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Why The Black Female is Our Last Hope For Black Liberation

“We need black women to take the lead…”   —– Jabari

I had a Spiritual awakening (yes, another one) last week. I saw our young black sisters wearing pants down to their waists, mimicking their boyfriends, and frankly, I became disgusted. I saw our sisters in Asian shops spending hundreds of dollars of rent money and food money for synthetic hair weaves and plastering ammonia and aluminum on their scalps to have the “nice hair” that will make their oppressors more comfortable. I saw our sisters in beauty shops allowing Korean women to pluck their eyebrows and attach fake, acrylic fingernails made with trace amounts of rat poison and manganese so they can have “pretty hands” because they are not happy with the hands that God gave them.

As I wandered around, I became more and more aware that the entire world is waiting for the true revolutionaries to step up to the plate and lead our revolution to freedom. The world is waiting for the one person whose strength and power is limitless. Whose love is so fierce that she will fight to the death for her family’s survival. The world is waiting for the Black Woman to realize her role in this Universe as the Earth Mother, the Creator of life and the knower and seer of all things. The Black Woman is the one who shall lead the masses.

And that’s why she is currently being destroyed.

I’ve advised you to study and understand European His-Story which is built ENTIRELY on the male principle of Yurugu. Inhale their military tactics. Study their xenophobia…even within their own clan. Understand why they are xenophobic. Study their ways of thinking and how they rise to power. Hitler made this excellent and truthful statement to one of his advisers:

“First You Get the Women, Then You’ve Got the Children, So Follow the

What is taking place in our black homes, black schools and black communities is just a facsimile of the past. Whites never change. Accept that as a fact. Stop making excuses for it. Stop looking for a “good white person” because they do not exist. All whites under their system of white supremacy have one interest only: Their own survival. Once you overstand that, then you will see that the black female is our last hope for survival.

Africans are the only true huemans on this planet. What does that mean? Simply, we have both the male and female principle that lives in all of us. That is why we can be harsh yet loving. Tough yet understanding. Swift yet forgiving. Aggressive and merciless yet soft and yielding. We are nature and soil and air and all other elements that make this planet alive. But…only the female can give life. That makes her and her alone the dominant principle. Evil knows that once the black female has been lead astray from her black man and her black family, all hopes of redemption and survival is lost. That is why she is currently being pushed through the media to date, fornicate and marry out of her race. That is why her natural looks, hair, lips, body type and colouring are under relentless attack. That is why she is being encouraged to abort her baby. Have you ever wondered why when a white woman is pregnant, not only is her pregnancy celebrated but she is revered to the highest degree of womanhood?

Open your eyes.

The black female is demoralized into being a subhuman, sexualized figure. Hitting her is encouraged. Masculinizing her is pushed through “black feminism”, which is rooted is Jewry. That is why she is being given employment opportunities and educational opportunities that were once designed for men. That is why she is being brainwashed to hate her man, her family and herself. And that is why she now sees the white man as her “intellectual partner and saviour.”

Once she has given up and begins to see the black man as her enemy, the black race will be exterminated. This is, of course, all apart of The Plan. What plan is that?


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87 thoughts on “Why The Black Female is Our Last Hope For Black Liberation

  1. seedofjapheth on said:

    You speak of freedom so I am just wondering: what would freedom look like? And how would it look different then what exists currently?

    You say only blacks are the only true huemans…. what about other people of color?

  2. “Patrick McCarthy is an anti-racist White preservationist who blogs at Seed of Japeth.”

    “how would it look different then what exists currently?”

    It’s a world where you and your people have ceased to exist.

  3. Marimba Ani, author of Yurugu had this Affirmation for African Sisters.

    We are Nbogboni preparing to be who we must be
    We are Afrikan women
    We are Neith, Aset, Het Heru, Asase Yaa, Yemoja, Oya and Osun
    We are Ma’at, the truth in all things
    We will seek justice for our people
    We will balance the scales
    We are Afrikan women
    We are warrior women
    We are Yaa Asanetewaa, Nehanda, Nanny , Harriet and Fanny Lou
    We are Mawu – complementarity, reciprocity, wholeness, intuitive wisdom, creativity and love
    We are nurturing, caring, proud, determined and serious.
    We are the teachers of the way.
    We are the blood of our people
    We are Afrikan women
    With our men, we will build families for the future and, with them, we’ll produce Afrikan children so that our nation may grow and the ancestors may be reborn.
    We are the continuity of our people
    We are Afrikan women
    We are preparing to be the organizers, revolutionaries, visionaries and nation builders of tomorrow.
    We are accountable to the ancestors and we will avenge their spirits.
    We will live for our people and die for them, if necessary.
    We are the destiny of our people.
    We are Afrikan women.
    We are the healers of the race, the spirituality of our people.
    We are nbogboni preparing to be who we must be!


    I envision Community Centers where men and women can speak affirmations like this one, sing songs praising their beauty, and of course coordinate the political, economical and cultural aspirations of their society. Alas, all is easier said than done. But that’s why I work hard and encourage our Siblings to work hard as well. Our Liberation will be tomorrow if we truly Seek it today.

    I’m thankful to our hostess for putting in the work.

  4. The willie lynch letter said to destroy the black commuity,get the woman then you get the children and the man and to pit bw vs bm.Black women are the backbone of the black community and the men are important as well for protection and discipline.The men need to step up as well and the ones that don’t, us women need to leave them alone.Can’t save everybody.The black community needs to get back to what it was.There was a time when telling your kid wait till i tell your father when he gets home what you did,and that would strike fear into the child and they’d act right.There was a time when black men saw black women as their queen,earth,and equal.There was a time when black women and men marched together now we are walking away from each other.
    Next we need to talk about solutions. Don’t allow kids to listen to rap and watch certain tv shows.WE need to educate our kids at home in addition to them going to school,because the schools teach them the minimum.We need to put our resources together wheather that’s money or abilities.Just imagine if the millions/billions we spend on black friday and holidays were put to better use for building schools and homes.We need to support black businesses as well even if it starts by supporting one.We have been content with surving instead of thriving.That is just a few off the top of my head i’m sure yall can come up with more.

  5. Magnificent Post!! You really put ya foot in this one! lol…It has always been said the ‘hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’….

