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A Message To the Black Family

Hi guys. I’ve been super industrious. I planted so many vegetables and herbs, my mouth is watering thinking about roasting my squash, steaming my spinach and greens with garlic, onions and my seasonings. I planted rosemary, thyme, sweet basil and oregano. My peppermint, a gift from God, has already begun to pop up through the soil by itself. Yesterday while I rested my aching back and blistered hands, I sat in the sun and thought, yet again, about my vision. On Tuesday morning, The Spirit came to me and and told me in plain English…like it was a living, breathing person, a piece of information that made me sit straight up in bed and look around the room.

I know by now that it was NOT my imagination. God was giving me what I asked Her/Him for. Answers. You see, a few years ago, my senses became heightened. I could look at someone and “feel their aura.” I sensed danger, unhappiness, even despair and suicidal thoughts. I kept this to myself lest everyone think me mad. At first, I brushed it off as me being too sensitive as I suffer from mild depression. But then “it”…my feelings kept coming faster and stronger. A voice that was living inside my head was telling me things. Things that I had no damn business knowing. Like my teenage patient who came into the ER with her dad was being sexually abused by him and the mother knew and did nothing. And my co-worker who always looked like she was “on” was secretly a drug addict. Let me tell you, it was not fun.

In fact, my depression deepened as my sensations grew stronger. I don’t know how to explain it but it was as if they needed each other in order for me to function. So I did the best I could to quell it. I began to wrap my hair in a head scarf. It helped if only a little. But, I getting away from my topic at hand. I begged Jah to help me. To give me answers. Clues and exact facts of what’s to come. I meditated and prayed and nagged and nagged this poor man to please just tell me.

So one night he did.

In my dream, I saw myself asleep in my own bed. My eyes opened and I got up, walked over to the window and looked out at the dark, melanin-rich night sky. It was beautiful! Stars as bright as diamonds shining brilliantly…I was bedazzled by them. How close they seemed! As if I could touch one. Then, I AM spoke: “You wanted me to show you what’s to come? Here…” I stared into the night sky and saw the night, literally, open up. The sky parted and fire and smoke came from nowhere. It lit up the Heavens like a birthday cake littered with too many candles. I saw shadows screaming and destruction in ever corner. Death had come to huemanity.

And there I was…just standing there in my nightgown, watching it all. I awoke in terror. Tore off the comforter and sprinted into my kitchen to get some water. In my panic, I nearly tore off my hipbone on the center island not looking where I was going…too scared to look for the light switch. It was many, many minutes that my heartbeat returned back to normal and I could think. Surely it was a dream. After all, why would Jah show me such despair? Oh yeah…ask and you shall receive.

From there, I was given more visions, each one plainer and clear than the last of huemanity’s fate on earth. I stopped asking The Most High for clues. The ones He had given me were plenty and frankly I didn’t want to know anymore. Then, Tuesday morning happened. I spoke about this with my family and we decided that since I’m being watched and I have spies and enemies on my site under the pretext of being a “concerned commenter”, that I should not share this vision.

Not entirely.

I was given a name. A name that I never heard before in my life. The Holy Spirit told me where “it” came from. I looked “it” up and did some research on the internet was startled beyond belief at the plain-as-day facts about this name. Goosepimples littered my flesh as I realized what this could mean. My brother helped by giving me an article he found on the origin and some biblical references regarding “it”. Both he and I are in a state of shock. As I write this, my hands are trembling and I wish to weep for the black race. We are the most important and necessary beings in the universe. That’s why whites never killed us off during slavery.


Black Family, please hear my words.

Even though some of you will no doubt claim my insanity, ignore me, brush me off and go back to your regular programming, allow me to tell you the truth as best as I know how. What I am about to say is not out of hate or anger or rage at whites. It’s the harsh truth. Many of you will NOT UNDERSTAND, NOT CARE AND WON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY OR DO WITH THIS INFORMATION. SO YOU’LL ACT LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO WHEN SOMEONE TELLS YOU THE TRUTH: YOU’LL TURN ON THEM. At this point, I really don’t care what kinds of names you call me.

Here goes:

White people were put on this planet by an alternate being to destroy it and us. They too are being used by this entity but they do not know it. Due to their innate xenophobia, this entity knows of their intense hatred, envy and fear of Dark Matter. It instills fear of white death in them and they in turn, seek to destroy the one thing that will save their lives. The biggest mistake whites made when the Ice Age was over was continuing to mate with other whites. They should have mated with us (I can see some you saying, “Are you serious, Truth?!”) to become Dark Peoples once again. But they didn’t. That was their downfall.

Now, as Mother Nature would command it, they will perish. But sadly, so will we…if we don’t wake up now! This energy looks for us and taps into our fears and insecurities about ourselves. It then manipulates us by our emotions. Remember him:


This was NOT a tall tale or a figment of Mr. Craven’s imagination. He was telling you exactly what was going on.

Black Family, the Devil is real. It is NOT a figment of childhood folklore. It is a real force on this planet that is conjuring up real problems and tribulations for us. The war that we fight daily is not physical despite what you “see” on tel-lie-vision. It is a manufactured reality to trap you in your haze. The real war is Spiritual in nature. This entity wants your spirit, your aura, your soul. It is real. It feeds on melanin.

The only way I can think of right now to combat this is by:

1. Distancing yourself from “The System” as best as you can. What does that mean some of you may ask? If you honestly do not know the answer to that question after ALL my posts, all my explanations, all of our dialogue and all of my warnings, Matari’s warnings, Miss Pam’s warnings, Gat Turner’s warnings, Blackmystory’s warnings, Santified Brother’s warnings and Nmaat’s warnings, then there’s nothing more I can do for you at this point.

2. Mediate daily and strengthen your Spirituality. This is number one!!! I’m not speaking of religion. Religion and Spirituality are two very DIFFERENT things.

3. Know that you will die. There is no way around it. Death is not the final chapter but only the beginning.

4. As HunglikeJesus says, “Let them chips fall where they may.” He was telling the truth all along.

There’s not much more I can give you regarding “fighting” this Evil. We are out-gunned, we have no weapons of mass destruction as we are not intrinsically a destructive peoples and frankly, even if we did, we would not use them. God has given us the ability to understand at a DNA-level that the Universe and all of its creature must co-exist together in order for survival to continue. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this. Well, that’s it, my family. That’s all I can do. Please know that whatever comes, I tried my best to awaken those of us that are receptive to being awake. And know that even though I become frustrated at black people, I love you all. Good luck in your awakening.

I shall resume my planting and meditation now. Enjoy your day.

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106 thoughts on “A Message To the Black Family

  1. When your on point sister truth you are on point. What you are open to a select few are privy to see because they deny it. Tied down by many chains motivated by their lower carnal self. Each of us has a very specific mission to inspire more awakenings. But first and foremost we are meant to survive the endgame is near. Only those sincere ones who strive to perfect themselves to serve the most high will be left standing. Embrace your higher self

  2. honeytreebee on said:

    So, is this the end of your posting topic Negress? I hope not, but understand if, it is. I know doing these posts take a lot out of you and after a while you need your rest.

