Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Sophisticated War on Blacks


First, I’d like to thank Kushite Prince for his awareness of the system that seeks our destruction. Thank you sir, for being on our side and sharing this with me.

Second, it is time that ALL OF US wake up and admit the truth that’s been staring us in the face for 500 years.


The European man, woman and child is our bitter enemy. They wish us dead. Why would the U.S. military create such a sophisticated device and program it in our neighbourhoods?

1. DNA samples will make it easier for Demons to create genetic-specific biological warfare! What does that mean? If they wanted to kill certain blacks that have, say, 60% melanin in their DNA, or perhaps a Rh- blood type weapon, or perhaps blacks that are descendants from the Congo, etc, this would make it easier for them to accomplish it. DNA-specific poison gas has ALREADY been created.

They also add chemicals in our food to:

a. create cancer

b. scramble your brain

c. promote aggression and fighting (they do this with chemtrails)

d. make you docile and compliant

e. kill you if they think you will put up a fight

2. They need our melanin to live:


The Earth is making a “shift” this year. What does that mean exactly? I do not know. But…I do know that it has something to do with us and our level of consciousness and how it relates to our pineal glands.

3. They are terrified that that one black person, anyone, will lead a resistance. So they have to monitor us 24/7/365. Please know that:

a. ALL of you that participate in my blog or any other black awareness blog are being watched. CointelPro would not be on their job if they didn’t send spies or “shells” to infiltrate our schools, jobs and homes via telephone service workers, electric service workers or even the plumbing guy. Black men, CointelPro is infamous for sending “women that you like” meaning tall, buxom, blonde, short, dreadlock…whatever…to “be friendly” with you to gain information. Black women, this applies to you too. Be wary of an overly friendly man who seems too good to be true.

b. Your cell phones are GPS trackers and can be activated remotely. Take the battery out of your phone if you wish to speak privately.

c. Every purchase you make via credit card is being tracked. They are looking for clues that you may be making homemade weapons to fight them. How to fight this? Withdraw your money from the bank and use CASH only to pay for “certain items.”

d. And lastly but most importantly, remember that our beloved leader Marcus Garvey was duped and set up by his right hand man.

4. They observed our social practices/ cultural practices so they know when to strike, how to strike, what to do and how we’ll react. Those of us that are from other countries and love to go to that favorite cultural restaurant, store or hang-out spot like Brooklyn’s Flatbush area, Camden, Trenton or Philly’s south side, know that you are being watched. Money will turn friend against friend, family against family in the blink of an eye. Beware of new faces or anyone that seems too interested in being close to you.

The day is looming closer and closer to what these Demons have been waiting for all along: Our Final Solution. White people want you dead. Gone. Finished. Erased from the planet. You are no longer needed as a source of cheap labour. Accept it. Last year, my own kind berated me for telling the truth about the European man, woman and child. When are we going to wake up and admit that Demons walk the earth in human form? When we’re in the gas chamber? When our bodies are slowly decomposing by the side of the road? When it’s finally in our backyards? Time to open our eyes.

I have come to the painful conclusion that certain entities were put on this earth simply to destroy it and EVERYTHING in it. I no longer hide from the fact that Armageddon is a Spiritual war against Jah’s Originals. The past, our past, is not at rest. It never was. And it never will be as long as these beings exist. As society crumbles via the depreciation of the dollar and high food/ gas prices, EVERYONE will blame us. Why? Because the man in the white house looks like us. And because of social programming. We have no allies on this planet. Everyone will turn against us in the 11th hour. All we have is each other.

And finally…I’d to like to say something to the whites who are planning our demise:

While you make plans to kill The Creator’s Original Creation, The Universe, in her Almighty power and glory, is making plans for you.

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45 thoughts on “The Sophisticated War on Blacks

  1. larissa on said:

    This is a new record they ban your picture on the same day it is posted

  2. larissa on said:

    I’m so screwed I can’t swim, I can’t drive. I often think, when the shit goes down, I’ll probably be one of the first to go. lol joking

  3. larissa on said:

    On a more serious note, we’re all screwed. Recently I’ve been thinking, black people’s refusal to accept/question reality will be their downfall. After slavery, Jim crow and everything else, it’s naive to think that suddenly whites have changed.

