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Open Discussion #11

Ummmm…Kushite Prince sent me this and asked me, “What happened to India Arie?”


India Arie

My answer?

“The pressure of being a dark-skinned, black woman with African features in white Hollywood.”

Guys, do you think the sting of losing the role of Nina Simone to Zoe Saldana pushed her over the edge? And why is it that only black females are targeted? Look at my future husband:

*takes a minute to swoon*

He’s dark, right? And no one is badgering him.

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114 thoughts on “Open Discussion #11

  1. The picture isn’t showing. Anyway what did happen to her? This is the first i’m hearing about this. I do notice with the music industry and film industry as wel,l that dark skinned black women get no attention. I love india arie she is beautiful and so is ledisi,jill scott,and Lauryn hill.I guess her features were too african for them smh,but manufactured bafoons like nicki minaj who have no talent get more attention.To some bad attention is better than no attention. As black women we deal with a lot.With being a woman a man can be overweight and not catch hell for it,if a woman were she’d be called all kinda names.Its the same with being dark skinned, men are allowed to be but a woman would be disrespected for it.The standard of beauty for men is tall,dark,and handsome which describes black men.The standard of beauty for women is petite,blonde,blue eyes, that definitely doesn’t describe us. There are double standards when it comes to women especially black women.

  2. Mstoogood:

    My site is under attack.

    As soon as I upload my pics or post an article, it disappears, has issues loading, my email gets hijacked, etc…

    Hope you all can see it now.

  3. I knew something was going on.Everytime i post a comment i have to exit out and log back in or it won’t post my second comment.I see the pics now. Dam wtf did she bleach her skin,looks like 2 sisters not the same person.She looks happiest on the pic in the middle. She looks amazing in the 2 pics on the left,the pic on the right looks like beyonce trying to do blackface without the makeup.I love that song i am not my hair by her she need to do a song called i am not my skin tone. THis day in age artists are pressured to dress sexy and have light skin.This is a dam shame.I thought she was strong to resist this bs.Sigh, i guess i’ll add her to the list of sell outs. I just hope jill scot,ledisi,and jazmine sullivan aren’t left.If they go then i’ll be listening to old school music exclusively.

  4. I just googled this. Her response is http://www.theindychannel.com/entertainment/indiaarie-blasts-skin-lightening-rumors_42717886

    She said it was because of lighting for the photoshoot for her upcoming album cocoa butter. If this is true shame on the photographer and her if she chooses that pic for her album cover. They know what they doing,trying to make her look lighter so her albums can sell. Its some suspicious things going on,how is it they have darker lighting for white ppl to make them appear darker than they are.But use brighter lights to make dark skinned appear lighter.Whites be in blackface and blacks are going to be in whiteface.The agenda of whites taking black places has began,don’t be surprised when hbcus are no longer black.Whites will infiltrate ish just to get some of those benefits,as if white privilidge isn’t enough.They are going to do us the way they did the native americans, breed them out and fake being native to get land on the rez. Aint that some sheit that they destroy then assume the identity of their victim.

  5. When you have true talent and a passion to share that talent and your a dark skin sister hollyweird is the land of deferred dreams. And that can just knock the creative spirit and willingness to share right out your ass. Being 38 when I had my shot to share my flow my energy what I encountered was life altering. Thats why I just write. She has all the skills but no platform to express her gift. Why? Because white supremacy controls every facet and aspect of the physical world. Luckily there are others

  6. Kushite Prince on said:

    @SisterTruthI pray this sista is not bleaching her skin. India has always said she loved her skin tone and complexion. But this goes to show the pressure put on our sistas in Hollyweird and the music industry. Also because dark skin is associated with masculinity in western culture,darker skin beauty is diminished in the eyes of whites. Which is why biracial women like Halle Berry and Alicia Keys are seen as more attractive than Lauryn Hill and Gabrielle Union. But dark skin men like Idris Elba and Morris Chestnut are seen as good looking. The colorism affects black men and women in different way. This is also thecreason light skin men like Shemar Moore and Lenny Kravitz are seen as more feminine than their darker male counterparts. This dark/light skin dynamic is a real sickness in our community. It’s been with us since slavery. And we need to seriously abandon this sick mindset.

  7. Kushite Prince on said:

    I really hope it is the lighting. I also thought she could resist the racism in the industry. It’s really sad what our people have to go through to be accepted in the mainstream. I believe it’s better to save your soul and keep your dignity than to bow down to these demons.

  8. mary burrell on said:

    I am praying to God this is not true. This madness of light skin dark skin. She is such a beautiful young woman. I hope she didn’t give in to the pressure of the media. I think she was with Arista records. Clive Davis is the head of that. And he favored Alicia Keyes over her that year. I am hoping against hope this is not true.

  9. mary burrell on said:

    It probably was hard when her own black people were saying negative things about her. It’s hard for a dark skinned queen to be successful in Hollywood.

  10. I have always loved Ms. Arie. I never really got over Felicia Keyes winning all of the awards over ‘India’, that fateful awards year. Never. I hate, if she did in fact change her skin tone, but….I understand. To Ms. ‘Brownskin and, I am Not my Hair …..

  11. mary burrell on said:

    I am reading that all of this is just much ado about nothing, That this is just lighting and filters. I read a quote where she said ” I would never put my health in jeopardy by bleaching my skin”. So this bleaching business I am hoping is not true.