  6. seedofjapheth on said:

    Thanks for your honesty

  7. blackmystory on said:

    Truth…this is a beautiful post. For until sisters overstand their worth especially in relations to the Afrikan/Meritu collective, then we will never become worthy of our ancestors sacrifices. However, I will respectfully disagree with the quote attributed to Jabari. As men we don’t need/shouldn’t want sisters leading any revolution. This is our jobs and our purpose. There is an Afrikan/Meritu saying that women are the flowers in the garden and men are the fence that protects them. If sisters are to lead any revolution, then where are the men? No real man hides behind ha female when there is work to be done. We must be the ones doing the heavy lifting so the sisters won’t have to go outside of their natural space as the feminine to our masculine.
    In fact, it is imperative that those men who speak of worshiping or respecting the feminine and give great praises to the goddess potential, learn to stand up and be counted as valued protectors of this goddess potential, by acting and living with integrity, in a values based existence as MEN. Men that a women can admire and feel comfortable and safe around. Such a man not only gets a woman to submit to her femininity in his presence, but his will be the standard that she will seek to follow and elevate herself to. The nation cannot and will not rise any hire than how a woman and children are treated. This is 2013 in the Greco-Roman time period, so we can’t lean on being ignorant the work needed to be done, nor about the value of the woman as the spiritual and emotional catalyst to a genuine Afrikan/Meritu Renaissance. I have come to believe that a female acting “out of pocket” do so because she is enabled by a thirsty, broke down mental midget of a knee-grow, who would encourage a lower standards than a higher one.
    The hand that rocks the cradle does indeed rule the world, but unless we as men also fight to ensure she rocks that cradle with peace of mind and security, and as sister suggest that she stop fighting us and fights for us, we will become extinct. Step up the game and raise the bar family…our children needs us more than the symbols we adore.

  8. blackmystory on said:

    ….Oh..by the way Afrikan love is a revolutionary act!

  9. Umoja on said:

    The propaganda to date and breed with whites is the sinister agenda of depopulation, genetic suicide and I believe sexing whites alters our DNA. I believe, no, I know whites are part animal. Blacks will not only imitate whites as they are doing now, but those warped demented behaviors will soon be an innate part of the African….corrupt. Breeding with whites is to further thwart disunity. Whites fear an African planet, unity, progress, love, self-determination, self-sufficiency, and self love. Therefore it is our obligation to forge together with all our might and focus on those things above. Never giving obstacles attention or value. It is our obligation to our natural partners…….Black men and our only allies; to pull them up, encourage and embrace them. It is imperative that we understand the plight of our Black men and unite with them as a united front. Turn off the voices and all media engines that demean our Black men and ourselves and forge ahead, a united front for African agency, self-determination, self-sufficiency, strong Black families and communities, African collective capital and businesses and African love……all this WITHOUT white intervention.

  10. Leviqueen on said:


  11. Tyrone on said:


    All non-blacks want to control and exploit black womanhood. Black people need to let go of “False Doctrine.” PoC is a trap for black people. We take all the arrows and bullets, while other so-called colored folk reap the benefits of our struggle. Mexicans played no part in the civil-rights movement, in fact, they’ve never liked blacks anyway. Asians are not on our side, they have an aversion to dark-skinned people within their own ranks. White arabs and spaniards are not people of color, they’re white. A lot of us don’t know the difference between race, ethnicity, and culture. As a blackman, i don’t trust the motives of other men, as it relates to blackwomen. Stupid blackmen fall into the trap of thinking that other men genuinely respect our women when it’s not the case. Our women are manipulated by men that don’t look like us. We bitch about sellout blackmen, when in reality, they don’t matter. Crabs have always been in our race, they’re disposable. The black female has always been the greatest threat to white supremacy, Why? Strong blackwomen attract like-minded black males who will kill and destroy any man that bring harm to their black sisters…Bottomline! I don’t get caught up in the foolishness, because, it’s deadly venom in more ways than one.


  12. Tyrone on said:


    Blackwomen have to acknowledge that they’re in bed with our enemies. Until this happens, the light bulb is not gonna turn on in their heads. Blackwomen are supporting their own destruction, and don’t even realize it. Politics is the killer of black females. A lot of sistas avoid this topic, because, they know the ugly truth. The same group of whitemen that control media and entertainment, control the courts and prisons as well. I don’t need to say their names, it’s self-evident. Sistas, none of this is complex. Stop supporting gangsta-rap. Stop supporting stupid talk-shows, stop pushing your sons into sports, stop supporting the homosexualization of black males, stop supporting bulls**t black politicians, stop supporting criminal-minded and violent black males who are anti-blackwoman, stop supporting and giving your hard-earned money to women that don’t look like you. We don’t need more Nicki Minajs in our race, she’s a “Hot Mess.” As is noted, sistas are the backbone of our race and always will be. If the women are jacked-up, the men will be no different.


  13. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    When I lived in Texas I had a black female friend (in her 40s) that told me about getting tested for HIV. As the conversation progresses she confided that a black male drug addict had broken into her apartment and raped her. She was advised to get tested for various STIs. She also confided in me that she was gang raped at 5 years of age by a group of older boys in her neighborhood. At the age of 12 she was molested by a stepfather. How can anyone in good conscious look her in the eyes and tell her that she needs to stop collaborating with the white folks and understand the plight of our black men? From her perspective she is not the one bringing harm to black people. Black women are an easy target for criticism. Looking at the lives of many black women in context is something many black people are afraid to do.

  14. Ms. J on said:

    Whether or not you agree with Jabari’s quote, the bottom line is that more Black people need to get SERIOUS about solving this race problem. It has been the biggest problem on this planet for years and needs to be solved. Too many lives are at stake, and the planet is suffering because the few enjoy hurting the masses.

    That’s our assignment, and it will be until it’s resolved once and for all. Yes, the white supremacists teach us to hurt/hate ourselves, but we can reverse that.

    Have a nice day, everyone.

  15. To all

    Thank you for the great feedback. A follow up post regarding black men to come.

  16. Crissjensen on said:

    @ Seed, don’t be blind, it has always been about blackwomen and will always be about them til the “END”. your not a dumb white fool!

