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The Double Standard

Double Standard in action

… As I see it black women aren’t marring outside of their race in vast numbers. We are waiting at the expense of never having a man or looking outside of the country. I know a sista who will go walking in a mall with a white guy from her work and she get these brothas who 1/2 the time are with white or Asian women, will find a way to come up to her and ask her what she is doing with that white man? They’ll be all up in her face and trying to talk to her the minute they see her. So even though black men date out, they do not like it when black women do. —- Honeytreebee

Sound familiar?

The universe and its melaninated peoples are now more in sync than ever. 2013 marked a new awakening for those of us that can “see.” We are saying the same things word for word, having the same conversations from all over the globe, wondering about the same issues and constantly asking, “What’s going on?”

When I read the comment posted above, I smiled to myself. Not because it was funny but because I just got off the phone with a buddy of mine about this uncomfortable topic. She told me of many, many, many sisters that are just fed up of the Double Standard that we (black women) face in regards to interracial relationships and are no longer waiting for a “good black man” to marry. They been deceived, heartbroken and disappointed too many times and have decided to find “love, respect and affection” (her words) outside of their race.

Why is it that only black males are allowed and even encouraged to fornicate, marry and spawn with white women (and any other woman for that matter) and expect the black woman to “understand his nature” and “put up with it” and “take him back”, but when she imitates his behaviour, mostly out of frustration and disenfranchisement, and has a white husband or lover, he becomes irate, demands an explanation and berates her for her betrayal of their race? 

That was the gist of our discussion and she really laid it down for me.


“Truth, I’m tellin’ ya, they’ve been doing this shit since the plantation. In fact, when miscegenation laws were removed, that was the first thing they did…seek out the white woman…I mean, even white people notice it.”

I listened and cringed as she spoke her mind quite harshly, only interrupting her to remind her that the black woman’s role was to be the glue that held the family together. She cut me off.

“What what about the his role, dammit?”

This topic will no doubt be inflammatory and painful so I’m asking the black family to be mindful of words which have the power to hurt us all.

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179 thoughts on “The Double Standard

  1. Because the men have been and continue to be focused on in particular by the system while women have a small, yet tangible amount of maneuverability to hold the standard.

    I think it’s also assumed that all interracial relationships are lust based or based on the PoC being objectified as we identified in the last post.

    I think what’s in the back of a lot of our minds as black men is that if black women really want that then they’re capable of running an affair without us having any knowledge (women are thorough like that), so for her to be seen with one makes it feel like it’s all completely intentional and meant to hurt us.

    In my evening stress management and psychology classes surprisingly the largest demographic isn’t white and female, it’s black men, and we’re all running on fumes to put it lightly.

  2. honeytreebee on said:

    Truth thank you for the honorable mention.

    To start I think black women have waited a long time and watched the black man leave for other women in significant numbers. Too many sistas are waiting only to be disappointed. I understand that the woman is the glue, but how can she continue to be the glue when little is left is stick to. She draws strength from the BM. When BW lowers her standards she is ridiculed for out of marriage babies and single motherhood and blamed for her angry sons who marry out cause she should have chosen better.

    I don’t know how it is where you are, but what I see out west if it is the future it is bleak. Black women are tired… One group is still looking and is starting to move around to try and find their BM. Another is still open yet will date MOC men of color if, no BM can be found. The other either is younger and sees no problem dating WM or is so angry at BM they go straight to WM out of anger. Still others make do without a mate or what was once so rare turn to other women.

    I encourage every black woman I know to find her black man even if, it means traveling the world to find him. However, like you Truth sometimes it leads to getting an earful of how they can take no more don’t care no more and generations of in your face taking it is done. They point out that they are not the BW that BM often complain about.

    They have discovered that it is not them, other black men of other countries love them, there is really no infighting among black women of other countries and in fact they’ll help you find a mate. Other men want BW and will do more than sex her, but will also marry her and give her the children she wants. My concern is that if, black women date and marry out like black men we are doomed game over. I think these men on some level know this and that is why they chastise BW when they see them with other men be it WM or MOC.

  3. I have a close family member who have gone all white. She did get hurt a few times by black brothers and she said she found someone who is more loving and caring to her and that’s who she is staying with. Marriage has been going strong for over 18 years now. We are living in a different world now and things have changed a lot. When you look on TV, go to the malls all you see is interracial couples. Only the black brothers and sisters that know themselves will stay true to themselves.

  4. If you read thru many of the comments from black women in the Dear Truth post, there are a lot of black women who are alone & lonely. And there were many commentors–women & men–dismissing black women’s very real needs & feelings. Things like black women shouldn’t need validation. But there is not a human being on this planet that doesn’t need validation. Hell, even dogs need validation. You know how your dog wags its tail when you call it. That is your dog feeling happy that you see it (validation). But black women, of all the creatures on earth, have no right to want to feel validated. Black women should be alone rather than be loved by a nonblack man. Wow, well someone please tell me the truth, do you really believe that a black man would be alone & lonely, if he couldn’t find a black woman to be with–no he wouldn’t. Truth: black men don’t even necessarily ONLY look for a black woman.

    Black women–especially young black girls–are seeing black men date who they want all around them. And the black group does nothing about it. You know why? Because there is NOTHING that they can do to stop it. Black men are doing what they want to do. But the black community keeps holding black girls to a ‘black or nothing’ narrow box.

    And you know what they tell you when you end up a young, single mother. That you were dumb for opening your legs & allowing yourself to get pregnant. What they don’t address is that the 70% out of wedlock birthrate is due to the black community’s own Rules of Engagement. The men can do whatever they want & the women must be silent, sexually available (because as much as they tell you that white men only want you for sex, black men are not really sticking around for any real-life work either once the sex is done), make no demands, set no standards of accountability for black men.

    I read Bry’s comment. Bry who is biracial & not monoracial. Bry wants black women to hide their relationships with men who are not black. Because we black women should not “hurt black mens feelings.” But I would like to know if Bry’s father hid his relationship with his white mother? I bet that he didn’t. But where’s the concern for black women’s feelings? Why is it wonderful for his black father to have a public relationship with a white woman & not care about the feelings of black women? Shouldn’t his father & all black men have secret, closeted relationships with nonblack women. Afterall, good for the goose, etc.

    I don’t care who dates/loves who. It’s just not possible or ANYBODY’S business who loves who in 2013. Take your stand to love only black men, white men, Asian men, whoever. But stay out of other peoples romantic lives. Especially when the only thing you have to offer black women is a double standard that leaves them alone & with children fighting your Revolution on their own.

    Thank you, Negress.

  5. Definitely feel you on this one BUT I will have to say that we always are talking about what black women don’t have instead of embracing the men who DO love black women. I think its very skewed to believe that most black men love white women. When it comes to interracial dating white men and asian women date more outside the race than anyone else

  6. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    If you don’t know or research history, this article will be very misleading. It would have one to believe that historically, Black men have dated and bred out more than Black women and that simply is not true. I discussed this on another blog.

    The mulatto class of Kenya, Zanzibar, and Tanzania come from Arab and Indian merchants settling and intermarrying with local African women. That mulatto class produced many of the slavers of the East African/Indian Ocean slave trade such as the notorious Tippu Tib.

    The Arabs who went across northern Africa were mainly religious zealots (Islam), desert nomads and mercenaries and traveled without women and again, intermarried with African women. Same with the Persians and Romans and Greeks and Turks and so on who invaded Egypt.

    The Arabs who murder and terrorize the native Blacks of Darfur and the rest or the Sudan are the result of Arab men and African women. When Blacks and Arabs or Indians occupy the same region, it’s common for those men to have relations with Black women and very uncommon to see Black men with their women.

    The mulatto class of Haiti who betrayed the Haitian revolution were the product of French aristocrats, businessmen, and soldiers and Black women.

    The Moors did go into Europe and intermarry, but the Moors were Black AND Arab. Never just Black Africans.

    The mulattos of Latin America are mostly the result of European immigrants, most of whom came over, without women looking for work and mated with Black women, although now many Black men in Latin America are in interracial unions.

    Even in the U.S. if you looked at it from a historical perspective instead of the narrow lens of the present, you would easily see that Black women dated out more than Black men throughout the history of this country until recently. From free Black women during slavery, through emancipation, reconstruction, Jim Crow and so on up til the Civil rights movement.

    In fact, there are no large mulatto populations that are the result of Black men and non Black females. If there are, put forth the evidence. Who are they and where are they located. The truth is, Black men have not traveled the world conquering people and spreading their seed amongst the women of those defeated people like whites and arabs have. Black men have not had sexual access to non Black women on such a large scale to create buffer races (until recently). So I would like someone to present more evidence of the Black man’s historical lust for non Black women. If anything, I think it has been showed that other races of men have had a historical sexual obsession with Black women.

    If there is a double standard, there is nothing historiacl about it. In fact, it is new. The daughters and sisters and nieces of Black men have been mating with non Black men for ages (which turned out to be a curse).

    Black men dating out in large numbers is a rather recent phenomenon. Why won’t the Black women who write about the betrayal of Black men write about that.

  7. Mickey on said:

    When I was in college, I took a Minority Groups class as an elective. Our teach, a Black woman who later revealed that one of her grandfathers was White, had us gather in groups to discuss negative stereotypes of what you did not want said about your race. I was sitting near the White female group and I was eavesdropping on what they were saying. The last thing they were discussing was interracial relationships.. I overheard one of the White girls say that it was a double standard for them as well. She said that it was more acceptable for White men to date outside of their race than it was for White women to date outside of their race.

    I also had Black girlfriends who said that they would marry outside of their race if they could not find a “good Black man”, which was their top preference.

  8. Mickey on said:

    According to Dr. Umar Johnson, although Loving VS. the State of Virginia was spearheaded by a White man who fought for the right to marry his Black wife, Black men have married outside of their race more than other races of men combined.

    I am not sure how true that is, but I know in a documentary I just watched, “What Black Men Think”, a section was about IR in the US between Black men & White women. It basically said that this supossed IR explosion is not what it is cracked up to be. He said that in 1980, BM/WW marriages was just over 100,000. In 2004, it was just over 200,000. But the way the media portrays it, you would think that Black men were leaving Black women in droves; they are not. And the reason for the belief is that the BM/WW relationships consists mostly of athletes & celebrities (i.e., Ice-T & Coco, Tiger Woods, Terrence Howard, Heidi Klum & Seal (though they are no longer together), Taye Diggs & Irina Menzel, and a number of others).

  9. Tyrone on said:


    Any blackman that is educated and informed about the sick minds of whitemen will never support blackwomen jumping into bed with them, and both parties know this. As you stated Jay, the black male/non-black female dynamic is new, blackwomen were dating and marrying whitemen for years. All of us of know the markers that contributed to this recent outbreak in stupidity…media, hip-hop, sports, internet, adult-films, and so forth. Let’s go back in time for a second…the generation of black males that came of age during the civil-rights movement in the early 1960s have their dirty fingerprints all over this. They themselves might not have jumped in headfirst, but, their sons and grandsons did. Another point, religion has contributed to this problem as well. Blackwomen comprise the majority of blacks in the church. Black preachers want sistas to be colorblind and love everybody. Why do we assume that this obvious brainwashing has not had an adverse affect on our race? Black media has blame as well, which is why i no longer buy most so-called black magazines. For years, Ebony magazine would be on both sides of the fence. Promoting black love and pushing blacks to tolerate famous black male celebs who stepped out of the fam. Jay, we must rid ourselves of the false notion that biracial=black. This false notion is the genesis of the insanity that we see among black males in the US, and other countries. That’s not authentic blackness, and never will be. Blackwomen repeating the same madness as blackmen is not gonna benefit our race. Another point, blackwomen can’t continue giving aid and comfort to self-hating blackmen. Michael Jackson turned on sistas, and they still defended him still. Montel Williams was built-up by blackwomen, and he stabbed them in the back as well. Sistas, please stop looking to hollywood, music, and sports for sincere blackmen? I hate to say this about us, but, blackmen tend to be followers. We copy the bad habits of other men. Another point, blackwomen gotta get right with their politics. Sistas can’t keep crying about the sad state of black manhood when they’re aiding and abetting racist whitemen who are killing their men with miseducation and lies. Brothas, we’re playing ourselves…Wake The F**k Up? Sistas need to know this…blackmen who chase after Becky know they’re getting the short end of the stick. The black female/non-black male dynamic will always trump the other, because, blackwomen are superior to blackmen. The female is greater than the male, this fact will never change. Whitemen laugh at us because we’re stupid. He don’t even want Becky, but, we’re stupid enuf to fall for a bunch of hypersexualized women that are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things…Stupid Is Stupid Does! Blackmen who have no love for our race need to sit the f*** down and shut up. The nerve of them to question a blackwoman’s choice of mate, when they run around with other women? Negress, sistas can’t push the madness and cry about it at the same time? Blackness for black people is the only way, i can’t support neither group. At some point, sistas have to question themselves and the role they play in this insanity. None of this ish just happens by accident, let’s not forget this? Negress, when are you gonna deal with Cali? Jay, most brothas have no idea what we’re up against as it relates to whitemen coming for our necks. Countless people have warned us about this crap, but we’re pigheaded. “Naw, blackwomen will never leave us, we can do whatever.” Any blackman that believes that statement…I Hate You!


  10. Tyrone on said:


    It’s not about sistas jumping in and out of bed with other men, it’s about protecting and advancing blackness on this planet. All of the other ish is irrelevant. African-ness is the highest form of humanity one can attain, are we willing to defend and die for it? I don’t want to be white, yellow, or red…i want to be black!


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  12. Sincere on said:

    BW are better than BM. The standard/double standard always fall on you because you have standards. We men sleep w/10 women and are revered for it. A sista not able to have so much as a casual encounter, let alone traverse outside her race & not be labeled Jezebel. Some of you jokers need to admit you have the same odd curiosity as your oppressor instead of this case you build against sistas to justify your acts. Let me be the 1st to say we men @times) ain’t sh&!

  13. Ms. J on said:

    I just see this whole ordeal as Crabs in a Barrel. No matter if it’s WW/BM or WM/BW, the White person usually does the choosing while the Black person either rejects or accepts their offer. There were White men that I used to like that I would NEVER approach because I feared rejection and being mistreated due to my race. I’ve also heard – and seen – how White women can be very aggressive towards Black men. I’m taking a Gender/Ethnicity/Communication course, and read how this White female describes a Black male she’s attracted to:

    “Jesse was one of the first four students to integrate my all-White high school. Because he sat beside me in homeroom, we talked a lot and I liked him immediately. He was interesting and different from the other boys in class, most of whom I had gotten bored with long ago. His coal-black color frightened yet attracted me. When he walked, his long lanky legs and arms, shoulders, and torso seemed to be held together by rubber ball socket joints. He moved with long strides as though dancing, his arms swinging, his shoulders rolling, his head bobbing, his hips swaying.”

    Then she says how, “I don’t recall the initial attraction to Jesse as partly sexual: instead my desire to be with him came from wanting to understand the story of his life and from the exhilaration I experienced in the mystery and adventure of the experience.” – from The Other Side of the Fence: Seeing Black and White in a Small Southern Town

    What Black woman goes into such detail about how a man’s body looks? And should her desire for experience come at the expense of his life?

    I can only imagine what a White man would say about a Black woman.

    I think all the fuss about IR dating/marrying/breeding shows why it’s never going to result in justice under these circumstances. Many Whites say they do it out of love, but I’m sure they know it causes more conflict among us. Please be careful out here, folks.

  14. emile on said:

    I think both Black men and Black women are hypocrites and only set themselves up for further personal pain, by not being honest with themselves in the first place. If you not only don’t like but don’t LOVE Black people, there’s nothing wrong with that. Can’t expect everybody to follow suit. Life is not linear and it is very, very complex, especially when it come to the can of worms called human sexuality and human needs. Honesty, pure and unadulterated, takes balls and ovaries of steel, something of which most perpetrators of so-called IR relationships don’t have but would rather hide, sneak around or front in their pairings with non-Black people. I think we can disagree with such existing reparations while agreeing that people have a right to make whatever choice they would like, as well as hold themselves responsible for their choices.

