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Projection: A European Madness Disease


Since writing my “Stockholm Syndrome” post on black mental sickness, I thought it was time to do the European counterpart. Since we all agree that blacks are mentally ill due to our introduction and indoctrination into a deviant white society, I’d like to explain White Sickness. Whites living in their own self-created white supremacist system suffer from a deadly disease called Projection:

Psychological projection was first conceptualized by Sigmund Freud, a homosexual, pedophilic, cocaine-addicted Jewish Freemason, as a defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own negative attributes by ascribing them to persons in the outside world instead. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting faults onto others. The original idea was that projection would allow for reduced anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.

From the beginning of time, the European, delegated to the caves in Eurasia, has been dependent on the African for knowledge and survival. His-Story and media propaganda would have us believing that it is Africans who needed help and guidance. When I began the painful process of un-learning my white mis-education and re-learning who I am, why God created me and what the future holds for His People, I wanted to inhale all that was placed in front of me. My quest lead me to the creation of the one word that cannot die:


What is the real definition of a nigger in my estimation?

A nigger is a low-down, dirty, good-for-nothing, shiftless, lazy person.

Africans who built civilizations, who created math, astronomy and science, taught the European everything that they know from the importance of bathing, to fishing, to building houses, to farming, to explaining why they should not kill and ingest each other, have proven that they are not niggers. An African, by my definition, cannot be a nigger. A nigger is someone who:

Depends on the hard work of others to grow rich while they sit back and do nothing

Is unable to be satisfied no matter what amount of wealth they acquire

Cheats, steals, lies, kills and rapes their way to the top

Does not understand the basics of huemanity

Does not understand the importance of Spirituality

Does not have any respect or value for flora and fauna

Controls the media with lies

Sells guns and drugs to children

Embezzles money

Spawns children all over the Earth and do not care for them

Rapes children in pedophile circuses, including their own

Kills animals for sport

Drops bombs on certain neighbourhoods due to envy

Creates human and animal zoos

Flings a newborn baby into the mouth of a hungry alligator

Gives a complete stranger their babies to suckle and raise because they cannot do it themselves

Practices bestiality

Steals resources from other countries

Blows up fault lines causing earthquakes

Drills for oil and kills innocent animals

Practices Necrophilia

Practices scatophilia

Creates deadly diseases in labs

Experiments on humans for pleasure

Elects fraudulent politicians

Writes laws which contradict morality

Creates toxic vaccines

Builds private banks to keep the money for themselves

Crashes the stock market for their personal gain

Privatizes prisons for personal gain

Obliterates the constitution of marriage with pornography, homosexuality and feminism

Plants drugs at crime scenes

Castrates men and women and use their body parts for trophies

Poisons the food and water supply with chemicals and metals

Has plastic surgery to obtains features they criticize others for having

Creates soundwaves to manipulate the weather

Creates drones to spy on people

Creates drones to drop bombs on other countries

Kills their own family members and blames it on others

Creates addictive drugs under the guise of helping children concentrate

Sterilizes men and women without their consent

Walks into other people’s Holy Land and takes it

Kidnaps people and steal and eat their body parts

Brainwashes people through predictive programming

Builds ovens to cook humans

Creates a mafia

Writes laws that delegates where you will live

Writes laws that delegates who much you’ll earn

Writes laws that delegates how you’ll be treated

Writes laws that delegates where you’ll be educated

Segregates neighbourhoods, towns and cities

Dumps sewage in your neighbourhood

Feels that the holocaust of a indigenous peoples wasn’t “all that bad”

Eats their young in ritual sacrificial Satanic ceremonies

And intimidates and threatens to kill ANYONE who dares to expose them, including their own kind

Now that you’ve seen the true definition of the word, the question is: who does the word best describe?

Projection, a mental anomaly, is born out of the desire to escape realism of oneself. It is a necessary tool for the mind to obtain some form of structured “normalcy” within “abnormalcy”. If, for one moment, the abnormal mind should ever face the reality, mental decomposition is surely imminent. Therefore, Projection becomes a psychological clutch that is used to proclaim innocence, piety and wholesomeness.

There is, of course, a tremendous downfall to this disease. By seeing the worst in others because you are unable and unwilling to see the worst in yourself, you unwillingly create your own Karmic destruction. The Law of the Universe states that everything destroyed by malicious intent shall be replaced with the destroyer themselves. The upcoming catastrophes will offer a Karmic balance for the lives lost by evil.

Since studying and understand the prison system that Africans are forced to live in (for now), I have gained a feeling akin to pity for my oppressors. Even though they have projected their worst attributes onto us, I know that Karmic Law, not the law of man, will seek Justice. As somewhere deep down, my oppressors know it too.

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109 thoughts on “Projection: A European Madness Disease

  1. And pale niggers just dont get why we hate their oppression. Like its a privilege to be raped and robbed of everything from your culture and god. And each generation of pale niggers do their best to justify their evil past while rewriting textbooks to support their delusions. I dont pity them I want to be there and look into their eyes when mountains of sin rain down on them. When the most own up to their evil and it is laid bear before every soul that has ever existed. And the pale nigger is judged eternally guilty. Life is finite but your actions echo into other planes of reality vibration and energy for an eternity. When that moment comes I want to look into their eyes.

  2. But I believe them to be souless. The most high has placed a seal on their hearts and will increase their pain for all the evil pale niggers have done. Only a fool would choose such a path. As if the author of all existence cant see them or their evil. What fools these devils be. Dont pity them sister truth they have earned their wages of sin.

  3. This is too true.This explains why,when a news story about a black person doing wrong gets so much attention and negative comments,but stories about whites doing wrong gets understanding from them.They recognize wrongs in others that they can’t stand because it reminds them of themselves.When its a story about a black man not taking care of his kids they say all kinds of crazy things.Deep down they know that white men have been abandoning their kids since the beginning and making other raise their kids.During slavery black women breastfed their babies and looked after them.Nowadays they hire nannies,some things never change.Whites put their parents in nursing homes even if they aren’t much of a handful,while other races take care of our elderly.They also project their hoish behavior on others as well.How is it that black women are considered jezebels when white women are the ones who make up majority of porn and are mistresses.

    They always want to bring up gun violence in chicago and say notice how the cities with blacks have a lot of murders.They wanna talk about murder then who murdered the most people of all time.it dam sure wasn’t us. They’ve murdered millions of people with their germs alone.Add the other millions they enslaved who died in transit and from mistreatment. Then add the ones who shoot up schools killing kids,and go on shooting sprees.Black ppl who murder ppl mostly do it to other blacks.With whites everyone is fair game.ITs also funny how whites wanted to keep guns out of blacks hands when they are the ones who kill the most with guns.I think its more of being afraid of being outgunned and outdone.

    Another thing they bring up is how they can’t go to a black neighborhood but we are welcome in theirs.Yeah right. There was a time when blacks couldn’t go into white neighborhoods or they’d be shot and nobody would investigate. Even now that happens just look at trayvon martin or hurrican katrina how the blacks were being shot at for crossing into white areas.At least if that happens to them ppl will investigate.