  12. I don’t think the sista bleached her skin, I think was in the enhancement of the photo which bring up another issue.

    Why did sista okay the lightening of her photo? Did she okay the lightening of her photo? She Beyonce to blame? She damn near white now……in real life.

  13. Mickey on said:

    Kind of like that movie, “The Thing”, or “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

  14. The same thing was happening to me too. Remember I posted a few comments on it. Sometimes I have to post 6-7 time to get it up.

  15. kowaba on said:

    I heard a song by India Arie a couple of days ago. Wondered what she was up to so I went to her official website and saw the photo posted above. I have to say it seems like a noticeable trend that nearly every black female is medium complexion or light skin in the entertainment industry which is really annoying. Unfortunately, it seems that Hollywood provides lower visibility to anyone who doesn’t appear to have some admixture. I’ve also noticed a rise in non-white entertainers with a white parent as a someone to promote of a certain ethnicity instead of just a person with two parents of the same race or ethnicity.

  16. honeytreebee on said:

    If she changes her hair and her features start changing you know what time it is. If she continues to put out more of these picture you know what’s happening. If she get snarky about ppl pointing this out you know it’s gotten to her. It’s hard out west for any black person to begin with, but being in a biz like that… well… damn. You have to disconnect from them and not really care but not getting the awards and recognition for years is hard and can make you crack. This may just be the start. If she show up with blond hair it over folks yelling I am not my hair why are ppl trippen we know it is over another bites the dust.

  17. mary burrell on said:

    Well if she shows up with a blonde weave I will know something crazy is happening.

  18. Tyrone on said:


    Our race will never be whole as long as our dark-skinned sistas are not given the love and respect they deserve from blackmen. Blackmen who are part of the sports/entertainment nexus are killing us, as it relates to this issue. Typically, we see these brothas with mulatto or white/other women…Race Betrayal! Of course, none of this is an accidental outcome, it’s by design. Whitemen know that blackmen who disrespect “real” blackwomen are not beacons of black manhood. Any blackman that covets women lighter than himself, is not a defender of “The Sistahood.” As to the role of Nina Simone, i too believe that it pushed her over the edge, Sadly! How do we get over this hump in the road? We must rid ourselves of the one drop rule, which was created by white slavemasters. Blackness for real black people is the only way. Right now, any woman that”s 50/50 or 40/60 can claim sistahood, Why? I don’t see the same dynamic with blackmen. Why the discrepancy? Whitewomen and other women want sexual access to blackmen. The darker the blackman, the greater the sexual attraction of non-black women. Naturally, white females are lighter, so, they don’t want dark-chocolate women promoted to the masses. As to Zoe Saldana, she is Puerto-Rican and Dominican…Revealing! Both groups of spanish blacks have serious racial hangups. She only dates whitemen, typical of many spanish sistas from both islands. Saldana is a wet dream for racist whitemen in hollywood, who are showing their true colors. They got Halle Berry and Paula Patton on their team, Zoe is next in line, she too is a mutt. Whitemen covet mixed blackwomen because they get the best of both worlds…a blackwoman in bed with them and a caucasian baby as well. This explains why they treat light/mixed blackwomen better than darker blackwomen. Again, sex is in the middle of the insanity. Having black children with real blackwomen is not advancing whiteness. Sistas, knowing the why of something is the key. The dark/light skin issue is driven by whitemen who lust after mixed blackwomen such as Zoe Saldana. It has nothing to do with us, remember that Queens? Black is beautiful in all shades, but, the darkest sistas are the embodiment of Momma Africa…Always!!!


  19. Ty

    Since sex and complexion is your most pressing topic, may I ask you for an explanation?

    What do you do with the many, many, many dark skinned blacker than tar African who are white identified, hate black people, want naughty to do with Africa and only sleep with Becky?

    Ty, your views are myopic. Sorry bro, but your big black Dick obsession is tired. Sex isn’t apart of everything. The power that we have in us, Ma’at, …that’s what this is all about.

    Is sex important?

    Of course. You need black love to have black children. But focusing on sex robs us of God.

  20. And one more thing. Melanin is measured inside of us, not by skin complexion.

  21. soforeal on said:

    she is not her skin. i really don’t care if she bleaches her skin our not. I’ve pretty much given up on skin bleachers; my dogone brother does it; i don`t even care anymore; they`ll suffer the consequences later.

  22. Soforeal on said:

  23. Soforeal on said:

  24. Umoja on said:

    What ever the reason, bottom line…she agreed to the end result. I wonder why she chooses the company she keeps….and why did she decide to take the blue pill. It goes to show that it’s imperative to guard against the poison that surrounds us. It’s like whites and Blacks are vying for the same thing…the Black mind. One to enslave it and the other for it’s freedom.
    Nah, “they’re” not going to attack this man’s skin tone; if anything “they’ll” try to pair him up with a white woman….they may even throw in his own show, incentives or promotions if he succumbs. Black women are facing the agenda of degradation and the less desired, thanks to all media engines….break the bond between the Black man and Black woman….thwart all procreation between the two while praising whites.
    Negress I think you should make yourself visible for your future husband. He’s fine as wine and I’m sure many females are sniffing around him….just say’in.