    I know I’ll get a lot of corrective, critical and constructive feedback on this, but I’m only expressing my personal opinion of this matter, and entirely from my viewpoint. Over the years, it has been my opinion that Black women in particular have a tendency to focus upon this issue more than Black men. They are also the most passionately opinionated about how these exhibitions of IR relationships involving some of the most sought-after, prototypical and desirable Black men has somehow been indicative of “her man” being taken away from her. At the same time, I know countless, mature and qualified Black men who were often turned down, ridiculed and rejected by the same Black women. Never understood that logic. Additionally, no one ever accepts the fact that there are a large number of young Black men who are victims of the SOR (mistreatment) who are systematically rendered unqualified financially, socially, etc., for the same Black women who are seeking such a mate. Everyone’s feelings about this issue is to be fully respected because as Dr. Welsing has stated, we are a confused people (mostly through no fault of our own) and a direct result of collective mistreatment of unprecedented proportions. Not just for decades, but for centuries, the “true” relationships between Black women and Black men was systematically designed and executed to become immediate and perpetual failures. Anyone who can fully grasp the significance of this will realize that it is futile to point fingers at IR relationships without overstanding the reasons why such events occur. The repairing of our desired outcome in relationships between Black women and men should be our focus and not the minuscule couplings of a few with other non-whites or POCs. It is a matter of what our priorities are. Do we dwell upon something that exists, of which we can’t do anything about? Or do we begin anew, placing the emphasis upon our ultimate wish of Teflon-coated, healthy and strong Black relationships/marriages/partnerships? If this is the quest we believe in, and are truly serious about such, then the first assignment is getting rid of the excess psychological baggage that exists within all of our brain-computers, that leads us to engage in time-consuming, willy-nilly, two-bit, insignificant bullshit that regresses us further into insanity. When you’re stuck in a deep hole, don’t just talk about the fact that you’re stuck in a deep hole. The objective should be finding a way to get the hell out of the hole!

    To quote Onitaset:
    “Around 50% of Black men are Single and around 50% of Black women are Single. This means there are over 10 million Black men and 10 million Black women available for a relationship in America alone. To suggest that Black women can’t find one Black man in 10 million is to ignore the reality of how much 10 million is.”

    So, what’s stopping these single people from getting together?Love, in its purest form, is unconditional. And that means taking the good, the bad and the ugly and working together to get out of the social hole were in. Love is teamwork, and for us to seek perfection within our prospective mate as a benchmark is preclusively futile. The Black man can’t do it alone. Neither can the Black woman can’t do it all by herself. Our histories have proven this to us. But what have we learned and passed on to the next generation to prevent further confusion? Even today, far too many of us are hypocritical in truthfully acknowledging that we are still color-struck, miseducated, have been seriously hurt, psychologically damaged (but repairable), have dire needs for immediate mental healthcare and are still imbued with a lot of the self-hatred that has been instilled in us by a multitude of outside forces, personal/familial/social experiences and the historically subjugated status under the SOR (mistreatment). We are human beings that need love, affection, caring and a closeness with the opposite sex. Love+sex+the ability to express feelings with another, freely, are powerful entities The Creator has given each of us to use for growth and fulfillment. Therefore, whatever choice any of us decides to make in a mate, at the very least one should be honest with themselves first. It is incomprehensible to think that either a Black man or Black woman is going to chose to remain in a repressed state of unfulfilled sexuality, emotional fulfillment or companionship throughout their entire lives.

  15. Ty

    If “black men who chase Becky know they’re getting the short end of the stick”, why do it in the first place?

  16. Bottom effing line: let negroes, coons, colored folk, hambones, handkerchief heads, sambos, jigs and buck dancers do what they want [they gonna anyway]. We Black people with knowledge of self and a pinch of pride will up hold what Black people should be doing. You can mess around and your whole life will be nothing but trying to reanimate the dead. If that’s what you wish, then I’ll leave you to it.

  17. Emile



    Do you think our state of confusion comes from not being able to practice our culture 100% at all times?

  18. There IS a double standard.
    Personally, I think there is a diff. as far as BM/WW and BW/WM relationships go because the women actually carry on the bloodline. Not the men. So it is significant that the bloodline remains pure…but that’s just my thing.

  19. Gat Turner on said:

    My sentiments exactly. I grow tired of trying to find a way to engage the ignorant. Truth is they dont want to know. Sometimes I’m totally confused about what’s going on out here. When i tell other black women that I only date “Black” they call me a racist!? I too have heard the comment “there he goes with that Black Sh@t again”…since when did it become uncool for blacks to talk about black issues? Now I realize that there must also be a purging of the ranks, let those clowns who so desperately want to be loved by massa’s children leave….I say don’t let the door knob hit you on the way out!!

  20. Agreed.

    Also, you tell them that Black people don’t have the power to be racist. The word don’t stop nothing from happening nor does it change one thing.

    And ask them when they look mirror do they see that Black shit?

  21. emile on said:

    Yep. Because when all nine areas of people activity are based upon “your” culture (e.g. Chinese culture), then there can only be a strengthening of meaningful, fulfilling and substantial relationships between men and women. Ultimately, this provides a positive, reaffirming impact on the children, who eventually grow up loving themselves, their kind and their culture because of the real-life examples of true love seen while raised by parents, elders, family, community, etc.

    As we know, we don’t live in a perfect world and some people will undoubtedly experience some type of traumatic event that will impact them, especially in this area. Realistically, you’d never have the opportunity to practice/indulge into your culture 100% of the time, as you’d also have to interact with the rest of the global society for various yet necessary reasons. Nothing wrong with that. However, your culture is your base, your grounding, your social reference point, your ground zero of peace. Culture is an asset that is highly undervalued yet the nucleus of a people’s growth. A lack of grounding in one’s culture has a tendency to create and perpetuate lots of the confusion that produces candidates for IR relationships (lost souls). I could be wrong; I’m still learning. But this has been my observation over the years. I often find myself looking at a lot of older Black couples who have stayed together and had far less than we now have to cope with SOR (mistreatment) but STILL stayed together through tumultuous times, raised strong families, had problems, yes, but dealt with them in a mature and sensible way and are some of the most humble yet wisest people on Mother Earth.

    What happened to us??!!….We lost our culture. When you lose your culture, you become highly manipulative and vulnerable. Ever notice how as gentrification infiltrated Black neighborhoods and communities over the past thirty years, the more we became fragmented (integrated) the more inclination and promotion of IR relationships? Just my observations. We have to educate ourselves continuously about how systems works in order to comprehend how these conventions affect us, short-term and long-term.

  22. This is the truth. Historically, White men had sexual access to Black women and Black men did not have sexual access to White women. Black men were accused of raping White women, but Ida B. Wells, a Black Woman, exposed that myth as an excuse to lynch Black men. Meanwhile, it was very real that White men raped Black women.

    The recently interracial Black man likely relates to the 60s sexual revolution, the White feminist movement, and the media’s portrayal of either the “New Negro” or “Negro Money.”

    The stats on Black marriage are as follows. 49% of Black men were never married; 45% of Black women. Interpret that how you will.

    What’s more, although Black men did marry out more, compared to how much he married in, the “more” is insignificant:

    So to say, 4 million Black men married 4 million Black women; 400,000 Black men married a White woman; 200,000 Black women married a White man. None of this comments on ‘dating’ (maybe White men are non-committal?); but some 10 million Black men never married and are available for some 10 million Black women.

    More clearly:

    When Black men commit, 9/10 it’s to a Black woman. 9/10 is an A in my book.

    Either way, when it comes to relationships, we really need to study what makes one good and what makes one last. It remains “Knowledge of Self” which can not be had interracially. Yet, I want to finish this with this image:

    There’s no double standard.

  23. honeytreebee on said:

    @Jay I think some of what you are mentioning with Arabs and black women on this side of the Atlantic with black women was during slavery. Sally Hemming s and others like her were not marrying WM or happy go along. You are right that other groups of men invading Africa took and raped BW like now in Sudan. However, I have not heard of black women after slavery out of war marrying and have real relationships with WM like BM do now. Even Fredrick Douglas second wife was white. Which I think was a more equitable relationship than any I can think of with a WM BW relationship. I am always learning and will search for information on this. Thanks for your comment.

  24. honeytreebee on said:

    Yes, Yes oh YES. That is why I want a black planet, and that may not be enough. We may need a black solar system. In the here time that is why I am trying to make my life as black as possible not out of fear, but out of love and self healing.

  25. SugarKiss on said:

    @negress and emile and ALL

    I do absolutely think that our “state of confusion” is a borderline disease…like hypertension, or diabetes as it beats down on the heart and kidneys. And I also think that 90% of living here in America, as an American born black man/woman is just finding remnants and supports of what is familiar.

    But in a white washed society, what is home? What is familiar?

    Why are so many of us turning our energies and focus back to the motherland for answers when we were American BORN? My thoughts are that we are slowly beginning to see that America was built by, but not for us. The lack of preservation of any kind of African culture or even the lack of respect in any NEW culture Blacks create is like living life on a hamster wheel.

    We are too far removed from Africa while trying to keep our psyche intact during the raising and educating of our children and families in this lopsided country.

    So what are you left with?
    ~White women who go under the KNIFE to take on characteristics of our natural full form. “Hey Black man! You see me, right??”

    ~They write checks to fund his education, his other children. They have the means to do it. They know that in America, they are the “White she-devil” if you will to our “Undercover Brutha.”

    They also know that Black men are superior in every way to white men, but our men still suffer the psychological effects of suppression as the white washed culture works to PURPOSE his life for him, thereby over time, scrambling his brain.

    Culture is like glue, it shapes and provides purpose and form.

    Our bottle is just about empty.


  26. Umoja on said:

    @ Gat Turner….
    You too!! What irony!! Unity, love, and commitment for ones own— African; is now “racist”. Yet, mocked and ridiculed for the lack of unity, love and commitment towards our own—that “black stuff”; in addition thwarted in all areas, save none.

    We all witness the unity, love and commitment of all others (Yellows, Browns, Whites) which is NEVER deemed racist, but admired and supported; never thwarted, save none.

    The insanity— ” Let’s consistently chop the African off at the knee-caps throughout and infect their lives and minds with poison in all areas and they dam well better get up.” (laughter)

  27. SugarKiss on said:

    I also want to say as an anecdote that here in Metro Houston, there is a LARGE population of immigrant Africans of various cultures (mostly Nigeria and Ghana) and from what I have seen and learned from talking to them:

    ~They are overwhelming married to other BLACK men and education is 10000% stressed in their homes as absolute necessity. The family unit is essential. and BECKY is not even on the radar.

    ~They are extremely spiritual ( no matter what belief system) they will pray over and for anyone and anything and mean it. ( I have seen miracles performed in 10 seconds flat just by quiet mediation and prayer on my job in the medical field) I have not seen this with any other culture or “race” and I have worked beside them all.

    ~They often times know more about world events are fully aware of the white man’s sins and know how to stay in their lane. They treat whites as individuals, dealing with them mostly through work and work related events and uplift and fraternize with their own outside of work and even extend invites to American blacks. Also, something other cultures are really hesitant to do.

    ~Plant food to feed themselves, even if they could afford to eat out everyday, and all have FUTURE plans. The successful or upwardly mobile individuals I work with DO NOT WATCH AMERICAN SHOWS OR EVEN WATCH OUR MOVIES. Hmmm, I wonder why that is?

    As an aside, they watch African movies with AFRICAN actors/actresses made in AFRICA–meaning they support their own no matter where in the world they reside!!

    Now–as I’ve said, purely anecdotes, but on cosmic level…despite whatever America has to offer them in the short term… they are here in this country and many of them can be examples, a blue print, if you will, for the culture we are desperately lacking. They have not had to live amongst their oppressors in the pressure cookers that American blacks have, and I hope that we can start to teach and learn from each other more. They know (as I am realizing) how POISONOUS this country can be if you lack purpose, direction–cultural GLUE.

    NO one culture or place is perfect (no such thing) but when you need a lesson, the teacher will arrive, as Trojan Pam has said many times.

    So it’s back to the basics.


  28. I’m glad you laid out the clear picture and not the ‘agenda-driven picture’ being propagated by various factions in society. For a myriad of reasons. Black women & men are loving, co-habitating & marrying each other all the time. Maybe there should be another discussion about HOW those particular black women & men were able to find their partners, what minimum criteria and/or standards did they set & maintain, how/where did they meet, how long did they date before they married, what attributes/shared beliefs did they see as primary in their search for a mate? In all honesty, there are some of our people who take more care in what yacky hair weave they choose/buy than what kind of man/woman they will lay up with & have children with…and I’m sure we all understand why that is. But this topic imo is like the ‘the majority of criminals and drugs users are black’ canard. Not true, never has been but I guess those vested in the lie figure if they tell the lie long enough it becomes true…

  29. SugarKiss on said:

    You all are sooo right! Pro Black = Anti White in their eyes, or even our own. It’s totally reversed and backwards, but then what isn’t in this American “culture?”

  30. ^ I totally agree with this SK, some years ago working for a homeless shelter we would have tons of Sudanese refugees come in, the difference between them and men of all other nationalities was as clear as day.

    Very into having their own food, keeping customs, pursuing education was a top priority, and above all they were in constant communication with family. Letters from family, care packages, phone calls, and they were always the first to get a permanent residence setup and become self-sustaining.

  31. Mickey on said:

    In New Orleans and in a few other southern cities, WM did marry Black & mixed race women in secret ceremonies. In St. Louis Cathedral, the are “side books” that feature these marriages since many of the women were in relationships with these men, they were not allowed to marry them. The Catholic church came up with this solution so that they would, at least, be married in the eyes of God if not the eyes of man’s law.

    Also, Xenia, Ohio is where was the setting of Wilberforce University where WM sent their biracial offspring to be educated. This was during the slave period. It was also the setting where married WM would tell their White wives that they were going north “on business” and would need to take a slave or two with them to help take care of domestic matters. In actuality, the WM were going to spend some quality time with the BW that were their mistresses. This is all documented.

  32. i do not approve of black men or women dating and mating outside their race and believe its absolutely suicidal. i also believe many of us have been programmed through various methods to help destroy our own. mating with whites is no different than selling drugs and killing your own for money. many blacks won’t find a mate and nearly every reason can be traced to white evil. when you have offspring from whites you very likely create more individuals that will aid in the destruction of black people. again i believe only whites and those scarred from bad relationships are champions of this form of self destruction. these people are oblivious to the real damage they do to their own and are no different than allen west and clarence thomas who echo their views. as blacks before the invasion of white evil into our culture we were not allowed to mate with whites and the penalty for doing so could be death. because those who mate with white purposely no matter how blindly contribute to the destruction of our race. and we are the one race on this planet that has been targeted for death. and we don’t have time nor the resources to condone this self hatred. when you mate with whites you mate with someone who calls you a nigger behind your back. and unlike you they will cast you out for their family, careers, friends etc. you and your confused tiger wood like offspring. when you mate with whites you mate with the open enemy of your own kind.

  33. “In fact, there are no large mulatto populations that are the result of Black men and non Black females.”

    Yes there is….most of the people in Germany who classify themselves as Afro-German are the product of Black or African men and German women…

    Most of the “Brown Babies” of France and England born during and after WWII are the product of Black and African soldiers and local French and English women respectively…

    My point is that when we play “tit for tat” we discover uncomfortable truths.

  34. Thanks for doing this post. I see alot of black men with white women where i live and hardly any black women with a white men.Its crazy to me how the black men that do date out say they don’t like seeing black women with white men ,their reason is because of the history. “Black men have a different history with white women than black women with white men”,they say.I’m thinking to myself and what history is that? Both black men and women were slaves,raped,and killed.The only difference in history between the black man/white woman “relationship” is the white woman would have the white man doing her dirty work.They were like charles manson,never killed anyone but orchastrated many murders.Look at old lynching photos,white women are in there smiling along with white men.A lot of black men have been lynched because of a white women’s claims of rape.The black wallstreet was destroyed because of the word of a white woman claiming she was raped.Which turned out to be false and no payment has ever been made to the victims or their families.
    Black women don’t have to take any excuses for black mens misbehavior,yeah there are good ones out there.We shouldn’t always be the only understanding one in the relationship.Black men don’t know what it’s like to be a black woman.It’s time we all healed and tried to understand each other.This society has taught us that men are more important than women even when it comes to racism.I see alot of marches with black women,black kids,and black men when a black man gets killed.I mostly see black women protesting when its black women getting killed.We just need some appreciation,we don’t get it from the media and its like we barely get it from each other.