  3. Kushite Prince on said:

    Nothing but truth. I feel you sis.

  4. Leviqueen on said:

    I feel you. This entity that put whites here on earth with us was seeking to infect the earth and inhabitants with a virus. We should mate with a virus thus killing ourselves. The virus will eventually die off for the earths immune system including its inhabitants is exceptionally strong. Good riddance to this virus, as much as whites would love to absorb themselves into the melaninated population thus circuming and accepting their own extinction they would never do. That’s why it’s easier for them to attempt to kill of millions upon millions of people. The Most will eventually destroy this entity along with its virus.

  5. Leviqueen on said:

    *we should NOT mate with this virus…… TYPO

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  7. Sugarkiss on said:


    Very powerful words. You have been as real with us as Hue-manly possible. I’m so grateful to have stumbled onto this site and learned as much–as well as had many of my own thoughts and theories shared with many of the posters here.

    I do think that the heightened conscious period that we are experiencing is happening as it should. As asleep as many of our brothers and sisters are, there are many more beginning to see through the veil as well.

    The understanding and development of our spiritual selves is absolutely necessary, I see the piqued interest in MY children with no exposure to meditation randomly sit and the cross legged position with their palms up, close their eyes and “rest” –even if just for 15 seconds or so, before getting up playing again. These observations give me hope.

    I know we are deeply involved and invested in Mother Earth and are fighting at EVERY LEVEL, every dimension to make sure she rids herself of the succubus that is the Caucasian “race.” I’ve made several claims to theories about them and their sudden entrance into history on this blog–the fact that they were seeded by an alien race…

    “God has given us the ability to understand at a DNA-level that the Universe and all of its creature must co-exist together in order for survival to continue.”

    I do believe that will all my heart that is why we are always subject to violent control and manipulation. We just don’t have it in us to be the terrorists that whites are without the blink of an eye.

    Which is why #2 is IMPERATIVE for us to develop. Thoughts and intentions shape reality. That I believe 110% 🙂

    We can do this. We have to.

    Thank you Negress for sharing as always.


  8. Kal

    Carnal self.

    You said that perfectly. That’s why debauchery is being promoted to our people.

  9. Honey treebee

    No. I’ll still post. However, I needed and wanted us to digest this. Most will discard this post. it’s to be expected.

  10. Leviqueen

    You said that perfectly!

    Remember my 7 easy steps for countering white supremacy post? What was number one?

    Stop sleeping with white people.

  11. Sugarkiss

    Wanna hear something crazy?

    We…I mean our “thoughts” are heating up the atmosphere and causing havoc for them. I do believe in my heart of hearts that they know this on some level. That’s why *some* of them want so desperately our “forgiveness” and understanding of their past sins.

  12. Truth thanks for sharing this.

    I have lately been feeling anxious a little and feeling like something is going to happen. I’ve been feeling like i need to pray and fast so that is what i shall do. I had a weird dream a week ago but can’t really recall what happend all i remember is shouting about things in my dream.The bible told us that the devil will be on earth with us,this is his playground.We are the pawns,without us its game over.Its like a chess board with no pieces,they need us.Truth what about indigenous people they didn’t wipe them out entirely do they need them as well? I know whites wouldn’t be able to survive without any person of color because they are afraid of work. slaves were used as free labor,now they use china for cheap labor.Some things never change.They use other people for profits,they don’t care 100% about their own either.THis country was created for rich white men,everyone else is going to be destroyed especially blacks and poc.ITs in the constitution telling us that the one who can vote and have all those other rights is a white man with land.WE were never included in this ish.

  13. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I will add that whites i think know something is up too.Watch shows like doomsday preppers,and you’ll see.They on there stocking up and having drills and escape plans.We need to be doing the same.

  14. Ms. J on said:

    @ DOAN,

    When I started to understand that the Devil was in the form of PEOPLE, I stopped fearing the images of the Black, two-horned monster White people show us. I can’t tell you how many times I have come across racist suspects who act one way with me in private but differently around other racist suspects. I can’t tell you how many times I can just feel tension build up inside of me when I see some White people. I can’t tell you how many just lie right in front of my face saying racism is not a problem and that they don’t see my color. Something is just not right with how they behave.

    I feel so scared for our people. I’m in a relationship with a Black male now who just liked a FB page called “BM + WW = LOVE”. This is not about love. It’s about cruelty and unadulterated power. I might have to be single for the rest of my life. I see far too many of our men – and growing numbers of women – going to their side in this long-running war. If you can’t build great relationships with your own, then you will never do so with anyone else. That’s why even White people make sure that most of them stay together regardless of the sexism, homophobia, classism, etc.

    But I do believe this fiasco will end. Maybe I won’t see it, but I will dedicate my life to making it closer to reality. The Creator, Nature, and People deserve better than the RWS system. We were made to be loving, peaceful, and respectful of all life, but the Devil in people’s hearts makes them want to steal, kill, and destroy. Maybe that’s why they always show good conquering evil in their movies. The good of this world WILL stomp out their evil one day.

  15. Sugarkiss on said:

    Of course, Negress! That is why our women are now, more than ever, shedding themselves of the chemical poison, known as a relaxer! This is why we (and them, of course) are trying to relearn how to feed ourselves, and work with nature to become less and less dependent on our oppressors! We are tired of being physically and spiritually suffocated! These things start deep within us (many times with subconscious help) and work our way outside again!

    This is why we must reshape our conversations with each other to focus on community, love, knowledge and independence.

    All roads lead to what lies within.
    Be quiet and think of freedom.
    -Of Oneness with Nature
    -Of peace amongst ourselves as Originators

    We need to suffocate them and help end this madness.

    Could you imagine the reaction if one day we woke up and THERE WAS NO MORE CROOKED AMERICAN PAPER MONEY???
    NO more 401ks, no more debit cards and digital tracking monetary devices!
    What would whites value?
    Who would become the violent ones??

    You would need to learn for yourself, to take care of yourself!!
    How much of that knowledge is already within them, waiting for activation, like it is with us?

  16. Mstoogood

    Please know that this is NOT about money. Money is worthless. Always has been to these “beings.” But to us, they make it necessary for our survival.

  17. Sugarkiss

    I’m working on a post on our future, those of us that will survive will need certain things and people in our circle.

  18. Gat Turner on said:

    This is why I laugh when people say blacks in the west are not africans. I see the Sangoma tradition incarnated in many blacks in America. Sister what you experienced is part of the long and ancient history of African spirutuality. I would encourage you to explore and develop this gift! Seems to run very strong in the black female, my aunts and grandmother all had this gift.

  19. emile on said:

    “Religion and Spirituality are two very DIFFERENT things.”

    I am glad that you pointed out this critical difference because I feel this is where one of the primary tools of manipulation, en masse, that are used against “us” in being able to truly comprehend the realities of what’s going on in the real world. I don’t expect everyone to think like I do, but to me modern religion was engineered entirely to work against our best interests. Before there was religion, there was The Creator. The spiritual potential that resides in each of us is often downplayed and toyed with those who want us to remain victims out of ignorance, intellectual laziness and reliance on others to do the thinking for us. Spirituality is about total growth of body, mind and being. I’m not mad at people for the condition they in which they find themselves, most of which are not even the least bit cognizant of such.