  4. Proverbs 29 :1Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes
    will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.

    2 When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice;
    when the wicked rule, the people groan

    10 The bloodthirsty hate a person of integrity
    and seek to kill the upright.

    13 The poor and the oppressor have this in common:
    The Lord gives sight to the eyes of both.

    16 When the wicked thrive, so does sin,
    but the righteous will see their downfall.

    24 The accomplices of thieves are their own enemies;
    they are put under oath and dare not testify

    27 The righteous detest the dishones
    the wicked detest the upright.

    Don’t all of these sound familiar.

  5. They are every negative stereotype they project on blacks.

  6. Sugarkiss on said:

    Just transfer my 40 acres onto some land in the MotherLand get me a ship.

    What white folks will tell you time and time again is although the tell in in a heated racist argument THEY started is that “if you don’t like it, why don’t you go back to Africa then?”

    White ppl will become completely useless without us. As staed many times before, we validate them. If they were to wake up one day and all POC WERE REALLY GONE, they would spend eternity trying to find us.

    Cultural and Spiritually on life support.
    Just looks at the US and Europe,.

  7. Sugarkiss on said:

    They have to be mentally ill to have the SAME WORLD CONQUERING aspirations built on deception, lies and killing of others on EVERY continent on Earth. I really feel that on some level, they have to know what is going to become of thier souls to have SO MANY unfulfilled worldly/earthly desires.

    As a group consciousness, they have to know they’ve messed up and are trying to keep us all down here with them in hell.

    It’s unbelieveable.
    It won’t happen.

  8. larissa on said:

    If the roles were reversed, can we say 100 percent that we’d act differently?I say don’t say never until you find yourself in that position. And our beef isn’t just with the European, isn’t with everyone else?

  9. larissa on said:

    I’m sure I will get my ass kicked for this, but it’s all in the name of learning and growing.

  10. larissa on said:

    People have said if roles were reversed, we wouldn’t stoop to their level of depravity. We always like to think the best of ourselves, so I can understand that.

  11. Soforeal on said:

    are you a non white person?

  12. larissa on said:

    yes why?

  13. Soforeal on said:

    just making sure; because it seems like you are getting ready to put that cape on and campaign for white folks.

  14. larissa on said:

    when I post these comments, I ask myself, do I even believe this? After all the shit they’ve done to us? But then I ask myself, would all of us, in their position, give up all of our luxuries and comforts, and not kill and rape, if that involved staying on top? Okay so whites are on a different plane of depravity, but given the nature of humans, which is what we all are, would we be able to relinquish having more than our neighbour, and having the best of everything, in the name of equality for all? I’m not saying that raping and killing is right, it’s not. Maybe I’ve reached the point of no return. Maybe I’m writing out of desperation. Maybe they’ve just been better at playing this game called life, a game which we have repeatedly failed at and have not yet learned to master.

  15. Soforeal on said:

    well. back when we ruled we didn`t mistreat white people, we tried to help them become like us, they were taught by us; it is not in our nature to be like them so no if the roles were reversed we would not worry about them being on our level, we are a loving and peaceful people by nature.

  16. Mickey on said:

    Professor Smalls said that Black people practice a profound humanity towards others. Blacks try to treat others with respect regardless of how Blacks are treated in return. He says that, as a result, Blacks are victims of their own humanity because of this.

  17. Soforeal on said:


    A lot of us just want to get along and go about our day.

  18. Mickey

    our God self, male and female, is what gives us huemanity. I’m starting to wonder if it’s better to be entrapped in our need to aid everyone at our own detriment or to be like the European and aid no one except themselves.

    I’m on a spiritual journey and just wondering where we stand in regards to the universe.

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  20. Umoja on said:

    “would we do the same?” If a man rapes me…I’m not going to say to myself, ” well if I were a man, I might have raped also.”

    DEFLECTION—-projection’s partner. Which whites also practice unsparingly. A futile argument….indeed irrelevant. An absurd reflection for the myriad of atrocities of whites. Was that list above just given a glance!! smh

    If it’s one thing that I’ve noticed is that Blacks have become co-inspirators of our own injustices….possessing the minds of the abused….unknowingly so. We must return to loving ourselves and each other.
    Excusing the atrocities of the abuser, having unlimited compassion, understanding, and forgiveness for the abuser at all cost, and undeservingly so. Has there been any amends made….has justice replaced white supremacy? Well, why the unhealthy understanding, compassion and the like!? Love for oneself or each other does not behave this way.

    Totally denying oneself…as though this is “godly” or something spiritual… Co-dependent martyrs. smh It’s an affront to ones spirit. We are spirits having a human experience right….well..
    Spirit says…. What makes you so special not to love, honor or respect yourself or each other!!….not to stand collectively and remove the foot off our necks instead of waiting for its removal. Owning and taking back our power collectively.
    Our lives collectively will continue to mirror these things. Whites and Blacks have the abuser/abused relationship. How much history do we need with these savages to realize what and who they are innately.
    There’s nothing gained in unnecessary pain. It’s insanity and complete squander of one’s life!!

  21. It’s a comforting idea to want to try and go back to what life was like before we became consciously aware of our reality, but no matter how hard we try we can’t forget the things we’ve learned to be true and the responsibility that puts on us.

    Complacency with evil is not aiding anyone. Should all of the 1 billion Africans NOT stand up to defend our land and put forward a system of justice and order what then?

    Do we honestly believe Europeans or Asians care about not defiling nature and being in tune with nature?

    What happens when Africa is picked clean to the bone? Two centuries from now then we can count on Europe and Asia having colonized other planets for their mineral resources?

    Then what?

    Tapping directly into a star directly for it’s energy, so whole systems can go dark? Whole new alien species being trapped in servitude? Space Niggers….? I think you get where I’m going with this.

    Don’t ever even think of giving this up. You’re getting 100+ comments per topic from people who care about the cause and every single mind you connect with is vital.

