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Why The Black Male Must Assume His Role as Protector in the Fight for Black Liberation

As I walk down the street of my neighbourhood one day, I lock eyes with a tall, handsome black man walking with his white wife. His pants, low-slung around his buttocks and his extra-large sweatshirt and work boots gave his boyish good looks a menacing echo. He pulls her closer to him, wraps a protective arm around her waist and smiles cockily at me with beautiful white teeth as if to say, “Look what I have.” I know that smile. I’ve seen it a million times and, shockingly enough, I know why he made the gesture. The woman wore an air of arrogance about her. She too is in on the game. But for her, the ball is totally in her court. And she knows it.

Since the time of physical enslavement, the black man has been:

A stud, made to breed with any black female fecund…even his own daughter

Targeted for extermination by slave catchers…now called The Police

Dumbed down in school…if he even went to school

Experimented on and castrated

Denied proper wages to support his family…if he could find work at all

A drug pusher/ addict/ seller…Thank you CIA

A lusty, cocaine-sniffing rapist of white virginal flesh

And a killer of his own race…by ways of the FBI selling guns to young, disenfranchised men with nothing to lose.

Since writing my “Black Female Role” post, I’ve thought long and hard about what to say regarding my black man and his plight; And his plight is a delicate one. The black man, the other half of the black woman’s Spiritual complement, must resist temptation from the perils of a white dominated society where he is intentionally set up to fail and accept his role as a protector and educator of his black family unit.

Perhaps an overprotective mother and an absentee father is to blame. Perhaps it’s the white mis-education system that prepares him for prison. Perhaps it’s the drugs being administered to him in school that wets his appetite for illegal substances. Perhaps it’s the media’s depiction of him as a glorified, piece of chocolate flesh who fulfills carnal fantasies…or perhaps it’s his own disillusionment of what he’s supposed to be fighting for. The black male is born in a society trapped between wanting to be the man, husband, father and role model the Creator wants him to be and having to decide very early on in his life if those noble ambitions are worth dying for. The system and the Evil predators that formulate the system are deathly afraid of any black man who shows love for himself, love for his woman and love for his race. Add intelligence to the mix and he is automatically targeted for termination. That is why they have spent trillions of dollars turning his strength into feminine weakness via the introduction of homosexuality, his passion and fierceness into thuggery via criminality and his sexual virility into vanilla-flavoured debauchery by allowing him to indulge in destructive fantasies.

The black man, who was put on this earth for 2 reasons; to protect his most valuable asset, his woman; and to plant his seed to continue his genetic lineage, has been attacked, cajoled and removed so his task, if he chooses to accept it, is more difficult than ever. As the world awaits the black woman to rise up and assume her role, the black woman is also waiting for the black man to rise up and join her in their task for planetary leadership. She cannot be successful without his support, his love, his acceptance of her and his desire to protect her above and beyond anything else.

How can he accomplish this task?

By accepting who he is, why The Most High created him first as the Original Man and focusing his Spiritual energies on what he was made to do: Protect and love his black family by any means necessary.

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117 thoughts on “Why The Black Male Must Assume His Role as Protector in the Fight for Black Liberation

  1. larissa on said:

    As for the media pushing black men with other women, it is another way of saying, there must be something really wrong with them if their men prefer every other woman except them. I don’t like seeing black men with white women, my gut reaction is a feeling of uneasiness and anger. However, I sometimes think, who am I to judge two people who may be in love? Then again, given the system we’re all trapped in, there’s always a part of me that feels uneasy with this pairing. Especially because the opposite seems significantly rarer. You rarely see rich/attractive/smart/talented/men parading their white girlfriends. I also wonder, if it weren’t for their societal position at the top of the racial beauty totem pole, would black men still be so attracted (physically) to white and other non black women?

  2. larissa on said:

    In one of your posts you mentioned that for black men, interracial dating is a way to escape having to face the pain of looking into the eyes/soul of your other black half. That resonated with me. Since black men are the hottest men on the planet, other women will always chase after them. And since men like variety, they will always chase outside of their race. Add the beautiful flowing long hair woman to the picture, and this problem is not likely to go away anytime soon. On the bright side, most blacks date and marry their kind, right?

  3. Love this. Black men have been dumbed down and feminized by way of rappers.They have their butt out which to me is femine,in the animal kingdom its the female who displays her backside making it known she is ready to mate not the male. They try to make it seem saggin pants is cool but saggin spelled backwards is ni@@as.They are feminized by not choosing a woman based 0n who she is but what skin tone she is.America is becoming a prison culture,most of this stuff originates in prison.
    Its a shame so many black men accept this and accept being portrayed as a sex object.Ok i get it someone saying your privates are big is a huge ego boost,but look at the whole picture.What are they really saying.They are saying that’s all you’re good for.Black men and women have become sexualized, the difference is black women recognize it more than black men do.We should not embrace complimets about just our physical appearance, how big your butt,d@k,chest are should not matter.Instead we need to care about our communities,education,health,and family.We are like a hamster on a wheel running but going nowhere.We are worried about the wrong things,we are stuck on this hamster wheel of lust,greed,sex,egotism. WE need to replace those with humbleness,love,wisdom and respect to get off the wheel.
    I’d like to also say pay attention to sterotypes.Blacks have superficial and immoral stereotypes about us.Asians have stereotypes of being good,being smart,and knowing kung fu. the worst sterotype for them is being terrible drivers,vs us who have worse stereotypes of being violent. We are the only race who has nothing but bad or sexual stereotpyes about us.

  4. understand how you feel.At the same time i feel like let those foolish men go who just care about what everybody else thinks.A man who can’t think for himself is not a man i’d want to have as a husband.How can a man lead a household when he’s too busy following everyone else. I think its mostly the hood boogers or the ones who were in the hood then became famous who want a white woman.Notice men like terrel owens and ochocinco how they have black baby mommas then when they made it they say they don’t want black women.That is why us black women need to leave those men alone and demand commitment before sex and babies.I say let the tiger woods,ochocincos,oj simpsons,and terrel owens go.They are not worth any queens time.
    As for the white women that get with these men that have self hate,well i hope they happy.I don’t see how someone can stand by a man who says he hates his own women then turns around and says i love my mother.I can’t wait for truth to do the post about double standard i’m going to go in on that.ANyway those men can only stand the blackness on them,their,mother,sister,friends,and cousins.THey have a white way of thinking that they are the exception and every other black is beneath them.I say let those people go,we are better without them.I’d rather have real black men and women by my side as my brothers and sisters than some judas ni@@as.

  5. You nailed it with this one. Don’t get vexed about the bleached she demons – hubris precedes a fall and that brother will soon learn white ‘jay might seem like a good fit at the start but that shit wears out like a tshirt off the clearance rack at Walmart after a few loads (pun intended).

  6. larissa on said:

    ”We are the only race who has nothing but bad or sexual stereotpyes about us.”
    I’d argue that, although some stereotypes are less offensive than others, when push comes to shove, it’s all about refusing to acknowledge the full extent of the humanity of the person being stereotyped. Refusing to acknowledge that they can be complex and varied, and instead putting them into neat little boxes and categories where they are easier to control.

  7. mary burrell on said:

    Are you aware of the youtube where the brothers are talking about going to Brazil for women? They say black american sisters are just too much trouble. Brothers will not even give a woman a seat on the commuter train or bus. It’s that serious. And the language they use to talk about young sisters. I am sad.

  8. T. Bee on said:

    Yes I’m aware. I walk pass them everyday and they are just foul. They are this way with the women from Africa too. That is why a lot of sistas where I’m at are moving on. They are dating other black men from other places. I’m telling ya you don’t have these problems with brothas from other places.

    The thing with the Brazilian women is that they want over here and will cater to him like he is a king over there for the dollars. Then once here they will drop him and send for their man there or take the kids and move back. I’ve seen this so many times and a lot of the Brazilians are color struck and too busy trying to breed the black out. So, they really like the light ones and they’ll take the dark ones, but when the time is right they’ll jump ship. These brothas forget when they are on vacation it is different from when they are here in everyday life.