    I know this might raise controversy among us but don’t be fooled into believing that we are the only ones experiencing enlightenment of the times and events occurring around the world. The media is never going to place emphasis upon this because it is not in their interest to do so. Everyone around the world is feeling anxious about the unpredictability of particular events and their gray outcomes.

    The only way meaningful Black relationships are going to work is when like-minded individuals connect. Period. Until you are able to find and take a chance with such a person, you can opt to work on the multitude of other constructive things that will keep your mind off of your intimate and social needs. Let’s face it. I hate to sound harsh, but we all have needs that aren’t being fulfilled and must approach this in the most mature and constructive way. You are only going to disappoint yourself as before with the choice of people who aren’t conscious of what’s really going on. The good news is there are many, many Black men and Black women out here and desire the same results.

  20. Umoja on said:

    “forgiveness and understanding of their past sins”
    That’s one of the biggest deterrents and what has allowed the duration of this whole mess with these beast since their very existence. Our sense of forgiveness and “brotherhood” with everyone has always been to our demise. A clever tactic instilled in the minds of Blacks; therefore remaining in a state of victimhood. Many think to breed with them today will “breed” them out….a horrific lie. They’re pushing this agenda. One’s enemies or ones captors never give you the keys to your freedom.

    Breeding with them not only will allow their survival, yet will allow them to get back into the gene pool and deter their extinction… in addition, continue to corrupt our dna/genetics—breed us out.

    FYI….thank you for my order. (smile)

  21. Ms. J on said:

    Yeah, you’re right. We need to focus on the right things more often.

  22. Umoja on said:

    I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of any demon or devil. I’m not afraid to die, if death were to meet me. I know I live on and just leave this vehicle called the body. I’m not afraid if the African/Black populous doesn’t wake-up to the truth or unite. I know that this awakening is not in our hands and I also know that our ancestors and the powers unseen would not have this awakening happen and leave us helpless and alone. We are to go with the flow of this awakening, fearless and with great courage….listening , aware, trusting and allowing ourselves to be guided and loved. Those who don’t “awaken” are not meant to awaken. We all have that choice. Those who don’t unite, aren’t meant to unite. There are always casualties in war. We’re all brave for entering this plane of existence. Don’t be afraid, all is well. You all are loved and protected more than your human mind can every fathom.

  23. @ umoja i agree

    Lets not forget their pushing of having a color blind society.I don’t buy into that bullish for one minute.How the hell is it supposed to be color blind when i fill out a form i have to check the black/african american box.Their next step to have a “color blind “society will be to erase history.Erase the slavery part out of history books and say the civil war didn’t have to do with slavery.Their tactic is to delete things so there is no paper trail,so people can get over it and forget.
    The only ones who can almost trick their child into not seeing color is white women with biracial kids. I hear them say I will raise my child to not see color,they are the ones who are racist.They are basically saying if the black’s don’t see racism they won’t react to it and then racism will disappear.As if we are the ones bringing racism on ourselves and if we close our eyes it will be over.THey are delusional and crazy as hell to blame the victim.If a white woman was raped they wouldn’t say oh just close your eyes and don’t see rape and it ‘s all in your head,yet thats what they continue to do to us.You point this out to them and they get offended.

  24. @mstoogood…..

    Those are some of their common tricks of denial and oblivion. They don’t have to think about racism/white supremacy. Nothing in their lives compels them to do so. It is their system that benefits them only. They’re totally oblivious to racism; hell most think its a thing of the past!!
    White people who are “color blind” are just apathetic racist and nothing more. It’s a way to avoid an uncomfortable reality. I run into apathetic racist on YT consistently; those who do not confront whites who spew out blatant racism against Blacks, but will confront bigotry towards whites from those Blacks in a heart beat. The “utopia” of the races that these masters of deceit speak of is a wolf in sheep’s clothing; while they beat their chest and preach about a “utopia” with people of color; it is through this same notion of “color” in which they maintain their system of white supremacy. Why would the only benefactors of this system of white supremacy give up such system for justice….besides I don’t think they are genetically, mentally or spiritually able to do so.

  25. honeytreebee on said:

    Glad to know. There is much to be done.

  26. kowaba on said:


    I had been reading a few articles on the curses of Deuteronomy 27. It seems that these curses outline in Deuteronomy is what has been happening to us. In Genesis 6 there is mention where the fallen angels mated with human women creating Nephilim. Are white people of the Nephilim bloodline? The fallen angels wanted to be like God and they rebelled against God following Lucifer’s lead. To me, white supremacy embodies this principle of whites being godlike. Under the system of White Supremacy, they can do know wrong (think of the south where WM were never tried or found guilty for raping a BW), all-knowing (they need to be the expert in everything), all powerful (WP always want to be seen in a position of dominance).

  27. Kowaba

    Your post just gave me goose bumps. You have *no* idea how on point you are!

  28. Negress,

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and NO, you’re not mad or crazy, in fact, I believe a lot of the information that you share with us are divinely inspired. Please continue sharing you dreams, vision, thoughts, wisdom and great writings with us because some of us are beginning to wake-up from the evil spell that’s keeping us mentally enslaved.


    @NEGRESS I understand what you’re saying 100 percent but you need to realize that you need to stop blasting those who are not conscious with things that may frighten them to the point that they’ll never want to learn or even turn against the truth. You need moderation and to focus only obtaining BLACK KNOWLEDGE , BLACK LOVE, BLACK POWER, BLACK UNITY, and SEPARATION FROM our enemies. You should follow some of Malcolm X’s teaching and try not to bring your personal beliefs into the revolution, because those who don’t believe in your religion or spiritual beliefs will be alienated and to be honest we need all the man-power we can get, You should not focus so much on your beliefs but appeal to the fact that we are black kings and queens and forced into a perpetual state of white supremacy. I have argued many times to Black People that many religions are a tool of war to keep the conquered peoples docile for EX. ( if a slave attacked his master he would go to hell, and if he didn’t he could go to heaven where he could finally be happy and free). I believe this logic creates a compliant slave who is too afraid to attack, but when i told people this all they heard was that my religion is different from theirs. since then i have taken religion out of my debates and focused solely on White supremacy and How to stop it. This yields much better results, because i realized that many Black people have been living on a hell on earth and to try to take away Heaven the one thing promised to them to make them happy and all the answers that religion has given them, to take this away angers them , they don’t get mad at the system they get mad at the person who has broken their illusion and this makes them seek out a way to be ignorant once more , it usually has disastrous results. i think it’s best if you make these less personal and not kind of try to force your beliefs on everyone else lest you alienate them, do you see what i’m saying??

