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My 300th Post

I realized that this post will be my 300th post! I started out my posts trying to innerstand this mad world and ended up creating something I never dreamed of: A cyber African family. I’m so grateful for all of you that have found my energy and permeated me with your insightfulness, your thoughts, your opinions, your stories, your help and your support. In the beginning I felt as if I was drowning. I was in a tumultuous spot in my life and needed an outlet. I went back to my first love, writing, and found refuge.

The funny thing about life is looking back and seeing where you came from, what sparked your change and what road you decided to travel. I was lucky. I had my awakening in a Chinese take-out restaurant and from there I couldn’t look back even if I tried. I began to notice things that I never knew were there before. Like how ALL black neighbourhoods:

Have a check cashing place

A fast food/ fried chicken joint

A liquor/ cigarette shop

A dirty laundromat

A hair care/wig shop owned by people who look nothing like us

No fresh greens/ organic food shops

A pawn shop

And a medical clinic that you would not bring your gerbil to

Jah gave me the ability to “see” past the lies, temptations and the fogginess at this precise moment because it was simply my time. I finally overstand that now. I’m grateful for the pain, the sorrow, the tears, the sleepless nights, the feelings of hopelessness because it prompted me to try and do better. Without my journey of near madness, I would have never been able to know who my enemy is, why he is here, why I am here and what needs to be done.

May I admit a secret?

A month ago, I was getting ready to go out. I glanced in the mirror and The Spirit told me to stop cutting my hair. The glance became a hard stare and I saw myself as a Ras; my head and shoulders covered with long, thick insane-looking hair cascading past my back. I almost didn’t recognize myself but it was indeed me. I saw my own vision of what I will become. I no longer question anything The Great Spirit tells me so I immediately gathered my shearers and put them in my cubby.

I’m awaiting more “instructions” from Her. As I grow, I feel more fulfilled. Funny thing is, the more I awaken from my sleep, the more I disconnect from this reality. The more I disconnect from this reality, the more I can spot the lies and half-truths and figure out why I am being mislead and how to counter it.

I hope that this journey has been/ will be fulfilling for all of you. Tell me, what have you learned from your journey into awakening? What areas do you feel you need to work on?

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56 thoughts on “My 300th Post

  1. Congrats ms Truth,

    what have you learned from your journey into awakening?
    I learned you can’t trust everybody including some people who look like you.
    What areas do you feel you need to work on? Do we have all day lol jk
    I need to work on being more open with my feelings and emotions.I was told yesturday at church by someone that i am to be a leader.I will work on becoming that and figuring out what plan the creator has for me.I will try to be more outgoing and interact with people and try to get them thinking,

  2. Congratulations on your 300th post!

    Also, love the list of things in black neighborhoods, it’s right on point.

  3. Ms. J on said:


    My counter-racist journey has taught me so much about the ways of this world, and I’m so glad that people like you, Trojan Pam, Mr. Fuller, and others have been useful guides.

    As time goes on, I feel my spirit telling me that the situation for Black people – and other non-whites – will get worse as time goes on. I can just feel it each day, but feel as if others would see me as crazy. Your work reassures me that I am right, and that something needs to be done about it. Thank you!

  4. Umoja on said:

    What have I learned? More like, what is it that I feel. I’ve learned much; which has left me paralyzed, afraid for our people and joyless. I no longer laugh now that I know what’s truly going on with our people. I cannot venture out without being reminded of what’s going on with our people; what is being done to us. It’s everywhere!! It’s frightening to witness our own succumbing to our own demise smack dab in my face continuously…. to be met with denial, no care and the insane minds of our people when I converse with them. Sheep and victims without a care in the world, happily being slaughtered, mentally and physically. I could get “plugged” back into the matrix, but there is no turning back. I know too much which cannot be denied or ignored. I sometimes think to myself, ” why and what the hell did you search for the truth for?”.
    I see those in this horrific matrix– laughing sheep, blindly being slaughtered throughout their lives….mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. I look into their faces; I see “black” but I don’t “see” them. They’ve become alien to me. Black bodies but white minds. C0-signing their death and destruction. I’ve learned, one will walk alone in this journey.