  25. Amarie on said:

    Yeah she’s doing it for the record sales like Beyonce did. That’s a shame.

  26. Tyrone on said:


    No offense taken, i”m not special in any way. Why have i focused so much on sex in recent times? Negress, i gotta call you out as well. You say that whites want our DNA, well, how do they achieve that goal? By sleeping with black people…Duh! Yes, i may have focused on the “S” word too much, Guilty As Charged! As african people, we like to avoud the obvious. Whites have a specific problem, they lack melanin. We have something they need and want, so, sex will always be in the loop. Unlike a lot of us, i choose not to run away from obvious baggage. What is the origin of colorism? Whitemen raping black females all over the globe. Obviously, our race is still dealing with the wickedness of what was done to our foremothers. A blackman encouraging his fellow brethren to love their sisters, what’s so bad about that Negress? If Ty is vanilla, blackwomen will say that i have no passion for them. I can be spiritual as well, but that’s not my focus right now. As to dark-skinned blackmen swooning over Becky, a sucker is born everyday. Nobody respects a self-hating blackman…Ditto! As we all know, Casper will kill them first. Hollywood is full of butt kissing blackmen who do the bidding of white males at the expense of their black sisters. Negress, if you want me to cut the bs out, i’ll do it. You’ve always kept it 100 with me, so, i gotta do the same. No more Eros this and that, just words. Truthbetold, You Win!!!


  27. Ty

    Call me out? On what? My ancestry? I’ve never lied where I come from, what we are, my poor upbringing, our struggles in the got damn country or my desire to leave.

    It seems that you and I are at different points in our lives. Not to finger point but it seems to be true. I’m past a lot of bullshit regarding skin complexion. In fact, I’ll share something with you.

    If I were to count the number of times a dark skinned sista wanted to beat me up or betray me or a dark skinned man wanted to get me pregnant just so I could give him “pretty light skinned babies”, I’d run out of numbers to count.

    Why am I not stressing my mistrust of dark skin? Because we are all victims of this prison. I know that it’s not their fault they think the way they do. The only person I need to work on is me.

    As for sex.


    Ty, what is the purpose of sex in our heritage?
    It has nothing to do with breaking the king size bed. It’s about God. And children. Intimacy has been hijacked by the Devil so we now believe that sex is for fun.

    I’m tired of going round for round with you on the issue. First it was explaining why “the swirl” was bad, then it’s this.

    I’m not mad Ty, but I am done with the sex issue. We need to move past “big, black dick” and “mixed blacks are not ‘authentic’ people.”

  28. I hope she don’t end up like sammy sosa. He looks nasty.I remember a magazine that was accused of darkening obama,but they said it was the paper.I see their tricks.They want to darken certain ppl to make them appeal to blacks,then lighten others so they appeal to whites.They know blacks are trendsetters so they need our seal of approval then they take it to whites to distribute it.

    Whites know how to trick ppl for sure.Its like some tom sawyer sheit,whitewash my fence its fun and pay me to do it.They’ve played up being white so some of these lost negroes will want to be like them.I wouldn’t want to be white ever not in this life or the next.Then downplay being black and poc.This why its up to us to reverse that bs.Misery loves company,they can’t be black so they date black,have kids with blacks,and try to destroy blacks.I see all these harlem shake vids on youtube,but its not the real dance.Its white ppl half dancing half humping because they can’t do the real dance.They take things that have already been around and mess it up then somehow make it a hit.

  29. Soforeal on said:

    I know right. I’m like these guys are humping and you know white boy ain’t got no rhythm. everybody look up to them, so whatever they do is going to get a lot of attention.

  30. Folks, I am going to have an initial hearing for my Human Rights complaint on Tuesday. Wish me luck! It has been a harrowing year waiting to initiate the hearing which they kept postponing. It is a popular tactic they use but I have the patience of Job! Anyhow, wish me luck.

  31. kowaba on said:

    Good luck, Herneith!

  32. larissa on said:

    I have another harsassment related question for you. You still there?

  33. kowaba on said:

    yeah. I’m still here.

  34. Go kick ass, Sis!!…

  35. Hernie

    Good luck! I’ll pray for you.

  36. mary burrell on said:

    Good luck Herneith.

  37. Matari on said:

    I’m wishing you the MOST POSITIVE outcome the UNIVERSE can deliver, Herneith!

  38. Thank you for your well wishes all! I have come thus far on my own steam with little or no support from anyone with the exception of a few. I now have a lawyer and my case is going to a hearing. I will keep you apprised as to the case. again, thank you!

  39. mary burrell on said:

    One last thought. No I don’t think anyone is badgering brother Chiwetel because he has rugged good looks. It’s a whole lot of females of all ethnicities are checking for him. And there is a double standard when it comes to a dark skinned sisiter whom Hollywood judges with scrutiny because they don’t think that dark skin is beautiful on a female. Black women if they want to work in Hollywood have fit that European aesthetic.

  40. larissa on said:

    they’re probably just jealous because dark skin is what will make that black women look 30 when she’s 50, while they look 50 when they’re 30. How else do you explain it? Frankly I’m tired of their bullshit. Whites need to delete themselves from this universe.

