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Renta Dread

(Thanks Charmaine for telling me about this!)

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64 thoughts on “Renta Dread

  1. mary burrell on said:

    This very true. The rich white women look for a black man to sex them up.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    I remember being in Jamaica and the brother that was driving us around told the group I was with this very same thing.

  3. Kushite Prince on said:

    I’ve seen similar clips like this a few years ago. It is very disturbing to say the least. But it shows what European women will do to satisfy their “Mandingo fetish”. These Jamaican men have completely lost their minds. They should have a little more self respect than to lay down with these nasty horny things. I guess they’re doing it for the money. But you couldn’t pay me enough to have sex with these creatures.lol

  4. mary burrell on said:

    I know that poverty is a big part of this. I wonder about HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

  5. You know what bothers me?

    The guy who blamed the black females for “wanting to protect their sanctity” as an excuse for their behaviour.

    Black people are the most mentally ill people on the planet.

  6. mary burrell on said:

    I agree with you sister truth, we really are.

  7. LOL…I am cracking up b/c I went to Dominica many years ago and found that I met a few brothas that were using the siring of kids with foreign white women as sort of a cottage industry for themselves. But in an economy that is primarily based on tourism from predominantly white/european countries, is this really unexpected? It is what it is.

  8. its funny to me how that woman was saying these men prey on the women and their emotions.These women are participants too they are not unwilling participants.I bet if it was a vid with men going to another country for sex this woman would sing a different tune.It would go something like this……The men are pathetic for paying for sex and what about their wives,they know full well what they are doing..Let a white woman go to another country for sex and oh she’s the victim.

  9. WFs going to Jamaica to go Mandingo shopping and WMs go to Africa and South East Asia to go…little girl shopping. What do you know? Both are relentless, shameless predators.

  10. That bothered me as well.I just can’t understand how all these contradictions haven’t dispelled these stereotypes.What i mean is how is it that black women, at least in america ,black women are seen as loose,yet its really white women that are.The white women are dumb for believing these men love or care about them.The black men in this vid are dumb for looking at black women who have a higher standard of who they let into their bedroom as the enemy.All i can say is WOW. Those white women are being like their white fathers,traveling to another country for a sexual conquest that is new and exotic.They are sick beyond belief.They share their bed with these people yet these same people will deny them in every other aspect of their lives.Black women should not care about these lames,just know that if those white women didn’t have money they wouldn’t be with any of these men.I don’t understand people who throw their money around to get people to do what they want and to be with them.They are desperate as heck and it’s very pitiful.I’d rather be poor and have people who want to be around me for who i am, than be rich and have people around me for what i have.Smh

    Also in jamaica there was this white woman known as the white witch that was sick.She had sex with her male slaves then had them killed and would get aroused by watching them get killed.She also poisoned her husbands.These people are sick.

  11. This goes to show you that:

    A. Whites cannot stay away from us.
    B. Sex is indeed their weapon.
    C. We are their unsuspecting victims.
    D. We are sick.
    E. Black men and women need to work on our relationships.

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  13. The only thing that has changed in this world is the year. For a Black man to rent himself out is next to the worst thing he could do. It’s soul killing and shameful, but I bet my left hand they will defend this slackness with their last breath. We expect this from those females, but c’mon Black men. AND!! since they do this for money might they be screwing the husbands as well? Money is money and they have already throw their decency away. Might as well right? It’s fucking gross.

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  15. Yes it is disgusting. Black men need to stop confusing being a man ,with sex. sex is part of being a man but its not the only part. Too many are focused on procreation. procreation, pro means being in favor of/supporting. creation means the action or process of bringing something into existence. Pro+ creation= supporting the child you brought into existence.We need to focus more on the pro part because the creation thing we have figured out. Some black men see being objectified and reduced to a big d@@ as a compliment.for example. when its a teacher that has sex with a female student men are like hell no lock him up,but when its a female teacher having sex with a male student they say,dam where was this teacher when i was in school. This european culture has tricked black men into thinking of themselves as just sex objects. Like father like son.

