Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Final Two Stages of Black Self-Destruction


Every black scholar I’ve been fortunate enough to speak with has told me the exact same thing word for word.

“Whites want to turn us into them.”

When Neely Fuller first told me that, I nodded slowly over the phone and vowed to pay closer attention to tel-lie-vision and film. When Dr. Bey and Professor Griff repeated it, I knew that they are no coincidences in this world. My journey into awakening has been a slow and tortuous one. There were moments of horrifying clarity and moments where I slipped into confusion. Trying to overstand the “hows” and “whys” is not an easy process. Roughly about 1 month ago, one of my blogger buddies called me to chat. As she told me of her ideas on our future, I quickly scanned the TV channel. I came across the popular tween/ young adult movie Twilight and a light bulb went off in my head. I told her what I thought and she giggled at me:

“Truth, you never heard of Romulus and Remus?”

“No. Who are they?”

“Oh boy……!” was her only response.

The final two stages in black genocide will be the acceptance of pedophilia and this:

Did I just see your jaw drop?

Well, mine did too. In fact, I never even thought of that route.

From the beginning of time, the European has told us through his pic-o-grams, paintings and folklore what he was all about:

Romulus and Remus

Zeus and his boy lover Ganymede

{thank you Kemetia for the innerstanding of Romulus and Remus}

The slow but public introduction of black homosexuality, black males wearing dresses and carrying “manbags” has been a carefully devised plot in the form of “self-eugenics.” The Interracial Agenda being pushed by various stars, athletes and musicians is nothing but a form of self-eugenics. And finally, the rise of black pedophilia and black beastiality will be our final descent into total self-destruction. The system has been rigged from day one to make money off of us and to help us commit suicide. How do we commit suicide, you ask?

By smoking

By drinking

By whoring

By sleeping with whites

By taking drugs (that the CIA plants in your neighbourhood)

By black-on-black crime

By hating and competing with other blacks

By chemically processing our hair

By eating fast foods on a consistent basis

By using their toothpaste

By not growing our own food (if you have the space and means)

By not supporting other blacks

By allowing the school system to “raise” and “discipline” your children

By not loving black females/males

By not assisting your black older relatives

By allowing whites to give your children Ritalin

And finally, by not having a better understanding of your black self

Nothing I have listed here is new. In fact, I feel like a broken record. But I digress.

I’ve always wondered why whites would travel the world looking for a black baby to adopt.

{Thank you Prince for the video!}

Who is the “spokesperson” Hefner put in charge for black boys rock?

Sotomayor with his “Pyramid” signal

Any questions?

Now do you know why Sotomayor is emphatically anti-black female? He is a puppet being used to kill and destroy his own kind. Open your eyes and see The Beast for who and what it is.

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54 thoughts on “The Final Two Stages of Black Self-Destruction

  1. Very, very disturbing but this is a post that EVERY black person needs to read and to see.

    I totally agree with you and the black scholars who say their ultimate goal is to destroy us psychologically AKA turn US into THEM

    which explains why they are promoting and rewarding anti-sexual, homosexual black people and behavior and trying to force homosexuality on African nations

    and why they are adopting our children at an alarming rate

    and why they are pushing sex and breeding and marriage with whites for black males and females

    and why they don’t want the black male and black female to love each other

    and why the VAST majority of black entertainers seem to promote anti-blackness — and I’m talking about the most successful ones

    the video about black boys being led or forced into homosexual behavior is really disturbing and proof — in my opinion– that most black homosexuality is SITUATIONAL homosexuality

    (meaning the environment perverted their sexuality) caused by our contact with Europeans OR European culture or white supremacy that makes it dangerous (and frightening) for black males to become or act like STRONG, HETEROSEXUAL BLACK MEN

    or by other black people who have been so damaged by racism/white supremacy that they are passing their damage to black people and black children.

