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Open Discussion #12

Guys, I won’t lie, I feel a little burnt out. This week, I shall be meditating in the sun, getting ready to start planting in the next 2-3 weeks, stocking up on food and water and supplies, reading a little Garvey and playing some Otis Redding. Up here, it’s getting very pretty and the deer are out and wandering around with their children. I have an almost irresistible urge to saunter up to one and pet it. But I digress…

My soul is in need of recharging since my visions have been coming almost every night. I’m not sleeping well and it’s entirely my fault. I begged and pleaded with The Holy Creator a few months ago to show me what will come…and boy did He ever! I think I’ll leave Him/Her alone now.

Enjoy this open thread while I “get it together.”

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134 thoughts on “Open Discussion #12

  1. Ms. J on said:

    Hi DOAN!

    So I came across this new trailer called “The Purge”. For one day in the year, all forms of crime are legal – including murder and rape. The government does this each year to all the public’s rage and deviance to come, but unemployment and crime are not problems otherwise.

    What do you think will be the effect of this movie? Could this be a message to White people, many of whom are stockpiling guns since President Obama won?

  2. Ms. J on said:

    May I also add that the white people wearing masks are coming after the black guy who ends up in the rich white people’s house? WOW.

  3. Ms J

    In the media, there are NO accidents or coincidences. They did this on purpose! You know what’s happening now as we speak, right? O-bomb-a is in Israhell planning to kill Iranians. They wanna start WW3 and ultimately Martial Law.

    They need a “planned event” or a catalyst to jump start this revolution so I’m 10,000,000% sure that this movie will plant seeds in white people’s mind who the real “enemy of the state” is.

    Also Brad Pitt is coming out with a movie about aliens and Martial Law. Coincidence? I think not.

  4. Mickey on said:

    We are discussing this movie on another website that I visit. The posters bring up some very good points about this so-called “Purge”. And since the White people are chasing a Black man, I guess lynching is now legal for 12 hours. SMMFH.

  5. Ms. J on said:

    @ DOAN:

    That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking.

    Even a White person wrote a whole blogspot saying the same thing. He said that it would be great if Blacks, Hispanics, and all other “Third World” would be purged from White people’s collective home – Amerikkka.

    They really tell on themselves.

    I hope this movie serves as a wakeup call to the people who act as if this nation is becoming more diverse and unified. The people in power believe in White supremacy and plan to take us BACK in time. But many Black people won’t get, sadly.

  6. Mickey and Ms J

    It’s gotten to the point now that blacks who are not “getting it” aren’t gonna get it. Leave them alone. I have no more energy to waste.

  7. Mickey on said:

    The Blacks that won’t get it will be the ones back in the cotton fields singing, “Oh I, wish I were in the land of cotton…..”

  8. Ms. J on said:

    True. Even with all the warning signs out here… smh.

  9. @ Negress

    I can definitely relate to that “burnt out” need to recharge the batteries feeling

    you have definitely been on the case, time after time with your super informative blogs

    everyone needs a break once in a while

    and when you come back, I hope you’ll share your visions with us!

  10. Ms. J on said:

    I think they’re gonna be the ones getting purged first.

  11. Guys

    How do you like the fact that in most of these movies, it’s always a black or non white person who’s the catalyst for destruction?

    Or…it’s a “darkly dressed” white person. Or it’s a dark coloured beast, monster, vampire, zombie, etc…

  12. You deserve a break. Let the rest of us catch up with the articles you have been posting. The hair article is on point. I would add another bias to it. That dark-skinned women are ridiculed for looking like men when they sport dreads. While the lighter skinned sisters are said to be looking for their roots. Uhm? It is just hair. What roots are white people looking for when they go through the trouble of knitting their hair into dreads?
    Oh, that reminds me. WTF happened to India Arie?! I know certain foundation can give off a whitish glow, and that magazines are eager to ridicule strong Black artist and whiten them for print. But… was there also foundation on her legs?! Maybe she is giving that Zoe starlet a run for her money. To show how improper it is to darken OR whiten. Giving impetus to the discussion on skin bleaching?

  13. Pete
    The pressure finally got to her.

    As for caucasian beings with dreads and cornrows and Chinese bumps?

    Only they can answer that sickness.

  14. India trying to look lighter while her strength is in her Blackness. White Pete trying to look Black while remaining sickly white. Insanity indeed. I am tempted to shave off my hair and paint a big smiley on my head. It will not happen, as Setan might take it for a bull’s eye.

  15. Ms. J on said:

    That’s why they refuse to stop practicing racism. If you always depict your victims as evil, menacing, and a threat to society, then you must always be at war with them.

    We have to stop thinking that RWS act of ignorance and start to understand that they purposely mistreat us because they like to. You can’t call yourself a human being and do all these horrible things to people unless you see it as fun. That’s why “Horror movies” are seen as a form of entertainment.

  16. Creator………. can they be any more fucking blatant?

  17. Ms J

    I watched this piece of shit movie trailer again and just noticed something. The date of release is at the end of May. Isn’t O-bomb-a supposed to decide on Iran this summer?

  18. kowaba on said:

    I find it interesting that the masks they wear have no eyes. You know that saying, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” Are the masks symbolizing that these people are soulless?

  19. kowaba on said:

    “We have to stop thinking that RWS act of ignorance and start to understand that they purposely mistreat us because they like to. You can’t call yourself a human being and do all these horrible things to people unless you see it as fun. ”

    So true. WP are groomed by their family, friends, and society to mistreat non-white people. In no way are WP ignorant of this fact. It’s impossible. It’s just they are that good at tricking people. White supremacy is master manipulators at work.

  20. Ms J

    Whites are unable to stop their xenophobia. Lack of melanin causes behavioural defects, lack of spirituality and rage and aggression.

    it’s almost “not their fault” for being fucked up.

  21. Pete

    That devil is real. It’s not a fantasy or folklore. There are indeed spirits that are working against us on this planet.

    But…there are also spirits that have been watching over us for protection too. It’s time we tapped into our “other worldly” allies.

    Do you know The Dogon?