  35. Sk and Bry

    Coming to AmeriKlan was by far the biggest mistake many of us have ever done.

    This country and it’s evil past has infected many of us and now it’s too late for those of us that cannot “see” what’s going on.

    Believe me when I say that whites are doing something to us on a metaphysical plane.

    That’s why they inhabit islands and countries that are majority black. To work their “magick” on us.

    I’ve seen strong, conscious, fierce blacks fall prey to a white man/ woman in Weeks.

    I can’t prove this…but I can feel that their agenda is sinister.

  36. “No matter if it’s WW/BM or WM/BW, the White person usually does the choosing while the Black person either rejects or accepts their offer”.That shines light on what other posters were saying how white and black relationship are like a parent/child.My stomach turns when i hear white women describe black men. I was at the mall in sears and i overheard these white women and one of them was talking about a man.She said i like him and his skin matches my outfit.They view black people as some kind of accessory,that is why i don’t trust those whites adopting black babies.

  37. To all:

    Something to consider. 99% of the time, romance with whites is their idea! Almost everyone I’ve known or spoken to regarding this topic has admitted that the first move towards sex is initiated by whites.

    So this is my question:

    Why do we take them up on their offer even though we have reservations and are suspicious of their intent?

  38. I think it’s because of that little White chip in our heads that tells us that “White is right”. That’s why even some conscious Black people still have White partners on their arms.

    Can you imagine environmental activists marrying the CEOs of big oil companies? This whole dilemma shows the monumental confusion we have. But getting rid of that little White chip will work wonders.

  39. You notice white men and women and every other race on this planet dont say if I cant mate with my own im dating outside my race. Blacks are targeted for this b.s. to help engineer our own death. No race is as attacked as blacks. No race besides blacks has been poisoned to find excuses to lay down with our historical arch enemy. Wake or die are the only choices we have. Those who condone this are whites and blacks who have a vested interest in supporting white supremacy. And we blacks are so assailed from all sides because we the first born the first to walk and rule this world and others.

  40. It is culture….
    I’ve noticed those with a strong culture aren’t targeted via the tactics and propaganda of white supremacy here in the U.S., nor does the poison that white supremacy bring is able to penetrate the minds and lives of those with a strong culture.
    Which is why, for the most part, we are targeted more so than others. Without culture, an African mind, heart and soul, we’re easily preyed upon…and easily trumped and defeated.

    Without culture everything suffers like a domino effect— family, collective economic growth, unity, love, community, children, ect.

    Culture is our foundation, our strength and our defense.
    If it weren’t for the lack of culture there would be no interest or need for this discussion.

    For example…TThe Mexicans our entering the States by the thousands, rich in culture….little penetrates. They share one mind collectively– “Mexican”.
    THEIR heritage, language, foods, music, family, people, holidays, values, ect…..with pride and no apology. Unity is an alien word. They’re progressing rapidly. There are whole strip malls in Atlanta owned collectively by Mexicans alone ; whole communities even, not neighborhoods, communities. Let’s face it, they’ll be respected while the Blacks still remain on the bottom of the totem pole, still depicted negatively via all media engines, while grappling issues such as this, which is only a symptom of the lack of culture.

    It’s back to basics….Afrikan. I believe this would be our answer to many ills and our defense. A strong Afrikan culture.

  41. Sugarkiss on said:


    That attempt at trickery, I do agree, is on another level and I also agree with you that the worldwide effects of white skin and white privilege (from a global and genetically WEAK minority) is almost like reading a comic book or seeing a sci-fi movie…. at times it’s truly unbelievable if you attempt to wrap your head around things…

    I believe that for some reason (a more spiritual, metaphysical) we ALWAYS HAVE OPEN ARMS! Even to a violent fault! We as a ppl are gullible to GOOD WILL!! Why in the hell is that?

    Does the white man know this? Absolutely!
    That is why his weapons are biological, genetic tampering, religious and sexual! And they have been doing this for centuries! To EVERYBODY, the darker the skin, the worst the offense!

    So in saying that…we have to go back to securing those ASPECTS that they try to use to seduce our physical and spiritual.

    EDUCATION (not necessarily book either, more like natural and homeopathic)
    If we are grounded in spirit, we wont even to fight AS HARD. They know what they are up against.

    They have always know.


  42. Blacks who are under the ghostspell of white supremacy and have serious issues mentally mate with whites. Those who covet materialism and worship money mate with whites. Those who believe god is white mate with whites. The abused confused used and angry mate with whites.

  43. Thanks guys for the explanation.

    In Harlem, Brooklyn, Trenton, Philly, etc..we had our own culture. But one white would always infiltrate and that as they say, is that.

    The last time I went to this little Ethiopian place in central Jersey, it was full of white people asking questions about the food, the music, the cloth on the walls, who “that guy was in the picture”, etc.

    For a group of people that have historically deemed us inferior, they have a *very* difficult time staying away from our culture.

  44. Sugarkiss on said:

    @ Umoja

    Exactly! What my points were above! We have to back to our REAL roots! Everyone of us will benefit from this! And I believe mother Earth will aid us as well.


    Whether we acknowledge it or not, there are ALWAYS higher powers working alongside us.

    Wake up.


  45. Kal


    You may be right. Spell indeed.

  46. Also known as gospel

  47. Sugarkiss on said:

    That is because they aren’t “From here”

    They are like play doh… morphing shapes and texture and puprose, always wondering how something someone else does can benefit themselves, with no regards to detriment of other. Zero respect.

    I really do believe they (universally) are visiting.


  48. honeytreebee on said:

    It is not for lack of trying that we do not have. Lets not forget the black wall street and such. How are we to have like others when what we build is destroyed and we can’t seen to stay in the collective? It seems that we need to work on not being so easily divided. It is hard as we do not have a land of our own Mexicans have Mexico and so on. We have to figure out our base and rebuild our culture. Perhaps it can not be done here perhaps we must go back to Africa or find a way to bring it here. Any thoughts.

  49. Its a reason we dont have a unified single message, its a reason we have been taught god looks like someone besides ourselves, its a reason be it slang, music, fashion whatever when we create and own something whites vamp down on us with a fury and vengeance. They want us to be judged unworthy as guilty as they are and the only way to kill us is when we help them

  50. Kal

    You may enjoy dr. yaffa bey. And Phil Valentine. Both are on YouTube. I spoke with Dr bey one Saturday afternoon and it blew my mind.

  51. Honeytreebee

    I’m working on something with dr. bey’s sister. She and I spoke recently and she gave me some pointers.

    I shall construct a post on it as soon as I can “make sense” of how we’re going to do it. It involves our state of consciousness.

  52. We are not even allowed to have one unified language all this abuse is processed and the results are biracial kids running to further dilute their melanin and empower white supremacy

  53. I believe we are awakening the spell is over if an arab spring can happen via the internet a black revolution can also. These conversations were not happening ten and twenty years ago we are right now doing that which you speak off. All we need do is ignore their media, bloodsports and filth they call food cleanse ourselves and place nothin above our united resistance to their oppression

  54. Kal
    I agree with your sentiments. This is what they fear most. Our awakening.

  55. I agree with you all concerning culture.Asians help each other.Mexicans stick together and when they get their latino president he will address them.We can’t seem to have that,we always have some blacks who feel other blacks will take their place and try to keep them down.We do need our own culture because the generic so called culture we have is not ours but theirs.We have to define ourselves and not let them do it for us.WE need another black wallstreet,maybe not here because they will destroy it again.Don’t be surprised if obama sends drones to destroy it himself.Maybe we do need to rebuild and reconnect with other blacks around the world and build a utopia together.We should ask africans what they see is wrong with us and learn from their cultures.Or maybe we could create our own

  56. Sugarkiss on said:

    I think that the difference between Mexicans and Chinese/Vietnamese, Indians and even Africans is that coming here was a CHOICE. Staying here, also a choice. There is no forced culture for them. They bring it with them, thus enhancing their experiences, positive or negative, here in the States.

    After some of the points negress was making about sinister plots and metaphysical spells, you could make the connection that perhaps us slave descendents were guinea pigs on how to conquer the minds of everyone else! These days I am beginning to put very little past the Euro. They have completely taken over mass communications and sophisticated weaponry.

    Working in the health profession, I see the is toxic hierarchy at play with regards to immigrant MDs treating black patients as less than! As if they are not worthy! This mess has permeated all levels of thinking and rationale, worldwide within medicine and sciences still! It’s so easy to fall lock step into perpetuating the system of supremacy when you are NOT at the bottom of it!

    I see how more and more the tasks or rebuilinding that we face will be truly uphill and even more damaging if we don’t separate ourselves on some level. If that’s even possible anymore.. smh

    I also do believe that ppl (of all races and cultures) are beginning to see that the land of “milk and honey” is more like “high fructose corn syrup- riddled with artificial flavoring.”

  57. Umoja on said:

    @ Negress…
    Without possessing the essential knowledge needed, it’s easy to assume that a White man pursuing a Black W would be the same as a Black M pursuing a Black W. At least that was the case for me. Usually when a Black M pursues a Black W or any woman for that matter, it’s been through my knowledge from others and personal experience that it has always been the Black M who initiates sex. Isn’t it normal to desire sex with one you find attractive and a potential mate? So a woman usual will comply or not, but if she finds him attractive and a potential mate, that is, all “T’s and I’s” crossed, she usually continues to date him and doesn’t think twice about him desiring sex and doesn’t act upon it until when and if she’s desires to do so, and she doesn’t find him threatening.
    BUT if a white man initiates sex while dating, how is one to be suspicious if they don’t know what to be suspicious of?… especially if the pursuit can be just as identical to a Black M pursuing a Black W. I’ve never dated a Black man that didn’t initiate sex; whether he be a looser or a “good” man.
    My point is, NO ONE gives the essential knowledge needed to consider when Whites pursue Blacks. I wish the hell I knew or someone , anyone pulled me aside and told me. I had NO clue. As a matter of fact….Blacks praised me for having a White man on my arm. Total strangers included. Yep. I never got such praise for having a Black man on my arm. That confused me.

    I will tell you all this—It also confused me when those SAME Black people who thought it was such a good thing, since slice bread, to have a White man on my arm, where the SAME Black people, after his sinister true desire was so callously revealed; had the response of , “you should have known” and thought it comical that I was hurt behind it all. Why did I get with this white man? It was never because I thought whites were better. I had been hurt by every Black man in my life, including my father and brothers. Pain equaled a Black man. Pain was the only witness.
    But dammit….I WANT A BLACK MAN. I know the one for me is out there…sigh.
    I tell you, Black folks need to be honest and tell the truth about the elephant in the room….with each other. The lack of support, understanding, compassion and love …and the silence is astounding to me within the Black populous. Or are we in as much oblivion and denial as they are?
    This was an additional hard lesson also through this whole ordeal. Not only was I trashed by this beast practicing white supremacy, my own people stood by and didn’t utter a word of truth yet praised me for having this beast on my arms, unbeknownst to me.
    While Blacks continued to choose to be silent, they’ve chosen to co-inspire much unnecessary hurt and pain to their own race of people. I’ve realized that Blacks and Whites play identical games with Blacks…..to hurt each other without a care. I know I’m not making this up, and it isn’t a conclusion that I’ve drawn through my own experiences; but Blacks just don’t love or care for each other any more, and if so, it’s nothing to hold a stick to. When your own peoples’ pain is perceived as, ” it’s better you than me”, we have a huge problem. I make it my business to tell the truth and share the essential knowledge of the tactics of white supremacy in order to spare others from much unnecessary pain.
    Now I know why praises where given and the truth withheld; they were projecting their own self-hate and rejection, therefore their hate and rejection for me also.
    Not only is there an elephant in the room, there’s piles of dung.
    Sorry for the rant and please if anyone responds….no lectures or insensitivity.

  58. Umoja on said:

    ….typo up there…I meant ” disunity” is an alien word for the Mexicans.

  59. Umoja

    Thanks for sharing that with us. I also know that pain well. Black men have also beaten me up spiritually. But in all honesty, I can’t blame him without blaming myself.

    For better or for worse, they are ours. And whether or not they want to admit it, we’re “responsible” for them as they come from us.

    That doesn’t let them off the hook.

    They must also take responsibility for us as well. And that, My love, is the problem. We no longer claim responsibility for each other.

    We’re busy, selfish, apathetic, tired, frustrated, worn down and some of us have just plain given up.

    But there is hope.

    How do I know?

    Because we’re having this conversation, all over the world and wondering how to fix it.

    The solution is coming.

    I can feel it. But we must first admit that there is indeed a problem.

  60. Umoja on said:

    @ SugarKiss….

    ” I really do believe they (universally) are visiting.”

    Well talk about company not knowing when to leave! LOL
    I usually change into my PJ’s, stretch and yawn as a clue to leave. My PJ’s have been changed often that I’ve lost count and my cheeks hurt from yawning.
    ( I know you meant metaphysically, but your comment made me giggle )

  61. Umoja on said:

    I do take total responsibility for my life’s choices now and for myself, but as a young adult…well I’ve shared enough….anyway… I’m glad I’m where I am today. This gathering is enlightening, refreshing and very much useful and needed. I have both feet in and grounded for our people.
    Thank you and thank you for the effort and knowledge you bring forth.

  62. Mickey on said:

    That goes back to something Neely Fuller said about the difference between White people and Black people. A White person will look at a grain of sand on the ocean floor that he has never seen before and will study it. 8 months later, his friend will ask him why he is still studying the grain of sand. He will say, “Because it is there. It is here for a reason and I want to know why and how I can use it.”

  63. Umoja

    When I began this blog, it was for me. I was “recovering” from a bout of madness. I’ve been beaten down every damn day of my life, by whites mostly, but also by my own kind.

    This bothered me…the way we hurt each other.

    I set out to understand my own dysfunction and created, unintentionally, this cyber-black family where we say things that are so intensely personal, it shocks even us!

    I admit freely that I am the most dysfunctional person I’ve ever met. The angry black woman was me/ is me. Angry for the sake of being angry.
    Angry and not even knowing why.
    Exhausted by my own rage.

    When I began to “know myself” (I’m still learning), I realized that I was born into a prison that I cannot see or touch. This prison is my mind created by white supremacy where we function dysfunctionally with each other, with God and with ourselves.

    My dysfunction-into-function is a work in progress.

    Some days I backslide and say, fuck it…I’m done with this shit. God, just do it and get it over with NOW!!

    Other days, when the Spirit is in me, I’m so damn calm and focused that I meditate while I am walking, eating, sleeping and gardening.

    We are The Spirit in a Physical existence. For now.
    But the time is coming soon for our “awakening”. We are heating up the atmosphere, causing floods and earthquakes and planes to crash. We are wiping our enemy off the planet as they turn their anger against themselves.

    In the words of Shaft, ” We’re some bad-ass muthafuckas!”

    I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad we’re talking about this. I’m glad we’re waking up. And I’ll be glad when this is finally over.

  64. Mickey


  65. I wonder if blacks who mate with whites ask them what do you think the author of all reality looks like you or me? And for those who mate with whites because they cant find a black mate in the age of the internet is truly a rational act? If we had refused to mix with our documented arch enemy their would be less issues that hinder are very survival

  66. SugarKiss on said:

    @ Umoja!

    Riiight!?? Overstayed for several hundred years. And what a mess!!! (Grabs broom)

  67. SugarKiss on said:

    That makes sense, Kal. I do believe that our bond would be much stronger, but in saying that…don’t you think we would have fought back? Fought the oppression and suppression instead of remaining so willfully complacent, in “love” and confused?

    This is the elite media’s job, so keep these ideals alive, to place suggestion for IR mating and the “white hero” that Black Americans remain entranced in. You know how it goes, you become desensitized when NO ONE challenged the crazy shit that is out on TV now with these magical Negroes falling in love and being aggressively pursued white women and anyone else NOT black.