  17. @ Ty, Well Said!

    Ty said: The black female has always been the greatest threat to white supremacy, Why? Strong blackwomen attract like-minded black males who will kill and destroy any man that bring harm to their black sisters…Bottomline! I don’t get caught up in the foolishness, because, it’s deadly venom in more ways than one.

  18. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    This is confusing. I thought I was supposed to stay in my lane, play my position, let a man be a man, let the black man lead, and cease all emasculating behavior? “Taking the lead” as Jabari recommends sounds like emasculating behavior which contradicts with staying in my lane and playing my position. My head is spinning and I am totally confused.

  19. This is what it’s always been about here.

    As a blackman, i don’t trust the motives of other men, as it relates to blackwomen. Stupid blackmen fall into the trap of thinking that other men genuinely respect our women when it’s not the case. Our women are manipulated by men that don’t look like

  20. darqbeauty on said:

    Tyrone, you always make the most amazing comments. Do you have a blog?

  21. Amarie on said:

    @Tyrone, I have also noticed that other POC want Black folks to join them and rally to help them with their community issues, but don’t want to reciprocate when we have our issues. Many Black people will go through all kinds of humiliation just to be accepted by “others” when the “others ” don’t give a damn about them.

  22. “How can anyone in good conscious look her in the eyes and tell her that she needs to stop collaborating with the white folks and understand the plight of our black men?”

    By expecting and demanding her to look at the world through adult eyes rather than a child’s eyes and to look at causes rather than just effects. Looking for a cause would reveal to her -why- that particular black man and others like him were on drugs to begin with:

    -US gov’t introducing crack to black neighborhoods
    -Denying equal medical treatment for addictions
    -The employment that was withheld to him that caused him to be on the streets in the first place
    -White women using their position as a mainstream sexual ideal to break apart otherwise stable black families

    The list goes on and on, and I’ll add this, I myself was molested by a black person not much older than myself at age 6, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it happened while my white mother turned a blind eye.

    My white mother’s actions tore apart my black father’s original family and I was stuck in the middle and caught the worst kind of hell for it as my father was caught between the demands of his justly angry black ex-wife and their children and his new, shiny white wife and the way she had decided all of our lives were going to play out without any of our input. All I could be, and was in that situation, was a stark reminder to him of his other children that he couldn’t be with, and I was reminded of that nearly every day in how cold he was.

    20+ years later I’ve managed to get over it and find love for my culture and my people, and it didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen without a lot of tears, pain and anguish, but in order to start healing we have to be held accountable to our communities as a whole regardless of what we’ve been through individually.

  23. Blackwomen have to acknowledge that they’re in bed with our enemies. Until this happens, the light bulb is not gonna turn on in their heads. Blackwomen are supporting their own destruction, and don’t even realize it.

    Blackmen need to understand this too,that they are all so in bed with the enemies, putting non-blakwomen on all kind of pedestals is also doing Great Damage to our women and men.black people need to stick together as one.

    outside people need too butt out this has nothing to do with them!!

    Ty, dont think for one minute that non- bw are notplaying apart in helping thier men in destroying our community’s and standards as a ppl, because they are just go back and read negress post on devil in a blue dress. it’s very clear there. watch out for the rolls that these non-bw play in helping bring the black race down.


  24. Great Poat!! Negress.

    Love everything you said, as always.

  25. Amarie on said:

    @Negress, alot of these Black women are under the spell of “White Witchcraft”. By this I mean they are walking around with blonde weaves and blue,green and purple contacts. They don’t know what kind of engery is attached to these things that they put on themselves. I have witnessed a family member’s personality change whenever she wore green contacts. It was as if she was possessed. She would act very cruel and curse people out for no reason. Once she took them out, she would act normal. Scary stuff.

  26. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    @ Crissjensen,

    Dr Frances Crest Wellsing says it’s about the black man’s reproductive capabilities and white genetic annihilation through him. Black women are not a big factor is her now classic book and theory.

  27. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    @ blackmystory,

    I the hand cannot rock the cradle if it has to work 12 hour sifts at a hospital. Most black women have not been allowed to devote the amount of time to child care needed.

  28. Bry

    words cannot express how truly sorry I am for your plight. I’ve heard stories by both black men and women about being tortured, raped or fondled by members of our own kind.

    we are a mentally sick race. All of us and never got the treatment needed to function properly in society and with each other.

    I’m glad you survived and found some kind of peace and still love us as a race. I’ve struggled too with my own kind in terms of envy and pettiness, especially when most blacks learn of my island ancestry.

    That’s why the Creator enabled us to push on. So we can lead the next generation from this prison.

  29. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    We have wronged each other in so many ways. Trust must be re-established.

  30. lol im kinda confused too.
    But what i gather from this is that we as women need to demand better. Just look at how many men who are powerful and rich have fallen because of a woman.We have that kind of power we need to use it to persuade these men to be more and do more.Men need women who are going to support them and offer ideas as well,that’s where we come in.We have had black men who were for the black community and were killed, now its our time to continue on.With 70% of black kids born out of wedlock,that means the mother is the one raising them not the father,which means its on a woman to be the backbone.which is why that saying get the mother you get the kids comes in because the father isn’t around to deflect all the things coming in, two heads are better than one.I know sometimes black women feel like we have to do everything,but sometimes we take on things that we could’ve avoided. IT does start with us.For example say a single mother has 4 kids and 2 jobs.SHe gets a call from the school saying her child is acting out and needs medicine to control them.The school knows she is by herself and can’t keep picking up that child and missing work.The mother will probably allow the school to do what they want because she is overwhelmed and can’t miss work. That is what i’m talking about they figure out your weakness and act like they are trying to help you when they really are not.If the father had been there he would’ve been like hell naw you not putting my child on meds and the mother would agree because she isn’t overwhelmed with taking care of everything on her own and can think clearly and come up with a better alternative.
    Its the mens responsibily to protect and provide. Its the woman responsibility to be there for her man and kids by nurturing,caring,loving.It;s both the man and womans responsiblity to their kids and each other to be strong when the other is weak.That is where we are now black women need to be strong because some of the brothas are weak right now.

  31. Amarie

    Dr. delbert Blair speaks on metaphysics. You may enjoy him.