  22. emile on said:

    I just love it when these people “project” this type of propagandistic bullsh*t onto others. Here’s statistic that’s kept pretty quiet among the trash-talkers:


    Click to access cbpp2010.pdf


    “Also, contrary to what a substantial share of Americans may assume, NON-HISPANIC WHITES receive slightly more than their proportionate share of entitlement benefits. NON-HISPANIC WHITES accounted for 64 PERCENT of the population in 2010 and RECEIVED 69 PERCENT of the ENTITLEMENT BENEFITS. In contrast, Hispanics made up 16 percent of the population but received 12 percent of the benefits, less than their proportionate share — likely because they are a younger population and also because immigrants, including many legal immigrants, are ineligible for various benefits. Non-Hispanic African Americans account for 12 percent of the population and received 14 percent of the benefits.”

    These hypocrites are forever castigating non-whites for being on welfare when they are the main sucklings on the biggest tit of the gub’mint. Meanwhile, Blacks, Hispanics and other non-white people are out here working, running businesses, becoming entrepreneurs AND PAYING TAXES yet not receiving proportionately any of the same benefits we pay for when we’re down on hard times. So who really needs to be “purged”? Is this the 47% of the population that was referred to in last year’s election campaign? Who are they foolin’??!!

  23. I believe it’s about JUSTIFYING the planned genocide of large numbers of non-white people, not by just white people but also by OTHER non-white people.

    the anti-blackness among black people is at an alarming rate

    where I work I hear black people blaming other black people for EVERYTHING, especially for what white people are doing to black people,

    and especially black people who have a crumb of bread blaming black people who don’t

    despite the number of so-called middle class black people who are joining the ranks of the unemployed and poor but refuse to see what is happening

    I think integration and sexing white people and black people watching a lot of these movies and TV shows that scapegoat black and non-white people are some major reasons

  24. Kushite Prince on said:

    That trailer is very telling! I’ve never heard of this film. But I will spread the word about it. There’s a lot of truth in films today. But you have to have a keen eye to “see” what’s really going on.

  25. Umoja on said:

    “Purge” and “12 hours” ….this is no coincidence. This movie is easy to decode. Dr. Phil Valentine always said never watch a movie for entertainment purposes; take a pad and pencil because “they” are telling us what they are planning.

    12 hours…..like the 12 days of X-Mas. Which used to be the 12 days in which the Greeks were allowed to commit all crimes; pedophilia, bestiality , rape, robbery, murder, ect
    ….it was then changed to the 12 days of X-Mas by the Church in order to appeal for church members. This can be found on YT, I don’t know how to upload videos here.

    Race War? We’ve already entered that—IR relationships with whites, the fierce promotion and support of homosexuality/lesbianism (depopulation method) the degradation of the Black female, break the bond between the Black female and Black male via all media engines, skin bleaching/whitening of celebrities or suffer the end of their career, the effeminization of the Black male both here and abroad, bogus mass incarceration of the Black male, genocide of the African populous, killing or the Black male/female here in the States with impunity,…and the list goes on…..
    It’s already started people; they’re not going to kill us outright; they’ll be slick about it with much planning. Marshal Law will be infiltrated covertly and cleverly and no one will be the wiser to who implemented or started it all. I say, shoot to kill when that happens; believe me—these white savages are just waiting like the animalistic prey they are for the word “go”, or any opportune time to kill Blacks….Shoot and kill is all I have to say.

  26. Kushite Prince on said:

    The author of that post is a racist of crap! His world view is very skewed. However in this country,he is not alone in this thinking.

  27. This movie along with Saw, Hostel and other kill ‘n torture films are white peoples way of telling us the many ways that we’ll die.

    this is some gangster shit, ain’t it?

    Also, contagion and a cabin in the woods are great flicks to watch with a pad and pencil.

  28. Mickey on said:

    @ Umoja,

    Just copy & paste the YT link into the reply box and the video will post.

    Also, remember the movie “2012”? Notice that when the people were getting on the Arks during the destruction of whole cities and such, the Arks were headed where – AFRICA!

    Did anybody pick that up but me? Everyone had to go to the Motherland for safety.

  29. I think they are planning on world war 3. Just look at this trailer for Olympus has Fallen. In this movie trailer the villian is an asian man. could they be trying to tell us we will go to war with north korea. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwx1f0kyNwI One of the men says we don’t negotiate with terroists,that sounds like something they’d say to convince us we need to go to war. World war z has pretty much the same theme that the world is in chaos.They are definetly trying to tell us something but ppl are blind.Just look at the comments on the Plmpus movie,ppl are denying it and saying its a coincidence and it was made before kim jong made those threats. Look at the trailer for After Earth starring will smith and his son.Its about humans that were forced to leave earth due to the earth basically ridding itself of humans and everything attacks humans. The earth flourishes after the humans leave. Then a thousand years later they try to come back.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/After_Earth

    THe message i get from them is that the world will be in a world war 3 and will be almost destroyed and they will rebuild on another planet.

  30. I think they are planning on world war 3. Just look at this trailer for Olympus has Fallen. In this movie trailer the villian is an asian man. could they be trying to tell us we will go to war with north korea. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwx1f0kyNwI One of the men says we don’t negotiate with terroists,that sounds like something they’d say to convince us we need to go to war. World war z has pretty much the same theme that the world is in chaos.They are definetly trying to tell us something but ppl are blind.Just look at the comments on the Plmpus movie,ppl are denying it and saying its a coincidence and it was made before kim jong made those threats.
    Look at the trailer for After Earth starring will smith and his son.Its about humans that were forced to leave earth due to the earth basically ridding itself of humans and everything attacks humans. The earth flourishes after the humans leave. Then a thousand years later they try to come back.

    THe message i get from them is that the world will be in a world war 3 and will be almost destroyed and they will rebuild on another planet.

  31. Mickey on said:

    Well, Katt Williams did say in one of his comedy specials that when he was on CNN, they were talking about the discovery of “super Earths” and that “they are planning on leaving us here!” Remember that saying of many a truth spoken in jest?

  32. Ms. J on said:

    @ DOAN:

    I don’t know when he’ll make the final decision, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens on the global plantation.

  33. The more I Ponder this movie, the clearer things are becoming. Thank you Ms J. What this movie says is this:

    1. Man is an animal and has basic primal instincts that need “purging” hence the name of the film.

    2. Even though crime is down and folks have jobs, society still isn’t contented with Nirvana.

    3. The clip of the neighbor sharpening his machete shows the methodical nature of white people.

    4. The government is promoting crime against anyone that society feels “deserves” it.

    5. The black man needs “saving” by the rich white saviour.

    6. The rich white family will learn the error of their ways by trying to help a lone nigger who doesn’t deserve it.

    7. The movie tells white people “this is what will happen to you if you get involved with ‘dark people’…death.”

  34. Mickey on said:

    #7 has happened in plenty of movies (i.e., Posse, Django Unchained, etc.)