    Mind control is called “brain washing” for a reason…

  68. SugarKiss on said:

    @ Mickey and Negress,

    That is what I think this obsession with finding the “God particle” is about. Why are soo obsessed with ISOLATING the beginning something that is never ending?

    What delusions of grandeur do you have for wielding particles that explain the beginning of time?? It’s never good, ever.

    And you notice how funding is NEVER cut for those projects?? Green energy?? Cold fusion and free, self sustaining energy?? Too expensive.

    But isolating literally “nothing”? Top frickin’ priority.

  69. “I also do believe that ppl (of all races and cultures) are beginning to see that the land of “milk and honey” is more like “high fructose corn syrup- riddled with artificial flavoring.”

    Dam you did it again……blew my mind.

  70. SugarKiss on said:

    @ mstoogood4yall

    Thanks 🙂

    It’s like the more I want to know…and the more I find out…the more I don’t want to know…

    The US govt has completely sold out. EVERYTHING they do now, will be about the “future profit potential” They are not reppin’ Americans interests and at the same time, ruining how other nations view us.

    The “financial elite” have hollow souls and their trickery runs through every faucet and across every kitchen table in America.

    Gotta long road ahead.

  71. Ms. J on said:

    And the sad part is that many Black people see such descriptions as a complement. It’s funny how White females complain about being objectified by White men but do the same to Black men.

  72. I’ve been reading and rereading all of these very astute comments. From what I gather:

    Black females are expected to behave at a higher standard.

    Black males are not.

    Black males are given room to make mistakes.

    Black females are not.

    Sex is viewed in favor of the male.

    For the female, she should know better.

    We are confused as a race through no fault of our own.

    We harbor anger at each other and are quick to point out each others flaws.

    And once again, whites are at the center of it ALL.

    did I Miss anything?

  73. Kal you are so right, it’s like returning back to your abuser, how messed up is that huh….

  74. SugarKiss on said:

    “And once again, whites are at the center of it ALL.”

    Sums it up for me.

  75. Nope that nails it but may I add its not right equally for men or women to mate with their open enemy never has been

  76. Kushite Prince on said:

    That picture! *looks away* I can’t stand to look at it! It’s really sickening! Sister Truth could you at least make it smaller? My brain can’t handle these type of images anymore.

  77. lol i know what you mean i just hurry and scroll down .That guy’s breasts are bigger than hers. we need a post about black love.Tired of seeing these nasty looking things.

  78. This is like lions mating with hyenas their natural enemy.I watch nature shows and can’t understand how the male lions kill the lion cubs that’s not theirs then the female lion mates with him,the same one that killed her cub.We are being more like that where we are getting with the people who killed our ancestors and continue to kill our kids.
    Everything comes at a price,we get our so called black president and black boys are getting killed more by the cops and vigilantes.The other reason is because white men are getting jealous that white women are getting back at them and beating them at their own game.They never reprimand their women but attack who their women go with.I read a story about a white man killed their dog because his wife was screwing the dog. To them their women don’t do anything wrong its everybody else’s fault.Its not your fault, the other person caused you to do bad even if you had a choice to not do bad, its their fault not yours..Its like lets destroy the victim instead of going after the perpetrator.

  79. honeytreebee on said:

    A little of topic but, while I was looking at this new site that I found on black Brazilians and their troubles with whites. It struck me that these white people want to be black and snatch black everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if, they plan to say they are us if, the could ever find a way to get rid of us. Take a look.


  80. its the european way of thinking.Men can sleep with 20 women and be the man while a woman sleeps with 10 and she’s a ho.This i think was created to keep the white mans woman away from other men.That is how self centered they are.They destroy their women with labels and shaming them.THey have always wanted their women dumb,pregnant,dependent,and weak.hence,the reason the whole only a man can own land and vote.They have always viewed their women as property.I wouldn’t be surprised if they start suing black men for alienation of affection.

  81. Throughout Brazil, many black women feel that black men have abandoned them. It’s not hard to tell. It may be an exaggeration when black American women say all of the good black men are “crossing the fence”, but in Brazil, you rarely EVER see a prominent black singer, athlete, politician, businessman, etc. with a black woman. It’s almost an unwritten rule even among those who claim to speak in the interest of the black community. It will be curious to see what happens in the black American community over the next decade as IR marriage rates and the birth of “biracial” children have exploded.

  82. What we have here is the slave game remember whites only recycle the same shit even their evil. Establish white men as the image of god and white women the standard of beauty. Reduce blacks to levels of dependency thru abject poverty. Make survival and materialism paramount. Breed hatred amongst the slaves then u dont need to rape or steal your slaves will provide for their masters and willfully stay slaves

  83. kowaba on said:

    mstoogood4yall, I completely agree. I’d like to share what I have observed in terms of Asian interactions. If your family has a good reputation than you can be absolved of certain mistakes or given special consideration with information. Also Asians help each other a lot. For instance, in school, they form study groups. One person would buy an answer key and they would all discuss the answers. They don’t tell anyone else and they don’t let outsiders in. I observed this with a class I took in college. There were a bunch of Koreans that planned their schedules so they could take similar classes and were always getting good grades on their homework assignments. I approached one of them and he told me about the answer key. Another thing is that they NEVER allow any outsider (i.e. non-Asian) to come between them and cause conflict. There is every effort made to come to a group consensus even if it may take a long time. They also will mentor each other. The older will mentor the younger in career advice. For example, put this on your resume or these questions will be asked during the interview etc.

    When I was taking a Chinese class last year, there was another black female. Both of her parents were black and her brother was studying Chinese as well. We were asked why we wanted to study Chinese. I later decided to reveal the reason why Chinese language was important to me, because of my partial Chinese heritage. Then this female told me that she was jealous. And there were other times that she told me she was jealous of me. I can’t recall what they were about, but all I know is after that I distanced myself from her. Totally have to put myself first if someone is harboring ill will and resentment against me. It’s a shame that there is disunity in the black community because it’s only hurting us.

  84. blackgirlinberlin on said:

    I just wanted to comment on the WW who aggressively pursue BM. I see this constantly here in Berlin, where you have the bottom of the barrell WW with any African men they can find. Many of the BM they pursue are in need of visas, and are desperate to stay in Germany. Its interesting, because many seem to still pursue romantic relationships with other Black women, but will marrying a White German in order to get the papers here.
    I am around a lot of these German women. They say things, like I want to fuck a black man tonight. Many of them get very angry when that Black man pursues me over them. Just yesterday, my friend who makes great music, had a show here. This white woman was on him tough after the show. We were trying to have a conversation in a room full of whites, and the level she went to to get his attention was really sad. She just could not understand how this Black man could possibly not want her. She would try to enter the conversation, pull him aside, and kiss him. I am not looking for romance right now, nor is he, it wasnt about a romantic thing, he was just happy to see a Black person to talk to while on his Euro tour that was about the same things he was about.

    You guys are right about how we are targeted to mix with other people more than others. While I did move here to be with a white German, this relationship quickly fizzled when he realized I could no longer be controlled. Now, I am very wary of European men who pursue me. All of them are after one things, sex with a Black woman. They have no filter, so they tell you straight out about how we are wild, and sexual (what they hear from their friends). I actually appreciate the candid discussion, at least they arent covert like the ones in the UK or the USA. Lets me know few can be trusted if any.. around the world.

  85. blackgirlinberlin on said:

    marrying= marry

  86. kowaba on said:

    Your account makes it clear that these interracial relationships are about control. The fact that these WW are pursuing BM who are dependent on these relationships to stay in the country shows, at least to me, that there is an ulterior motive that they want the upper hand in the relationship. I think what many people seem to mistaken that in the system of white supremacy, the white person will always be in a position of power.

  87. kowaba on said:

    I meant that many people fail to realize that in the system of white supremacy aka racism, the white person will always be in a position of power regardless of the type of relationship or the gender of the white individual involved.

  88. honeytreebee on said:

    We can only hope for the best and that a trend of self love, discovery, and healing happens quickly in the next decade and corrects this or it may get worse for blacks here.

  89. Tyrone on said:


    A History Of Rape…The Black Female/White Male Dynamic

    Blackwomen can’t portray themselves as innocent victims in all of this. Growing up, i noticed the double-standard of blackwomen on various talk-shows who would applaud blackwomen who were involved with whitemen/other men all the time. But, if a blackman happened to pop-up on the tube with a non-black female, he was raked over the coals. So, for blackwomen to cry and whine about a double-standard is comical to me. Despite the wickedness of white males, they’ve still been sexing them all the while. Blackwomen assume that informed brothas will not keep them honest in relation to this issue. Sistas are upset because brothas are behaving in like fashion. Again, the ODR is the source of the problem. “I can birth a black child with a whiteman, so, blackmen shouldn’t complain.” Blackmen play the same game. The BWE(Black Woman Empowerment) movement is so phony to me Onitaset. Our people are being manipulated by whitemen in suits who control media networks. How convenient of them to create a faux controversy to further divide black people.


  90. Tyrone on said:


    As an informed black female, what are your true thoughts on misguided black females in the hood allowing white arabs to take advantage of them sexually? I’m puzzled by the lack of outrage among blackwomen. As Jay mentioned, blackmen are being killed in Sudan at the hands of white arabs, and some sistas want to portray these men as honorary blackmen because they happen to have african blood in them. Honey, don’t think that brothas aren’t paying attention to all of this? Sistas create a lot of problems for themselves when they glorify the rape and enslavement of their foremothers. Spanish and Middle-Eastern whitemen are tolerable, but, not those from England and France. Excuse my french sistas, What kind of thinking is that? So, the 2 groups of whitemen that gorged themselves the most on the bodies of blackwomen are loved the most at the same time. Blackwomen can’t wiggle their way out of this insanity. Honey, think with your eyes, not your heart? There’s a reason why Jennifer Lopez looks the way she looks. Kim Kardashian is not an accident. Marilyn Monroe didn’t fall out of the sky. Why do most whites in the US have dark hair and eyes? There’s a reason for that sista, think about it? Yes, our foremothers were raped by albino men, but, a certain percentage of blackwomen have and still feel the need to crawl into bed with whitey. To a sane person, it doesn’t make sense. A lot of ish doesn’t make sense. This is the point Jay was trying to get across in his post. Please understand that sistas are not the problem in relation to this issue. Blackmen are trying to hurt whitemen by sleeping with their daughters…Tit for Tat! Of course, it’s very high school of some brothas to play mind games with blackwomen and whitewomen as well. Both groups of women are irrelevant, this battle is between blackmen and whitemen…Peep Game! The irony of all of this, is that, blackmen are helping whitey more so than hurting. Fathering half-black babies with whitewomen is not gonna defeat Casper, loving blackwomen will.


  91. Mickey on said:

    Marcus Garvey said that the Black race is a race “cursed with petty differences.” I remember watching “Taxicab Confessions” on HBO where there was a Black guy who got into the cab. He first told the cabbie, who was White, that he did not think that the cab would pick him up. The began talking about what it’s like being a Black man in America and how if Blacks stood together he said “we’d be unstoppable.” But the problem is that Black people are too busy pulling each other down. If a Black man looks at another, even if it is innocent, the other Black man will say, “Whatchoo lookin’ at!?”

    Another reason is that Black people do not trust other Black people for stupid reasons:

    Dark-skinned vs. light-skinned

    Good hair vs. bad hair

    Fraternity/Sorority vs. Fraternity/Sorority

    Luxury car vs. jalopy

    Middle-Upper Class vs. Working-Lower Class

    White ice vs. Black ice (Note: White ice is supposed to be colder since everything good is by the White people and for the White people.)

    The list goes on…..

  92. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    Just for clarity, I’m not here to play tit for tat. I don’t think that it will get us far. And the truth is what it is. It’s not uncomfortable. I just felt the need for someone to put this in historical perspective because some people truly believe that Black men have historically been “down with the swirl” more than Black women.

    As far as what you said about Germany, According to wikipedia (if you believe what they say), there are only about 500,00 Black people in Germany and of that, I don’t know how many are mixed. And this is out of a country of 80 million plus people.

    Black people in that U.K. are only about 3 percent of the total.

    Now when you talk about North and East Africa and Latin America and the Islands, you can see the imprint that mixing has left by looking at the people. Large portions of the population are the result of white males mixing native women.

  93. honeytreebee on said:

    @nmaat433 that would be an interesting discussion to have and give us something to celebrate and build on.

    @Onitaset thanks for the stats and giving a clear picture of the situation. While the numbers for out marriage for both black men and women are low we should keep in mind that data never tell the whole story.

    I think it is great that we get all of this out on the table and see it for what it really is and who is behind it all. I think it helps us not be fooled next time and gets us into the practice of digging deeper to find the culprit. Once we start realizing that it is not us, but the outsider I think we will heal and move forwards.

    @ Tyrone love your pro black ways and the sista that I mentioned at the top of this discussion isn’t into white men and being in the mall with him is part of her job. A lot of these men who chastise her are floored when they find out the truth that they are not a couple. Again I don’t know how it is where you are, but out here in Cali. I think all black IR couples are here cause I see so many daily.

    I just find it flooring that these men would chastise someone they think is doing the same thing they are doing.

  94. Kushite Prince on said:

    I love your lion and hyena analogy! That was genius!lol

  95. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:


    I just want to let you know that what you just spoke on is on point. If Black people truly want to understand survival, that would do well to study nature and the animal kingdom. Lions mate with their own species (or sub species of cats), protect their own, feed their own, hunt together, move as a unit, etc. All for the survival of the tribe.

    And not just lions, but all animals do. All things that exist in their natural state do. Antelopes don’t are not friends with Lions. They don’t breed with them or ask them to educate their young on how to be a good antelope.

  96. Since Europeans have plundered and demolished every nonwhite people’s culture, I think ANY interracial relationship involving a white and a nonwhite is a betrayal of the nonwhite race involved. Any time spent being intimate with your oppressor is time added to your struggle to end that oppression… and procreating with your oppressor adds generations worth of time to you struggle.

    In the particular context of Black-white relationships it is even more of a betrayal, for this reason: the subjugation of our race was dependent on the erasure of our culture/history, and the erasure of our culture was dependent on the destruction of the family. In a transitive way, the only way to institute chattel slavery was for them to cut our family ties (see Willie Lynch Letter). Therefore, the only way out of this modernized slavery is to restore those very ties which were cut to get us into it. If we want to exodus out of this oppression, we’re going to have to leave interracial intimacy behind.

    Finally, the myth that black men marry white women is far overstated. Those interracial walks in the mall rarely turn into happy marriages. Unfortunately, some misguided/jaded black men choose white women, mostly because of 1) the schizophrenic feeling of prestige it gives them, 2) fear – of rejection, of myths about black women being belligerent, etc. It has always been my opinion that a black man who dates/marries a white woman is suffering from weakness.

    All that being said, on behalf of real black men everywhere, I would like to sincerely apologize to your friend (and other black women who feel that way) for OUR WEAKNESS. As you stated, black women have patiently abstained from white-mixing while black men have indulged. All I ask of black women is forgiveness and faith: forgiveness for black men’s errors, and faith that there are indeed many good black men working to set it all right.


  97. Kushite Prince on said:

    That is so true!lol I know what you mean sis. I’m tired of looking at pics like this. I do agree it’s an important topic we should discuss. I’m just feeling worn out dealing with these tragic relationships. We need to promote black love a lot more. I say let the “swirlers” do their thing. They’re going to do it anyway. There’s a white man that lives next door to me and his girlfriend is a black woman. I see them leaving there house with their newborn baby. They’ve lived next door to me for about five months. But barely speak to me. The white guy has said “what’s up man” a few times when he was going to his truck. But the black woman never speaks to me. She never makes eye contact with me when we both happen to be in our front yards.
    Sometimes I have on a Marcus Garvey or African t-shirt so maybe they’re a bit afraid of me.lol But that’s on them. I’m not changing for anybody. I can wear whatever the hell I want.lol But the truth is I could care less. I family members married to whites,Mexicans and Persians. I don’t have time to worry about what confused negroes do anymore. I’m all about black love,black education and liberation. If you’re not down with that—you can kick rocks!

  98. emile on said:

    @ Mickey:

    Interesting information, for I didn’t know this.