  32. The Alchemist

    Point well taken. This is due to the propaganda called feminism.

  33. If Black women’s ability to rock the cradle wasn’t annihilated during the middle passage & a quarter of millenia of slavery & the ensuing 100 years of legalized apartheid, then what do we think has brought us to this current state of crisis/chaos?

  34. Kushite Prince on said:

    The media has done everything it can to destroy the image of the black woman. They’ve done everything to degrade her role as the mother of all races. The interracial propaganda is a big part of this agenda. The more biracial people helps to create more division and confusion. Which is the purpose to destroy the black family unit. Their plan will fail.Interracial pairings will never heal the wounds in the black community.
    We must keep in mind that no nation can raise higher than it’s woman.We must do everything in our power to restore the image of black women. Peace.

  35. @ Tyrone
    amen. What makes us think asians,latinos,and other poc are going to unite with us.Most of them want to let us do the work then reap the benefits from it.Look at the men in prison for example,when its fighting now its mostly blacks against latinos.I live in texas and some of these mexicans are as racist if not more than the whites.WE sometimes forget that latin america had slaves too and were treated worse than the ones in america,and even ended slavery later than america.WE have blacks who have self hate and there are poc with self hate.we need to heal ourselves before we can help anybody else.that saying that everybody wants to be black until ish goes down is true.WE have some judases in our race and some poc who are peters,that say we’re down for you then when its ride or die they deny us.

  36. You are so right. We as people have abandoned the adage: It takes a village. We have been so self-hating & brainwashed in believing that if we just acted more like our oppressor & their ‘individual 1st’ mentality, that we would be accepted into the society at large. Hasn’t happened and it won’t happen. Ever. Once we ceased looking out for each other and treated everyone of us as an extension of our immediate family, that was imo, all she wrote. Crime is generally intra-racial. There has always been black-on-black crime. So that isn’t new but the way in which we look at each other has changed. Too many of us today have bought into the mindset of the society at large and see each other by default as ‘suspect’. That cannot be if we are to move forward in victory. And let’s be honest, we live in an insane asylum & we have simply adapted to the environment. Is it right? Of course, not. Should we seek healing? Of course. But too many of us are still under the mistaken belief that the system is fine, & it is simply US that is damaged. That is a false premise imo.

  37. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    My mother and grandmother worked. Black women have worked in fields, factories, meat processing plants, and cleaned hotels long before feminism. Feminism did not take black women out of the house. Many were already out of the house. Feminism only took middle class white women out of the house.

  38. We take all the arrows and bullets, while other so-called colored folk reap the benefits of our struggle.

    Yes we do just to have these folk turn around and look down on us as niggers(something they learn off the boat). Clean up your own yard before you clean up others.

  39. Alchemist

    Feminism gave black females more opportunities with education and jobs than black men. The system put black men in jail so the black woman had no other choice but to be head of the household.

    The goal of separating the male and female is divide and conquer.

  40. T. Bee on said:

    This is why I don’t celebrate those days. When I do celebrate I don’t spend a lot of money doing it. It is not a celebration if, afterwards you are in debt. I re gift a lot of things that I think people can use or will enjoy and I make things for people. The core comes first. You have to nurture yourself and home first before you can give anything to anybody. The your own community this is true look at all other communities they even have officers of their own on the street. We have to start there first.

    As far as black women dating out. Unlike the men it almost never makes it to the alter. Very few the fewest of all women of any group. Black women do this to the point of dying alone with out a mate or never having children. This has to be fixed and I think black women may have to find qualified black men in other cities, states, countries and so on. If, he’s not here time to move on and find him. Most black women know that dating out isn’t an option and those that don;t figure it out quickly. However, for some the prospect of being alone is just too much to bare.

  41. honeytreebee on said:

    There is truth to this I raised the bar and am now coming into contact with men that meet that standard. Albeit most now in the states.

  42. honeytreebee on said:

    Negress thanks for the post and a break form the scary white ppl icky pics.

  43. I can only suspect that Jabari means Blackwomen have to be the first in reclaiming our culture via abandoning chemical hair relaxers and weaves…

    Dressing in a way that is respectable and dignified, realizing that we may make better mothers in our mid thirties and planning childbirth then…

    Choosing professions that allow for direct influence over our own (teaching, writing, etc)

    With that said, i get tired of hearing the argument that Blackwomen are increasingly choosing white men because of a few television shows!? We aren’t!!!!! And besides if any group in the Black World needs to be chastised about IR marriage–it isn’t Blackwomen…

    Granted there is an increasing number of Blackmen thrilled that Blackwomen are “coming home”–hence Jabari’s statement; Blackwomen have the power.

  44. mary burrell on said:

    I thought I heard an ancient proverb, That the hand that rocls the cradle rules the world.

  45. mary burrell on said:

    *The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world* typos.

  46. blackmystory on said:

    “…Brave men of Asante, we are now faced with a serious confrontation by the Governor’s extremely provocative demand for the Golden Stool. We should remember that the Golden Stool is not only our spiritual backbone but also the religious symbol of the unity of Asanteman. Not quite long ago the white man came and unilaterally occupied our God-given land and by force of arms has declared Asante Kingdom as a British Protectorate. We should also not forget that during the time of Nana Kofi Kaakari the aggressors waged a senseless war on us, destroyed the seat of the Asante monarchy and burnt our Palace after looting all the treasures bequeathed to us by our fore bearers. Taking our brave men for a ride, the Governor arbitrarily arrested and deported our King with some paramount chiefs without you men rising even a finger. Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? Today he has come to demand the Golden Stool. I am asking you all here, shall we sit down as cowards and let these rouges take away our pride? We should rise up and defend our heritage because it is better to perish than to look on sheepishly while the white man whose sole business in our country is to steal, kill and destroy and shamelessly demand for our sacred Stool. Arise¦arise, men of Osei Tutu and Opoku Tenten, because I am prepared to lead you to war against the white men. I am urging all the WOMEN here to go home and stay behind because WE the MEN are ready for War. Should anyone of you be afraid to fight; may he be punished for his shameful act by the great Asante god Odomankoma…”

    This was Asonaba Nana Yaa Asantewaa’s urging to the men of the kingdom, who were half stepping about preventing the brutish people from capturing the golden stool of the kingdom.

