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The Biracial Fallacy

But why are people who are “half black and white” pushing for a biracial label? Many of them say they don’t want to choose sides and are tired of just being seen as black. ——–Ms. J

Biracial Mariah Carey

White supremacists, in their genius to keep darker peoples forever enslaved and subjugated, created a term roughly in 1924 via the Racial Integrity Act. This Act claimed that “one drop of Negro blood” in any person qualifies them as black. With a wave of their fountain pen, AmeriKlan’s founding fathers changed the way we would view and treat the citizens of this country FOREVER. The colloquial term would later change into the One Drop Rule. 

Under this evil system, which is still in place, many Coloureds of mixed race had no choice but to be black. Which means:

1. Sitting in the back of the bus

2. Segregated and inferior schools

3. Separate water fountains

4. Sterilization without consent (Thank you Ms. Sanger)

5. Lynchings

6. Living in the ghettos no matter what city, state or province

If you were light enough to “pass”

Carol Channing

Carly Simon

Heather Locklear

And moved far away where no one knew your family, you could slip into the much coveted spot called “white privilege”. In the 1970’s, the term “Hispanic” came into our social  and political construct as a way for Spanish-speaking Africans to distance themselves from Africa and assimilate, as best as they could by ways of complexion and hair texture, into whiteness.

Perhaps it was the mid 80’s to early 90’s when I became aware that numerous blacks who had a white parent or grandparent or even a mixed grandparent were now calling themselves “biracial or mixed.” I myself am an Island Creole but have never used the term mixed. With my caramel skin and corkscrew curls, I too could have easily deflected my roots and hid behind my European and Redman ancestors. But when I look in the mirror, all I see is Africa. So why the term “Biracial” and what does it really mean? And why should those of us that shout African Pride be offended?

My Supposition:

1. Blacks who use the term “biracial” are ashamed to be called black because of media propaganda and the stigma blackness carries. They’ve felt the sting of being ostracized by BOTH groups, stared at, oppressed, laughed at, their entire lives and feel as if they “don’t belong” anywhere. To deflect their sense of loneliness, they dilute any and all references to Africa as a way to connect with and assimilate into a “superior” race for privileges (which they will never have) and to created a “new race” where they do fit in…in their perception. 

Mr. Cablinasian and his new white squeeze

2. They are equally proud of their mixed ancestry and try to give respect to both.

3. They don’t want to “get involved” with the race issue, which will never go away, and use their mixed ancestry to sit on the fence and pretend that they are neutral.

4. They are white-identified via Stockholm Syndrome and hope that whites will feel less threatened by them and become their allies. This may also lead to job promotions.

Since we all know that only whiteness matters, the term biracial is but a political farce. History has proven that whiteness will created a buffer class of mulattoes/mestizos/ Afroasians to keep their foot on the necks of Originals and when their purpose has been fulfilled, they’ll be exterminated:

Mulattoes aka Italians

After physical slavery was “abolished”, did you know that Italians were captured, castrated and lynched by the very system that now offers them the gift of being white? Incredibly, they happily accepted the gift and have “forgotten” their tumultuous past with their Anglo-Saxon brethren. The same pattern goes for the Redman, especially the Cherokee Nation who fought for the Confederate Army and murdered, raped and enslaved many blacks only to end up as the victim of white racism themselves. In present times, we can see the Latinos and Asians following the exact same pattern.

How do you feel about the term biracial? What does it mean to you? And how will this terminology affect us in the future? And does it make you distrust biracials?

{Since this post will no doubt be inflammatory, all I ask is for a modicum of respect for all commenters}

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79 thoughts on “The Biracial Fallacy

  1. How do you feel about the term biracial?

    -I don’t care for it, I think that that all of us “biracial” or “mulatto” people are really just the products of Europeans raping Afrikans or other non-whites – mentally, physically, and genetically.

    It gives a false sense of something being half-white and half-black and therefore being something’ expanded’ and ‘new and wonderful’, when in reality the people that come out of those unions are 100% confused in nearly every case.

    What does it mean to you?

    -The white man is still in charge.

    And how will this terminology affect us in the future?

    -Same way it does now – as a term to keep us divided.

    And does it make you distrust biracials?

    -They’re victims just as all non-white people are. I try to look beyond trust, or what attacks we’ve all been programmed to execute to against each other and see how we can turn those ideas against white people.

  2. larissa on said:

    My experience so far with a biracial:
    ”You’re hair looks like feces”
    ”Don’t experiment with prostitution”
    ”What you don’t know is that some girls like being prostitutes”
    ”You’re very pretty for an African”
    ”Blacks were put on this earth to serve whites”
    ”White women don’t sleep around/cheat on their husbands!”
    ”White people rule the world because they have understood the meaning of life better than everyone else!”
    ”White people own the world!”
    ”White people really love when they’re in love.”
    ”Black people have sex like food.”

    How do you feel about the term biracial?
    Like everything else coined by whites, you gotta tread with caution. It can be inaccurate. Bi denotes two/half, if all of your family is charcoal black except your great great grandmother, who was mocha coloured, are you still biracial?
    What does it mean to you? Someone is who is half something and half something else.
    And how will this terminology affect us in the future? No idea. I do know that now it serves to make sure shit keeps happening. Then again, maybe it’s just nice for mixed people who want to acknowledge ther white side, especially if they clearly look mixed and people keep asking them ”what are you”?
    And does it make you distrust biracials?
    Yes and no. Yes because some have been known to use it to step on their darker siblings. No because some didn’t choose to look mixed and therefore use it to have an identity in a world where people keep asking ”what are you”? or cause they can’t/don’t want to pick a side.

  3. Bry

    Excellent answers.

    I’ve realized how powerful whites are just by their ability to create a “new” race of people and have them believe it.

    This term has pitted light vs. dark for centuries. I still know dark skinned blacks who do not trust light skinned blacks.

    Given the history of mulattoes in any African history, I truly do understand.

  4. How do you feel about the term biracial?

    I kinda don’t care,unless the person is using it as a way to say hey im better than the regular black people.

    What does it mean to you?
    a person who wants to be put into a single box so they don’t have to check multiple boxes. In the end people will still ask them what they are mixed with ,so by being labeled biracial it only eliminates the question of are you mixed.

