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Black Hair And White Domination


I’m sure I’ll be railroaded for this post as it will anger some of you.


It’s time to wake up.

The European told us right from the beginning what he thought of our hair. They are “dreadfully locked.” Hence the term Dreadlocks. Resembling the lion’s mane, some cultures like the Masai, have the women totally bald while the men sport long locks past their knees.

Since the white man/ white woman is the very opposite of everything we stand for, it is safe to surmise that whatever he introduces into our culture is deficient, destructive and deadly.


There is a reason why our hair has been a source of constant pain, mockery and suffering since the European gazed at us with burning envy. Our hair is God’s antennae. Spiraled towards Heaven, it “communicates” with our cousins: the soil, the trees, the rocks and all of earth’s creatures. You have the ability to look into a creatures eyes and feel their happiness, anguish, love and loneliness. Why? Because the Holy Creator gave you the ability to “pick up on a certain vibe.” Your hair is literally alive. It feeds on sunlight, breathes in air, grows strong with Vitamin D, grows weak and falls out under stress and botheration and “drinks” in water every time you wash it. Like all things living under the system of white domination, it must be controlled or destroyed.

Black women (and some men), every time you burn your antennae, you “kill” your receptors, absorb toxins into your brain and tell Mother Nature that you are not interested in Her commands from up above. What toxins am I talking about?

Rat poison


Phosphoric acid

Ammonium (ammonia)

These chemicals are absorbed through your scalp (your skin has many “holes” called pores) and it infiltrates into your lungs, kidney and liver. As you know, I’ve been in medicine for 11 years. You are able to live with one kidney, but you CANNOT live without a liver. Your liver is God’s filtration system. Once that has been desecrated…I’ll let you finish that sentence. I’m going to say something to the females (and some men) that read this blog who will no doubt scream at me in anger but…before you lash out at me, know that I only have your best interest at heart.

The reason why we plaster chemicals in our hair is directly related to self-hatred.

You hate your kinks and curls and corkscrews because you secretly wish you had this:

Yurugu’s woman

Lifeless, flat, limp hair that cannot hold its shape and has no connection to the Most High. Due to our mental disease called Stockholm Syndrome and the European disease called Projection Syndrome, we wish to emulate the very thing that wishes more than anything to be like us! Since people who suffer from Projection vilify the trait they do not like within themselves, they attach negative qualities to the outside world. No wonder we are caught up in a spiral of madness!

The AmeriKlan govern-Nazi gives Asians ridiculous amounts of money in the form of grants to open businesses in your areas, in your towns, in your countries to sell you instant self-gratification in the form of rat poison because they know that you hate yourselves. Blacks are the weakest and most vulnerable targets of every immigrant group that migrates to the Divided Snakes. They know almost intrinsically our need to assimilate into the very culture that despises us. Within years, they open shops and sell you your hair care products, laced with poison, to not only take money out of your community but to assist you in your suicide. I’ve seen sisters forsake the rent, food and their children’s education just to buy a hair weave from an unknown source for 1,200 to obtain “white femininity” for a few weeks. Our self-hate runs so deep, that we’ll risk tumors:

Brain cancer

To distance ourselves from our roots. Black hair is currently a multi-TRILLION, yes, TRILLION dollar industry worldwide. Everyone is in on the game. The relaxer cremes are made in labs and then transferred to various “black areas” with a pretty, mostly light-skinned female on the cover smiling brilliantly to give off the impression of happiness because she now has “manageable” hair.

Since I pay strict attention to the European mis-education word salad called “English”, let’s dissect this:

When your hair has been “managed” by their poison, that would mean that it was “unruly” before.

Since the name of their chemical is a “relaxer”, then that means that you were “tightly wound” before.

Why would they seek to “manage” an “unruly” thing? Because, that is apart of their slave mentality towards us. We are beasts in need of  “managing.” We never left the plantation. Not in their minds. And…if we insolently try to resist and keep our natural hair, they “punish” us by:

Refraining employment opportunities

(And if we do have jobs, we are targeted for termination)

Refraining to give us apartments to rent

Labeling us as “suspicious”

Labeling us as drug users

Labeling us a mischief-makers

Spying on us in our neighourhoods

Paying Tel-lie-vision personalities/ rappers/ actors to call us ugly and undesirable

This is all apart of their master plan to dominate every Dark Matter People on the face of the earth. What they will never tell you is quite simple: The day that Africans wake up and start loving every single thing about ourselves, their psychological hold over us will be over. By keeping us in a perpetual state of mental slavery, they continue to crack the proverbial whip across our backs.

We, in our need to appease them, give them power over our lives.

You’ve been asking me from day one, “How do I fight them? How do we even begin to resist their war tactics?”

My answer has not changed:

Stop playing their games. Shut down their companies by refraining to buy false hair. Shut down Asian-run industries and love your own hair. Stop buying their products. Stop catering to them and cater to your own people. We are the only group on earth that DOES NOT understand this simple strategy. Love yourself. All of yourself. Especially the greatest asset God gave you.

Your hair.

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103 thoughts on “Black Hair And White Domination

  1. Leviqueen on said:

    I agree 100% with this post. I have been locking my hair for the last 4 years and I feel the most beautiful since growing them. It feels so natural, so real so right. We as a people need to stop looking for the approval of Esau the leper. Wall down the streets with your natural beauty with confidence. Whether at work, at the store or in public in general walk with the confidence of the strong black man or woman the Most High created us to be. We are the cream if the crop the best of the best the whole world is watching us, emulates us and as we all know envies us. Shoot, we need to own it. No more appease them, we don’t need their approval and stop acting like their opinion matters because lord knows Esaus opinion has never been good for anybody. We already have the body and physique the whole world wants with a passion once we take back our natural crown of kinky curls and wear it with pride and beauty we are unstoppable. Stop wearing those ridiculous wigs aka weaves and vaporizing our hair we look foolish!!!!!

  2. Leviqueen

    Foolish does not begin to describe it.

  3. I just wish females buying weave could understand how truly insane they look swiping their plastic and laying down paper for hair that isn’t theirs…..

    Paying money for hair that isn’t yours. Think about that for a minute.

    I went to one of the poorest high schools in the city and nearly everyday I saw, heard, and had friends dropping 5, 6, 700 dollars a month on weave alone. But they got free lunch and food benefits and the food benefits were being wasted on the Arab owned pantry down the street from the school – charging $1.00 for a single banana, $1.25 for a single goddamned pickle.

    That’s not even touching on the sheer nonsense we spend on clothes. Clothes blow everything away. $140 Jordan’s, 3-4 pairs of Fubu, Nautica, (or whatever it is now lol, I prob sound old) pants, shirts each costing at least 25 bucks a piece and this is all per MONTH.

    I was made fun of because I bought (and still buy) my clothes from thrift stores. God forbid I wore the same outfit twice in one week.

    My blood pressure is rising just typing this.

    White people are not fooled or impressed by it. There’s that saying “if your hair’s nappy white folks aren’t happy”…. so putting on a Korean woman’s scalp is going to calm them down? Nothing can sate Yurugu…. nothing.

  4. Bry

    Don’t forget those of us that can barely afford food yet have expensive-ass gold and platinum jewelry that they brought from Arabs and Jews.

  5. Amarie on said:

    Thanks for telling the TRUTH. This need for Black women to straighten their hair have been passed down from generations of self hate because most Blackwomen were taught that our hair is bad and white hair is good. When I had my hair relaxed, older black women would say ” oohh you got some good hair girl”. Now that I’ve been wearing a short afro for the past 8 years they would say things like ” Your haircut looks good on you, but your hair used to be so pretty and long”. SMH

  6. emile on said:

    Great post and very informative!

    I always said that the key to turning this ship around called Black economics would first have to begin with the spending habits and consumer economics training of Black women. I think that the key to selling hair-care products to the Black female consumer is to first attack her with propaganda that depletes her self-esteem, self-worth and distinguished looks for profitable gains. A woman is much more self-conscious of her looks than a man, and therefore it is much easier to influence or persuade her into trying something that will accentuate her beauty. After all, what woman does “not” want to viewed as attractive, appealing and esteemed as beautiful?