  35. Miss Pam

    On my “7 easy steps”…post, my number one way to fight demons is to stop sexing them!

    Since they need our DNA to live, leave them alone and let them die off.

  36. Ms. J on said:

    @DOAN: I thought the same thing about #4-7!!!

    But what’s Nirvana?

    I’m gonna watch this film when it comes out, and I’m gonna have my pen and pad. What other films do you suggest I watch?

  37. Ms J

    Nirvana is peace. Or enlightenment. Hmmm…I don’t watch much TV. Let’s see…A cabin in the woods was good.

    Ummm…help me out here folks.


  38. Oh wait!

    My favorite movie…They Live.

    Please see that one.

  39. Ms. J on said:

    Yes, I’m at the point where I see actual people as demons.

    Have you ever come across White people who you INSTANTLY found didn’t like you and you didn’t like them? My spirit just gets this horrible vibe.

  40. soforeal on said:

    Urban Retrospect.

  41. Umoja on said:

    The Matrix and Aliens. Both have been showing NON-STOP for months now; and all their sequels. ( I know everyone’s lines now, no kidding)

    The dam Planet of the Apes also……pad and pencil for them all.

  42. larissa on said:

    To all: is it possible for a person to undergo a psychological/spiritual transformation in a matter of minutes, or does that mean they’ve officially lost it? By transformation I mean go from feeling like absolute shit to felling like everything’s ok.

  43. larissa on said:

    Or maybe it’s just exhaustion

  44. larissa on said:

    exhaustion messing with my brain

  45. Umoja on said:

    ” By transformation I mean go from feeling like absolute shit to felling like everything’s ok.”

    Sounds like a mood swing to me. Just a wave of emotions. You may need some rest.

  46. larissa on said:

    @umoja ok thanks:)

  47. Amarie on said:

    That movie The Purge looks interesting, but I will not go to the movies to see it as I know it will get white folks excited. It’s better to get a bootleg copy for $5.

    My mother and I have been noticing a strange pattern whenever we shop at a grocery store. When we walk down an empty aisle to pick out an item for purchase, we are suddenly surrounded by white people and their shopping carts and they don’t do nothing but stare or just stand there next to us until we move on to the next aisle and the same thing happens. They don’t pick out an item for purchase or anything, they just sit there like they are confused about something. This has been happening for about 3 months now and I find it odd. Anyone experience this?

  48. Soforeal

    Damn! I was gonna do a post on it later…

  49. Amarie

    Are you kidding? When my mom and I go food shopping, we automatically go to the “ethnic” isle to buy plantains, yucca, etc..

    Almost immediately a white female saunters over pretending to look at coconuts while she spies on what the Coloured Folks are buying.

    Then comes the got damn questions:

    “Ohhhh…what’s that?”
    “How does it taste?”
    “What is it good for?”
    “How do you people cook it?”

    I really want to answer:
    “Why the fuck do you care? Go buy some mayonnaise and leave us alone!!!”

    Whites make it their DUTY to know ALL there is to know about the enemy. That way, they can prepare our extermination. Sun Tzu explains this in the art of war.

  50. Umoja on said:

    It’s a common experience for me now for white females to make their presence known if she’s out with her Black, naïve, self-hating, male victim. First I thought it just coincidental, but soon I noticed it was on purpose. While shopping for groceries, a white female will make it her business to all of a sudden need something off the shelf EXACTLY where I am standing, and will reach without an “excuse me”, dam near knocking me over or bumping me. I was out shopping with my sister; I noticed one of these pompous savages and said to my sister, “watch she come over here and “need” something all of a sudden over here”, sure enough, she left her victim and marched her diseased mind where we were standing, she reached for something without an “excuse me” forcing us to move out of her dam way; needless to say, we kept talking to each other….that was a no-no, she saw that as an affront…. so she made it her business to make her presence known AGAIN because we didn’t acknowledge her…. by coming back where we were standing but this time …reaching RIGHT BETWEEN US without a dam “excuse me”, and marched her ass away, just to place what ever she picked up on another shelf!

  51. anonymous on said:


    I just had to post this. Y’all please take a look at this! I don’t know what else to say.

  52. Amarie on said:

    LOL @ Go buy some mayonnaise. I noticed even in a restaurant, a older white man walked pass all the other whites just to come ask me if the food was good here. Once I said yes, he left only to return with the rest of his family. I will be buying that book.

  53. Amarie on said:

    @Umoja- I’ve experienced this as well. The white chick is all in my way while her man is buy the cart looking around like a lost slave and once I make eye contact with him, he holds his head down. SMH

  54. Amarie on said:

    Okay, she needs to divorce his azz ASAP.

  55. darqbeauty on said:

    They are oh-so-very-nosy about people they claim to hate.We we were our hair out, nothing but questions. Eating our food, nothing but questions.

    We’ve been living here for over 400 years and they want to act brand new about us. They know good and damn well what our hair looks like. What they are really saying is, “So how did you come to buck against our brainwashing”? Our hair makes them uncomfortable because it tells them we are comfortable with ourselves and love ourselves. And Black self love, to them, translates into white hate. They want to see what they eat because they themselves have no soul and depth to their food. They call French and Italian food the “World’s Best Cuisine”. However, in my humble estimation, they can go fuck themselves. They stole their spices from India, China, Africa and the “New” World. Where people have been cooking with these spices for over a millennium. The only REAL American food is the food that WE invented. Creole. Everything else is just biting imitation.

    Though I am much more wary in my dealings with them, I used to be quite friendly with them. I brought a little extra food for them (like strays who have never had a good meal) so they could taste my or my mother’s cooking. The look on their faces when they tasted that first bite. “What did you DO to this”? they always say in that accusatory tone they adopt when you do something they want/wish they could do. My brother used to have these friends come over our house when we were little. He and they were between 7 and 9. One of them had a drunkard mother. The other had the mother considered beautiful with almost white blonde hair and blue eyes. I told my mother she looked like the albino kid at school and she laughed and I didn’t realize why at the time. Anywho, these little boys would “magically” show up when it was dinner time at our house. Especially fried chicken time. We didn’t mind. You know our people have generous hearts, especially when it comes to children. Well, one of them invited my brother to their house for dinner. He left and we saw him 10 minutes later. I was like D***** why are you back so fast (as I was munching on my moms green beans with bacon and potatoes)?
    He said, “That food was nasty”.
    Me and my mother look at each other.
    “Nasty how”?
    “It didn’t have any….like…flavor.”
    “What do you mean, D-man”?
    “Well, I saw her open a can of corn and put it in the pot, then she heated it, then just put it on our plates with some nasty fish stick things. She didn’t put any spices in it”! So I told her I didn’t want to eat her food and then came home”. (My brother, when he was little, was one of those children who would just say whatever came to his mind.No filter.)
    Me and my mother DIED of laughter.
    We told him that this is the way the majority of white people eat.