  16. soforeal on said:

    wtf man! what the hell is up with those 2 guys in thongs?
    anyway, this is what white people do they destroy other islands and countries
    and then it’s easier for them to exploit these people. nobody up here wants
    the white women’s dried up pink pussy, so they run off to other places and take advantage of people who seem to don’t know any better. white people stay having their way with us.

  17. Umoja on said:

    This is beyond belief!! I always find myself saying, “not a thing has changed”, but WAIT!! Now whites don’t have to rape Blacks globally, Blacks have now allowed themselves to be used for the ultimate aggressive act of white supremacy now—sex with whites….to the delight of Whites!! That HAS NOT CHANGED!! Blacks globally think that things have changed and agree with sleeping/breeding with whites—naively, like children to slaughter. Once again have succumbed to one of the OLDEST war tactics ever and all the blatant propaganda to promote this via all media engines in the U.S. for sure. Naïve to this world governed and ruled by white supremacy, naïve to think that white supremacy has subsided, naïve to the fact that white supremacy is a well oiled, much more sophisticated covert machine!
    Whites have always used sex as the ultimate weapon for destroying the minds of their victims, altering the victims DNA, control and domination, annihilating whole civilizations, and of course creating division and chaos within the populous of their victims by producing such off-springs from these acts of SEXUAL TERRORISM. For some reason, that I’m still puzzled by; our Black men globally succumb to this tactic like flies to raw meat. In todays age and time, it has become hard for me to completely trust, honor and even love a Black man as I would desire to do so. I find that even “Pan-African” men succumb to this nonsense. Many of our staunch Pan-Africans have married white women.
    Black women have always been committed to their natural partners, Black men, no matter the circumstance, yet our Black men throughout the years continue to have lost their minds gradually. Aiding in the annihilation, domination, control and death of the African populous; having such baseless perverse value on their sexual prowess by gaining pseudo value and esteem through sex acts.
    Sharing such denial and oblivion of this act of sexual terrorism by our historical enemies, both then and now. This will NEVER change as long as the European is in existence. They are our sexual terrorist of the world and always have been; enjoying their favorite targets— the African. Today it is worst than ever. I believe Blacks succumb to this because I’ve noticed that Blacks share a weakness and naivety of forgiveness, hanging onto false hope, ( hoping the devil himself will change), inviting ones enemy into “brotherhood” even when circumstances would prove foolish and unwise, lack of awareness of war tactics , lack the ability to think and make wise choices for themselves and as a race of people, economically, socially, politically, ect; therefore, easily controlled and dominated.
    This I believe are some of the reasons why the global African populous continues to be controlled, dominated and killed with impunity for centuries. Sometimes I wonder why do I bother and I find myself saying to myself, ” just live my life and leave all this alone and live for my own happiness”, given the above.
    The weakness , ignorance , naivety and disunity of the African populous is disheartening to say the least.

  18. Don’t think that this kind of thing is limited to the islands, it happens right here in the U.S. Look at your local craigslist under the personals section and see what’s going on.

    Listings from here in bumfuck, nowhere, Iowa.

    *All posted within the past week*


    willing married man. 4bbc – m4m – 29

    looking to experiment with men. I will do oral and anal. drop your load and go. would prefer only black men please. i have a thing for black men.


    SCHOLARSHIP for a BLACK WRESTLER – m4m – 55 (Des Moines)
    I’m looking for a MASCULINE BLACK WRESTLER
    SCHOLARSHIP AVAILABLE for a Masculine, tight & built man.
    You don’t need to be a movie stare or hung like a mule….

    BE MASCULINE w/wrestler body…..
    D.L. Straight, BI, married or dating preferred.

    We can talk about what we both need.


    lookin to give discreet head to a hot black guy. hung+, big cummer++. hit me up w/ pics and stats. would love to do this in a car. i’m white, 20, brown hair, 5’11, 180lbs.


    I am a fit, discrete, clean cut, 44 y.o. married white male (bottom) in search of a black man who needs to be serviced on a regular basis. I am 5’11” 185lbs. Brown hair, blue eyes. I give great head and will always swallow. I have a tight bottom if you need to top me. I only service black men. I was taught at an early age how to please a black man properly. Age unimportant, good hygiene is. I cant host but am willing to come to you. Please put “white boy” in the subject line.

