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Dear Truthbetold Part 2

I was going to let this go. Honestly. I was getting ready for bed, winding down…and then I got this letter from my white reader.

“Honestly I believe this article is great. I truly believe more black people should be vocal and honest about their hate of white people. In this way whites can truly come together as a people and love each other again. I know too many loving white Christians who truly believe that god wants us to love each other equally, black or white, and live in harmony as one people. When I hear honest bigotry I’m happy because the loving and weak hearts that surround us can be silenced and replaced with the truth of hate. White people can finally truly come together cast off the bounds of acceptance.”

I laughed out loud and shook my head in disbelief when I read this comment. Then I quickly thought of a criticism I read once regarding the Jews:

People that suffer from persecution complex tend to believe that others are out to get or hurt them in some way. Their fears are utterly unfounded in reality and at times exaggerated paranoia and it reflects a belief that everyone has it in for them. Symptoms of persecution complex may be seen when the person interacts in normal ways and then over-reacts to perceived wrongs.


Can someone, anyone…please explain to me how a back-to-back post on black relationships, black dysfunction, black issues and black healing ended up being about white people’s feelings?

I’m confused.

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59 thoughts on “Dear Truthbetold Part 2

  1. I found your blog yesterday. You raise a lot of interesting topics. Thanks for doing so.

    Before I comment on this latest post, I want to say I was especially intrigued by a few of your posts regarding interracial couples. For a while in my twenties, I exclusively dated white men. I’ve come to believe that such behavior represents self hatred. It’s one thing to truly seek out companions based on compatibility without racial preference, but, especially considering the history of racism vis a vis blacks in the US and worldwide, to serially avoid black mates is pathological in my view.

    I’ve been married to a black man for over twenty years, the father of my three children. It boggles my mind when I recall that once such a marriage was inconceivable to me. However, I understand how I could feel that way in our euro-centric culture.

    In the same way, I understand why the majority of black women feel compelled to straighten their nappy hair or, given our sexist and ageist culture, the majority of older women hided their naturally grey hair under dye.

    Lastly, regarding your latest white commenter, I think s/he was just trying to piss you off by making outrageous statements that were sure to be controversial.

  2. blackmystory on said:

    Have a good night and do not allow the negative energies of Succbui’s and Incubi’s interrupt your flow. Despite what you may wish, when you are not on there radar unfortunately is when you are not relevant.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    I think you should just ignore these crazy people. They are just insane.

  4. “I’m confused.”

    That’s what happens when you try to find meaning in anything a white person tells you.

    Giri So –> the statement only makes any kind of sense if you’re them, there’s no meaning, no context, no connectedness, they can’t identify the theme or value of us having deep discussions like we’ve had over the past days because if it’s not ‘all about them’ it’s ‘ all against them’.

  5. Truth, how is it that i never see any comments from these trolls on here?Do you mod them or do they just leave the messages at your email.

    Anyway down to business. Whites think everything is about them,just go to yahoo and all they say is “there they go blaming whitey again” or my fave.”I’m tired of all this anti white bs it needs to stop.” The question that i want to ask them is why do you constantly complain about blacks and say we need to get our own things and stop blaming you. Then when we do those things yall wanna destroy or infiltrate it.Black wallstreet anyone. The world is all about whiteness,even in prodominetly black countries.

    As far as her whole white people can come together and not accept black thing goes.I dont give a f##c. I wish yall would stop smiling in our face and talking behind our backs.I hope all yall go back to being out and open with your hate as well so that blacks can come together and stop thinking we are living in a post racial society.More blacks would wake up real quick and stop fighting amongst each other and unite and fight the real enemy.Fyi crazy girl, blacks didn’t really want to integrate we just wanted equal schools,stores,neighborhoods,etc.But whites couldn’t do that they wanted us to integrate so they could keep an eye on us out of fear we would surpass them if we had equal opportunities.By integrating we traded our culture to appear non threatening and to get a job and have a decent living.We can’t have unique names or yall call it ghetto and we might not get hired.We can’t wear cetain hairstyles because to you it seems unprofessional. Integration just gave us this false sense that things are equal,but look at black schools compared to white schools they are seperate but still not equal.

    TO wrap this up i think we should’ve followed malcolm x before dr king.Malcolm was all about preserving our culture whereas king was about being peaceful non threatening and integrating.We need our culture now more than ever,Culture is our legacy and our identity.We lost that and have lost ourselves.

  6. Ain’t that some shit? Like Black people brought hatred to these people. Hell, most Black people love white people more than they love themselves. You tell this person that you have the same hopes and wish as them, that Black people wake the hell up and start to see the enemy all around them.


  7. You asked the question,

    “Can someone, anyone…please explain to me how a back-to-back post on black relationships, black dysfunction, black issues and black healing ended up being about white people’s feelings?”

    Because it’s always about white people, where white people are concerned.

    I think it’s constructive when whites post on blogs like this, especially unrefined whites, because no black person give give a better illustration of what racism/white supremacy looks like, than a racist white person.