  9. Throughout Youtube you will find 100’s if not thousands of videos depicting Black women in every negative way conceivable and undesirable. That is the plan. The fierce, INTENTIONAL , GLOBAL agenda is to break the bond between the Black man and Black woman—thwart procreation and depopulation method. Therefore break the bond of the concept of a strong Black family and community, leave the Black woman to fend for herself and children and neutralize the Black man in fighting against white supremacy. His half-white offspring will neutralize him. It always does. White supremacy will have even more of a chance to infiltrate the populous.
    In addition; praise and breed with whites. Which will further create disunity and have the African populous locked in with disunity, never having a chance to recover.
    You’ll see this throughout ALL media engines. Black men paired up with anything but a Black woman. What does the white man use for his last aggressive act in war? He gives you his woman. Whole civilizations have been wiped out because of this war tactic or never having the ability to reclaim their unity with each other. Black men are succumbing to this head first and by the truck loads, having no clue how they ‘re causing our own demise now and in the near future.
    Black men throughout Youtube have one video after another demeaning and degrading Black women while promoting whites and others; there are Whites impersonating Blacks while posting those same videos. I believe our military govt, is behind this agenda with the human programmed cyborgs created for this INTENTIONAL agenda. Something sinister is in the air for the coming years for the Black populous, both here and abroad. If people would bother to read, ” The Interracial Con Game” and ” Black love is a revolutionary Act”, they’d KNOW that breeding with whites has ZERO to do with love, ZERO. As long as the system of white supremacy is present as Neely Fuller stated, ” NO BREEDING WITH WHITES”. It is definitely a con game and the most aggressive act of white supremacy against the African populous.

  10. The lion CANNOT survive without the lioness. The Black man cannot survive without his NATURAL PARTNER…..the Black woman and vise-versa.

  11. Miss Mary

    The “trouble” that they are referring to is black feminism, aka white zionist agenda.

  12. Umoja

    When I wrote the “7 easy steps for countering white supremacy” post, I put copulation with your enemy as the number one thing to stop doing immediately.

    Sex with whites while we are at war?

    no thanks.

  13. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Negress and family: Today in my work place I was listening to a conversation between three young sisters and the conversation was about the brothers going to Brazil and they commented that there family members were making comments about how there mothers and grandmothers told them not to bring any dark skinned ugly people to their houses. I couldn’t say anything. They talked about how they were glad their brothers and cousins married non black women to make the children pretty. How are black people going to come together with this mess.

  14. This is a powerful piece. I’ve been thinking about the best way to encourage our black men to fulfill their roles. I appreciate this piece particularly because of the love and care taken to describe exactly what we need from them, and why we KNOW and UNDERSTAND that it won’t be a difficult task. Still…the work has to be done. Peace and thanks…I just found your blog so this is the first post I’ve read.

  15. honeytreebee on said:

    One of the great down falls is accepting white roles for what men and women do. If , you know that your man is having a hard time finding work and you have a job make it work. He can work in the house and manage the funds. Too often we let society dictate what is okay in our homes. He is still protecting the family and providing for his. I think we let each other go too easily. especially over some money. we have known for a long time that they do this to black men he can be a million time over qualified for the job, but they just won’t hire him. So, we need to do like we did before and have our own businesses and then black men will have jobs that provide for them, theirs and their community.

    However, they name calling and hitting and vulgar sexual displays have to stop. This is off of both ends. No more call Tyrone behavior a la Eryka Badu. No more calling your sister, wives, mothers, or any other black woman any of those nasty words. I think for us here this goes without saying. when I have traveled out of the USA I noticed that black men don’t refer to me or other black women this way either. Not to say that there aren’t challenges it is just much easier and less craziness. We black people have a lot of healing to do yet the ones here I think have more to do than others.

    The black woman will not be denied her complement forever. It just may be that many a black men in America will miss it and be too late. Once I started to venture out and met other black men from other places it bothers me a little less. It still hurts because we are connected beyond the atomic level to our brothas yet, it is them that have to wake up and want this. If, not I predict that more and more black women will leave and find their men else where and may never come back.

  16. mary burrell on said:

    How are black people going to come together with this sickness? There is much sickness in our people Negress as you said. I don’t know how these things like black men protecting their women when the ones that I see don’t want to be with black women. How are we going to defeat white supremacy when many blacks are not wanting to be black? The is just mind boggling to me. I am just telling you what I witness on a daily basis.

  17. I can only hope that those of us that are becoming “awake” will lead the rest of us that are trying. The sad fact is for many of us, it’s already too late.

  18. honeytreebee on said:

    try looking at African Hollywood instead and refuse to watch anymore of the white Hollywood bs. Really take action a take every opportunity to spread it.

  19. honeytreebee on said:

    Yeah some black men have it bad for the straight hair stuff. Yet a lot of sistas are coming out of it. I hope the men follow soon. as for the pain part I guess we all have to face it sooner or later. I don’t think a white woman gonna be able to help you.

  20. honeytreebee on said:

    It has always been a mystery for me as strong as black men can be that they are in this state of being. when I have to fight a man at the department store for a dress he wants to wear. I’m moving and never coming back.

  21. honeytreebee on said:

    Oh Bry How spry.

  22. Umoja

    When Obama is no longer president, all hell will break loose. Whites never forget or forgive.

    After losing to Haiti and Toussaint, whites plotted to disrupt the fault line using HAARP.

    This is just one of the many examples if their insanity for revenge.

  23. honeytreebee on said:

    No we are the only ones who are bashed down with it. They portray other men as abusers and having tiny third legs. They are not happy until all men except them are feminized so they are starting with the biggest and most dominant one. The want him down and dead because if, he rises all of this shit would stop for all people. And what would the white man be?

  24. honeytreebee on said:

    It make you want to cry. we should love our brothers and understand their plight. However, we need to get ourselves in order so that when the time comes we can help them or move on. Sistas get your health in check, manage your finances and check yourself. If, he ain’t here you may just have to go else where to find him. Don’t be afraid to work for, fight for, and only accept a true black man to make your home, family and kingdom with. A self actualized black man is GOD. Never doubt this and ever true black woman needs and deserves to be with her GOD everyday.

  25. that is sad.Peanut did a post on black men going to brazil for women.They go there but a lot of them don’t marry them and in brazil prostitution is legal,so they may think they are treating them nice outta love but its money. THat is crazy that some black people think making a baby with a white person means a pretty baby.Smh those people need help,that is whats wrong with the black community,too many people wanting a cute baby or trying to trap their partner.THey need to be more concerned about who the father/mother of that baby is and if he/she is going to be around.
    Those women at your work have self hate. How can they say a biracial baby is cute but a black baby isn’t.Some women are so worried about what their baby looks like than who they have a baby with,that is pitiful.

  26. honeytreebee on said:

    Negress you are so right our trouble isn’t really with or because of the black man it is because of the white assholes that took us hostage and did a bunch of shit to us and now we are left to clean up this mess and he keeps coming back to fuck it up some more. That’s the real problem. black feminism is a joke cause at the end of the day all these women really want is their man and complain bitterly about not having him.

  27. honeytreebee on said:

    Damn it is everywhere and runs through like measles through the Amazons.

  28. honeytreebee on said:

    @ Mary first we have to acknowledge it and fess up to it. Then, kick out the outsiders White people and POCs. Then get real honest with each other and come to an understanding where this mess comes from and start loving each other real hard I don’t mean sex well maybe later, but giving each other forgiveness and learning to trust again. Then I think we need to bind the bond and never let any thing or one come between us and ours ever again.

  29. mary burrell on said:

    @honeytreebee There is much work to be done.

  30. Agree on the interracial con.Heres a story about a man being killed by his white wife and biracial kids.http://bossip.com/451372/damn-swirl-family-mother-son-daughter-that-chopped-up-father-and-put-him-in-freezer-cops-a-plea-video69691/

  31. Sincere on said:

    Truth, do you have any soaps, creams that would make me darker, blacker, blackest? Something that would make me the same shade as 3am? So black, i’m purple. Color Me Burple. I’m going in the opposite direction of this whitewashing agenda being perpetuated by our own. I’m proud to say I have family, friends who love & appreciate black people. Even when I’m occasionally joked on by family for being “red,” it only reinforces my LOVE for black people, dark people w/the darkest women being the most attractive. Hell, I’m jealous of my people that have that original skin free of “Clorox” via the slave trade. I’m estactic none of my brothers have have that light/white is right complex in relation to relationships. I can’t see how any African w/an inkling of knowledge of self could say in belief the things Mary Burrell mentioned earlier bout the interracial commingling/don’t bring any ugly dark… My mindset/y’all mindset should be, ok: “We ’emancipated’ to a degree. We not on the physical plantation no more. Let’s get our numbers up, get back some of what we lost, by committing The Ultimate Revolutionary Act of LOVE & procreation! Procreating AS we LOVE! Procreating BECAUSE we LOVE! I can’t stand to see any of our people hate they own more than outsiders who hate us. If anything pop off between the races I’d gladly slay them 1st just so I can have a clear understanding of who I’m really up against!

  32. Ms. J on said:

    I have also noticed that YouTube is loaded with videos bashing Black females and males, but hardly any explicitly bash men and women of other races. Also, when’s the last time anyone has seen a Black couple portrayed in an intimate manner in the media? Everything is set up to support the RWS, but most Black people don’t see it.

    Sex is clearly a powerful force on this planet, and we stand the chance of losing that battle.