    Historically, the Black hair-care industry has been infiltrated on two fronts: financially and psychologically, with both approaches combined an integrated tool to further debilitate our viability in this particular industry in which many exclusive Black hair-care businesses and professionals excelled. However, Black women still have the power to change the dynamics of this industry by not only withholding their patronage but also compensating with a follow-up to rebuilding their follicle health with natural and organic treatments. There are many small but growing movements that are bringing this level of consciousness to many Black women, with emphasis placed upon their health over cosmetic appeal while still remaining beautiful. The truth of the matter is, what you’ve stated about Black hair care is indeed true. I’ve only recently learned that its texture has divine purpose. But Black hair has always been viewed as having unique characteristics that can still be managed without toxic chemicals. The designs that are created by today’s stylists are very beautiful and only compliments a woman’s beauty.

    I once read a book entitled “The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Haircare” by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy.


    The book gives a comprehensive outline of the science of hair types, structures, properties and alternative treatments that can be used to maintain healthy hair. It may not satisfy the content of this post nor most readers but the information it contains was overwhelmingly interesting and very educational to me.

    As for the societal repulsion for wearing natural hair designs, well, as with all gifts given to us by The Creator, it’s a case of hateration: “Since I can’t be like you, I’ll hate on you.” If it isn’t the hair, then it’s the skin, the butt, the nose, the feet, the eyes, penis length, pineal gland, fingernails, toenails, speech patterns, dancing, sports, ad infinitum…(lol!) Again, deflection is an art, whereas those deficiencies, lackings and desires that “I” possess will be projected upon “you” in the most negative way, something that was well-articulated in one of your previous posts. But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as evidenced when I see many non-Black women (and men!) emulating and imitating Black-oriented hair styles to say the least. However, Black women should reflect their diversified beauty by wearing their hair naturally, simply because there are a lot of people out here who really, really love what they see!

  7. honeytreebee on said:

    I have had natural hair for a very long time over most of my life now. No press and curl either. It is a myth that our natural hair doesn’t get long it does believe me I got mine down pass my behind before I cut it. You should have heard the comments at work LOL you would have thought that I cut of a limb. Strangely it was not the white people who said anything, but other black people who were uncomfortable with my natural hair. Always asking when I was going to relaxe it and when you streatch it how long is it? Always flooored when I said never.

    I first commented on this blog looking for black owned and made hair products and now here you are Negress making them! So, you know where I stand on this one. It saves a lot of money and time being natural and is healthier for you. Also, you are less likely to go bald or do damage to your scalp and will keep your youthful looks longer. There is also better use of your money. The same with cloths and all of that other stuff our people buy that we don’t need and don’t own that pulls money out of own pockets and away from our people.

    Don’t think for a moment that white people don’t wan’t your hair they buy wigs to mock up but, also attempt to grow locks which look nasty and are matts. They used to make fun of the tribal looks of Africans, but now they put holes in their lips and are putting other tribes designs on their bodies not knowing what it means and I see then in bart trying to play other peoples instrements. So, they want and like everything about us except us. No because they want to be us. Never doubt this. Yet, they will never be considered the original so, in order for the lie to work they have to get rid of us. Then they can tell this lie to themselves and there will be noone there to remind them that they are not the true people of the worlds culture and have yet to make their own. We tell them they are full of shit by our very presence. Imagine how much more when we shake off their lies by not processing our hair.

    Now that my hair is short the white people want to touch it and they make any excues to get close enough to try. The asains say it reminds them of buddha’s hair and want to touch it, the natives say it is buffalo hair and is a sign of love from great spirit, everyone wants our natural hair except…. yes us. However, I am starting to see more women waking up and wearing their natural hair out here in the bay area. It is starting to affect the weave wearers and relaxer girls out here as they say other sistas wearing their crowns of glory and looking more and more like the Goddesses we were ment to be it is catching on. So there may be some hope yet.

  8. SugarKiss on said:

    I must say….I have been natural for 3 years, and the 4 years before that, I would just braid it up because taking care of relaxed hair meant more chemicals and adding heat. I started to develop sensitive spots after having my second child and told my King one day, “Hey. I’m sick of this.” I had just taken out some braids and just the sheer thought of rushing back to the salon to straighten it, have it limp and needing heat almost daily due to the humidity in TX was depressing me.

    Something in me just clicked.

    “I think I’m going to cut my hair off.” I told him.
    “Uh…ok.” he said.
    “Well, what do you think about that?”
    “You know me. Less is more.”

    He didn’t bat an eye as I took my scissors and cut all the relaxed hair off of my head.

    And since that night, November, 2010. I started over and have taken great joy in learning how to care for myself naturally. It has spurred even more confidence, has motivated other Black women who see me sport my kinky crown venture out and “embrace their natural selves.”I can truly think clearer, honestly. I am no longer unsure and scatter brained spending time and energy “gettin’ my hair did.”

    I now embrace the rain and the Sun. (No more hiding from the weather!)

    I have found that just talking about taking that type of power back stirs souls of my sisters and brothers. I have found myself very comfortable in this role as of late and thankful that I have my King supporting whatever I decide is best for me and our family.

    Our love is truly unconditional and I could only want each and every black face to have the same freedom that comes with self love, soul love, brotherly love, and letting go of this backwards society’s expectation of love and beauty and FREEDOM.

    We have the power to do this. It is much easier than we think, but have convinced our “selves” otherwise.


  9. I have a question to anyone who wishes to answer.

    Why is it that when I give the black family REAL TANGIBLE solutions for our resistance against these demons, I get very few responses, few “views” on my site and some just skip right over the post and comment on the previous or next post, as though I’ve never spoken?

  10. Pain. We’ve been taught to wait for a messiah to rescue us so we go brain dead when the posts aren’t something that gratifies our egos. Also, your most poignant posts tend to be on Friday and Saturday nights – that’s time for the club because we all just got paid.

  11. – replace ‘something’ with topics. Mah grammar is a hot mess tonight – must be the nice weather lol….

  12. Hmm maybe because they feel guilty,its like you are talking about them and they don’t want to hear it.They feel offended and feel attacked,when its really constructive criticism. The ones who disappear are the peters of our race,talking all that sheit about im down for the cause then deny us to save their own arse.Let them go.
    I have relaxed hair, but i hear what you are saying.I will go natural one day just not today.
    We need to spend money on important things.I always wondered why they call the day after thanksgiving black friday.Now i think i know why,because blacks spend millions of dollars on that day.Some will spend money on some dumb ish and not save.I see my brothers wasting money on every dam apple product it’s sad.Blacks have great buying power we always have,we are not using it wisely. Like some ppl were saying we will spend millions on clothes,shoes,jewelry,cars,then complain about the school system being bad.ITs like duh that millions yall used for that could’ve been used for a new school.Its sad how some will have a nice car and the latest fashion but live in an apartment,when the smart thing would be to buy a house.Houses are worth more than cars,cars break down,but houses can be fixed and u can make money off of it by renting it out.
    Matter of fact when my family and I were renting a house the mexican guy that owned it looked like a hobo,and didn’t have much furniture.He owned 2 houses and rented one house out to pay for the other.

  13. Bry

    When will we learn the Messiah is in us? It’s been 500 years. I don’t wanna have this conversation 500 years from now.

  14. Mstoogood

    thanks for the explanation.

  15. Emile

    I just got off the phone with a friend of mine regarding group economics. Us blacks are the only group that cannot seem to make this happen.