    I also agree 100% with the list you gave of the ways black people are committing suicide — all encouraged and created by the system of white supremacy

    we have GOT to stop having throwaway children and letting the TV, the schools, and the streets and the sexual predators AND white people have unlimited free access to our children!

    We can’t control a lot of things, but we can control where they go and who they go with and what they watch on the tube.

    We can talk to them, explain what they’re looking at and why it’s happening (no, they are NEVER too young to understand because the white supremacy system makes them understand that by the age of FOUR, they are inferior to white people

    Negress, thanks for creating this super timely and informative post, I will definitely share the link with as many people as possible and also plan on re-posting it!

    I hope everyone reading it will please please please SHARE IT

    we all have to be more pro-active and more active and stop keeping information to ourselves if we want to solve this problem

  2. mary burrell on said:

    Tommy Sotomayor is a vile beast indeed. I was trying to figure out why this individual was so negative against black women. He is a monster.

  3. Umoja on said:

    There’s no such thing as “throw away” children. Many Black females are aborting their children by the millions….more than any race of people combined. Abortion clinics intentionally planted in “Black neighborhoods” in addition, Blacks do not welcome or celebrate the birth of a Black child. The concept of a “Strong Black family” between a Black man and Black woman has been destroyed years ago…made alien and comical. It’s a shame that many childless Black females (and males) demean those Black females who’ve chosen to keep their children; while secretly withholding how many abortions they’ve had….therefore; proudly and naively have succumbed to the agenda to kill their own children….depopulation. I do understand why Black females choose this route….it’s designed that way. Many females are too ashamed to admit how many they’ve killed, yet many proudly and naively express that they’ve done so sometimes.

  4. Reblogged this on Racism Is White Supremacy and commented:
    Please share this blog posts with others!

  5. Umoja on said:

    Why is it so easy for these beast to adopt our children? Blacks do not adopt their own. Black children by the millions will more than likely, “age out” of the system…spend their growing years in the system…unwanted. It’s a banquet to these beast. They are the least desired and that includes by their own race of people.

  6. When i use the term “throw away ” children that doesn’t mean I think they have no value, it means they are not seen AS valuable by parents who abuse and abandon them, or have them taken away by the juvenile, foster care and adoption systems

    which is why so many whites are easily able to adopt our black children and do whatever they want to do to them

  7. Everyone

    My friend in NYC has connections via her coworkers of the “underground” network. Basically EVERY black person who is on TV, famous and wealthy is working *against* you.

    They are puppets to help you commit suicide.

  8. I will watch the second vid when i have more time.I do see how these famous blacks are used against us including oprah,tyler perry,beyonce,lil wayne,kanye,rihanna,etc. I used to watch tyler perry movies but as i started to awaken i noticed a lot of colorism in his movies.In his movies a dark skinned man would be married to a black woman,then cheat or beat on her.Then a light skinned man would come and save her and be her new man that treats her right.Also with tyler perry and Oprah,they were both abused and they make movies about it.The movie precious [i still haven’t watched] is about incest,they act as if it is something only black men do.I have yet to see a movie about those polygamists cult that would rape and impregnate their own daughters even when they had multiple wives.
    Hip hop is gay,just look at what they talk about and wear.What straight man will be putting men before women? what straight man will have his ass out for others,including men, to see? what straight man will turn down a beautiful woman based on her skin tone? reminds me of an episode of boondocks where a rapper was gay and had people wearing skirts and heels because he said it was what gangstas wear. this is how boys will look if they keep following rappers and not thinking for themselves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW6tpk0uquw

  9. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great post! Thanks for the shout out. That “Cabin” scene is very disturbing. But it goes to show what sexual deviants they really are. And they want to normalize this sexual perversion. I also agree with the rest of your post. We have to be aware of all their tactics. We have to keep fighting and stay vigilant against these beasts.

  10. Kushite Prince on said:

    He’s nothing but a traitorous agent. His only purpose is to cause division and hostility between the genders. We have to expose these bastards for what they are.