  33. I don’t see too much black love but thank goodness there are vids like this.
    Part 1 is great too but its age restricted lol but this one isn’t. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQRe1FiqmLU

  34. Sincere on said:

    Ane thank you Truth for putting out that piece of info out there in an earlier response bout HAARP & The destruction of Haiti. Many not knowing about weather warfare or that the UN actually have a treaty signed to not use weather warfare against other nations (of course Haiti don’t count), Extremely Low Frequency/ELF’s. Watching the news today I seen almost 60,000 people have to return for treatment for an immune system attacking agent @the urging of every gov’t agency, news outlet to get the N1flu vaccine.

  35. larissa on said:

    ”Black men throughout Youtube have one video after another demeaning and degrading Black women”
    I don’t know whether to call this stupid or sad. It’s so pathetic. Sadly, they never stop and think, if the black woman is such a shit, then what does that say about me? After all, did I not come out of her? They’re basically degrading themselves for the whole world to see. I mean(verbally) bashing women for no good reason is bad enough, but the women of your own tribe? That’s basically asking everyone to view and treat you like a worthless nobody. Pathetic really.

  36. Yeah its sad that there are some black men bashing black women on youtube.They are contradictions,they say they hate black women yet they love their mother. When you point out that their mother,sister,cousins are black they wanna say what do they have to do with this. Its pathetic that they can’t connect the dots.They see their mother,themselves,and sisters as the exceptional blacks.I think alot of them come from single mothers and are bashing black women because those are things they feel toward their mother,but are too afraid to say.They say things about black women going after thugs instead of the nerdy good guy,they are really mad that their mother didn’t go for the good guy and they don’t have a father in their life and blame their mom.Instead of confronting their mom for not choosing a good father for him he has to blame every woman that looks like his mom [black women].Its crazy to me how some people just look at the women and blame the women instead of holding the man accountable as well.
    Black men need to stop having baby mommas,get an education,stop emulating rappers,stop degrading their women. Black women need to stop having out of wedlock babies,keep getting educated,and stop trying to make a boy into a man.

  37. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    Most of the videos on You Tube that are bashing videos are by black men, many claim to be ex-military. Most of the videos by black women focus on natural hair care tips and tutorials. Black women are trying to educate each other using You Tube. I’ve seen videos by BW in the UK, Europe, and Africa that have learned how to care for their natural hair by watching black american women on You Tube. There is a disconnect here: black women going natural and black men wallowing in anti-blackness.

  38. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    For anyone that want an indepth look at the black american males Brazilian sex tourism trend read the book “Don’t Blame It On Rio: The Real Deal Behind Why Men Go to Brazil for Sex” by Jewel Woods and Karen Hunter. Jewel is a black man that interviewed many black men that go to Brazil. His wife is black . I couldn’t put the book down. Most of the women this guys are with are prostitutes.

  39. @Alchemist,

    I thought it was just me that noticed this.

    It took me several months to locate two Blackmen who have YouTube channels that are in love and support of Blackwomen–only two…

  40. Kushite Prince on said:

    Black men need to step up to the plate and be the leaders of the community. We can’t sit back and expect sistas to do all the work. We have to work together to overcome this thing. Everyone has a role they play. And with love,unity,hard work and understanding we can achieve any obstacle in our path. We must stop the gender war and realize we’re only hurting ourselves in the process.
    Dating white women?? Shouldn’t even be part of the discussion. You can’t be for the upliftment of your people and then lay down and breed with whites. It’s a total contradiction. All uncle tom’s and sellouts can step aside. We don’t need any confused negroes in our struggle. Go somewhere with your cave bitch and mixed offspring. We don’t need you house negroes riding with us!

  41. Kushite Prince on said:

    The better hope they don’t catch a deadly disease. Those brothers are really tripping.

  42. Umoja on said:

    Like Dr. J. Henrik Clarke said, ” You can’t raise an African between the legs of a European.”
    Mixed-nuts bring nothing but confusion and ADD to the current state of division within the African populous globally, in addition they usually side with their “white side”, never to be trusted; potential betrayal always at hand. One foot in the white side and one on the Black side usually. NO good; remaining neutral or choosing “white”. Always making note, ” I’m bi-racial”. Whites will play up the white side by giving favor to mulatoes over Blacks. We see this throughout all media engines. It is NO COINCIDENCE why whites are promoting this agenda. We are at war. It was all planned. Select a “Black” ( mulatoe, hello! ) president, fool the public into believing that racism is subsiding then, BINGO!!…the fierce propaganda to breed with whites. We are at war.

  43. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    It seems that most black/white biracials have white mothers and black fathers. Black men are the fathers of the “buffer” class. The movement to create a multiracial check box on the census was spearheaded by the white mothers of black/white biracials. According to sociologist children are socialized in the cultures of their mothers.

  44. Documentary on the topic

  45. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    Most of the black males that commented generously on your last post have fallen silent this post. I find their silence informative.

  46. Alchemist

    I’ve noticed that too.

  47. so true and its crazy how they think.THey think they are saving the black man from the crazy black woman,and saving the kids from racism by being mixed.Kendra wilkinson said she didn’t think her son would experience racism because he’s not fully black.THey think they can breed out racism,but it’s only going to be replaced by colorism. Also if they have mixed kids they can make them the next standard of beauty after the whites are gone and when they start actin out like the white kids and shoot up schools they will say they are black.Look at tiger woods,he says he don’t wanna claim his black side,but when that scandal went down ppl were saying he black.

  48. blackmystory on said:

    @Alchemist …as one who had commented on the last post and sat back watching a great deal of man bashing on this one, i will chime in and say that, when there is no enemy within, the enemy without cannot win. I will also say that, deflection, finger pointing and transference will never fix the shit we are in. Men and women say that African men are this and that. Reams of trees have been killed creating books. Talk shows and media highlight have been going out about what we as men have failed and continue to fail to do. Angry females, feminist and dudes who are afraid of calling out half stepping females have all joined the conga line. However, when the question of demanding that women raise their standards to the level men are expected, the narrative changes. I want to ask…are the men the sole reason we are in the state we are in? If you are honest, then accountability must be attempted. If the choice is more deflection and finger pointing, then tomorrow will be the same bullshit and deflections and finger pointing. I for one will chastise a knee-grow male for not holding up his end and i will also chastise the female for the same lack. I do so without fear, because my only agenda is for us to come correct. Another thing is most men don’t defend knee-grow males that screws up. But I find females do so for each other. And interestingly enough a lot of knee-grow males do so too. I got news for you dude, we both genders have fucked up and are continuing to fuck up. Whether it is self hating, sleeping white or any other of the plethora of crap we do. The appropriate medication cannot be applied if we over look the disease, by focusing on the symptoms.

    Another thing is y’all need to stop watching who is sleeping white. That should not be our concern. I have personally gone past that distraction and am focusing on what we must do on the ground. These last two posts raise good points and even better questions. Let’s not sully it by useless bashing, it takes away from the big picture.

  49. Today’s also Friday/payday for a lot of people so bills are being paid and shopping is being done… I spent 3 hours shopping for a design tablet, ended up saving close to $250 over the name brand.

    *For any of our designers, this is a decent buy. Monoprice saves a ton of money over Wacom, they may not be black owned but more dollars in black hands at the end of the month > less dollars in theirs.


  50. Ms. J on said:

    It’s definitely a shame, but it’s to be expected. Black people need to wake up!! We’re set to lose if we don’t band together. None of the other races of people have ever fought for our well-being, and they won’t do it now or in the future. That’s our assignment, and we’re slacking. But hopefully those of us who are waking up to the reality of things can make serious changes.

  51. “I want to ask…are the men the sole reason we are in the state we are in? ….. I for one will chastise a knee-grow male for not holding up his end and i will also chastise the female for the same lack. I do so without fear, because my only agenda is for us to come correct. ….. we both genders have fucked up and are continuing to fuck up. Whether it is self hating, sleeping white or any other of the plethora of crap we do. The appropriate medication cannot be applied if we over look the disease, by focusing on the symptoms.

    …. These last two posts raise good points and even better questions. Let’s not sully it by useless bashing, it ** takes away ** from the big picture.” [And, the solution!]


    I agree! There’s ENOUGH blame and BS to go around on BOTH sides of the fence for the seemingly growing separation between bm & bw. How does it profit African men and women right now if we descend into yet another gender bashing/blaming discussion/battle?? If we enter (and remain) in that blame loop, how and when will we ever get at cutting out the rotten cells that are killing our body?

    Isn’t it time NOW to treat the sickness? Much of which, if not all, in my opinion is OUR lack of knowledge of our true selves, and OUR thinking and behaving as a mentally colonized people.

    It’s time to awaken from our long slumber. There’s much work that needs to be done. But we are blessed and gifted! There are many of us that have begun this work in earnest. TruthBeTold aka diaryofanegress, Abagond, Kwamla, Onitaset and many others too numerous to mention here are working hard as catalysts to expand/further our thinking and such towards recovering what we once had as Africans.

    We have a ways to go: to love ourselves – and each other. Blaming one another isn’t going to get us there.