  30. Soforeal on said:

    this is Incisive negress.

    we are all insane negress, in order for us to be operating in this system we would have to be insane. all this here we are going through is an experiment, that is needed. our people knew we were going to go through this white people are being controled by our soulful beings in the universe believe it or not. when it`s all said and done the chosen elect will assend to other planets to enjoy life. while whites, asians, indians and negropeans will be stuck in this 3rd dimension on this earth. this disaster that we are going through will only create a bright race out of some of our people osiris talked aout the 100,000 that will assend some of us are here on this blog.

    remember family always stay true to our people and these soulful beings will always guide us and i will say this the way we looked now is not what we are going to be looking like in the future we are going to go back to when we had gold running through our vains and our bodies having the ability to shape shift into anything we wanted.

    and another thing we are not humans. whites, asians, indians etc those are your humans, we are not! we are soular beings. the creator knows each one of our future if you are with this entity he or she will use you for a greater good if you are not it doesn`t matter if you`re black you will get destroyed these soulful beings don`t give a damn. some of our people here on earth are just sacrifices and nothing more.



  31. Soforeal on said:
  32. ynotme

    Thank you for the encouragement.

  33. Kemet

    If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time now, you’ll realize that I cover a wide array of topics like:

    male-female relations
    white racism
    and The Spirit

    I just spoke to an educator who was “in the trenches” so to speak, and she admitted to me that she has no choice but to retreat from trying to awaken the black masses.

    She told me tales of people who would walk out of her seminars, laugh at her or send her dirty letters…all out of fear and NOT wanting to wake up. She was basically saying to them, “Time is running out for us in this planet.”

    When she realized that maybe and I do mean maybe out of 100 blacks, 3 to 5 of them actually made a real and conscious decision to wake up, she had to pull it back. Her family life was suffering, she was suffering and she became exhausted.

    I’m at the point now where I say what The Most High commands me to say. This blog is not for everyone. That’s fine. I’ve told numerous blacks in the past if they are not getting what they need from this adult forum, look for shelter elsewhere.

    As for alienating them?

    We are the most alienated peoples on this planet. Not one person wants us. Not one person wants to claim us. Even black people hate us.

    Thank you for the suggestions, Kemet. I do appreciate the fact that you took the time to read my post. But I won’t change myself for anyone.

  34. Truth,

    I agree, and one can even see it with our most esteemed educators. There’s a video on YT of Dr. Ani being presented an award at an African festival in the states and people couldn’t even close their mouths for 10 seconds. You could see from the look on her face that she was at her limit.

    Same with Dr. Welsing giving speeches after Katrina 7 years ago, people acting like it’s just any old day on the plantation, ignoring her, talking to other folks in the audience.

    It is way, way, too late in the day for this mess and the times you write about are coming, if not by the end of May then by the end of summer. Everything that is hidden is eventually revealed, what to do about that though, I’m still praying for my mind to make it cohesive.

    I think I’m finally going to start my blog tonight.

  35. Bry

    When you begin your blog and thusly your journey, let me know and I’ll support you. It’s not easy talking to blacks, Bry. We are so deep in this poison many of us will refuse your aid.

    When I spoke to this scholar, she basically stated:

    Speak your peace and keep it moving. Those that want to hear, will hear.

  36. Mickey on said:

    Paul Mooney once talked about how some WP “have always gotten up in God’s face” and he began talking about the Titanic and how Whites called it “unsinkable”. There is even that one line in the movie, “God himself cannot sink this ship.” What arrogance. And we all know what happened to that beautiful, “unsinkable” ship.

  37. larissa on said:

    This post reminds me of the time I was walking home at night, and saw what looked like an alien space ship. I don’t think it was a plane because ithas hovering too close to the ground and seemed to be shining lights downwards.

  38. Umoja on said:

    Believe me Negress, scholar don’t mean a dam thing sometimes. Listen what is spoken. I met a “scholar” who was down with this ”awakening”, was aware of much that is going on….but was fine with the IR relationships and called me a “nigga” one day as we were casually talking. It was a slip of her tongue; the same as when Black women refer to each other as “bitch”. She apologized after I confronted her on this poisonous word. I find that some “scholars” are just as poisoned as those who are asleep. Many in the “conscious” movement are using this awakening as a means of income and nothing more.
    Many “scholars”, well educated in their chosen fields but zero education or mis-education to who they are and lacking true awareness. I no longer bother with her because I know when she called me “nigga” there’s more where that came from. Many give much, “lip service”. I used to get so enraged and worried for our people, when I became aware to what was and is going on. Many don’t want to hear “that Black stuff”. I’m not sure if this remark is just the beginnings of war or it’s conclusion of war. You know what I mean here? I’d like to think it is the beginning of war and not it’s conclusion….so I continue on; knowing that more will and are awakening. The rage and worry engulfed me to the point of little sleep. Sometimes when I speak with Blacks, I don’t recognize them, they have Black bodies, yet white minds. It’s identical to speaking with a white racist at times. It is then that I spoke to my god within, ” o’k this was your idea, it’s too big for me”….and I gave a list of those things that only the creator can do; I do my part and the rest , the bigger part , the complete awakening on a mass scale is the creators part….and I’m trusting and holding him/her to it. That is where I found my peace….and sleep. Yes, we are at war, but this war is bigger than either of us can handle alone and involves more than we can fathom. But, oh, yes, our creator knows, rest assured. I no longer fear or worry. I know there will be many casualties in this war….then so be it. There will be great bloodshed as it is in war, but we will be victorious…if not in my life time, but we will. Do continue on Negress. Your information, commitment and work is indeed necessary and NO…do not speak your peace and keep it move’in. Your voice is not to be silenced as implicated, I sense, by that “scholar”. Yet, do go off the battlefield, re-group, rest.. and go in again. I’ll see you on the battlefield.

  39. ‘I feel so scared for our people. I’m in a relationship with a Black male now who just liked a FB page called “BM + WW = LOVE”. ‘

    If my man did that, I’d beat that spell out of him.

  40. I don’t think you’re crazy. The next 17 years are going to be absolutely crazy.
    As for when the crackers were still in caves…I was actually told that when the Nubian women would go over on that ‘side’ to collect water, these beasts used to knock them out and then take them back to their caves to rape. Apparently, that’s what the movie ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ was all about…
    I wonder if there is any truth to this. It would make a lot of sense.

  41. Umoja on said:

    One thing I find odd yet predictable about these beast…you can go on YT and there will be constant and blatant white supremacy rhetoric….whites use the word “n**ga” boldly …no hold-barred with their racist garbage; every conceivable demeaning and degrading comment made…. YET, on the videos promoting IR relationships with their beastly asses….NOT ONE racial slur, NOT ONE objection from these savage beast. If Blacks dare object, you’re deemed “racist” by these savage monsters. See how psychopathic they are!! They speak that comical “utopia” when their underlined true objective is to exploit, demean and degrade Blacks.

  42. Everyone

    Having relations with whites is just one way the “spell” works. They must graft themselves onto our DNA. They despise us yet promote interracial sex.

    That right there should tell us somethings not “right” about them. Nosferatu, Freddy Krueger, The body snatchers, the fog, etc…were all truth wrapped up in holly wood magic and fancy make-up.

    This is real.

    It begins with our food.
    It continues with chemicals.
    It gets worse with spells casted on our music.
    And solidifies with our hair weaves, wigs, relaxers.
    the final step is for us to spawn children with them.

    We are all infected in one way or another.

  43. Umoja

    I’ve met a “conscious” black scholar that tried to rob me blind. He wanted me to buy an 800.00 book series! I love supporting our family but if you think Imma gonna buy an 800.00 book, you must be out your got damn mind.