  11. Ms. J on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    The Serbian Film is crazy too. A white man has sex with a newborn while another commits a brutal rape of a white female.

    Though this movie is banned in 40 countries, the whole film is up on YouTube -_-

  12. Umoja on said:

    The video provided above is by the YT subscriber, Naga Kanyah….DO check out/subscribe to her channel. She explains thoroughly the sinister agendas targeting the global African populous. She’s always under attack, including by YT administrators who clearly are in co-hoots with Tommy and others who have similar channels as he does—to demean the Black female and further severe the bond between the Black male and Black female. There is no such thing as “hate speech” when it comes to this on YT with those who feed and support this agenda. The hypocrisy of YT.
    It’s bigger than we know. Our US govt’ and Britain are both heavily involved in these agendas for the sole purpose of the annihilation/death/destruction of the global African populous—through any means necessary….IR relationships, homosexuality, lesbianism, (Done deal here) and pedophilia….and next….this f*ckery above. The bond between the Black male and Black female, I feel, has already been severed. The concept of a “strong Black family” and community….severed.
    Black females are either single or raising children alone, both left to fend for themselves—unprotected and dependent on the “white man” for survival. Easy prey.
    We are now open to all conceivable tactics of further destruction and annihilation…..rejection and self hate of each other and ourselves, homosexuality, abortion, lesbianism, IR relationships, ect. Depopulation, genetic suicide and death of each other, cleverly devised and orchestrated and made successful through our own hands; yet no one will be the wiser and the blame will be placed solely on the African. Exm, AIDS, created in US medical labs , given 10ml dollars to support it’s progress and the Ebola virus and others. Supported/orchestrated by the US govt’ and Britain.
    Like I said before, Blacks naively and refuse to know and recognize who and what our enemies are; therefore—easy prey. Blacks globally, our indeed naïve that we are under siege, being warred upon, and more fierce than ever before…to our intended demise.

  13. Umoja on said:

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  15. Ms. J on said:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they stopped doing dubious things like having sex with animals and focused all their attention on doing RIGHT by non-white people worldwide?

    Talk about bad priorities.

  16. Umoja on said:

    Coming to our shores soon. Will the African populous succumb to this also!!!??

    “The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

    Steven Biko

    The African has lost their minds!!

    FYI…everyone, do “copy and paste” your comments for safe keeping. They may not go through initially for some reason today.

  17. Umoja on said:

    FYI….do copy and paste before posting. Comments aren’t going through initially for some reason.

    Above; will we succumb to this also!!??
    “The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”
    ** Steve Biko**

    We have lost our minds!!

  18. Umoja on said:

    Will we succumb to this also?! WTF!!

  19. Ms J & Umoja

    I hate to sound pessimistic but for many of our people, it’s too late. We’re too far gone to come back now. I took this week to meditate and figure out my priorities.

    As much as I love us, only we can make changes within ourselves. Whites gave us a raw deal. What we choose to do with it, is up to us now.

  20. that sotomayor guy kinda looks like wyclef jean.
    Whites are trying to get us to destroy ourselves the same way they are destroying themselves.There will be less of them in the future and they are being destroyed by their own will.THey are the ones indulging in all the things you listed.Its the everybody’s doing it so you should too tactic they are using.
    I watched the second vid.I did notice cps takes kids away that should be with their family.How is it that a black child gets a spanking and they try to take that child from their parents,yet a white child gets abused and stays with their family.Or how is it a child predators get parole yet people with less destructive crimes get more time.It should be the other way around,people are so dam backwards.
    Yall remeber that michael vick incident?how is it that he got that punishment for some dam dogs yet whites get off killin their own kids.I saw 2 news stories of a white person killin their kid and only serve maybe 90 days in jail.
    They are trying to put dogs above kids too its sick.

  21. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah Cynical Afrikan told me about that film. It really is taking perversion to new heights. These people are demonic beasts!