  52. Tee Bee on said:

    This says a lot. Even if you don’t agree with what is being said the fact is they are leaving in droves.

  53. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    Deep inside the mind of the black male “revolutionary”:

    Eldridge Cleaver, former Minister of Information of the Black Panthers and author of “Soul of Ice”
    In Soul on Ice Cleaver made negative references to African American women as “bitches” “amazons” and etc. “There’s softness about white women” he explained “but a nigger bitch seems to be full of steel….The white women is like a goddess …. I worship her. I love white women’s dirty drawers.” Cleavers fixation gave way to calling himself a self professed rapist that targeted white women that arose after “practicing” on his own kind. Cleaver solely believed that this was caused by madness as an act of revenge by the means of accumulated racial injustices. “After 400 years minus my balls, I have the right to proceed any white women I desire.”

    Frantz Fanon -Martinique -born French-Algerian psychiatrist, philosopher, revolutionary
    “I wish to be acknowledged not as Black but as white . . . who but a white woman could do this for me? By loving me she proves that I am worthy of white love. I am loved like a white man. I am a white man. Her noble love takes me onto the road of self realization—I marry white culture, white beauty, white whiteness. When my restless hands grasp those white breasts, they grasp white civilization and dignity and make them mine.” (1952:188) — Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks


    The League of Revolutionary Black Workers: A Historical Study By A. Muhammad Ahmad

    “Male chauvinism was rampant in the League. Sisters would be asked to give It up sometimes when coming to the Cortland office. Discipline began to break down in the ranks after Dowdell left. Some workers had serious drinking problems. Rather than address themselves to solving these problems, the B group (Watson, Cockrel, Hamlin and Forman) spent more and more of their time addressing the left and chasing white women.
    Hamlin spent a lot of time organizing League input in the “Control, Conflict and Change” book club organized by the Motor City Labor League. Less than two percent of the approximately 700 members were Black. Forman was attacked by the A group for having left a Black wife for a white wife. He denied ever having been married to a Black woman. Hamlin and Cockrel lived in the same house with their white concubines. Watson, though he was married, would “jam” white women at League parties and would openly admit he had a “Jones” for white women. Sisters In the League would watch the B group In disgust. The B group In fact was acting out REVOLUTIONARY INTEGRATIONISM, something that MANY Panthers were doing in the same period.”


    In Gloria Wade-Gayles’ book Rooted Against the Wind she talks about all the white people that mentioned black men’s “issues” with WW to her. She was surprised that white people were well aware of it.

    The black man’s obsession with WW and light women must be addressed before we can get anywhere.The obsession breeds enemies within and is creating a buffer class. BM would much rather talk about black women’s hair weaves on You Tube. Black male folklore frames BW as race traitors (see the Willie Lynch Letter). These constant charges of emasculating BM must also be addressed. If BW are emasculating race traitors maybe black men should have found some WW to protest, get spit on desegregating lunch counters, and get arrested to end white supremacy. BW that made those sacrifices did not know that BM were going to use the “progress” created to marry white women, rap about BW being b*tches, mock BW on You Tube, etc. After gains are made will black women be abandoned again?

  54. Matari on said:

    “I want to ask…are the men the sole reason we are in the state we are in? ….. I for one will chastise a knee-grow male for not holding up his end and i will also chastise the female for the same lack. I do so without fear, because my only agenda is for us to come correct. ….. we both genders have fucked up and are continuing to fuck up. Whether it is self hating, sleeping white or any other of the plethora of crap we do. The appropriate medication cannot be applied if we over look the disease, by focusing on the symptoms.

    …. These last two posts raise good points and even better questions. Let’s not sully it by useless bashing, it ** takes away ** from the big picture.” [And, the solution!]


    I agree! There’s ENOUGH blame and BS to go around on BOTH sides of the fence for the seemingly growing rift between American bm & bw. How does it profit African men and women right now if we descend into yet another gender bashing/blaming discussion/battle?? If we enter (and remain) in that blame loop, how and when will we ever get at cutting out the rotten cells that are killing our body?

    Isn’t it time NOW to treat the sickness? Much of which, if not all, in my opinion is OUR lack of knowledge of our true selves, and OUR thinking and behaving as a mentally colonized people!

    It’s time to awaken from our long slumber. There’s much work that needs to be done. We are strong, spiritual, mult-talented, blessed and gifted! There are many of us that have begun this work in earnest. TruthBeTold aka diaryofanegress, Abagond, Kwamla, Onitaset and many others too numerous to mention here are working hard as catalysts to expand/further our understanding and knowledge towards recovering our minds and ways of being … and who we are as original people – Africans.

    We have a long ways to go: to love (and reclaim) our “original” selves – and each other. Blaming one another – over and over and over and over – isn’t going to get us there.

  55. TeeBee on said:

    Al Chemist Ouch I didn’t know it was like that. Reading that was like pouring acid one a wound. Both sides BM and BW are to blame for this mess or are they? Are they not just acting out their hurt and illnes? Reading this you can feel the rage these men feel towards WM and their unexplained anger at BW. Their unexplained adoration for the same women that would have them killed like Emmitt Till. I’ll never understand this… However, we should find a way to help our brothers heal. I don’t know if, we can do this because we have our own wounds and illness to deal with. We never got treatment for us. So maybe that is where we should start pick thing we can agree on

  56. blackmystory on said:

    Thank you both Alchemist, Matari and TeeBee for your measured responses. I just want to say that I actually read Soul on Ice after the Autobiography of Malcolm X at 18, and what I took from that book was a rapist of African women, who took is sick game across town only to get caught up in the times of the 1960’s revolutionary changes. There was no redemptive bone in this cat, yet his alliance with the Black Panther gave him some sort of legend status. The Panthers also had their chauvinistic attitude to African women and yes, Fanon did sleep with Yurugu. Should we dismiss the ourstorical significance of both? Should we not take the knowledge they put forth and not let their failings cloud our judgment, to ignore their impact? You made good point about the League of revolutionary writers, but what about the Zora Neale Hurston, Alice Walkers and such who practice an Anti-African and Anti male lifestyle? Why are they not chastised for this?

    As i said I was so filled with anger, I wouldn’t even talk to a female slightly lighter than me as a teen. That’s the depth of ignorance and anger. It has taken me a long time to grow mature and become a man that prefers to do, think and prefer to work for positive outcome for us. We need each other more than we care to admit in secret. All I am saying is that we can spend the next year talking trash about each other, or spend it building each other up…starting with the children. So if the children are to be put first, then we must be examples of what we claim to like about , i.e. Khazaars, Asians and even Yurug, in the fact that they are admired for their community, economic strength and cultural self love.

  57. This is obviously a great question. But IMHO, the more improtant question is why Black men haven’t assumed their role as Protector.

    It seems to me that anytime a Black man speaks out about it, he’s brutally critisized by Black folks for it. Case in point, Dr. Ben Carson whose comments at the breakfast with the President caused a major stir in the Black community. So what if he’s a Conservative, did he lie about ANYTHING he said? Not from what I’ve read. And what’s with this attitude of shooting the messanger if he’s not cloaked in Democratic principles. IMHO, Black folks should have abandonded BOTH parties DECADES ago!

  58. So these men are basically blaming Black women in the US for being “down” with paying for sex in a foreign country? If they love it, then I triple love it!

    IMHO, these are NOT Black men that ANY Black woman in the US should be upset about. Why? Because they’re so willing to pay for sex!

  59. He needs to get his fear of the white boy out of his mind and soul – oh and stop acting like him and step up like a man instead of blaming the woman of his own race for his own misfortunes or playing the point scoring, juvenile: ‘who has it worse: Black men or Black women’ game… and then perhaps, if he wants to, he can assume his role as protector. *Shrugs*.

  60. My question to anyone who wants to answer is this:

    After Blackmen and Blackwomen admit their faults–then what?

    It seems like there is an ongoing contest online that Black people are playing that goes a little something like this:

    “If only Blackwomen would admit to their problems and stop bashing Blackwomen”
    “If only Blackmen would step up and stop abandoning Blackwomen”
    “I found a great vid where a Blackwoman is admitting its their fault–let’s see how many Blackwomen get defensive”

    I am convinced now that every Black person can log on and “admit” where things have taken a sour turn, but this won’t solve a damn thing because the “gender war” among Blacks at best is an imaginary problem meant to deflect away from the real problem…at least in my “young” minded estimation of things..

    I will be waiting for an answer…

  61. phoebeprunelle on said:

    I meant

    “If only Blackwomen would admit to their problems and stop bashing Blackmen”

  62. Phoebes

    Now we’ve come to the root of my two posts!