  16. honeytreebee on said:


    Some of it is pain and some of it is being called out to do better. People look at it and then decide not to comment on a post for different reasons. Sometimes we are busy with work, school and other things. Sometimes it hits a nerve and we are not ready to deal. Like with your men and ladies get it together post. I noticed lots of brothas commented on the lady one and not on the man one. Perhaps, they felt that it was more people talking bad about brothas. It wasn’t, but we tend not to do well with being on the hot seat so to speak. With this post it leaves little room or excuse for not going natural. I mean what can you say? I like my poison and limp hair? Really I black and proud, but want to look white? When we do this we are fooling no one not even ourselves. So, they say nothing because they feel pain and perhaps a little foolish.

    However, I think you should post them anyway as it will be there when they are ready. You can’t measure the effect you will have on ppl by the number of posts you get cause if, they are reading this you are still planting seeds. Having our natural hair is easy once you know how to work with it. It has many natural ways of being and is part of what makes up so unique. We Black folk are like no other from the crown that defy gravity, the hue of our shin, or the distinctiveness of our voices. We are like no other and all come through us. Yet, we hide ourselves in shame, and submit to foolishness that baffles the mind and would be a strange and twisted comical thing if, it were not so damn tragic.

    Sometime I don’t post because I have yet to find the words that are firm, true and most kind. It is important to me that I always treat my people kindly and lovingly as I am particular on how I want my people to be treated and how I think they should be treated at all times. So, when something really gets me I tend not to post right away as the last thing we need are more hurtful words especially from our own. I also, check out your older post as I am still new to your site and you have so many interesting things you have already said.

    Keep them coming Negress. We need this even when we are not ready to hear it it is healing and it has been so long that we have cared for each other we still don’t know what to do when family is called on their mess or when we disagree.

  17. honeytreebee on said:

    That site looks great i know of a few people who I will shoe it to.

  18. Honeytreebee


    I get impatient with us because I want us to wake up. Time is running out. But you are correct.

    Whenever we’re ready, we’ll make the first step.

  19. honeytreebee on said:

    @ mstoogood4yall
    You are right and it is painful to see. Yes, we can do it ourselves. We need to start it and other will follow. I hope you go natural one day soon as every day you are natural you are affirming your own unique beauty and throwing off one more thing of oppression that was thrust ed upon our people when you take your hair back so do all of your ancestors we all stand a little taller and a little prouder.

  20. honeytreebee on said:

    I feel you. I have a black supervisor who wanted me to relax my hair. Even our own i expect it from Yuguru, but damn.

    I still have natural hair and wore an afro all puffed out the next day and said real loud on the floor in front of every one to her face you said come in with my hair done proper so her it is. If, you have a problem with it take it up with God casue God decided that I should wear my hair the way he made it! A crown of glory like no other that radiates out in all directions by it’s very nature a challenge to gravity. To wear less than my crown is to dishonor God, my parents, all of my ancestors, and is an affront to mother nature and is an denial black beauty. I stood there mind you I’m six feet tall looking her straight in her eyes. She said nothing and looked away. Mind you I could have lost my job, but at what point do we say enough and fight to be us. No one ever brought up my hair again to say change anything. I think even if, I didn’t comb it they would say nothing.

    We have to wait Negress in the mean time we prepare the ship and never give up on them. We will sail one way or another.

  21. @ honeytreebee

    That is right.I sometimes don’t want to comment especially when i feel it needs more thought than i am willing to give at that time.I also almost didn’t comment on this post earlier because i have relaxed hair and felt this post was speaking about me,when really it was speaking to me.Pride is one tricky mofo.

    I’m glad you wear your hair like that and didn’t take that sheit from that woman at your job. Some of the relaxed sistas feel unhappy with their hair and themselves so they try to make others feel the way they feel.Deep down they know it makes no sense to wear their hair that way but were taught to be disgusted by it since childhood.They are also afraid of what they will look like or how their friends and families will react if they go natural. It could also be that they don’t know what their natural hair looks like because they’ve been relaxed since childhood and are afraid.I went to a blog about haircare and some women on there were talking about this natural woman’s hair and saying i wish i had your hair and i’d go natural if it looked like that. I think majority of it is from being unsure.Even if they did go natural they may not like their hair because the natural women we see on tv are mixed and have what some call “good hair”.We need to see more natural haired women with 4a or 4b texture instead of just 3c or 3b.Too many will be disappointed because they have kinkier hair and not that loose curl like alicia keys. We get our ideas of what we should look like from movies and magazines .We see princesses in disney movies since we were a child,she is white with long hair.Now we have the princess form the princess in the frog to remind us we are beautiful,but movies like that are few and far between.
    Maybe more will wake up and see what is up,even then they may choose to not see things because of their pride[sleepwalking].

  22. SugarKiss on said:

    Negress is right. We talk about the ways in which we are left powerless to change the conditioning and blind acceptance of our selves as inferior…. and this is the absolute freest way we can start to take back our power as a people.

    Everybody in the WORLD is trying to adapt to our features and we continue to hide from them! I do feel that the “mentacide” in this particular hangup we are/were brought up in was like a gold mine for them.

    You want your children to see kinky, wild coily hair? Be that woman!
    You want black love as an example for your community, your family? Show your children that you love each other!

    We must own ourselves, completely. We need to know and accept our beauty 110% and the responsibility to set examples for our community.

    “I am not my hair. I am not my skin.” says India Arie.

    But I am.
    We are.

    And the “problem” of the black community is not what is “on” heads–but what’s in it.

    Every second of every day is the opportunity to project a complete “you.” No more “hiding.”


  23. Umoja on said:

    I’ve been natural for over a year and loving every bit of it!
    You can always tell what’s in someone’s mind by what’s on top of their head.
    Loving ourselves and each other is the only successful revolutionary act there ever will be.

  24. SugarKiss on said:

    Absolutely, Umoja!! 😀

  25. Umoja on said:

    My best guess? Maybe you “hit a nerve”….filled with shame, self-hate, pain and fear. Those emotions that many are afraid to face or share with open and honest dialogue with themselves or each other. No worry Negress; your messages are being read and cannot be ignored. If they are ignored; you’ve planted necessary seeds that will not be ignored. In addition…maybe some don’t respond because they have nothing to say… or what they’d like to say has already been spoken here… or they’re pondering the message in silence.

  26. Here’s something from Kola Boof that I’ve read and found the original source for, but now cannot find again. I need to learn how to utilize my bookmarks better. Anyways here it is;


    PROOF, of course…is the term that many Africans use to describe the “one true hair” that is the unique Crown of the black man and the black woman. Black Americans (who, to me, are Africans) refer to it as “Nappy Hair”.

    And as the Cushitic-Hebrew folktale goes…”God put “the Proof” on the black man’s head as a marker that he is God’s son, the first man made in the image of God, and that the only way to defeat, conquer and destroy the black man…is to remove the Crown (the Proof) from his head. I was taught as a little girl in Sudan that no other race of humans were given this hair but Blacks; and that anytime you find our hair growing from the scalps of non-blacks, it is because those people have some African blood and are a bastardized extraction of us…we being the first race; the blacks, the Africans.

    Taghut (Satan), I was taught, is in a never-ending quest to destroy and conquer Africa by killing the black man…which can only truly be done by removing “the Proof” from his head. For without it, the Cushitic-Hebrew folktale goes, he is not really a black man.”