  5. Umoja

    Please know that knowledge is sobering. I too felt the same way and at times, I wish to weep for my black family because most of us will not make it. But, there has always been a plan in the works for Originals since day one. Some of us will not wake up in time and some of us CAN’T wake up…we’re too far gone to come back now. But know this;

    White supremacy will not last. In fact, it has already begun to crumble in ways that you and I cannot see. As it crumbles and money becomes worthless to society, they will become more violent and animalistic than you can imagine. The past will return with a new vigor that will frighten even them. I saw this in my visions.

    But do not be afraid.

    The body is temporary but the Spirit is permanent. We will prevail and triumph over evil. The fight will be bloody and there will be many casualties but in the end, we will be victorious. Just concentrate on you and those in your circle that are *awake* and wish to fight.

  6. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Congratulations on creating this fine blog which I have learned so much from, not least of which is that I’m not alone.

    As for what I’ve learned on my journey into awakening. Well, I just finished posting this long ass comment to your April 10th ‘Message To The Black Family’ post which explains some of it so I hope you don’t mind that I repost it here (I try to limit this blog to once a week otherwise I would spend too much time commenting!):

    It’s been many years since I came to the conclusion that these creatures who call themselves “whites” are actually demons in human form. That’s why I was pleasantly shocked and surprised to hear Sister Truth use those exact words to describe them in an earlier post.

    At first, I used to think it was only a small percentage of “whites” who were evil, mainly the PTB. Then I realized that the PTB can’t do shit without millions of scumbags willing and ready to do their dirty work (enforce white supremacy, invade other countries etc). Then I realized that the majority of whites, instead of strongly denouncing the evil being done in their names, fully supports it.

    When I saw those embarrassments to all life forms on TV, clapping like trained seals as the first bombs were being dropped on Iraq – a country which had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 – I realized I was looking at pure anti human evil masquerading as human beings.

    What else should we call creatures that cheer about the slaughter of thousands of innocent men, women and children? And these wicked demons from hell want to pull the wool over our eyes and make us think that they’ve changed, that they’re somehow not like their savage, barbaric, depraved, bloodthirsty ancestors. Like hell they aren’t. I’d love to know, when and where did this mass change / awakening happen? Of course it never happened. It’s just more lies from the masters of deceit.

    Based on history and the present, saying that (~95% of) whites are demons in human form is about as radical as observing that water is wet. Evil is such an intrinsic part of their nature that they lack the self awareness to realize just how evil they are. They are necrophilous; lovers of death and destruction (just look at the movies and video games they ‘love’) and a threat to all living things.

    Which is why they can never and will never change.
    Which is why the universe is slowly weeding them out of existence.
    Which is why until it does we must minimize contact with them lest we become (more) like them.

    As for ‘negropeans’? Forget about them, they’re hopelessly lost souls who’ve thrown in their lot with their oppressors despite their oppressors contemptuously giving them many wakeup calls. It’s up to them to save themselves.

  7. EyesWideOpen on said:

    So interesting how similar my comment below is to your comment above. Mine was originally posted at 2:13pm on ‘Message To The Black Family’ which was just 2 minutes after your comment. As you’ve said many times Sister, ‘There are no coincidences.’

  8. Wow 300. I’m on 276 today. You’re burning the midnight oil! Thank you, my lovely friend. 🙂

  9. EyesWideOpen on said:

    As for what areas I need to work on?

    I’m still working on detachment and deprogramming which is a multi year, intensive process but IMO, it must be done because there can be no true mental, emotional or spiritual freedom without first breaking free of the mental chains which hold us back and keep us from realizing our full potential.

    Mastering detachment will also go a long ways towards helping me be more two faced with enemy. I’ve always prided myself on not being a snake and a hypocrite, and those are good qualities to have with friends but with enemies being an open book can cause unnecessary problems.

    It’s just that it’s so insanely fucking hard for me to hide the way I feel and think. It’s not in my – dare I say ‘our’ – nature to be that way. I truly marvel at how easily almost all whites can fake sincerity with people they dislike or hate – even amongst themselves. That’s why they make such great actors. I need a little bit of that.

    I’ll never stop being appropriately confrontational (turning the other cheek is for suckers) but otherwise, there’s no reason for them to know what I think, how I feel or that I’m on to them. It’s not a major issue because I go out of my way to minimize my contact and interaction with them but it’s still something I need to improve.