  99. Tyrone on said:


    Sista, you’re in the belly of the beast, literally and figuratively speaking. I applaud your strength blackwoman, a lesser woman would have snapped a long time ago. Some sistas may be upset with me right now, but, it’s all good. Cali is ground zero for IR relationships that involve blackmen and non-black women. Blacks migrated to Cali from the South to escape the harshness of the times. How that turned into blackmen revoking their black card is a mystery to me? My perspective as a blackman sista…Cali is on the other side of the country, it’s easy to do dirt out there. Cali is not heavily populated with black folk, so, blackmen use that as an alibi. Cali is the home of adult-films, an endless supply of swirlish whitewomen looking to hookup with blackmen. Cali is very liberal in its political worldview, but, it wasn’t always a blue state in that way. Should blackwomen continue to stay in Cali? It’s obvious to many in our race that brothas in Cali are not proud examples of black manhood, that’s a given. One of the obstacles that we face in our race, is that, a lot of black males don’t witness their black fathers loving their mothers. If a brotha never sees his father showing affection to his reflection, it handicaps how black males view love and sex in relation to blackwomen. Intra-Sexual relations in the black race must improve. I make it a daily point to encourage blackmen to refine their view of Eros. We have intelligent black people, we have business-minded black people, we have plenty of activists. We need blackmen to appreciate the gift, that is, the black female. There are countless numbers of blogs and tumblr websites that encourage healthy relationships amongst our people including this one. Honey, i’m a glass half-full person by nature. I can’t place myself in the body of a blackwoman. S**t is out of whack right now, nothing makes sense. All i can tell you, is that, blackmen have a long road to travel. Our manhood was castrated in a major way, which explains some of the insanity that we see among some black males. How can a blackman not love blackwomen? One of life’s greatest mysteries indeed Queen!!!

    PS…A note to blackwomen. Identify five blackmen in your city, county, state, or nation. If the brotha is dedicated to black womanhood, support him. He could be a small business owner, barber, handyman, anchorman, cab-driver, bus-driver, coach, etc. We have to take small steps before we can run back to the promised land.

  100. honeytreebee on said:


    As an informed black female, what are your true thoughts on misguided black females in the hood allowing white arabs to take advantage of them sexually?

    I have them in my neighborhood and I point out to the sistas that these men don’t respect them and have different rules in dealing with them. They will do everything to try to sex you. They always want something from you and are dangerous to your family. I ask them why the set up liquor stores, drug paraphernalia shops, and smoke stores in our neighborhoods? All of which according to their religion is forbidden to them. They are no different from other groups that come over and want something or want black people to do something for them then kick them to the curb.

    They are dangerous in that they have no problems saying brotha then killing him, will take the children back a la not without my child Sally Fields story. Have no problems with forced marriages, and will kill you for honor. They Crazy. I know of a BW where I work who messed around with one and got in a messy situation. Once out she asked me about dating I told her to stick to your own, but wait till she get herself together.

    Like I say Tyrone there is not really a black man shortage and we are getting together. However, there are deserts like out west and if, you live in one I encourage you to put in more effort to find a black man or woman. Like the BW with the Arab guy I asked her if, she preferred these men she said no that she really likes BM. I encouraged her not to settle as the men who are not will never satisfy her a be lacking because she would not be with her hearts desire.

    Tyrone you said, Yes, our fore-mothers were raped by albino men, but, a certain percentage of black women have and still feel the need to crawl into bed with whitey. To a sane person, it doesn’t make sense. A lot of ish doesn’t make sense. No Tyrone it doesn’t make sense will never make sense just the same for black men and white women as some kind of revenge. I say keep away from them and put effort into finding a black mate. However, it would explain about the BM/WW thing but not the BM/WOC thing.

    I understand why BW out here may do it as the % of BM not in jail, not gay,not bi or other, just not wanting a mate but dating, not an abuser, not an asshole, into other women WW, WOC, not married, within a 50 mile radius is small. You need help to find them. Then to have a meal like I did a few days ago where this BM was dating the hugest WW on the planet. I didn’t see them at first and was about to place my order when he told me very curtly that they were there first. I did my best to be gracious and let them go ahead. I ended up sitting close to them and watched as she berated him for looking at me. I felt sorry for him it was obvious that he didn’t really want to be with her. Yet, he was bet, he didn’t know what happened to him to get there with that creature. Banned from even giving black courtesy. I’ve seen the same thing happen to these Bw who date out too. It is sad and had the markings of abuse. As only an abuser would have you cut off family, friends and community.

  101. emile on said:


    “The successful or upwardly mobile individuals I work with DO NOT WATCH AMERICAN SHOWS OR EVEN WATCH OUR MOVIES. Hmmm, I wonder why that is?”

    “As an aside, they watch African movies with AFRICAN actors/actresses made in AFRICA–meaning they support their own no matter where in the world they reside!!”

    Great points, great insight and absolutely all true, for those of us fortunate to have engaged Nigerians on more personal or professional levels. Essentially, I respect Nigerians for exactly all of the qualities you’ve mentioned in your commentary. Give credit where it is due, for when it comes to laying it down in international business, cultural integrity, shameless self-identity, etc., they have laid it down for others to emulate. What I am really encouraged by is their aptitude for taking risks. I, too, have made the same observations about other African groups here in the u.s. and learned a few things as well. I see nothing wrong with following their positive leads, for through humility we can use their social models to complement our own cultural re-birth and better ourselves. The great, internationally-renowned Nigeria writer and scholar Chinua Achebe passed away from this life a week ago today. His books will last forever as a blueprint for future generations of Nigerians and Diasporic Africans.

  102. Tyrone on said:


    Blackmen have been hoodwinked, i don’t know any other way to say it Truth. We have the finest women on god’s green earth, yet, we fawn over a group of women that aren’t even loved by their own men…Insanity! Revenge thru sex is counterproductive, as we have seen. “Brothas, you want becky, you can take her?” I gotta give it to whitemen, they’re sly like a fox. Using media and sex to divide black women and men…Genius! The war that we’re fighting is sexual in nature, Why? If blackmen are brainwashed to hate blackwomen, it allows whitemen to ride in on a pale horse to save Isis from the depravity of her black brothers. Again, blackwomen are the real prize, lest we forget.

    Global Eros…The Building Blocks of A Black Planet

  103. Kushite Prince on said:

    Everything you said about Cali is sad but true. The swirling is absolutely ridiculous out here! In places like Orange county if you see 10 black people in a relationship,8 of them will be with a non black person. No lie! I’m not kidding! You’ll see six or seven white/Hispanic women pushing their mixed babies in strollers all throughout Target and Walmart.lol what’s crazy is that black people only make up 6% of the population while biracial people make up 3% and rising. In about fifteen years I predict that with the immigrants coming over in droves the black population will drop to 3-4% and biracial people will increase to 8 or 9%. Cali will end up looking a lot like Brazil in the future. This interracial propaganda is not a good look for our people. We have to wise up to the mental games being played here. I personally see it as voluntary genocide. Unite or perish? What’s it going to be ??

  104. emile on said:


    Don’t beat yourself up! In some way, form, or fashion, I know that we all are dysfunctional. Your’s may not be like mine, but I put the same effort into redeeming myself as you do. We all got issues. You are not alone, and when we purge ourselves through this type of dialogue, it is healthy, educational and insightful. Indeed, you have a very good thing going here. My hope is that all readers are taking in the information constructively to improve their lives, well-being and sanity.

    Being angry is being human. Anger is a emotion and emotions that are repressed will come out in the most undesirable ways, further debilitating our health. As Black people, i has been considered almost a sin to express anger while simultaneously receiving abuse of all kinds. No wonder some of us are truly insane in the truest sense of the word! It saddens me when I hear and read about some of the things we have to go through unjustly, especially for those who haven’t a clue about codification and how the SOR (mistreatment) really works. This is why I think it’s extremely important for us to be earnest and mature about topics such as this because, let’s face it, we’re all victims and have undoubtedly been affected one way or another. But we should also give ourselves credit for trying to help ourselves and one another the best way that we can under the current circumstances.

    “When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot harm you.” – African Proverb.

    And yes, there is hope, and the vehicle it uses is the Spirituality that exists in our communication on this blog. I’m not trying to come off as being Polly-Annish but, goddamn!…does everything we have to deal with in this life have to be totally negative??!! (LOL!)

    Keep your head up Brothers and Sisters and continue to shine!

  105. emile on said:


    Outstanding points made. 100% true, across the board. This is the very reason why I said that undervaluing our culture will be to our detriment.

  106. Your mention of a metaphysical attack is on point. There are DEEP levels of conspiracy active against us right now.

    If you notice on the cable news lately and on FB this pro-gay marriage nonsense is everywhere.

    Going through my daily political forum feeds I came across this:


    What does this mean?

    We have homosexuality being promoted within the school system as harmless, atypical yet neutral behavior. Now on the college level they tell the gay blacks and people of color to stay away from the gay whites.

    If Welsing was correct about homosexuality being affective behavior and a submission to other men in the “Sex” area of people activity then this means that these ethics being taught to our children about homosexuality are rhetorical. It’s not intended for white people to actually be gay only for the cultural other.

    There was a broadcast where Mr. Fuller went over how European “settlers” would always get the indigenous chiefs drunk by first taking a drink of whiskey themselves.

    They’re getting us drunk on homosexuality, childless unions, and child rearing situations where there’s no black father with him either in prison or gay, and either way he’s being pushed to chase white ass, so they either want the children left vulnerable for them to adopt, killed by abortion, or made homosexual so they don’t breed…..

    Reality is stranger than fiction.

  107. @ jay and Kushite prince

    Thanks. We definetly can learn from the animals because they are more in touch with their enviornment.They change with their enviornment while we try to change it instead of adapting to it.Some black people think they can change things by sleeping with whites.When really we need to adapt to overcome the obstacles they put in our way.I look at evoloution in animals,and see how grizzly bears evolved into polar bears.Now that the planet is warming up they are turning back into grizzly bears.I noticed as well in the animal kingdom that most of the white colored animals evolved from brown or black colored animals.Same with humans.
    Whites are magicians they make our history disappear and replace it with whitewashed mess where everything was created by and discovered by whites.They make us think having black skin is a curse and that god is white.They tell us to believe in the bible then tell us to disregard certain things in it and accept it[homosexuality].Nothing they do or say is natural. exodus 4:6 6 Then the Lord said, “Put your hand inside your cloak.” So Moses put his hand into his cloak, and when he took it out, the skin was leprous[a]—it had become as white as snow.
    7 “Now put it back into your cloak,” he said. So Moses put his hand back into his cloak, and when he took it out, it was restored, like the rest of his flesh.

  108. emile on said:

    Pro: Fifty percent (50%) of our problems are solved, with the Black woman being more conscious of the detrimental repercussions of attempted IR relationships and the impact it has on our culture, psyche, families, economic conditions and the future of our people.

    Con: The other 50% of the problem can be solved with Black men being expected to behave at a higher standard in the specific areas of self-respect; every aspect of his relationship with the Black woman; recognition and respect given to her emotional needs, overall health and sexuality; and the futile impact of carelessness and irresponsibility toward the culture endowed to him by The Creator, for which he needs to become truly successful in rectifying the current status quo of our people.

  109. Ms. J on said:

    Those are very powerful words, Sir.

  110. Much of those ‘relationships’ were rape, or ‘simply’ the conquerors having their way, with the ‘spoils’ of war. Your post suggests collusion by the black women, with these ‘other men’. It just was not so…..most times, and even then, for survival.

  111. Those 10 million single, blk men are ‘dating’, seeking nonblack women. Com on…How do you NOT know this? Many of my blk women associates are on those websites, ‘Plenty of Fish’ and so on, and blk males are seeking nonblack females in droves, lol! It’s ok….

  112. Something about this statement, was powerful….
    ” programmed through various methods to help destroy our own. MATING WITH WHITES IS NO DIFFERENT THAN SELLING DRUGS AND KILLING YOUR OWN FOR MONEY.

  113. I don’t care how many black men marry, fornicate, spawn or whatever else with white women, black women doing the same thing isn’t helping the problem nor is it going to make the problem go away. I would honestly rather be alone than date a white man. That’s just like me saying I’m going to start dating women just because so many black men are dating other black men. All black men aren’t gay and all of them aren’t dating outside of thier race. As long as there are ANY black men who still date black women then there are black men for me to date. I just have to keep sifting through the ones that don’t want me or don’t respect me or don’t meet my needs and find the one who does. I just have to do some self evaluating and make sure that I am everything I need to be to attract the brother who wants me. These sick brothers can keep doing as they please, but their insecurities will not force me to lower myself to giving any part of me to a white man. Not ever going to happen. Too many sister have been forced to be with white men for me to CHOOSE one. I’m sorry. Can’t do it.

  114. Umoja on said:


    Look deeper.
    The white woman is not getting back at white men by breeding/dating Black men; quite the contrary. The two work together and always have.
    What does the white man use as his last tool of aggression in war? He gives you his woman; and always have. They both know that this can and HAS completely wiped out whole civilizations, including further disunity, confusion and the continuance of white supremacy. This is a tool of white supremacy and nothing more. Who do you think is pushing this agenda? White men and women.

    He’ll never bash her for it. Why? They both know that the Black man is committing genetic suicide by breeding with them along with psychologically damaging the Black man (or woman)….killing two birds with one stone. He’s annihilating his seed. Depopulation. More than likely the half white offspring will go on to breed with whites which will allow white survival and in numbers.
    If you were to go on YT, whites make it their business to malign Blacks without provocation throughout YT with all sorts of white supremacy rhetoric, no holds-barred, BUT, the videos promoting IR relationships, you will not find one white person maligning Blacks for this at all. NOT ONE!!

  115. And I’ll be glad when this is finally over….It’s never gonna be over mama…spirit is infinite…that’s the beauty and the curse of it, depending on how you view it…but ascension is coming and I believe all of us will have to raise our vibration…it is hard..believe me, I know…but we cannot fail…God won’t allow us to…

  116. Powerful and truthful writing. Waits for your blog/book…

  117. Umoja on said:

    The strategy to “whiten up” Brazil was propagated many years ago which allowed Europeans incentives to migrate to Brazil for the sole purpose of breeding with Blacks– Depopulation and diluting of the genes of Blacks. Sound familiar?!
    hey want to be like us. Yes, they want to wipe us off the face of the Earth. Not only did they steal everything from the African and claim it as theirs, they now want to impersonate us physically and call it their own also. Now they’re saying “we all came from Africa”. Many people don’t realize the sinister plan behind this statement. It is for whites to take claim of African with impunity and nothing more. With this statement it will allow Whites to take complete control of African which is their sole intent.
    Black women have had “big butts” for centuries, along came white women, praising big-butts on white women as though big butts is something new all of a sudden. But if a Black woman has a big butt; it’s demeaned or unrecognized.

  118. Crissjensen on said:

    Great video.

    white acting like thier there to save our people, but their not. just watch!

  119. …”You notice white men and women and every other race on this planet dont say if I cant mate with my own im dating outside my race…”

    Are Vietnamese, Pakistan, Indian, Mexican, Swedish Chinese, Japanese, white, Samoan, Hawaiian, New Zealand, French, Yugoslavian, Kurdish, women having the same issue of men from their specific communities, being railroaded into American prisons, being murdered in the U.S. by one another and the police/police wannabes, dating/marrying white and other raced women at the same %’s, as that of Black Americans?

  120. honeytreebee on said:

    I knew this white guy once that told me straight to my face!!!! That whites have everything to gain from mating with black and black are taking a step down.

    When he said this I looked at him and played dumb and said what do you mean. He said white know that genetically blacks are better we have the DNA to produce everyone, to cove genetic mistakes, and so on. he said science proves this.

    I said then why are we here like this in America if, we are so superior. He said because it has nothing to do with intelligence he personally saw that Africans who were less affected by white out scored them on tests and are faster thinkers.

    However, whites found a way to play mental games and took advantage of black kindness and learned all of their rules and customs then used them against them. He said once blacks figure it out and block whites from meddling game over for white. The only thing that will save them and they bank on is black folks forgiving nature and uncommon restraint.
    He said that they have a desire to be black again. they want to experience soul and have one that is why a lot of them get involved in African traditions and religions.