  22. What some may see as excusing, I see as freeing myself of the poison that infects all of us here in this physical realm called earth & what will ultimately consume us all…hating them doesn’t add one iota to the quality of my life–it in fact diminishes it. Hate consumes and destroys the HATER. The hated could give a good goddamn about your opinion of him. He’s living quite nicely. And further, if he’s as reprobate as we like to think–then he probably takes great delight in your hatred and anger. He knows he’s hit a nerve. As long as your focus is completely on him and what you feel he’s ‘doing’ to you, he’s got your mind off of viable solutions. Dr. Welsing has even said this all along–this isn’t about hating them. If you are playing a man a game of chess, how is hating & raging against him going to win you the game? If anything, imo it will lose you the game. As long as we simply see existence as confined to the limiting parameters of what has been and what IS, we will never have a different WHAT COULD BE.. Our minds are so wrapped up in the ‘problem’, we can’t see the forest for the trees…some of us are so filled with blind rage & pain..there is no damn way we’ll be able to find a path that leads us to the solutions…black people have tried appealing to conscience, we’ve tried ranting, raving and raising our voices in protest; we’ve tried marching and rallying in the streets; we’ve tried organizing, we’ve even tried working within a system that we all can agree is inherently unfair & stacked against us–the only thing left then is an escalation to armed revolution–are any of you really ready to contemplate that option? I don’t think most of us are. Actually I take that back–I KNOW most of us are not. When that option is proposed, we hem and we haw; which let’s me know a lot of us are just venting b/c we feel helpless to do anything else. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results. All I’m offering is another view. Have we now become so poisoned by the well that we see spirituality as ‘selling out, copping out or having a ‘savior complex’? Trust and believe I’m not pious nor am I seeking martyrdom. What I do seek is not to become that which i say I hate. If black people haven’t learned anything else by now, we should have learned that most of us don’t have the stomach for unmitigated hatred. We don’t. And that’s something to celebrate. Not something to deride. If we become them, then they have won. And then what is the point of being here? To match hate for hate? To continually ascribe to other human beings power commiserate with the Almighty? And then descend into predictable madness b/c we don’t see any light at the end of tunnel? I’ll be damned. White people didn’t make me so they cannot break me. So yes, I choose compassion over hatred. I choose to try to BE what I want to see more of. Not b/c I want a cookie or a prize or a pat on the back but b/c I feel ultimately it’s the right thing to do. My spirit will be at peace. Let other people deal with their own karma. I’m concerned about mine. And ours as a collective. I think there is something to be said for the concept of being ‘in the world and not of it’. Hate is not the opposite of love— indifference is. Are the people we say we hate really worthy of that kind of time and energy? Hate & love are 2 extremes of the same emotion–passion. How ’bout getting as passionate about loving ourselves enough to get right within ourselves FOR OURSELVES and let the Creator sort out the rest? I’m sure SHE/HIM can do a much better job than we will ever be able to do on our own. I also recently heard something that resonates: Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.

  23. Nice post ‘nmatt433’, but, in the meantime ‘we’ are being murdered, daily. It’s not just some metaphysical, “ooh, I don’t like white people’ meme. Black people are dying, killed, due to outright violence, from police, guns poured into poor black neighborhoods, lack of/inferior health care etc. Not to leave out, the daily micro-aggressions and assaults on the emotional, psychological and mental planes.

    I do agree that focusing on healing,as a collective is a step in the right direction, but ‘we’re’ being ‘picked off’…. yikes! So, your’e going to get folk expressing, hurt, rage and pain in various verbal/written responses. The experiences of many here are true, real, and lived daily, at work, public transportation, school, shopping, in your neighborhood, driving and so on.

  24. You are on point again nmatt. I love reading your posts. We do need to focus and worry about us.Karma will take care of them in the end.I feel like all this is a test to see how strong we are and if we will depend on the creator like we are supposed to.I was going through hell in my life and still do at times but not the way it was because i have peace that im not alone and there is someone looking out for me.I know some may take your post as being too mlk. Anger does bring me down when i am ,even when i want to be angry and feel i have the right to.I pray for peace daily and am finding myself and not responding to all the hate.I’m not saying we should just be all peaceful and ish,because that will never be me however,we can choose our battles.Even jesus flipped out on people every now and then.Not every battle is worth fighting if it affects our chance of winning the war. We do face challenges daily that affect us greatly, we shouldn’t forget that either.What we should do is come together get all the wounds bandaged properly so we can heal and be back stronger than ever.Once we can get to a point where we can talk about things and not feel the pain when we discuss it ,then we know we’ve healed.

  25. I am not saying roll over and die or revel in mistreatment. What I’m saying is that in spite of our shared history–and we all know that history backwards & forwards–we are still here. We are still living. We obviously have enough strength left in us to continue to raise our voices; enough strength to get up everyday & still navigate the world the best way we know how. That is a testament to our courage, perservance and strength. This is not a victim’s lament. This is a survivor lament. We are survivors and we will always be that. I live here too so don’t think I don’t know what rage, hurt, anger and pain are. I do. Intimately. But I don’t want to be trapped by it nor immobilized by it. Let’s build a bridge over that shit and move to the other side. So my question is: Besides focusing on THEM solely (b/c imo that’s where we seem to stay stuck), how can we move to solely focusing on US b/c we cannot change them. We can only change ourselves. Someone else mentioned this before & it’s simple, yet profound–once we change, they’ll be forced to change. Why continue to give them that much power & space in your head that you make your own freedom contingent upon what they do or don’t do? That’s not freedom to me. It’s just a continuation of the same old paradigm.

  26. You amaze me with your discernment and ability to ‘see’ things with clarity at such a young age. You make me proud to be a black woman girl. You will do great things. And I’m not saying that b/c you agreed with some of my post, but b/c it’s true. lol.. You give me hope for the future. So thank you for that.

  27. I meant what I wrote about you is true…my post is my truth. It doesn’t have to be anybody elses and I don’t presume it will be. I’m venting just like everybody else.

  28. To everyone:
    I’m working on a post that will hopefully blend our spirituality with war tactics. But first, I do believe that a “revenge” post is long overdue.

    Larissa, amongst others, have expressed similar thoughts regarding “being like the enemy”. Maybe we need to explore this further.

  29. Umoja on said:

    Who said anything about hating whites NMATT? If Blacks express their anger it’s deemed “hate”, especially when angry with whites. It’s the same soup warmed over. Blacks are not to get angry and always to take the high road….smells like religion to me. Which is one of the huge detriments to Blacks. Blacks are given a higher set of moral standards when treated unjustly. It reminds me when I was watching Trayvon Martin’s parents being interviewed; the interviewer had concerns if the parents held hate and if they forgave George Zimmerman; NOT justice for the murder of their son!!
    It’s identical to….when the slaves were MANDATED to be taught by their captors to forgive their enemies, turn the other cheek, wait on the lord, you’ll get your reward in heaven, it’s sinful to get angry, and love your enemies —-clever , cruel and deceitful teachings in the disguise of god’s words, meant solely to keep the African subservient, docile, weak, stripped completely of their identity raped, mutilated, and enslaved—to the delight of their captors.
    Blacks aren’t focused on whites; if they were they wouldn’t succumb to every dam tactic devised against us by whites….and there are many. Blacks are ignorant as hell and completely blind to war tactics and propaganda devised against us….yet their concern is, ” forgive, forgive, forgive,”, ” don’t get angry”, ” love everybody”—the crap that gets our asses kicked!! Victimhood and the mind of the abused. Abused women think , speak and act this way which keeps them in a state of victimhood…abused…while foolishly thinking this is “godly” and “spiritual”. It’s arrogance and martyrdom….and for what!! Whites fear our anger and hate as you call it; its a sign of Blacks finally “waking up”. Where there’s a Black person not angry, there’s a Black person blind and ignorant as hell—victims, loving, forgiving every dam body. One with a slave mentality.
    It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles;
    if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one;
    if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

    Blacks collectively have been in the last state for decades.