    I no longer speak with him.

    But I agree…a lot of us are not in it for real. In the future, I will take more time off.

  44. larissa on said:

    makes you wonder how much of what is touted as fantasy is actually true.

  45. larissa on said:

    reminds me of the time when a lady told me centaurs are real

  46. I noticed that too.When the asians and other ethnicities say they only want to date their own they don’t say anything.They only say something when its blacks and sometimes asian women that say they won’t date out.They want what they can’t have.They paint the men of the race as weak so the women will want them.They create chaos to save them from it,and be the white saviour.Also i notice vids uplifting black men and women are deemed racist by them,but vids degrading us they say no such thing. I had to call their dumbass out and they deleted their comments smh.cowards.They say reverse racism as well when we don’t want to include them in things yet they say nothing when whites have an all white prom.i was watching leo muhammad vids last night and he was talking about how whites scream reverse racism when they are excluded because they are not allowed in our organization because they disrupt and deflect the discussion.we did nothing to them and everyone welcomed them with open arms and they spit in our face,raped us,and killed us,they are twisted.then they have the nerve to talk about treat other the way you want to be treated.

    some rappers songs have been banned because they say things about the police and the record label doesn’t want that out of fear violence against the police will rise.Yet they have no problem with rappers making songs about killing other blacks,they don’t care if it increases the violence against blacks.

  47. honeytreebee on said:

    Did you know that some billionaire is building a new Titanic and plans to sail the same course again? WP are sighing up to get on this thing y’all crazy.

    As per Entertainment Weekly:

    “The finished Titanic II, which will carry 1,680 passengers, will be small by today’s cruising standards when most ships carry more than 2,000 passengers. To ensure the meticulous design, a historical research team is working with Palmer’s Blue Star Line Pty. Ltd. As such, there will be four decorative smoke stacks, though the ship itself will run on diesel. There will also be updates to the original Titanic‘s construction that will increase its sturdiness, maximize fuel efficiency, and allow the vessel to maneuver more precisely. Like, say, around icebergs (just an example). Palmer did not disclose the cost of the project.”

    In a statement, Palmer called the project “a tribute to the spirit of the men and women who worked on the original Titanic.”

    They just don’t ever quite do they.

  48. mstoogood4yall on said:

    very true. I think it was umar johnson that said we all have a little white person in our consciousness telling us we will fail.ITs like the nutty proffessor having buddy in him and trying to rid himself of him.I know i have that in me,because sometimes i doubt myself and say i will fail whats the point in trying.A lot of it is subconscious and harder to recognize and change.

  49. honeytreebee on said:

    That ish didn’t just sink it sank they can’t even get it all up off the ocean floor they can only send robots down to look at it and pickup small pieces. They spend all this money on this instead of helping the living.

  50. You’re welcome

  51. honeytreebee on said:

    Yeah I try not to look at those post. BP talking bad about BP need to stop. Wp well what do you expect of them. We need a BP youtube with our stuff only. This way we could find our stuff and when I type in love a black man it won’t show a bunch of WW and when I type in BW it won’t just show a bunch of BM putting them down. We need so much…

  52. Umoja on said:

    For the life of me; I’m trying to understand why these monsters DO NOT interfere or object to the unity amongst the yellows and browns….hell, whites even support, admire and respect them for their progress and unity, ect. Why is that?? It’s sickening and makes me boil. Yet, we are thwarted in every endeavor towards unity and progress worldwide. Yellows and browns possess melanin, why not target them for destruction as they do us on such a wide scale? Or is it because they aren’t easily penetrated? You will not find them trolling on Yellow and Brown videos (well they can’t understand their language, that helps). It would help if we had our own language a great deal. There’s that lack of culture again….our foundation, our strength. I see why they abolished our language, culture, ect. smh

  53. Umoja

    It is because we, and only we, possess the real threat to their annihilation. Also, whites on a “higher level” meaning the super rich, know who we are.

  54. Yes i think language is a major part of it,that’s why they are trying to get ppl to stop speaking spanish,so they can understand what they are saying.I think they leave the browns and yellows alone because a lot of them identify as white and hate us.Just look at the gang wars ,it’s latinos against blacks.Asian women marry white men,so they are fine with them.They have their way with the browns and yellows so they are not a threat to them.Whereas we reject their trying to be with us black women and will not identify as white.WE are a target because of this.
    Since brainwashing us into getting with them didn’t fully work.Since tring to pit us black women against black men hasn’t fully worked, now they are trying to kill us. They want the weak minded ones left to be their” token” blacks,and the strong minded ones gone.This is why they killed off mlk,malcolm,and many others.This is why the kkk bombed churches and schools.They don’t touch the liquor stores and other things that keep us ignorant,no that has a purpose.They fear us unifying,because they lie and tell us we have done nothing,have invented nothing,have contributed nothing,they know the truth that we are the original,strong,intelligent,and fast.This is why they needed weapons to capture us savages.Look at sports,its always blacks dominating every sport we get in and them whinning about it.
    There are two ways people react when they see someone being successful and want to be on that person’s level. Either they look at that person as inspiration and try hard to be where they are,or they try and fail and bring that person down to their level since they can’t reach theirs,people would call them haters.

  55. honeytreebee on said:


    It is not just that they would learn our languages just like they learned our culture. we have to stop dealing with them as a first step. Stop buying from them. I plan on taking classes to learn how to make my own personal products so i never have to buy theirs again. And I will look for black vendors to buy in bulk from too. when I go to the farmers market I now only deal with the black one 98% of the time. What I am learing I share with other black people and encourage them to have a side business going as a buffer to the system and as a way to start to get out of the system. We wouldn’t have to worry about unemployment if, we started our own businesses and shopped black only.

    They know this and this is why they never ever leave us alone. Not even on this site they are reading this and they know it is right what I say. The first step is disengagement and distancing our selves from them. The communication, idea sharing, and supporting eachother. After such this is done Building our own businesses and communities this means information for us by us and our own money system.

    Yes for us we are in special need of our own money Mexicans have the peso, the Chinese have yuan. Where is ours and we should deal with it exclusively and unplug from them. I also think that we should have our money in diffeent banks in different countries around the world as one day the U.S. will snatch our collective trillion dollars then, what do you do. They don’t troll other brown people’s site because we are the corner huemans on this planet and controling us keeps the whole world in check.

    However, if, we were gone the next on the list would be the darkest ones with the most african blood in then and so on down the list till the planet turned white. Then it would be back to fighting themselves again. They know this this is why you find whites all over the world beacuse they can’t be too many of them together by themselves for too long or they will kill eachother. How do you think they keep peace in europe? By killing black and brown people that is the real reason they need them there.

    Have you ever noticed that white people will visit europe and say how wonderful and beautiful it is, but never immigrate there. Europe’s white population is in rapid decline why are they not calling for whites in Canada, Austrelia, America to come home to the mother land and repopulate then they could have all the white cities they wanted. Why not ask or pay for poor white to go there and live and their children can learn the language and move up. They could give their health cae to white people like themselves.