    When I think back on this story, it’s just another confirmation of what I know. They want what they don’t have. And they would follow us to the ends of the know Universe to take it.

    I don’t trust them. No sir. No Ma’am. All those tasty chains they have? They acquired their “family” recipes from slaves or black workers from the original store way back when. People of color all over the world have a habit of letting them know shit they don’t need to know. Our religious secrets. Our hair secrets. Our technology secrets. Our architectural secrets. Our astronomy secrets. Our math secrets. The Dogon have told them,”Yes we have more secrets. But you will not know. You have proven yourselves unworthy of knowledge”. The Maya (who are STILL here and HATE how the Caucanderthal has hijacked their sacred culture) have codices that they say those fuckers will NEVER see. People would do well to continue in this tradition when dealing with them. They are shallow people, so give them surface knowledge. If they are as great and mighty as they claim, inspiration, epiphany and transformation should happen overnight without our sub-species intervention.

    Anyways, sorry for writing so much. I’m not a constant poster, however, I will write torrents when the mood/spirit strikes me. Thanks! 🙂

  56. darqbeauty on said:

    Sorry for the typos!

  57. Soforeal on said:

    look at this bullshit shaka zulu must be proud and you also have zulu women fucking white men now. white folks stay fucking us up now smh!


  58. @ Anon

    That letter is crazy if it is true.Bossip and essence i think sometimes make up letters to get views,but sometimes they are real.If it is real she needs to leave asap,what is he going to do when they have kids call them his little half breeds or house ni@@s.He needs to be checked and that woman has the nerve to sign the letter as black and proud.I kinda wonder if its fakeI would never be in a situation like that,the first time that happened she should’ve divorced his arse but she too busy worrying about losing her new lifestyle.smh this woman is just like the white women who enjoyed the lifestyle and didn’t do anything about slavery out of fear of losing their comfortable lifestlye.There is another story about a jamaican woman in canada who was picking out a christmas tree with her kids and some whites drove up and called them the n word and sped off. http://www.calgarysun.com/2012/12/08/racists-ruin-christmas-outing-for-calgary-family

  59. Darq

    My mom used to make saltfish with green bananas and yams. For our sweet tooth, she’d make this west indian coconut “cookie” called Puff. Lord have mercy!! Was it delicious! All ginger-y and gooey in the inside.

    Anyway, bringing that to school as a young girl, the white kids would peer into my food and ask loudly, “What is that?!”

    My response?

    “Coconut Puff.”

    “Well…we don’t like coconut.”

    Ummmm……excuse me?

    Who offered them any to begin with? You know what I love? When whites “discover” a new fruit or vegetable. Like pomegranates and mangoes. My family and I have pomegranate and mango trees in the islands…they are so plentiful, we are tired of eating them.

    Then whites “discovered” them and they became the “new” thing! LOL!

  60. Soforeal

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……..Not the Zulu’s!

  61. Anonymous

    White brainwashing at it best! Why ever marry “one of them?”

  62. T.Bee on said:

    Most white don’t speak a second language in this country. When they come up asking questions I just start speaking in another language. Also, I turn it on the and start asking them some probing questions about their diet and what they eat and why? I’ve noticed that they don’t really season their food and any place that is non white and caters to them will eventually water down their food so white people can eat it. In general they can’t take the heat and robust seasonings.

  63. darqbeauty on said:

    DOAN, Girl! That’s their thiiiiiiiing! lol You know how trifling they are! We realize that sulfate free shampoos were better for OUR hair. With the natural hair movement, Black women have been abandoning that made-for-them bullshit in droves. Now what do you see? All these commercials featuring sulfate free shampoos as the newest and healthiest thing. Same with Shea butter, acacia berry, pomegranates ect. If we were smart we’d start a fals underground movement talking about how we found that the secret to our youthful looking skin isn’t melanin at all, but feces. The next day we’d see them on commercials with doo-doo on their faces talking about what they “discovered”!

    DOAN, these people are the punchline to the most epic joke in human history.

  64. darqbeauty on said:

    Negress, check out the link I posted. It will lift your spirits, my sister! 🙂 Cause we’ve alllll been there as Black people.

  65. Umoja on said:

    Dam!…yet Black folks think this IR relationship crap is about love, acceptance and preference, been there done that….yeah, preference to practice, maintain and support white supremacy! I swear, we’re playing with fire and a game we don’t know a dam thing about and we will loose. Period. Whites have not changed and will never change. It is their make-up , their DNA, genetic make-up. They’re the glitches, the psychopaths, the genetic fuck-ups in the world. She needs to get professional help with a Black professional who is experienced in this area, and to deal with her self-hate and rejection…and read , ” Pieces of a Puzzle”, by Reneathia Tate……and drop that savage beast yesterday! She’s unaware of the deep damage being done to her psyche that can last a life-time. These tragic arrangements are in a category by themselves….we are sorely mistaken to think they’re just “bad relationships”. Not so!! Me personally…let’s just say, he would have to watch his back. Nope, I don’t turn the other cheek, pray for my enemies, wait on the lord, forgive irresponsibly, love my enemies, have compassion for my enemies or believe I’ll get my pie in the sky when I die. Sometimes revenge can be the only healing balm.

  66. blackgirlinberlin on said:

    I just wanted to respond in terms of food.. ok again.. living in Germany now.. behind enemy lines as I am now realizing. There is a lot of what they call ethnic food, or foreign food. I rarely EVER see a German national restaraunt with people in it. Normally the Indian spot is packed, the Camaroonian *spelling place is packed.. anything, but German. However, unless you go to a hidden gem, the food is watered down. Once at a jamaican spot, I asked the lady why the jerk chicken was so bland. She replied.. the Germans will not eat it if I make it the way I would back home. When I was dating a german, he ate up all the recipes my mother taught me, and never EVER made his food. I loathed going to the familys house for holidays to eat bland potatoes and meat.. such awful taste these people have.