  19. Everyone

    Don’t think me mad but whites are doing something to us metaphysically. I can feel it. There is a reason why some of us CANNOT stay away from these beings.

    There is a reason why these men are being lead away from their women. And there is a reason why they are pushing black women, with less success, into the arms of white men.

    It’s metaphysical.

    I can’t prove it…but I feel it.

  20. Soforeal on said:

    lol. scottie lowe of afroerotik exposes these sick white men she was a dominatrix she fucked their heads up. if you go on http://afroerotik.blogspot.ca/?zx=8b3be48ba7d25daa

    she did a post 3 days ago and also you should read her old post that she did back in 09 and 08 on there about these sick white men, that shit will blow your mind.

  21. Soforeal on said:

    yes there are spirits working with white people to keeps us down and out.they have been around since we fell into the physical, but don`t worry i feel the spirits put some of us on this earth to be decoy`s for a new indestructible nubians that`s getting ready to arrive. i also think this is very constructive. things start to get interesting around the 30 min mark.

  22. Div-idle and Con-queer

    Divide up the men – half won’t be able to find jobs so they turn to petty theft, drugs and crime and end up in the prison system, once released you’re not allowed to be near the housing projects where your children and their mother live.

    Since there’s no man at the house affected male pattern homosexuality becomes increasingly dominant. At the same time the lawless behavior due to lack of paternal discipline increases.

    The two circumstances create a feedback loop until you have….

    A “Great Recession” where the black and brown genetically dominant men become societally recessive to the white genetically recessive men. Through that recession the world’s black populace becomes whitened via increasingly frequent white on black sexual unions to the point where black no longer exists, thereby making white a genetically dominant trait.

  23. I’ll watch and get back to you. Thanks.

  24. Bry

    Good observation.

  25. Umoja on said:

    Sounds like what I’ve always said; it’s a depopulation and genetic suicide tactic. There’s NOTHING new to this. Whole civilizations have been wiped out through this intentional method…..it’s always been a tactic of whites. What’s mindboggling, is that the majority of people don’t recognize this war tactic and it is always successful because of this naivety…. Example; Aborigines, Native Americans, ect….and this tactic was used to “whiten up” Brazil; which was very successful, yet white supremacy reins and Blacks are presently subject to intense racism.

  26. Blktea on said:

    I’ve been all over the islands, africa, and java. These black men do men for extra and will do wive in front of husbands and or both and give them the untamate souviner a baby if, they pay $$$$$.

  27. Blktea on said:

    Also let us not forget that some black american men go to places like thia land and brazil for young girls there too. Let us not get too high and mighty about sistas like Tony Morrison who brought back a young jamacian boy toy only to find out he was gay most of the time. LOL…. No, give us some privalage and money and we run and do the same thing to our own or other POC too. Just a repeat of the abuse done to us…

  28. Amarie on said:

    @Negress, I have noticed at my job that when a black man walks up to me to speak , my white and asian female coworkers stop what their doing and just stare or walk up to us to see what we are talking about. It’s very instrusive and I want to know if you and everyone on this board have experienced this. It’s okay to them if a white man talks to me, but it’s like they can’t stand when a black man steps to me.SMH

  29. mrs. hugh on said:

    I don’t think those white women really want a commitment, they just want that melanin to make babies with. They don’t really want to go through the trouble of really incorporating black people in their families except for the novelty (i.e. not too many, not too dark). As for those sick men, they just break my heart because they reinforce how dire our situation is. White people have us trained to hate ourselves and then crawl to them so they can inject us with some whiteness to make us “better”. It’s the ultimate in genocide because you just get to sit back and watch people destroy themselves.

  30. Imagine, these big grown men blaming the Sisters that it’s their fault for not giving it up why they are doing this. This is so wrong. My Mom always say idle hands make the devil find work fe yu. Such a shameful thing to see. We can clearly see here the devil is at work!

  31. mary burrell on said:

    @Blktea… It was Terri Mcmillian not Toni Morrison.

  32. nicoleizhername on said:

    U forgot they shop for boys too. They are Natural born faggots.