    Why don’t they beacuse they need us as their buffer cause they need something to destroy at all times and if, they did this to eachother then they would go extinct. I say let them have their whites only space all in europe with no buffers just seal it off. Yeah they blah,blah about technology and such, okay we were doing fine without take it and go and don’t come back for nothing ever. Then let’s see how long they will last over there.

  56. Umoja on said:

    I must agree. There is a metaphysical war going on as you’ve stated earlier. I believe the elite whites know this and that we are some bad muther-fuckers and don’t know it!!…so it’s necessary to thwart us in all endeavors. I believe it has much to do with our melanin, hair, ancestors, etc….and our unique connection to some bad-ass awesome, absolute, fearful spiritual POWER unlike all others.. those others with melanin. I know and sense this. I may seem looney toons, but we have the power to create like the wind in days…moments, an instant. That, I believe is their fear. They don’t have this power, nor can they steal or copy it. It’s impossible, so they make sure that we never realize this through all measures. If we did, it would be the end to them completely. It only takes one to realize and tap into this awesome power and apply it steadfastly; but the whole mass of people? Oh, shyt!!

  57. larissa on said:

    this blog has taught me so much. I remember a few years back my dad told me whites hate us because of our skin. Reading this blog taught me what they hate and why. Little did my Dad know that they hate not the skin,but the fact that they don’t have melanin.

  58. larissa on said:

    Know that you will die. There is no way around it. Death is not the final chapter but only the beginning.
    At the risk of being called stupid. I first thought, everyone knows this from about the age of 13. Then I thought, maybe this is her way of saying you are going to die VERY soon.

  59. Here’s something completely off topic. I ordered this book, ” Behold A Pale Horse”, by William Cooper. Suggested by Dr. Phil Valentine. It speaks about the NWO, chock full of information, including authentic documents deemed, “top secret” in this book. No lie, no trickery. You’ll have to see it to believe it, but Dr. Valentine said if you want to know about the NWO, this book is a must to add to your library. It’s true. Well, I can’t put it down. I ordered it from Amazon, received it two days later. It wasn’t delivered by UPS , regular postal service or FedX; it was delivered by this white woman in a blue car with the word “prestige” on the side of her care, she sped out of my drive way after delivering this package that I swear she was dropping off a bomb; she flew out of my drive way smoking, she probably made skid marks….if she had wings she would have used them. Is this unusual to receive a package in this manner, outside of the U.S. Postal service?

  60. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Amazon sometimes uses cheap shipping. I had a package delivered by an umarked white van once,some kidnapping looking mofos delivered it.

  61. Umoja

    I’ve honestly never heard of that method before. Just please be careful. Know that you are being watched.

    A book I desperately want is called Leviathan 666. It’s over 100 on Amazon and I can’t find it cheaper.

    Thank you for the book recommendation.

  62. honeytreebee on said:

    Amazon shipping is crazy. I once had a guy knock on my door with a chain like a biker chain around his neck and an inplanted horn thing out of his head. When I didn’t answer he left the package on the door and split like you said. It was my school books. So, yeah you got off easy and they are like that.

  63. larissa on said:

    @sister truth this site looks dodgy but it may be of help:

  64. @Umoja

    I don’t think it’s necessarily true when you say they don’t have a problem with yellow and brown people dating their own.

    This Asian female talks about White men being upset when she announced she wouldn’t date them in this piece:

    She was on The COWS this past Tuesday as well.

  65. I’m getting ready to read Anatomy of Female Power by Chinweziu – as recommended by Dr. Ani. The book itself costs like 250 on Amazon and ebay, but I found a site linking a free pdf

    Click to access AFP.pdf

  66. @mzchocosensualhedbob,

    I wouldn’t do that, but I will talk to him about this. White women got the Black men of my generation underneath a serious spell. Even “Conscious” Black males I know think it’s ok to date interracially.

  67. @Mstoogood….
    LOL!! Stop the madness…..Amazon is pretty good, but I try to find “black owned” bookstores or many authors have their own source of selling their books; for instance, Dr. Valentine….you can purchase his books from his website or school.
    Well now I’m on the look out for the book mentioned by Negress, ” Leviathan 666″. I may pay the 130 dollars; its volumes 1 & 2 and might be well worth the price…I don’t know. Many books in popular demand; the sellers take full advantage by jacking up the prices. I wanted to get a book; forgot the name, it went for 1,000.00; Yep….I was livid and promptly sent an e-mail expressing my anger and disapproval of the sellers greed.

  68. Larissa

    Thanks but it’s “not found.”

  69. @Ms.J…
    I said they (whites) don’t have a problem with unity and progress that Yellows and Browns share and practice….but I’ll definitely take a listen to the video suggested.

  70. larissa on said:

    @everyone; this post suggests we will all perish this year. Are y’all scared? Or looking forward to the after life?

  71. mstoogood4yall on said:

    i like the beat to that song its so soothing,smooth,and sexy just how i like my men rofl.

  72. larissa on said:

    @sister truth not to be annoying but could you please clarify number 3? do you mean sometime in the future or this year?

  73. larissa on said:

    I assume you’re trying to say we’ll die soon, but the inevitability of death is kind of known universally….

  74. larissa on said:

    DOAN said:
    Money is worthless. Always has been to these “beings.”
    even whites need it to survive. please explain?

  75. larissa on said:

    @DOAN so you believe in reincarnation?

  76. larissa on said:

    Bry said:
    It is way, way, too late in the day for this mess and the times you write about are coming, if not by the end of May then by the end of summer.

    Bry do you also have visions?

  77. bestpartofwakingup on said:

    Negrees, it is a pleasure to finally be able to write something on your blog. Thank The Most High for your spirit and dedication for bring truth, light and awareness to our people. That being said let me start tripping…nah i’m just playing even though i know things are starting to get serious i still joke and keep it light but on the seriousness, I am learning more and more about our awakening. It started at the end of 2011 and i’ve been growing ever since. I’m so thankful. I am going to read a whole heap of your blog posts but what I want to get to right now is, what do you suggest for meditation and how to best go about it? I have grown up the old school baptist way and of course that’s no longer my way of living and thinking but some of those thoughts are hard to shake off and one being that if i meditate then i open up myself for demon infestation and witchcraft and blah blah blah. I can say that i have notions and feelings about things that i know no one else has told me and I can only think that first off this info, if it is correct, is coming from the Most High and second, that these notions are made known to me because i am at the surface of something that i can and should tap into but i don’t know how to do it. even if it’s in your blog, please refer me to it and i’ll do the research so you don’t have to repeat yourself. I’m so turned on by your intellect and love for us, and I mean this in the most respectful and appropriate way, and in that respect, i’m not trying to get at you lol i just want you to know that I am loving your beautiful spirit. I heard about your blog on Verbs Slaying Evil blog and I love everything that both you wonderful people have to say by inspiration of the Most High spirit. So i know i’ve given you such praise and accolades but I give the Highest HalleluYah praise to the Most High and I am happy that He’s allowed me to read this blog and even know that you exist.

    I have my own experience of current interracial dating that I’ll share at a different time. I’m just glad that my awakening allowed me to leave her alone and pursue The Spirit.