    I said I don’t buy it cause you guys destroy everything you touch even each other. He said that that was true and in order to keep from destroying themselves they need us. It is strange what white people will tell you.

    I asked him why would he tell me this and he said because it didn’t matter if, every black person on earth knew because we have been so damaged and messed up that there is nothing we could do to fix it and our own will turn against us cause without the abuse they would feel no comfort in that abuse is the norm for them and their reality. To take it away from them would be to tear the very fabric of their reality. So, for now they are safe. It is how every insurrection was defeated.

    I left think WOW what gall.

  121. Whoa!!!!!! This is on point!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Mickey on said:

    Same thing with the thick lips, braids (remember Bo Derek in the movie “10”?), or skin color. Truthbetold did a post on that not too long ago.

  123. ….”genetic suicide by breeding with them along with psychologically damaging the Black man (or woman)….killing two birds with one stone. …”

    I always knew this.

  124. Umoja on said:


    Whites will chase Blacks aggressively for sex. They feel privileged to do so, it is their right. Whites are sexual predators and sexual terrorist. Period. They think it is their right to sleep with Blacks and feel down-right offended if refused. Why? In their warped mindset, they think Blacks are suppose to think of them as “superior” therefore desire to sleep with them; therefore indeed offended if we aren’t praising whitey.
    They think of themselves as “superior” and Blacks “inferior” and we all should be flattered and willing to sleep and breed with their azzes. Period. This slave master/ white supremacy/ superiority mentality is universal. They are the psychopaths of the world. MASTER deceivers!! …on the prowl to use Blacks for a sexual toilet….while propagating their INNATE sexual deviances while at it. They want us to become like them also, so they can justify their demeaning racist comments so they can then say, ” I told you, you people are savage homo, deviant beast”. Many are now saying that sexual deviances originated from Africa now. There was never a word for homosexuality in Africa and one would be killed if found practicing any deviant sex.

  125. I recently listened to a ‘Blogtalk’ program from ‘Afroerotic’, and her discussion on ‘white male submissives’ and black people. The sadism, sickness and racism, by these whites, was eye-opening. I can only speculate on what my enslaved Black American ancestors endured. Shudders.

  126. Umoja on said:

    Thank you for your wisdom and apology. I apologize also as a Black woman. I hold nothing against Black men. I was just as “n*gger*zed” as they are. I do have compassion and understanding of it all, but none get a pass, especially now that wisdom and knowledge is easily accessible…..now with that said; let the building , unity, love and healing begin.

  127. Umoja on said:

    There is NO SANE REASON for White survival or existence. NONE!!.. save NONE!!
    Who taught these Black men to rape their own women as a tool of weaponry or
    face death themselves? The White UN, British and American soldiers, elite.

    Hurricane Katrina was a trial-run for Marshal Law, intentionally targeted Black life; which Whites do not value and never have. Blacks in America still DID NOT wake up; due to their ignorance and refusal to accept who and what are enemies are—Whites. White media has depicted this massacre throughout as a fault of those Blacks who didn’t get out while American military troops DID NOT allow them to leave and fired upon and killed those who desired to leave….and now Blacks in America have fallen for the genocidal war-fare tactic to breed with these “people”. We are at war people, both here and abroad/worldwide. Ignorance is deadly. smdh

  128. Umoja on said:

    Whites ALWAYS use a Black person to carry out their sinister deeds against Blacks.
    President Obama…..our Trojan Horse people.

  129. Umoja, I am in full agreement that you should have been warned about this clown and his ilk. I also sympathize with you past plight! I quite enjoy your posts from an educational perspective. In my experience, any black woman who has been warned about white men and by extension, white supremacy has become defensive and in some cases downright rude. I do not consider lecturing and being dismissive of others misfortunes to be the way to go. There is an old saying; ‘Good things come to those who wait’. You can only support them when they experience these calamities. Umoja, I wish you the best!

  130. @ Oyan

    Yes, I heard about that too. I couldn’t even listen to that program because I thought the White men’s behaviors as gross and offensive. It’s not right that they can pretend being submissive while Black people have to submit to them day by day.
    Now imagine the power we would gain by REFUSING to do such things with White men.

  131. Sugarkiss on said:

    Yep. So true. We have to get back on the love train, people.

    I’m serious.

    By the way, I love all yall and am loving this discussion and expression.

    😀 😀 🙂

  132. Umoja on said:

    You said a mouthful there. I was raised Catholic. I’ve been a recovering Catholic for years. I tell ‘ya, it sets one up to be a total victim. I excused much abuse till I couldn’t recognize abuse—perfect prey of all sorts. “turn the other cheek” ( yeah, they’ll slap that one also, I’ve learned), ” it’s sinful to get angry” ( it’s our defense mechanism as all animals have a distinct defense mechanism, anger and intellect is ours)….and the list goes on. Religion is and always has been a great tool used for conquering. Possess the minds, the body follows; therefore easily controlled and dominated. Trumped
    So if I tried to talk with anyone for understanding their response was always from that reservoir of victimhood; they too were brainwashed to be victims and prey. I didn’t know this at the time, so I continued in my madness, confused…..until.
    I remember screaming to God, ” what the f*ck is going on, you tell me and I’m not leaving until you tell me!” I went toe to toe with God. I wanted to know , my life depended on it. Well, a voice said, ” first go look in the mirror, there I am”. My life-line was this voice. I knew I had to listen to it for my life thereafter. I was guided, yet scared. I learned to trust it. It never lies, nor is it capable. Much was revealed to me including those hurtful and hard to swallow. The true world that we live in became clear as a bell. I was completely floored to see the blatant but indeed covert white supremacy permeated in every nook and cranny throughout. White supremacy is a sophisticated, well-oiled machine! Our defense is KNOWING WHO WE ARE AND LIVING THAT, UNAPOLOGETICALLY.
    I told god, “bring it on or come and get me”. It was then that I realized EVERYTHING that I was raised on and lead to believe was a LIE. Terrific anger set in, yet I kept at it . It was years of purging, reading, researching and more. I was and still am on my quest. I finally let that clown go years ago; ironically he wanted me to stick around even though he had a new girlfriend in his life. He wanted to continue his cruelty. It was a sport to him. He was no longer hiding his true nature. I swear they have an aggressive need to malign and destroy Blacks. I see why they’re called “devils”, if they aren’t , or such thing as a” devil” doesn’t exist, they for dam sure are the devils offspring.

  133. Umoja on said:

    @Negress and Herneith….
    Thank you Negress. You’ve stated similarities that we all share; but WE’RE ALL STILL HERE….some bad-ass muthafuckas!! Do’in the dam thing!! lol

    Thank you Herneith for your compassion and kind words.

  134. I as well am moved and inspired by so many thoughtful voices. I know how we will overcome the pronounced and profound evil that has sought to eradicate our existence. And that is by being true to our nature. Shed the vice and pain that has twisted our minds and hearts. And placing faith in the divine essence the most high has deposited in we his children. Wonderfully patterned in his image. We have shown great power in the civil war of our nation. Great power when we focus and unite against the enemy that has started our inner conflict. Dear family in these discussions we prove we can unite an heal our nation

  135. @BlackgirlinBerlin,

    I have heard numerous stories about what you have described…hence my comment up thread about the “Brown Babies” of Germany and many other parts of Europe…but silence…

    My uncle was stationed in Frankfurt during the 70’s and i recently asked him what it was like. He told me that the German women would travel from miles away to their base to meet Black American military men. He and most of the Brothers he hung with did there best to locate Afro-German girls there and some just didn’t date at all because if they couldn’t find Black or half Black women, they just waited until they returned home.

    But we know now that lots of Brothers in Germany just feel like they have no other choice because it has only been in recent decades that Black women have settled in Germany as students and workers and the numbers are still negligible compared to German women. Odds are, many Black men in Germany will marry German women.

  136. phoebeprunelle on said:

    “They think of themselves as “superior” and Blacks “inferior”

    I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is not the case. In fact most of their aggression stems from a subconscious fear of being dominated genetically.

  137. Umoja on said:

    That would be their FEAR –genetic annihilation, yet they think we are beneath them as they repeatedly spew and show at will.

  138. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thank you for that! That was a great breakdown!

  139. Tyrone on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    Cali is the epicenter for a lot of ills that plague our race at this time. Whitewomen may not be as abundant as they were in the past, but, Mexican women will surely take their place. Brothas need to understand that fathering mixed children with other women is not pro-blackness. Blacks in other parts of the country have not exacted a price on our people in Cali. Kushite, this problem like so many others, is political. In order for this insanity to come down a notch, we have to let go of Dr. King’s post-racial legacy. To a lot of blacks, that’s a harsh statement. Dr. King and his supporters are the genesis of this problem. Malcolm X was not telling blackmen to jump into bed with Becky. Another obstacle that we must deal with, Cali is home to Hollyweird. It is the middleman between DC and New York. Basically, 4 cities control the minds of our people…Los Angeles, Chicago, DC, and New York. Colorblindness was created via college campuses in Cali, and spread nationwide soonafter. At some point, sistas have to break ranks with the political elite in both parties. Democrats and Republicans are more alike on this issue than most assume. Again, both parties are run by whitewomen. Kushite, mulatto women can no longer be in our beds. Righteous brothas must view them as foreign beings. I don’t trust them either. Negress is not typical of most mulatto women. If a natural blackwoman is not front and center, it’s selling out. Of course, all the mixed girls are gonna hate. Mulatto women are used by non-blacks to divide and harm real blackwomen, and they know this.


  140. honeytreebee on said:

    Hey Tyrone,

    I know of a young man who is mexican and black and married an east african woman. His family went off at first, but he said that mexicans don’t really like blacks not even mexican blacks and that he wanted all of his children to be black and has no desire to teach them about their other heritage. Which he says really holds nothing for him cause they call you nigger too. He went as far as to learn her language, change religions, and his name including the last name too. Her family loves him and he said he changed his last name because her family lost their only son and this way the family name won’t go out of being. So, while he is 1/4 mexican I do consider him black.

    The mulatto thing is tricky and difficult as we never want to cast out our brothers and sisters who hold the line unto death. I know of some mulattoes that will kick your ass for calling them that they want nothing to do with white people. Then we have seen a few that are fence sitters, wind tackers, and out right traitors. I’ve also seen this in some Africans domestic and continentals who act like they don’t know they black. This makes it hard on us b/c we must separate the wheat from the chaff.

    As for the feminist thing I tell sistas to got to one of those white girl meetings and say something positive about a black man, talk about a black woman’s needs and such and see how fast you get shut down. Watch who sends who to con talk to you and then ask yourself why? That has ended it for several sistas I know once they figure out that the with girl has all of the control and you can’t discuss your own issues without them meddling and telling you how to think and feel.

    I feel you Tyrone, but regardless of the darkness of the brotha or sistas uniform you must vet them before you sweat them. while I like my chocolate very dark and always with nuts and berries. I won’t turn down lighter chocolate that has been vetted and is true to the core.

  141. Tyrone on said:


    Whitewomen are just as sick as whitemen. I check out various IR blogs day to day, and the same theme pops up everytime. If they’re not yappin’ about the sexual organs of blackmen, it’s black baby this and that. Yes, they view us as clothes that can be peeled on and off at their discretion. As with other things, we have to go back in time. The 1970s blaxploitation era of movies was the birth of the modern-day swirl mindset. Yeah, brothas in the military were years ahead of the game, but the 1970s was the jumpoff time period. In many ways, blackmen have been stuck in the 70s ever since. The pimp/ho context, black master/white female slave context that i witness on a lot of IR sites was born from that era. Hip-Hop adopted the same mindset. Basically, a bunch of black males who are mad at the world because of whatever. Trust me, it’s not about love and companionship.


  142. Tyrone on said:


    Notice how the pendulum swings back and forth in relation to this issue?


  143. Kushite Prince on said:

    That’s so true brother. MLK was popular because he tapped into the collective fantasy of an utopian society. Many blacks and whites still believe in this imaginary concept. But the truth is that anywhere that blacks live in close proximity to whites—whites want to oppress and dominate. That’s just cold hard facts. So this interracial fantasy of melding and blending with these people is silly. It’s never going to happen. And when you look at the history of what Europeans have done— you would have to question our own sanity for wanting to marry them.lol We truly have lost our collective damn minds!!

  144. Tyrone on said:


    Sista, the whiteman that spoke to you was being honest. Whites desire to mix with blacks because they want to be “Black Again.” BA is the simplest way to explain the mindset of whites as it relates to interaction with blacks. This applies to other non-blacks as well. Oftentimes, we’re puzzled by the obsessive behavior of other races who spend a lot of time kissing the behinds of our race. Human beings obsess over blackness, whether they admit it or not. As Negress has stated often, whites need our DNA to survive on this planet. Because they lack melanin, disease and other abnormalities are present in the DNA. Sunburn, wrinkles, osteoporosis, dental health, etc. For whites, mixing with blacks is about survival and health. With us, it’s about status, money, sex, etc. Basically, whitewomen are taking one for the team with the consent of their white brothers. This also explains why white females brainwash their mixed offspring to be white. They lie to brothas, as it relates to the black baby dynamic. That’s fish bait for blackmen. Notice the dark features of Greeks, Arabs, Persians, East-Indians, and Spaniards…all of them raped blackwomen. Whites in the US have always regretted not mixing/raping blackwomen as much as their white cousins from southern europe and central asia. Who’s pushing pale whites to the side? Spaniards, Portugese, and Arabs…Common Link? All 3 groups of whitemen showed no self-control around blackwomen, nothing has changed in regard to past conduct. Blackwomen are valued because they have the 3 markers…beauty, melanin, and phenotype.

    PS…Stay Up Queen

  145. No disrespect–i understand where you are coming from, but i cannot completely agree simply because your argument that more Black women historically have been involved with white men than the other way around leaves out a very important fact:

    While there were no doubt those relationships between Black women and non Black men that were consensual and born out of a genuine interest of one another, let’s not forget that there is historical documentation upon documentation that many of these mixed raced children were born out of SHEER violence towards Black women and not to mention that violence was also imparted towards not only the Black women but her people as well that these non Black men came in contact with…

    I see playing games of tit for tat as futile when Black people as a whole have EQUALLY been brainwashed, manipulated and in some form or another forced into sexual relationships with whites and to a lesser extent other non whites.

    In both Germany and England the population of Black men is much higher than Black women–therefor when Black men in those places marry–they overwhelmingly marry the local women there.

    So given everything that i know–if Black men have not been historically down with the “swirl” neither have Black women.

  146. honeytreebee on said:

    I have noticed the chasing by Arabs and Spaniards personally. East -Indian men are eager to snatch up sistas too out here too. It can be so frustrating even when visiting black areas like Oakland you have these other men run up on you with a quickness. This one India dude practically drop kicked this white girl to get to the sista and wouldn’t let up for nothing. Not even when India women were cursing him out in Hindi. He was like… on a mission.

  147. When you have children with whites those children may have the same hatred mental and genetic issues as whites. Know the history of mental and genetic abnormalities of any potential mate. Or risk giving birth to a monster

  148. kowaba on said:

    @ Mickey

    That’s interesting that HBO aired that “Taxicab Confessions” episode you mentioned. I do wonder why the White Supremacists do what they do at times. From the list of petty differences, I can think of a bunch of examples that have happened in my life related to those differences. Perhaps a part of these petty differences has to do with the definition of “success” American society places on individuals. I’ve observed people treat others better depending on their school, profession, basically status symbols.

  149. kowaba on said:

    To ALL:

    Just wanted everyone to know that Counter-Racist Evolving Engineer (CREE) will be doing a show this Sunday, Mar 31 on black love at 6PM.

    Here’s the show description and link

    Black PDAR: Public Displays of Affection and Respect
    SeedPlanter and his partner, Dee Tee, are a twenty-something, heterosexual, black couple who will share how they handle the challenges of being recognized by strangers, friends, and kin as having affection and respect for one another. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It isn’t. Tune in. You may recognize the scenarios in your present partnership or one in your past. We hope you will add to and/or benefit from the knowledge base on navigating these waters.