  10. Ms. J on said:

    I act civil towards White folks and rarely talk with them about RWS, but I always have it in the back of my head their position in this world relative to mine. It’s not really difficult. Better that then letting your guard down completely and being hurt by them.

    Also, their behaviors became clearer to me when I stopped seeing them as “ignorant” and tried to “educate” them about our problems. Racists are NEVER ignorant about what they do; if so, I don’t think we’d be talking about this race problem right now. Too many Black people think racism is done out of ignorance, which is a dangerous assumption.

  11. T.Bee on said:

    I am still working on detachment. The more connections you cut the more you discover. I am also working on seeing and understanding the nature of this beast and how to best defeat him, while protecting my own. One thing that i found that works is to give him his area. Ever wonder why Whites never go back to Europe? Becasue when they are all together by themselves they kill eachother. So, getting out of the way and leaving them to their own places and denying them access to us and POC will be their own undoing. We need not lift a finger maybe pack their bags and show them the door, but that’s it.

    We have so much to heal from before we can move forward towaard our true potential. We must heal ourselves first. Then family then our larger family then we can go about setting up our civilizations again. We will be profoundly different and I think we will come away with a profound on the importance of self love and understanding. We can not be so loving and forgiving of others and not protect self first and formost always. We destroy ourselves and the world if, we seek to love other more than we love ourselves.

    I thnk this must be instilled in every Africans heart if, we are to be free. We must see all Africans as family and self and let no one or thing ever come between us again.

  12. moorbey on said:

    300 blacktastic postz and more to come. Asante Sana 4 sharing ur wisdom with uz komrade.

  13. @ umoja

    Sometimes it sucks being awake lol.I can’t enjoy the movies and music i used to because now all i see is destruction and ignorance in them.Even my older brothers are asleep to this nonsense.My oldest brother dates nothing but white women and latinas.He saw the movie django and said it was good and was fun to see django whoop on those white folks.I will not and have not seen the movie.when i think of that movie i see stereotypes and playing lightly on a very important issue in history so they can exploit it and use the n word.Another thing is how a lot of black folks are still stuck on Obama and can’t see him for what he really is.Give him time they say,he can’t address us or those whites would impeach him so quick.Close your eyes and all you hear is a white politician selling you more mess.When other communities like the latinos or asians have a president he will address them,because that is who he is.It amazes and frustrates me when some older people can’t see what’s happening.They miss the point of some things that are clear as day to me. Being awake is like seeing dead people all day its a gift and a curse.

  14. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Another thing I’ve learned – and I never thought I would think this way because I believe in free will – is that the war on black people is so relentless, so intense, so multi faceted, and recently, so subtle that most blacks simply don’t have ANY chance to succeed. The fact that so many of us do is testament to our strength, determination and wits.

    Aside from the black Judas’ who side with caucanderthals, I simply don’t judge other black people anymore now that I realize the extent of the war being waged against us. I refuse to watch, listen to, read or say anything negative about black people. Doesn’t mean I like or accept a lot of the shit I come across, it just means I would be being a hypocrite to talk shit about it because I’m not sure I’d be any different if I grew up in the exact same circumstances with virtually everything conspiring against my chances to succeed. And make no mistake, it IS a conspiracy.

    This ‘pull yourself up by your bootstrap’ mentality is compassionless, psychopathic bullshit. As Obama said in the run up to his first presidency, ‘What if you don’t have any bootstraps?’

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  16. darqbeauty on said:


    Congratulations on your 300th post! When I first found your site I spent all day reading your posts until I reached the end. It made me sad! lol You post things that are consistently inspiring, thought-provoking and insightful. We may not all agree, but we ARE a cyber family all working towards one goal. Unity with each other and with The Spirit that guides us.

    I learned from my journey that I was a white worshipping boot licking dog. I was a professional model for years (Elite, Ford, L.A. Models, Storm in London) and thought I was the cream of the crop because not only was my intellect formidable, but THEY went out of their way to patronize me. Ladies and gentlemen, I thought I was the SHIT.

    I didn’t have an epiphany or an overnight revelation.My spirit has always searched for truth and I slowly started piecing it all together. It started with my researching flouride, chemtrails, the alien deception, Council Foreign Relations, ect. The Most High Continue to refine me towards truth until I was ready for my Ultimate Truth. That is when I stumbled on the a Hebrew Israelite video. My eyes were slitted open and after viewing that series, they damn near popped out of my head. The sleeper was awake. With my awakening came a realization. That there are those that The Most High works through and those that The Deceiver works through. And if we were people of the Most High, then those who hated us the most must certainly be working for their own CEO.