    Have a blessed life, night, dreams, days, time in your garden and meditation.


  78. larissa on said:

    am I the only one afraid of our soon to happen deaths?

  79. larissa on said:

    @sister truth I understand if you may be frustrated with my questions, but I just seek clarification, if only to feel less afraid

  80. mswanda on said:

    Larissa, Im confused about #3 myself. Maybe that is DOANs future but not my or any other blacks that are awakened future. My ancestors will protect me as they do now. I look so forward to the futire. The enemy will be slain. I don’t think I was the only one disturbed by #3. Negress can you please explain yourself?

  81. Gat Turner on said:

    What I got from #3, was that the fear of death should not be used to intimitdate us. When you look at our past history of degradation and abuse, one of the things people always used to say was “if they would have fought back, they would have been killed”…So what, are they not dead now anyway. Better to die fighting if death is an inevitability.

  82. What i think number 3 means is that we will die.ITs part of the life cycle,it could be from natural old age,disease,or murder. WE will leave this world some way or another.In our community we see all these deaths, from old age to diseases like heart disease,diabetes,cancer,etc.And even murder,we see our youth getting killed by each other and by the police and vigilantes.There is no way around death.I take courage and peace in knowing death is not the end of life but the continuation of one.If i died today I would be alright because I’m at peace,it used to scare me when i was a child but now i feel at ease.What can be worse than this hell on earth we live everyday.Satan is on the earth,why would i want to stay forever in a place where evil is about at every turn.

  83. larissa on said:

    @mstoogood my question was why mention the obvious?

  84. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Idk maybe because if/when we do get away from this white supremacy and try to rebuild our own thing,they will come and try to destroy us.It will be like black wall street maybe even worse.Number 3 ties into number 1 which is distancing ourselves from them,In their mind rejecting them is being anti white.To them it will be like an animal that bites its master because it wants to be free/wild.Just look at what they do to those animals in zoos that go by their instinct and attack them.Whats the first thing they do? Kill the rebellious animal.In their mind they can tame anything and when it act out on instinct it is bad.They try to change the way god created beings to conform/bow down to them and their rules.

  85. mrs. hugh on said:

    i’m nowhere near as eloquent as anyone here because i just woke up recently. i’ve had this feeling for a couple years now and it came to me entirely out of the blue it seems and it’s made me change my entire lifestyle. it feels to be that whatever is supposed to happen is going to happen really really soon. even now i’m learning to come to terms with my flesh’s mortality when before i avoided even thinking about death. life will never be the same after this.

  86. bestpartofwakingup on said:

    O.K. so here is a little bit about my experiences while being awake. So, I had been single for a long long time, i’m talking 10 years. now in THAT time, i was the furthest from being awake even though I could and would read between the lines when it came to music, commercial tv, and movies. But about 3 years ago, I couldn’t go to church on sundays cause i worked on weekends.

    So, I wanted to know more about the Most High and who changed the sabbath, just stuff that interested me because i was feeling bad that I hadn’t been to church. Anyway, that rabbit hole lead me to know the truth that I’ve come into the knowledge of. Since then, it’s been a different kind of view and even tougher trying to talk to my friends about any of this. They’d rather not have any kind of deep intellectual discussions or debates which is sad to me but anyway.

    So, where I live at this time is filled with affluent white people with a faint sprinkle of POC here and there. So, after living in this area for about 4 years, I decided that I was going to exclude white women from my dating pool because they didn’t seem to even see my existence. Sure enough, soon as I say that, a white woman finds me on plenty of fish and she was cute and so we started to chat. Turns out, we had a lot in common and even though I had given up going to church and was fervent on seeking knowledge of self and OURSTORY(not history), i gave in and had given her a chance.

    Now, she was a cool woman for the most part, but there was something that i kept noticing that she was missing something and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. So as we continued to date, I could tell that she was falling in love and was going to want this to go further because she explained what kind of man and life she wanted and that she’d want to be married to a black man and it looked as though I was going to be that man. I am most def interested in getting married but she was not the one and I knew it but i still couldn’t find out why as of yet. I kept thinking that maybe she was a test because she was a lot of what i was looking for in a woman but I didn’t know if I wanted to commit to a white woman plus she was fully committed to going to church and had no tolerance for learning to think outside of the tight religious regime that i knew too well because i grew up in that way of life. When I tried to have any real deep meaning talks about these holidays and their pagan origin and why we should wonder why the christian church is backing them up, she would get defensive(she LOVED her holidays) and change the subject. Then one day…

    I took her to an art display where they were exhibiting the Underground Railroad and OURSTORY that took place at that time. She’s artsy fartsy and so i thought she’d get a kick out of if and learn something more about black people *side note, she likes black people but knows NOTHING about black people’s lifestyle struggle or culture in this country.* So we go through the art exhibit seeing all sorts of things along the way. Then we finally get to the UGR exhibit and she is absolutely without any shame, completely uninterested. She was like, this is all over my head, and I’m like well i don’t know art but I can at least appreciate the attempt of people who do it. She was just like, uh, ok well I don’t know much about black history cause it wasn’t taught to us until the END of my SENIOR YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL. So i was like, ok maybe she can’t be blamed, she wasn’t taught like i was, and I was completely submerged in black history from headstart to college.

    So from there, it took a turn for the worst, she couldn’t understand why i didn’t celebrate holidays any longer, why i didn’t go to church and wasn’t too well on believing that The Most High made separate a chosen people that look like me and not her. Now, I’m going back to my original interest in the black and brown women, it’s just really hard because i’m either not what they’re looking for or they’re not what i’m looking for. Nevertheless, I agree 100% to distance ourselves from them and if we can come together as we wake up, perfect but if not, I don’t want to head back into cohabitation with them except to work and i don’t really want to do that. So, that is my lil story of my IR relationship and how I’m just tired of the complete disrespect of black people but upon their own heads they store up their punishments.

    Love you all.

  87. bestpartofwakingup on said:

    oh, and to add, about 2 nights ago, I too saw a blue comet like object fly through the sky. It looked like a blue roman candle. First time I’d ever seen anything like that. O.K. I’m Done.

  88. larissa on said:

    the comment you made regarding events happening in May did you have visions?

  89. larissa on said:

    Know that you will die. There is no way around it. Death is not the final chapter but only the beginning.

    @truthbetold, any further comments on this statement?

  90. @ Larissa

    No particular visions, just an overall sense of dread. Mostly from observing how the numbers of destitute and homeless keep increasing.

  91. SugarKiss on said:

    @ Larissa/ Bry

    I came to grips with death when I had my first patient die on me. And then the stories of NDEs (Near Death Experiences) I’d been told, and even a story with my oldest son that is physically impossible to happen without “divine” intervention.

    We are brought up to believe that as time goes by, our purpose is shown to us and if we go too soon, then we are missing out. I no longer believe that.

    I’ve also come to believe that my time here had already been planned, per se. And if I chose to be here, in this day and time as an oppressed person, in this era, then it was for a damn good reason.

    We all have purpose. All of us. And we need to fight with intent–fight the oppressor not out of sheer hatred, but out of love for OUR people. They need to be relieved of their “reign.” They are reckless, thoughtless, greedy, a succubus type of energy that has only done great harm to the Earth.