  63. I don’t think it’s ever too late. Coming to this site has exposed me to so many great minds/opinions & has led me to recalibrate the focus of my mind & time. I no longer am interested in being shackled to the here & now and really believe that as black people in particular, that maybe the study of metaphysics can help us change our focus. I now have come to believe (as a lot of others have already intimated here & elsewhere–I’m late to the game. lol.but damnit, better late than never)…that we are all spirits having a human experience. Imo we all chose to come here to learn a lesson so that means that EVERYONE on this plane of existence chose their position, their role. After thinking about it, when I think about my rage and anger at the ‘system’ –I realize that when you peel back the layers of my ‘rage & anger’ at global apartheid & by extension whites–at it’s core, is hurt, pain, feelings of helplessness, powerlessness, and a feeling that we as black people in particular have been abandoned by the Creator. I no longer feel that way. I know that at my core I am a loving spirit & I can tell from reading posts here that all of you are too. But when you are born into a cesspool, you will become & reflect that poison. It is understandable and to be expected. But Black people in our anger are limiting our perspective to the physical, the here and the now. We are not this body, this earth, this race, this experience. We ARE Gods. After listening, reading to Dr. Delbert Blair, amongst others & delving & admittedly just becoming aware of this truth (which is my truth and may not resonate with others which is absolutely fine)…but the above resonates with me. Back to the spirit analogy–if, as I have now come to believe, we are all part of the ultimate Creator–not some of us–but ALL of us–then we all serve a purpose. Now when I think about what exists here on planet earth, I see it differently. If I believe that GOD is everywhere and IN everything, then I have to admit that whites are spirit too who I believe have come here to learn a lesson. Just as we have. Maybe a lesson that we, who have decided to come here as black people, have already learned in a previous incarnation–maybe we have even offered ourselves at this time to help them learn this lesson. A sacrificial lamb so to speak. Because again it is a lesson we have already learned. Once earth reaches the 5th dimension, as I understand it, every spirit will have the choice to ascend. Anyone who isn’t familiar with this concept can explore further. Again, it may not resonate with you. But I wanted to share. I love this forum and think it has helped me immeasurably in my growth & knowledge and I hope it continues. Just a thought: Even if you the concept that we are all part of the ultimate Creator doesn’t resonate with you, know there are universal laws that NOBODY & nothing operates outside of & one of those is cause & effect so I think for me personally once I realized that whatever crimes I think whites have historically gotten away with, once I realized that they by the laws of nature CANNOT, as you and I cannot get away with anything, then the anger subsided and I was able to see it from another vantage point. My reason for writing this is I want all of us as Gods to ascend & any negative, weighty emotions like anger will just make it more difficult. Not impossible. But more difficult. And lets face it, after surviving this existence, as black people, we deserve to ascend to a heaven on earth. It’s a choice that only you can make tho.

  64. I am convinced now that every Black person can log on and “admit” where things have taken a sour turn, but this won’t solve a damn thing because the “gender war” among Blacks at best is an imaginary problem meant to deflect away from the real problem…at least in my “young” minded estimation of things..

    Exactly, the old divide and conquer tactic. These problems are embellished in the media ad nauseum. It is to the point that people actually believe the rubbish. This is not to say there aren’t any problems, there are, but there are in other communities also. No, the deflection is a way to having mass populations waking up to white supremacy. They have been using this tactic for centuries, same shit, different toilet bowl. If you look at it, it is a cheap way of doing things, plant a seed and let the weeds grow, weeds once entrenched are hard to get rid of… .

  65. Hey I would have posted more comments but, something is going on and a lot of my stuff isn’t going through. Great posts none the less. Negress I think these two ost were most productive. Thanks for the focus on us I really appreciate it

  66. SugarKiss on said:

    @nmaat433 and ALL

    Regarding your comments above:

    I have come to the SAME conclusions in the last year, especially when thinking about the present and prospects of the future with our ppl.

    I do believe that in America, at least, the spiritual element is missing (or denied us) and that in general, that our lives here on Earth are to elevate to the absolute highest vibration and spread the most love and light.

    It it believed that you choose your lesson, your name, birthday, challenges, your spouse, your CHILDREN ( I can tell you for a fact that I believe my oldest and youngest have been here before…even my hubby) and your EXIT. These souls travel and learn with you. They play roles and help you experience the physical, Earth plane.

    But I also believe that the sickness and greed that is penetrating Mother Earth right now is of a low vibration…it’s parasitic obsession with the physical and with things, wealth and power, if you think about it, is just another side to the notion of universal balance and duality. And here on Earth at least, in our actions and THOUGHTS and deeds (no matter how ‘small’), we have to understand that even though it seems so hopeless and confusing at times, we are Light, and I believe we will be given everything to we need to accomplish what is necessary when the time comes.

    We need to remember who we are, are that we are an extension of the One and that this small speckle of time in a timeless Universe is for learning.

    Be Happy, Be Mad, Be sad, jealous, thoughtful, inspired, confused.
    But remember we are here for a reason and the fact that there are no coincidences or mistakes…Mother Earth is with us in this. She’s fighting, too.

    I do have faith in the restoration of order and that the agenda of peace, love will prevail. It’s really the “how” that matters.

    But it ain’t gonna be easy.
    That’s for sure.

    Thanks nmaat433, I really needed to read that and remember 🙂

  67. About the youtube videos that are seeping with anti-Blackness;

    True Blackmen and Blackwomen–stop WATCHING THEM! Every time you do, you give power to the Blacks who uplift the white establishment.

    There are positive videos on youtube as Alchemist mentioned about natural hair and there are Brothers with educational videos geared towards reclaiming our communities. Truewise7 is one such genius. He has a series entitled the Black Woman is Earth.

  68. Mickey on said:

    Actually, your first comment stands as well. BW bash both BW & BM. Whereas, BM tend to bash BW, but rarely bash each other.

  69. Mickey on said:

    And I think it is sad on many levels.

  70. tyrone on said:


    Refining and maximizing black male sexual prowess for the advancement of the black race is the core issue for blackwomen.


  71. To all:

    I’m going to make a statement that will no doubt anger some of you but since I’m for speaking the truth, here goes.

    It appears to me that whenever we have these conversations about our relationships, the topic of black male sexual prowess ALWAYS comes up. Allow me to make something clear:

    Sex, in traditional African customs, BEFORE the european poisoned us with his sick mind, was a sacred act for producing children. The male was reluctant to spill his seed because it was equal to spilling his “life essence.”

    It ages you.
    Weakens you.
    And causes lustful and distracting thoughts.

    Sex is NOT something black men did FOR FUN. I wanna make that clear so there’s no mis-conception as to the ritual and what it stood for. It brought the souls of man and woman together in Divine Creation.

    It was when the black man lost his way and was introduced to the European system of breeding without any recompense, he became a “buck” or a “stallion.” That is seen today in his desire to “spill himself” without even knowing what it really stood for and how it affects his HEALTH.

    As for the female, her womb is a window to her mind and soul. When she accepts the seed of a man, he is LITERALLY apart of her DNA forever. That’s why she had to be the one who was most concerned with who she slept with.

    I want this “black man stud I have a big black dick” bullshit to stop.

    It has no bearings on our healing process.

    I won’t respond to debates on it because I don’t have the strength today for fighting a losing game with my own kind.

  72. tyrone on said:


    Blackmen lust other women to prove a point that is already known by other men and their women, which is, we rule the bedroom…always have and will be students of womanhood. Brothas who lack racial awareness feel the need to kiss the ass of other men. Black male and sexual refinement are the key sistas. Always remember p3 when discussing black manhood…pro life, pro black and pro blackwoman/woman. I have more to say about this during the week ahead!!!

    Black eros

  73. Ms. J on said:

    @DOAN: I think you should do a post on Afrikan Sexuality and European Sexuality. I’m personally interested to read your thoughts on it and the ways in which we act more constructively in the 8th area of people activity.

  74. @mary you are right, but we can do it. It must be done and will be done…

  75. honeytreebee on said:

    This is so true I’ve seen it all over. It is a positive sign and may be enough to eventually drown out the negative stuff, so it becomes the norm. It also means we are not contained only in these border of the USA but, can go anywhere we choose. We must heal us before we can help them heal. We have a lot of work to do. Insread of focusing on them we nedd to focus on us and build ourselves up and raise our expectations of men. Being chast should be something we lok for in men along with being slow to start a sexual relationship. Men should value their essence far more than they do.

  76. honeytreebee on said:

    I said the same thing, but it didn’t post. I would have been really nice and informative to get their perspective on this.

  77. honeytreebee on said:

    Of course men are not the only ones and neither are women. We were set upon and in that hurt both were victumized. Now we are dealing with the aftermath. It is like if, your wife got raped in front of you and you couldn’t do anything to help her. It would be hard enough to heal over that, but the rapist in our case kept coming back never left and is the police, jugde, and jury on top of being the hostage taker. Now we fight and blame eachother, but it really isn’t us to blame we didn’t start this and the hurtful things come from feelings of helplessness and anger turned inwards beacuse we could not strike out at our oppressor. This is a very hard lesson to learn. Sometimes I don’t know what is to be gained from it perhaps. a new compassion for eachother and a profound humility… We were once great we will be again and we will keep this lesson always when it is done.