  22. Umoja on said:

    When I saw the Zulu gay marriage, I feel it pretty much sealed our fate. Come’on Zulu!! They have (used to smh) the most fearsome reputation in history. As usual, gays by the truckloads, mostly whites of course, are disparaging those on YT who disagree with this mess . This will open the door in Africa for white/males to venture to Africa by the truckloads now ….and opens the door for an increase in pedophilia.
    Now sex with animals….will we succumb to this also. Many POC, Brazilians practice this now with donkeys. You’ll find that on YT also. If this keeps up, I will divorce myself from my race of people altogether and remain sovereign away from civilization. Those Blacks who are in a place of no return are the cancer in the populous…they should die also.

  23. Umoja

    Our fate was sealed from the 80’s. When you look at His-Story, whites plan in 20, 30 and 50 year increments.

    When we lost our “black power/ black pride” and sought to be more like the enemy, we were already gone.

    When we saw the Chinese, Koreans, Indians, etc, open shops in our neighbourhoods while we stood there asking, “what’s going on?” We were already gone.

    When we witnessed the rise of single motherhood, while our men left for prison and white women, we were already gone.

    This is our final call.

    It’s either do or die.

    And many of us will rather die than do.

  24. “Sexual pleasure should not be the basis on which we make decisions.” – Ani

    “The failure to regulate our emotions will prove the undoing of black people”
    – Welsing

    Sometimes I look at all of the conditioning that’s taken/taking place and wonder if we’ve ever had the will to make the decision. How do we create a victor?

  25. He really is. wow. I never thought about this person being used as an agent by the enemy. Makes perfect sense. Even if not, directly recruited for this, there is some brain control-monarch type stuff going on with his objective, that even he is unaware of.

  26. Bry

    Just the fact that you are asking that question is the first step.

    The second step is to distance yourself as much as possible from The System.

    Baby steps.

  27. Yes, we can’t build marital/sexual relations on emotions like LOVE alone. This is why White people themselves have a 50% divorce rate. And they got us caught up in the same mess.

  28. @ negress

    I have come to that conclusion as well

    otherwise, they wouldn’t be rewarded

  29. The scene I was talking about a month or so ago from Battlestar.

  30. honeytreebee on said:

    The make it hard to adopt our own. And abortion is sometimes pushed by a man who will threaten violence and make good on it. Check out the murder rate for pregnant black women. Does anyone remember the football player who had his girlfriend killed because she wouldn’t have an abortion? Not all but some is due to this.

  31. honeytreebee on said:

    I posted a link about this a while back showing all of the countries where it was legal. This is some sick stuff. I can’t take much of this. I looked at Cynical Afrikans site once and couldn’t do it ever again. It is disgusting what they do it makes me physically ill.

  32. blackmystory on said:

    Truth…read your post and saw the videos after speaking to you. What the hell was that she beast doing with the wolf? And why were those other male beasts getting turned on? Don’t answer, this was a rhetorical question. I suspected that Heffner wasn’t as benign as they make him out to be, but I didn’t know the extent of his actions. I am glad they mentioned Kinsey, because he single handily, as the voice of debauchery, herald in the era of the retro Caligula society. Over, all good post as per usual. I am building my ark right now and waiting for the goshed darn flood to sweep the planet clean of this generation.

  33. Ms. J on said:

    @ DOAN,

    But you wrote a post early on that seemed to endorse Black homosexuality. Have your views changed over time, or not? I’m just curious to know.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I see the debates among Black people about homosexuality as another tactic to tear us apart. These conversations seem endless like the Black male vs. Black female discussions.

  34. Indeed, even for those who stick to dating Black, the eugenical agenda covers that too. The agenda is for the Black man to become more like a Black woman, and for the Black woman to take up the role of the Black man. (Another blogger wrote an excellent piece on sisters ‘hanging’ with their men; getting tatted, acting rough and smoking Mary with them.) Even better if they buy into identifying with the wrong role sexually too. With the dividing line blurred, the confused offspring will look elsewhere for guidance. Confusion and distraction are main attributes of the game of the sick ones.