  41. Mickey on said:

    It’s funny that you said that. I just saw a clip of “The View” when they had comedians on the show. One of them was a Black woman who said that she turned 50 last year and celebrated. She then said that her White girlfriends were saying, “It’s not fair! You Black women never age. It’s not fair!” She told them, “Look, God gave Black people tight skin. God gave White people money….to BUY tight skin. It’s fair.” LOL

    There is a reason they say “Black don’t crack.”

  42. larissa on said:

    @It’s funny that you said that. I just saw a clip of “The View” when they had comedians on the show.
    As sister truth said, there are no coincidences:)
    How do we get rid of the white problem? lol

  43. Tyrone on said:


    As a mixed woman, i can understand your frustration. But, we can”t run away from this problem, you know this Truth. Honestly, it’s f**ked up what was done to India.Arie. Zoe Saldana looks nothing like Nina Simone. This madness can’t continue. Dorothy Dandridge was a light skinned black female, naturally, Halle Berry was chosen for the role. Why can’t darker sistas be given the same respect? The issue of black vs. biracial, mixed sistas can’t continue playing both sides. They’re the ones who have to prove themselves, not real blackwomen. Negress, tighten up queen? Whites are trying to steal black music from us, this is the larger issue that needs to be discussed. I’m not gonna tell sistas to support or boycott the movie, that’s a personal decision.


  44. larissa on said:

    am i the only one who gets mad everytime they show whites going to help poor africans/asians, it’s like ” we made the mess now we’re gonna clean it all up”! and we’re supposed to believe it? it annoys me to no end! i guess this is why some of you don’t watch tv

  45. “The pressure of being a dark-skinned, black woman with African features in white Hollywood.”

    “Guys, do you think the sting of losing the role of Nina Simone to Zoe Saldana pushed her over the edge? And why is it that only black females are targeted? Look at my future husband”

    Over the edge? No. I think that for any black person or poc to even think about wanting to be a part of Hollywood or any other facet of American media machine implies they went over the edge a long time ago. African centered media works against the function of Western media, which is to brainwash African and other non-white people.

    As for your husband and who all is being targeted. Black men and women are regarded by the media as equally treacherous. They have to keep us on our toes and confused so while the occasional movie or tv show might stray the theme is pretty consistent.

    Black female’s role in the media is to serve up intellectual confusion about what exactly goes on in the black community while black men are relegated to being at best the right hand man of a noble white savior, and at worst a cooning terrorist thug.

    I don’t have time tonight to flesh this out as much as I’d like, but keeping in mind what I’ve read and heard from doctors Welsing and Ani…..


    Precious – dark Black female’s role: Sexually terrorized daughter of black male
    dark Black male’s role: Sexual Terrorist
    light Black female’s role: counselor overworked savior of black female
    light black male’s role: nurse, tired, savior of dark black female

    Tyler Perry movies – dark black female’s role: unloved by black male
    dark male’s role: hypnotized by white or light skin female
    light skin female’s role: wise grandmother
    light skin male’s role: hardworking virtuous lover

    The Color Purple – dark black female’s role: sexually terrorized daughter
    dark black male’s role: sexual terrorist, wife beater

    Fresh Prince – dark black female’s role: naive little sister, model on older
    dark black male’s role: comic, snide butler to light owner
    light skinned female’s role: white identified daughter with money
    light skinned male’s role: provider, rich, wise

  46. larissa on said:

    @sister truth may I ask you a health related question?

  47. T.Bee on said:

    Tyrone I don’t understand why black directors don’t do their own Nina Simone film that involves her family. Go through the front door and ask the family and get their support and include them. Also, Nina’s life was so huge it needs 4-5 movies at least. No, I’m not going to see that pathetic thing even if, it were to have an all black cast. I don’t want to support a lie or disrespect the family.

    Tyrone it matters how a a (mixed) woman views herself. If she views herself as a black woman and lives her life that way then how is she not black. I know plenty of dark black people are all messed up over color and won’t even talk to other black people. The hue of a person is not the whole story. It is how they behaive. that really counts. Negress and other light skinned sistas are as valid as the darkest of sistas. Lets Be mindful not to cast out family cause their complexion is light.

    This colorism stuff is a mess. I myself am not very dark nor very light and when this shit comes out it is fustrating to say the least to watch both sides go at it. We all must be put to the test Tyrone the darkness of the uniform is only a part of it and as far as moving us forward it is not an instant indicatior of character. Like I said befor I would not turn away a light skinned brother if, he were a good man and I sure wouldn’t stay for a dark shinned brother who wasn’t right. Must be black yes, but, must also come correct.

  48. honeytreebee on said:

    Here look at this this might be of intrest to you just something a little different.


    I really love the parts about the western kingdoms, so much focus os put on the east the west of Africa is great and rich in so much accomplishments and achievement.

  49. honeytreebee on said:

    The more I look at the picture the more I think it was digitally lightened or wait till we see her in public. Lights …. Lights…. I’m not buying it. Is she saying she is no longer coffe brown, but coco brown? What is next cafe au lait then just the lait. i so hope she’s not pulling a MJ. Damn…

  50. honeytreebee on said:

    WTFlippin is this?