  67. Crissjensen on said:

    Have you guys seen this:

  68. darqbeauty on said:

    I HATE when restaurants water their food down to cater to them. I mean, they came in the first place because they wanted to try something different. Cuisine is unique to people. And just like their genetics, people of color are willing to water down their food and music to make them “like” us more. I like my food EXTREMELY spicy. The India cook at my favorite place has to cook it separately. On the griddle they use for THEIR food, not the Caucaderthals. I once had someone stealing my lunch out of my fridge at work. One day, I made corned beef hash and put diced serrano chili peppers in it. Because I knew it was someone of the Neanderthal persuasion and they can’t tolerate hot foods or food with complex recipes containing more than 4 or 5 spices. That’s why they hate curries of any sort. Anyways, after I ate my REAL lunch I noticed someone ate the decoy. Then I glanced around the floor. This fat florid faced looking heffa was by the water cooler drinking water at an alarming rate. She saw me watching her and smiling. She looked away fast and walked away. Holding a big ass glass of water. My food was safe. Come one people. After being subject to their foolishness for so long, we know exactly how to deal with them. It is THEY who are truly in the dark about US.

    Wow. I’m a writing fool today! lol

  69. darqbeauty on said:

    I’m not surprised. These foolish Negroes will often come up in society and marry white. Then their white spouses take their money through divorce or death. Then those spouses almost always marry white again. Bringing that wealth BACK into the white community. It’s transparent as glass, yet these fools can’t see through it.

  70. And this one:

  71. Umoja on said:

    I sense that someone white wrote the article, ” There is an idea that being gay is against being African, but being gay is as African as being black, so it’s part of our culture and we are rooted in our culture ” Soon these white savages will write in the history books that sexual deviances originated in Africa….bet.
    President Obama o’k sanctions placed on some areas in Africa, stipulating if they (Africans) do not accept and practice homosexuality/lesbianism…aid will no longer be distributed to these areas. These barbaric sexual terrorist are pushing this agenda globally targeting all Africans…..depopulation and the effeminization of the African male—no threat to white supremacy.

  72. Umoja on said:

    Who is “Doan”? ….”feces”? Newsflash…..they enjoy feces!! Feces is part of their recreation and sex. lol

  73. @ darq, i agree. see this mess all the time and when they get burned by the snow then they have nothing to say and it’s all bw who did to them made them go to the evil snow. lol, but many blackmen are going to get a real big rude awakening! just watch.

  74. Umoja on said:

    Keep writing ….love it!! LOL I’m enjoying everyone’s comments. I’m giggling behind this screen.

  75. I’m done. Literally. Just straight the fuck up done. When the Zulu’s take the fall you know shit is just done and over with.

  76. honeytreebee on said:

    Y’all I have a problem at work. When I bring my food and place it in the fridge. They I know it is the whites and some asains will eat it or take some of it. I have to keep it in my food in my locker or hide it in another departments fridge. I have questioned them about this and they say maybe the fridge got cleaned did you forget to date it? I know who is behind it cause I spiked some of it so I could tell for sure. It has gotten to the point that I go outside for lunch or just don’t eat cause they are like…. ya know. Last time I brought my gpa’s oxtail stew with mashed carrots these hound dogs could smell it!!!! then they wanted to know why i didn’t put it in the fridge won’t it spoil!!! I smiled cause I got a lunch paile with a lock on it. Guess what happened y’all when I heated it up and went out to eat. Guess all of who was eating out too. I saw them before the saw me and when somewhere else to eat. LOL. Okay y’all any suggestions?

  77. Hey guys.

    I just got done digging in the dirt from 11 am this morning. I’m spent, aching, blistered and happy. With a little more work, I’ll enjoy, onions, kale, Rosemary, spinach, turnips, thyme, carrots…and I’m just warming up. Tomatoes, pumpkins and greens to come. I can do this all day.

  78. Umoja

    Revenge will come. My visions never fail. whites are doomed.

  79. Umoja on said:

    Yum!! You just gave me an idea what I’ll prepare for dinner tonight.

  80. Umoja

    Lol! Growing your own food is the best. Nothing tastes like it.

  81. darqbeauty on said:

    1) Buy some of that inferno hot sauce online. Make something savory and tasty that smells good. Then put like 5 or 6 drops in the middle of all the the food.
    2) Kill them with kindness, but with a passive aggressive bent. Talk about how you feel so bad that there are people there who probably don’t have money to eat lunch and their pride probably makes them steal other people’s lunches. White people HATE when we feel sorry for them. 🙂 And I often do.
    3) Bring a small personal ice cooler and keep it at your desk. There’s are ones made for the office or the car.
    4) Just ask them. “My mother and I were speaking about food and how it is quite tied into culture. I noticed that a great deal of you are interested in my food. Soooo…who wants to ask these questions and get them off their chest?” Present it in a friendly and jokey tone.
    5) Put the lunch inside the fridge…and inside the lunch fold a note that says, “I hope you enjoyed my lunch while I went hungry. It must be one of your favorite foods to eat. Here is the recipe.”

    I am VERY passive aggressive when dealing with them. It makes them confused and throws them off. I am an EXTREMELY kind hearted person by nature so my kindness doesn’t come across and insincere. For example, when a customer comes into my work and I put out my hand for the cash/credit exchange and they put it on the counter instead of my hand, I just keep smiling and talking not missing a beat. Then when I give them their money back (and funny how their hands always seem to be open expecting the kind of treatment that they won’t extend to me) I place their money on the counter. No matter how obvious their hand placement may be. And I keep talking. And smiling. And joking. The smile on their faces falter for a moment. Then they keep it moving.
    My Caucanderthal game is on deck. lol!

  82. Umoja on said:

    Keep doing what you’re doing….let them smell your deliciousness and weep. Don’t even give them a taste and sop that goodness up with a biscuit while you’re at it in their faces!! lol

  83. anonymous on said:


    My plugin crashed, but I wanted to include this information.

  84. Umoja on said:

    Too many stray animals here in the suburbs along with the skunks, raccoons and possums. I’m working on dropping out of this system….soon, then growing my own food, if “they” don’t seize the seeds also….come to think of it….I think I’ll stock up on seeds.