    I have never been so happy or so inspired as when I decided to go natural. I did it without even really realizing what I was doing. I was just tired of dropping money on so many weaves and saw the hypocrisy of my “awakening” as a Hebrew as Indian temple hair on my head. So I just started wearing braids and buns. I was never a relaxer kind of girl, maybe have had 5 or 6 in my life, however, I was addicted to length. Not even straight hair. I always rocked those unbelievably HUGE and long Diana Ross type weaves. My neck muscle were strong as hell!! Girl! LOL!
    Anyways, when I stretch my twists, they go a smidge past the bottom of my shoulder blade. I’m looking into getting Sisterlocks soon.
    I LOVE wearing my hair naturally. It drives them crazy. When it’s out in full untamed glory, the eyes keep coming back to me. I know their palms are itching to touch it. When I’m feeling particularly snarky, I wear my “Please, Don’t Touch The ‘Fro” shirt. 🙂 I don’t care what Edomites thinks anymore. Those Caucanderthals have been worrying us for far too long. The moment we actually stop giving a shit about what they think and move on, is the moment we will witness the most spectacular meltdown in human history. These fuckers are going to go Supernova when we start awakening and having our “junk” DNA triggered. From their movies, they have honestly bought into the myth that after all their deviltry, lies and theft, that THEY will be the ones to claim the ultimate inheritance. Projection? Oh yes. They are Masters of projection. X-Men, Superman, Spider-Man, Fantastic 4 ect. All of these types/genres of movies are them projecting. And what we will become. I just don’t care about them anymore. I just can’t seem to scrape up anymore pity,care or concern for a people who have never shown an iota of those traits towards us.
    Our hair is the ONE thing they cannot emulate. They can inject, knife, burn, peel, lift and pull whatever they want on their bodies in order to obtain the kind of bodies they claim to despise so much. The hair, they can never have. It is the ticket to the claims office when the Inheritance comes. It is our PROOF.

  27. Tee Bee on said:

    Okay y’all here is some black hair love for ya. Ain’t nothin in the world like it. Wear that glory crown black women.

    Now tell me it’s not a crown of glory!!!!

  28. honeytreebee on said:

    Wear that natural hair ladies. Dawn you crowns of divine beauty.

  29. honeytreebee on said:

    Mother nature blessed you with this honor it.

  30. honeytreebee on said:

    Don’t be afraid to rock it. You and we are one of a kind.

  31. honeytreebee on said:

    okay Negress don’t get mad just one more.

    sorry for blowing it up.

  32. blkgirlinberlin on said:

    I visit this site daily at this point, but I did want to comment on this. I feel some times rather intimidated to comment, but I try to read what everyone has to say.

    I had been natural off and on since 2003. This was mostly because I was a broke college student. However, I always seemed to have money for wigs. I would neglect my own hair but all that time and effort was put into maintaining these wigs. In 2010, after a trip to Holland where I developed a Bathrolin cyst, I could not get the energy up to do the hair, so I decided to just shave it off when I got back to Los Angeles. I was living in North Hollywood at the time, and I swear no men looked after doing that. Even the stylist did not want to shave my hair. However, I learned not to define myself by the attraction men have to me.

    I never had so called good hair. My mother permed my hair as soon as she could, and we wore braids and straightened or jerri curls when I was really young. My parents insisted on straight hair. So when I really went natural, I was scared to come home to show my father. Love him, but he is a self hating black man married to white lady from south dakota. He makes comments about how he thought his biracial kids would have good hair, but it looks terrible because their mother cannot ‘handle’ their hair. If I am in town, I have to make sure it gets done. Even my grandmother was not pleased when I came home with a small afro. I had never seen her natural hair. They wear straight wigs. My mother’s hair is so burned from perming that she has little left. I have been begging her to stop frying her hair.

    It took a while to get used to styling my hair. Even though I went to beauty school, I had never learned much about the actual styling of my hair that did not include a press and curl, relaxer, or weave installation. Now, with my natural times, I have really learned to love my hair. This is HARD in a place like Germany, where, products are not readily available, and the Afro Deutsch will ridicule you if they see an afro. I had one tell me she could never do that because she was a pure African, and I was probably mixed with white. Her hair could not possibly do that because it was too nappy. These women where horrendous weaves and wigs, just to fit into society. Thing is, white Europeans are so in love with my hair… I always have to tell them not to touch it, and avoid long conversations about how I did that to my hair. Thankfully more and more naturals can be spotted in Berlin.

    Sorry so long.. this one is close to home for me as well.

  33. Make no mistake about it…

    in my experience being natural–especially when i loc’d–white women were either my biggest fans or worst enemies…

    A few would approach me for friendship, or just to tell me how i had such “cute” hair…

    Others would turn my locs into an open invitation to tell me how many Black men they have fucked and dated (as though i should care?) Then there would and still be those who make snide remarks about how men like soft hair. (As though loc’s are not super soft)

    So yea Black ladies–take back your crown and glory–the World wants you because they can’t seem to get you and your hair off their minds!

  34. SugarKiss

    The issue I’m having with my people right now is this:

    The solutions I’m giving us costs NO money.
    You don’t have to do anything except drop out of “The System.”

    Remember my “7 easy steps to counter white supremacy” post?

    ALL of it was about “dropping out of the system.”

    Remember my “21 Harsh truths” post?

    ALL of it was about “dropping out of the system.”

    Remember my “black men and black women get your shit together” post?

    ALL of it was about “dropping out of the system.”

    I’m a little unable to understand why this is so troubling for most of us. Whites are telling us in our faces:

    1. They hate us
    2. How they plan to kill us
    3. They need our DNA to live
    4. How they’re waging a spiritual war against us
    5. They created AIDS as eugenics
    6. The media is a bunch of lies to separate us further

    And we’re still running around asking, “What should I do?”

    I’m so damn tired. I love us…but I’m tired.

  35. Darq

    Once again, your posts move me.

  36. phoebes

    I avoid white females like the fucking plague. They are almost pathologically attracted to me…it’s almost sexual the way they gaze at me, want to “touch”
    me and yet, feel the need to remind me that they’re “better.”


  37. larissa on said:

    Interesting post. A lot of black women need to read this post, black men aren’t subjected to the strict ideals of beauty that we are. It reminds me of the day that my a woman told me my hair resembles feces. I’ve mentioned this before on this blog, it’s hard to forget, because her mother is black. It’s so sad that after chris rock’s documentary, people are still using terms like ”good hair”.

  38. mary burrell on said:

    I want to quote a comedian that I heard make a comment about this subject. “When you relax your hair, White folk relax.” I think that’s is just crazy. That means a black man or woman in their natural state is unruly. The relaxing of the hair appeases them. That means they want to control and dominate.

  39. mary burrell on said:

    In films like Braveheart and the Highlander they depict the Scottish and Celtic warriors with dreadlocks. I know it’s Hollywood. But I wondered did the Europeans during that era of world history lock their hair as well?

  40. larissa on said:

    Is the revenge post still set to come out this week?

  41. Everyone

    I think I’ll take a break for a few days to meditate, get my seeds ready to plant and listen to some Marvin Gaye.

    You are free to comment as you wish.

  42. Our hair is like a lions mane thick, fluffy,and soft.We need to be more like the lions strong,united,and the females are the matriarchs,and the males protect.Whites are like hyenas they steal and are powerful and have straight hair. Hyenas steal food from other predators, whites steal resources and ideas from other people.Hyenas have a powerful bite so lions try to avoid them,whites are powerful economically and we try unsuccesfully to avoid them.
    i do agree with your statement that what’s on our head can sometimes give us an insight into whats in our head. I’ll say this from my own experience not trying to offend anyone.When i see most natural sistas their hair is right and so is their body,maybe because they use natural things not just on their hair but in their food as well. Some relaxed women,myself included, are overweight because like our hair we put junk into our body.