    I go to school, work and keep my head down and am obsessed with finding out more about who we are as a people and how the global Beast System works against us daily. I know we will not all make it. I am a dreamer and The Most High speaks to me through them. I have seen the cataclysm, the destruction, the evil. I have also seen a mighty people rising through the ashes. True superheroes. I can only hope and pray to be one of those that The Most High blesses with the ability to dish out physical recompense, because we will need SUPERnatural powers to deal with the hellfire and shitstorm about to befall us all.

    I need to work on much but my main areas are speaking to my people more often to see where they stand, stocking up supplies, and treating my body to the diet it deserves. I continue to struggle daily but I will never give up. I see that same spirit of perseverance in many of you on this blog and other like minded blogs. It makes my spirit gladdened to know that we are not alone in this.

  17. Matari on said:

    Hey Truth,

    Thanks for being here and for doing a tremendous work!

    What I’d like to personally work on is developing a deeper trust, appreciation, interdependence, patience, selflessness, cooperation, community and love relationship with ALL our siblings (black people) that inhabit this planet – metaphorically and literally – spiritually – collectively – one to one and one on one.

    In other words – fixing MY broken/confused *self!*

  18. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Ms. J, I’m with you on that. I NEVER discuss race with whites and I can’t understand any black person who does. IMO, discussing race with whites is as insane and retarded as me, a man, telling a mother what it’s like to give birth. What mom in her right mind would care about ANYTHING I have to say about giving birth? If I want a white person’s opinion on racism I’ll beat it out of them.

    I also agree with everything you said about racism having nothing to do with ignorance. Whites know that they’re racists and they’re perfectly fine being racists because they are low lifes lacking integrity and decency. They just don’t like being called racists, I think in part because they’d like to think they have us all fooled and also because on some level they understand that being a racist automatically makes them low lifes (hating someone for the color of their skin or because they have something you lack – WTF is wrong with you ‘people’?).

    What I meant is that I used to give whites the benefit of the doubt because I truly believed they were human just like us. Well, the fact is, their neanderthal DNA makes them SUB human. Now, that wouldn’t normally be a problem because animals sub humans as well and I love most animals. The problem is, these fucking creatures are ANTI human and EVIL as their actions have irrufutably proved since they first crawled out of their caves in Europe.

    In my mind, that puts whites below all other vertebrates in the animal kingdom and on the same level as viruses and bacteria that have killed hundreds of millions, if not billions throughout history. If you think that’s extreme just do a quick tally of all the humans these devils have murdered since they started rampaging around the globe. Yes, they are a PLAGUE upon this earth.

    Just as I would barely be able to be civil with murderers, rapists, child molesters and animal torturers, I am barely able to be civil with whites now that I know for a fact that the vast majority of them not only do not give a shit about the misery, mayhem and murders of brown people around the world that they are either directly or indirectly responsible for, they fucking REJOICE in it. Just check the YT comments whenever a black person is unjustly murdered. Those nasty, mean spirited, degenerate comments are an accurate reflection of the nature of the beast.

    I can’t put the genie back in the bottle now that I know they’re an evil, anti human species but I still want to get back to that easy, breezy manner I had with them when the blinders were still on. The enemy should never know how you really think or feel – something whites are masters at unless you really push them. Then they usually drop the mask and the act real quick – but that’s another story!

  19. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I also need to work on writing shorter comments!

  20. Tell me, what have you learned from your journey into awakening? What areas do you feel you need to work on?

    How to live with less contradiction between my word and actions. My journey started last spring/summer after I had quit smoking, I was compensating for the lack of nicotine by overcompensating with food. As the pounds started to come on I began running regularly, starting with a mile at a time, then 2, then 3, then 4.

    One morning, at around 4:30-5:00 am when I was gearing up for my run, I decided to search on google for “why are white people so crazy”, as I had been experiencing a delay in getting payed for the work I had done for a local temp agency. The rest took off from there, from Welsing to Ani, to Wilson to Clarke until I arrived at the point I’m at now.