  8. Sincere on said:

    Once again… You seen (read) BP building & your bootleg spidey senses went crazy trying to destroy what is being built. I know there are sites that cater to your kind & you don’t see us there. Stay the fuck off this site. The only people suffering from persecution complex are y’all. You honestly thought robbing POC of their natural resources, knowledge of ourselves & brainwashing us w/christianity would remain your main hustle w/no revenge or consequence for your acts. You troll to find out when, where, how. We not worried. Just know your end is inevitable. It’s not paranoia it’s real. I’m done responding to you clowns via internet. I know the language you bitches respect & understand…

  9. kowaba on said:

    Whites always try to make it about them. I believe this is a common tactic: if a POCs points out the wrongs that white people do to POCs, then the POC hates WP. This serves as a way to further mistreat the POC: 1) making it look like the POC’s statements are invalid 2) Sustaining the innocence of the offending party ie white supremacists.

    Where I reside, most POCs are trying to appease WP when in their presence. I suppose so they are not seen as angry and hateful. But if you think about it, it’s not about hating white people, but loving ourselves. To love ourselves and want to improve we have to be honest and not worry about looking like we hate WP. That should be the furthest thing from our thoughts. Is it more important to tell our children there are just a few people who are “ignorant” instead of the reality that we live in this white supremacist system that permeates our lives, black people’s lives in every aspect (it affects our livelihood in education, career, health, legal matters etc)? Who is it benefiting when we say the former? Not us.

    White people are not going to tell black people that. It really seems to me, ironic if we worry about hating white people when white people are accusing all of us no matter what age of wrong doing and we want to be seen as not hating these same white people. WE need to take the correct stance. Appearing that we do not hate white people is NOT more important than our own lives. Educate children about their history. Be honest. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and that includes white people, but especially them because they are in positions of power to make changes. If they want to not look bad then they need to clean up their act. If they feel bad about it, that’s their problem not mine. These same white people who say they help people never seem to defend black people at the crucial moments which is very telling if you ask me.

    And let’s be real here. White people don’t accept anyone, but other white people. And even then, they reject some of their own. If we were accepted we would be able to wear our hair the way it is without people getting scared, pick our own names, etc. There is a difference between tolerance vs. acceptance, friend vs. foe, and insult vs. compliment. Not confusing these terms in situations would help us immensely.

  10. Sugarkiss on said:

    The white man, in America especially, is lost.

    They have created a hierarchy of supremacy that is unsustainable because it’s hollowed out in the middle. They have spent too much time building material wealth off of the backs of free labor to really invest in anything else substantial or deeply spiritual or long term.

    Think about the current financial system and monetary system with all of its flaws! NOTHING increases to infinity! Nothing! Productivity, real estate, stocks–they have become delusional and even other whites are waking to this truth!

    Just think about how much of this country’s infrastructure is built on lies and manipulations of the truth! #massmedia #food #pharmaceuticaldrugs

    They have spent sooo many millions of dollars fighting to keep the notion of privilege in place that the global elite’s job has been done for them in America.

    They will believe and do whatever it takes, in 2013, to be seen as better than, so that that big “F U” that is coming down the pipeline won’t hurt as bad on the inside.

    They are sitting ducks, right now. Watching as the ink runs off of the US dollar, revealing the Monopoly paper that it truly is worth.

    How can a society sustain itself if it does not invest in itself?
    ~Societal contributions and education
    ~Respect of nature and spiritually

    All lacking here in the US.
    These things do not require money, or a ridiculously large military, but they have sold the lie that to us for how long?

    Why are they running all of sudden to natural medicine and reinvigorated “self sustain-ment” through community farming?

    Why are they (white citizens) so interested in what other cultures are doing in times of societal chaos?

    They are worried. We are not.

    Deeeeep down in very hollow places, they know what it is.

    And its too late to put God in the equation, now.

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  12. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I agree that nobody can prove that the white man is the devil better than the white man himself (to paraphrase Elijah Muhammad) but I’m also extremely grateful that Truth does such an excellent job keeping the Evil Ones and their deception / deflection / distraction / derailing tactics out of the comment sections so we aren’t subject to their venom / insanity / projection / demon possessed ramblings on a constant basis. If I’m in the mood for that I’ll just head on over to Abagond’s site, or Stormfront.

    So thanks Truth for the great posts and for running a very tight ship, and thanks to all the great commenters who I’ve learned so much from – especially nmaat433 and Matari (I wish you would comment more) – your signal to noise ratio is off the charts.

  13. Umoja on said:

    Sounds like what I call f*ckery at it’s zenith.
    The god of the bible is a psychopath…..a replica to those who wrote it.
    She can keep her god.

    The European has annihilated, murdered, controlled, dominated and enslaved the African all in the name of their god and continues to do so.
    Whites always wave the flag of that fictitious “utopia” when Blacks gather amongst themselves and speak of African agency, African empowerment. Remember it was against the law for Blacks to gather amongst themselves. They fear an uprising, an awakening….unity….the African separating from their control and domination,…. fear that Blacks will begin to think for themselves. …coming to realize and exposing who and what they truly are—the sexual terrorist and psychopaths of the world.

    Everybody is not worth loving.
    It is their psychopathic, narcissistic and extreme egocentric mindset that dares think that Blacks hate Whites for no apparent reason!!

    It is their fear of loosing control and domination over the African. A clever trick this loose goose tries, but an epic fail. Since when did the feelings of whites become synonymous to African agency and the concerns of the African? She’s having a big emotional experience to validate her white privilege. Whites always like to mention their supposed humanitarianism, but whether covert or overt, their true intent is imperialism and colonialism; religion being one of the greatest tools used for conquering, dominating, killing and enslaving.
    It’s a prevalent tactic to deflect white racism that this loose goose has chosen. And it’s a clever move, too; it allows her to not only avoid facing up to the uncomfortable reality, but to come out of the exchange feeling morally superior. Nothing spiritual ever came out of Europe or it’s caves. Spirituality is completely devoid of the European who truly only mocks at spirituality.

