the sun for a Shaman to rise up like our Haitian siblings and wipe them off the face of the earth.

  53. blackmystory on said:

    I know truth…till this day Haiti has been the best example of what a sustained and unified revolution can achieve. unfortunately this Island is also an example of what happens when we extend civility and support to a beast that knows not or care for those things. This morning I heard the dark Nazi, in a news conference, laying the ground work for not only invading some “terrorist” country, but enacting measures to make “Amerikkkan citizens safe” from further mayhem. WWise minds know what that means.

  54. Yup.

    I’ve been waiting for his announcement that he’s invading Iran…

  55. blackmystory on said:

    You know that’s right!

  56. blackmystory on said:
  57. This how I see this. The powers that be realize that though they have saturated the media with this fake bomb sht ppl aint buying it. But the rothchilds really want irans banks so they going to up the ante with this anthrax resin bs. Those that get paid by these cats goin to push this hard and when enuff whites buy it bombs away. Again the revolution wont be televised but these cats arrogance will broadcast their corrupt agenda. That coupled with the spiritual awakenings in all poc will galvanize the majority of the world against this tyranny. Maybe what I been waiting for all my life divine justice as the pale races kill each other while exposing their evil. Im getting my popcorn ready hoping this is it

  58. That is crazy.IF that gets passed you already know who’s going to be their targets.I thought stop and frisk was bad but this takes the cake.I was smh at the whole the military can stop and question anyone and arrest them,then i really was shocked at the assassinate citizens with impunity.

  59. They bout to drop the whole good cop the democrats and bad cop republicans charade and just focus on fear and the police state strategy. It is always darkest b4 the dawn. But their ghostspell is over. That will be there undoing. Still detroit is about to be like the robocop movies my home town. There will be violence but we have the numbers and the most high.

  60. Corn aint the only thing im willing to pop.

  61. Ms. J on said:

    The Purge.

  62. blackmystory on said:

    @mstoogood4yall….eventually the Amerikkkan empire will fall, but along the way, the architects will be in their death throes, kicking and lashing out at any one and anybody. They call it collateral damages.

  63. Crissjensen on said:

    you reap what you sow!!

  64. This is Edom’s time of recompense

    Thank you.

  65. Negress said: Iran
    Martial law
    2nd Amendment rights disappearing

    Once O-bomb-a invades Iran per his masters instructions we’ll have ww3 at our doorsteps.

    Criss: ding,ding,ding.

    you have been thinking the same as me and my brother.

    and that war with Iran is going to happend and when it dose that will be the end of America. watch and see!

    all power is going back to europe. IN ORDER FOR TO HAPPEN this slut america must go out in FLAMES!

  66. Great Video!!

  67. Sorry, but i was not sad, in any way.

  68. verbs2012 on said:

    This farse of a false flag is getting ripped apart like a pitball on a soft toy faster than Sandy Hook. These crooks in the shadows are getting so sloppy, they can’t run a bath, yet alone a false flag operation anymore.

  69. darqbeauty on said:

    “…they can’t run a bath, yet alone a false flag operation anymore.”

    LOL and that’s the TRUTH!

  70. Crissjensen on said:

    have you guys seen this

  71. Hi guys:

    I’ve spent the day quietly reflecting the past 2 days and its events. I’ve come to a conclusion as to why the White Powers that Be are getting sloppier and more decadent in their attempts at our destruction:

    1. They think we are brainless fools who will not question authority.
    2. Yurugu’s arrogance knows no bounds and will do as he pleases
    3. They are waiting for our reaction and response to their tactics so they can unleash the 2 BILLION hollow point bullets they have waiting for us.

    I could be incorrect but I feel as though they WANT us to fight back because they know that we are out-gunned and out-numbered. Like a bully in the school yard who actually wishes the weakling could try and hit him so he’ll have an excuse to finally unleash all of his strength.

    Whites are NOT dumb. No one who has done what they’ve done and continue to do is dumb. I think they want warfare. I believe they would happily scoop up our lifeless bodies and melt down our pineal glands just to drink our essence to gain more power. They done that in secrecy for centuries! The question is why now are they so blatant with it?

    Is it the comic alignment that they must uphold?
    Have they finally contacted the Nommos?
    Do they have word of a Melaninated “Saviour”?
    Can they feel our vibrations awakening?
    Time is speeding up for a reason! The question is why!!!!