    And how will this terminology affect us in the future?
    I think it will affect us because whites are becoming the minority and they will use biracials as the new standard of beauty,racism will be replaced with colorism.Its already happening.Just look at movies and you will see mostly biracials passed off as being fully black[nina simone movie].Look at the black hair magazines and on the cover its mostly biracials,so you will have some black girls wondering why they don’t look like the girl on the magazine instead of wondering why the magazine doesn’t have a girl on the cover that looks like them and majority of blacks.

    And does it make you distrust biracials?
    yes and no.Some biracials embrace both sides and can look at things objectively,but most just defend whites and get defensive when the subject of race and white priviledge comes up.When it is biracials with a white mother they tend to be more defensive and not see racism because they can’t fathom that whites[which would include the woman that brought them into the world] could be racist and have white priviledges. I think alot of them are just confused as heck,i saw black in america and they were interviewing biracials and some of them had a hard time checking the black box.

    My question to people is if you were biracial would you want to claim your blackness only or both?

  5. I’d also like to say, the biracials with white mothers and black fathers tend to want to be called biracial and not black.The reason may be because since the beginning black fathers have been leaving the white mothers to care for their child.And so they just grow up around their white side of the family. The kid may grow up and resent their father and not want to associate with his race either.Whites have made this one drop rule and are not changing it anytime soon,so maybe biracials are taking some of that power back by saying no i’m not just black i’m [insert other race] too.You can’t just put them into a box and say you’re only this and not own up to the fact that they are half your race as well,so maybe it is holding white people accountable to a point.Notice how obama is called black when he does badly but when he gives wonderful speeches whites want to say he biracial not just black. Biracials are probably going to be used for whites to say oh they speak well and are smart because that is their white side,and associate the bad things with their black side.

  6. Mickey on said:

    This is a touchy issue to an extent. There are racially mixed people who identify with one race and others who identify with everything that they are for various reasons. Some of the reasons are noble (pride, not wanting to choose), some of the reasons are deplorable (Stockholm Syndrome with whites, buffer class to look down on the darker brethren). I, myself, am in the former category. In my case, just because I am of mixed heritage does not mean that I will not stand up for my fellow Black brothers and sisters. I have never used my mixedness to look down on anybody nor have I thought of myself as special. Racially mixed people have been around forever. In my opinion, White supremacy is responsible for all of this madness. If we lived in an ideal world where people could just be who they are and not get preferential treatment for being X, or be mistreated for being X, we would all be better off.

    As an American, I have always gotten the impression that this is not as much of a big deal in other countries as it is here in the States. I have seen many interviews with mixed race actors/actresses/models/etc. who have said that they did not have any issues with others due to their background until they came to the U.S. Some of them may have had a situation or two somewhere else, but even Montel Williams has said that he believed that the United States was the worst place for a Multiracial person. Based on everything I have read and heard from others, I believe it as well.

  7. Mickey on said:

    Attributing positive characteristics to the White side of a person’s heritage and attributing negative characteristics to the non-White side of a person’s heritage is nothing new. Even in India, when the British colonized it, they said that anything good about an Anglo-Indian came from their British (i.e., White) blood and anything bad came from their Indian blood. The same thing was said about mulattoes here in the States during slavery, except the Whites attributed all negative traits to both heritages, but still only gave positive credit to the White side. And as we all know it is total bull****.

  8. Mickey

    In the islands, colourism, the bastard child of white racism, prevails…especially now with many employers wanting a “browning” or a “coolie-boy” with “nice hair.””

    We’ve backslid terribly with once proud Africans using skin bleach! My cousin told me recently of Natty Dread rastafari sexing white women. The sickness is everywhere but yes, in the u.s., it’s worse.

  9. kowaba on said:

    How do you feel about the term biracial?
    I feel the term is contradictory in nature. What is the purpose of having a biracial category? If things were post-racial then it wouldn’t matter what race a person is, so why make a big deal. The only reason why it is important is to create another buffer class on white supremacy’s sliding scale of mistreatment. Biracial offspring may serve as a vehicle for justifying globalization and also providing an illusion that racism no longer exists.

    What does it mean to you?
    Before to me the term biracial seemed like a good description. I was encouraged by my parents and sibling to use this term. But my view has changed over time, from my interactions with other people who are considered ‘biracial’. During college I went to a biracial group and they were not receptive to me being there because I didn’t look biracial. Many other biracials I have met have told me straight to my face that I am not biracial because I don’t look that way. This is evidence to me that there is mistreatment based off of the way a person looks.

    With my growing knowledge of white supremacy/racism, I’ve found that biracial is just another designation for an ‘other’ group that will be used to mistreat blacks and perpetuate the system of white supremacy. The distancing from being black makes the illusion stronger. Also some people may believe that biracials are objective, but I think many come from parents who are confused themselves. The emotional bond with a parent can cause a person to work against their own interest. During college, I was interacting with Asians way too much and lending my trust to them while they mistreated me. There were two reasons why this happened: 1) my family had told me that Asians were my people and I was accepted by them 2) I was mostly raised by my mother and felt comfortable in the Asian culture.

    I can understand why others may label themselves as biracial. I always felt that I was being disingenuous for saying that I’m black and only black. As a female, other black females would mention their relationships with their mom doing their hair etc. I couldn’t relate so I felt phony. I couldn’t tell my mom about racism how the sting felt when I was called n****r for the first time. She has no clue or understanding how it is to be treated as a black female in the U.S. Biracial symbolizes being forced into a corner, trying to make sense of your surroundings without anywhere to turn, fumbling through the darkness and clamoring for acceptance. It also means to me a false sense of hope and understanding that somehow biracials are unplugged from the system of white supremacy.

    And how will this terminology affect us in the future?
    The biracial and multiracial movement will be pushed so to have a buffer class come to being and will be used to mistreat those who do not looked mixed ( I used this phrase because there could be offspring from parents who are of two different races, but the child may appear to look monoracial). Looking at America, there is a rise in mixed race people in politics and entertainment. Brazil and South Africa come to mind in terms of where we are heading. Maybe we are following in the footsteps of Argentina.