  78. honeytreebee on said:

    I’ve seen that one it is great and a lot of fun to watch

  79. honeytreebee on said:

    That is why a lot of women have trouble letting go of bad men. We get attached and feel things so deeply. We should take a long time to get to know each other before sex. It should be about quality not quanitity.

  80. Matari on said:

    “I want this “black man stud I have a big black dick” bullshit to stop.
    It has no bearings on our healing process.”




    Of course you’re telling the truth. Some of us who are in tune spiritually and aware that we are/were CREATED by a Creator KNOW on some level that consummating wasn’t meant to be “community” affairs (bed hopping – changing partners as some change clothing) that’s prevalent in Western – and Western influenced – cultures.

    SEX is supposed to be a private, sacred, special, bonding, intimate, loving, meaningful personal commitment between a man and a woman. For too many it’s about anything but that.

    So-called *primitive* people/societies would look at today’s anything goes Western so-called *Civilization* as very strange, uncivilized. And these same **primitive** people, before becoming assimilated by the *Borg,* would instantly recognize why and how THIS culture is so screwed/backwards/corrupt on so many levels.

    so-called Primitive people typically don’t:

    – have and spread STDs
    – have unwanted pregnancies
    – need a blood test to find out who the child’s father is
    – produce babies to trap the father for money, etc
    – kill their babies as a method of birth control
    – have multiple baby daddies
    – produce children because they are lonely and want a playmate
    – divorce
    – look at marriage in terms of feelings/romance but on doing what’s right/best for all concerned
    – have a baby so the STATE will give them a free/subsidized apartment

  81. Tyrone on said:


    Whitewomen are not at the top of the beauty totem pole, blackwomen should stop pushing a bold-face lie that was created by whitemen to hoodwink blackmen into seeing themselves as a darker version of “Casper.” The Nubian female is the most beautiful apple in the barrel…Bar None! Why do blackmen lust non-black women when their black sisters are “La Creme?” Sistas, IR is about sexual variety, male ego, sexual ego, and racial pride in no particular order. It’s not about beauty. Every tribe of woman has “Dimes” within the family, so, that aspect of IR is invalid. Blackmen are egoist in every sense of the word. If blackwomen understand the concept of “The Rich Getting Richer.” They will realize what motivates some blackmen to behave as they do. Having sexual access to our tribe of women is great, having access to other tribes of women is even greater…this mindset is the building block of the black male/non-black female dynamic. As is noted, black male sexuality has been handcuffed for hundreds of years by other men. Today, brothas have freedom to sex as many non-african women as they want, but, this newfound freedom has a price. There’s a reason why racist white cops kill innocent and guilty blackmen alike, white muslims in north africa kill blackmen in the name of religion, mexican gangbangers target blackmen in cali for execution, and so forth. Other men don’t hate us because we’re colored, they hate us because we can take their women from them…Universal Truth! All of the bs about skin color has been fruitless from the start. Whitemen and other men would love to be black themselves, but, that’s not gonna happen. Allowing carbon men to co-opt their women is a bridge they can’t cross…literally and figuratively speaking. As it relates to so-called racial preference, i don’t believe in the concept. Any man that says he is not sexually attracted to the women of his tribe are full of s**t. Men are sexual animals, we love the triangle region between a woman’s thighs. We’re supposed to be color-blind by design, because, our nature is to have and impregnate beautiful women regardless of race. This is the caveman aspect of male sexuality. However, the concept of race has developed over time, which throws a wrench in that concept. Today, men know that allowing alien men to impregnate their women is racial suicide. Which race of men has the most potent DNA? Blackmen are firstborns, we got all the good stuff upfront. Blackmen are the exception to the rule, if we spread our seed around, the children will be of color. Other men don’t have that same luxury, which explains the paranoia about blackmen. B.M.S.R.(Black Male Sexual Refinement)…blackmen maximizing their sexuality for the advancement of the black race and sexual bliss of the black female. God created blackmen to be lovers, not fighters. Casper likes to fight, which explains all of the violence. We were blessed with physical and sexual traits that other men don’t have. Women want to spread their legs for us…The Nature of Women. Sistas, being upset with asian, anglo, and american(indian) women is pointless. All 3 groups of women are being true to their nature. Women are intelligent, a lot more than men. If a woman has a strong sex drive, she wants to experience the best. Meaning, she wants a “Denzel” brotha in her bed. Some women say they don’t like blackmen, i don’t believe that s**t. All women desire “Chocolate Eros.” Don’t matter if they acknowledge it or not, blackmen are acutely aware of this. What are blackmen trying to accomplish by stealing Becky from her white brothers? Is it revenge for the rape of blackwomen, is it about expanding the pool of women that blackmen can sex, is it about social status and ego, is it about sexual variety? As is noted, sexual refinement is the final and most important step in the process, Why? Sexually liberated blackmen don’t hate blackwomen, rape them, kill them, disrespect them. Sexually liberated blackmen don’t want to be in jail, prison, boot camp, etc. Sexually liberated blackmen love blackwomen and respect all women as is expected. As a blackman, i’m held to a higher standard, because, we were blessed by The Almighty. Self-Loving blackmen bring joy to womanhood, Self-Loathing blackmen bring sadness to womanhood. All women are safe in my company and that of other like-minded blackmen. Larissa, blackmen are still on a journey to actualize their purpose on this planet. Intellectual Brotha, Spiritual Brotha, Sexual Brotha. Sistas, our purpose is to love you, protect you, and multiply with you abundantly. Any blackman that is a supporter of Tyrone should always rep black, brown, and gold to symbolize his loyalty to black womanhood and respect for women as a whole!!!

    Team Black
    PS…Sistas, if you love real blackmen, you’re a member of Team Black by default. Team Black is for brothas who represent the best of our race, in the past, as well as those in the present. Brothas, let the sistas know that you exist. Rock your black, brown, and gold colors. Make it a part of your personal landscape. Symbols and mascots have significance as well!!!

  82. @Tyrone, with all do respect,

    I think DOAN just asked that we all take a deeper look into our problems and not sum it up in sexual terms…

    Your thinking is what keeps Black men and Black women confused…

    Your post also paint Black men in a negative light–you make Brothers out to be mindless sex machines…and that well….that’s not cool, nor is it the Black man’s nature’s.

  83. Tyrone i understand what you are saying.
    I don’t like the black people that say they are not attracted to other blacks.i think those black men who say they don’t like black women but only want other women are feminized,because as you stated men are programmed to want a beautiful woman regardless of race.It is weird when a man says he doesn’t want to sleep with a woman just because of her skin color or skin tone,what’s next is he going to say naw i can’t sleep with you because your nails ain’t done.
    I know some people misunderstand when someone says they are attracted to other race of men/women. I don’t care just as long as they are attracted to their race of men/women as well, if not its self hate. Yes im team black lol

  84. Tyrone on said:


    Blackmen have to crawl before they can walk. In order for blackmen to reach the other side, the sexual dysfunction that is within us has to flushed out. I know that some sistas are annoyed with me because i include sex in the convo, that’s cool. As i stated in the post, sex has always been the underlying factor in hatred of blackmen by other men. Unlike other blackmen, i’m not gonna sugarcoat the truth Phoebe. All the pitfalls that we deal with somehow swerve into sex…population, out-of-wedlock births, abortion, hiv/aids, ir-marriage, light skin/dark skin, and so forth. It’s a waste of time to ignore the elephant in the room Phoebe. Blackmen are sexual, not sex machines Queen. Sista, you know me better than that…Real Talk! All that i’ve ever preached on this blog and others, is for blackmen to be the best they can be and love their black sisters. I’ve never detoured from those 2 points. This issue matters, Why? If blackmen have no love for their black sisters, all of us are wasting time on Negress’ blog and other black blogs as well…What The F**k? I have to speak what i know. I want brothas to understand where i’m at, mentally speaking. Phoebe, be upset with self-hating brothas, don’t stab me in the chest. I’m not the enemy!!!

    Team Black
    Black Eros
    Same S**t

  85. This is so confusing. I thought men would have sex with a lot of women in caveman times and then after that they formed clans then monogamy. I think people should be more careful who they sleep with especially men.Women can get custody of the child and child support while the man sometimes doesn’t get to see his child.

    Black men have lost their way and are becoming more like the oppressor.During slavery the white men would rape black women and leave them with the babies.Some black men have taken this form of thinking that a woman can raise my kids without me and some black women as well. I don’t know how black man sexuality always gets brought up either.That has nothing to do with the problems we face.Black men and women have no problems in the bedroom its outside the bedroom that needs work and matters the most.