    I’m trying to connect the dots here…The Spirit is giving me bits and pieces but it’s still unclear.

  72. everything must get done before Obama leaves the evil white house. so getready cause their going full swing now.

  73. verbs2012 on said:

    Exactly DB, Sloppy Joes Cafe would be so jealous of this complete and utter buffoonery. Turns out that picture they keep showing of that the guy in the wheelchair with what appears to be both of his legs missing, he is an army veteran who has already had both of his legs amputated. Very sloppy illuminati, very sloppy indeed.

  74. I would like to add because of fear. They know their rule is up. A greater consciousness is growing. They know if they dont act now they wont have the help of the blind who have yet awaken. Even the devil prays to the most high if for no reason but fear. They hope to kill a sleeping giant and in the end will confirm their guilt before the world. Even whites will accept the truth of why they have earned such scorn if for no other reason their complicity in this evil. Plus there will be blood on their hands. Thats why obama is half white this awakening what not allow a full black person to be lead to hell in this manner.

  75. There is no coincidence you named this post awakening they know better than we it has happened and spreading

  76. Their great fall then abrupt end of this decadent empire deserves an audience. Wrap that sht up b

  77. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Sister Truth said, “Whites are NOT dumb.”

    Damn, I was planning on giving you guys a break from my verbosity, I REALLY was, but I agree so strongly with this statement I feel compelled to throw in my 2(000) cents.

    The evil ones may be a lot of things but dumb is not one of them. So, so true.

    They know 9/11 was an inside job used as a pretext to invade, rape and loot the middle east. They just don’t care as long as they’ve got cheap gas and brown people are being killed at a ratio of about 100 to every one white person killed.

    They know all these domestic ‘terrorist’ attacks are false flags. Sandy Hook, Colorado, Fort Hood(wink), the Underwear Bomber (please), Oklahoma bombing. Again, they just don’t care as long as it’s not one of their own and the number of whites killed is hopefully less than 100 (unless they get to kill a lot of brown people in return).

    They know they are racist as hell. They just don’t care.

    They know institutional racism exists and is rampant. Not only do they not care, they fully support it.

    This is partly why I contend that these creatures are an evil, anti human species, why I never argue with them and also why I find it so hard to muster an ounce of sympathy for the adult caucanderthals maimed and killed in this false flag. Live by the sword, die by the sword. ‘Let the dead bury their dead.’

    How many of the dead and injured do you suppose opposed American drones in Pakistan that have killed thousands of innocent people, or CIA interventions all over the world and in the inner cities of America that’s resulted in millions of needless deaths? And I’m supposed to care about THEM? Cry me a river.

    Nope, these people are not dumb and they sure as hell aren’t innocent either.

  78. Eyeswideopen

    That’s why they are going to destroy each other. Their lack of huemanity will reveal itself within each other.

  79. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Yep. Many, if not most, of these execution and torture devices were in use long before the evil ones decided to turn their attention / aggression on black folks.

    It’s a reflection of how their minds operate. The Chinese invented gunpowder and used it for fireworks but I bet you can’t guess which race was the first to realize, ‘Hey, we can use this stuff to kill even more people faster and better than before – Yeehaw!’?

    Racism is just a symptom of white pathology an evil. The PTB are able to placate most caucanderthals with ‘law enforcement’ jobs, hunting, violent video games, sports and/or prescription drugs but occasionally, aside from the obvious reasons, they need to start wars so the more extreme violent psychopaths in their midst can go let off some steam. Better to kill two birds with one stone and have them killing off darkies on foreign soil than having them going postal on home turf.

    If they ever run out of brown people to kill they will definitely go back to hunting, torturing and murdering each other. As their history proves, aggression and violence is in their blood.

  80. I dont think whites are dumb but I do believe we see better due to a spiritual awakening. My spiritual science also speaks of the spell of ignorance aka spell of the leviathan/kingu that was placed on us. Which kept us blind only able to think in simple terms and concepts of 3. This spell all but assured their 6000 yr reign and us being taken back into bondage in america would go unchallenged being 38 and somewhat well traveled I can remember when white authority and reason was unquestioned. A fear and self doubt stopped this. Look into their past evil only the vietnam war sparked questioning because of movements like black power. This was near the end of that spell that was suppose to end in the 60’s. However that spell was extended
    for another 30yrs june 6 1966. I sincerely believe their methods have not changed. A lack of creativity and sheer arrogance doesnt allow it. But we have and no longer their victims but their accusers. Be wary of friends family who still show ignora

  81. Ignorance. For they maybe lost and inspire you to doubt

  82. Ms. J on said:

    I think that if non-white people were erased off the planet tomorrow, the RWS would be fighting each other 24/7.