    And does it make you distrust biracials?
    Biracials are victims too. I feel as a group there is more to overcome because of emotional attachments to parents and not being able to see that the white or nonblack parent could have helped a lot more than they actually did. It may cloud the senses and cause divided loyalty to two separate groups wanting to please both at the same time. I take this into account when dealing with other biracials. It really depends on the person, how they were raised, which parent raised them etc. Just like everyone else, some can be trusted and some can’t.

  10. seedofjapheth on said:

    But what about the white heritage of a mixed race person? Also should mixed race people in latin america identify as black even though latin america never had one drop rule?

  11. I’m not a “mixed” person–so maybe i should not say this, but the term “mixed” in itself is problematic…especially if that said person is attempting to align themselves with non “mixed” Blacks.

  12. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great reply! You made a lot of excellent points!

  13. Kushite Prince on said:

    Nothing worse than a fake Rastafarian.lol

  14. Ms. J on said:

    Wow, thanks for using my quote 🙂

    I really have nothing against mixed people – my grandfather was Black and White – but I think their experiences are somewhat different from other Black people’s experiences. I don’t think I would see White people in the way that I see them now if one of them was my mother or father.

    Yes, it does get on my nerves when they try to aspire to be White – which will never happen – but I can only imagine what it would be like having parents on both sides. As a Black female, I can only imagine how I would feel if my mother was seen as the standard of beauty with her long blond hair and bright blue eyes. I wonder if Black males with White fathers can even have honest discussions about racism since the latter oppresses the former.
    An Eurasian male wrote a blog that really stood out to me about this: http://stuffeurasianslike.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/half-white-half-asian-like-me/

    I see why RWS keep pushing these unions. They feed off of our confusion as non-whites.

  15. seed

    “But what about the white heritage of a mixed race person? ”

    I do not claim my European ancestry. Nothing good came out of the European
    mixing with the Originals. As for Latin America, they are consumed with colourism, the evil child of white racism.

  16. Ms. J

    There is a more sinister reason for breeding with us. They are going to need our melanin to live. That’s why the media is pushing black females to mate and spawn with white men.

    Traditionally, the black woman was the most loyal of the two. Now…well, I don’t know.

  17. Ms. J on said:

    Right? So many of us think White people are racist to say that they don’t want Black offspring. They desperately need our melanin, and many of us want their validation.

  18. Ms. J on said:

    What’s “white heritage”?

  19. Ms. J on said:

    Great observation. There was an episode from True Life that showed a similar situation. A mixed female with a Black dad and White mom told all her friends she was actually half White/half Costa Rican because she knew nothing about her Black side. Her mom remarried a White man when she was young and had two other White children.

    The whole thing just seemed so tragic to me.

    But I think a growing number of Black women with “mixed children” are pushing into their kids heads the idea that they’re biracial out of White identification. One on YouTube made a video about how she was disgusted that Black men would say the White man is holding them down. But she obviously didn’t see her White man’s holding her down.

  20. Mickey on said:

    @ Ms. J,

    I just saw a clip on the Discovery channel’s website that features a documentary on the KKK. The clip showed the men gathering names for a petition to put up a Confederate flag up on some building. They got some supporters, but other Whites cursed them out and told them that they should not be in their town. When they were confronted by one angry White woman, one of the KKK members said to her, “We got some Black grandchildren. How do you like that shit?”

    I thought to myself, “Since when did racists, who are know to be anti-race mixing, start bragging about having Black descendents?” Strange times we are living in.

  21. meganoodlesoup on said:

    It’s a hard question. I just feel people like to ACT like they don’t think they are better when deep down they believe that they are. I believe MAJORITY of biracial people think they are better. They might not know it but it’s in their subconscious. I think terms like that further separate us. Let’s not pretend that the “biracial” title doesn’t have it’s benefits and perks. Even FULL black people try to say they are mixed to get in on the perks. Every time I turn around I hear black people saying they aren’t black and they have this and that in them. If anything everyone should try and be more black, or have more melanin.

    I’ve been taking an evolution class and something stuck out to me. Black people overwhelmingly have the MOST dominant traits. Full lips, darker skin, curlier hair etc. Which leads me to believe we were the first to walk this earth and everything else is just a recessive trait. I feel mixed people should identify with being black because of this. Our dominant traits overwhelming take over when we mix ourselves with ANY race. People should be proud to be black or PROUD to have black in them. Not the other way around.

  22. meganoodlesoup on said:

    Same reason why white men raped black women back in the day and had mixed babies. CONTROL.

  23. Mickey on said:

    Yes, people should be proud to have Black in them, but White supremacy has put a stop to that in many cases. White supremacy is responsible for all of this. When the Moors ruled Spain, I recall reading somewhere that it was considered a badge of honor for your spouse to be darker than you. My theory is that whoever is in charge is the one people try to aspire to be. The Aryans & Mughals ruled over various parts of India and they were lighter-skinned than the Indians. And let’s not forget the colonization of India by Britain as well as by the Dutch, French, & Portuguese. And Indians are very colorstruck as well. My personal opinion is that people should be proud of what they are regardless of what society dictates.

  24. Mickey on said:

    Anything European (i.e., British, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portugese, Irish, Italian, Swedish, German, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Croatian, etc.) The thing is that most of these people do not like to be lumped into the same category with each other. In Europe, you can have two people who look almost exactly alike and because they come from different heritages that do not get along, they hate each other. In the United States is where all of the different “White” groups band together as one.

  25. Ms. J on said:

    @ Mickey,

    Wow, lol.

    Honestly, I feel like mixed children are just like cute little accessories to many people. There are White males who have their White wives impregnated by Black men at “Breeding Parties”. White people never cease to amaze me with their mysterious ways.

  26. Mickey on said:

    I read about that on another website. And let’s not forget the trend of White celebrities adopting Blakc & mixed race children. I wonder how many of these adoptions are out of love and which ones are to make the White adoptive parent appear open-minded and not racist to the general public.