  51. honeytreebee on said:

    No it is brain washing. At the bottom of their bowls the put messages that say stuff like Jesus loves you and from the caring people of the U.S. or some other E.U nation. That messes with you head like you can’t do for yourself. They are working hard on mentally defeating the last hold outs. They want us not to ever fight them again. cause when non white ppl ban together they get thier asses handed back to then like in Vietnam. No fancy weapons there and no a lot of military gear there either. Yet, they lad to leave and that ass kicking was great. So, now they cause things like you see on t.v. and that is how their doing it now. Get thewhole nation depressen and hungry and them tell them some mind altering bullshit. That may be why you get so mad.Just a thought.

  52. “Labels: The African Code employs linguistic terms which empower African people and rejects shallow color labels which do not articulate the African geopolitical reality.”

    – From the section “African Code”

    I really like this site.

  53. soforeal on said:

    was this at me?

  54. Bry

    Thanks again for the breakdown.

  55. Larissa


  56. larissa on said:

    @sister truth
    my question is:
    more than a month ago, HUGE red marks appeared on the side of one of my thighs. I’ve already had chicken pox. And I doubt it’s an allergy to clothing since I usually wear jeans and have done so for years without any previous plots. It’s not even like a rash, it looks like my thigh has been bleached red, and stains have remained on my thigh. kind of like discoloration. it’s so scary. they still haven’t disappeared.

  57. larissa on said:

    I forgot to add, any thoughts on what it could be?

  58. Larissa

    Sounds like a case of “contact dermatitis.” In other simple terms, you came into contact with something that produced an allergy. Or…you ate something that caused an allergic reaction.

    Since it’s been over 1 month, please see a dermatologist. Usually contact allergens disappear after cortisone treatments or on their own as your body will fight via white blood cells to “kill” the contaminant.

    A good at home remedy, AFTER you see the doctor, is oatmeal paste or mush, applied directly to the affected areas.

  59. larissa on said:

    ok i will do that thank you so much. i really appreciate this

  60. I came across that pic on facebook….to say tha truth, it really suprised me…I just hope she won’t change her muzik 2 much…..2 much pressure!!!

  61. honeytreebee on said:

    soforeal I can’t understand a word they are saying. What is this about?

  62. soforeal on said:


    lol they’re making fun of jamaican dancehall
    artist vybz kartel and the bleaching of his skin.

    lol what you didn’t see usain bolt in the 2nd vid? lol

  63. emile on said:

    I don’t know.

    The color-struck mentality aka skin-color madness that seems to be affecting us as Black people in general is something that I view as something that we ourselves have to get over as individuals. I mean, if after all we’ve been through in the western hemisphere, as far as history is concerned, if we’re not learning to love ourselves by now, then when will it end? It is my personal belief that this issue is something that has to be dealt with and confronted on a personal level, and so I begin with myself in comprehending the facts that have gotten us to the multi-hued world we live in now. The facts of imposed self-hatred, forced rape, slavery, miscegenation, political & societal protocols, etc., are things that we’ve got to surpass, although it is a painful reference. If I could offer any suggestions, I’d say we have to look at the brighter side of this madness and realize how truly beautiful we all are, from the darkest skin tones to the lightest and capitalize upon it as a binding asset of our current culture. That’s just the beginning of starting anew, because our humanity is what’s really more important than what’s on the outside. The rich diversity of Black people in every possible aspect of humanity (physical. spiritual, cultural, etc.) is something that we often overlook to our detriment. Instead of focusing upon these elements as a defense shield against hatred, jealousy, divide-and-conquer techniques and such, we tend to expose our vulnerability of letting what others say, believe and impressions influence us more than what we truly believe about ourselves. As Mr. Fuller has said, we are not hated because we are Black; we are hated because they are not Black.

    There’s a lot of excess psychological baggage that we’ve got to get rid of an individual level before we can even begin to appreciate others and the uniqueness of our culture. We are all victims, of course, but that doesn’t mean that we have to remain victims. Once we can began to work on a plane of self-consciousness and self-love, only then can we see more positive outcomes in our personal lives, relationships, as well as how we handle adversity while living in a society that repeatedly rejects us. I always use myself as a barometer of how well I love myself before criticizing what others may do.

    As far as media is concerned, we will never, never, ever see the promotion of our diversity in the truest and most positive, culturally-reaffirming way until we are in total control of every facet of our own media, horizontally and vertically, from content creation and control to financing to management to marketing, etc. Only then will we be able to fully utilize the raw talents, cosmetic appeal and desirable dialogue of beautiful and handsome people such as the Gabrielle Unions, Morris Chestnuts, Viola Davis’, Chiwetel Ejiofors, Lauryn Hills, Idris Elbas and others. This is why it is repeatedly suggested that Black patronage is taken seriously and put into effect with serious, marketable intentions through entrepreneurial and artistic ventures. It can be done, but you can’t expect nor force others to do what you should be doing yourself. Since media is undoubtedly strongly influential within any society, it is something that should be given a second look for the re-birth of new Black media, especially with all of the available technology we have within reach. Meaningful and quality-oriented content, appealing to a substantial Black audience (and international markets), can now even be created on shoestring budgets. The potential is there, considering all of rich talent that currently exists and is often marginalized and undervalued. When Black artists get serious, I mean as truly as serious as Oscar Michaeux did in the early 1920s, only then will we begin to see the content and imagery we desire and deserve.

    “If not by us, then who?”
    “If not now, when?”

  64. Emile

    “we are a race plagued with petty differences.”