    Gladiator and 300 are proof of that. Even the Holocaust and the treatment of the Irish shows that.

    What a sad state of affairs we live in…

  83. kowaba on said:

    No. White people are not dumb. I realize that more and more everyday. At work, it is nearly impossible for me to get current information. People are so secretive and this makes it difficult for me to get a full-time job at work. All I know is that WP don’t play. I’m never in the know. And what makes me even more pissed is that it seems like the other nonblack people are in on it too. But then everyone wants to be in my business. I really need to have discipline and hold my tongue. I’ve always had a problem running my mouth. :/

    Besides using deceit as a tactic, WP also use time, by delaying the issue so the statue of limitations is up, and information against us. Withholding information, not giving information in a timely manner, and/ or giving outdated/incorrect information. Information, I believe, is a huge advantage they have over us.

  84. BLACK POWER ELITE on said:

    I feel like alot of black people’s problems come from us waiting for God to come and save us , or white people to just be so evil that they destroy themselves, that one day the universe will say “you black people have suffered enough here’s the freedom you wanted”. I’m sure the slaves on the plantation were waiting for the same things , but that’s a long wait for something that will never happen. If we are to get ourselves free of these White monsters , we are going to have to do it ourselves. We have to get militant and stop waiting around for nothing. Sorry if I offended anyone. BLACK POWER!


    we are wasting our time with all this metaphysical stuff just waiting on some one to help us . Blacks have been taught they shouldn’t fight their own battles and should wait on someone else to come and try to save us. We have to go out and take action for ourselves because if we wait on god to come save us or wait for the white man’s 6000 year reign to end , we’ll be in this predicament till the end of time. i’m not trying to upset anyone but you all are basically saying that we need to just wait around and that the white man’s vast hold over us will just deteriorate. this is not true and it is actually quite foolish to believe this we as a people need to come together and actually do something instead of waiting for our hair to contact god , i absolutely love this blog and some of the things it stands for but it seems to also preach to the readers to sit around and wait and that god is going to save us one day. this is a very bad mentality to give to people because it will never happen if we don’t do something ourselves we will be enslaved for ever it is time to get violent and fight for freedom from whites and liberate our people all over the world because if we continue to sit around say we are god’s chosen people and that whites are evil and will destroy themselves , well that mentality will be our undoing.

    “I prayed for freedom for twenty years, but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.”

    ― Frederick Douglass

  86. Eyeswideopen

    I clicked the link and this was stated:

    “A handy guide to the pleasures of the torture chamber.”

    That, my dear, says it all.

  87. Kal

    “june 6 1966”

    Why does that sound familiar? What movie, play, book have I read that referenced that???

    Was it Rosemary’s Baby?
    The Manson/ Polansky murder?
    The Omen?


  88. Kal do you know more about these spells? Any videos and links you can provide?

  89. Kowaba

    They must do that at all times. That’s how they maintain control. They do it to me too.

  90. Mickey on said:

    Information is power. That’s why the people you deal with act the way they do. They want to maintain their control over you and they’ll be damned if it were reversed.

  91. Kemet

    I want to say a few things about your statement.

    1. Religion and Spirituality are 2 very different things. Please stop confusing the 2.

    2. I can’t speak for everyone here but I do believe that we know that the white man with buttermilk skin and golden locks perched on the 2 x 4 is a farce.

    3. We have many Spiritual blacks here from ALL backgrounds: The Dogon, Hebrew Israelite, Followers of Ma’at, Muslims, etc….I think we even have a Shaman here. My point? I never try to tell any black person who is “right” on their beliefs. Why? Because we are ALL correct. There is but one I AM no matter what name you call Him/Her.

    4. Your hair remark was insulting. And childish. And disrespectful. IF you truly are a black man, I don’t need to go any further.

    5. Instead of constantly challenging me on petty things, why not help me come up with ideas. Why not help us with clues on our past, what really happened on the slave ships and ways to counter this problem?