  30. soforeal on said:

    Kumbayaa My Lord, Kumbayaa; ohhhhh lorddddd Kumbayaa.

  31. Thanks nmatt means alot.

    As the younger generation I see the older generation and all they’ve gone through and sacrificed. I can’t imagine the hurt and anger they have gone through or continue to go through.We shouldn’t just turn the other cheek,i know that too. We have the right to be angry or peaceful just like everybody else. The difference is when we choose either its always a label attatched to it. Sometimes being too passive will get you the label of mammy or sell out. Being angry will get you the label of being bitter. We are neither of those. I get what you and everyone else on here are saying.What i gather is to be angry at injustices but at the same time do something about it.The older generation is angry i get that and it is justified. Its up to us younger generation to bring a fresh perspective and contine the fight.We have not endured all that the ones who came before us have and i hope i never have to.I’m angry for what was done to them but hopeful for the future.
    We need to learn from each other,the older ones bring wisdom and knowledge that we don’t yet have.We bring a new perspective and together we’d be unstoppable.I will say this malcolm and mlk were killed,they both had different approaches to the same issues but ended up dead.We need to learn from both and find a balance.A balance between being mad at injustices and being happy in our successes.Neither anger nor happiness is wrong they compliment each other. like yin and yang.
    I don’t care if people say we should be more angry or more passive just as long as we on the same team and want the same outcome.I don’t care who leads me into the promised land just as long as i get there.Everyone has positions to play we need protectors and nurturers both are equally important. A nurturer cannot nurture if they are not protected and protectors can’t protect if there’s nothing to protect.Not everyone can be on the ground fighting.

  32. soforeal on said:

    yes that was one of grandmas favourite song

    it went triple platinum in the house

    but if it was up to me up it would go double plastic.

  33. To suggest we would do the same as the whites if we were in a position of power is utter garbage. Everything that pale race claims as proof of their intellect were gifts from us. Every time albinos came to a foreign place our homes they were embraced with peace and knowledge. And in return we were given torture death and the theft of our very identity. Even now with such power and wealth albinos seek to destroy and oppress for greed and pleasure. They have found our skeletons that date back over a million years if we possesed their evil nature they would be dead. Only now have we begun to awaken from a spell of ignorance and though it is we who have been brutalized we dont have hate groups that seek our oppressors destruction. Any who suggest different is still under that spell or has a truly sinister agenda.

  34. Kushite Prince on said:

    OMG! I think that pic will give me nightmares! Hideous!lol

  35. As I mentioned before, this is my truth. I don’t claim it to be anyone elses’. If it doesn’t apply, let it fly. But I’m wondering with all the anger & passionate discourse we engage in, how much of that is geared toward actionable solutions and not just reciting ad nauseam laundry lists of ills and wrongs? I’m not saying the list isn’t legit or anger is warranted. That’s understood & a given. But when do you get beyond anger and get to the good stuff–the healing? We have been discussing this shit for centuries. Talking and solving AIN’T NOWHERE NEAR the same thing. And healing not for THEM but for US. The abused woman analogy keeps coming up. Well, which women do you think learn to heal, love again and move on?–Those who let old wounds fester without dealing with the core issues of why it happened in the 1st place who then allows all that justifiable rage & hurt at the person who wronged her KEEP her from moving on, puts all the blame on the other person & so therein keeps attracting the same kind of energy albeit in a different man OR the woman who acknowledges the behavior/pain/hurt, works on herself internally to make sure that her value and self-worth are non-negotiable, works on shoring up any weaknesses that may allow another predator to come along and do it again & is grateful for the experience b/c she knows it has made her infinitely stronger and that she is a survivor, not a victim & from that is able to forgive her former tormentor b/c they simply ain’t worth taking up space in her psyche/mind. And she does the latter for herself and her own mental well-being, NOT to let them off the hook or appease them. Again, white people ain’t a bit worried about our anger. As long as ALL we do is talk and ain’t doing anything besides praying & hoping that THEY change; they ain’t worried. It may make you feel better surfacely but again, when does the healing begin? You can say all you want to the contrary, but 99.9% of what is written about is about THEM.

  36. Oh yeah, religion, smeligion…call it what you want. Hell, call it Jerry if that works better for you. But if all we have to hold onto to in times of despair & hopelessness, is faith in MAN and what we see in front of us..then I fear for us. I am the least religious person I know but I DO believe in a higher power & that this journey MEANS something more than what you or I see in front of us. My thoughts are simply me trying to figure the right path for me on that journey. It may not be your path & that’s a-ok. Ultimately, we’ll all get to where we were intended to be. Again, you can call it what you want….

  37. soforeal on said:

    right on.

  38. Umoja on said:

    ” Karma will take care of them in the end. I feel like all this is a test to see how strong we are and if we will depend on the creator like we are supposed to.”

    Who’s “testing” us? I’m assuming that you mean god. What all loving god would test those whom he/she loves and why? To see if one is worthy of love, success and “blessings”, help? You describe a tyrant. A god who is humanized; a man-made god. A god full of insecurities, an ego; a god lacking and incomplete. A god who gives love based on conditions. Made whole on the bases of human behavior Human behavior doesn’t change what god is made of….total love, knowing and allowing. It is humans who judge not god…it is humans who hold back, not god…yet god is the blame and given the same characteristics of a human….limited, petty, insecure, jealous, tyrannical, ect. I don’t recognize this kind of god that I know doesn’t exist. You think I would “test” my son before I’d give him love, help, blessings? No….they’re all givens because he exist…his birthright, as it is ours. Blacks do not feel worthy of love, success, ect….always glorifying their suffering as though it is something good. It is not. Proud that they have survived, yet have not lived. Always repeating, “it’ll make you strong”, ” god’s testing you”, “I’m a strong Black woman”…based on how much injustice and crap one can take and still stand up from the weight….surviving , yet still waiting to live. smh…comparing ones suffering to another’s for the sake of, ” my suffering is greater than yours” as though it’s a divine prize to be obtain from endless suffering. It is weak.
    One who loves, honors and respects themselves does not deem sorrow, suffering, ect as anything “strong”. Endless unnecessary suffering and lack is an affront to the spirit and will kill ones spirit.
    This god taught to the masses has always been a detriment to the Black populous….as it is now. You think it’s coincidental or by chance that whites are infecting the minds of the Africans in Africa with this “god”? It is only for their benefit as it is in the States to keep them victimized, enslaved, weak and docile…waiting on “karma” to bring forth justice…allowing injustices in the name of god or better yet, “god’s will”….or some diving order. Very clever indeed,…meant to further poison the mind of the African to now accept and seal their so called fate….uugh.
    Was there any justice for our slave ancestors who were intentionally taught the same rhetoric?….which was intended to keep them enslaved. NO!! Was there any justice for the rapes, lynching’s, mutilations, feeding babies to alligators, striping them of their complete identity ( which we suffer from now immensely), the intended infiltrated disunity, Emmet Till, the many Black lives murdered today with impunity, Katrina, those things in the list above? NO!….not even an apology. …but let’s wait on karma. smh, “they’ll get theirs”. Many Blacks today possess this mindset, unfortunately.
    Ones captors NEVER give you the keys to your freedom.