  65. I don’t care if someone is dark or light.Sheit i see plenty of dark skinned ppl on youtube having self hate or dissing each other. This is one of my future husbands lol discussing the issue.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxECtIsg5GQ

    Another thing what do you go by black or african american?
    I sometimes feel like black doesn’t describe how diverse our colors are.Black is one shade.Brown i think best describes us because it comes in light medium and dark ,but that’s taken by the latinos lol.I hear how some africans are offended when we call ourselves african american. WE need a new term.

  66. larissa on said:

    To all: am the only one who feels like my admission into a mental hospital is imminent? I feel like it’s only a matter of time, I keep hearing voices…. Is it just me, have I finally cracked under the pressure of white supremacy. I failed all of my papers last term. I think being sexually assaulted last september pushed me over the edge. Any ideas? I say this in all seriousness. It’s scary,

  67. larissa on said:

    I’ve considered dropping out of college but then I won’t find a job. As a black woman, am I doomed without a college education?

  68. larissa on said:

    I thought I could use the opinion of unbiased third parties

  69. @ larissa

    Wow sorry to hear that, maybe you should talk to a therapist.There is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist,i saw one with my brother it was nice.If the voices are telling you to be violent maybe see a psychiatrist.As far as dropping out of college my dad didn’t go to college but he joined the air force.if that’s not an option maybe you could try a trade school.

    I wish you the best. Do you have family around you who can help you?

  70. I’m not a professional nor do I proclaim to be, but I’d say find someone you can talk to about what’s going on in your life & what may be the underlying issues triggering your current mental state. Are there some things that have happened in your life that may be unresolved or suppressed? Are current stresses exacerbating already existing issues? I found meditation to be extremely calming. If you can find a quiet place to just sit and go within and quiet the voices and constant chatter we all hear–that may be help. I also came across EFT (emotional freedom technique) which is based on releasing old negative emotions that may be from childhood or traumatic experiences. It’s based on Accupressure & tapping the bodies’ meridian points to release subconscious, negative emotions that may be holding us back and I can say that it actually has worked for me. I’m sure someone else here can offer other alternatives. These are the things that come to mind. Sis, I wish you peace of mind above all else, b/c without that, a degree won’t matter.

  71. larissa on said:

    After weeks of hesitation, I booked an appointment with my college therapist. I hesitated because they are always white, and I worry that they may not be of much help, or even take me seriously. My mom lives in a different continent however we talk regularly. Thanks for the advice
    I could write a trilogy about my truamatic childhood and adolescence. As for current stresses, yes they abound especially in the family deaprtment and are exacerbated by looming academic deadlines. Also, I was sexually molested last september, which was the last straw. I constantly feel like my body is under siege by invisible hands. I don’t know how talking to a therapist will make this stop. As for meditation and EFT, they’ve always struck me as inefficient/boring, however I shall reconsider. Thanks for the good wishes.:)

  72. You have been traumatized it takes alot to come back from that and the mental trauma of that is white supremacy can only add to your hurt and confusion. Please avoid all things negative and immerse yourself in a healing environment where you feel safe. No tv and healthy eating rest and postive meditation I recommend

  73. You are most welcome. I think talking to someone who won’t judge or even writing a journal and getting it out that way are good options, as long as you get it out. A ‘neutral’ therapist can work but I am generally leery of the psychiatric establishment and believe their 1st, 2nd & last line of thought seems to lean toward medication (which can be simply a bandaid or even make things worse if you don’t get to the core issue–b/c I believe there usually is one or maybe even many)..I agree meditation does seem boring…but with work and sticking with it, it really has helped me find my center and calm down. Trust me, I’m only suggesting things that have worked for me. EFT—seems hokey and new-agey but the shit works..lol..I can personally attest to it. But of course, you have to discover what works for you. It just sounds like you need to take your personal power back and get in touch with who you are at your core–before the trauma, before the emotional assaults that we all invariably deal with in life. Good luck and please let us know how it goes & if anything I’ve suggested helps & if not, I’m sure you’ll get many helpful suggestions by others here. I see Mstoogood is already on the case & she may be even better as a resource as you guys are probably closer in age. Just remember that it’s possible to move toward where you want to be and you owe it to yourself to get there. Where there’s a will we will find a way. Please don’t ever give up on yourself.

  74. larissa on said:

    @ kal thanks that can be hard when the duties of everyday life are calling, but I will try my best. I really needed advice from all of you because I’ve reached a point where I am seriously waiting for that moment when I snap completely and lose touch with reality. I feel like it’s going to happen at any moment. I regularly check with myself to see if I still know my name, place of birth, age etc…. I’m so grateful to all of you.

  75. T.Bee on said:

    Here you go every body I think this says it all.

  76. All pain is different for everyone. I come from a family that has its own horror stories. Dial down the white influence in your life. If you cant be around those who you love and trust transform your home with things that will offer you comfort and meditate with the souls in mind you do love and trust. And literally imagine you are being healed in this state. The right food setting and mindset is the key. Trust in your strength you have yet to realize how strong you are

  77. larissa on said:

    @nmaat last year my GP suggested medication. I fled. In the past, I felt a lot of self hate, but I’ve come to realize that it is wrong, because I did not choose to become traumatized. I’ve told myself that no matter how depressed I become, I won’t take myself out of the equation. I won’t give my abusers the satisfaction. They’ll have to take me out. Once again thanks so much. It means a lot.