  14. Soforeal on said:

    brush em off negress. we have to start ignoring these beast when they do things like this, they get all emotional so they start to kick their legs up while on the ground. lol

    keep doing this to them negress; let em know you will never stop!

  15. Soforeal on said:

  16. EyesWideOpen on said:

    ‘Nothing spiritual ever came out of Europe or it’s caves. Spirituality is completely devoid of the European who truly only mocks at spirituality.’

    OUCH! That statement is sure to piss of the lurking soulless ones (part of me thinks that they’re soulless / psychopaths (neanderthal DNA) and part of me thinks that they truly are evil spirits / demons in human form straight from hell – perhaps an interesting topic for futur discussion).

    The fact that Truth so enrages these creatures makes me lean more towards evil spirits / DIHF. We all know who the original truth hater was.

  17. This is as good as time as any—SK–here is that post you referred to before—

    anonymous starseed on March 7, 2013 at 8:30 AM said:

    SIGH. I came across this blog site a few days ago through a facebook friend and I read the article “miseducation of the negress”. Reading the story gave me the chills, as I my self was targeted in my youth by my elementary school psychiatrist for my highly advanced intellect. Once I had found out what slavery was, I became obsessed. I read every slavery, holocaust and history book which in turn boosted my language skills and put me at the top of my class. I was then psychologically programmed by a master psychiatrist who I recently found out worked for many government organizations. I however did not recall the programing until a few months ago, but for many years I wondered why I behaved in certain ways, why I could speak in a perfect russian accent (and identify origins of people with similar accents), why I remembered the stankness of the master psychiatrist’s coffee and cigarette breath, why I had gone down and uncontrollable road of destruction, why I had got a god awful butterfly tattoo and why I had suffered so much mental anguish in my teenage years. I am only 23 now. I am what would be considered a “star seed” or “indigo”/”crystal” child. Psychic ability is not unusual in my family and I was also drugged and used/worshipped in rituals by the programmers to tell the future. I remember my incarnations before this one. I have been white, black, male and female. I remember my Ma Ka Ba body years before I had the faintest bit of esoteric information. I write this to say, we are souls experiencing a physical existence. I know why I am here, I know why I have suffered, I know why my ancestors suffered. But at what point will you (negress and followers) realize that you are not victims. Everything that is occurring right now is divine order. And if it weren’t, we would be slaves on a southern/caribbean plantation today. To be conscious only means to be aware. But what are you aware of? Are you only aware of hurt and pains? Are you only aware of (white) society and its bullshit? Or are you aware that you are a cosmic being on a planet with a job to do? Reading through the other posts began to make me depressed, so I will discontinue reading. It is I, and the other members of my generation who are looking to the older generation to lead us into the future, not keep us locked to a dark and depressing past. My generation looks at the older generation for guidance, and yet all we see is “white people this, white people that” and “we are all victims because….”. This puts at in a place of weakness, because we see the past generations engulfed in defeat, and not fighting for us, or themselves. Every nation on this planet has gone to war, has killed and has suffered. Why is it that people with melanin are psychologically trapped? Our melanin has the ability to absorb and convert energy, yet all these articles have no resolution. Just underlining anger, hurt and pain that all of us are absorbing as we read. And to negress, the “pale horse” that resides inside of you is your lower self that cannot accept that you are black, beautiful, intelligent, and so on. She must die in order for your higher self to find peace. It is confusing for me to see you to promote our blackness and say to be proud, but then say how you rarely walk out on the street without a head scarf out of fear of being victimized by a lesser power who waits on your insecurity like a last supper, yet runs away when you let your light shine through. Are you victims or victors? I have a big ass afro that I have worn since childhood, and only when it was permed for one year did I feel ashamed of my self. No white person or anyone could convince me that I was less because I could not conclude that I was lesser to my self. I live in a racist town, and when I and my husband go out we are stared down by white people like nothing I have ever experienced. And you know what we do– we stare at them right back, because their staring is just another game and when they see how serious we are its like they start glitching and twitching and begin acting right. I hope you can walk outside with the same strength in your heart one day. Our victimhood is what they love most because it convinces them that they have value. LOVE YOURSELVES MORE, please. Please remember the laws of attraction. I hope you find enough peace to turn this blog into a more uplifting one for the community. White people have only as much power as you give them. If they ruined our past and present, what we represent will create a brighter future. think higher thoughts. turn off the tv. quit pumping all the hollywood propaganda and celebrity gossip. we the youth are counting on you!! peace.

  18. Sugarkiss on said:


    I remember this post, it was what I needed at the time I needed it. Seriously.

    Our victimhood is what they love most because it convinces them that they have value. LOVE YOURSELVES MORE, please. Please remember the laws of attraction. I hope you find enough peace to turn this blog into a more uplifting one for the community. White people have only as much power as you give them. If they ruined our past and present, what we represent will create a brighter future. think higher thoughts. turn off the tv. quit pumping all the hollywood propaganda and celebrity gossip. we the youth are counting on you!! peace.

    Still rings true. We have thrived because we have found to connect spiritually. Music, dance, poetry, song.