    It was mama afrika, Miriam Makeba who I first heard say that a woman can make a man do anything she wants, if she knows how to do so. It is evident when you see the thirsty nukkas who fall out and do reckless or stupid things for ratchet females. It is also evident when you see women so fine and put togwether, she would cause a man to get up, stand up and find a job with benifits (to quote Bernie Mac).

    Tonight I was in conversation with two women, Somlian and Guatamalian about the worth of women, contrasting the two ancient culture of the Mayan and Punt, with modern Eurocentric one. After recounting the story of Yurugu to them and explaining the necessity of the intellect working conjunctionally with the heart, the Somali sister said that “woman is the flavor of life”. This simpel statement was so profund and gells with the knowledge that a woman is man’s inspiration. How we as MEN are inspired is the difference between raising a viable family, community or nation…or becoming another side show.

    Incidentally that speech by Yaa Asantewaa caused a lot of balls to descend as these men were shamed into taking up arms, fatigued as they were, to once again fight against the Yurugu invaders. A woman can make a man do anything she wants. But as men our inspiration should not be based on you shaming us into acting. Our inspiration should be our willing and unstated desire for protecting, preserving, providing and nurturing she who is the gateway to our future.

  47. Tyrone on said:


    No, i don’t have a website. I contribute to the struggle with my thoughts and opinions Queen. Everything Is Mental…The building blocks of Tyrone and other like-minded blackwomen and blackmen!!!


  48. honeytreebee on said:

    Men you want your women to do whatever. Give them your protection, love, honor, and never hold it back from them. She will give you more than you ever dreamed possible. We are not complete and do not bring forth life without you. We need you and you are wanted, desired and adored. No other will do or can come close. To the point that black women are going their whole lives without and dream, cry, keep try for you. Make yourself known brathas.

  49. Tyrone on said:


    As a free blackman in mind, body, and spirit. I have no choice in the matter. My psyche won’t allow me to march to the drumbeat of someone else. I keep it simple…Tyrone is Pro-Life, Pro-Black, and Pro-Woman. P3 is the foundation of my humanity. Blackmen have no peace of mind because we’re disobedient…Bottomline! God is upset with us, thus, blood flows like a river in the streets, Chicago? Poverty and racism are not an excuse to hate our women and race as a whole…Ditto!!!


  50. larissa on said:

    @Bry, as a fellow survivor of sexual abuse, I would like to say I feel your pain. I hope that someday I can come as far as you have. I was also molested as a child, before the age of six. I don’t remember who did it. All I know is that it was several people. In fact, for many years, I wasn’t sure if it really did happen, but then I realized, why would I remember something that didn’t happen? Especially if all of my other childhood memories actually did happen? I was molested again a few months ago. I blocked out most of the experience, which also led me to doubt whether it actually happened. However, I have not felt the same since then, I feel like someone is constantly touching my breasts, so it must have happened right?
    sister truth said:
    ”we are a mentally sick race. All of us and never got the treatment needed to function properly in society and with each other.”
    Recently my mother told me ” you are sick. do you know that? no one else will tell you. only me.” Now I think about what she said, and it makes me reflect a lot. Sometimes people will talk to you like you’re the only crazy one, it can make you feel like you’re the only one is maladjusted. I think a lot of people need to take a look in the mirror before pointing fingers at other people.

  51. Tyrone on said:


    Blackwomen need to know what is inside the skull of a blackman. The external doesn’t matter if the internal smells like s**t. F**k the material ish, i’m concerned about what’s in a blackman’s head and heart as well. I’d rather be around a poor brotha that has true love for our people versus a rich brotha that is the antithesis of the other. As you stated Honeytree, the Original Woman only has eyes for her shadow as God intended. Brothas, Respect That, Love That, Rep That to the fullest extent. Honeytreebee, i love you Sista. I don’t have to see you face to face to want the best for you and other Queens, never forget that!!!


  52. ‘A nation can rise no higher than its woman’ – Noble Drew Ali.

    I hope that those of you talking about the ‘natural roles of men and women’ are aware Black women have ruled many nations and have led many armies. Kemet – is a great example and once upon a time, before the European invasion, many parts of so called ‘Africa’, if not ALL, were Matriarch influenced. Nowadays it is legal in Nigeria (where my parents hail and where my bloodline flows) for a man to hit his wife, so long as he doesn’t leave any marks. Black women went from being fearless, powerful Queens and Goddesses who were adored from one part of the Earth to the other, to submissive hand maidens – who are more or less, the unprotected, disrespected victims of domestic abuse and other forms of violence. I’m 21 years old and it is obvious to me, that the the Black race is the way it is today because of how Black women are today – and how they are treated – today. To say that Black women are only deserving of a specific role – because we are women, is not only a very European concept – deep embedded in us, but it goes to show that some people have a lot of waking up to do. If we could only go back some several decades ago even, you’d see that Black women and men (spouses) used to work alongside each other/TOGETHER. Gender roles (with the exception of who gave birth and who offered protection of course) didn’t matter to them – not like how it mattered to Caucasian males and females…and this, was HOW Black business flourished. That amazing and astute intuition and logic, that MOST Black women have, was actually once cherished by our men. When it wasn’t, bad things happened.
    Black women, by nature, are not docile, obedient creatures who, because they can’t lift a heavy box, or because they aren’t as muscular, need to be assigned to a specific role or patronised/not taken seriously. If you want to wake up one day and see Black people in the state that we were once were thousands of years ago (sounds dramatic, but not so impossible), then the Black woman has to be put back in the position that she was once in. We have to do it ourselves – of course – but the Black man in her life has to help her grow. Grow her mind, her talents, her ambitions…help her become the great person she wants to be…be it, the President of America or the CEO of a billion dollar/pound/whatever company. He mustn’t stunt her mental growth or tell her that she needs to be to stay at a certain place, just because she’s a female. He mustn’t tell her that the things she wants to achieve, is ‘impossible for her as a woman’. That is one of the many WHITE magic spells that Black men – and woman are under, thus – the current state of our people. Embracing homosexual, Roman-Greek ‘the women are inferior’ mentalities when such a belief was never ours in the first place.
    Because guess what, the Caucasian male, having long ago realized and studied our power, is now doing it – while he has Black males on the anti-Black woman brigade.
    I’m sorry for the essay but the facts are the facts. All you have to do is at the walls of Ancient Kemet. If the Black woman is not put back in the position that she long ago fell from then it is over for us as a people. And I’m done.