  4. Mickey on said:

    Especially since many Whites still believe that slavery was a good thing. Did you hear about the CPAC panel on the discussion of race and the lead speaker mentioned Frederick Douglass writing a letter to his former slave master saying that he forgave him for enslaving him. A White guy who questioned the speaker said, “For giving him shelter and food?”


    I wish I had been there because I would have said, “No, for raping his mother and never acknowledging him as his own son.”

    Slave Masters: The Original Baby Daddies

  5. larissa on said:

    @Mickey, first I’m hearing of it. it is pretty disgusting. just further proof of how far gone these people are. sometimes I wonder, is all this denial or deflection because somewhere they feel a tiny bit of guilt? but no, they genuinely don’t give a sh**, and you have to factor in their massive egos.

  6. Larissa

    The pic I uploaded is still visible from my end. There must be a glitch somewhere.

  7. Mickey on said:

    Speaking of guilt, author Andrew Hacker wrote a book, “Two Worlds: Black & White – Separate, Hostile, & Unequal” said that White people would rather be robbed by a White person, even if they lost more money &/or possessions, than be robbed by a Black person because once they give the Black person whatever it is they demand, they are afraid that the Black person is going to take an extra minute to pay them back for what Whites have done to Blacks. He says that it is guilt and it is something they do not think about until that situation arises. But I feel that a Black person does not need to try to steal from them in order for this reaction to occur. Just raising your voice and looking mean makes many of them uncomfortable.

  8. larissa on said:

    @Mickey interesting I hope to check out the book when I’m done with studying. I concur with you , we don’t need to try to steal. Just enter into an elevator with them. Or just stare at their bag. I once did that in the subway to an elderly white woman. She immediately pulled her bag closer to her body.

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  11. My comment is to concur with dr. delbert blair, that there is no truth until you decide it is truth..


  12. nmmat

    That’s why you and the thousands, if not millions of blacks that are awake/ becoming awake are a REAL threat to these demons. Meditate daily, get lots of sun, stop using flouride toothpaste and get ready…

  13. larissa on said:

    While you make plans to kill The Creator’s Original Creation, The Universe, in her Almighty power and glory, is making plans for you
    One again you killed it. That’s a powerful ending. Exciting times ahead!

  14. Gurl, you ain’t said nothing but a word…already on it..continue to spread that light…

  15. Some music that speaks to what we all need:

  16. larissa on said:

    Our refusal to accept truth will be our downfall, for us, that they haven’t changed, and for them, that they’re not masters of the universe

  17. i know what you mean,i was at walmart and this white woman with her kids was standing in the aisle and when me ,my mom and brother walked down that aisle she said” now watch mommie’s purse”.i wasn’t even lookin at her or her kids.smh. I was thinking bich if i wanted to rob someone it would be your husband because i know they are the ones who have the money and she had 4 kids with her.
    @ truth this post is on point as always.
    They will act up more when obama gets out of office for sure,its crazy to me that they can’t see obama is not for blacks.Obama doesn’t care about blacks and they can’t see that,too busy thinking he[a black man] is messing up their lives,when imo he’s embraces his whiteness more.When people say obama is the first black president,i laught to myself and think more like he’s the closest we are going to get to a black president.WE will never have a malcolm x type presidents,but we will have some house negro presidents.

  18. To ALL:

    I had to reupload this post 4 times. This time I added a video so I hope that helps.

  19. No I can’t see it either. Negress I had written other text that didn’t get through and it was strange because it only happened on your site. The other sites I visited and other computers I used worked fine till I tried yours. Something strange is going on. I left one line comments that never posted. But can post just fine from others. To get something posted I had to use a computer once then find another to post again. Then it seemed to just stop.

  20. Kushite Prince on said:

    @SisterTruth Glad I could be of service. A few hours ago I couldn’t see the pic. But now I can. So maybe the glitch is gone. At any rate, this is a great post that maybe can open some minds. Glad I could help you out. We all have to do our part in this struggle.
    One people,one tribe,one destiny!

  21. larissa on said:

    Yeah I can see it too.

  22. Glad you all can see it now. At least we can recognize what it looks like if it flies into our neighbourhood.

  23. larissa on said:

    @truth they’re so small will you even notice if they fly into neighbourhood?