  33. nicoleizhername on said:

    There is no white god (Sizzla) but it’s ok to sex their underlings? Explain away that logic Black Male.

  34. I know what you mean.As a young black woman i do see how alot of sisters feel unappreciated.Its not just being unappreciated by black men but the so called black leaders and organizations as well.When a black man gets killed by the cops,it makes the news and black people start protesting,looting,and fighting the cops.When a black woman gets killed they are lucky if it makes the news.At times it does seem like black women have black men’s backs but not the other way around.I myself don’t know why,or if my opinion is biased because i am a black woman.Black men don’t know what its like to be a black woman.We are kinda invisible it seems.You would think us being black and a woman,we’d be better represented because there are organizations for women and for blacks.ITs like we get forgotten because the organiztions for females are really for white females,and the organizations for blacks are really for black men.
    Don’t give up,its ok to get discouraged sometimes,we all do,but think about the future generations. That is what keeps me going,and avoid people that steal your happiness and be around like minded people.It is hard finding people like that in real life but maybe someday we can all meet or something.

  35. @ amarie

    It could be for 2 reasons. 1 because they don’t like blacks gathering[nat turner fear]
    2 they don’t like seeing black people in love,during jim crow black people were not allowed to kiss or show affection in public,as it offended whites. jim crow 2.0

  36. nicoleizhername on said:

    “I am a fit, discrete, clean cut, 44 y.o. married white male… I was taught at an early age how to please a black man properly.” This speaks volumes. U are more than just your penis Black Man. Remember that scene in “X” when the cave bitch told Malcolm to dismiss his date because she was a sure thing. We as a Black Nation need to seperate from everybody ASAP!!! Overstand that they need us to continue to support and maintain their fraudulent system. We don’t need them at all.We’ve built before. We can re-build again. Start making moves. I am.

  37. i find it interesting that some of the black men in america blame black women for giving it up too easy ,but there they are complaining about black women not giving it up easily enough. smh damned if you do damned if you don’t.

  38. You’re right, how could I forget? Smh.

  39. That’s all these white boys ever wanted. The Black dick.

  40. Kushite Prince on said:

    That is disgusting! Reading those fetishes by these demons made me want to puke!!

  41. mary burrell on said:

    And lets not forget some of these black men are participating in these Mandingo parties and reinacting slavery scenarios. That is just as sickening. That black men are caught up in promoting white supremacy.

  42. Absolutely sickening. “What is this world coming to” I didn’t even know Craigslist would allow such filth, I almost puked too!

  43. Amarie

    No. I’m the only black one at my job.

  44. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah that really tells you a lot about their so called guidelines.lol Sick bastards!

  45. Mickey on said:


    At my job, one of my co-workers is a middle-aged Black woman and she told me how, in the past, whenever she and two or three other Black employees would gather around and talk, sometimes a White employee would walk up to them and ask, “What are you guys plotting?” She would then respond, “What are YOU guys plotting? Why is it when we are having a conversation you automatically assume that we are plotting something?” As a result, the inquiries stopped, but she let them know that their attitudes and assumptions were not tolerated.

  46. Mickey on said:

    They are not real Black men. They are weak-minded fools. As Professor Griff once told SistaTruth, “Sometimes the wolf does the sheep a favor.”

  47. I have. At a position I used to work for my trainer was a sister, and we were actually getting along pretty well, there wasn’t anything romantic going on but our personalities definitely clicked.

    Two days later I was reassigned to a different trainer and within one month they had her packing her things and leaving which, at the time, came as a shock because to say that she was proficient at her job was a total understatement.

    Also, the way that our cubicles were positioned, she was within ears reach of all 3 supervisors for our department, and after she was gone they put me in her spot, and I proceeded to get a taste of what she most likely endured for a while. Won’t go into too much detail except to say it was tacky, trashy, and terroristic to a T. Needless to say I no longer work there.

    So yeah, it’s not just you.

  48. Soforeal

    Just finished watching the video. Thanks. That explained a lot. Tonight I’ll listen to afroerotika.