  53. *All you have tot do is look at the walls of Ancient Kemet

  54. Mzchoco

    Magnificent reply!

  55. honeytreebee on said:

    This Queen thanks you from the depths of my heart. Thank you we need more Gods like you. Awaken you mighty Gods your people need you black men.

  56. “Sometimes people will talk to you like you’re the only crazy one, it can make you feel like you’re the only one is maladjusted. I think a lot of people need to take a look in the mirror before pointing fingers at other people.”

    So long as we’re under a system of European supremacy and domination every single African person is mentally ill and will make totally out of order statements just like your mother did.

    We have to be totally insane for us not to realize that this system is the absolute opposite of what is natural for all life on the planet save for the white demons.

    You have come as far as me because for us to be able to make that distinction, to know where this originates – in Anti-African behavior, is the single largest step in healing, because once we start to understand what we are not – a “You’re a Peon”, it becomes easier to identify with who we really are.

  57. Us black women do need to step up because some black men are lost chasing after money,white women,and dreams.Idc what gender the moseses are of our community.Black women and men have no trouble being together sexually its the mentally and spiritually part we need to work on.SO take away the physical aspect and demand the others first.That is the power we have and should use it wisely.
    I’m sure alot of u have heard a woman say ”I brought u into this world and i can take you out”. Black women give life and we can take it,take back our commuities and demand respect.

  58. I know I’m going to get flack for this but so what, I’m going to say it anyway. How can Black women rule ANYTHING including their own homes when so many are OVERWEIGHT?? Forget the weave and nails, if you’re on track to have a heart attack and diabetes by age 40, you’re already on a path of SELF-INFLICTED destruction.

    Black folks don’t need “da’ white man” to do anything to us, 80% of us are digging our own graves with our forks! A good life begins with good health and good health REQUIRES a healthy weight.

  59. You are right on 2 counts. You gon get shit for it…virtual daggers. But the truth is the truth. I have made a personal commitment to get all of me in sync: my mind, spirit, soul & the physical. If more of us would think of our entire being as a reflection of the Creator, we wouldn’t ingest anything that didn’t honor that and we wouldn’t allow people or thoughts into our sacred space that dishonored that. One step at a time. I love that we can share timely & needed info here. It’s paramount. I personally believe that some of the ideas, links, & videos I’ve come across on this site has saved my life. Literally. Negress, keep it comin!

  60. Dr. Reine

    food, or rather bad food, is apart of our programming. We self destruct while evil capitalizes off of our death.

  61. I’m cool with that and I expect that when I become an Internist, I’ll get some grief then too. But it’s well, my goal is the spread the word in OUR communities and that’s exactly what I intend to do!!

  62. I agree dr reine.

    I’m eating healthier and trying to lose weight right now.WE need to have control over ourselves and what we put into our body before we can try to help others.The ones who do attack your statement probably feel guilt. At the end of the day its about accountability because we have to have our houses in order first.we need to be selfish once in a while and take care of ourselves or we get burned out.

  63. No doubt about it, and as an example, as you probably know, there are FAR more fast food restaurants in the ‘hood than grocery stores! However, NO one forces us to spend our hard earned money there. Yet I’m sickened buy our people who will wait outside for hours in the cold to buy the latest “Jordans”, but won’t catch that SAME bus across town to buy groceries ay Whole Foods.

  64. “Yet I’m sickened buy our people who will wait outside for hours in the cold to buy the latest “Jordans”, but won’t catch that SAME bus across town to buy groceries ay Whole Foods.”

    We shouldn’t be sickened by our people who are waiting outside to buy it, we should be sickened at the people who are marketing those Jordans to our people 24/7.

    In addition, those Jordans are a once every 6 month-ish (? I don’t spend more than 30 bucks on any shoes ever) expense and trip to the burbs, whereas the reality for a lot of us living in impoverished areas is that our day in day out food shopping choices are limited to nearby Walmarts, bodegas and the like.

    If you’re poor working 40 hours a week at 8.25/hour there is no way you’re going to bus it 45 minutes to get to Whole Foods after work in the cold when you can only fit 3-4 bags with you on the bus and you have a 60-70 minute trip back home – with kids.

    We can’t expect people that don’t know any better or can’t do any better to understand that stretching a meager paycheck and ebt card allotment to fill 5 kids stomachs with trash is going to cost more in the long run than cutting bank balances close as hell every month in order to eat real food.

    There has to be unity among us from the conscious and the educated, to the ignorant “hoodbitches” and “thugs”. From the best of us to the least of us. White people do no less for their own – they may let their own go homeless, shoot up each other’s schools, but they’ll be damned if they don’t view their drug addled homeless as being worth more than our decent and principled middle-income black families.

    Once that unity is established and we defeat our real enemy then we can start enforcing order, as of right now there’s next to nothing to hold them accountable to – a couple of blogspot sites, a copy of Yurugu and Blueprint for Black power don’t constitute an institution that can influence minds.

    We need way more sites like Cynical’s, sites that carry basic, derogatory messages that can begin to propagandize the fight – planting seeds into people’s minds, that way over time people can understand the operations or games that are being ran on us – knock the enemy off of his horse so we can get in good body blows.

  65. mary burrell on said:

    @ Dr. Reine: I’m glad to see you back. With that being said it’s a harsh but true fact. I am working on myself. First wih my diet. And I’m arranging to go to exercise class at the cardivasual center at one of neighborhood hospital and health care facilities.

  66. T. Bee on said:

    You are right. I have done a lot to change my diet. However, when I first tried I had to go back and redouble my efforts. See I only know of the conventional diet where it is high carb low fat. I started searching for what we ate when we were at our best. I found that all of these grains and such weren’t really for us and when they were introduced to us our health suffered. They know this and in one generation of eating poor foods our children became malformed and maladjusted. When we first had contact with Europeans we were so healthy and they were trying to understand our health as things like diabetes and obesity were unheard of.