    We are out of balance. We can all be teachers here.


  19. Sugarkiss on said:

    What I will share with you all is my commitment to promoting black love through fiction. One of my hustles is writing and editing and there is NO reason I can’t create the environment I want my people to see through words, as we are doing here. TV and whole genres of fiction are created to giving energy to “lovin’ the white man, his woman, his family, his dreams and fantasies…

    “I’ve already put out an anthology and my goal is continue to be a Creator. We gotta start where we can and spread love by any means necessary.

    Oh, and I have also decided to get my MSN in education. We have tools to gain knowledge and pass the desire to self reliance. We gotta be examples.

    All we have is us.

  20. Sugarkiss on said:

    @ EyesWideOPen

    “OUCH! That statement is sure to piss of the lurking soulless ones (part of me thinks that they’re soulless / psychopaths (neanderthal DNA) and part of me thinks that they truly are evil spirits / demons in human form straight from hell – perhaps an interesting topic for future discussion).”


    Start there…

  21. Umoja on said:


    As for MLK, according to Memorandum46, the US would like another MLK type. Why? Although he meant well, he was passive and was naïve to what he was dealing with. I wouldn’t support MLK at all. Marching and singing, “we shall over-come”, is for the birds. Begging for what is our birthright is for the birds. He got the holiday and is always remembered and thrown down our throats, not MalcolmX, Marcus Garvey or any of the greats who held the true answers. White folks love MLK for the obvious reasons—-integration and that ridiculous “utopia” rhetoric that NONE live by, nor dare to.

    Before MLK went on one of his marches, he whispered in Harry Belafonti’s ear, ” I think I made a mistake, how can you appeal to a people who have no conscious.”

    MalcolmX KNEW this. He said integration was just the white man’s foot on our necks. Don’t be fooled, whites love this integration shyt….that foot on our necks. Separation?.. we would progress immensely and kick their azzes. ( Black Wall Street, Rosewood, etc) But what happens….here come the dam whites. Even here….here they come….YT…..here they come. smh.
    They complain that we move in “their” neighborhoods, smh… don’t believe the hype. They love it…for the sake of keeping their feet on our necks. They don’t seem to get it—we don’t want to be around them in all honesty, we prefer are own. Economic growth and prosperity, unity, and collective Black capital would send them all into a brain spasm.

    Integration = conforming to white supremacy, and death to all that is African including the mind.

    Whites, ” Let’s squeeze everything out of them and pour us into them.”
    A complete nightmare!!!

  22. EyesWideOpen on said:

    ‘To love ourselves and want to improve we have to be honest and not worry about looking like we hate WP. That should be the furthest thing from our thoughts.’


    We need to remember that statements like;
    ‘Chip on his shoulder’ and ‘Angry black man/woman’ are reverse psychology tactics that the evil ones use to try and pacify us. Don’t fall for it. There’s a time and place for righteous indignation and sometime’s it’s in a white man’s face.

    Once you truly understand the truth about whites (that ~95% of them are profoundly mentally ill, hateful, racist psychopaths who rejoice at the deaths of brown people) you’ll naturally want as little to do with them as possible and you won’t give a damn what they think about it.

    That’s the beginning of mental and emotional freedom from these creatures.

  23. Umoja on said:

    I’m well aware of the LOA in which I practice. ( that was part of my awakening and quest, I was venting….you know when you just want people to listen and not give answers or a lecture, just listen,…maybe I should have stated that, sorry)…..anyway… I don’t think our state is “divine order”. Nothing is pre-ordained and if it was so, that would mean that we aren’t co-creators or have the option to have, be and do as we deem fit, or create….which is the foundation of the LOA.

    With that said, I agree wholeheartedly with your message relayed which I do appreciate…..it is inspiring. I thought a while back that we have been fed so much of who and what we ARE NOT….complete lies that we manifest what whites would have us to manifest….to their delight. Their thoughts (lies) became our thoughts. What a clever tactic. Hitler even stated that if anything is told often enough, people will begin to believe it; therefore through our thinking and feeling a thought, we will manifest “it'” into our lives,….to the satisfaction of those who desire such control and domination. I do believe we are manifesting collectively by default because many DON’T KNOW the truth of their power….that we are powerful beings, co-creators and we can have, do and be as we deem fit.
    We’ve given our power away. We are powerful beings, co-creating, by default manifesting what whites would have us to be. I really feel that whites troll around just to see that white supremacy is working. They would shyt bricks if we turned our state around. Well, while they’re trolling, I’d suggest they get ready to shyt bricks.

  24. honeytreebee on said:

    Up too late y’all, but after reading this story and commenting on the other topic today I thought of this Negress. I want you to watch these and sing these words cause only we have this kind of magic.


  25. EyesWideOpen on said:

    ‘…we would progress immensely and kick their azzes.’

    So true. Once I started to see the truly systematic, ruthless and relentless measures global white supremacy has enacted to keep blacks down I realized this is more than just about ‘white survival’ or ‘fear of a black planet’. These dudes are SERIOUS. What the hell are they so afraid of?

    Could it be that they know about the great, advanced African civilizations and the truth about who really designed and built the great pyramids that they STILL can’t figure out (hint: they’re in Africa). Could it be why they felt the need to rape the continent, steal the knowledge and ‘white’wash the history??? Could it be that they know that if they don’t keep us darkies down it won’t just be in sports that we kick their asses?