  85. honeytreebee on said:

    @ Darqbeauty
    I’ll try #2 soon and let you know how that works out as I tried #1 and that only told me who and they’ll go back for more. They actually complained to management and got a new policy that all food must be in the fridge, no coolers and such allowed. I gave them a recipie once and they all say it doesn’t taise like mine I know it doesn’t casue it is also technique and how you handle your food that matters. Have you ever seen them cook on t.v. shows the way in which they handle food is just with no love and soul. I also tried 5 and it got eaten anyway not in trash. However, they have pride and it would kill them that the schooling, penny saving black woman would feel so sorry for them that she leaves a charity luch out for them saying how sorry she is that life is so tough for you right now. LOL that might work.

  86. soforeal on said:

    will this work on you sistas?

  87. darqbeauty on said:

    Honey@ Try it and come and come back and tell us all of your exploits! lol
    @Umoja DOAN= Diary Of A Negress 🙂

  88. darqbeauty on said:


    DOAN stands for Diary Of A Negress. “They enjoy feces”. You are right, I forgot about that. Old dirty Germans in particular LOVE their scheisse videos. These are some 2 girls 1 cup ass people we are dealing with. How could I have forgotten?! LOL 😛

  89. Hell no this wouldn’t work for me .1 because he white 2 because of the way he askin them out.Why all the chocolate references,and talking to them like we a dam monolith.All it’s about is sex .These women are lame to accept that ish when he being disrespectful and saying be my baby momma and chocolate this.Smh im not a dam chocolate bar i may be the color of one but im not edible.Its like they think all black women want to be baby mommas and its an honor to have a mans baby without a ring,please.Why in the hell do they always bring the I dated a black girl and she liked this like we all the same smh.I’d would’ve been like boy bye.

  90. @So Real I was just about to ask a question with this Video you posted up; since We talk about Black men and white women @Negress I was wondering can you do a post about black women and being Naive where they think White men will treat them right and stay faithful to them and not physically abuse them especially in Hollywood with Black women like Halle Berry and Garcelle Beauvois, Kerry Washington etc, who constantly bash black men and say White men will treat them right yet these 3 black women and several more have been cheated on, beat on and been called Racial slurs by their White lovers despite this they continue to go out with white man saying the typical brainwashing black men are accustomed to that “that White man is just the exception to the rule He doesn’t represent the whole race” even in the comment section of that Video you have black women saying white men treat women with respect despite the fact this whie man in the video said some very rude things to the but the black women in the comment section want to dismiss it and say oh he has “swag” confidence etc.

  91. soforeal on said:

    you should read the comments white boys are clowning those women even saying it’s so easy to get a nigger woman. smh

  92. I see the hypocrisy in both situations. Some black women say white men are not bad and they will treat you right,then when the white man disrespects them they still date white men.ITs crazy that some black men and women fight over this interracial mess.WE are shouting about pretty much the same thing,that there is a double standard and the black man/woman dating a white man/woman says they are better than black women/black men. Some black men will say white women are better than black women even when the white women diss them and call the cops on them every fight they have.They say she is being feisty.If a black woman did that to them they say she is bad and stereotype all black women.
    The same with some black women dating white men,they have a white man saying racist jokes and talking about their hair,they ignore it.If they date black men that do anything like that they tell them off and stereotype them.
    Black ppl like that sicken me and so do the ignorant ones that say you are acting white if you want to get educated or are articulate.They stay in ignorance and are conditioned to believe white is right even when it is so wrong.Every good thing to them is automatically white,everything bad is black,they hate themselves.They date a white person who is bad and they make excuses for them.They date a black person that’s bad and they stereotype them.I avoid blacks like that.They are not real and are lost.

  93. Umoja on said:

    NO!! He’s blatantly mocking and disrespecting them. Unfortunately, these Black females are naively giving him the time of day by allowing him to mock, demean and disrespect them. I believe it’s because many Black people naively think it’s flattering that a white beast may find them attractive and appealing….yeah, for a sexual toilet. smh. Be careful these beast are psychopaths, if you don’t truly understand what that is, look it up. They are masters of charm and deceit. He seems to think he can approach Black women so cheaply and suggest sex immediately….sex toys. Nothing has changed and never will with these savages. The comment section to this vid is filled with the USUAL racial slurs and filth. Count-down to their extinction. Period

  94. I think most interracial ish is for attention or other things not love.If it was love why is it that when alot of black men date white women they will look in disgust at black women dating white men.In my opinion, if you happy with someone you don’t care about who everyone else is with, you just care about you and yours.If you saing that white woman is a steak then why you worried about who eating the hamburger. it seems the blacks that do this are playing a game of two can play that game.If it was love there wouldn’t be games.Its like they try to make each other jealous.
    I also notice how white women will grab the black man they with if an attractive black woman walks by.They are racist because they assume the black man they with will go after that black woman,the sex beast stereotype that black men will fluck anything. I’m glad some black men see how white women are and avoid them usually its the older wiser ones though,I just hope the younger ones get it soon.

    THey always saying the white man,well yes the white man is evil too,but who gives birth to the white man? who is by the white mans side? who do the white kids spend majority time with? Who is the white mans prize possesion that he would kill for at the snap of a finger? White men care when black men date white women because its the mans chromosome and last name that goes to the son and is passed down thus destroying his race.That is why they try to get with black women because they know their son will carry his white chromosome and pass it down.If they could have their way like they used to, white women would have his “pure” white kids and black women would have his kids.They know black women are the last piece to the puzzle.If they get black women they can destroy the black race.The black woman will raise biracial kids that identify as black but have white in them.ITs the perfect con to have kids that don’t look like you but have your genes,and they continue to pass that gene down whitening their race unknowingly.

  95. soforeal on said:

    you need to go get you a white man, they are the flavor of the month right now. you are going to regret passing up on them what if mathew mcconaughey liked you? you are telling me you are going to pass him up? you’d be a fool not to give these awesome men a shot.

  96. honeytreebee on said:

    @R I am glad you feel outrage at what these white men are attempting to do to black women. It has been a long time for some sistas since a brotha even approacjed caring or even posed a shadow of protection for sistas that yeah there are some that will act like this.

    This just let’s us all know that white view black as cheap and easy to get. Also, look at who they are going after they are picking a certain type of black woman none of them had natural hair and all were so eager to cuddle up to a stranger. It is the same with black men and white women. I know this must be killen you as it does me when I see black men with wite women and running after white women.