    As for what I need to work on. Mainly diet, I’ve upped fresh fruits and vegetables, cage free eggs, water and brown rice to about 75% of my diet, but it’s the other 25% that gives me consistent issues.

    I was raised in a household where my parents and grandparents were always on a fad diet, so we’d often have virtually nothing but Lean Cuisine, SnackWells, Weight Watchers and the like. The problem would come with my mom and dad only keeping the minimum amount of those frozen meals stocked, so at least twice a week we’d still be hungry after dinner, and from there we would go for:

    – Frozen custard (which would later turn into frozen custard *and* jumbo burgers to go with it)
    -Little Debbies 25 cent (90’s pricing) fudge brownies (just had one today)
    -Flaming Hot Cheetos (also had a small……. medium sized bag this morning)

    We’d then stop at the gas station and get a can, or sometimes 24 oz (that was considered ‘large’ back in the day) bottle of Diet Pepsi, Diet Dew.

    Old habits are the hardest to break, and even if you break them often you have to put something else into that void, so I guess I’ll see how life and my choices shape up.

  21. Well done. But, ‘We only just begun’! I will not turn this comment into a lecture. I just finished two concepts for NBP that deal with white babble. I can sum it up with ‘know thyself’, ‘know thy enemy’ and ‘know how thyself and thy enemy relate’. (One plus one equals three.) After all is said and done, we talk about what still needs to be done. Truth be told… Ashe.

  22. My turn:

    I need to work on:

    1. Gaining more control over my emotions. I suffer from mild depression so that’s very hard for me.

    2. Learning to let go of my rage. You cannot be in tune with Ma’at with rage in your heart.

    3. Having more understanding of why we are being attacked as it pertains to melanin.

    Sounds simple, right?

    It’s not. I’ve struggled with this forever.

  23. Ms. J on said:


    I just smh when I hear other Blacks trying to convince Whites to treat us right. What’s it gonna take us to understand that they don’t want to do that? Racism has been going on for centuries.

    But I wonder what makes them want to be in power over other people so badly. All the other people of the world valued community, nature, and living within their means. Then we found ourselves being attacked by people who were deathly against all three ways of living. I hope God tells us what that’s all about.

    And yes, I can sense the fact that they’re different from us – which they know to be true, of course. Sometimes when I speak with Whites, I pick up on their phony behavior and racism when they don’t even talk about these topics. It’s my intuition, you know?

  24. By the way, folks, a black reader wrote to me asking for clear-cut “instructions” on how to “Detach From the System”. I’ll be posting that soon in case anyone else needs help.

  25. Kushite Prince on said:

    What have I learned?? Hmmmm….good question. I think I need to work on stop getting discouraged. One downfall to becoming “awake” is seeing so many still asleep. And you get so much resistance from your own people. It seems many love being ignorant. They rather believe a comforting lie than an incovientent truth. Sometimes you want to give up and throw in the towel.
    But I’m not a quitter. I’m not going out without a fight! I need to work harder on my counter racist grind. We all can do more. I need to stop doubting myself and my people. That’s what I need to work on more.

  26. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Other things I’ve learned…

    White people cannot be trusted – ever.

    Wondering what a ‘friend’ (of any race) really thinks is not even close to what a great friendship is all about.

    Unless you’re very lucky in the real world, you walk this journey alone which is why sites like these that keep the scum out are so appreciated.

    There’s a bright shining light at the end of the tunnel that I can reach but only if I’m willing to dig deep.

  27. kowaba on said:

    Congrats on your 300th post!

    What have I learned from my journey into awakening?

    I have a lot more to go in terms of mindset, attitude, and knowledge. That all of this is a work in progress. That I will have to stand alone most likely in my journey. I’ve learned that it is difficult to find true allies under the system of white supremacy. That white identification starts at a very young age and even if you try to wake up the youth living in a predominately white neighborhood everything is against you. Racist Man and Racist Woman have the system on lockdown, but the system can crumble if people realize that this (WS) is an illusion and our participation in fact strengthens this illusion. Also knowledge of self and the enemy is so important and should not be understimated in terms of its value. And living under this system is essentially like walking on eggshells. Finally, pretty much everything that I learned in the past has been a LIE!!!!

    What areas do you feel you need to work on?