    I think so. Thinking about it actually gave me confidence and made me realize that I/we must have some pretty awesome potential for these humanoids to invest so much energy in keeping an eye on us and keeping us down.

    If whites are so superior and blacks are so inferior then leaving us completely alone should be enough for us to completely self destruct. But these sneaky little insecure, suicide prone devils KNOW that wouldn’t happen.

    Don’t believe the ‘blacks are just good in sports because we have more testosterone and fast twitch muscle fibre’ line. That’s only part of the story. The same great intuition, creativity, coordination, confidence, toughness, will to win and other intangibles that produced many, if not most, of the greatest sportsmen in history would also serve us extremely well in business and (re)building our race.

    White scientists do not dispute that blacks are the most genetically diverse race on the planet. That means we have more idiots but also more geniuses in our midst. And it’s the geniuses, not the masses, who make the difference. It just takes a few Edisons, Newtons and Einsteins to change the course of history. But imagine where western ‘civilization’ would be if those geniuses had been aborted, uneducated, hungry or incarcerated.

    Racism / White Supremacy / Unimaginable relentless evil is necessary because THAT is the only way those freaks can survive, compete, dominate.

    They are that bad (literally and figuratively) and we are that good (if they would just leave us the fuck alone).

    Which is why the NEVER will.

  26. EyesWideOpen on said:

    @ Sugarkiss

    Thanks for the link.

  27. Ms. too good:

    I keep a tight watch over white commenters. Sometimes they start off with constructive info then, almost without realizing it, they start bashing us. Only a FEW of them offered real help and explanations about white supremacy.

  28. SK

    That is precisely why when Obama is no longer in the white house, blacks worldwide will be in for some shit. I hope you and everyone on here has your passports ready.

  29. soforeal on said:


    I fucking knew it, i felt it in my soul that some of our people reincarnate into whites and some whites reincarnate into black people.

  30. Tyrone on said:


    All of the well-meaning whites that seek you out are supporters of the post-racial movement, which is nothing more than racism in disguise. The civil-rights movement of the 1960s was a sham, it wasn’t about making this nation a better place for black folk. Other groups that had no relation to us, injected themselves in the process to get their pound of flesh. For most of my life, i’ve never trusted the “Kumbaya” crowd of whites and blacks on this planet. Their logic never made sense to me. “Tyrone, i don’t see color.” “Race doesn’t matter.” “We’re all the same.” Every other race on the planet can love themselves except black people, but, not us. I realized that our real enemies are those who pretend to care about us so much. The bleeding hearts have killed more of us than the Klan ever did and could. As others have eloquently stated, Dr. King stabbed us in the back. I respect what Dr. King did for our people, but, he and his allies knew they were selling a pipedream to our people. White people will never change, their actions validate my point. They want to control black folk and suck our blood…Vampires! Vampire is the perfect word to describe Casper and his unclean women. Europe has no resources, so, they have to plunder the resources of Africa, Asia, and the Americas to survive on this planet. As to the unbiased white female, so she says. Whitewomen break us down and confuse us. We spend a lot of time yapping about the whiteman, and ignoring all the evil ish that Becky does. Sistas fell into the feminists trap, and brothas fell into the sexual trap. I trust no white person on this planet, regardless of who they are. The feelings of white folk don’t matter to me. Black people who beg whites to like them don’t deserve membership in our race. How many of us have to die on this planet, before we come to our senses?


  31. anonymous on said:

    Beautiful Singer-Beautiful songs. Thanks for posting. Almost made me cry.

  32. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    “White people have only as much power as you give them.”

    I STRONGLY disagree with that statement. That sounds like metaphysics talk. We don’t give white people guns, aircrafts, ships, tanks, nukes, chemical and biological weapons. Whites (or white dominated societies) have quite a bit of power independent of whatever we do. We live in the physical world where groups of people have used war and terror to get what they want. We do not live on a spiritual or metaphysical plane. The reason whites were able to dominate us and the rest of the world was NOT because “we gave them power” but because they were ruthless. I agree that we do suffer greatly from a victim mentality but lets be real. Certain things we can’t stop unless we have the power to combat it. I think we should be concerned with obtaining and learning how to keep and pass along power to our future descendants because power is the only thing that this world respects.

  33. @ Jay

    I just got off the phone with Dr. Bey’s sister. I’m writing up a post on this as we speak.

  34. Kushite Prince on said:

    They believe the world revolves around them. It’s all in their minds. It’s important to their identity. They won’t leave us alone because we give their lives meaning. Their identity is determined in contrast to us. They can’t be who they are unless we are who we are. The moment we change our consciousness and inferior mindset—whites will automatically be transformed.

  35. With whites you have to sugarcoat the truth.Act like you’re on a first date by not talking about race,politics,or religion.Anything that points out their wrongdoings is anti white in their eyes,but anything pointing out the wrongs of other races is the truth to them.No wonder jesus spoke parables when he was trying to tell people about their hypocrisy,they shut down if you don’t.Whites want to say i don’t see color,i only believe in one race the human race…blah…blah…blah. Even kim kartrashian is talking about she wants to raise her kid to not see color.The only color they care about is green[money]. The problem with that is it makes people sweep the issues under the rug and not bring it up.They keep trying to make us forgive them when we’re already done that, have they ever heard of forgive but don’t forget.Example of hypocrisy,bring up slavery/jim crow they say get over it its in the past.Now bring up chris brown beating rihanna and they all over that and are not speaking about forgiveness .I’m like where is the whole its in the past lets move on thing with that.not condoning what he did but white celebrites [charlie sheen] go off the deep end and get an interview and commercials.