  27. blackgirlinberlin on said:

    I was just talking about this with my Nigerian-White German friend. He is very sensitive about this. When we first met, I asked him where he was from because rarely anyone living in Berlin is an actual Berliner, and he said Bremen. Then, as we became friends, I asked what his ethnic background was. With a straight face, he said German. He is obviously something else, and finally said his father was Nigerian. His parents are still together, but his father never taught him anything about being proud of his side. He has said, nothing good comes from Africa. Those Nigerians are criminals. I grew up in Southern California, the Nigerians I knew were the most hard working people. He could not believe it.
    He recently started dating a Jamaican sista from the UK. The culture clash is significant, because he is mostly white identified. He comes to me on how to deal with her, because she is different to him. His father did him a major disservice by allowing his mother to brainwash him into thinking he was white. I even had to accompany him at a Black beauty supply, because he was afraid to go alone. I feel sorry for these types, and always wonder why these white mothers pretend their child is not Black. I just do not understand.

  28. Mickey on said:

    I know that in the 1990s is when I started to see a push for a Multiracial category on forms. This was spearheaded by mostly White women who had Biracial children with Black men (prior to the 1990s, most Black-White relationships were between White men & Black women and in the 90s, you start to see more Black men with White women couples).

    Many of these White women were not familiar with the One-Drop Rule and were against their kids being listed as “only Black.” Some said that since there child was of both races, they should identify as such. Other White women, it is believed by some, did not want their children being lumped into the same category as Blacks. Hence, the new racial category.

  29. @ mickey
    I wonder the same thing about whites adopting black babies,maybe truth can do a post about it.I feel like a lot of it is kinda silly. i saw a website about a white woman adopted a black baby and she was saying how she got the child because it didn’t matter the color.She also said getting a white child takes longer. I think some whites adopt black babies because all the white babies get adopted faster.I really think if they had a choice they would choose the white baby over the black.Some do use a biracial baby to make people think they are not racist, i’ve seen plenty of shows where a white supremacist’s daughter gets pregnant by a black man and then all of a sudden they say they changed.I don’t buy it that they are completely free from their racist views of 20+ years just because their grandchild is mixed. I believe after madonna adopted her black baby that haiti tightened up on their adoptions,some whites do get black babies as a trend.To some its like buying a new pair of shoes.

  30. That proves that the woman really shapes who the child identifies as.I see tia and tamera and they say they are black,their mother is black.I also see biracials with white mothers who say they are white or mixed never just black.Kendra wilkinson comes to mind when i think of white women who don’t want their kid lumped into the same category as blacks.A lot of them think just because their child is mixed that they won’t experience racism,but that will never be true because of the one drop rule.I also think they view their biracial child as white just a tanned white,they probably want biracial kids so they don’t have to tan.I’ve heard whites say to black people oh you’re lucky you don’t have to tan.

    I do feel latin america is more willing to claim blackness because they don’t have a one drop rule so they don’t have to just pick one.I also have seen black latinas who don’t think they are black when they are just as dark if not darker than black americans.

  31. This may be a little of topic but maybe not. I think karma is slowly making people not want to identify as white the same way people didn’t want to identify as black.Back in the day,i know yall probably know some black people who have said they have native american in them just to feel better.When the reality was that they have european blood in them.Now whites are doing this too,i hear all the time how when whites comment on racism they will say i’m irish,native american,italian,etc. just to make people think they are different from the other whites.But once they deny white prviledge and racism they end up sounding just like the whites they wish to distance themselves from.
    Truth please do a post about how alot of us are fooled that other poc feel the same way we do.I know i at one time brought into the sense that asians,arabs,native americans,latinos are our allies,truth is they are not.I was shocked when i learned native americans owned slaves and treated them just as badly as whites,granted some of them allowed blacks to join their tribe and were freed .That changed when the government gave them casinos then they denied the black native americans.I saw an episode of dr phil and the native americans wanted to take these white kids that had a small percent of native american blood away from their adopted families and have them live on the rez.The kids were not interested in the native culture at all.Then i see an internet article about how black native americans who have 11-15% of native blood and some of their grandparents were chiefs of the tribe,but the natives didn’t allow them in.ITs a shame when the oppressed become the aggressor.I live in texas and see alot of latinos who are dark skinned and will never claim any blackness and say they are white.Everybody allows us in ,in times of trouble,but once its payday they say get the hell away.

  32. Mickey on said:

    In “Hidden Colors 2”, there is a bit about Native Americans and how they intermarried with former slaves and allowed Blacks into their tribes. When the United States government started giving Native Americans privileges, they came up with the Dawes Rolls, which were a census to determine who was Native American and who could get the benefits. Some Native Americans were denied the benefits because some whites believed them to be part Black and the Whites did not want anyone Black or part-Black receiving said benefits. This is where the Freedman’s List comes into play.

    Whites who heard about the benefits afforded to Native Americans went to the Dawes Commission and asked them to put their names on the list. When the Dawes Commission refused because they were not Native Americans, the Whites paid five dollars to have their names placed on the list. To this day such people receive benefits and have land on the rez while they live elsewhere. This is why these Whites-passing-as-Native Americans are sometimes called “Five-dollar Indians.”

  33. kowaba on said:

    Yes, being mixed race in the States is much more difficult than in other countries, but then again it depends on the country. When I lived in France, I was residing in Paris, it was pretty much accepted. They even have a specific name for those who are mixed, métisse or métis. In the UK, they classify people as mixed race. When I lived in China, it was more like the one drop rule. Throughout Asia they don’t really like mixed race people. There is a stigma. I’m assuming from wars in the past that produced many Amerasians in those countries.

  34. emile on said:

    I think we all come out on top by just having the gall to discuss such an evasive issue. This topic is something that the majority of people of any “race” intentionally avoid like the plague, in hopes of suppressing controversy, personal confrontation or other instances that disrupt the status quo. AG Holder had it right when he said that “this is a nation of cowards” who didn’t have the guts to talk about the invented concept of race, and how it’s eating away at our society like a cancer. Then again, you’d have to thinking from a different perspective: if you were in a controlling position of influence and power, would you voluntarily give it up for the sake of repairing the past and promoting justice? What would you lose? What would you gain? How would you see yourself in a world that is more oriented toward ensuring justice to “all” people?