    I follow the this guideline of eating like our Ancestors did when they had their greatest health as much as possible. I started out with just the diet part. It is remarkable what happened. without exercise I have regained so much health. My weight has shifted dramatically and my taste for less nutritious food has all but vanished. I have started adding in natural herbs and broth which I rotate from chicken, fish, and red meat like lamb, goat,beef, deer. And my allergies and well being has only improved. Now i am starting to exercise and I am doing some weight lifting and low cardio. just like our Ancestors did and Wow…

    People are starting to wake up to this and realize that the government and the food pyramid is full of it. All one must do is follow the money to know what is really going on and what is really going down. even at places like whole foods you gotta be on your toes cause not every thing there is organic. It is crazy how they got us paying for food that they do less to. However whole foods is a good place to start. With meat don’t just look for organic but, also grass fed. As this is closer to what wild animals would have eaten and is better for you as the animal is living more in accord with nature. It can only give what it got.

    Getting your health back may be easier than you think you just gotta know what to eat. Clean is first. then properly fed, then properly cooked and prepared. With much love and anticipation of our collective healing.

  67. tyrone on said:


    I applaud you for having a brain and using it…real talk. It’s so easy to be a simp nowadays. As blackmen, we have to police ourselves. If we see other blackmen f@&king up the life or lives of sistas, we must break all ties to that negro. It’s called judgement, a lost art to say the least. crissjensen, stay true fam, blessed are the righreous!!!


  68. I read this and it has me contemplating a lot…you can draw your own conclusions..I just felt compelled to share…


  69. tyrone on said:

    @t bee

    There is only one blackwoman on the planet, not 2, 3, or 4. F@&@k sisterhood, is she black, yes or no?


  70. Nmaat

    Beautiful read!

    As we become more “aware” of our calling from the Creator, evil will pursue us to a dizzying crescendo. This is when our spiritual strength will be needed.

  71. honeytreebee on said:

    Correction: Most now not in the states.

  72. Tyrone on said:

    @T. Bee

    If blackwomen want to get a handle on the hypersexuality of today’s generation of blackmen, they have to break ties with “The System.” Blackwomen are inside the belly of the shark, and at the same time, are victims of the shark’s brutality at the same time. Wendy Williams is a vivid example, she’s married to a blackman, yet, glorifies the black male/white female dynamic to curry favor with whitewomen. The feminist movement is another point of conflict. Liberal whitewomen are supporting abortion, homosexuality, gay-marriage, race-mixing, but, they claim to love blackwomen so much. Sistas are in bed with these women, which makes no sense. As i’ve said before, white females are the real racists. Blackmen think they’re hurting whitey, in actuality, they’re helping. Becky may say her child is black, but, she’s not gonna raise them to love black, especially the sons. All of the mixing that blackmen are taking part in is genocide. Non-blackwomen view mixing with blackmen as a win-win proposition for themselves and their fellow countrywomen. They get their fair share of chocolate-loving and a boost to their gene pool. Sistas need to understand that other women are coming for them in a major way, this ish is not a fad…It’s Real! A note to blackwomen, let the Women of Color ish go. Spanish and Middle-Eastern women are byproducts of “White Male Rape” at the hands of whitemen. Their white brothers raped our foremothers, so, how can they claim to love and respect blackwomen? As to the issue of finding other blackmen, black people are global. Why should a blackwoman in the US only focus on american blackmen, who are not in their right minds at this time. Black people are in the South Pacific, Asia, Europe, Canada, Caribbean, etc. This problem is sexual in nature, sistas need to understand this point. Black males have yet to reach complete sexual refinement, which is the problem. Our sexuality was controlled for hundreds of years by other men, now that we have physical freedom, 500 plus years of sexual frustration is showing itself. White females and other NBW may like it, but, it does nothing for blackwomen and the advancement of true blackness on the planet. “Black Eros” is the key to our liberation as a people. Blackmen must love their black sisters, ain’t no middle ground on this issue. If we don’t, our race will no longer exist…Real Talk! Sistas, talk to your sons about the importance of them not wasting what God bestowed upon them. Blackmen have the greatest power of them all…Sexual Power! Economic and Political Power come and go, Sexual Power is forever. I can make a woman c*m with just the sound of my voice alone…Barry White! The first step, brothas have to acknowledge the influence they have via women, and channel their sexual swagger in the right direction. I don’t need a weapon to defeat the enemies of our race, my brain, my tongue, and my “tree” are all i need to be a king…Indeed!

    Don Aquarius

  73. T.Bee on said:

    Thanks Tyrone.

    You speak the truth. It is painful to watch our brothas with these other women when so many of us are not even given a chance. I hear a lot of excuses from so called brothas about black women which often boil down to no matter how perfect she is they just don’t want her. These men are drunk with their own power and refuse to come home. Until it is too late. I am tired of my fellow sistas who have it together not finding black men here. It is to the point that we pretty much have to leavethe state we are in or country to find mates. The last three weddings I attended the sistas had married men from either the Islands or from Africa. Non of the are settleing here. Their main reason was because they didn’t want their sons to turn out like the black men here. Also, all of these sistas waited too they are all in their late thirties and early mid fourties. These sistas have standards and found men that met them.

    as for the feminist stuff black women are waking up fast to that when they see brothas with these beckys and the becky wants to talk bad about black men, but can’t wait to f**k him like in your face. She is eager for you to date a white man because she don’t want him. She know a potential God when she meets one. She also knows that if that God ever wakes up her ass is out. So she has to do what ever she can to keep black women along until she accepts her that which is far beneth her. Feminist offer black women nothing and take everything they can. so gald I was never a part of that movement. The same for green peace and other so called liberal organizations they are really there for white peole talking about cleaning up a mess. Well I didn’t make the mess am not making the mess so why should i clean up their mess.