    Here’s a link about a black democrat who went off on whites lol.they get all butt hurt because they can’t handle the truth. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2300114/Joseph-Mitchell-Alabama-lawmaker-emails-racist-rant-gun-rights-constituent-entire-state-legislature.html

  36. emile on said:

    The title of this blog is “Diary Of A Negress: Observations Of An Invisible Woman”.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do recall you clarifying on several past occasions that this was a blog that you set up as an opportunity for preferably “Black” and non-white commentators to express, purge and vent their frustrations and sentiments about personal experiences with injustice and mistreatment, while also learning about the practical ways in which we can develop newer ways to help ourselves and one another for our overall well-being and prosperity. That has been my impression. So far, this blog and many other relative media have been extremely useful as tools for us in successfully coping, engaging and comprehending the intricacies of SOR (mistreatment). This is good thing. Therefore, it would be antithetical to absorb the sentiments of whites at this time, most of whom have been the primary beneficiaries, blatant perpetrators and silent contributors of the exact injustices and forms of mistreatment imposed upon us. Hopefully, there will come a day when such discourse can be used as constructive dialogue and remediations in totally annihilating the global systematic construct of mistreatment that victimizes Black and non-white people, and when justice is not just a fashionable, rhetorical seven-letter word but an all-encompassing application that is fail-safe in ensuring with absolute guarantee that no individual is mistreated, and that the individual that needs the most help gets the most constructive help.

    At this time in our existence, realizing the condition of our people, our highest priority and task is that of effectively helping preferably our people, because it is we who direly need the most constructive help in all nine areas of people activity.

  37. emile on said:

    Also, deflection is an art, and a tool used to keep the confusion, i.e. “flip the script”. I think we need to stay on point and remain ever alert about the tactics that have been used against to our peril as well as those that are being planned right now. I always use Dr. Welsing’s analogy about the game of chess to overstand that possible moves can be used against us. I can’t say it enough: I thank The Creator for Dr. Welsing and Mr. Fuller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. honeytreebee on said:

    So, glad you like it. Here is another one by him. Sometimes I change out the word worry for white people. Listen and enjoy then think about it and switch it out and see what I mean.

    Truth what do you think

  39. …”‘Nothing spiritual ever came out of Europe or it’s caves. Spirituality is completely devoid of the European who truly only mocks at spirituality.’…”

    This. Sooo, those ‘missionaries’ going out to ‘Third World Countries’, and the ones out now are simply, vampires, ghouls, what?

  40. larissa on said:

    ”I hope you and everyone on here has your passports ready.”
    We can run but we can’t hide.

  41. Leviqueen on said:

    Dido! Couldn’t have said it better myself. In the words of Django ” get away from white people!” Esau the parasite devil is going to continue to try to suck the life out of us!!

  42. Truth you should do a post on what to do and where to go when this ish breaks wide. Passport, money in another country, contacts abroad, when to start getting when the getting can still be had. How to start over and what tricks to look out for. Like going to Europe or Canada might not be the move to make. How to blend in and not be so American.

    If, we are to survive we must have a plan for everything.

  43. larissa on said:

    ”Truth you should do a post on what to do and where to go when this ish breaks wide. Passport, money in another country, contacts abroad, when to start getting when the getting can still be had. How to start over and what tricks to look out for. Like going to Europe or Canada might not be the move to make. How to blend in and not be so American.

    If, we are to survive we must have a plan for everything.”

    My thoughts exactly. Hence my previous comment. I have family in USA at the moment, and they ask me to come live there. It’s hard knowing I have to say no and not being able to truly say why, because most people refuse to acknowledge what is going on, and what is going to happen.

  44. honeytreebee on said:

    The writing on the wall is plain for all to see. Look at how blacks are treated on regular days. The police can come by at anytime and beat you down like nothing and get praised for it. They’ll arrest you in your own house like skip out in boston. Look at katrina and that mess down there still ain’t right and murders that will never be investigated, look at sandy and who did they come for last? Don’t even get me started about the prez. home city little girl gets shot and he don’t pay her no mind even after all that nice talk for him and such. So, yeah, we need a post and to start getting ready to bounce when needed. Cause when ish starts flying you know how white people will get. Even amongst themselves they crazy so find a place to go and have several ways to get there.

    Also we need some zen habits have as little stuff as possible keep back up files and copies in more than one place. Cutting down on stuff means more money in the bank and less to take with you and less to lose. Also, visiting other places and having friends and connections can be life saving. Never have all of your cash in the bank cause you never know when the system will be down or crash all together. Look at the mess they are starting with north Korea the last time America messed with an Asian nation it got it’s ass handed back to it. Now this one has nukes and ain’t afraid to use them either. So, we best be ready y’all