    6. Regarding your call for violence. I may be incorrect, but no black person who truly loves his people would ever tell them to act out in ways that will get them killed. Military Science begins with the mind, not with the fist. Now I wonder who you truly are and why you’re here…”shell.”

    7. Last and final thing: I’ve said this in the past. If you feel that you are not getting what you need from this blog, seek refuge elsewhere.

  92. Everyone:

    Kemet and Black Power Elite is one and the same. He is a white man who has frequented my blog on the past. I knew I “recognized” him before but couldn’t place his name. God just spoke to me and told me where I saw him before.

    He is now banned.

    Isn’t it incredible how they flock to us? It’s almost like they can’t help themselves.

  93. blackmystory on said:

    “…Kemet and Black Power Elite is one and the same. He is a white man who has frequented my blog on the past…” lol! Good catch truth. We have to be so careful of agent provocateurs trying to incite us to do something foolish, or knock us off track.

  94. Blackmystory

    How pathetic are they? We never go to them, do we? They always come to us.

  95. Sis truth I wish I had links to provide for more info on these spells but I have been told bout more. Most of my info has come from ppl older than I and lived hard and died violently because when your a real threat sparking minds and if you live outside their laws they kill u. I used to be all street and I realized all sorts of kind ppl would mentor me out the blue. In jail in crack spots I mean I put in work when I was 9 during the crack explosion yet I was being taken from that path thru subtle miracles I truly believe were angels. And yes rosemarys baby commerates satans sons birth and that was his extentsion. The dakota house where john lennon and donnie hathaway were killed. Again they are arrogant and love to brag often in movies. I brought up how robocop movies outlined their plan for the d detroit a corporate ran city where the citizens live in a police state. They do this also to make us not believe but watch its happening. And why I advocate a spiritual mental war is because this is how we will unite. Those black devils will be weeded out cuz they cant fake this. And a physical war is suicide I know death and violence quite intimately. Thats their way we are not ready for that. Besides where the mind goes the body follows. Again keyword search the name of the spells knowledge is power but the internet will only take u so far. They kill those with real info but the most high provides in ways u cant imagine and u will know when you are being taught thru a blessing

  96. I suggest we all exchange emails cuz sis u goin to be shut down, you are too dangerous. It has started this is how war starts with a thought. And I bet im not the only one who experiences technical problems when im trying to share info. Whatever you guys do dont break laws and get off paper probation they can kill u easier that way. Avoid ignorant fam and friends they will be the death of u

  97. I cant tell u what joy u wonderful ppl are my crew is all street and only here is my soul recharged by all of your collective hearts and minds. So many of us want the material world and engineer are own demise

  98. verbs2012 on said:

    Kemet, Black Power, sounds like CIA, FBI, MI5, M16, MOSSAD to me. “We need to get militant”, get militant against who exactly??? The immediate responsible culprits are always the missing link. All we can do at the moment is keep spreading the info and deal with situations that affect us individually and personally as per the required solutions needed. The time to smash is not here yet though saying that, this time does fast approach us.

  99. Tyrone on said:


    All of the insanity that we see did not just happen by chance. White folk know the deal, they choose to ignore the red flags at their own peril. Hiding the truth from the people is dangerous, it creates unnecessary conflict. What is the value of power and wealth, if it leads to violence and death? 9/11 took place because this country made a conscious decision to poach the oil fields of middle-eastern nations to conserve the supply of oil in this country. In doing so, the so-called leaders of this country tolerated the abuse of citizens in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and other nations. Lust of power and money is so entrenched in the psyche of whites, they may never change their ways. Criss, black folk should not get in the middle of white-on-white violence. We have no skin in the game either way.


  100. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Lol Kemet and black power.I read both comments and i was thinking why do their comments sound the same just worded a little different. Black power elite said” I feel like alot of black people’s problems come from us waiting for God to come and save us ” Kemet said “we are wasting our time with all this metaphysical stuff just waiting on some one to help us”. they both sound the same in their first sentence they say we need to not be spiritual or religious.hmm not a coinicidence. Then they both say we should get up and fight. Kemet said” this is a very bad mentality to give to people because it will never happen if we don’t do something ourselves we will be enslaved for ever it is time to get violent and fight for freedom” Black power said the same thing.
    “we are going to have to do it ourselves. We have to get militant and stop waiting around for nothing.” either he forgot to switch accounts or he was using the other account to co-sign himself lol sad.