  39. Umoja on said:

    I don’t understand , could you please explain?

  40. soforeal on said:

    i was saying our people love to sing kumbayaa

  41. soforeal on said:

    Negress, you owe us a discussion thread. you didn’t think i would notice huh?

  42. Umoja on said:

    If we begin to look for solutions and build with the mindset of Blacks today; we will build on sand. “karma”, “religious dogma”, etc…..building on sand. That is what we have been doing for “dam centuries” which seems to be the crust here. How can we go forth with African agency, collective Black economic capital, unity, ect which are the answers for this whole mess…with these mindsets?…which is prevalent in the minds. This mindset allows infiltration of our enemies….more of the same. Blacks across the States have much religion and religious dogmatic beliefs that amounts to nothing collectively. You and I both witness the results….zero African agency, zero unity, zero economic collective growth as a race of people, zero value in family and community, etc….

  43. Umoja on said:

    Who’s doing do here? I hate the song and it’s lyrics…

  44. Umoja on said:

    Who’s doing so here….typo

  45. @ umoja

    i meant my own experiences.Its ok if people aren’t religious. In my personal life i had to deal with a mentally ill family member and all the chaos that came with it.I’m stronger emotionally because of it.I can empathize with others that deal with stress and family members with mental illness.
    What i believe in isn’t what everyone believes in and that’s ok im not the one to shove it down ppls throats. For me being in a place of not having certain things and going through emotional stress did help me to see things differently. Before all of that i was a kid unaware of all that stuff.Now im more aware.
    Religion and marriage have been used to conquer ppl i get that,but it also has benefits for me anyway. I don’t believe everything i hear but i do listen. Thanks for this other perspective.

  46. Umoja–you are obviously very passionate & intelligent and I admire and respect that. Those are more than honorable traits. But..(and you knew that was coming) Sis, no disrespect intended, but where is your balm of Gilead? What keys of freedom are you offering the suffering, the downtrodden, the affronted? What if you found out in this moment THERE ISN’T any justice per your satisfaction forthcoming? Then what? Are you gonna roll over and die? Give up? Curl up in a fetal position and waste away? What if all we see before us IS ALL THERE IS? Then what Sis? How do you make peace with that so that you are neither homicidal or suicidal? That’s my question.

  47. soforeal on said:

    i was just teasing NMAAT

  48. Umoja on said:

    My whole stance on the subject matters here….KNOW who are enemies are, KNOW ourselves …while moving forward. If we continue to refuse to know either we will continue to regurgitate the same–failure and defeat…. no matter what we build it will fail.

    It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles;
    if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one;
    if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle

  49. Sooo…are we to wait to begin the journey b/c some of our brethren ain’t rett to go? Or do we start taking those needed steps forward in our own lives…being who we say we want others to be, doing what we say we want others to do…Black people have never been, will never be a monolith & waiting for that to materialize is wasted effort in my opinion. You get the troops you can amass and you move forward with your agenda. Whatever that may be. Unfortunately in this life, in this realm, MOST won’t get it. Most of us probably won’t make it but I am not going to stop in my tracks or allow someone to distract me to madness b/c I want to live on purpose…if others want to join me, fine.. If not, that’s fine too. But I’m determined to get to where I want to be. Where I believe I’m meant to be.

  50. Umoja on said:

    Got it….I just have a hard time stomaching what I call, “soft” statements and beliefs. I’m learning to be patient and open minded, but don’t expect me to condone or succumb to it all. Been there done that for too long to go along with it. It doesn’t work and never will. Consciousness awakening, new healthy mindsets, discarding the mindsets and culture of the European… that we have all been taught is key. That does not mean that I hate whites; don’t get it twisted. Whites think the same if we dare love, support, and desire to be with are own…in other words if we no longer ” love whitey” …no longer admire them and place them above ourselves and each other….no longer “white identified” We all need a brainwashing before we build and go forward…one mind, a single mind. I don’t care or believe in marching, begging, singing, waiting on the lord, integration, karma, insane forgiving continuously when justice continues to be absent, or a god who gives based on human behavior, western religions, and the list goes on…. ect….

  51. EyesWideOpen on said:

    nmaat433 asked…
    “Besides focusing on THEM solely (b/c imo that’s where we seem to stay stuck), how can we move to solely focusing on US b/c we cannot change them.”

    Here’s what I do, perhaps it might be of use to you or someone else: As I read race related blogs, I copy and paste sentences and paragraphs that do a great job of peeling the skin off of whites and exposing them for the nasty, mean spirited, delusional, insecure, (passive) aggressive, violent, evil, psychopathic, racist devils they STILL are. Then I organize my collection of awesome quotes (thanks guys!) and (re)read them on a regular basis.

    This serves to depedastalize white people in my mind. With depedastalization comes detachment and with detachment comes indifference. Mastering true indifference is the key to freeing your mind and emotions from the evil ones:

    Indifference is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don’t stand a chance against it.
    Joan D. Vinge

    Whites are masters at using relentless brainwashing, propaganda and psychological warfare to control, depedastalize, dehumanize and demonize blacks. I’m just taking a few pages out of their playbook to benefit myself.


  52. Umoja on said:

    An answer to your questions in a nut-shell. Total brain-cleansing of the African mind; which will include KNOWING who and what our enemies are. You fail to realize many Blacks do not know who are enemies are and/or refuse to accept who and what our enemies are. We’ve been taught to “love whitey” remember. Look around, if they knew they would be aware and not succumb to the myriad of tactics meant to destroy us. Anger is part of this awakening….that is part of healing ‘ya know. Blacks need to get angry instead of blindly walking around in life succumbing to every tactic, forgiving every thing under the sun… and having great amnesia and lack of awareness to what is being done to us right up under our noses. Hell, Katrina didn’t wake but a few up and many realized the sinister incidence but continued on asleep.
    Political awareness is key also, the importance of BLACK collective economic growth, BLACK collective capital, the importance of BLACK unity,the importance of BLACK families and communities, the importance of AFRICAN agency, ect….
    KNOWING OUR history ( you’d be surprised how many do not know, yet believe the lies told from the European) and European history….or we’ll repeat history as we are now. KNOWING who and what we are is key. Consciousness awakening is imperative before any building is successful… or we build on sand. It’s putting the cart before the horse..
    I’ll give you an example; there are some Pan-African groups, one that I wanted to join… yet whites have infiltrated many groups and they’re now operated by whites; the main focus no longer Pan-African, but to pacify the needs and desires of Blacks ( that proverbial foot on the neck) while fulfilling the desires of whites. Fruitless to Black empowerment in all areas. How did this happen? The ignorance of Blacks… who and what their enemies are. This is universal. Many Black institutions, businesses, colleges, ect are no longer Black owned or operated…African agency just an afterthought because of this. Unity lacking in the mind.