    The other advantage that we have is the reflection upon history and how it produced the results we’re experiencing in the world in which we live today. This means that those who diligently re-comb the manufactured lies of history will gradually come to the knowledge of how these classifications came about, who it benefited and the power dynamics behind this social convention. IMO it was summed up in Dr. Welsing’s conclusion that the inevitability of genetic annihilation of non-melanated/white people is the primary motivation for these sorts of behavior. There’s really not much that we can do to change a “biracial” or any other person’s impression of themselves and the world, other than trying to influence or persuade them with true information and more critical analyses of “real” history. We are all individuals. Therefore, it is the individual’s responsibility to realize self, know from where you come and choose with whom you identify yourself. But it has been proven repeatedly that dishonoring and disrespecting one human being or culture for the sake of making another feel better about their own inefficiencies does not produce the justice we all seek, no matter what justifications are given. As Mr. Fuller says, justice is all about guaranteeing that no person is mistreated and those who need the most help gets the most constructive help.

    Lastly, with all that we are continuing to learn about our distinguished experiences as Diasporic Africans, there can be no better time than now to build upon this, even if it solely for the purpose of reaffirming the original characteristics of our humanity. Future generations will thank us for providing this change of course. There’s a lot of pain in reading and accepting exactly what’s led up to our multifaceted population. A lot of it has not been pretty and will undoubtedly produce a lot of anger and resentment. I know it will; I’ve been there. But an individual’s choice of how they plan to deal with their past is the best approach. The process of cleansing the negativity that has been embedded within your psyche will do wonders in clarifying the truth. I am not worried about other people and their preferred choices as much as with who I am and how I treat others. But I do know this: confusion is the key tool that has been used to create, maintain and perpetuate systematic marginalization, self-hatred, disorganization and antagonism between victims of the SOR (mistreatment). When people are working against their most constructive interests, instead of doing the opposite which empowers and redeems them, they will never be considered a threat and remain easily manipulative. Self-respect, a thorough knowledge of self and education are what helps an individual to become who they are. Therefore, “know thyself.”

  35. At least your friend is with a Black woman and now has a chance to come back home. Some of his caliber–especially those with a white mother never get to that point.

  36. seedofjapheth on said:

    Having white ancestry is what i mean by white heritage.

  37. White Heritage: Having and maintaining a history of rape, colonialism, anti-sex, slavery, confusion, genocide, murderous behavior, disrespect towards all indigenous peoples/all peoples of color. Genetic fuckery, tampering with the food supply, mind control, cultural theft and menticide.

    Seed is a “White Preservationist”. The only solution for us is to do as Dr. Kambon suggested and exterminate them off of the face of the planet, period.

  38. Seed you know this already don’t you. Mixed race and biracial says it all. Who made up these names? Who made up the rules. As for Latins they can try that there being white, but not here. You might get through if, you can pass for white and never acknowledge your other side. Whites have a way of being funny about being white and even give those now called whites a sideways glance for even a notion of a drop. Seed I now give you the sideways glance….asking stuff you already know.

  39. mary burrell on said:

    Maybe this was a deliberate plan by the oppressors to create confusion among the slaves.

  40. Umoja on said:

    After reading all these comments, all I have to say is read the following publications that speak on everything mentioned here and explains all of it thoroughly and clearly and then some. No, these aren’t my publications. Separation, knowledge, de-programming, Black Love only ( male and female) and unity IS IMPERATIVE….or continue on with this current madness, to our demise.

    Black Love is a Revolutionary Act (by Umoja)
    Trojan Horse the Death of a Dark Nation (by Anon )
    The Interracial Con Game (by Umoja )

  41. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth, I was on Abagond’s blog reading an old thread post, Blacks are just as racist. You do remember commenter duck duck goff’s? I didn’t know he was biracial. Well that explains a lot of his vitriol and hateful remarks. He is fighting his own inner self hatred. He is definitely the embodiment of the term tragic mulatto.

  42. Ms. J on said:

    But I happen to know many Black people who see interracial dating as a step towards racial equality and progress. What are your thoughts on such ideas?

  43. Mickey on said:

    I used to see interracial dating & marriage as a step towards racial equality as well. However, what I want to know is who is racial equality benefitting? Even though anybody of any race can marry in our country, we still live in an era where certain racial combinations are more accepted than others (i.e., White/Asian relationships more accepted than Black/White relationships). And as a woman of mixed Black & White heritage, this used to baffle me because there is a lengthy history of mixing between Black & Whites in America, yet the Black/White combo still negatively affects people.

  44. Ms. J on said:

    What led you to change your mind?

  45. Tyrone on said:


    The asian/white combo is more acceptable to whites because it’s not a “death sentence” for whiteness. Whitemen can mix with asian and native-american women without completely destroying whiteness. The melanin of other so-called people of color is not as strong as ours, black folk forget this important factoid. As far as identity, if someone is mixed-race, they’re mixed. Black folk should let half-black people sort it out for themselves. Black people don’t support intermarriage because of dilution, which has always been the downside of IR relationships that produce children. Mickey, it’s not about sex. Blackmen aren’t gonna stop sexing non-african women and other men aren’t gonna stop chasing blackwomen. The integrity of the black race is what matters. Do we want future generations of black women and men to look like their african ancestors, or, do we want to become like puerto-ricans and dominicans…they’ve diluted themselves so much, they would not be seen as black in Africa. The Struggle Continues!!!

    Global Eros

  46. Tyrone on said:


    Is there such a thing as half-black? Why do we assume that the genetic makeup is 50/50 for those who are half-black?


  47. Tyrone on said:


    The Ugly Truth About The Swirl…Impregnating white females and leaving them to fend for themselves is the real reason why some blackmen push the issue. What’s the point of sexing a white female, if she’s not gonna receive black seed…the thinking of blackmen. In reality, both sides are using each other for sexual release. Blackmen get access to white sugar, and whitewomen get access to “Black Trees.” A lot of biracial children with black fathers resent their black fathers, which makes it easy for them to reject blackness. Blackmen think they’re crossing up whitemen, in reality, the caramel babies grow up to hate blackmen(blackness).

    PS…Biracials will always have conflict with themselves. Blackmen should have black children with blackwomen to avoid the bulls**t that is associated with half-blackness. No disrespect to biracials, just keeping it real.