    We have help, but we have to help awaken others.
    We should get comfortable with mediation, spirituality, harness the unlimited power of the Source that we ALL have ACCESS to.

  92. larissa on said:

    speaking of meditation, do you just sit there and hum/try to empty your mind?

  93. SugarKiss on said:

    @ larissa

    Well, in a word, yes. Mediation involves basically “quieting” the mind and focusing on breathing or other strict focusing or imagery. (I’ve gotten rid of a stomach and headache by actually visualizing divine light clearing up the problem areas and it worked in minutes. No drugs.)

    It is an ADDs worse nightmare, but to quiet the mind is to access that “part” of the mind not obsessed with duality and ego–physical plane.

    Those of us who have been brought as Christians are taught to only “speak” to God through prayer and anything else is just not “right.”

    We are bombarded with with messages, stimili and other societal distractions because a quieted mind that doesn’t get caught up in ego and duality DOES NOT become invested in money. In all this material junk we are conditioned to “need”. If you notice, none of it ever has anything to do with helping others, either.

    When ppl begin to divest in the notion of being “consumers” it’s very hard to control them. Very hard to “sell” them something by controlling emotions.

    ~I know we had an open thread about movies with messages: Have you ever seen Walle by Pixar? Excellent movie regarding the consequences of consumer society, really.

  94. SugarKiss on said:


    There are certain frequencies you can play to help your personal vibration and body for healing and to help you NOT think of other things…I find that frequencies and the use of crystals REALLY help me be quiet. Plus, every night you leave your body and your spirit goes and does other things in other places. So if you keep your intent pure and loving, you are ALWAYS well rested and have awesome dreams. I’ve had a few lucid ones as well.

    This is one that I like:


  95. Matari on said:



    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    And yeah, as far as not being able to grasp something as basic/easy/simple as the UGR (much less our deeper stuff) THEY resonate on a totally different frequency, or said another way – they exist in an entirely separate spiritual dimension… understanding that there are only two types of spirits!

    Interesting how they come from us, but ARE NOT of us.

  96. Matari on said:

    SK wrote:

    “We are bombarded with with messages, stimuli and other societal distractions because a quieted mind that doesn’t get caught up in ego and duality DOES NOT become invested in money. In all this material junk we are conditioned to “need”.

    If you notice, none of it ever has anything to do with helping others, either.”



    (The sound of the hammer meeting the head of the nail!!!)

  97. Even though I still post on revolutions, I know that we are past the fist-pump and Black baret phase. It is a waste of time to vote for puppets, so it is even a bigger waste of time to fight for voting rights. Fight to feed yourself, educate yourself, and free yourself. The revolution is on a spiritual level.
    All the Panthers and others said is still relevant. But, it is all about spiritual warfare. Drop the hate, fear and envy (they feed off that) and get real, strong and spiritual (WE feed off that) instead.

  98. SugarKiss on said:

    @ Matari

    Thanks. 🙂 Sometimes I feel like our ppl are “oppressed” withing the confines of “religious beliefs” –that is immobilizes us. Our minds are totally trapped in expectation.

    Since I have realized this, I have been a much more patient observer.

    You know the saying that growth happens in your sleep (or when the body is resting)?
    Well, in a weird way, it’s true. Be still, be quiet and grow by leaps and bounds.



  99. SugarKiss on said:



    SK 😀

  100. Slice, cut, slice! Lol.

  101. EyesWideOpen on said:

    “But I won’t change myself for anyone.”

    Good. Spiritual awakening has always been, and will always be, an individual affair. We each must tend to our own garden. Perhaps Mr. Shabazz will eventually realize that when it comes to spirituality you don’t water down the message – sheep be damned.

  102. EyesWideOpen on said:

    There’s so much win in this thread it’s scary.

    It’s been many years since I came to the conclusion that these creatures who call themselves “whites” are actually demons in human form. That’s why I was pleasantly shocked and surprised to hear Sister Truth use those exact words to describe them in an earlier post.

    At first, I used to think it was only a small percentage of “whites” who were evil, mainly the PTB. Then I realized that the PTB can’t do shit without millions of scumbags willing and ready to do their dirty work (enforce white supremacy, invade other countries etc). Then I realized that the majority of whites, instead of strongly denouncing the evil being done in their names, fully supports it.

    When I saw those embarrassments to all life forms on TV, clapping like trained seals as the first bombs were being dropped on Iraq – a country which had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 – I realized I was looking at pure anti human evil masquerading as human beings.

    What else should we call creatures that cheer about the slaughter of thousands of innocent men, women and children? And these wicked demons from hell want to pull the wool over our eyes and make us think that they’ve changed, that they’re somehow not like their savage, barbaric, depraved, bloodthirsty ancestors. Like hell they aren’t. I’d love to know, when and where did this mass change / awakening happen? Of course it never happened. It’s just more lies from the masters of deceit.

    Based on history and the present, saying that (~95% of) whites are demons in human form is about as radical as observing that water is wet. Evil is such an intrinsic part of their nature that they lack the self awareness to realize just how evil they are. They are necrophilous; lovers of death and destruction (just look at the movies and video games they ‘love’) and a threat to all living things.

    Which is why they can never and will never change.
    Which is why the universe is slowly weeding them out of existence.
    Which is why until it does we must minimize contact with them lest we become (more) like them.

    As for ‘negropeans’? Forget about them, they’re hopelessly lost souls who’ve thrown in their lot with their oppressors despite their oppressors contemptuously giving them many wakeup calls. It’s up to them to save themselves.

  103. Eyeswideopen

    Whites are devoid of a key chemical that makes them more hueman: Melanin. Parasites and other wormlike creatures are also devoid of colour. No coincidence there.

    When I spoke to Dr. Bey and she broke it down for me about melanin, how they are kidnapping us and “melting” our organs and injecting themselves with our God-given essence, that was the final piece of the puzzle for me.

    I honestly do not know what they are but I do know that they are NOT US. As for the Negropean? Leave her/him alone. As Professor Griff told me last year,” Sometimes the wolf does the sheep a favour.”

  104. Pingback: A Message To the Black Family | Kemetix

  105. @Eyeswideopen
    Well said, Your statement is right.

    ”t first, I used to think it was only a small percentage of “whites” who were evil, mainly the PTB. Then I realized that the PTB can’t do shit without millions of scumbags willing and ready to do their dirty work (enforce white supremacy, invade other countries etc). Then I realized that the majority of whites, instead of strongly denouncing the evil being done in their names, fully supports it”

    Most Whites today are just like their filthy ancestors but they aren’t as savage and brutal. In fact, most of them get all defensive when we talk about the bad things their ancestors did to Blacks and Native Indigneous Indians. That should tell you something! Many of them support the White supremacist system of AmeriKKKlan too without realizing it and conform to AmeriKKKlan’s racist ways!

    But there are only a few good Whites out there and we should recognize them too. I know most White AmeriKKKlans are evil, racist and just bad people all around but there are a few good ones too. They make up 5% to 10% of the population of this country.

  106. kowaba on said:

    Dr. Anderson talks about white validation.

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