    I’m sure I’ll be *interesting.*

  49. soforeal on said:

    lol negress read her post from 2010 to 2008 some funny shit and also she got some nice black love stories on there to bad i don’t live in the usa i want to be on the website lol

  50. soforeal on said:

    “typo” too

  51. Amarie on said:

    Wow that last listing is scary and yes, craigslist is crazy. I was reading the personals in D.C. and I noticed alot of white men that wanted to date black women.

  52. Soforeal on said:

    Letter from a white man

    I received this email correspondence just minutes ago. I asked permission to share it and he agreed. I get correspondence from white men like this on a daily basis, multiple times a day. Most are married, many are not. They all seem to espouse the exact same sentiments, almost word for word. I think we as Black people do ourselves a disservice not to address and acknowledge this trend and how it should best be handled. I know I don’t have many white female readers but I would love to hear from you and how you view this phenomenon. Were you similarly conflicted in accepting yout attraction to Black men? There is so much dysfunction wrapped up in this letter it’s hard to know how to be address it.

    Date Mon, November 21, 2011 – 2:31 AM

    Subject Re: Black female superior

    Nice to hear back from you. I have read more of your work it is very erotic.

    I guess I need the phenomena explained to me by a member of the superior race and in particular a black woman as intelligent as you. It has become obvious that not only black men but black women are superior to white men. This is not the mystery but why is it that it has manifested itself sexually and why so much in the past 6 or 7 years? At first as a bisexual I had fantasies of having sex with men and women, occasionally a black man or black woman. However over time I have increasingly become attracted to black men. Even though this used to be a source of embarrassment and frustration it was also completely consuming. In addition I used to act disgusted by seeing so many white women with black men, but the truth was I was jealous of those white girls for being able to openly pursue black men. Now, years
    into my transformation into a sissy slave, I have desires to not only submit sexually to black men but serve black women and assume a completely feminine role.

    I would like to meet a strong and dominant black woman who can mentor me and guide me.

    Is it our fate to become women, much like white women, to be used by the black man for sex but to never actually achieve respect? Or do we (white men) secretly desire to be somehow transformed into black women ourselves. That way we have some measure of respect as we know we cannot compete with the black man. Or are we to just be used by and serve the needs of the black race?

    I am open to your comments as I respect all black women and am eager to learn from my true masters.

  53. Sincere on said:

    4 my Sistaz: I’m telling you, not asking, to not lower your standards. Regardless of my miseducation, felonies, conspiracies, genocidal snares levied against me daily. I know it’s “there” plan to see you a graduate & me incarcerated but do I hold you back? Do I hold you back w/comments in the negative about your education, achievements & aspirations? Am I to sit here & complain about the level of respect I don’t receive from a sista? Sure, it’s some sistas that are in higher tax bracket than their pusuants that possess ratchet, domineering, condescending attitudes. Even them, I don’t want to lower their standards, w/all their BS. If these sistas lower the bar most men would never rise to anything. I will not be “kiting” out overseas for sex. I will not abandon my BW stateside either. We arrived here together & gon’ see this war through together. We the product of a systematic slave machine. These brothaz frequenting Brazil looking like colombus & cortez eyeballing POC in the carribean/west bent on domination. Truth, am I the only one who seeing this repetitious mental subjugation justified as vacation. If you feel BW stateside got too much game, step your game up. If you feel you can’t keep up w/BW financially, education-wise, exhaust all possibilities till you outta breath & even then don’t stop trying. Sistas, I’m too proud of you & all of your accolades. Keep up the GREAT work, your drive is inspiring! Renti(s) kick rocks…