  48. Mickey on said:

    @ Ms. J,

    I have not necessarily changed my mind, but what I meant was that I believed that Black/White relationships would bridge the gap in race relations here in the US. And what ended up happening was that there is now a sliding scale of IR acceptance where Black/White relationships are still the least tolerated. Maybe not as much as 40, 50, 60 years ago, but it is still the least accepted. I discussed this issue with a Black male friend of mine back when I was attending college and he broke it down for me. He said, “the Black race is considered the worst race to be a member of. Therefore, the worst race to mix with.” That totally answered my question and put things into perspective. I mentioned this on an interracial website that I practically lived at and they agreed. Someone said that my friend hit the nail on the head since Black people were considered less than human and bought/sold like cattle, it is no wonder Blacks would be the least chosen as marriage partners. And it is interesting that in Europe, the majority of IR are Black/White. Asian/White IR are the least popular.

  49. Tyrone on said:


    Biracials are used by white racists to present false doctrine to black people. “Black people, we don’t hate you, we support IR relationships. Biracial men and women are pawns of racist whites. Diluting the black race via sex is another form of genocide, educated black people know better.


  50. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    I say let biracials be biracial. From a strategic stand point, claiming anyone with a drop of African blood as Black has had nothing but negative consequences for Black people. Some people just don’t understand histroy. We don’t study the past and we don’t plan for the (distant) future. What is happening now has happened to our people before. Since we are a minority, we can be erased without whites even picking up a gun. But we can’t see this because we are living in the now. They wiped out nearly the entire African population’s of Argentina and Chile through sex (and in the case of Argentina, it was a large Black population). Read “The Afro-Argentines of Buenos Aires, 1800-1900” George Reid Andrews. Read “Black Spark, White Fire” by Richard Poe. Entire Black populations around the world have been absorbed by miscegenation. And what do we gain from it? I’m currently reading a book called “Black into White” by Thomas Skidmore about the Brazilian governments policy of branqueamento or whitening after slavery ended. Importing large numbers of European males for the sole purpose of mating with African women. Survival trumps all things. Even (romantic) love.

  51. Tyrone on said:


    The most racist whites are the Spaniards, let me be crystal clear about this fam. Spanish blacks are afraid to identify as black, blackwomen don’t like blackmen and vice-versa. African-Americans who kiss the ass of spanish folk are “Dumb Dumb” in the worst way…No Excuse! Whites who have the most african blood in them are the worst racists. White arabs behave in the same way. Both groups of whitemen plundered and gorged themselves on the bodies of our foremothers. Tyrone is an elephant…I Never Forget!

  52. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, blackwomen are the gatekeepers…Melanin and Phenotype!

    PS…Do you think that blackwomen who are caught up in the madness realize they’re being played by whitemen?

  53. Mickey on said:

    I also read years ago that in Africa the Arabs, who call themselves Janjaweed, where literally wiping out Blacks in Sudan. They would kill the Black men & boys and rape the Black women and girls, not only as a terror tactic, but also to breed out the Blackness (the Arabs consider themselves “Red”). So that the next generation of Sudanese people will be mixed Black and Arab and will be lighter-skinned than their darker, pure-blooded Black relatives.

  54. I’m not a fan of these kind of ppl. sorry! Pro-black here only.

    not all mixed ppl tho.

  55. biracial is as much as a myth and a lie as calling a pale albino white. and those with the mindset of tiger woods are truly insane

  56. blktea on said:

    Hmm. Seed I looked on your site it says white moderate preservationist. Or something like that. What does that mean? Are you white supremacist light? Interesting asking questions you already know the answer to. What seeds are you sowing?

  57. Crissjensen on said:

    Here is something good.

  58. kowaba on said:

    Yeah. I agree. Black people need to realize just because someone looks like you (biracial) doesn’t mean they are your friend or have your best interests at heart. Biracials, I think, are the product of a self-hating black person and a racist nonblack person. The odds are stacked against the biracial to see black people in a favorable light. In addition, the media and society reinforces the myth of black inferiority. Black people should not allow their guard down completely just because someone has black ancestry.

  59. Tyrone_dk@yahoo on said:


    The racists are in bed with us, lest we forget. Any person or group that wants black people to hate blackness is an enemy of our race…Period! Black is the only color that i see, f**k the nonsense. The PoC crap is irrelevant to me. Others will always envy our race, so, worrying about the feelings of others is a waste of time and energy. Biracialness is not pro-black, and never will be. Self-Hatred is not acceptable…Period!


    and hate what they can’t be, so, it makes no sense toword

  60. This issue of identity and classification is a topic covered frequently on the blog. In short, here’s the bottom line. Race is based on unearned privileges and penalties. In a world dominated by the European aesthetic, one is either white or they are not. In Brazil, people use all sorts of terms to avoid the terms “negro” or “preto” meaning black, because here, being black is to be “ugly”, “dirty”, a “thief”, “second-class citizen”. Everything associated with beauty, intelligence, wealth and goodness are white. Brazil has long seen itself as a “racial democracy”, but one only need turn on the TV, visit a magazine stand, look at the political and business leaders and see that South American white supremacy is alive and well in Latin America’s largest country and economy. Identity is a personal thing, obviously, but often times, society’s image of a person often has more influence on that person’s opportunities in life.

  61. honeytreebee on said:

    @BlackWomenBrazil It is sad but true what you speak of.It shows that it is not just our numbers as we can be a majority like in certain states here and in Brazil and still struggle with controlling our own space. It takes more than just numbers to gain control. We need self love and unity to get to a better place. I think that hiding blackness is a big problem as it is a symptom of lack of love for self and heritage. Great comments by the was.

  62. I’d hazard a guess and state that that is the same all over. The operative term being they are not seen as ‘white’. It will and does influence your place in society. Hence when people give me a break down as to what races are in their bloodlines I refer to this as the anything but black syndrome. If the person possesses an iota of a ‘non-white’ phenotype, they will be treated as such. People who constantly harp on their ‘mixidness'(I don’t know if that’s a word, but it is now!) are deluding themselves. People may ask what ‘your are’; if they have to ask, they know you ain’t white.

  63. Hi, bi-racial American lady here. Thought I’d offer my personal two cents.

    I am not part African-American, and I cannot even begin to speak for another race. That’s a lot of people to speak for. But I CAN speak to the bi-racial bit. It is such a relief to be able to check more than one box on the ‘Check your race’ boxes for surveys, mostly because I identify with both and neither of my heritages at the same time. I don’t fully connect with my Chinese heritage, and I’m really not all that connected with being white because I am so passionate about said Chinese culture. There’s more to be said about my access to each culture based on my appearance, but that’s a different discussion entirely.