  43. Umoja on said:

    I’ll have to agree what’s on our heads coincides with what we put in our bodies. From my own experience of “awakening” and throughout my research I began to awaken to many things simultaneously. It happens naturally if one is sincere, I believe. The information is there hungry for us to receive it. I believe the ancestors are screaming, “wake the hell up!”. First it was my hair, then I began to change my diet; becoming aware of GMO, sugar additives, etc,, now preferring foods from the Earth; fruits, veggies, grains, ect. I’m not perfect in my choosing, but I’m finding that I crave those back to nature healthy foods. A fresh melon is the new candy….heaven on Earth. This happened subconsciously. I can’t explain that. It’s as though I’m returning….no, becoming who I am. It’s liberating to say the least. Unfortunately, here where I live, I have yet to find any who share this awakening. I’m perceived as being “nuts” and Black ppl, “don’t want to hear that Black stuff”….I get many eye rolls from my own ppl, yet they bombard the hair shops , paying ridiculous amounts of money just for the sake of looking ridiculous. Those Asians could give a dam about any of them; while they speak in their language to each other. I know they are talking negatively about those Black females. Those Asians unite together and are made wealthy off Black rejection and disunity—cash cow. We will not find Asians living in our neighborhoods, putting money into our neighborhoods, supporting Blacks….nothing.
    I don’t think Black females realize how ridiculous they look with this fake hair. It’s so obvious….. the “pounding” on their heads in order to scratch is not only ridiculous but embarrassing. It’s a shame that when I talk to these females all of them seem to state, ” I don’t care”. They don’t care how ridiculous they look, they don’t care that it’s unnatural, they don’t care about this insidious propaganda to hate and reject themselves, they don’t care that this fake straight hair on an African head is a total miss-match…..a total rejection of self. It looks clownish. Unfortunately, our Black men support this nonsense; given that many have succumbed to IR relationships and the European standard of beauty. My natural hair seems to make many Blacks uneasy; as though their shame and rejection is up close and personal in their faces….so many will avoid me. ( I’m turned off by European clothing also now….I’m working on new attire). Whites, I could give a dam about their constant staring….and no, they may not touch my hair, nor do I answer their questions how I “do” my hair, as though it’s something of an unattainable feat to “do” my natural hair. smh
    Have you seen Naomi Campells’ scalp underneath her weaves? She’s bald at least 2.5 inches from her hairline–sentenced to wearing weaves for the rest of her life, due to the fact that she no longer has follicles for hair growth in these bald areas….from the years of wearing weaves; the pulling, etc…

  44. emile on said:

    Don’t give up hope. Although it may not seem so, things are changing. I see a lot of commentaries and reflections on past experiences in Black group economics and the contrasting realities we face today. It is becoming more relevant as stagnant Black unemployment and paradigm shifts in global economic trends are now an inescapable and stark certainty. In a way, this is a good thing. Hate to sound harsh, but sometimes we need “that fiya!” lit under our ass to getting moving and work on true potential.

  45. Umoja

    Funny how you should mention your “awakening.” I awoke one day while standing in line to buy Chinese food.

    The cashier was very pleasant to the 2 whites in front of me and was rude to me when it was my turn.

    She dropped the money in my hand to avoid touching me. When I went home and began to eat her sesame chicken, I realized what a damn fucking fool I was for giving my cash to someone who looks nothing like me and hated me…but wanted my money.

    From that day on, I never ate Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Bangladeshi or Indian food EVER AGAIN.

    From that incident, it spiraled to clothes, shoes, soda, sugar, store brought snacks and herbs.

    I’m even working on using my solar oven this summer to say fuck you! To the electric company.

  46. emile on said:

    I co-sign in agreement with mstoogood4yall’s analogy of constructive criticism. It’s like when you were young, wild and immature and didn’t want to hear the good advice given by your parent(s), elders and mentors, yet wish you would have when facing the hard knocks later in life. We are never going to get our people en masse to change their ingrained habits. In reality, it’s a slow process and requires education. Some people may read what you, I and others have to offer and make the choice of denying it, rejecting it or learning from it. We all went through the same modes until we came to the true knowledge of what’s really going on. The best approach is to become a leader of one and remain hopeful, whereas your actions will hopefully pique another person’s curiosity, and allow you to pass constructive information on to them. The more I learn, the more I see how mentally captivated our people are after decades of brainwashing and other counterproductive cultivation. It’s a huge task and just the thought of the amount of work to be done can overwhelm you at times. But thank The Creator for the Internet and the exposure it now gives to the issue of group economics.

  47. emile on said:

    That’s because the “original” Celtic and Scottish warriors with locks were indeed Black. Europe’s original inhabitants were Black and whites derived form the western steppes of central Asia. Of course, Hollywood whitenizes every epic of history. Another interesting fact is that about 95% of “us” Black people who are classified as “African-American” were shipped to the western hemisphere from Western Europe during the 1600s – 1800s, after barbaric whites marauded and went hog-wild during many wars all over Europe.


    We have so much to learn!

  48. Negress, I tried to post but I do not see it appearing!

  49. I will try again! Here is my take on natural hair albeit brief!:


  50. Hernie

    My site is under constant attack. Whenever I post something “tangible” about how to defeat Evil, my site has trouble loading/ uploading, I get “kicked out” of WordPress, my email gets hacked….

    Chalk it up to “the white man is running scared” like the coward he is. Can’t have the slaves rebelling.

  51. Umoja on said:

    I stopped spending my money in all such establishments before my awakening….save one—whites. I have been on the hunt for Black owned businesses for years to no avail. ( I can’t wait for my order from your store to arrive by the way, yeah!)…anyway, they’re few and far between or closed….so I have no choice but to give my money to whites.
    Many years ago I was in an Asian owned nail saloon; there were many Black females, loud as hell, why I don’t know. It was a frenzy to get their nails done. Well, I quietly waited my turn and intentionally watched the Asians speaking in their tongue to each other, not one smiled. Well, it was my turn for my nails….the Asian attendant made my fingers constantly bleed, due to his callous filing of my nails. He dryly said, “sorry” each time while simultaneously speaking his language to his fellow Asians after he had dryly said, “sorry”. This a-hole and all of them, were clearly and obviously talking negatively about us all. I don’t think those who quietly waited for their appointment were excluded.
    I mentioned to a few of the Black females that we were being talked about negatively and they just wanted our money….the response, ” I don’t care I just want my nails done”. I swear Blacks co-sign their own mistreatment and exploitations sometimes.
    I wanted to purchas some African clothing from the site, ” African Imports”, yet I am suspicious of them. If you purchase so many items; you’ll feed so many children in Africa. I know this is total BS. They’re not feeding any children so freely in Africa if at all… and the company is owned by whites. Maybe I’ll teach myself to sew….

  52. @ Umoja

    That is a dam shame they don’t care about how they are being mistreated.i try to support as many black businesses too.The ones i’ve found and have great service are of course truths shop,bee mine hair products,and paynesbeautysupply.I love all these websites and shop from them.

  53. Umoja

    Thanks for the support. I’ll ship asap.

    Blacks are universally hated and universally targeted. Everyone has a stake in the Negro business whether its

    Hair and accessories

    I just tried to contact a woman to do an “introducing…” Post on her business in African art. Imagine my shock to discover she’s white and from the deep south!

    I’m saddened for us in so many ways. Our people have given up on themselves and they’re just waiting to be “rescued” by some white man on a 2×4.

    The sad truth is, for many of us, it’s too late. Even they know it. And lately, I’ve been running out of steam.

    It’s either we wake up NOW or…we’ll ….you know what’s coming.

  54. SugarKiss on said:


    Think about the hundreds of years of oppression. Lies. Social, physical and economical “beat downs” we endured as a people here.

    How LONG have we been tap dancing for white America?
    Just tryin’ to eat? Find love, develop some sense of pride and culture?
    Just stay connected?

    How thick are those scars? That way of inferior thinking?
    I applaud and admire your relentless efforts to warn and to remind and to teach us…


    Each man/woman’s lesson will come in time and as someone stated above:
    We are listening. It’s sinking in through the think layer of confusion, self hate and self doubt.

    Do what you do out of love ( I know you do) and you will never tire of it.



  55. SugarKiss on said:

    Wow. Well said.

    Love this 😀

  56. It’s a life long effort. We will not be saved in a single instance from what ails us by our creator. It’s an eternal, moment-to-moment, day-to-day responsibility of maintaining self-respect.

  57. Umoja on said:

    For anyone to help me understand this, Negress, everybody…

    I was just in an argument with an African on YT after I gave him the definition of white privilege; which was the following….