  86. Gat Turner on said:

    You are so right Sister Truth! I can remember when I was brainwashed into thinking about ALL women sexually first. Its one of the hallmarks of western culture…women as sex objects. It took me years to re-program my thinking until I was able to see all Black women as sisters, mothers and daughters and not just as big breasts and big behinds. The culture of the West reduces every womans worth to the level of lust she can generate from men. Black men growing up in America are trained to think and behave like this from childhood. It’s a cycle that must be broken very early. I shutter when I think about how some women deemed “unattractive” are treated in this culture. its like their opinions, ideas and feelings dont matter, while bimbos like Sarah Palin are still getting paid for speaking engagements.

  87. Kushite Prince on said:

    Interesting post. However we must keep in mind that black men who are willing to “sleep white” were never truly revolutionary to begin with. They can talk all the talk they want. But if you’re hopping in the bed with whites,it’s hard to take you seriously.

  88. @SugarKiss—no thanks needed. I’m still learning and growing. But I’m always in search of my truth, where ever that leads me. I believe I was guided to this forum for a reason..the info/concepts/people I’ve come across here have led me to information that is literally changing my life and perspective. And ultimately, I believe that’s what we are all here for: to learn & grow. Imo the earth is like a big classroom and we are all here to learn whatever lesson we came to learn. You are so right about choosing our families..I look at them now as like our individual study group in this crazy classroom. I believe some of us are freshman spirits and some are seniors but no lesson is wrong nor is any spirit who chooses a particular subject matter ‘wrong’. That was a hard concept to grasp at first, but once I realized that God is in everything and everybody and loves us all unconditionally, then I had to let go of anger and judgement and accept we are all just here to learn and grow and reflect HIS love. When I read that I have to laugh b/c I am the LEAST religious person I know but I now liken this to a spiritual rebirth or awakening. Can you imagine if we all shifted our consciousness and saw ourselves as the Gods we are? I believe that that is on the horizon. The 5th dimension is coming and there is nothing anyone here can do to stop it so all the current chaos and madness going on in the world will have to stop..it cannot exist in the 5th dimension. Bad news is that some of us won’t make it there; good news is that it will always be our choice. I think what we see in the world today is people being forced to strip away all of the gunk/garbage that we have adorned ourselves with while existing here. We are being stripped down to our naked spirit and are being forced to deal with whatever baggage and negative energy we are harboring. Whatever you value is being ripped from you and you will be forced to go WITHIN–to who you are at your core–your God spirit. I think it’s a beautiful thing and I am so happy to be here at this time. Black people what we our ancestors have been praying for centuries has finally arrived. Rejoice in that and get your house straight. Not in a I’m scared of the wrath of God kind of way but in anticipation of having our heaven here on earth.

  89. Oh yeah, this is a website that goes over universal laws. It’s been really helpful for me. And it’s free info…ignore the products that he offers on the site…I stick with the invaluable free stuff…

  90. @Sugarkiss–ok, this is my last one. promise. lol…but what you said about duality is so true…maybe this will help someone reading this…can you appreciate the good if you never experience the bad? can you really appreciate the sweet if you have never tasted the bitter? The sun without knowing the dead of night? Love without seeing & feeling visceral hatred up close? This, i believe, is what spirits who are now in ‘control’ of the planet represent–they show us live and in living color what existence devoid of spirit and God will do and create. No more, no less. And yes, those in power are white but I believe God chose that package to really contrast what being devoid of life (melanin) represent in the cosmos. It is the duality principle being played out before our eyes. Ok, I’m done. lol…

  91. Sugarkiss on said:

    @Nmaat 433

    I’m so glad you replied. There was another comment (I’ll have to dig it up) that spoke specifically to what we both explain here. Someone who has been both black and white (and she remembered, because of her psychic abilities) and just like you and I have said, she too encourages us to rise above the instinctual hatred and animosity we hold and focus more on coming together as blacks, in spite of–that is one of the things we are here to realize, I guess. I’ll go find it and post it here for you.

    Also, I have a few Kindle books of a women Delores Cannon, who has been doing past life regressions for over 20 years. Very fascinating stories of her clients. You can Amazon her if you like.

  92. @ nmatt that was a beautiful post.Glad that more people are waking up and being more spiritual. I believe in karma even in the bible it is talked about.I try to live my life right so that my children and my childrens children can be blessed.I rememeber bible stories about how god cursed people’s kids instead of that person.God also said he will bless us once we all turn to him and will be brought out of the lands we were held as slaves. deuteronomy 30 When all these blessings and curses I have set before you come on you and you take them to heart wherever the Lord your God disperses you among the nations, 2 and when you and your children return to the Lord your God and obey him with all your heart and with all your soul according to everything I command you today, 3 then the Lord your God will restore your fortunes[a] and have compassion on you and gather you again from all the nations where he scattered you. 4 Even if you have been banished to the most distant land under the heavens, from there the Lord your God will gather you and bring you back. 5 He will bring you to the land that belonged to your ancestors, and you will take possession of it. He will make you more prosperous and numerous than your ancestors

  93. Mickey on said:

    And let’s not forget that the Black man was the one always castrated along with being lynched back in the day. Were other races of men given the same treatment?

  94. honeytreebee on said:

    @Tyrone I also thin that when you get a good mate you are to stick it out and no break up over trifling B.S. You are a unit a team so, work out the money issues and other stuff in your unit and stop looking to the outside to for answers cause they don’t know what they are doing. As for SEX men and women need to be more honest about it and really say what they need. We all need to be more selective in our mate choosing…

    Like you Tyrone I’ll lay it plain I Love and care for my brothas. I expect him to be a man and the GOD that he is. I will accept no less. If he is not there I will elevate him so he can see the light and get there. I love my sistas and they should be with no less than the GOD that they are meant to be with. All black men are GODS some are asleep and need to be awaken.

  95. Short & to the point video. @SugarKiss–thanx for the info about Mrs. Cannon. I will look it up, tho I have to admit that I am leery of anything having to do with the medical establishment in general and in particular ‘psychiatry’. But I will explore it. Thank you.

  96. Another vid…excellent explanation…imo coulda done without the music tho..lol..but it’s beautiful in it’s simplicity and explanation..

  97. Sugarkiss on said:


    I am too and that is why I mentioned her. She is not a psychiatrist, she is a hypnotist that has perfected past life regressions for over 20 years. So her work is not scientific, but the exact opposite. I hope you do find the time to check it out, it’s like individual narratives regarding our purpose on Earth, etc.

    Great vids, by the way!

  98. Tyrone on said:


    Thanks for the feedback Queen. I have to make some money Mama. I’m gonna get back in touch!!!


  99. larissa on said:

    So far I think I’ve met more elderly interracial couples than elderly black couples.
    However I don’t think it’s the norm.
    Any thoughts on this?

  100. As I walk down the street of my neighbourhood one day, I lock eyes with a tall, handsome black man walking with his white wife. His pants, low-slung around his buttocks and his extra-large sweatshirt and work boots gave his boyish good looks a menacing echo. He pulls her closer to him, wraps a protective […]

    You forgot to describe the white woman as greasy looking, plain or plain ugly with sagging tits and or, a pancake arse. Unequal in looks, class and probably education to the kerchief head she is sauntering around with…when you put it like that!

  101. Tyrone on said:


    As black women and men, we need to debunk the “racial preference” mindset, which is the alibi for blackmen who step outside of the race. Men aren’t supposed to hate the women that birthed them. Yes, it’s natural for men to notice other women that don’t look like them, that’s a given. Blackmen need to realize that the integrity of the black race trumps any psychosexual attraction they may have to non-black women. I don’t understand the thinking of a blackman who loves his black outer shell, but, is not attracted to blackwomen. That’s some Tiger Woods ish. He wants no part of the black race, but, his black side scores him a lot of white chicks. The white chicks are not gonna call his manhood Calablasian, they’re gonna identify it as black, like every other white female. Folk wonder why i stress sex so much, Tiger is a vivid example of what’s killing blackmen. He has no self-control over his sexuality, he’s all over the map.


  102. Tyrone on said:


    I don’t see what’s so picture perfect about a blackman running around with a white female that is less attractive than himself in old age? Whitewomen are to be enjoyed when they’re young. They have 30-35 good years of beauty to work with, 40 years and up is considered old for a whitewoman…Real Talk! I got hip to this ugly truth by way of Quincy Jones. He would have kids from whitewomen, but, would never stay with them longer than necessary. White girls, don’t get offended, ya’ll acknowledge this reality on a daily basis. Botox, plastic surgery, implants, and so forth. There’s a reason you’ve seen more IR couples than black, whitemen don’t view them as a threat. Casper likes blackmen that want to be like him, and blackmen know it.