    I’m not ashamed of being part of a minority in America (one that has also faced heavy discrimination, might I add!). In fact, I really love it. Mostly, I identify as bi-racial because it makes the most sense to me. I’m both. Some may identify as one or the other, but I don’t see race as something you can take on and off like a t-shirt. I identify as bi-racial because that is who I am. It would be a relatively simple matter to sweep my Asian heritage under a rug and reinvent myself as white only. I don’t have any particularly characteristically-Asian features. But I argue for those extra check boxes because they get me closer in describing who I am. I’m sure that with my tan-but-not-brown skin I have more privilege than most. I’m sure that I unconsciously take advantage of white privilege, and it is something I seek to avoid. Identifying as bi-racial for me is not an attempt to become more white–it’s an attempt for everyone to understand that I am more than just white.

  64. Thank you for your input.

  65. mrsmorris on said:

    I’m so sorry, maybe moreso that I feel the need to preface my next statements with an apology, but in your avatar you look completely Asian and the fact that you can’t see that and think you could just reinvent yourself as white…well, that for me is one of the defining issues of biraciality. I have come across so many bi/poly racials who cannot see how non-white they appear to others, it makes me wonder if biraciality is not in some ways traumatizing to the developing child’s sensitive brain. Being that your picture is thumbnail size on my android phone, at first glance and before I read your post, I assumed you were a light skinned black woman. Which leads to the biracial’s most well guarded secret, assuming they are black, well that just my ruin their day. Oh, how the recessive “geners” have messed folks up.

  66. “you look completely Asian and the fact that you can’t see that and think you could just reinvent yourself as white”

    For her to be “full” Asian… I dunno.

    The bridge of her nose is too highly elevated, her cheeks are too low and her eyes lack a prominent slant. Also, the crease above her eyelid is not what you typically see in Asians.

    Give her a semi-decent bleach job, a blow out, some well done eye shadow and blush and she’d pass. Darker, more pronounced non-white people have “gotten away with it”.

    Re: bi/poly racials – Asian and Hispanic half-breeds get a pass all the time, mainly because the whites need their melanin, and they don’t pose anywhere near the same threat as us. White people didn’t allow Hispanics to come back “Illegally” just so they could work minimum wage service sector jobs that will disappear in the next 5-10 years.

  67. To mrsmorris–

    By a “defining issues of biraciality” do you mean to say that many biracial people believe they have the ability to be one or the other race? As in it’s something to be picked, and many choose to “be” white because it is seemingly advantageous culturally? If so, then I think I may have been too vague in my thoughts. I personally don’t think I can pass for either race very successfully. I may be overly sensitive re: how Asian I look, this may very well be true. However, it is far more easier for me to pass for “completely white” than “completely Asian.” That said, even if I could pass for completely white I don’t want to. Being biracial for me is about being a blend of both, so I can’t just be one or the other. Race may be something one can assume (e.g. when someone looks “white enough” to pass) but it is not something one can choose (because that’s genes). I know of many who disagree with that point, though. So.

    I don’t quite understand what you mean by “the biracial’s most well guarded secret, assuming they are black”–if you have the time, would you care to explain further? Thanks.

  68. Bry, ms. negress, and interested others…this has been my experience with biracials: (blacks)-externally, they are constantly receiving evidence of an elevated status relative to their standing in the black community, from other blacks no less. Internally, they struggle with feelings of inferiority (aesthetically/socioeconomical) around whites and (culturally/dominancy issues) with blacks. Notice I used “around” for whites, and “with” for blacks because it is in our nature to include biracial blacks within our culture naturally, whereas whites will tolerate having them around. Bi-blacks understand and appreciate that about blacks, resent that about whites, are aware of their favored status in the media and society…yet, they are incredibly insecure usually only up until they wholly embrace their African heritage and immerse themselves in black culture utilizing their white genetics ONLY as an intuit into the perverse psyches of whites…taking that insight and using it to navigate amongst them. As for biracial Hispanics, the ones I know are vocal about being whiter than full Hispanics and calling them black is a full oninsult. I can’t stand them and don’t give much weight to their intellectual capacity. Biracial Asians…that one is peculiar because Asians, like blacks, have their phenotype ridiculed and mocked by whites…but the mixed offspring blends into white society quite differently than black/Hispanic biracials…and something about Asian culture leads me to believe that their white biracials would jump at the opportunity to alternately enjoy white privilege AND cry about Asian discrimination.

  69. It’s true: white privilege should be kicked to the curb, and it doesn’t help that current systems support ethnic switching. Re: the “whiter Hispanics” v. full Hispanics–just, no. White isn’t (or shouldn’t be considered) better than other races! Wow, yeah. I’m bummed that it manifests like that (I mean, I’m not surprised because we live in a predominantly white society, but still!). Re: how mixed offspring of Asians blend into white society differently…I wonder if perhaps that has something to do with the “model minority” association. As in the “they’re not so bad” sort of thinking because Asians don’t really cause “trouble” to white society?

    Another question for you: what’s the something about Asian culture you’re referring to? I don’t ask in a challenging fashion, but I want to know your thoughts better.

  70. Yimchasundays, I see an Asian woman when I see your avatar. Period. I showed my husband, asked him to guess your ethnicity, he said the same-Asian. What you might want to process is, how that makes you feel and why? I don’t buy into, respect, or seek to promote the white race trying to expand the delineation of “white” by allowing non-black biracials to identify as such. When I hear a non Anglo-Saxon refer to themselves as white, I am aware of the construct by which wasps have allowed non-blacks a ticket to the party of privilege so long as they keep the superiority status alive and well…and who then is inferior? The only race to have the full expression of dominant genes…the most hated race…and I won’t play into anything that is a disservice to that race. Now, I have my own healing to do and my unlearning…at 34, I am just realizing how miseducated I’ve been. I have no real palpable issues with the other minority races (non-black) and I have no right to deny anyone’s heritage, not even my own…but in my very early and naive understanding of the way these recessive geners have raped, pillaged, and conquered, and to this day benefit from those murderous crusades against mankind, I cannot be dismissive of biracials falling into the trap of entertaining passing and/or feeling some type of delight at being told they look white…some type of shame at being told they DO NOT. Recessive genes are not desirable. Why would anyone desire what is weak?