  78. That’s good u booked an appointment.Yes most are white. My brother saw one and he was soo funny and he even cursed every now and then,he was very down to earth.You could also try working out or yoga to relieve stress. Therapy really helped my brother who had severe mood swings,now he just sees a psychiatrist every other month and is almost off all his meds.A psychologist does what a psychiatrist does minus prescribing meds.Try everything you can before medicine like the others mentioned,yoga,meditation,accupuncture,and maybe karate or a dance class.
    Please continue to update us with what’s going on with you. We’re rooting for you

  79. honeytreebee on said:

    No we don’t. Black is good and so is African and African American. Okay Africans are Senegalese and ever ethnic and nation what ever. No one is annoyed at this. We don’t have that information to say what tribe or nation in Aftica we come from or belong to. No, not even with that DNA testing do they know for sure. Also, who is saying this stuff.

    Is it other Africans from Africa? Well ask them what nation they come from, then ask what tribe, then ask what clan, then ask who they great, great, great……… grand parent were. Say to them that it must be nice to be able to stand in the place where you know that all of your ancestors sprang from and know that, that soil has always been the genisis of you.

    How rich and bless and wonderful it must be to have all of that and oh… wait what do I have? How did I get here? Did no one come to save us? Now my brothers and sisters from the mother land say what??? I don’t What???? Really??? I geet so annoyed at this!!!! you try and show love and unity and someone comes to try to lord it over you. Sigh…. Like Peter Tosh said in the clip above aslong as you’re a Back man you are an African.

  80. larissa on said:

    To all: words cannot express how fortunate I am to be able to converse with all of you.
    thanks for providing this space where we can heal and grow
    see you all tomorrow:)

  81. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @mstoogood…I agree. I love India Arie. Back in the day, Lauryn Hill was something else, too. Pure Afrocentric beauty.

    I hope India isn’t bleaching her skin. That would be a shame. It’s like ruining a work of art. I am not a dark-skinned woman by any means, but I agree with every word you said. And you speak the TRUTH about double standards for men and women.

  82. Yep, and its double standard for men who are light skinned as well. It’s crazy how something like gender determines if it’s ok or not ok for you to be a certain shade,weight, or height.I see too many dark skinned black men praising light skinned women and then dogging light skinned men.I’m like how can you date someone yet despise their relatives that have the same skin tone just a different gender.I love my light skinned brothers and sisters and my dark skinned brothers and sisters. We just need equal representation of all our glorious shades.We are amazing i look at my family and see different shades its amazing.
    Its a shame that i see some dark skinned ppl hating on light skinned ppl and vice versa.We are the same we both deal with white supremacy and racism from our own. I love the pictures of black dolls abagond has on his website.

  83. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ negress…preach!

  84. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Soforeal…very true! That is what I told my husband when we watched the Harlem Shake videos on Youtube, it is pretty much a bunch of white dudes humping. I don’t think the original dance is supposed to be that way, at all.

  85. honeytreebee on said:

    LOL now look at what the white people have found! We could say no, no don’t go there! But do they ever listen? Let’s help them pack their bags and go there okay.


  86. honeytreebee on said:

    leave it to white people to be looking for and then find one or two of the seven gates of hell and then camp out there.

  87. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ T. Bee…thanks so much for saying that. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. “The hue of a person is not the whole story”. Very well said!

    I look damn near white, but I don’t feel that I am better than anybody else because of it. I can’t help my hair or features or the color of my skin. And it really hurts when people (no matter what race they happen to be) question my blackness or try to make me feel ashamed of who I am.

  88. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ honeytreebee…you are right. Some of these white “missionaries” or aid/rescue people are not to be trusted.

    I think some of them do mean well, but as for the rest, they use religion as a way to get to non-white people. They want the poor Africans and Indians and little Chinese kids to view them as saviors.

    I know this old white couple who lived as missionaries in Brazil for 20 years and they still pat themselves on the back, although they are both racist as hell.

  89. Dear Black Family:

    White people are attracted to me like a moth to a flame. Figures…I’ve been feeling the Spirit for the last 2 days:

    “I posted this once before but the moderator didnt let it through. Show me your not scared of a strong white man and let it be posted.

    Honestly I believe this article is great. I truly believe more black people should be vocal and honest about their hate of white people. In this way whites can truly come together as a people and love eachother again. I know too many loving white Christians who truly believe that god wants us to love eachother equally, black or white, and live in harmony as one people. When I hear honest bigotry I’m happy because the loving and weak hearts that surround us can be silenced and replaced with the truth of hate. White people can finally truly come together cast off the bounds of acceptance. —- Joe”

    Dear Joe aka Mr. Strong White Man:

    I’m not scared of you. In fact, I feel sorry for your pathetic attempts at gaining attention from a group of people that are “beneath” you. Since you preach “Christian values”, here’s what you can do to help stop racial hate:

    Go to your people and teach them the error of their ways.
    Then leave us alone.

    The moderator

  90. You are too kind Negress in your response to this bung hole! You should have written; ‘Dear fucktard, you are the pustule on the buttocks of a diseased whore. ‘ ‘Go lay down and lick your nuts’! But I digress! Take your so called anti Christian values elsewhere where they will be appreciated. In other words, fuck off, if I wanted to hear from an asshole I’d fart, much less read what they have to write’!