  24. larissa on said:

    or maybe i’m underestimating the size

  25. Ms. J on said:

    It’s amazing how the RWS are so determined to spy on and mistreat other people but seem to have no time to produce justice. But it’s to be expected.

    The day that Black people get serious and fight back is the day that they’ll show will be over once and for all. And if not, the Creator and nature will. The planet has been deteriorating so rapidly over time due to their greed, extermination of other people, and unhealthy God complex. But any RWS reading this should know that more of us are seeing you for what you are and know your days of fame and fortune are limited.

    You didn’t make my skin color, your skin color, or any other living being from scratch; you may try to, but you are NOT the Creator of life and will NEVER be. Learn to live and do right by others or figure out a way to go to somewhere like Mars.

    P.S.: I had mosquitoes in my house in the Winter time, so DOAN is probably right.

  26. They also make “moths” and “bees”.

  27. Sincere on said:

    I laugh too. The 1st Black President of the western world was Vicente Ramón Saldaña Guerrero aka Guerrero Negro or Black Warrior. He was Mexico’s 2nd President. He abolished slavery before Lincoln. Like Garvey he too was slain by his main man/2nd in command. Yanga Veracruz, free slave state/municipality like Haiti , lead by Yanga himself a maroon/runaway slave like Toussaint. This the closest we will have to high ranking leadership that cared/layed their lives down behind POC. To those watching us: I now know who I am & The Power I possess. Yes, you should worry.

  28. Ms. J on said:

    It just shows how sophisticated RWS are. Rather than do the explicitly dirty work themselves, they get non-white people – and inanimate objects – to carry out their mission.

  29. And it’s their own inventions that will ultimately destroy them.

  30. Umoja on said:

    I’ve noticed that many Blacks (Afrikans) are “waking up”. There’s NOTHING whites can do to thwart this. Not this time around. They can spray chem-trails, what-ever. They can not stop the inevitable or what has been ordained. There are many great powers unseen greater than any force or tactic they put forth. Whites are innately spiritually dead, thy have no power but through their will….their hands and cracked souls and minds. Which has no bearing on those powers unseen. Many are waking up ,but not enough. Maybe there will be more and the negativity that I see amongst Blacks will change. We are just experiencing the beginning of this much needed, imperative” awakening”.
    What’s ironic? My “awakening” didn’t happen consciously at all, but at a slow subconscious level. I began researching and changing my diet, etc while not realizing that I was experiencing the “awakening” unlike any other. While we are being watched, I’d be careful what I’d share with others here….it’s for our own safety and nothing personal.
    I’ve also noticed that Whites are no longer hiding what and who they truly are. Their practice, maintenance and support of white supremacy in the most vicious forms is showing its ugly aggressive face. Go on YT….you’d be indeed lucky if you come in contact with ONE white person who DOES NOT practice, maintain and support White supremacy. I’ve also noticed that their innate sexual deviances will soon reach its zenith. They are expressing all sexual deviances and violence now and promoting them to the world, shamelessly.
    We are in a new paradigm…..the original people; the African is finally waking up to our truth and glory; while the genetic clichés, recessives, and imposters ( Whites) are revealing who and what they truly are. They are morphing into the savage beast that they are. It reminds me of that movie, ” Dorian Gray “.

  31. Ms. J on said:

    Speaking of webpage problems, has anyone here found it difficult to access Mr. Fuller’s podcasts on Talktainmentradio.com? I have been trying to listen to him for weeks, but the link is always broken. Do any of you know of a website that stores archived podcasts?

  32. Umoja on said:

    I think tech problems have been a problem with many websites since yesterday; that being my experience. I had problems logging on to the cynicalAfrikan yesterday and now YT is experiencing tech problems; but that’s not unusual….I believe YT is part of the agenda to destroy Blacks anyway. They allow such unimaginable racism and hate towards the Black populous, especially Black women; that one can’t be so foolish to think that YT is not intentionally involved.
    FYI….it’s rumored that the US govt’ is putting into plan to take control of the internet all together. I have been told repeatedly to burn anything of importance; after all; if you want to know the truth; it sure as hell not going to be reported through mainstream media.