  101. honeytreebee on said:


    like your clip suggest isn’t physical confrontation of white just a waste right now? we are out gunned and it is really not a physical fight is it. This is more of a mental thing. We need to get our selves right first and like here build unity and our own first. Then we can truly heal. We must heal before we can move forward. We must examine our past and white past and learn how never to get caught up in this madness again.

    Along with this we must remove ourselves from white peoples world and be independent financially meaning our own businesses that employ black people so we are not held by jobs from whites, we need to teach our young the truth about themselves us and our place in history, we must embrace our self and culture before all others and love our selves and our collectives the most. We must also come to an understanding that we are not to love everyone and that not everyone is for us.

    As for the metaphysical stuff well, it is not for you to say or me who believes what. we are diverse and our thoughts and beliefs and this alone is a strength as it give us many perspectives to see from. No one is sitting around waiting for a GOD to save them we you may feel that way and be frustrated, but really asking for violence right now is unthinking and not good strategy at best and plain old simple minded and foolish at best.

    Wearing our hair in its natural state takes courage and yes there is a spiritual power that comes with that even if, it is only acceptance for what you truly are and have been given. Sorry you don’t feel the power and connection. It has an effect on our young too for girls to see black women with their natural hair and black women loving it is powerful and life changing as it opens up other avenues of being and accepting self which is healing.

    Oh, and about Jesus the oldest Christianity known is in east Africa. So while most of us here on this side of the world were introduced to Jesus through Europe Christianity can not be said to be a European thing at all. It was abused and misused like everything WP touched. However, it doesn’t mean that it should be discarded by those who practice this religion or spirituality is based off of this. I would encourage them to look at east African teaching though as this is in more accord with us and I think less polluted by WP.

    Be careful of following heroes like Fredrick Douglas cause while he may have ran in the end he settle at the dismay of his family for a white woman. This thing we call racism is complex and has a way of catching even the most fierce of warriors up in it’s web. This is not to say that Fredrick didn’t do anything right, but just that the extent of the problem is not going to be solved by external means first. If the internal is not solved and corrected first the external never will be either. An external strike now would only bring harm to us all. we must strike internally first by undoing the mess within.

  102. honeytreebee on said:

    Oh now I read the rest of your comments. I guess it is just another white person who wants to direct us. Sad. and Wow to put in so much effort.

  103. verbs2012 on said:

    Just seen a video on YouTube of whites looting after the explosion, the news channel is broadcasting it live but doesn’t say a word about what is going on right in front of their eyes, damn hypocrites. One set of rules for you eh Edom but a different set of rules when it comes to Negroes? Not on Verb’s watch bub.

  104. Verbs

    Up here, after Sandy, whites were breaking into shops and restaurants to “find things.” But in the 9th ward we were “looting.”

  105. Whites are doing almost everything in their powers to lure us into a race war because they know we are out-gunned, but their arrogance is preventing them from realizing that we are onto them and their plans.

  106. SugarKiss on said:

    Bomb something.
    Pass controversial legislation while no one is really watching….
    It’s the oldest trick in the book and they are doing it again…


  107. I told my best friend this was a false flag as soon as I heard about it!

  108. Crissjensen on said:

    I knew he was white, when he said what he said about god. i didn’t since no spiritual feeling from him. you can always tell when they r white beings.

  109. Exactly! Well said.

  110. Exactly! What you said is what I have been thinking all along! America is paying for the wrongdoings that they have done to Blacks, other minorities and other countries. Like Jeremiah Wright said, ”America’s chickens come to roost!”

    People of all colors, races and nationalities make up America yet MOST White Americans have this air about them that they are superior to Blacks and everyone else and it isn’t right. I am Black and I am an American. Being White doesn’t equal being an American!

  111. Well said. I don’t see why MOST Whites don’t see it that way. I guess they have way too much privilege and problems to realize that vengeance is coming their way and is happening now. God will never let White AmeriKKKa escape without paying for the deeds they did to Blacks and Native Americans in the past centuries.

    Karma is a bitch and they sure get what they deserve.

  112. lol agreed! I am new here but we, as Blacks, can survive without Whites but Whites can’t survive without Blacks because we are the reason Whites are even on earth.

  113. Well said. The Bible prophesizes that America will go out in flames and all of this mess. The Bible is the key to answering many of the world’s problems.