  71. I always saw Asians as very similar to Africans in how they’ve been disparaged and disrespected by the white race…used as a novelty in IR relationships, stereotyped, and forced into slave labor type circumstances for the ultimate profit of the majority race. Maybe the comparisons end there, but when I mentioned something about the Asian culture: Africans are a proud people, whereas I always assumed (incorrectly maybe) that Asians were less confident in their abilities and accepted an inferior designation by whites, thereby viewing acceptance into white culture as a positive…using their Asian heritage only to place guilt upon their white counterparts when convenient. Asians, like Africans, have provided a lucrative resource of creativity, intellectual property, advancements, labor and development that the white man has gladly claimed as his own and reaped the benefits from. The small percentage of IR relationships that transpire, do not change that history and hopefully the resulting offspring can come to terms with that. My great grandmother was an Irish woman married to my African grandfather, yet she called blacks porch monkeys. I had to be able to see her for what she was and never allow my relation to her blind me to the knowledge that I shared a heritage with those same people she denigrated.

  72. I feel fine. I mean, I feel a little surprised, but it’s more of a compliment than anything negative. Am I supposed to feel otherwise? I don’t have a problem looking more white or more fill-in-the-minority, but is that what the issue is here? I’m reading a text and not hearing the nuances of your voice so to me asking to “process” how I feel about looking Asian, full stop, reads somewhat negative and patronizing . It’s fine if others think I look more Asian than anything else, but I’m not too sure on why my interpretation of my features is so off base/”wrong.” It’s just that you came back to this bit when I thought it had dropped, so I find the return jarring. It seems important. Is it? Or am I missing your point? Sometimes sarcasm is difficult to pick out in text.

    I agree that both Asians (though I can only say definitively for Chinese and Japanese immigrants) and Africans have been targets of discrimination. Oh man, the laws America has passed! So bad. But OK, yeah, I don’t think one should make a sweeping generalization about how Asians take it lying down. Whether or not it’s true, that’s a big statement. (And I realize that cultures have basic, overarching archetypes, but this is an unsupported–and rather derogatory– assumption and not a study). Just because there wasn’t a well-known race riot for Asians in America does not mean the discriminated passively accepted a role as supporter of the discriminators. I’d relate it more to the model minority thing, but that’s probably a different discussion.

    I digress.

    I have read through your points a few times. I can understand your reasoning and your experiences, for the most part. A lot of what you wrote makes sense. Some of it didn’t, and I had to look it up (I didn’t actually know what “wasps” meant). In case you opt not to reply (because this is a rather lengthy conversation), thanks for sharing your opinions. I know, I know! I sound like an overly-polite grade-schooler, but I do appreciate your insights. So.

  73. Yimshasundays, I have encountered many non-black biracials with pronounced ethnic phenotypes who don’t seem aware that they don’t appear white (Anglo) and I would hope that they could understand that is a good thing. When for the second time you intimated that you could easily “pass”–I think the statement was, “however, i could far easier pass for completely white than completely asian”. That tends to baffle me. The reality tv girl “snooki” is not white to me. The picture above of carly Simon, she does not appear white. So when ethnic non-blacks identify as white or believe that is an option to them, I think its…well, let’s just say I question the thought process behind it. But if you feel otherwise, that you can pass, i suppose that has been your experience. You can peruse through ms. negress’ blog or do your own white supremacy research to better understand why Anglos are far less restrictive about the white designation being acceptable for ethnic non-wasps. What I mentioned was not intended as compliment or insult…it was just my objective observation and tied into my thoughts on the internal struggles of biracials, as well as the expansion of white privilege to include groups that at one time were excluded…that at one time were the niggers (see Italians). Biraciality is a complex and sensitive topic if for no other reason than it happens to involve a loved family member who happens to share a lineage with a group many consider a dangerous enemy.

  74. @mrsmorrisblaque…

    *slow…slow clap*

    I have been saying ALL you have said for years, especially about white involved in IRR.

  75. Forced Reality on said:

    @ Crissjensen:

    Good video!

  76. I suppose I must own i use the term biracial as an excuse to sit on the fence and not commit to either side — or rather to pretend to respect both.

    My father was black. He died in a car accident before i was born. My mother took me away from that side of my family when i was young and i mostly spent time with her family.

    Growing up i felt more comfortable with white people. I always felt inferior to blacks and i developed much self-hatred. indeed one of my brothers who was also mixed comited suicide for reasons related to his identity issues.

    I agree with what’s been said about the significance of the gender of the white parent. My mother and her family certainly made me feel accepted but as i grow older my view of things is changing.

    At the moment i don;t have much racial identity.

    I would like to think of black people as MY people, but over the course of my life i;ve developed a very borderline personality and i have intense fears and paranoia that black people dislike me for “acting white” so i tend not to try and associate with them.

    They of course classically interpret this as a sense of superiority when it is in fact a defense born of paranoia.

    As for other mixed people i do not see them as black, even the ones who identify only as black. a mulato is a mulato he/she is not black. We’re lost without a home weather we like it or not

    The experiences of a mixed person are not the same as a black person even when they share the same environments.

    I think there should be words to designate various racial mixtures and they should be thought of as unique races under the broader understanding of the inherit differences mixed people face as opposed to mono-racial individuals.

  77. @ scar

    “I think there should be words to designate various racial mixtures and they should be thought of as unique races under the broader understanding of the inherit differences mixed people face as opposed to mono-racial individuals.”

    Such as what for example?

  78. ? As such words as i described, I’m saying I wish there were such words. The closest we get is mulatto which is more of an insult than a designation to be claimed.

  79. @ scar

    I see.

    Well, All I can say regarding your post is this. No one has the right to tell you how to self identify. Only you know how you feel.

    But a word of caution.

    White supremacy has always used mixed races for trickery/ deception in one way or the other directly or indirectly.

    This has been the case since they invented racism and will always be the case until this vile system is eradicated.

    Good luck with your journey.

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