  53. EyesWideOpen on said:


    My internal response to ANY bullshit / evil whites do is: ‘What else do you expect from demons in human form?’

    Examples of recent quotes I’ve copied that do a good job of exposing and depedastalizing whites…

    If you are so proud to be white, then why don’t you just be happy with your pale skin? Why do you continue to [tan,] inject your lips, hips, and breasts with unnatural and dangerous substances so you can look [darker], fuller and more voluptuous like Black women?

    Remember, when Black Egyptian Queens like Hatsepshut and Nitocris were ruling Dynasties and armies of men in Egypt, you were over in the caves of Europe eating raw meat and beating each other over the head with clubs.

    We know how well things never happen “now” with white folks. Someone else always did it. Someone else always does it. Someone else will have to pay for it.

    Whites as a group will not improve. They will take their denial and willful ignorance to their graves.

    If aliens were so goddamn interested in building POC civilizations, why is it that most of the people getting abducted and experimented on are White folks?

    Anyone who goes around thinking that IQ is somehow related to income level has never worked a day in their life.

    Whites show a profound lack of self-insight.

    White people are extremely narcissistic and constantly need a scapegoat, that’s how they get through life.

    Whites are every negative stereotype they project on blacks.

    Whites are very sophisticated with their manipulation and with their fake innocence.

    White people know. They just don’t care, and that’s when we start entering sociopathic territory.

    Behavioral scientists generally agree that there is no known cure for the psychopath.
    Bobby Wright

    Their loyalty to their race is more important than their search for truth.

    There is no white man’s burden except trying to figure out why he has no soul.


    So, I think the key is not to focus on depressing aspects of racism / white supremacy (like another BM gets shot by police) but to just keep brainwashing yourself with the TRUTH about these crazy creatures called ‘white folks’. In time, it really will set you free from them and their antics.

  54. THIS^^^^^^^^^!!!!!

  55. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @nmaat…you’ve made some very valid points. Sometimes I believe that too, but I guess the anger comes from feeling powerless, you feel me? I am not religious anymore but I do consider myself to be a spiritual person. My mother is a Christian and her mindset is very similar to yours.

    What you said makes a lot of sense, esp. the part about not giving up the little power we do have by hating others. I struggle with this often. I’ve tried not to let the hate consume me and completely ruin my life.

  56. EyesWideOpen on said:

    To summarize, I should probably add that freeing your mind is process and a skill. And just like any other skill, the more constructive effort you put in the better your results will be. Results definitely won’t happen overnight but with practice and patience detachment and indifference to whites (and everything else you can’t control) CAN be mastered.

    The highest code of living is detachment. There is no power higher than detachment. When one masters the state of detachment he becomes the embodiment of dispassion and fearlessness. At this stage, nothing he possesses will possess him.
    Thick Face, Black Heart

  57. I think these posts are good,but we also need posts about us ie black love,smart black kids. I saw a story about an african boy who created an invention to keep lions away,it was simple yet nobody thought of it before.

  58. Umoja on said:

    Totally agree…we have to KNOW who and what they are….or we are doomed to fall for every tactic and snare….besides it cleanses the poison inflicted within. It’s not about focusing on them, it is essential knowledge; yes negative, but what is positive about white supremacy/racism? Nothing to those who don’t benefit from it; yet are subjugated to it. Know your enemy. Black folks don’t know they study us; knowing when to strike and knowing our weakness….then acting upon it. They created the disunity within the populous and use it against us all the time. They know they can throw anything our way and because of our shared disunity; what ever plan devised against us …it’s usually successful. I love the statements by the way…

  59. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Absolutely. Depestalize whites and pedastalize blacks and our accomplishments. Do what whites do but flip the script. Two can play that game. Ignore all the negative BS about blacks and focus only on the good.

    http://www.cynicalafrikan.com for some good truths and LOLs about ‘whitemarish honks’.

  60. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Thanks but really, thanks to everybody. I’ve got great quotes from almost eveybody here.

    What a coincidence that we posted quite similar comments within one minute of each other.

  61. Eyeswideopen

    there are no coincidences.

  62. Ok Sis or Brotha (sorry I don’t know yet which one)…great concept..but er uh…lol..and I do this b/c I want us to really think beyond surface—if all we can do to lift us up is to point out the flaws in other people..is that REALLY making us better people? How can we start to work on us first b/c we know what their problem is..we all could write volumes on it…and believe me, just about a month ago, my ass was doing JUST that so don’t think I don’t understand..but pointing out how Mary ain’t shit ain’t gon’ make NMaat a better person…NMaat needs to do the work on NMaat separate from and beyond that. Let Mary save herself. Or not. But at this point, Mary ain’t gon change and may not want to change. But NMaat does. Am I articulating this clearly enough? I hope you get what I’m trying to say. I totally agree with Umoja’s assessment that we need to KNOW self. But this forum is unique in that we are probably here b/c we have more knowledge than a lot of our people. Not in a pop your collar type of way, but in our lives something has prompted us to explore who we are as a people. We wouldn’t come to a blog like this if that wasn’t the case. A lot of people are not willing to explore b/c they instinctively KNOW what they are going to find and are not ready to open that emotional/psychic pandora’s box. Have you ever met black people who don’t even like to go to movies that depict our history from our perspective, like Rosewood? So I think realizing what has been done in our recent history elicits normal reactions of anger. That’s to be expected. But my thing is…once you have experienced that..you cannot stay there..it’s not emotionally healthy…you have to move beyond that to be effective and imo to effect any kind of constructive change.
    @ Umoja–there are many ways to effect change in small ways. I feel your frustration but we are in a time of the Patriot Act & NDAA. Expect that any and all black organizations (no matter how innocuous) will be infiltrated. Is that right? It goes without saying, Hell No!! But is it anything new? This is the modus operandi of those in ‘power’. My hope is that WE find ways to heal. While still in the belly of the beast. That is going to take more than a notion. It is going to require us to go deep within (perhaps meditation) and center ourselves. Looking for answers outside of ourselves has not cut it. Get in touch with whatever that higher source is for you. Or if you don’t believe in the concept of a higher source, then go within and get in touch with the strength & tenacity you need to be a force to be reckoned with. But going to war (even a war of words) against people who are in no-win war with nature & the cosmos is wasted energy. They cannot win and we cannot fail–if our minds & hearts are in alignment with the universe. War is not, has never been and will never be in alignment with the cosmos.

  63. EyesWideOpen on said:


    I’m officially a hypocrite. One of my pet peeves is typos in short comments.

  64. You are sooo right. And I’m new on this journey of spiritual awakening. But being able to detach from emotionally charged people and events is the hardest damn thing you can do. It goes against every fiber of our natural instincts. But i think it’s possible and necessary. To practice being open to everything and attached to nothing is scary as hell. But the ego has to be mastered & conquered. That bitty has to die in order that our God Spirit may live. Corny as hell I know, but I believe it to be true.