    White privilege (or white skin privilege) refers to the set of societal privileges that white people benefit from beyond those commonly experienced by people of color in the same social, political, or economic spaces (nation, community, workplace, income, etc). The term connotes both obvious and less obvious unspoken advantages that white individuals may not recognize they have, which distinguishes it from overt bias or prejudice. These include cultural affirmations of one’s own worth; greater presumed social status; and freedom to move, buy, work, play, and speak freely…ect, ect.. He told me this definition was “praising and worshiping whites”. I don’t get it…sigh… He then proceeded to insult me with name-calling and insults and one of many responses similar to this one below….


    ” Maybe you should copy and paste what an African person is from a liberal white web site also? You are not smart. Can you reason? I already answer those questions you posted- I guess you are just frustrated now that i destroyed your argument.

    Now admit that you are either a mulatto or mix breed!

    Do you meet the criteria? If you do not resemble the majority of West, East (not Ethiopia or Somalia) and Southern Africans you are not African. Stop parading around as an African ”

    My question is , am I missing something here? Am I not African? He also said African Americans are not African…. and that “Black” doesn’t come in different hues; it’s a mixture of sorts if there are different hues. Well both my parents have similar ancestry but are deemed Black and all my siblings are of different or similar hues from very light ( a tint of melanin) to medium brown to dark brown. I’m confused. I’ve been Black, now African American all my life. Yes, I have Irish and Wetumpka Native American in my ancestry, but those aren’t recognized in the States, nor is it recognized in my family; your either Black or your not here in the States when I was growing up ( the African accused me of using the one drop rule….hell I didn’t make this up, it was here before I arrived and we lived by it, we had too!!)
    …. And now many Blacks here in the States on YT aren’t claiming to be African , yet Israelites or Hebrew and are insulted if deemed African American. I’ve gotten chewed out for this. When did this happen?!!
    I personally think it’s all a tool of divisiveness—more disunity. I’m confused….I feel I’m at square one again…..who am I and if I dare deem myself to be “African” and act accordingly Blacks here in the States and Africa are insulted for the reasons above…

  58. “I made a mistake in arguing with another Afrikan, which is exactly what white people want – so I’m going to leave this conversation be and save my harsh words for white people face to face. Peace to you.”

    Not a single word more or less.

  59. @Umoja,

    I am almost certain you were talking with a non Black person. YT is filled with fake accounts by non Black people (mainly whites) pretending to be Black to terrorize the online Black community.

  60. Sugarkiss on said:

    @ Umoja,

    I second what phoebeprunelle said.

    You would be amazed that the amount of “fake blacks” roaming around on YT. ESPECIALLY when they try to inject politics…that’s the dead giveaway because those are rules they use to divide and conquer…Most true Black/Africans know the system is not for them and don’t use it as a meter stick, even in conversations about race.

    So don’t let them fluster you with that mess, whomever it is.

  61. Mickey on said:

    Yea, you never really know who you are dealing with on the web since anyone can be anything they want. But, let’s say for argument’s sake, that the person you were dealing with was an African, then I am not surprised. There are Africans from Africa who do not think to much of Black people here in the States. They do not claim full-blooded Black people, so you know they would not claim a Black person who has mixed heritage from other bloodlines. However, this does not apply to all Africans. Many of them will welcome Black Americans with open arms.

  62. @ umoja

    He may be african,some of them do feel this way about us blacks in america.what i hear a lot is that for us to be called african we should marry a real african and lay low.Then a couple generations later we can claim african.Some don’t think like this either.Have you see the documentary called Blacks without borders its about african americans going to africa and living there.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMuVpnSlbZk
    Some of the africans are kinda suspicious of us and think we will betray them, i guess to some of them we are like the mulattos used to divide the race. There are also some who will welcome us.Its mixed responses.

  63. Umoja on said:

    Thank you all for responding…
    Well my conclusion…..Africans both here and abroad will definitely find any dam thing to continue or create disunity…..and will succumb to any one of those tactics devised against us specifically targeting disunity between and within the populous both here and abroad…..religion, gender, tribe, skin tone, class, ect….If we continue to succumb to these tactics we are doomed. We are to unite as Africans, one voice, one mind, or we’re doomed. Unity would erase many ills. Every dysfunction that we speak about within our populous….. the root cause, you’ll find disunity most of the time.
    MEMORANDUM 46….the unity of the African both here and abroad is considered an international/national threat. It is a necessity to thwart all unity both in Africa and globally…. and to thwart either having an ally with each other. If any African speaks the way that I’ve described, he’s succumbed to this tactic of division implemented by his enemies. I could give a dam what an African says, ” you’re not African”. They don’t hold the authority as to who and what I am….hell, they succumb to many tactics of division, hate and rejection over there as we do also. I am African….anything less than that is divisiveness.

  64. Umoja

    Unity is our downfall because we are “plagued with petty differences.”

    I just got into another debate with one of my commenters about his constant talk of sex and mulattoes/ mestizos fascination.

    the sad yet truthful thing that professor Griff told me last year was “sometimes the wolf does the herd a favour.”

    That resonated with me till this day. I try never to argue with blacks. If we disagree, I go my way and keep it moving.

  65. Umoja on said:

    I saw that. It’s on my YT channel also. I had to disable the comments because of the butt-hurt, trolling, white racist. I gave the African a piece of my mind. He’s suspect to say the least. He said Ethiopians, South Africans, ect… are not African because of their straight hair, phenotype, ect…..and if you’re not descendants of Uganda you’re not African. It’s a divisive tactic and nothing more. He sounds like a white troll….division on his lips. I apologize for getting off topic Negress.

  66. Umoja on said:

    Point taken Negress, yet he sounded like a white troll at times. ….I mean what Black person is against CynicalAfrikan for exposing whites as he stated in our conversation… What African says that Ethiopians aren’t African because of their straight hair and phenotype as he stated…..It was confusing to say the least. He demeans every African American on YT by displacing them from Africa. I had to comfort a friend of mine because he told her, “you don’t look Black”….she was minding her business on YT, conversing on videos as we all do and Black all her life, yet he attacked her immediately. I’m done conversing with him

  67. Amarie on said:

    @Darqbeauty, Kola Boof tells it like it is when it comes to Black/African People. Two of her books that I really enjoy are Diary of a Lost Girl and Flesh and the Devil.

  68. emile on said:

    @ SugarKiss:

    Cosign your sentiments, especially this saturating statement here:

    “Each man/woman’s lesson will come in time and as someone stated above:
    We are listening. It’s sinking in through the think layer of confusion, self hate and self doubt.”

    In a nutshell, I feel this is the epitome of DOAN’s frustration. I know how she feels; that’s why I pray to The Creator, everyday, for all of us.

  69. To all

    Do any of yall watch that show the bible on history channel. I don’t, but i saw an article and some of the whites were upset that samson was played by a black man.smh.
    I was mad that some of the black ppl were saying we should be happy to have a biblical character played by a black person . Samson was played in a stereotypical way by being big,strong,and chasing a white woman.Its a shame some blacks will accept scraps and try to get everyone else on board for accepting it. When are we going to be upset about the bigger picture and not just petty things. How is it that some were upset about the samson thing but not upset that adam and eve continue to be portrayed as white.Science has told us the first ones on earth were black,so common sense would be that adam and eve were black.Whites disregard anything ,even when its proven, to show themselves as good and black as bad.
    Most of the people in the bible were black or of color yet they stay whitewashing it. I can’t trust anything hollywood makes its all to cater to whites. Its all about profit not truth.They go against everything including their science.they always saying how they don’t believe in anything except science,but when science tells them the truth they don’t want to hear it and try to find another explanation.Nothing can convince them.To them they are god,they are science,they are the ones who make the rules then break them.How the hell do you make rules for yourself then end up breaking them and expect everyone else to follow those rules you can’t even keep.

  70. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Negress did u get into it with tyrone again is that who you’re talking about

  71. emile on said:


    Cosign with Bry’s comment, and to append it, I’d like to share with you and all here the definition of what I consider SOR (mistreatment) to be in its totality:

    “A global system of people who classify themselves as white, and are dedicated to abusing and or subjugating everyone in the known universe whom they classify as non-white.” – as defined by Gus T. Renegade.