  54. Tyrone on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    Blackmen don’t have ownership over their bodies and sexuality, this is the crux of the issue. None of us should be surprised by the behavior of whitewomen nowadays. They’re doing what they’ve always wanted to do from the jump, have sex with blackmen. Today, they have no barriers in their way. Whitewomen have the economic clout to travel where they damn’ well please. Some blackmen may think it’s a win-win outcome for black manhood…Not So! Whitewomen don’t love blackmen, they just wanna engage in sex with us. Whitewomen talk a good game, but, their rhetoric doesn’t back up their mouthpiece. Smashing rich whitewomen is not advancing blackness on this planet. Instead of engaging in healthy and worthwhile sexual relations with blackwomen, a lot of blackmen waste time sexing women of other races at the expense of their own black sisters. God didn’t give blackmen “Melanin” to plunder and waste on nonsense. Brothas, please understand this? Just because we can do it, doesn’t mean it should be done. I appreciate the flattery from non-blackwomen, but, blackmen belong to blackwomen. Whitewomen can be number 2, number 3, but they can’t be #1. Do blackmen want the racial makeup of the planet to reflect the greatness of black people? All of the other ish is secondary to this central point. Loving blackwomen is mandatory, it’s not a choice. If other women show love, that’s good. However, they need to respect black womanhood. Sistas, don’t waste time arguing with whitewomen and other women, they have no incentive to alter their behavior. Instead, focus your anger at blackmen who marginalize their sexuality. If blackness is not being advanced in a major way, all of the “IR” hoopla means nothing…Nothing!!!

    Black Eros…Dark Eros…Global Eros

  55. soforeal


    I’m speechless.

  56. Tyrone on said:


    Whitemen are showing their true colors, which is part of the problem. Whitewomen know that their men have “penis envy” in the worst way. The hypersexualization of white females in relation to blackmen is driven by whitemen. IR porn and websites are created by and for whitemen like the one who e-mailed soforeal. Whitemen derive sexual release from viewing their white daughters being f@%ked by blackmen. Yes, whitemen are pathetic…Indeed!


  57. blackmystory on said:

    Truth…I am shocked you weren’t aware of this video/phenomena. This the reason why Rasta has become a joke. Yurugu uses this image of the jungle savage respite with unkempt look to satisfy their animal fantasies. Sex tourism is big wherever high melanin people reside and the rent-a-dred thing is just an exotic twist on it. As women, y’all know females can get as freaky as males, y’all just handle it better. Well used to. The whole planet is becoming a whore house and we are becoming willing whores in it. If you notice most of the knee-grows in the video are suspect. Suspect in many ways. So them finding justification for this shit I can overstand. Wherever the spirit leads the flesh will go.
    @Soforeal….may I suggest you let that request slide by? You don’t need to feed that incubus.

  58. Leviqueen on said:

    The Greeks worshipped black Egyptians, Nubians etc as gods. They have always been mesmerized by us physically, spiritually and emotionally. They have always explored sexual relations with blacks and had an obsession with the above average size genitals hence the obelisks erected everywhere in America. I am not surprised white men go to Africa as sex tourists all the time why not the white women.

  59. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah I feel you. You will always have those white women who want to screw black men. And you got brothers out there dumb enough to do it. I personally have never dated a white woman. I would never lower myself to do that. I have too much self respect. We have to be wise enough to see this interracial propaganda that’s going on. They benefit from getting some of our melanin. We don’t get anything out of being with them. Other than some perception of upward social mobility. But we as black men must stop thinking with our penis. And retrain our minds to stop worshipping white beauty. We need to uplift our own women. And also get this “mixed is better” mentality out of our heads. Being biracial is not better by any means. Biracial people are just being used as a buffer race to further divide us. Solution??? Stop sleeping with ALL non black women. Case closed.

  60. Like this post here.

    whitewomen are being expose for who they really are too. huh!

    Thank God!

  61. That’s why whites love them some blackwoman!

    now it makes sense to me.

    I told you all that blackwomen are the true Queen’s of the earth.isn’t her survivor proof enough.

  62. Folks, these white men secretly lust after black men and envy them at the same time. This is especially so with the blatant white supremacist. This is why this piece of shit would dare to write such filth to a black person. They are hoping you will take them up on their offer or fuel their perverse fantasies with equally obscene ones of your own. They see black people as walking sex organs. I would like ten minutes with the piece of shit, but not to feed into his perversions unless they include an ass whopping not easily forgotten!

  63. it is clear not all of us are going to make it. when you make an ass out of yourself for ass your an ass. i get that some may justify doing this for money. i don’t would you justify murder or becoming an allen west for money no. i believe their egos enjoy this money and whoring is just icing on the cake. no many of us have been too poisoned mentally and have lost our minds

  64. Type error you are right. Thanks.

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