  150. honeytreebee says,

    “They have discovered that it is not them, other black men of other countries love them, there is really no infighting among black women of other countries and in fact they’ll help you find a mate. Other men want BW and will do more than sex her, but will also marry her and give her the children she wants. My concern is that if, black women date and marry out like black men we are doomed game over. I think these men on some level know this and that is why they chastise BW when they see them with other men be it WM or MOC.”

    I agree with this 100% this is why I no longer care who Black American Men or any men date etc because when i went to Bahia, we got a lot of attention as Black American women. But, the bottom line is. ignore the men who disrespect you and focus on the ones who respect you, regardless of color. If that means you end up with a Black American man, great…or an Afro-Brazilian man or a White Canadian or a Italian man, great…or if you’re happy being single, great.

    I think Black women all over the world need to learn to care for ourselves and stop thinking we have to be subordinate to other people. the only thing we are called to do is respect people. “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” we are NOT called to be subordinate mules to those who do not respect us. If they aren’t treating us the way they would like to be treated, pray for them and move on. that is all that you can do. the world is our oyster.

  151. so now slave rape counts as dating…???

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  154. Tyrone on said:


    The loyalty of blackwomen has contributed to the problem of disloyalty by blackmen. In other words, most blackmen in the US have never been scared to the point of crapping in their pants. In the psyche of blackmen, a lot of us could and have played the field to suit our own sexual needs because we wrongly assumed that blackwomen would always endure our bulls**t. Truth be told, the black female/white/moc dynamic has always been the greatest fear of blackmen…those in IR relationships and not. Sistas need to know the ugly truth about us, in relation to this issue. As is noted, blackmen have very high opinions of themselves. We feel that any and all colors of women should and must worship at our feet, regardless of color and ethnicity…God Complex. Many blackmen see no harm in creating black life within the wombs of other women, besides, the babies are black, Right?…Color Complex. Remaking the planet in our own image…Global Complex. Blackmen target white females to exact revenge against white males, don’t believe the hype. So-called latinas and middle-eastern women are middle-ground women…basically, whitewomen who have the phenotype of blackwomen. Asian women are new to the game, they’re fresh fish so to speak. Why do blackmen lust white over colored? Non-black women that have brown skin are viewed as black females in the minds of blackmen. Naturally, if a blackman is sexually attracted to blackwomen, he will have an attraction to other sun-kissed women as well(phenotype). Again, lusting after white females is an indirect way to slap back at white males, so, lusting after other WoC does not have the same political bent. This being said, hooking native-american and asian women is not as easy as it seems on the surface. All non-african men don’t want blackmen lusting after their women, Why? As is the case with Becky, they might not stop said behavior. Right now in Japan, globe-trotting and military blackmen are loving life. Meanwhile, Japanese men are helpless to stop it from taking place. On the flip side, if blackwomen decided to sleep with asian men en masse…The Planet Would Detonate…literally and figuratively. All blackmen know that sistas can hurt us 10x more by engaging in IR relationships, Why?…Bloodlines. In reality, blackwomen create another group of black children without the aid of blackmen…Spanish blackwomen have been doing this for decades. However, the downside to this dynamic, is that, it destroys black manhood. Which is why blackmen don’t want sistas having babies with other men. This issue doesn’t affect biracial females on either side, only the males. If a blackwoman has a child with a whiteman, his mixed son will look like him facially and physically despite the color. He may view himself as black, but, if he doesn’t look the part, blackmen will reject him. Well, his daddy ain’t black, he ain’t black…Hood Politics! Mulatto females look how they look…curly brown hair, chestnut eyes, wide nose, full lips, caramel to lemon complexion, etc. A lot of sistas wonder why we look sideways at them for being with other men?…Genetics Whitemen are paler, Asian men are shorter. Brothas are worried about how the male babies will come out, this is what we don’t wanna talk about. We want to stay at the top of the totem pole, intellectually, physically, and sexually. Another point, blackmen may be able to produce black children with white females…The Problem? Whitewomen have no clue in raising a black child, which cancels out blackness. Her black son clings to his white mother, thus, he loves whitewomen. This is the trap that whitewomen have laid for blackmen…knowingly or unknowingly. I see a lot of brothas with ugly or fat whitewomen…Can’t Explain It. Despite sexual supremacy on the planet, blackmen still get the short end of the stick…athletes and entertainers included. Seal is the only blackman that actually hooked a “10” white female, excluding Kim K. Blackmen wanted Kim K in the worst way, if she had hooked up with another man, it would have been a loss for black manhood…The Streets!!!

    PS…I’d like to hear your thoughts Honey?

  155. honeytreebee on said:

    Black women do love black men even to their own demise. As a group they marry out the least and when they do white men are the last picked. I know this sista who dated a white guy for a minute and she said that there was no real attraction there. She was just tired of being alone and having black men even her brother date anyone, but a black woman. Their realtionship didn’t get far as she said it was a chore to even approach kissing him. This is not uncommon for a lot of black woman. White men are the least attractive men out there so, formost sistas it takes a lot to get with one. women are most selective about mates and physically WM just ain’t got it. So, in a way BM have been able to bank on the fact that BW kind of wretch at the thought of WM in general.

    Tyrone this is also why BM are being made less avalible to BM in the hopes we will get desperate enough to take them WM on as lovers. BM play a dangerous game when they shun sistas en mass and put out statements that it is any woman, but a BW. Yes, WOC and WW will take BM over their own they are not stupid all women want to mate with GOD and BM are GODS. However, if this continues I think you re right BW will turn to other MOC not WM. Asains feel the pinch like BW do at being shunned by their rightful mate. And having it rubbed in their face and having to endure the cut and rudness will only last for so long.

    BW are getting it together in a real way. They are dropping the hair mess, getting healthy, starting business and such. Why to get ready for their rightful mates. What is she to do if, he don’t show or he is not ready? I mean I see it out here in Cali where more and more sistas ae in school and out exercising real hard like. Only to have brothas throw up some WW in a BW body and show pics of the most unhealthy Bw they can find. They call this motivation Ty. only they don’t know that if, they convinve sistas we don’t stand a chance and that our Men view us with pity we will finally break.

    We are criticized if, we get preg. and the BM leaves us and are told we should have picked better yet, these men who get with BW who they say treated the poorly are never told this. Out here in Cali the great experiment has been what will it take to make a sista marry white in large numbers ? They haven’t figured it out yet, sistas are single and childless out here waiting for a real BM to show himself. However, nature will not allow this for generations. So, they will marry other MOC if, BM don’t step forward.

    I plan on leaving here as I would one day Like a BM and some black children. I’ll hold out till the last milisecond for him hopefully he will do the same for me. However, if he don’t what does this leave the BW with? Our loyality is not just to the BM, but also to blackness when we bend so will the nation fall and with it the whole of civilization. Yet, dying off due to the absences of our rightful mate is the most hurtful and painful thing to see. BM know this and think that in the eleventh hour they can right this or get us to agree to them having WW and WOC along with BW at the same time. That we will be so desperate that we will take them along with their WW and WOC and be the second woman or the woman they keep BM coming with. They really do think this out in Cali. That if, a BW wabt a BM she better get used to him being with WW and WOC and when he is felling charitable he will come over and give her the honor of having a child with him while she figures out everthing else. His love and affection are for other women. This is what happened to O.J’s black wife and a lot of black wives of famous blacks. Now in Calif. you have a lot of BM pulling that so. Honeytreebee is pulling up stake and getting out of here.

    Yeah, I even seen it where the other woman has left him and her takes the children over to the BW he was with or had on the side and ask her to raise the children. It is crazy out here Ty. and if, this is what is in store yes. BW will finally flip and find other men albeit not white men, but also not brothas. Black Gods will be asssed out and it many be beyond fixing at that point. If, BM don’t honor, charish, and protect BW someone else will. The BW I know who are married to asian men have asain men screaming from the roof tops about black women as the answer to their woes. On you tube it is going viral and asain men are promoting this and are say if, BM don’t want you we do and will take you in and treat you like the queen you are.

  156. @Tyrone,

    Following the logic of what you are saying then….

    Black men should not procreate with any one other than Black women if droves of Black men will feel insecure and competitive with non Black men with Black women…

    But we know this will not happen. There will be Blacks (both men and women) who will marry whites and have children with them, sometimes because of a preference for a white romantic partner, but most often times because the white person was the only one pursuing them at that given time…

    You need to ask yourself some tough questions because most of the time your posts reinforce the dehumanizing stereotype of Black manhood (ALL Black men are out to bed women outside of their culture-especially white ones and the only thing Black men appreciate in Black women are hips, ass and breasts)

  157. Tyrone on said:


    Thanks for responding, as always. Will blackmen realize that whitewomen and other WoC have been selling blackmen a pipedream from the jump? Will most of us realize this ugly truth before it’s too late? The notion of advancing blackness via women that are not black has always been contradictory to me. Whitewomen and other women are sexually attracted to blackmen, doesn’t mean they love the black race in totality. Whitewomen claim to love black so much, is that really the case? Why do they undercut the blackmen and race they pledge loyalty to over their own so to speak? They hedge their bets, meaning, if it goes downhill, they don’t want to cut themselves off from the white male power structure. In exchange for white males allowing them to come back home, they ensure that their “black” child is white as possible for whatever whiteman they hook up with. Another point, most whitewomen who shack up with blackmen are jealous of blackwomen. Even the ugliest Becky will see herself as better than the finest blackwoman…Real Talk! Essentially, blackmen are sleeping with racist whitewomen who lack genuine respect for black womanhood. Blackmen have been sleeping with caucasian females for hundreds of years, and it hasn’t done a damn’ thing for blackmen, only complicated matters. As to blackwomen, a lot of eligible women trying to forge relationships with a group of confused black males(African-American). As with all things, it starts at home. Good blackwomen have been failed by their own. Not all, but many black mothers have raised their sons to be scared blackmen in a world full of sharks. Honey, you know the type? The brotha that’s always joking around, acting childish, talks too much, never serious, lacks refinement…Baby Boy Complex! I grew up with a lot of brothas that fit the description. Their behavior was seen as normal by a lot of sistas, Really? Blackwomen only wanted to be around the jokester, not the observant-aware brotha. As sistas get older, they want the Marcus Garvey/Malcolm X type that is pro-blackwoman. Unfortunately, that type of blackman is hated the most, so, is not given a lot of play in media. Instead, we’re bombarded with whitewashed, criminal-minded, violent, and gay blackmen in mainstream media. I check out some of the BWE sites from time to time. Some are good, some are bad. As a blackman, i want blackwomen to be with us. At the same token, sistas have been pushed into a corner because of self-hating blackmen. As a result, some sistas enter into relationships with other men who may or may not have beef with blackmen. Sistas feel that blackmen such as myself make it hard for them to breathe in relation to this issue. I may not be crazy about Nubian women being in the arms of other men, but, i accept it as such. Instinctually, blackwomen want to grow and advance the black race in the US and beyond. Can this be achieved by reproducing with other men? Will the children see themselves as black? Will the biracial sons of blackwomen be black enuf to satisfy the needs and wants of blackwomen? If blackwomen can get us over the hump, it will be well worth it. Right now, black manhood is stuck in neutral. Whatever gains we make in politics, business, arts, and so forth…are canceled out by senseless violence, suicide, drugs, hiv/aids, unemployment, etc. It’s not gonna happen overnight sista, being brutally honest about it. A sidenote…Honey, do you think blackwomen should seriously consider poly relationships at this time? Nothing is off the table at this time!!!


  158. honeytreebee on said:

    Ty poly relationships at this time I think would be too difficult for black women in the usa, if the other women are not black. Black women get so little protection as is and a lot of men are so color struck sistas know that no matter what she does she will be last pick, last choice for everything if, other women are involved. If it is all black women it is still hard, because we need so much now and a lot of sistas have been so starved and neglected for so long one of us is all a man can take if, he is really about taking care of her right.

    I don’t mean just sexually waiting for too long and not being nourished with attention and male energy, but also all of the other connections. Black women were ment to be mothers and create life on many levels, but need complete energy from her rightful mate in order to do this. She has been holding out for so long. IR marrages and IR babie by black women are the last option Ty. However, Asain men are picking up on the fact that BW make the best moms and are getting the very young and gifted ones in school that are over looked, and are going for older BW in their 40’s cause they know if, she has not married and still wants a family they have a shot as they have been worn down and over looked by BM.

    So. when this AM offers her a chance to have children, protection, his family, his name and such it is too much for her to turn away. I see this happening alot now in S.F. I was cutting through Japan town with my school books and you wouldn’t believe how many Asain men approach me and try to hookup. It makes me so mad, and sad that they would bend over backwards for me here and the majority of black men walking around act like I’m invisible until they see one of them approach. Ty it is the so called decent brothas the ones who don’t sag, have something going, and are with an Asain woman up in J town giving me the stink eye cause some AM says Hi.

    Check it out Ty. They coming to clean house with a seriousness cause BM are snatching up their women along with WM and they are not going after WW no they are coming for sistas in a serious way out here willing to break themselves and are putting it down hard core. Meaning they are seriuos about making family, and protecting you and are willing to do about anything to prove it including making their mothers and family accept you. Brothas need to get straight and fast.

    Tyrone they are searching for and waiting for brothas to turn away and be neglectful. These men who do get with BW get sprung real fast and any woman who has put up with neglect for too long it is like a powerful drug to have a man on you that way. Also, they stay around for their children Ty these men parade them around like little pots of gold begging for more. it is dangerous and I try to stay out of there. Cause it is so hard not to wish that these men were black doing this.

  159. Tyrone on said:


    It’s not about dehumanizing black males, it’s about being honest. I see and hear stuff that you don’t as a blackwoman, you’re smart enuf to realize that. Phoebe, you make blackmen seem so innocent. Most of the guys i grew up with would constantly yap about white females, spanish females, etc. The topic of conversation was always about how they could get them into bed. Phoebe, you assume that most blackmen are all or nothing…Not So! All heterosexual blackmen deal with temptation from non-black women, because, we’re bombarded with as a group of men. Blackwomen say they want the truth about us, but, when it’s presented to them, you say it’s dehumanizing. Let’s stop playing mind games sista? Blackmen lusting after other women is a problem in our race, Why? Instead of building and advancing black love on this planet, we’re wasting precious time and energy trying to have sex with “other” women for sport. Brothas have no specific reason or expected outcome when it comes to whitewomen. What are we trying to accomplish, because, i don’t see what they see? If it’s about climbing the social ladder, i don’t see it? Are they trying to increase the black population, i don’t see it? If sleeping with whitewomen was the silver bullet that blackmen say it is, that’s not helping blackmen in Cali, Chicago, Philly, Atlanta, Miami, and so forth. This issue is deadly serious, it’s not a game. Blackmen are not keeping their eyes on the big picture, Which Is? Getting in bed with whitewomen is racial suicide, they have no loyalty to blackmen. Some blackmen are willing to dilute and destroy our race for social status, multiculturalism, and sexual pleasure. It doesn’t make any damn’ sense when you really think about it? As a consequence, blackwomen are forced to link arms with men who have not kept it real in relation to blackwomen. When i say men, i mean all non-african males. This is the raw truth Phoebe…Men don’t like each other, We compete with each other. I would like for other men to stop insulting the intelligence of blackmen. They have a sexual fetish for blackwomen, and be done with it. Don’t lie to my face, saying that it’s about colorblindness. Blackmen are hated the world over by other men, sane brothas know this to be true. As to blackmen who make a fuss about it. Well, they’re the guilty party. I respect blackwomen too much, i would never confront a blackwoman in that way. My conscious is clean, i have no reason to behave in that way…Ditto! It’s not about a sista swapping spit with some white guy, it’s much deeper than that. Whitemen are enemies of me and other blackmen. Asian men haven’t shown themselves to be any different. As a black male, i’m the one that’s gonna get f**ked by the system when the rubber hits the road…They’re Not! Equality My Ass! Ty is not with the other group. Sistas, know the difference between an Eagle and the Pigeons who talk s**t about you dating other men. Simpleton negros are so easy to take advantage of. Phoebe, Stay True Sista!!!