  33. Soforeal on said:

    smh. our siblings from these other planets are slowly starting to land on earth it`s going to be war. they need to go! i`m tired of them causing destruction and controlling everything, also our people have to start doing rituals on them. the spirits are waiting.

  34. larissa on said:

    all this talk of recessive, mutation, melanin deficient… I’m not saying whitesare not the problem, but how is it better than when they said we were naturally genetically inferior to them?

  35. larissa on said:


  36. Because those deficiencies you listed aren’t problems within us, they’re problems within white people, and the first step in fixing a problem is knowing where the actual problem exists.

    We’ve been trying to fix something that isn’t broken – ourselves, now it’s time for us to fix the real problem – “white” people.

  37. soforeal on said:


  38. Umoja on said:

    I’m assuming that you think “recessive”, “melanin deficient”, etc are racist words?
    They aren’t, they are indeed correct. Whites have a recessive gene which causes the lack of melanin, therefore–melanin deficient. Personally, I could care less about “being the bigger person” or “one wrong doesn’t make it right”, etc….these are two of the many mindsets that has allowed the African to be victimized. Whites have NEVER lived by such mantras or considered doing “right” by the African. It’s time the African removes himself/herself from victimhood and doing “right” by those who desire to only control, dominate, destroy and kill with impunity.

  39. Umoja

    As the shift in the universe takes place, it will become IMPOSSIBLE for them to hide their ways. Just like how we are waking up almost without realizing it, same thing for them.

    I predict the return of open lynchings, cross burnings, mutilations and such.

  40. Sound advice! A real natural substitute for toothpaste I found is Oregano Oil. But it must be organic as with all foodstuffs.

  41. The difference between Caucasians saying that they were superior to us, is that they didn’t have the scientific evidence to back it up. They were simply going off on their own delusions. We base everything we say about them – off of science. It’s a scientific fact that they are genetically recessive.

  42. Armageddon is here. Caucasians are really using every ‘trick’ in the book but like I’ve said so many times, it’s not going to work. And I don’t mean to sound arrogant (yes, I do) but if it wasn’t for the many Nubians roaming the planet, the sun wouldn’t even be in the sky so what exactly do you think them ‘pink creatures’ are capable of. We Nubians are like the trees. They can kill ‘some’, but not all – because then they would have destroyed what is oxygen for good and then every being on this planet will die. Between that, for every Black person they kill, so many of them have to die – thus, their mortality rates and the diseases that their litter are born with (e.g three heads for example and no muscles lol). That’s Mother Nature’s way of balancing out the eco-system.
    Having said all that, Caucasians are willing to take as many Blacks with them and they’re doing in it so many different ways but they’ll be long gone before they can erase every woolly haired, brown skinned individual on the planet. And then life, as it was once was or is…goes on. The next, 17 or so years prove to be VERY interesting. Just take care of yourselves and your children, I guess.

  43. Tyrone on said:


    Black people are “Roaches” in every sense of the word…Hard To Kill! Casper has thrown any and every weapon at his disposal to kill us, and we’re still here. If God wasn’t on our side, we would have died a long time ago. Obviously, the rulers of the universe want black people to remain on this planet as was intended from the start. The crazy thing about all of this, is that, Casper doesn’t have a lot of power over us, not as much as we think. Stupid black people allow whites to “Run” them, not those of us on this blog and others.


  44. Leviqueen on said:

    Esaus time is up. The truth is out, we are the true descendants of hebrew Israelites Gids chosen and elect above all nations upon the earth. Esau is our enemy from the womb that devil will never be our friend so why in the hell would you make them your lover and pro create with them. Exclude them, ignore them, reject them stop looking for the acceptance and friendship. The hell with that demon, Hebrews we need to come together and fellowship, love each other, and take care of each other. White devils envy us with a blinding passion and hate to see us together. I love my black kings and respect my black queens. Lets do this y’all! Kick the dust off our feet and lets stop casting our pearls before swine aka Esau.

  45. I just discovered your blog yesterday! Thank you for this. I currently reside in Boise. Wanted to just be and get away from some family drama. I have a biracial mother, love her, but sadly did not have my best interest at heart. Think she is mentally ill. Growing up she was always trying to get me to have ‘death wishes’. Okay sorry thats for another day lol. I just want to be part of the people waking up, even if my family sadly chooses not to be I guess.

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