    The art of confusion and deflection, as it applies here, requires keeping non-white people pre-occupied on those issues that are insignificant and irrelevant to the nucleus of the core problem: SOR (mistreatment). What you will learn over time is that many Black, African and non-white people across the world are mentally confused and completely ignorant about how the SOR (mistreatment) truly works in all nine areas of people activity. It will take a lot of patience to tolerate their weaknesses in comprehending the totality of this phenomenon. One of the best and most constructive lessons I’ve learned from Mr. Fuller is that of not engaging yourself within any argument about the subject of racism with whites, non-whites and Black people because it is ultimately futile. Over time, I’ve concluded that Mr. Fuller is absolutely right in this corrective action, something we should practice with diligence on a daily basis.

    Hope that helps, as with anything that I share here with everyone, I am hoping that it is in the most constructive and helpful way as much as possible.

  72. emile on said:

    I think you answered your own question…(lol!)…

  73. Umoja on said:

    No I don’t watch anymore. Everybody is white. The African completely written out of history or distorted, demeaned and maligned. Our history starting as slaves. We just dropped on the planet and were slaves and nothing more….. This is what many whites stand by despite the facts. Those who do are vehemently repelled by the truth…..because the truth does not support white supremacy. Period. Hannibal was depicted as a white man on that channel, yet he was an African,…. yet his story, pictures and statues are depictions of a Caucasoid. Anything of greatness, invention, science, ect….whites have stolen and claimed it all….and have written many books to support their horrific deceptions. Now anything negative and filthy?…..they give ownership to the African. Ironically, those negatives originated from them, whites….they are the owners or creators of it….example; AIDS, Ebola, homosexuality ( they’ve assigned this to us now, ” Black the new gay”….smdh), and the list goes on….

    ” Its a shame some blacks will accept scraps and try to get everyone else on board for accepting it.”
    Didn’t Malcolmx say we’ve become comfortable accepting crumbs off massa’s table instead of having a banquet…..or something to that affect.

    It’s identical to the shared comment that I hear many Blacks believe and say,
    “At least it’s something” …..it’s as though you’re suppose to be grateful if someone gives you a loaf of bread with mold all over it… and if you dare complain or tell them, “no thanks”, you may get, “who the hell are you”….been there done that.

  74. I’m gonna say this one more time:

    This world will never be in peace as long as white people exist. I don’t give a damn who’s reading this anymore…they gotta go.

  75. larissa on said:

    the eternal question; how to get rid of the white problem?

  76. Umoja on said:

    Yep, that’s it in a nut-shell. We are dealing with something bigger than we know and understand from my own observations and research….. too big for any of us, whether here or abroad that can be resolved through physical effort. I believe the horrific damage done to the African populous, both here and abroad….and continues to be so at the hands of whites, is irreparable and bigger than we can handle or thwart….more monstrous than we have the knowledge of. Am I being negative, no…realistic. I’ve read enough, I’ve studied enough…..it’s bigger and more insidious than we realize. There will be no unity. We’ll have the same conversations 20yrs from now and then some.
    My beautiful son who is highly melanted and innocent in his mind, experiences racism by these dam white people frequently, yet he doesn’t respond because of his innocence and…..well, he just can’t seem to understand their behavior or thinking.

    He said, ” Mommy, I want to help unify us, don’t you?” I said, ” I’m tired and it’s not going to happen in my life time and probably not yours either”, He said, ” don’t you want to be here when it happens….would you come back if there was unity?” “No, I don’t want to live among them or have them on Earth subjugating our people to their savagery…. when I die, I’m not coming back to this shit, as long as white people exist, it’ll be more of the same…..I’m going to another planet if that’s how it works.”
    If I die before my son, I am going to come back and get him….I refuse to leave him here. I guarantee, some way, I’ll be back to get him or he’ll die with me…that has been my prayer now or death to every last one of these savage beast, including their off spring and all those who breed with them….and yes, all those Blacks who refuse to get their shit together….breeding with them, I believe has not only diluted our DNA, but has corrupted our DNA.
    What we fail to realize, whites are Neanderthals/Humans ( 4-10% Neanderthals), well what is that….we say this yet don’t realize what exactly what and who we are dealing with. Grafted animal DNA plus Human DNA = What we call “white”, “Caucasoid”…..
    Animals are innate predators, territorial , killers, meat eaters, immoral, many go for the ass all the time, ect…. How do you civilize an animal… You don’t…..these are my beliefs…..yeah I said it. It can’t be done. Sure you can domesticate an animal….but it will always be an animal and resort to it’s innate animalistic ways…an animal cannot not be an animal. They want us to be as they are and will and have taken all measures to achieve this goal… which will completely annihilate us all…. they know this.

  77. Umoja

    Blacks fall into 2 catagories now. Those that are awake/ becoming awake and those that are too far gone to ever come back.

    From day one, the signs were there. Who whites are, what they stand for and their plans for earth and its inhabitants. They’ve never hid the fact that they were monsters. It is *us* that is living in a fog of denial.

    When we were brought here, some of us, like my ancestors were already here as indigenous people, NO ONE knew what these witchcraft-working serpents did to us.

    I firmly believe that we’re feeling to aftershocks and the continued malpractice of our spirituality turned against us. The white mans war is indeed spiritual in nature. That’s why all 9 areas of people activity must be desecrated.

    He is no fool.

    That’s why I keep on repeating over and over and over…drop out of his shitstym. Drop out now! We are the richest group of blacks on earth yet we cry and wail that we ain’t got nuthin.

    Please know that your son, the blood of Christ, is protected. No harm shall come his way. I’m sure you’re an excellent mom and mentor. Just teach him to be as independent as possible, loyal to his race and to love himself.

    The rest, with Gods guidance, is up to him.

  78. Umoja on said:

    I make it my business not to discuss racism with whites…..they vehemently deny that it exist…I get that, but this guy was supposedly African as he stated…It was confusing, I can usually tell but not so with that one. If I knew without a doubt that he was white, the conversation would have stopped at the gate. I can easily detect because whites give themselves away so easily even when they pretend to be Black, but with that one? He’s a vet at pretending he’s African if he’s white. I don’t know what he is to this day…..but you said….

    …”is that of not engaging yourself within any argument about the subject of racism with whites, non-whites and Black people because it is ultimately futile.”

    That covers everybody. It’s imperative that Blacks talk and inform each other of racism….it’s the ignorance of it that allows victimhood and the mess we all witness today. I rarely if ever come across a Black person who argues about racism/white supremacy….that’s one thing we all share. Was this an African now that I recall….maybe, maybe not. He was a pro….I should have had my partner that I piggyback with on YT with those racist….she can detect the hard-core pros. Usually, I can have disagreements with Blacks on YT without a problem….which I thought it safe to converse with this African. He initiated the whole conversation. I know what to look for next time. Thank you for your thoughts Emile

  79. @umoja

    How do you raise a child to be loyal to their race.When i have kids i want them to date and marry other blacks. How do you teach them at a young age when they don’t know much and are naive.I wonder if I push too much for them to date only other blacks that they will rebel and just date whites.Its not like we can keep them away from whites.If we did then they could go either way,either they go breed with whites because they’ve never seen one or they stay with what’s familiar and don’t touch whites.

  80. Umoja on said:

    African agency, African agency, African agency!!

    Self-rejection is not allowed in our home, minds or through my son’s lips. All the racial slurs , self-hate and rejection that Blacks spew to each other…..not allowed. Celebration of who and what he is….our true history. Celebration of his antenna’s to God and his beautiful rich melanated skin, ect. I’m constantly remaining aware of the tactics that whites are implementing both here and abroad so I may inform my son. I tell him the truth about whites; who and what they truly are….their goals, tricks, tactics, history, ect. He is taught to love and accept himself as he is, no compromise. I’ve told him about the IR relationship tactics in the disguise of “love and acceptance” that whites have always used as their last aggressive tool in war-fare against their opponent. I’ve informed him extensively of their using Blacks as sexual toilets throughout the centuries. There’s much dialogue and teaching between us. He’s completely turned off by white females. We as parents are completely obligated to teach and inform our children of the true world we live in, surround them with African agency, celebrate and love who and what they are, teach and show them how to love themselves ( the world sure as hell will not), teach them our true history….dating/breeding with their own will be a given with those things above included. We have to guard our children’s psyche’s against the poison of white supremacy diligently….I could go on and on, but this is the jest of it.