  103. Tyrone on said:


    It’s funny that you mention this ugly truth. The biracial children of blackmen love to complain about their fathers not being in their lives. Falling in love is not part of the plan. The aging of whitewomen explains a lot of the insanity that we see in relation to blackmen. Becky is acutely aware of the fact that her time is limited with broman. White females tolerate crap from blackmen, because, they know the relationship is not organic in nature. Blackwomen get finer with age, not less attractive, and this burns WW up on the inside. In reality, whitemen are the wiser of the 2 groups of men. The white guy may look like crap, but his dark diva is still “The Truth” in every sense of word. Again, whitemen beating blackmen at their own game…Check Mate!


  104. @ larissa

    I think its more of where you live.I live in tx and its mostly old white couples .The interracial couples i see are mostly 16-30 yr old black men with white women .I hardly see old interracial couples,most the old people here stick to their own,its the young ones that don’t.

    @ Tyrone,
    Biracial kids have always been fatherless, i saw a preview for a documentary about biracial kids growing up in germany after their mothers had gave them up for adoption and the black men had went home after the war.They were talking about how germany nor america wanted them. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2064446/Germanys-brown-babies-search-American-fathers.html.

    Lol at” They have 30-35 good years of beauty to work with, 40 years and up is considered old for a whitewoman” this is true i saw a pic of david petraeus wife the cia director who had an affair,and i thought she was his mother i was like wtf ,well at least he cheated up.

  105. Yes tiger woods is what i think of when i think about black men with self hate but love the benefits of being black.I was just annoyed at how he said he doesn’t want to be considered black yet when he was having no self control and sleeping with all those women,people were like yeah he black.It irks the hell outta me that people associate having low morals and being loose sexually as a black thing.Imo its a people thing,they only want to give us credit when its bad things never good things.

  106. Thanks tyrone this explains a lot. Why brothas act the way they do. Out here BM get funny if they even suspect a BW is dating a WM of is into women. They lose their f@#$ing minds, but let her call them on it and say well give me your #. Then they don’t want to deal. LOL… I know some sistas get dates out here by letting black men think they date white then these men want to be bothered if, they think they not her first choice. After a while they get tired of these men and like I said earlier find out it is not them, but these men here. They find men else where, where this kind of game is not needed. Then they looking for her when they find out she got a brotha from some other country or state. I… don’t know what to say for these brothas that act like that out here.

  107. larissa on said:

    Honeytree said

    but here BM get funny if they even suspect a BW is dating a WM of is into women. They lose their f@#$ing minds, but let her call them on it and say well give me your…
    @sister truth this brings to mind the Double Standard post which you promised. I look forward to it, it should be very interesting. As for those brothers,at first I had no words to describe their behaviour, but then i thought, this reminds me the sexual double standard… or maybe it’s just simple selfishness, I want other women but I don’t want my women to have other men…. it sounds so wrong….

  108. T. Bee on said:

    Larissa that is part of it. I also think that they want us to feel some kind of hurt or pain over their actions. As if to say I could always get someone else. However, I’ve noticed that if, you don’t pay them any mind they really have to step it up like in your face. I had this happen to me once and I just walked away and the look on their face was priceless.

  109. Before black men can fight for black women they need to first learn to fight for themselves.I was just on yahoo about a story of a black man not paying his child support but was posing with money on facebook.The whites as usual were saying things about black men and saying black men want money,gold teeth,white women.,and a black man that was on there was just saying dumb ish about yeah white women throw themselves at us.I left a comment saying not all black men are like that and white men are the original baby daddies.I know they are going to attack me for it but idc.I’m just annoyed at some black men not standing up for the serious things and sterotypes about them instead wanting to say hey look i got your woman.
    When someone says negative things about you or your race you don’t say hey i got a big d@@ and i got your woman.Sadly this is the way a lot of black men fight their battles.

  110. Sup Tyrone! Man, I could not have said that any better. White men and all other non-Black men are jealous of the Black man. That’s why they hate us because they can’t be like us. You hate some one becuase you can’t be like that person!

  111. I don’t support interracial marriages between Black men and White women because let’s face it. most of the time these Black men are coons and brainwashed by the media to think that White women are the most beautiful in the world. Most Black men date out because of self hate and not feeling adequate in their own skin in this racist White AmeriKKKlan society that values White skin over dark skin, Or they had bad experiences with Black women. It is very rare that a Black man marries outside of their race for love. Many if not most just marry outside of their race because they like the features that non Black women have such as longer hair, lighter skin etc. I know this because I am a Black woman and I have been turned down by Black men who want and prefer White women because they like their features better than they liked mine.

  112. Very well said and this is an awesome article. I’m glad @mstoogood4yall recommended this one. it’s really inline with the things i’m planning to raise the black man to a level of prominence

  113. wordshavmire on said:

    This is an awesome post and I want to say that I’m thoroughly impressed that you have such an affinity for blackness as it relates to getting us back to a level of prominence…

  114. I agree with the whole post but this has less to do with liking black women and more to do with just wanting a white woman, because the truth is we like black women just the same, and just like we don’t like all black women the same applies to white women.

    I see some women commentators are going the way of black men saying they don’t like black women or turning their back , THATS not so, to tell the truth white women are bridging the divide between the races, we all know white men control the most money and fight the most wars, so when the white women start liking black men it raises our profile in everyone’s eyes except black women. I personally think its time for black women to date other races because i will tell the truth this new generations of black men aren’t good for black America things are getting worse, and I personally attribute that to black women choosing the wrong mate and not raising their kids properly with respect because they haven’t been taught respect themselves as we all know babies are having babies which the cycle has already begun and shows no signs of slowing down.

    The cycle of babies having babies has alot to do with kids being raised by the television Black men on tv are either Ball Players, Rappers, or Criminals—- Black women on tv are either fussing, fighting or gossiping(it used to be rap video models), and guess who controls tv…. WHITE MEN and they put black women in charge to make these thing acceptable because they know nothing of black women or our plight or maybe just don’t care (they do secretly like black women though). Homosexuality is being introduce through black women and their kids through these shows they watch on tv.

    Black women hold the keys to the black family as I see it because black men are the most copied and hated men on the planet we will be alright (that is if we dont kill each other first) When black women get pregnant and sadly the black man doesn’t stick around ladies THAT IS NO DAMN EXCUSE TO RAISE A DEGENERATE u sure as hell cant teach him to be a man but it is your responsibility to teach him to respect others and to have respect for himself and he will learn to be a man accordingly RESPECT IS EVERYTHING!

    And lastly what is this Black Liberation u speak of, A Revolution for the poor would be more useful because as I see it Black people are on the bottom, there are plenty of super rich black people but guess what they don’t give 2 shits because they are living their life just as everyone else in the world, as they say money is the root but that doesn’t mean a poor man will never capture the minds of the many and that doesn’t mean we sit on our asses and wait for a savior(Obama fooled everybody), that just means we live our life to the best of our ability and respect everyone deserving of respect.

    And lets remember the world doesn’t revolve around America sometimes we forget that our lives are no more valuable or important than our so called enemies that we called “terrorist”. Respect each other, choose your mates better raise your kids better and uplift the poor its the only way the so called Black Liberation will take place. By the way Obama cant relate to me and my family because he aint even black before Michelle it was all white women lol I aint mad at him though. As a young black man I just want prosperity for me, my family and the good people who have less than me, because evil is going nowhere. Peace and love.

  115. I was with a white guy for a while who was like that…I was shocked cuz it seemed to come out of nowhere and didn’t relate to what we were talking about….all I could think about “isn’t your mother white? Isn’t your sister white?” How could you even say that…if that was my son I would cry because that means he really doesn’t like me, no matter how much he tries to excuse it…I eventually felt so uneasy around him cuz I’m like “why would I want a guy who only wants me cuz I’m black” and I eventually told him how I felt…he said he’d change, but I didn’t care…
    Any woman who can stay around that amount of toxic energy (self hatred) has low self-esteem no matter how hard she tries to hide it…
    I kind of laugh because bwwm couples are always complaining that people look at them, but whenever I see one they always STARE AT ME …like they want a reaction….even if I look at them by accident it seems to really set them off…
    They really deserve each other, eh?
    There was one couple like that in my school…I was forced beside them so I’d accidentally have to look at them…the next time I saw them…they STOPPED KISSING just to stare at me…praise The Lord!

  116. “Ok i get it someone saying your privates are big is a huge ego boost,but look at the whole picture.What are they really saying.They are saying that’s all you’re good for.”
    I’ve seen what girls say about black men its not good until they start talking about his jungle d***…otherwise it’s not good. Word around the street is BM will take anything and I think that’s sad that other women are figuring that out–even before me!
    And how is a woman supposed to respect a man, by sexually objectifying him…maybe cuz we’re woman we’re more aware of this.
    I was watching an ad on TV for this channel…and in one of the images a black men was licking a white female while she was sitting on a chair on a stage…and the whole audience was like *gasp* I was just like wth…
    Black men are more than their bodies, their men not sluts…black men like to think they’re the masculine but maybe that’s what men(young boys rather) consider masculine but not women…

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