    As for brothas who’s eros have been on lockdown for 500+ years. None of that can be corrected by fu*k**g becky and other women of color. Yeah you have been given much power but, abusiing that power will only destroy us all. A lot of brothas don’t see it coming cause they drunk with it and who can really blame them. However, a lot of thee marrages don’t survive and when and if, a sista does the same they get all bent over it. Cause Tyrone I think they all really know when and if, that happens in a big way it’s game over. I think some of this becky chasing is done to punish black women. I’ve noticed that once you call a brotha on the double standard they balk or use it to further justify their behavior. Yeah there are some brothas that truly think they are hurting the white man by getting becky, but what they don’t realize is that he wants him to put in a good word and get him in with sistas in a big way. Then he can keep becky and the other POC women. The only women that would be off limits to him then is his natural mate and true complement.

    We need more Tyrones and fast. Then this mess with these brothas would be not so significant. Tyrone it is so bad out west that I may have to leave as my sistas are migrating else where in the world refusing to get with the white man and refusing to be alone anymore. I am giving serious consideration to leaving all together. I thought this would be a difficult thing, but found other brothas happy to have us sistas and eager to love us fully. When you get a good, good lovin most sistas drop and never come back not even for a visit. Cause it has been too long and funny how these men don’t complain of our attitude and what not. Perhaps we drop it or don’t really have it to begin with.

  74. Bry, you’re making excuses for bad behavior and poor ones at that. My sister who’s a Pharmacist, see’ s those women in her pharmacy EVERYDAY with the Medicaid cards, $5 dollar co-pays, and an attitude about paying that $5 dollars. Yet that same Mother of multiple kids, has her ” hair did”, nails done, and is rocking LV. And even if it did come from the Chinese store at the swap meet, I think you get my point.

    People “invest” in what’s important to them, Blacks simply need to make themselves their first priority!

  75. This is a great point about the food pyramid and the ancestral diets especially about complex carbs. These days, carbs if I serve any at all, are the tiniest portion on my plate, with fresh veggies taking up the largest space. I also stopped cooking chicken with the skin on it and rarely eat red meat. I love fish but you have to be careful with that too thanks to a,l the chemicals in the water

  76. Hey Ms. Mary! Congrats on your new lifestyle plan!

  77. honeytreebee on said:

    @ Dr Reine this is for you and Ms Too Good 4 Y’all

    Our people knew this first, but lost it. It is worth watching the movie to get the very basics.

    here is another one and shows how powerful changing your diet can be.

    pay attention to 5:30 and look at the programming of us.

    Now look at what we are supposed to look like at around 7:40 eating our true diet.

    The diet she speaks of is our traditional diets. If you are getting just what the RDA says you are malnourished. Pay attention to what she says it is true this is what you should be eating. We have way more melanin than this woman so what kind of healing do you think will happen when you get it right. I know a sister who got it right and she damn near glows.

  78. T.Bee on said:

    I agree

  79. Tyrone on said:

    T. Bee

    Enemies of our race don’t want blackmen to love blackwomen, Why? Fear of a black planet has always been the greatest fear of other men. So, whitemen and other men are willing to push their women into the arms of blackmen if it will gain them greater access to blackwomen…Ditto! Remember sistas, ya’ll are the real prize, f**k what you heard from the other folk. OJ Simpson is the greatest friend a whiteman can ever have, Casper has him wrapped around his finger. As for blackmen out West, What Blackmen? The crazy thing about brothas from Cali and other western states, is that, they’re from The South. Any black male that says he is not physically attracted to Nubian females is a flamer(gay) in my book. Blackwomen are the finest women on the planet, and a blackman has the balls to say he don’t like chocolate skin, full lips, beautiful breasts, and apple bottoms…Really? I can understand a brotha appreciating beauty in other women, but, not liking sistas is a gay mindset in my book…Blasphemy!!!


  80. Thanks Tyrone,

    Other Black men around the world get it. Sistas don’t like it but we might have to move around to find our Men. The world does not have a Black man shortage that is a myth the US has a shortage of self actualized black men, but we can help.

  81. Pingback: In The Review: Define Yourself Redefine the World: A Guide For Black Boys and Men | From Ashy to Classy

  82. Negress,

    The following speech was delivered by Sojourner Truth, I hope it will compliment this post

    Ain’t I a Woman?

    As recounted by Frances Gage, in 1863

    “Well, children, where there is so much racket there must be something out of kilter. I think that ‘twixt the negroes of the South and the women at the North, all talking about rights, the white men will be in a fix pretty soon. But what’s all this here talking about?
    That man over there says that women need to be helped into carriages, and lifted over ditches, and to have the best place everywhere. Nobody ever helps me into carriages, or over mud-puddles, or gives me any best place! And ain’t I a woman? Look at me! Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! And ain’t I a woman? I could work as much and eat as much as a man – when I could get it – and bear the lash as well! And ain’t I a woman? I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother’s grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain’t I a woman?
    Then they talk about this thing in the head; what’s this they call it? [member of audience whispers, “intellect”] That’s it, honey. What’s that got to do with women’s rights or negroes’ rights? If my cup won’t hold but a pint, and yours holds a quart, wouldn’t you be mean not to let me have my little half measure full?
    Then that little man in black there, he says women can’t have as much rights as men, ’cause Christ wasn’t a woman! Where did your Christ come from? Where did your Christ come from? From God and a woman! Man had nothing to do with Him.
    If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again! And now they is asking to do it, the men better let them.
    Obliged to you for hearing me, and now old Sojourner ain’t got nothing more to say.”

  83. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @seedofjapheth…I won’t generalize like some people have done, but I have to say that there are some “people of color” I don’t trust.

    I live in a place where many of the Latinos/Hispanics hate Black people and they aren’t afraid to show it. I’m not saying all of them are like this, but I know enough to say that I don’t feel a sense of kinship with them.

  84. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Herneith…I agree. Some of these people can’t even read and write properly in English, yet they call us “niggers” and treat us like crap. This is why I am NOT flattered if somebody thinks I am Latina (as if a Black woman can’t be pretty and well-spoken).

  85. I live in texas and yes a lot of latinos here act like they are better than blacks.They forget that there are some dark skinned latinos who can understand them and get surprised when they speak to them in spanish.my brothers ex said she was working and they came in and said something in spanish about her being black[she panamanian] and she answered them back and hey were quiet after that.A lot of them hide the fact they have a black ancestor to pass.

  86. Forced Reality on said:


    Great post! You are wise beyond your years 🙂

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