  35. I don’t agree with homosexuality,however i am focused on myself and what I need to do.It’s the straight men and women that are creating these babies and not taking care of them.We need to focus on how to lead the youth we have into the right direction instead of worrying about some grown folks that are stuck in their ways.We do need to unite instead of being divided by gender and sexuality.If they are on the same page then idc what their sexual orientation is. If/when the gay blacks figure out the gay community isn’t for them, but for the whites,they will want someone to turn to. I won’t turn someone away if we are on the same page and want the same things.

    I also see how we are taught to look at homosexuality as a sin.Yet when we have learned that,here goes the whites saying its not right and trying to reword stuff.How can you tell us to believe in something then turn around and say ooops nevermind dismiss what i said earlier beacuse it doesn’t fit what i’m trying to sell now.

  36. Ms J
    Homosexuality in our culture is a touchy subject. I don’t condone the behavior or it’s eugenicist agenda but I also do try to empathize with our brethren.

    In almost every circumstance I’ve heard, when a black man or woman becomes homosexual, it’s because of some trauma or early life “event” that altered their frame of thinking towards sexuality.

    it’s different from the European who is intrinsically homosexual.

    I was watching an Umar Johnson video where he speaks of giving them “therapy.”
    It really is a difficult subject matter but I will say I do not condone their forcing it on us.

  37. @mstoogood4yall

    That’s the same thing I was thinking!!! Weren’t Africans supposed to be “sexually loose” before? Now we’re “too conservative” when it comes to sex. We can’t win either way.

    Speaking of an agenda, I suggest you all check out Jasbir Puar’s video. She discusses how Israel using its acceptance of gay rights as a way to stifle criticism about its acts towards Palestinians.

  38. And gay Black South Africans are learning that gay Whites are not their friends, of course: http://africasacountry.com/2012/05/24/pinkwashing-south-africa/

  39. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Look at this.Its an anon story from someone who used to work in the music industry in the 80s to early 90s and attended a secret meeting .The agenda was to change rap music into what it is today,to keep the private prisons full.its kinda long but gives a good insight into why the industry changed.

  40. SugarKiss on said:

    THIS IS SO FLIPPIN’ INFURIATING!! If they were as calculating as this back in the 90’s….then Chem Trails, and alien invasions and Police brutality, Illuminati and TV subconscious conditioning….

    Should not surprise anyone.


  41. @mstoogood…..
    I’ve read this article. Thank you. It would also explain why the bond between the Black man and Black female has been destroyed. Any time a female is referred to “hoe”, “bitch”, to be used as a sex toy, the shade of someone’s skin demeaned, ect….it will be impossible to love, respect or honor her. In addition when a race of people refers to themselves as “n**a” as the music industry purposely and intentionally promoted, that race of people will have no respect, honor or love for themselves or each other…..let alone unity.

  42. Crissjensen on said:

    boy that Mr. Sotomayor, is somthing esle. man talk about selling yourself and being a self-hater, he’s face should be next to the word’s. Sad! case of a black man like him.

    those videos he put up is full of self hate and evil against blackwomen thats all he sit and talk crap about and prays white women. wow!

    things are changing and r only going to get worster for us as a ppl world wide.

  43. Mystical on said:

    I love your work, but i do think you are wrong about Sotomayor. His approach is wrong, but i understand what he’s trying to do. He took the “in your face approach” because to him the audience he is aiming for do not understand subtleties. He is trying to get the black females to stop wearing the weaves and wigs and love their natural self, the same thing you are preaching. He is a bit angry about it, but you, Truth, are more refine in your approach.

    Many people missed his point, but you should know better because you are awaken. For me, i can pick out the bad against us. What Sotomayor is doing is saying that it is usually the females wearing the weaves and the wigs who are disgracing the black race. And to him, it is usually from self-hatred, and until these said females starting loving their blackness and stop wearing the “caucasian hair hats” he will continue to hate them as well.