  81. Umoja on said:

    @ Negress…
    I do believe it’s a spiritual/metaphysical war-fare going on and has been for centuries…..and Africans hold the key; in which whites,ect..are making dam sure that we are thwarted…if that makes any sense.
    Thank you Beloved for the kind words.

  82. Soforeal on said:

    lol check this out sisters

  83. I know what you mean. I live in Alabama. I stopped getting chemicals in my hair 11 years ago, but being back here in this small town, my natural hair is rare. My grandmother has a fit anytime I don’t have a weave in my hair. I often get shamed into not showing my natural hair. I remember when I first made the big chop, my best friend at the time said, “No man is going to want you now”. Sadly, she was right. No guys paid me attention until i broke down and got a weave about a year later. I hate living here again. Can’t wait until I can move again.

  84. Gat Turner on said:

    I think one of the reasons Yurugu doesen’t like natural hair is because of its antenna like quality. With your hair natural you will be able to pick up more on people thoughts and intentions, most women I know who have gone n atural have dropped out of Western culture altogether.This may be one of their hidden fears. If we are not emulating and worshipping them there is a problem, couple that with the increased BS detection coming through nartual african hair and I can see what they fear.

  85. Gat

    Thank you!
    My number one advice for us has been:

    Stop playing their games.
    Drop out of their system as much as you can.
    Leave them alone
    Stop pandering to them in all ways.

    You nailed it.

  86. Umoja on said:

    Antenna…..uuumm….I think I’m just going to try to get the biggest hair that I possible can now that I’ve gone natural. It’s funny that you and Negress would mention dropping out of the “system”….I think that comes natural also. Once we begin to “wake up” many things are revealed if we continue on, and much of the European influence, culture, holidays, ect…begins to be a complete turn-off….because all of it is unnatural for the African or for any human being for that matter. Besides European culture = conforming to white supremacy and all their sexual deviances to boot…. the annihilation of African Agency and death to Black life (spiritually, mentally and physically); therefore we’ll become imitators of white, slaves; subjugated to white supremacy….rejecting ourselves and each other.

    WHITES—Let’s squeeze everything out of them and pour US into them.
    No thanks … I’d rather die than become a savage, immoral, predatorial, killer instinct, sexual terrorist and psychopath with animal blood/dna.

    It’s and affront to who we are, an affront to the ancestors and spirit.

    **SEPARATION from them is key to our survival**

  87. Umoja on said:

    I’d throw the weave in the trash instead of pleasing those self-hating Blacks (including family members) and appeasing whites by conforming to who you are not. It takes courage to love yourself and be who you are in this anti-Black society. Believe me, it is worth it and becomes easy; your life depends on it. Those Black men who “don’t want you” because of your natural hair suffer from self-hate themselves; believe me–you’re not missing a thing; they’d project that self-hate onto you. Love yourself, unapologetically, no compromise. You can do it no matter where you live.

  88. Dr. Reine on said:

    I wear wigs, my natural curls in a fro’, and pressed out styles too. I do NOT perm/relax my hair or wear weaves.

    And I LOVE EVERYTHING about my beautiful, Black self!!!

    And I do NOT feel that Black folks who do different thing with their hair hate themselves, that general assumption is just ignorant, IMHO.

    I also color my gray hair but not because I hate getting older, actually it’s quite the opposite. It’s because its NICE to look 30 when you’re almost 50.

  89. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Sugar…that is wonderful! I am trying to find the courage to be natural, but I’m afraid it takes confidence I don’t have yet.

  90. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @mstoogood…I agree. When I was a kid, it seemed like a lot of the other Black kids only cared about wearing expensive clothes and shoes to school. They didn’t care about studying or learning more about the world around them or having constructive hobbies. To them, that was “acting white”. It is partly peer pressure and partly the values (or lack thereof) they are being taught at home.

    I will never forget how this one boy would always make fun of my shoes because they weren’t $300 Air Jordans. And this girl would refer to me as “Poor Girl” because I didn’t wear designer clothes.

  91. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @phoebe…love your post! Do you still have dreads? I am still relaxed and have been for years, but I’ve also encountered white women who made ignorant comments about my hair as well.

    My beloved uncle has had locs for years and the texture is soft, like lamb’s wool. Some people are just ignorant about Black hair.

  92. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @truthbetold…I’ve only encounter a few that look at me the way you describe. But generally speaking, I think my looks are close enough to theirs so maybe most of them don’t have the same fascination with me that they do with you.

    I’m not sure the key is to avoid them…more like, be careful with them. Watch your back. I deal with some white women the same way I do with anyone I dislike/don’t trust.

    And yes, the ones who deal mostly with Black men and other “men of color” can be the worst. They believe they are a prize and they aren’t simply content to be around Black men…they want Black women to feel bad about it.

  93. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @mary…It’s funny because even with a relaxer, my hair is still very thick and coarse. I have some real Motherland naps and it is quite a juxtaposition with my extremely light complexion. I’ve had people of all races make negative comments about my hair. But yes, Paul Mooney was right to some extent. I’ve had a few white people “helpfully” suggest that I “do something” with my hair.

    To some white people, natural hair is a political statement. Very sad that a person’s natural features are viewed that way.

  94. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Negress…don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Lately I notice that there is some unknown virus on my PC since I started commenting on your site. Somebody is definitely up to no good.

  95. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Umoja…that is very true. They do attribute all bad things to Black people. But you never hear them openly criticize the evil that others do, esp. other white folks. Look at the white dude last year that kidnapped and raped the little girl, then cut her throat. Or the white woman here in Florida that sexually abused a 12-year-old girl and filmed it. Most white people don’t talk about them. No, they prefer to attribute all the problems in the world to anyone who isn’t white.

    Sometimes they will give white-washed Latinos and Asians a pass, but still…

  96. honeytreebee on said:

    Negress perhaps a post on caring for black hair is in order. You know simple test for porascity and what is needed to keep hair hydrated and moist. Once you have mastered the basics black hair is easy to take care of and style. Also the spiritual aspects of our hair being mindful not to damage our antenna to the divine with things like heat and color treatments.

  97. Tyrone on said:

    Blackmen are the source of the problem, running behind white and asian women. If we don”t love black, our black sisters won’ t as well. Nubian women are beautiful, but, they still need blackmen to cosign.

  98. honeytreebee on said:

    To Dr. Reine

    every time a little black girl sees your relaxed hair. Call it what you want, but this is what I see.

  99. Pingback: Black Hair And White Domination | Kemetix

  100. Exactly, I am interested in locking my hair and growing it out because I will reflect my natural beauty and I know I will be a stunner with long dreads lol

  101. Thank God a Black man loves his Black women! I am a Black woman and it is nice to hear about Black men like you.

  102. I have been relaxer free since 2010 because the relaxer messed up my hair and now I am weave free. My hairdresser and her self hating family members have been wearing weaves for years and wanted to hook me onto them as well. My mother, who is natural, didn’t want me to get any weaves so I don’t get them anymore.

    Now I wear my natural hair without chemicals for good

  103. Have you touched on the other cosmetics industry.The makeup.Black women are gorgeous without makeup we don’t need it.But the pale skins tend to look sickly without it and add the color in to fake “healthiness”.Black women wearing blush …smh.It’s all great but these chemicals are harming us.White women can’t do without makeup.From birth they’ve been taught to use makeup trying to add artificial color to their skin.Then brainwash society to think that it signifies beauty.We need to deprogrammed our minds.I never wore makeup cause I have all the color I need.

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