    Not too long ago one of these black men with a WW was at a function that I was attending and there I was trying to block these WM who were trying to talk to me. I could hear her talking to him like he was a dog don’t look at her and on and on. When he finally did have a chance to talk to me I said to him brotha why you with someone who treats like you not free and orders you around?

    I just shook my head and told him in mpo no black person should be with anyone who doesn’t make them free. And never should any black person put up with being talked down to ever!!!! It is a sham you chose someone so unaware, and un worthy by their actions to bare witness to your life. Then I just walked away he just looked at me all night long and started to ignore his WW.

  97. Crissjensen on said:

    Hmmm! whitewomen showing their true colors too?

  98. I HAVE that movie and I remember when it came out thinking that it wasn’t that far fecthed!

  99. That’s hilarious. I hope she’s married to Warren Buffet!

  100. I just had some curried chicken for dinner at a Jamaican restaurant and had to request hot sauce. An old white fart comes in and asks for curried goat but the the ‘spicy’ one! I thought what the frig? If my mouth wasn’t’ full, I would have asked him why he came in here in the first place? But several other white people came in requesting the least ‘spicy’ dish. Had I cursed them out, my food would have gotten cold. I also had a side order of plantains! Yummy! As Darq wrote, they can go fuck themselves.

  101. Spike your lunch with ex-lax!

  102. soforeal on said:


    i was just playing in case you are wondering wtf lol

  103. I want a white man with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Of course he will have to rich! Here’s my ad for the lonely hearts: ‘Wanted, wealthy older white man with a heart condition for a serious relationship leading to marriage.’ Matthew McConnehey has gay face, no thanks!

  104. Honeytreebee on said:

    That is my last option as I know once I do it they will find a way to fire me. I just get tired of them and their shit. Damn can’t even eat without WP right there tryin to get some right out of your mouth. If it is not my food, it’s my hair,body,dress,my speech,my skin,or why don’t you hang out with us. They even tried to hit on me and when that didn’t work they get all pissy. I just do my job and get out.

  105. Soforeal on said:

    keep searching herneith you will find your Whitey McKnighty. i`ll pray for you, you deserve the finest Neanderthal.

  106. Why thank you!

  107. I was only joking. Not only will they fire you, they will probably try to charge you. I had clowns stealing my lunch at work years ago. I started using those blocks that you fill with water and freeze. I would put those in my lunch and leave it in my locker. Another thing I noticed was that they love putting their hands in your food or putting their face close to your food in order to smell it. I tell them not to touch my food as I don’t know where their hands have been and to not breath on my food either. Being ornery has its’ advantages!

  108. Soforeal on said:


    I’m Jamaican so when i use to bring my Jamaican food to work these motherfuckers, they use to always try to smell my food and tell me to bring them some and asking me all kind of foolishness on how Jamaicans make their food, every time i was in the room eating here comes one barging in with their face all in my food yelling, that smells good! i could never eat in peace. lol when they’re over on the other side eating they’re staring at my food while they’re eating theirs it was crazy white folks are something else.

  109. Wtf. Matthew mcconaughey is ugly he look like he on steroids.I’m not attracted to power hungry,money worshipping,destructive men.I just want a king someday not these ronald mcdonald lame men.Most of them look like child molesters and go bald faster than anybody.I’ve never been attracted to them,they are boring and act entitled.Even when i was a child i never had a crush on a white boy.

  110. Their food tastes plain as fuck.Anybody else notice how they just put salt and pepper on their food when they cook? shoot when i cook i put a lot of seasoning like garlic powder,onion powder,creole seasoning,cayenne,etc.That is one of the reasons their food is shit.I went to a brunch at one of their houses and their food was nasty.Yall know most of the food they prepare is frozen.THe stuff they actually make is disgusting. I drank tea and that ish was so dam strong,i put 4 tablespoons of sugar in it and it tasted like i didn’t put anything in it.The only thing that tastes good is the dessert.I make sure i eat before i go to any white function.I had a friend who loved the tea we had at our house because it was sweet and sometimes we’d add lemon.She said nobody made tea like that before it was the best she ever tasted.
    I notice most of the restaurants that are busy are mexican,asian,and soul food. The only restaurants they have that ppl eat at are places like hooters and bikinis,they need sex to sell their food. Everybody else needs a good recipe and hard work.

  111. mstoogood4yall on said:

    His vids are very good,im hooked.Glad he can see this trap white women are setting up and not fall into it.Real black men are amazing love them.

  112. honeytreebee on said:

    I know the feeling and it is to the point that I am comtiplating not bringing a lunch and just eating a hearty breakfast at home and having tea at work. However, this may backfire as they will most likely want that too. LOL They really can stand it when a few of us get together and share amongst ourselves, that makes them crazy.They always have to be up in it.

  113. Soforeal on said:

    the worst is when they are eating theirs and staring at your food i just got fed up started bringing a tea biscuit they were like how comes you don`t bring food anymore? then i`m like i`m fasting then they are oh ok

  114. honeytreebee on said:

    I’ve really been getting into shape and they make the rudest comment when I am eating like how do you slim down eating that stuff? You are going to get fat eating that. You see i stopped eating a bunch of carbs and eat veggies, fruit, and some meat only. I eat as much as I want and don’t gain weight cause I’m nourishing my body not just feeding it. I don’t tell them this as they wouldn’t understand it. So they have been watching me grow leaner and stronger as the days go by eating rich stews, salads full of heart meat, and veggies and fruits they haven’t hear of before like my plantaines croquets done with chives and bits of bell pepper and sometimes bits of meat. They always trying to invent some sharing where I give them some of mine. I have even told them that I don’t eat others food as I am so sensitive to so many things and have allergies. They still straight beggin.

  115. Soforeal on said:


  116. Soforeal on said:


  117. Soforeal on said:


    i’ve been working out for about 3 years now and i’m 6’0 ft tall 234 pounds them white boys be staring at my chest i have a big chest and they are always staring me on some gay shit some are even like dude how can i get big like you and white girls always trying to touch my arm it’s like white people are obsessed with black dudes in shape these white dudes are some fags man i get more attention from them than white women i’m saying this to say as you get in shape expect those white boys to be bold and expect to have a right to touch you. lol they’re like dude your so big bro i’m like get out of here or you get the ones that want to get into a competition with me when i see them i almost put my foot up in ones ass last week in the grocery store.