    According to him, by the sistas wearing the weaves and wigs that are made emulate the other ethnicities, it is showing an extreme adoration for those ethnicities and showing that sistas look up to them, thereby, allowing them to look down on them (sistas). Logic tells us if we look up at someone, it usually means he or she can or has the ability to look down at you. I realized many black females come on his blogs or videos and completely missed the point, but to be fair, he is partially to be blamed, because his tone is usually pretty fiery. However, many of these female either lacks integrity or just outright cantankerous. There is a video recently circulating on the youtube with a white guy showing how easy it is to get black women. This video should be a wake up call to all the positive sistas or those who are on that path, that they are being exploited and used. Moreover, on the video, the white guy usually approach the females in the wigs and weaves, i, myself, would have love to see him approach some natural sisters and see the outcome, even though i know there are natural sisters out there who also lacks self-awareness, but i still would like to see this for comparative reasons.

    On a side note, there is a recent scandalous affair with a mom who tweeted her 16 year old daughter’s pic performing some type of the fellatio on her boyfriend. What i am asking sisters like you and those who share your blogs is to please try and reach out to these young girls, because you guys are on the right path, and some of these mothers raising these kids are lost; also, the fathers are equally to be blamed as they are nowhere in sight. I will leave this blog for now, and i don’t always get to post, but i read it time to time, and you have made a fan out of me. I find you inspiring, insightful and fascinating, so keep up the good work!


  44. Mystical:

    “signs and symbols rule the world not man or laws.”
    ——— Confucius

  45. Mickey on said:

    Here is Tommy talking to Tariq Nahseed, the mastermind behind the Hidden Colors 1 & 2 DVDs. Some interesting things they discuss.

  46. soforeal on said:

    tariq always keeping it a 100,000 that’s why i respect him
    black feminist can’t stand him.

  47. Tyrone on said:


    As black people, we must reject the racist media that is broadcast into our homes on a daily basis. Nowadays, i barely watch tv and listen to radio like i did in the past. Every media outlet has an ulterior motive, as it relates to black people. Hollywood wants us to support “Coonish” blackmen like Taye Diggs and Terrence Howard…they keep white supremacy alive and well. The music industry wants us to support white artists pretending to be black…Adele, Justin Timberlake, and many others. Collegiate and professional sports is a modern-day plantation…black folk need to acknowledge the ugly truth and stop the enslavement of young black men and women athletes. As you stated Negress, whites want us to be like them, which is why all of them are racists by default. The so-called good white people are the biggest supporters of homosexuality, gay-marriage, biracial unions, insecure black people, black athletes and entertainers, etc. We have to limit outside influences, otherwise, our people will continue to be poisoned by the garbage that is coming from Cali, New York, and DC.


  48. Tyrone on said:


    Glass half full my brotha. Black people are the strongest people on the planet, we’ll survive all of this nonsense come what may…Stay Up!


  49. honeytreebee on said:

    I didn’t know who Tommy Sotomayor was, but found him on youtube well… I tried to get mad y’all, but he is so lame and childish and just well… he has no substance and refers to black women as bit!@#$. who could take his seriously. I only listened to about two minutes if, that and already knew enough not to waste my time. Like I say we are better off not even looking at these fools. He is like a car accident just a hot mess and a simple minded bastard poor fool.

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  51. Exactly! You are right.

  52. Great post. I guess I need to stop eating fast food so often.

    And I don’t date Whites, since I am for the preservation of the Black race, I will never, ever date a White AmeriKKKlan man in my life or ever, I don’t chemically process my hair, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t whore around. And especially not with Whites.

    To me, dating and marrying Whites is leading to the death and destruction of our race because other races see us as Niggers. I wouldn’t want to pollute my race or my children’s bloodline with these people especially Whites. I want to have children with Black men who loves and respects me and also wants to raise the kids to love their race and their roots.

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