  160. Tyrone on said:


    All sane blackmen know that other men are coming for our necks, it’s hard to not see this harsh reality day to day. Other men want us out the way, so, they can have free reign to do with blackwomen as they please. The truth don’t stop for Nobody…Ebonics! Let’s keep it 100 sista…Asian men are being attacked from all sides. At first, it was just the white guys and other non-black men. Today, it’s all of the other men and blackmen as well. Naturally, they’re pissed-off about it, and they should be. Okay, if whitemen are the main suspect, Why are they chasing after blackwomen? I don’t understand the logic of Asian men? Then again, i do understand. Being with a blackwoman ups their social status. That Korean guy pulled a sista, he got it like that. Meaning, he must not be the typical asian guy in “that” department. Dating and marrying whitewomen does nothing to boost the machismo of said men. But, blackwomen are the ultimate judge. The most elusive of all women. Other men have always hated the fact that blackwomen are so loyal to blackmen. Most blackwomen have never given them hope in that way. They see the hip-hop videos, and other forms of media, thinking that it’s a pipedream. Sistas wonder why they’ve been disrespected in various genres? Other men have not had sexual access to blackwomen as easy as other women. Notice, as soon as Kerry Washington starts sleeping with whitemen, her career takes off. Zoe Saldana has been down with the swirl from the jump, she’s Dominican and Puerto-Rican…What’s New! Sistas who play the game, get rewarded for jumping ship. Those who don’t, they pay a price. Are most blackwomen aware of this reality? Eyes Wide Open is what sistas need to have at all times. Honeytree, blackwomen need to move away from the eurocentric mindset that has dogged them for centuries. Whitewomen are not relevant to anything, being honest about it. The global power structure that controls this planet built their wealth and power on the backs of Nubian women. Lest we forget, blackwomen were all over the globe from the jump…Africa, Asia, Pacific Isles, and so forth. Don’t think for one second that they have forgotten about this? Whitemen have wealth and power today precisely because of sistas, Asian men are trying to copy what they have seen done in the past. Blackmen have been so distracted by the nonsense, we have no earthly idea that the sheepish Chinese guy with the Jay-Z t-shirt is trying smash a “Chocolate Diva.” Again, brothas don’t do the math. We chase after female fruit, other men chase dollars. Romance without finance is problematic. Brothas got caught up. We’ve spent the past 4 decades trying to validate our manhood and sexuality, and what have we gained? Other men know our weaknesses, and they ganged up on us. Spanish guys imported tons of drugs into the hood. Arab men brainwashed lost brothas in the penal system to become followers of Islam…the same religion that enslaved and raped african women. American whitemen developed a new plantation, they call it collegiate and professional sports. The same group of men create bm/ww inter-racial sites and movies that push blackmen into lusting after “Snow White.” In the end, Becky doesn’t matter all that much. Blackwomen are the real prize, don’t believe the hype sistas? The nonsense about other men not liking sistas was a trap for blackmen, and we fell right into the hole…Eyes Wide Shut! Blackmen in the US need to “Get Away.” Brothas, we have the Dimes of all Dimes, What the f**k is wrong with us???

    Honeytree…Any man that catches you will be a blessed man, hopefully, a good brotha will keep it real with you and put a ring on it. No need to reply, this is the last post on this topic. Be Good Honey, Always!

  161. Sometimes I get so tired of Black men. They were the first ones in my life to call me nappy, ugly, and criticize my very being. My own dad was a tyrant in my life. mean, stoic, harsh, distant. He never hugged me, never comforted me. He was a complete asshole growing up. My mom is biracial. He was one of *those*. You know, the ones who wanted them a light skinned woman. I can’t stand my dad. He probably treated me with contempt because I was darker than my mom. He stays living in the past. He never let me do ANYTHING, not even go to church! sometimes I want to scream FUCK THAT NIGGA. My own DAD. How sad. Black men I dated were so quick to call me names and subjugate me. Sometimes I hate black men. Im just being honest. They never stand up for us, never try to protect us. A few internet warriors is not enough to make me feel protected. In the real world, black men are among the first to let you drown when the flood comes. My boyfriend is an asshole. He is about to graduate from grad school and said he wants to move away and I just said ok. At this point, i don’t care if he leaves and never returns. He is not really my boyfriend anyway, to me he is just a cockblocker who won’t leave. I am actually happy that he wants to move. Good fucking riddance. He was never a good “boyfriend” anyway. I could do better and I know it. What sucks is that some of the men that approach me are handsome, wealthy white men. I didn’t want to go that route, but if I don’t want to die alone, then maybe I will. I really don’t know. I’m not about to close my womb and being for some Black man who may never come. I just pray that either my man steps up or someone better comes into the picture. The one good boyfriend I had was always acting like I should be grateful for his very presence. As if I myself wasn’t a prize. Fuck that dude. I always knew he was suspect and his current girlfriend looks hispanic. He was on a high horse that he didn’t need to be on. I want an equal partner, not a savior or a faker. I can do bad by myself so if you can’t get on my level than do me a favor and remove yourself from my line of vision.

  162. I mean that’s great and everything but how many black men think like you?
    How long do you expect us to hold on to bullshit? I have been holding on for years. I go to church alone and am swarmed by single white men every time. I have a man straight from Africa who is so suspect. He is working the whole “black women are desperate” thing. He only straightens up when I LEAVE. He said he wants to move for a job and I just said, ‘Cool!”. It’s sad when you don’t care when your boyfriend leaves town. But after a year of his antics, I won’t be sad to see him go.

  163. Soforeal on said:

    Nice try! now go somewhere else with your antics honky. or if this is a negro bed wench go play in traffic.

  164. I’m sorry! I thought this was a blog where I could express my inner most thoughts without being judged. I thought here was a place I could finally keep it real. Truthbetold knows I’m black because I commented before. If you don’t agree that is fine, but bitch, don’t discount my experience! Telling me to kill myself because I’m being honest about what I have seen. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Bitch I will always keep it 100 no matter what the fuck you or anyone says. Fucking bitch. This is what I have observed. You go play in traffic dumbass!

  165. Soforeal on said:

    well a lot of honkies and negro bed wenches write like that, that’s why i said nice try. they are all over the net disguising themselves passing off ass black women.

    and is it ok if i refer to you as the b word next time QUEEN?

  166. Absolutely you may! Your opinion of me has no effect on my day to day activities. Call me a queen, call me a bitch, bed wench, a whore, hoe, slut, skank, sellout, fool it’s ALL GOOD. Call me anything you want!Because I will be A-OK! (Visualize a thumbs up here!)

    I’ve learned to have a VERY thick skin dealing with black folks, actually with people in general. As much as I love my people, we are the first to tear each other down, for being TOO WHITE, TOO BLACK, TOO MILITANT, TOO SOFT, NOT MILITANT ENOUGH, TOO NAPPY, TOO DARK, TOO LIGHT, FIELD NEGROS, SELLOUTS, BED WENCHES, HOUSE NEGROES, and the list goes on.

    I guess now you can add TOO HONEST to the list!

  167. Soforeal on said:

    Right on. I don’t tear my people down for so called being too white, dark, too happy, too militant. and thats the problem with our people; just because we have the same skin color we want to say don’t call such and such a sellout. even though the muthafucka did some fowl shit to mess over our people or don’t call her a bed-wench. when all she do is screw white men, and talk all kinds of crap about black men, also screwing them over anytime she gets, ie the workplace and etc.



  168. inuejo5

    This is an adult forum and I do encourage honest discussions. I shut down one of my threads because it was hurting us, not helping us. I understand your anguish. I’m having trouble figuring out why we can’t have any adult discussions on our relationships without it turning malicious.

    I’m sorry your dad made you feel unattractive and I do agree it was inappropriate. I don’t want to shut down this thread as well but I will to keep the peace. Please choose your words carefully and with respect.



  169. soforeal on said:

    well i’m sorry inujoe5

    i’ll just remove myself from the forum i don’t want the famalam to
    think i’m attacking them when i say certain things i’ll vote with fingers and mouth elsewhere i ain’t trying cause the famalam discomfort. i’m getting ghost and ain’t coming back.

    and i hope you find a good brotha and as for your father i hope you never go through that in your next life. Peace!

  170. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Perhaps it’s just me but over the past month or so I’ve noticed a disturbing increase on this blog in disparaging comments about blacks by people who are supposedly black: ‘We only have ourselves to blame’, ‘Africans are dumb’ [WTF?], ‘We are our own worst enemies’ [double WTF?] and worse.

    In at least 2 of my recent comments I’ve tried to counter that trend with reasons why such statements are false but for the most part, they seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

    One of the reasons I focus most of my comments on caucanderthals is because they are the true enemy. Do I SMDH at a lot of the things we do (or don’t do) as a race? Absolutely. But remove the cancer from our midst and give us enough decades to undo all the evil they’ve caused and eventually, most of our problems would disappear as well.

    This blog has one of the best comment sections that I’ve seen on the net – on any subject. I hope it remains that way or gets even better but the enemy has started to fight back. IMO, there are at least two white agent provocateurs on this blog pretending to be black – if you think you’ve fooled all of us, think again. Fine. That is to be expected but I would hope that the real black folks on this blog don’t take the bait and refrain from blaming, disparaging and insulting other blacks.

    We are not the enemy. THEY are.

  171. Eyeswideopen

    I try to keep a keen eye on my caucasian commenters. Even those that “mean well” can come off as hurtful and derogatory.

    My black commenters are free to comment at will. Yes, I have spies on here. In fact, I banned about 3 of them that were posing as “one of us.”

    The problem that we have as a group is this:
    According to my observation, we’re so angry with each other that any slight, perceived or real, any raw outburst of anger toward a past hurt or pain, is immediately taken as an ALL out attack on the entire black race.

    I try to give my black readers some leeway on expressing themselves without finger pointing but even my patience has limitations. As few weeks ago a male commenter said some pretty raw, yet truthful (to a degree) things about black females. I agreed with his perception of the lower-vibrational Africans that are trying to hold us down. But…

    His wording was terrible. I told him so. And I’ve had black females in the past attack the men, which I also intervened and said how I felt about that.

    I agree wholeheartedly that the system of white racism is the culprit of our strife but, if you’ve noticed, whenever I write a serious post about accepting responsibility for oneself and trying to do better, I get very little feedback, silence and people begin to walk out.

    Whites currently control this Babylonian system. Yet we are willing participants in tearing each other to shreds!!!! In the words of Booker T Washington, ” I know who put me here. The question is, what I am doing to get myself out?”

    Yes, we are fighting back. Yes, we will be victorious. But change begins from knowledge of oneself. And as much as it hurts me to admit this, many of us DO NOT wish to accept any blame for our bad behaviour.

    As for the disrespectful comments…I’ll do a better job in the future of moderating ALL comments that attack us.

  172. darqbeauty on said:

    You do a great job of moderating, Diary. ( I still don’t know what to call you,I’m sorry! lol) We are family and sometimes siblings have knock down drag outs with each other. The road to mental and physical freedom is bumpy but I remain optimistic about our future. This blog is one of THE best when it comes to subjects and discourse upon those subjects. Poor Abagond has allowed “them” to take over his blog and every single post is railroaded by them. Everywhere we go on the web to get away from them, they somehow find us and show up. Stalking us to tell them how much they “dislike” us (thinking about your okra comment, sis! On the real though, don’t front. Okra is good and you KNOW it! lol). As we have all seen conversations can get pretty raw and the last thing we need is “their” two cents about shit that doesn’t really concern them in the least. That’s why you find them stalking melanin videos. Untold numbers. I can tell you for a FACT that we are not up under tanning bed videos.
    Concerning the shutting down of the other thread, I’m glad you did it. It was an exercise in futility and yet very revealing of the sickness that many of you have. To be perfectly open with you, I feel a bit embarrassed that I directed you to a certain individuals site just to have him attack us a short time later. I still visit his site, but my heart is a bit broken when I do.
    That is why I DO NOT fight us. I educate, tolerate and shun. But never will I fight with one of us. It is counter productive to any positive reinforcement I’ve gone out of my way to engage in. When we point the finger at each other, we are just pointing to a gender different image of ourselves. The Most High has blessed me with a very calm and intelligent demeanor. “They” don’t fuck with me much and try to curry favor. I’m THAT desired Black friend. I remain gregarious and friendly…yet always distant. When I deign to speak to them, it is never frivolity. I think I’ve attained the coveted “wise Negro” status. *eye roll* Yeah, wise as in I know exactly how they operate. My mother KNOWINGLY stuck me in the middle of them saying, verbatim, “I’m putting you down in the middle of them because they can’t teach AROUND you no matter how much they may want to.”

    I have lived my whole life around these people. I KNOW who my enemy is. And it is NOT the Black man or woman.

    Damn. I don’t comment often but when I do, it’s always too damn long. *My Dos Equis man voice*

  173. darqbeauty on said:

    Sorry, corrections

    *Stalking US to tell us
    *Many of US

    Trying to write something thoughtful and get ready for work slinging mochas and frappucinos ain’t working for me!

  174. kowaba on said:


    Yeah, I agree. I’ve noticed an increase in those types of comments. To me, it just seems like a bunch of white people saying crap to derail the conversation. It is their fault. They put non-white people in the position that we are in and they NEVER take responsibility for it. EVER. They will always say, but actually if you look at it this way. Or it’s more complicated then that. What a bunch of BS. To me I look at it like a father and mother having a household where the son get preferential treatment (gifts, more food, larger allowance) and the daughter gets physically abused and mistreated. Of course this situation would probably cause sibling rivalry. Many times, as in this example, the unfavored sibling would feel resentful towards the favored sibling. But the real problem is the parents not the favored sibling. The parents have the power to change their own behavior. The children have the power to respond in a constructive manner. And if you really simplify WSR it is a system of favoritism based on skin color.

    I’ll take it a step further, those black elites or black people in high places are akin to our sisters and brothers who have ‘won’ favor in the system of white supremacy. Let’s not fight and squabble among ourselves because it is not constructive. It is ensuring the further mistreatment of black people ( as I mentioned in another comment WS sees to it that black people are mistreated, degraded 24/7 365 days a year. ) Sometimes I feel frustrated because of my mistreatment from white people, but I know they are the problem. They are the ones to blame. And that us black people have to put up with enough sh*t I’ll try my hardest to uplift another. Of course, now that we know who is to blame we have the responsibility to know as much as we can AND apply this information by responding in a constructive manner. The more I think of what Mr. Neely Fuller has to say in his book the more it makes sense to me.

  175. Negress,
    This is what I was talking about. I read their comments and it fills me with sadness. Words are powerful. I worry for one who is okay with saying and being called such destructive things. Yes, I come here to share ideas and thoughts with my people. Sometimes, like with the IR thing because of where I live and my circumstances I vent till the hurt stops. Then move on. I found some of the comments and response so helpful and sometimes it is important to know you are not alone in what you see. Kinda like getting confirmation that you are not crazy, you are not seeing things not there. So, yes I vent. However, I do my best not to Ever use word that tear us down or apart.

    We are still a very spiritual people and are prone to picking up on each others psychic waves even over great distances. This is part of the reason why some don’t understand why we will never be over it be it slavery or racism. We carry ancestors memory memory is held in the body. They have proven this with transplant patients. We inherited our cells our tissue from our people so we hold all of their knowledge and all of their pain. This said we are the eldest and generators of all others. We are psychic being on a level like no other. As such what we put our minds to we create and support.

    I have noticed that when there are a string of very serious post all close together tensions rise. Perhaps, there should be a longer break in between and filling in those breaks with something like rediscovering our history and great accomplishments. Just a thought and a suggestion.

  176. honeytreebee on said:

    Thanks Tyrone,
    Your sweet and kind word are most healing. Thank you for giving a man’s perspective to the situation. When the right brothers comes along and catches this Honeytreebee and puts a ring on it I’ll let you know. Thank you Ty I am humbled by your kindness and your encouragement to move on and stay strong.

    With gratitude Honeytreebee.

  177. mstoogood4yall on said:

    @ darqbeauty

    I noticed they are taking over abagonds site as well. i go there every now and then,and wonder why he takes so long to ban them. The only thread on his site he didn’t allow them on was the thread about first racism experiences.I can’t stand how they derail posts and talk about themselves as if we go through the same things.Its a shame most of the other black websites i visit have alot of trolls and they barely mod them.

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