    Becoming more self-sufficient, developing a support network with like-minded individuals, learning more about the system of white supremacy and our history.

  28. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Ms. J said…
    “I wonder what makes them want to be in power over other people so badly.”

    God complex, control freaks, pathalogical greed, contentious spirits. Who knows for certain. The only thing I’m certain about is that they’re willing to commit, condone and rationalize unimaginable evil to satisfy whatever pathologies it is they really have.

    If I had to boil white people down to one word, it’s not racist, it’s not psychopaths, it’s not neanderthals, it’s not barbaric although they all apply. It’s EVIL. For some reason people seem reluctant to apply the word despite the fact that it’s the only one that does these creatures justice.

    Why does it matter? Because realizing what they are and calling them what they are allows me to respond to anything they do with, “What else do you expect from demons in human form?” That one simple sentence explains everything and has really helped me in my journey towards complete detachment from them and their evil.

    If I have any real contribution to make on this blog it’s in that previous paragraph which is why nearly all of my comments have contained and will contain the words demons and/or evil when referencing caucanderthals.

    The Truth shall set you free.

  29. Ms. J on said:


    Yeah, I would agree with you. I don’t think Black people and White people can be genuine “friends”. I think that if both me and the white people I’m around would honestly share our feelings about each other, NONE of us would speak to each other anymore.

    Blacks and Whites are so phony with each other.

  30. Another thing I need to work on is being more patient. I want all of us to snap out of it immediately and I must understand that this un-brainwashing takes time.

  31. Congratulations Truthbetold. Keep up the great work!

    What have I learned from my journey to awakening? I learned that honks are nothing but diabolical-racists-sexual-terrorists.

  32. Cynic


    I’ve seen your website. You May be right.

  33. honeytreebee on said:

    Cynical I’ve visited your site twice it is not for the faint of heart. It is amazing that there is so much of that for you to post! I must be honest I don’t visit your site, but understand and appriciate your work. If, ever I think WP aren’t nasy, crazy just the tought of your site snaps that out of my mind.

  34. mary burrell on said:

    Congrats on your 300th . Blessings.

  35. @Negress….
    Thank you Beloved. I needed to hear those words today. Now that I’ve read many of the comments here; I definitely have to work on my anger.
    I’m always “dog-walking” those savages on YT. I kind of enjoy it I must say, but it does get depressing and monotonous given that many are on YT for the sole purpose of maligning Blacks. I’ve always been a fighter, not physically, but I’ve always been determined and focused and have always had a warrior spirit. I guess that may be the reason I was “called” for the “awakening” if you will…..it sure as hell not for the weak or faint at heart….I am neither. I have both feet planted, going forward no matter what….I’m in.

  36. @mstoogood….

    “Being awake is like seeing dead people all day its a gift and a curse.”

    I had the exact thought!! Many of our people are already dead; enjoying their slumber. It’s sad that we wouldn’t be in the state that we are in if it weren’t for the savage, psychopathic, sexual terrorist of the world…..yet, there are always casualties in war.
    I got what I asked for. I asked god, what ever you may choose, for wisdom. I’ve been guided continuously….I am loved and protected. This I KNOW. Yet in my human mind I do get a bit off focused and afraid, not for me, but our people. I do understand war now.

  37. @EyesWideOpen

    I have no interest in changing White people at this point in my life. Let the anti-racists do that (if possible). I’m working on my own. It doesn’t work when we try to appeal to them. I don’t think they see us as people.

    Imma just leave White people alone.

  38. Soforeal on said:

    Did you do the harlem shake for your 300th post?

    I learned white people/non black people are not to be trusted and this path can get really lonely.

    What i need to work on is my temper and being more patient.

  39. Umoja on said:

    I visit your site ALL THE TIME. LOL
    Your site is just as well needed and essential as the beloved Negress. Thank you and DO continue.
    FYI…people do not enter this site while eating. lol…and DO tell everyone about this site as I do. It reveals the TRUTH about these savage beast; in which they cleverly and intentionally hide from the whole world.

  40. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I’ve also learned…

    To trust my instincts, intuition and the unseen hand a lot more.

    That King Solomon was right – most people suck. He noticed 3000 years ago that you can barely find one good man in a thousand.

    That with few exceptions, I really do like animals (a lot) more than people. Animals are pure and without pretense.