  114. This bomb alarmed me. The White man’s kingdom is coming to an end and many of the events leading up to it such as this bombing is high time White AmeriKKKa pays for their sins of the past. Karma is a bitch

  115. Tyrone on said:


    Whites are in conflict with themselves, this is the crux of the problem. I was web-surfing the other day, and checked out a website that deals with the true origins of humanity. To educated and informed black people, the data presented is old news. For those that are striving for higher learning, the info is a necessity. The website is realhistoryww.com/world_history/ancient/China.

  116. Tyrone
    I remember seeing a documentary where the chinese gocernment sent out thier best to find the origins of the chinese people. As they thought they developed seperate from everyone else. Well, when the data came init said they were directly related to Africans in central africa. LOL they all got quite. They know this though the have the day of the acient blacks in china. They don’t allow access to these small old villages any more, but the people there worship the blacks of old there.

  117. Tyrone on said:


    Every action has a reaction, Every thought has a consequence. The clock started ticking when the first slave ship set sail from West Africa. Basically, whites are trying to delay or offset the inevitable. They’re gonna pay a heavy price for enslaving black people, and they know it. All of the psycho-babble is not gonna save them from the tip of the spear. Karma is absolute, it never changes.


  118. verbs2012 on said:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself Try.

  119. verbs2012 on said:

    Ty, apologies.

  120. Pingback: The Awakening of White AmeriKlan

  121. Tyrone on said:

    @Ms. J

    As Negress has stated many times, defeating white supremacy is the only solution. Whites have too much envy in them to respect blacks as full human beings. We dance around this issue, but, it speaks for itself.


  122. Baby don’t fear. People don’t sweat it. Years ago I had the same fears and two old Jamaican Elders put me to rights, and they said this, ” There is NOTHING the Duppy ( Vile Evil Demon/ being/ Savage/ Devil) can do to us, that them nah already do”. Duppy Bhoy Knows this, so he killing us off softly softly, have us fughting ourselves, distracting us, poisioning our foods, committing genocide abroad whereever Afreekans are, NOT giving us info, MIS-directing us, False ino, etc etc. How many of you know that whilst muslims were lynching Moors in Libya Neanderthal american soldiers were watching, how many of you know that Moorish children were forced to watch their parents tortured to death and obama, then apologised for the koran being burnt by his Neanderthals? It NEVAH occurred to this Porch that HIS OWN WIFE and CHILDREN are NO Different to the Moors that died. They CANNOT attack Full on Because what is IN our DNA would come Immediately ONLINE and THIS is what THEY FEAR. Remember a few years back when we as a people started to A-waken, they shit technology in Cern sweden had to be SHUT DOWN, because of the DARK MATTER ENERGY that was heading , oh my people FOR THEY ARSE! REAL TALK. D-ARK, over stand, The ARK of the Covenant! Ain’t NO Covenant with these Devils. You will innerstand IN your spirit what I mean. LEAVE they ENTER- TAINT-MENT alone! They writing ( righting) stories for yo arse,, IN the “news” IN holly Wood. They got demons ENTER in u, then they TAINT yo Divinity and leave u Mental niggers fit only to Coon AND fear. No, they FEAR YOU. Ashe!

  123. C

    There is a shift in the planets that is taking place this year. I cannot wait to see what that means for us. And yes, they do fear us. That’s why our melanin is hunted and being synthesized.

  124. YEAH-Yes….and all, ALL those Henriyetta Lacks Ashe, cells that they used to “cure” they arse and ALL the Organs from POC AND the Melanin so that they can “stay” in the sun, is now Ripping them arse INSIDE and OUT. They still can’t stay in the Sun, them still getting Crow Feet, them STILL Ageing. Check hilliary clinton, dick cheney, john mccain to name a few Devils, these Beast eating Moors literally and they STILL dying! The melanin sending hilliary Mad, that’s why she had to step aside, plus she is now seeing Muamar Gaddaffi , and they calling it stress! Just like many so call sectioned soldiers, THEY are now SEEING the people that they Raped, Tortured AND Killed, but it’s hushed up and they can’t control these Spirits. There is a whole lot going on, so don’t be afraid. When you feel that kind of fear, say this, ” SA SAHEM SAHU” to yourself. It helps to empower your spirit and keep your energy from being drained by Beast you can see and those that you can’t.

  125. honeytreebee on said:

    Wow thanks for the 411 I didn’t know these crazies had it like that, but that would explain alot.

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