  65. if one is truly wondering how we begin to change our dire situation it begins in places such as this one. we who share a common goal and truly possess the desire to be a part of that change, we begin to work together. we are all in different cities and possess different skills and we work to empower ourselves. we specify a group agenda and see that it is accomplished. we must establish economic power the NOI was so feared because they did this. we must find a way to meet our own needs and refuse outside influence from those not us. we expand our circle acquire skills we need to further our economic independence. as i have stated before if and arab spring can take place on the internet so can a sincere black revolution. we have done this before and we can do so again. and we must be wary of black devils that are sure to infiltrate such and independent movement. but our spell of ignorance is over. many have shed or beginning to shed their slave mentality and many have not. correspond with one another this is how this begins. we become a family.

  66. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi nmaat. I reread my initial response to you to see if it wasn’t so clear but I stand by it:

    “…With depedastalization [of whites] comes detachment and with detachment comes indifference. Mastering true indifference is the key to freeing your mind and emotions from the evil ones.”

    If working to free your mind and emotions isn’t arguably the highest form of self improvement, then please tell this brotha what is.

    I’ll just list a few of the ways that working on detachment / indifference from whites has improved me as a person…

    I have far less desire to impress them than I used to.

    I care much less what they think, say or feel about me.

    I waste far less time thinking about them than I used to.

    The shit they say and do no longer bothers me as much because I truly believe they’re demons in human form. What else should I expect from them?

    The list goes on. Even my tone of voice is stronger and more confident when dealing with them because I no longer subconsciously think of them as superior so I’m not as nervous or (subtley) trying to kiss their ass the way I used to.

    I sure hope nobody else is underestimating the improvements that mastering detachment and indifference can make in their life. Think of all the people who are racked with constant and/or extreme anger, bitterness and/or pain because of real or perceived injustices.

    As you move closer towards detachment, less and less bothers you and you’re able to let go of the things that do bother you much easier. You care less and less what low lifes think and you don’t care or waste precious time worrying about things you can’t control. Do you know how many people would love to reach that stage without having to take drugs?

    This is not about cutting others down in order to feel better about yourself. That’s pathalogical insecurity i.e. SWPD. The ultimate goal is depedastalizing whites to the point where they have about as much effect on your consciousness (mind & spirti) as people in Liechtenstein do (when was the last time you gave 1 split second of thought to Liechtensteins?).

    This is a spiritual war we’re all engaged in. The mind is the gateway to the soul. When you’re dealing with evil trying to pollute your mind and thus kill your spirit, you’ve got to know how to immunize yourself. Mastering Detachment / Indifference is the key which is why I included the following quote:

    Indifference is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don’t stand a chance against it.
    Joan D. Vinge

    In times of war, peace of mind is precious commodity.
    I hope I’ve been a bit clearer nmaat.

  67. Kal

    You’ve been eavesdropping on my conversation, haven’t you? I was just talking about this today with my blogger buddy.

  68. EyesWideOpen on said:

    @ nmaat

    I didn’t see your 10:29 pm comment until after I posted my 12:01 am comment which was a response to your 10:22 pm comment – if that makes any sense.

  69. Everyone:

    Kal raises a great point. I wrote about this last year:


    So why is this still so hard?

  70. Same vibration level moving to a higher conscious level, there is a reason some think alike

  71. I believe to many of us are still plugged into the matrix. Their food aka filth tv radio jobs and yes most of our familes and friends reinforce the negative programming. And like an addict we fail to see such simple truths. Many will refuse to join a true liberation cause and many will try to sabatoge it to please their white masters. Also we must have a council of leaders because many of us will be killed as we seek to lead our people to true freedom. So when one head is cut off two more arise to take its place. I willing to die and kill for this. It will require this level of conviction

  72. Soforeal

    Discussion thread coming tomorrow.

  73. Eyeswideopen

    I knew that became detached with whites when the Sandy hook massacre aired on TV and I yawned and got up to make some tea.

  74. Kal

    Did you bug my phone today?

  75. Like I said same vibration level we are approaching a new age sister truth it is an exciting time for those who serve the most high. Our enemies has planned their plan and so has our creator who is the best of planners. As a family we should fear no evil

  76. blackmystory on said:

    These videos might have been good for the previous post on double standards, but it is also relevant for this one.

    Also don’t forget the chronicles of cynical Afrikan as well.

  77. EyesWideOpen on said:

    “Expect that any and all black organizations (no matter how innocuous) will be infiltrated. Is that right?”

    Right, even though I’m not Umoja :).
    But they can’t infiltrate something that doesn’t exist…

    Warning! Super Cheezy, Run-on Clichés From Hell Alert>>>Something decentralized with individual ‘lone wolf’ cells connected only in spirit. The spirit is knowledge freely shared, each wolf taking what it needs to grow. Commitment to growth and thus success is initially purely an individual affair until critical mass is achieved when millions of ‘dawgs’ and ‘bitches’ awaken from their slumber, break their chains and heed the call of the wild to become part of the lone wolf ghost posse. <<< End Of Awesomely Bad Cheezy Clichés From Hell Alert .

    IOW, let's just keep doing what we're doing and leave the rest to the Gods.

  78. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I have to admit, I felt bad for the deads kids and the ones who saw them die – assuming things actually played out like the said they did. But I felt zilch for the parents who I just assumed supported the bogus ‘war on terror’ meaning they had no problems sending troops to drop bombs on innocent women and children so fuck them. Karma’s a bitch.

  79. My Brotha—we are—->HERE<——..what you described is also my journey. Once you realize they are human, nothing more, nothing less. and yeah, I know some would argue about that..lol…then you can walk into your own power. Excellent summation.

  80. You again are on point. You on fire huh? Love it. lol…

  81. Amarie on said:

    Kal said: we are approaching a new age sister truth it is an exciting time for those who serve the most high.

    I agree with this 100%.

  82. Is everyone ‘black/of African’ descent , here? Not sure, esp. with the ‘kuumbyaa’ instructions/suggestions. Condescension and patronization, , seems not far away.

  83. Oyan

    I cannot speak for everyone but I believe that most of us are of African descent/ African mix but I do have my suspicions as to who is a “shell” that are here to spy on “those Coloured folks”.

    As for the kumbyaa thing, soforeal is west indian and was just joking with us.

  84. Like listening to a conversation you know you have no business hearing.

  85. Kal

    You know how I know whites are deathly afraid of us?

    They cannot leave us alone even if their lives depended on it. They spy on us, infiltrate us, pay Negros to sell us out, spend billions in trying to dismantle our growing affection for each other.

    Smells like fear to me.

  86. EyesWideOpen on said:

    They know our potential.

  87. larissa on said:

    Sometimes, karma seems like a fantasy concept until something happens that makes you want to believe in it. For me recently that was when one of the four men accused of raping and mudering an Indian student last year was found hanged in his jail cell. As for whites, it seems like they have gone unpunished for too long.