    That cynicalafrikan.com is a great place to get my daily dose of LOLs & SMH as I see and read the truth about the evil ones.

  41. Its funny you brought up cutting your hair I made the mistake of doing that and all hell broke loss not again. What ive learned is stop looking at anything like they want us to. Really a good start is the opposite of their position then reason the rest. Like jackie robinson is a hero. Why he destroyed the negro leauges to entertain hateful whites. If blacks refused to work in sports dominated by white owners who knows what have developed due to economic power. Also some of us subconciouslly destroy others and ourselves with negative thoughts. Start doing better by and for yourself and its like everything negative around you will converge on you. Most important I believe is faith in the most high means having faith in that divine essence in oneself. Notice the signs around you guidance divine guidance truly exsist.

  42. My anger is my issue. I look at all the suffering and it weighs on me. This doesnt help. If by nature our enemy is destructive then ours is constructive and I must channel that energy in that direction. Congrates sister truth with the light your bringing every post is a blessing in a lesson, I thank you

  43. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I love the timing of similar thoughts…

    @ 4:18am I wrote:
    To trust my instincts, intuition and the unseen hand a lot more.

    @4:18am Kal wrote:
    Notice the signs around you divine guidance truly exsist.

  44. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I’ve also learned that despite what they would have us believe, I – WE – are not the problem. They are.

  45. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I’ve also learned that there’s so much I don’t know that I’m curious about but time flies so I must remain disciplined and focus only on those things that will make a material difference in my life.

  46. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I’ve also learned to forget about the fact that there are non racist whites because;
    a) There are so few of them (5% / 1 in 20, if that) and
    b) There is no efficient, foolproof way to filter them out.*

    *although I must admit, Abagond’s litmus test of asking them, ‘What percentage of white people do you think are racist?’ and then inverting the results is pretty good. Eg they say 20% of whites are racist = they are 80% racist.

    I’ve definitely found that the less racist a white person is the less they’ll deny how racist white people are. Not much surprises me anymore but the stories some white people have told me about their racist relatives, bosses, coworkers, neighbors and yes, church members were a real wake up call that;

    a) these are some truly sick in the head people
    b) it’s scary how two faced they are (I knew some of them)
    c) ALL white people know how racist their race really is and
    d) the fact that most of them love to deny it shows just how deceitful, treacherous and untrustworthy they still are.

    The problem for me is that even if Abagond’s litmus test is good, and I think it very well might be, I just don’t have the time, energy or inclination to go through 19 racists just to find one non racist. When you’re dealing with percentages that skewed it’s simpler and safer just to write the whole race off.

  47. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I’ve also learned not to dismiss the countless nasty, mean spirited, racist comments on the internet by whites on anything involving blacks as the just ramblings of an unrepresentative minority. If it was, they would be drowned out by a majority of non racist whites who don’t have to worry about being ostracized on the internet like they do in the real world. That you rarely see whites checking their tribemates online is very revealing.

    It just goes to show how unbelievably irrationally racist, hateful, resentful, disrespectful and evil the lot of them are. They are a cowardly, two faced, deceitful race so what they write on the internet is how they really feel and who they really are – and it ain’t pretty.

  48. Umoja on said:

    …and now just a little to brighten your lives and give much hope and strength for tomorrow….

  49. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I’ve also realized that despite the dozens of words and expressions whites use to ‘describe’ us, they rarely call us evil. Even they know we don’t hold a candle to them when it comes to evil.

  50. Congrats on your 300th post, may you have umpteenth million more. I’ve been in MIA not b/c I’ve stopped reading or the need to hear your voices but b/c I’m in creation mode right now & ocd’ing off of ideas and inspirations…but I’m still reading and soaking in all the wonderful views, opinions and insights here…Negress keep doin’ your thang…

  51. Oh yeah, an ode to black love…I LOVE this chick…

  52. Nmaat

    Good luck with your creativity! I get like that too when the Spirit takes over.

  53. Tyrone on said:


    I”m a fan and supporter 4 life…Love You Negress!


  54. Negress,

    Congratulations on your 300th post! Your educational and thought provoking post will always be embedded in my consciousness as a reference guide for dealing with this diabolical system know as white supremacy. Thank you for helping me with/on my journey to self enlightenment.

  55. ynotme

    Thank you as well for helping me connect the dots.

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