  45. I just want to say that anything I write nowadays is simply me seeking my truth and it is not going to resonate with everybody nor be your truth. And I’m ok with that and don’t mean to sound like a broken record–anybody can read any statements made by me more than a month ago and can probably see the change in tenor of my thoughts. I didn’t intend on ending up where I am, I just sought my truth. For decades I’ve been exploring people like Dr. Ani, Dr. Afrika, Dr. Pookrum, Dr. DuGruy, Welsing, Fuller, Dr. Ben and more well known historical figures that gave me a solid foundation on how powerful we are as a people and how our history does not begin nor end with slavery; from that springboard, i came across I believe Kwamla’s blog and then one thing led me to another and I ended up listening to Dr. Delbert Blair. Before Dr. Blair, I had been exposed to the Laws of Attraction & eastern religions on a cursory level. Nothing that really resonated or made me changed or altered the way I thought. And to sum up what I thought and the way I had been thinking for decades..I HATE injustice. I’m just one of those people who cannot stand to see it. I also love truth and try to always stand in truth. Sometimes it has been to my detriment. But it has always been my personal credo and it still is. So…when I came across Dr. Blair and I heard him speak about black people in general & metaphysics in a way that made me think deeper about what we are… not just the physical and what we view as reality and the here and now…but what we TRULY are at our core…that we are all God spirits..that resonated with me…and prompted me to delve deeper into metaphysics..and all that word means is the science beyond what we perceive as the physical realm…it sounds all esoteric but it really isn’t anything beyond what people seek to discover in religion…the whys and hows of the universe–why we are here, who made us, what is our purpose here? I’m sure these are all questions we’ve asked at some point in our lives. I’ve never been a religious person..organized religion just never resonated with me..there was always something missing..metaphysics for me just brings all of the varied fragments (as I perceive it) of organized religion and brings it down to the ONE…that out of many, we are one…and that we are all part of that ONE (the Universal Creator, who made us all)…..this physical ‘reality’ is but a matrix and you see what you choose to see, based on pre-conceived & indoctrinated beliefs..this is why I believe as black people we are baffled as to what we see as white people’s willful inability to ‘see’ from our perspective…metaphysics helped me see that there is really no ONE truth…it is like a prism that each of us sees from our unique vantage point, so my truth may never merge with yours & that’s not wrong…it just is…we are nothing but energy, everything is energy..and like energy attracts like energy…like magnets, we pull to us what we radiate…now I can see how that would be disconcerting to people..cuz for me it was initially..but that’s the anger, hurt and pain resisting..black people are wounded–psychically, spiritually & mentally…most of u, if you are honest with yourselves–do not hate white people–you hate the SYSTEM that some of them have created. And I say some b/c in the same way that we have been socialized into a certain mindset, so too have they been. In the same way that we are prisoners in this system, they are the prison guards, cajoled & bribed by illusionary ‘power’ to man & maintain the prison–of our minds and theirs. One cannot exist without the other. They derive their illusory ‘power’ from that. Not all. But most do. But we probably all know that most men are weak-minded and will follow the path of least resistance. Can we REALLY say that if a system was set up that was based on black supremacy in the present system’s stead–that we would risk our comfort to overthrow that system for whites? Can you really say that & MEAN it? Again, metaphysics seems all ‘woo woo’ and lofty, but it resonates with me. I have always believed in re-incarnation and it just makes sense to me that we have all been here before; that we CHOSE to come here, exactly at this time, exactly as who we are, to learn the lessons we need to learn–to either right the wrongs of previous lives or to shore up weaknesses within ourselves. So since I believe we chose this mission, there can be no right mission, no wrong mission, no wrong spirits, no spirits who are demons (and I say that b/c even if you say whites are devils or demons–they STILL are part of the Creator and STILL serve him) NOTHING operates or exists outside of the Universal creator. Once I wrapped my brain around that, I easily let go of the anger. Because then I intuitively realized that nobody & nothing operates outside of the Creator’s reach; there are no victims & EVERYTHING that happens happens for our ultimate good. Even the stuff that makes us fall to our knees and gasp for breath. That’s the shit that most tests our mettle and pushes us to higher heights as humans. To step out of the familiar and learned feeling of ‘victimhood’ & that others have more power over your lives than you do is all at once petrifying and liberating…THAT takes a fluckin’ major leap of faith in the ultimate goodness of the universe. It’s a process, believe me. But it feels SO much better & empowering and personally enables me to think about ways in which I can be & represent what I want to see. A shift in consciousness. If we all think negatively, that energy permeates everything..like stench or filth and it is all we can see thru the haze of life..but can you imagine if there was a shared consciousness shift to BE exactly what the Creator sent us here to be? Black people are the most creative, magnificent creatures in the cosmos…nobody can take that from us..we can only GIVE that fact away. Is it easy? Hell NO!!! I ain’t perfect, can barely stand myself sometimes. But I am working on me and being the best me I can be. I owe that to myself and I owe that to the Creator.

  46. nmmat

    The only thing I’ve ever wanted is for my people to find themselves. The fact that we’re here to witness your own personal journey is breathtaking.

    PLEASE work on yourself first before you try to help anyone else. That way, you can be of assistance to those that are still “lost but wish to be found.”

    And please repeat every word, every phrase, every sentence that you wish as many times as you wish. One day, it may resonate with us and we can ascend as well.

    I suffer from depression. My depression is my rage, my helplessness and desire for vengeance all rolled in one. Do I hate whites?

    Yes and no. I hate their lack of huemanity imposed on us but I feel sorry for them for they shall pay the ultimate price.

    I know that hating them is useless but my ancestors taunt me with visions of their pain mixed with my own anguish and I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    I wish them harm but I want them to find peace as far away from us a possible. Yes, the road to Spirituality is a long, winding road.