    On a different note, even till today, I cannot understand their fascination with us. Iknow the facts, but I can’t understand. I guess I’m not insane enough. It’s scary and maddening at the same time. You constantly look down on us yet you can’t stay away from us? If we are so pathetic why the obsession? I know it’s a tired argument but I’m in that mood and needed to get it of my chest.
    A few years ago, my family and I were walking to our car in a parking lot after aouting. On our way to the car, we passed a group of white people. One of the men left the group, turned around and followed us to the car to see what kind of car we were driving. Just thought I’d share that with you guys, it came to mind due to truthbetold’s quote:
    They cannot leave us alone even if their lives depended on it.
    How true.

  88. larissa on said:

    Another anecdote:
    I mentioned a few months earlier my college professor who harassed me. More recently I went to talk to him in a meeting and as I was about to leave, he gave me a look which suggested an invitation, if you all know what I mean. I left as quickly as possible, not only because he’s my teacher but because he’s married, and about 76 years old. On my way out, I heard him cussing in frustration. Ladies, have you ever had any similar experiences with white teachers, or am I just really unlucky? This happened to me also with another college professor. One of them even touched my shoulder in class way longer than normal, in front of everyone. It’s like they have no concern whatsoever about their reputation and crediblity as teachers. What is it about some women that constantly attracts harassment? Do men sense weakness, or do I just spend too much time around the wrong people?

  89. kowaba on said:

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking of the same thing. To me, it seems karma doesn’t exist. Reading up on Reconstruction recently, there has been so much done that whites continue to this day I’m shocked there hasn’t been much done and the madness continues. From chattel slavery to sharecropping/forced labor camps to the Prison Complex (like Angola Prison Plantation) things have just transformed, but the substance is the same.

    The obsession whites have with black people reminds me of a former friend I had in college. She would always ask me questions about black people and would try to befriend black people in order to understand their culture. At the time, I didn’t understand what white supremacy was. So I didn’t know what was going on. From my talks with her, she would tell me, ” I want to know what it’s like to be black. What’s the experience like?” And by the way, my brother has had a similar experience where white people have asked him the same question. To me, the whole obsession with black people doesn’t make any sense and it’s quite annoying.

  90. kowaba on said:

    I had one college professor ask me a really inappropriate question in the middle of the class lecture about how I would feel if I got raped?!? He also asked what race my hypothetical husband would be? He basically said if your husband was held hostage by African people and the African people held a gun to his head would I then consent to being raped. I was really confused at the time that it happened.

    Yeah, I do think men can sense weakness. As one of my guy friends told me, people can sense emotions like fear. Also I think people in general see how people react to things and see if they can push the limits etc.

  91. larissa on said:

    trying to understand it makes my head hurt. It’s too much. I’ve decided to go back to Africa next year as soon as I’m done with college. I can’t take white people anymore. It’s just too much.

  92. larissa on said:

    Your professor said what? Then again, if he was white, then I really shouldn’t be shocked.

  93. larissa on said:

    Why was he asking that? Did he ask other students, or only you?

  94. kowaba on said:

    I don’t know why he was asking that. Prior to asking me about the rape thing he asked what my background was. I told him that I was mixed. Then he proceeded to ask those questions I posted above. I believe he must have got a kick from imagining the suffering I would endure under such a situation. He only asked me out of all the students. The other students in the class just looked stunned and didn’t say anything.

  95. kowaba on said:

    Yeah, he was a white professor. White people can get away with so much. It’s crazy.

  96. kowaba on said:

    Yeah. It’s tough. I get stressed out by this stuff too. It’s overwhelming. Last October, I really began to notice and see what this WS/R system was all about then I totally went into culture shock even though I was raised in the states. Posting comments on this blog and reading other people’s experiences has really helped me too.

    Maybe there are groups on your campus where you can talk about these issues. When I was in college they had Black Caucus, NAACP, West Indian Student Association, African Students Organization etc. There are also programs like the COWs on black talk radio network. I hope these are some good suggestions for the time being.

  97. We are what they cannot ever be only fear and envy can explain why they kill us yet ignore their hate and why they exalt any of them that possess some of our traits. Examples are white women with full lips and with common black women features. Larry bird and white artists that have some soulful traits. They will pay blacks millions to entertain them with sports and films and tv but to invest in areas of education no frickin way

  98. I believe what you two experienced is typical white male behavior. They tend to have serious issues when it comes to weird abnormal sexual appetites and feel entitled to expressing this around black women especially if they have some authority. You ladies did not send signals of fear they are deviants that eagerly wish to act on abnormal sick impulses.

  99. I know you didn’t ask and this appears to be an a&b conversation. But I’d like to say a lil something: Humans are animals and yes, animals can smell fear & anxiety. Those who thrive on low vibrations seek those out that they feel they can either dominate or draw energy from. I think somebody else here called them energy vampires. They exist. But what I would like to suggest is to take back your feeling of helplessness and report him. I don’t care if he is your professor. If he had the gall to say something like that in front of a group, then he’s probably done it before and gotten away with it. If no one says anything, he will continue to assume it’s ok. I’m sure you are not paying tuition money to be harassed and subjected to that kind of disrespect, I don’t give a fluck who he is. I’d check Jesus if he acted out of pocket like that. Believing in karmic justice doesn’t mean surrendering your power. It means understanding that people create their own karma & that you only have control over your own. We don’t have to act with malice (b/c that creates our own bad karma)..but i’d say to take back your power, reporting him (even if it’s anonymously) would be good for your peace of mind. Even if nothing happens, at least you know you made an effort. Sorry for interjecting but from your words, it’s obvious he got under your skin. I hope there is resolution to the issue. Peace Sis.

  100. This is why I always find unique ways to inform my daughters’ teachers I will kill them without using those words if anything questionable happens or is said to my daughters.

  101. Mickey on said:

    Yeah, if he questioned your racial background and then proceeded to ask such base questions, he definitely had ulterior motives. Would he have asked a White female student such a question? We all know the answer.

  102. If she can, go after this piece of shit. I am sure her university has a complaint process in place, utilize it. Too many of these assholes get away with this discrimination and harassment because they usually try and pick people who they view as vulnerable. It has to stop!

  103. How is it that black women are considered jezebels when white women are the ones who make up majority of porn and are mistresses.

    That’s something i always wanted to know!

  104. @ negress, i did the same thing when i saw that planed act. it did nothing for me but made get up and make some tea and change the channel. so i feel you on that!

  105. Iya Ajewole on said:


  106. larissa on said:

    Are you still going to do a revenge post?

  107. Thye KNOW that they gonna pay BIG TIME. You just have to see some of the comments they make on the main news stories, especially when Sandy Stormed IN on they arses!!! Another thing they doing now is they’re NOT reporting how the weather in other STOLEN Lands are tearing they arses U P! Many “australians” are having to go without water, period! Earthquakes rimming they arses IN “new zealand”! Sharks and other sea craetures pistol whipping they behinds IN the water! Lions waiting for the Btchs after dark, LOL LOL LOL ooooohhh Boawhahahah!!!!

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