  91. Strong White man? Strong in smell I’d wager.

  92. Bwhahahahahahahaha…

  93. How’d your hearing go yesterday?

  94. Umoja on said:

    I just LOVE this choice of verbiage. Straight to the point, honest, creative, witty, and bad-ass….( copying and pasting for the myriad of racist fucks on YT )

  95. Umoja on said:

    I’m surprised to say the least honestly. I always thought that she was grounded and knew and accepted who she is….and I always thought that people with the darkest skin tones had the most beautiful skin. I can’t help but notice how rich, beautiful, earthy and almost spiritual it is when I see my sisters and brothers with darker tones…. and I’ve noticed in comparison they have less acne and blemishes than those who are lighter skin toned or none at all….and they’re skin is free of wrinkles or few at all when they age.

  96. honeytreebee on said:

    Saw this give comment I kinda think it is going the other way instead of tryimg to fit in with the bleack crowd be it lights or cream.

  97. What I find disturbing is the selective amnesia going on here. Whites not all but lets say the majority hate blacks. Everything from raping us wayyyyyy back in the day because they didnt have enough salt in their bodies and other issues which made it hard to reproduce to the war on blacks excuse me drugs to manufacture reasons for slavery in the form of mass incarceration. Blacks not all but less say half forget this non stop terrorist campaign against them. Whites forget their hate is well documented. Also they forget they keep coming to us. Also not every white takes part in this terrorist campaign but ignore it and allow it to continue. Even the real poor ones who are affected due to collateral damage. Why so they can say at least im not black. And blacks who support their enemy marry their enemy forget their still black and will be exterminated last or used for breeding slaves. Wake up and remember

  98. Kal

    Joe’s been emailing me for a while now. As you said, they come to us. Never the other way around.

  99. ignore sister truth i think we have a voyeur who feels the need to get close to the natives and knowing that type so demented form of sexual frustration. or just maybe stormfront and websites of the like have banned him for stupidity.

  100. some demented. damned typo

  101. larissa on said:

    Can’t wait for the revenge post! it sounds interesting

  102. My hearing went great! The procedure and perimeters for the future hearings were set in my favour. Thanks for asking!

  103. You any intellect, debating skills or anything else reasonable on pieces of shit like goofy white arsehole. Mock, cuss out, and in general be derisive of their posts! On the other hand if one is bored and in need of entertainment have some fun with them. I learnt to write a poems based upon these racist pieces of turd, and I am not even poetically inclined!!

  104. My ode to the white racist troll!

  105. Hernie

    I’m glad your hearing went in your favour.

  106. larissa on said:

    I have a random question: did Africans molest each other before we met the European?

  107. Yes, we were the first everything – and that includes molesters and murderers. The punishment was death. Ma’at is the response to move unjust, chaotic behavior back into order and justice.

    42 Negative Confessions (Papyrus of Ani)


    I have not committed sin.
    I have not committed robbery with violence.
    I have not stolen.
    I have not slain men and women.
    I have not stolen grain.
    I have not purloined offerings.
    I have not stolen the property of the god.
    I have not uttered lies.
    I have not carried away food.
    I have not uttered curses.
    I have not committed adultery, I have not lain with men.
    I have made none to weep.
    I have not eaten the heart [i.e I have not grieved uselessly, or felt remorse].
    I have not attacked any man.
    I am not a man of deceit.
    I have not stolen cultivated land.
    I have not been an eavesdropper.
    I have slandered [no man].
    I have not been angry without just cause.
    I have not debauched the wife of any man.
    I have not debauched the wife of [any] man. (repeats the previous affirmation but addressed to a different god).
    I have not polluted myself.
    I have terrorised none.
    I have not transgressed [the Law].
    I have not been wroth.
    I have not shut my ears to the words of truth.
    I have not blasphemed.
    I am not a man of violence.
    I am not a stirrer up of strife (or a disturber of the peace).
    I have not acted (or judged) with undue haste.
    I have not pried into matters.
    I have not multiplied my words in speaking.
    I have wronged none, I have done no evil.
    I have not worked witchcraft against the King (or blasphemed against the King).
    I have never stopped [the flow of] water.
    I have never raised my voice (spoken arrogantly, or in anger).
    I have not cursed (or blasphemed) God.
    I have not acted with evil rage.
    I have not stolen the bread of the gods.
    I have not carried away the khenfu cakes from the Spirits of the dead.
    I have not snatched away the bread of the child, nor treated with contempt the god of my city.
    I have not slain the cattle belonging to the god.[26]

    “Capital punishment in Egypt can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian civilization, where the death penalty was carried out against those who broke the Ma’at, a law which forbade crimes such as murder, theft, sacrilege, attempts on the life of the Pharaoh, and spying. ”


  108. WordPress is being glitchy tonight, this is my 3rd time trying to post this.


    Yes we did. We were the worlds first everything – and that includes molesters and murderers. The punishment in many of our societies was death. In Kemet/Egypt it was a violation of Ma’atic order (See the 42 Negative Confessions/Papyrus of Ani)



  109. larissa on said:

    ok thanks I thought maybe it was a learned behaviour from the European

  110. Folks, where do you think the ‘Ten Commandments’ come from? They got it from the Egyptians’ 42 negative confessions.

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