  47. kowaba on said:

    “Once you truly understand the truth about whites (that ~95% of them are profoundly mentally ill, hateful, racist psychopaths who rejoice at the deaths of brown people) you’ll naturally want as little to do with them as possible and you won’t give a damn what they think about it.

    That’s the beginning of mental and emotional freedom from these creatures.”

    So true. When I began to realize the system and saw that it was based off of an illusion, how things look and not how things are, I was in disbelief. Things that were there the entire time I didn’t see until now. But I have to say that realizing that it isn’t me and it’s them has been liberating for me.

  48. Matari on said:


    “thanks to all the great commenters who I’ve learned so much from – especially nmaat433 and Matari (I wish you would comment more)….”


    Wow. Thank you!

    I’ve been sitting back lately, listening to/absorbing from OUR group of super talented, insightful and passionate commenters that come to this great blog!

    I’m inspired/overwhelmed by most, if not all, of the gifted, SPIRITUAL, philosophical and sage souls that share here! I think they are indicative of the growing African American self-actualization/MASS AWAKENING/awareness/momentum…

    I am now more than just hopeful. I am encouraged and excited by the special discerning geniuses in our midst! There are so many 3rd eye people here! It seems that we are a (small, yet representative) part of the CRITICAL MASS that’s needed to propel the African Diaspora to the next level … a place much better than our current situation!

    Plant- Cultivate – Grow.
    Respect, TRUST, LOVE, Cooperate, Support!

  49. larissa on said:

    @truth have you ever thought about doing a post on pyschology for those of us who don’t want to seek counseling with whites?

  50. You don’t give yourself enough credit. I am here because of a conscious decision you made…we all are. THAT is more than most can offer..whether it originated in pain, anguish, despair or depression..believe me, I’ve been there too and am sure I will revisit those emotions too before it’s all over…but imo, to be able to fashion something like this in the midst of all that you shared SHOWS HOW MAGNIFICENT and courageous you are.

  51. Mickey on said:

    @ EyesWideOpen,

    I take it you’ve been watching “Hidden Colors”? Only about 20% of the information in the first DVD I knew. Same thing for the second one. I always wondered why out of ALL of the races on this planet, Blacks were ALWAYS the ones MOST targeted for this madness. I had my suspicions and they have been confirmed.

  52. Sugarkiss on said:

    @ Nmaat 433

    Yes, yes. And Yes. We need to be our own creators. And I also believe that will true, loving intent–it won’t be easy, but we can put ourselves back together as people.

    All of this.

  53. Sugarkiss on said:

    @ Kushite

    I do believe, that we have always had more than just the physical working on our behalf. THOUGHT and INTENT–very powerful weapons.

    And the reason that they have been soo successful in destroying and conning much of the planet is thier THOUGHT PROCESSES and INTENTIONS! No matter how evil! They have been creating this hell for hundreds–thousands of years!

    It’s time to stop the reign of evil.

  54. Kushite Prince on said:

    “And the reason that they have been soo successful in destroying and conning much of the planet is thier THOUGHT PROCESSES and INTENTIONS! No matter how evil! They have been creating this hell for hundreds–thousands of years”
    You said a mouthful! I totally agree with you sis!

  55. EyesWideOpen on said:

    ‘I take it you’ve been watching “Hidden Colors”?’

    I haven’t seen it but I look forward to, especially since it seems to have rubbed a lot of whites the wrong way which tells me it’s must see viewing for black folks.

  56. larissa on said:

    I haven’t seen it but I’ve heard great things.

  57. GreeneInk on said:

    They don’t “get it.”

    The reason why they don’t get it is because they are race-ignorant and white privilege makes them that way.

    They aren’t stupid BECAUSE they are white, they are stupid because skin color advantages make them that way; and they, too, were born into “the way it is.”

    The “reverse racism” thinking is a fallacy because black people, more than 98% of us, don’t have the economic ability or even the spiritual ill-will to subjugate them because of their skin color or ethnic identity. It never happened.

    If they come over here to drag the attention away from “black issues” to turn it into how white people FEEL instead of addressing things as they are, it means they are either: (a) Clueless Intentional or (b) Clueless Unintentional.

    (a) means they are predisposed to irritate and aggravate black people because they are cockroaches; and (b) means they truly do not have the foggiest notion what about that very attitude makes us “angry” in the first place.

    I don’t hurt for ignorance of that gross magnitude, there is simply too much information and knowledge out here about black people and the truth about racism for them to be that out of touch and idealistically “screwy,” and there is no excuse for it.

    If they are simply being trolls and cockroaches (and I refer to your main post as I type this because what the person wrote makes absolutely no sense whatsoever), then eff ’em. They can go straight to hayell with that one.

  58. Greenink

    “…don’t have the economic ability or even the spiritual ill-will to subjugate them because of their skin color or ethnic identity”


    I’m working on a Revenge post due out this week. A few of us have raised a very interesting point regarding this so It’s time.

  59. Crissjensen on said:

    Can someone, anyone…please explain to me how a back-to-back post on black relationships, black dysfunction, black issues and black healing ended up being about white people’s feelings?

    I think we as black people have been trying to find that out for ever. lol
    Lord knows it’s time for us to cut loose the tie with these antihuman being’s before we loose our selves as a whole like they did.

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