  118. Soforeal

    I think they gay too.I see alot of vids on youtube of them hitting each other in the nuts.I see the news how they haze ppl in college,by giving the new person a beer enema or sticking something else up their ass.I hear that ish on the news and im like i know they white because the blacks just do stepping ish.

  119. Soforeal on said:

    look at the vid above i posted.

  120. honeytreebee on said:

    Yeah, as my waist gets smaller and my curves are more pronounced there is trouble. A black woman can’t have a nice figure and in their eyes not be asking for it. So, I make sur I cover up at work, but there is only so much you can do to hide your figure and it doesn’t help when you are blessed with bust and hips that are part of the blessings of being African. I hear you any in shape black man or woman these people are all over you. That may be a real reason why more of us are not in shape it keeps them back a bit. Every BM that I know likes to look his best, but not at the expense of having unwanted encounters with other men being threatened and stressed b/c you are taking care of yourself. BW don’t want all that attention as these fools will try to rape you and call it a date and then say why you dress that way. Like you dress just for them and WW will try to get rid of you or kill you b/c you looking good. Looking nice and being attractive can get you killed if, you a BM or BW. who know eating was so complicated.

  121. soforeal on said:

    lol you might have to cover up like those muslim women you know only showing your eyes lol. anyway i’m off to my bed and then be back on the plantation tomorrow to see what Yurugu is up to.

  122. honeytreebee on said:

    Me too lots to do when day break. Talk to ya later.

  123. T.Bee on said:

    Why don’t they just go away now? I mean all of this looking at Mars and such is too much. One day they will find a tablet on Mars and will spend a long time deciphering it to find out that it says We spent all of our resoucrces looking at other planets to explore and rule only to go extinct due to our own foolishness.

    They already have accounts of animals just going up and attacking them. I think that is what happened to that man in Australia who was always molesting the animals on t.v. a sting ray got tired of his ass squeezing on him and stuck its spear up in his chest. Pumping his heart full of poison and killing him. WP need to learn leave stuff alone.

    They crazy for sure dangling their baby in front of a crocadile. If, I was the mother that MF better sleep with one eye open and grow some in the back of his head doing a baby like that. The think they God. With all of these movies and I don’t need to go see them if, i want to know what white folks will do next just think of the most messed up nasty thing for any situation multiply that by 1000 and there you go when they tryin to be nice.

    Is this any surprise just look at how they treat eachother and they supposedly like themselves enough to want to be the only ones left on the planet.

  124. Here’s another movie talking about them living on another planet where there’s no sickness,poverty,war etc.the director of distrhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIBtePb-dGYict 9 dircts this movie called elysium

    here’s one of the comments saying “No poverty, no war, no sickness…….no black people! I see what you’re trying to say white Hollywood. Sneaky fuckers!”

  125. mstoogood4yall on said:

    oops i mean the director of district 9 directs this movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIBtePb-dGY

  126. honeytreebee on said:

    Wake UP WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. honeytreebee on said:

    So beautiful and so sad they have no idea what awaits. I wish so much to warn them. However, even if, I could convince them would it do any good? Do any of us here doubt the violence that await these lovely souls… So beautiful I wish they had stayed hidden this makes me want to cry.

  128. kowaba on said:

    I just signed the petition ” Enforce the BZA mandate against JPDS for Dr. Frances Cress Welsing property” on Change.org.

    If anyone else wants to sign it. Here’s the link:


  129. SugarKiss on said:

    Just something I was reading on FB that I wanted to share here:

    Death Toll: 100,000,000 in the Slave Trade; One Billion Black People killed from Colonialism

    WE are speaking of the King Alfred plan drafted by the United States government to incinerate Afrikan (Black) people in the event of a large scale “breakdown in social order”.

    What is meant when WE charge genocide? WE are speaking of the disease and virus creation program of South Africa aimed at the isolation or creation of a virus that selectively kills Black people.

    WE are speaking of the Tuskeegee Syphilis experiment.

    WE are speaking of the origin of gynecology.

    WE are speaking of the complete and utter decimation and extermination of the Black people of Tasmania.

    WE are speaking about the decimation of the Herrero people in Namibia in Germany’s Black Holocaust.

    WE are talking about the CIA bringing crack into Black communities.

    What are WE speaking of when WE are speaking of genocide? WE are speaking of De Beers fomenting civil war atrocities in Sierra Leone for blood “conflict” diamonds.

    WE are speaking about racial profiling.

    WE are speaking of the disproportionate amount of Afrikan children in special education.

    What is meant by the term genocide when WE charge the system of white supremacy and the individuals of which it is comprised with genocide?

    WE are speaking of the past and current lynching of Afrikan people.

    WE are speaking of the murder of Fred Hampton.

    WE are speaking of police brutality in prisons.

    WE are speaking of King Leopold chopping off the hands of hundreds of thousands of Afrikan people for rubber.

    WE are speaking of Hurricane Katrina evacuees being turned back to desolation and ruin at gunpoint.

    WE are speaking of population control through AIDS.

    WE are speaking of the Tulsa Race Riot and domestic terrorism.

    WE are speaking about the FBI COINTELPRO program and the war against Black people.

    WE are speaking of the white supremacists swooping down on oil-rich land after it has been conveniently “cleansed” by the CIA supported Sudanese government.

    WE are speaking of five-year-old little Black girls handcuffed and taken by the police.

    WE are speaking of dogs being trained to maim and kill Afrikans.

    WE are speaking of the role of Halliburton and other multinational corporations in the Congo genocide that has killed more than 3.2 million Afrikans since 1998.

    WE are speaking of the murder of Kenneth Walker.

    WE are speaking of Amadou Diallo, Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, the more than one hundred million long rotted Afrikan corpses at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean from the “Middle Passage”.

    WE are speaking about Mary Turner’s belly being cut open as her unborn fetus was crushed by a white supremacist’s boot heel.

    WE are speaking about drugs that have failed human safety testing in the United States being sent to Africa for use.

    This list could go on ad infinitum.

    ~By Obadele Kambon

    Sinkholes, explosions, shadow governments, governmental incompetency and ppl just being tired of being manipulated and mislead…

    These events are really just the beginning…and crimes against the globe that these ppl have done are stored…and their lessons will be learned in time. What goes up does not stay up–even if it is propped up by artificial means.

    Stay tuned

  130. Good information, I like your post.

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