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Open Discussion #10

I’ll be busy this weekend with some things so here’s a new open talk page. As a starter, here’s what I’m thinking about:

Nazi Boy

Don’t know him? Look again:


I’ve been racking my brain for weeks asking myself, Why is he stepping down? Don’t the pedophiles…er….I mean Popes usually die in office?

Any suggestions?

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56 thoughts on “Open Discussion #10

  1. That second pic looks hella creepy. The bigger question is who is going to get his job will it be one of the black men.If the black pope wins you already know them white folks and latinos will be upset and probably change religions lol.Or people will be thinking its the end of the world because of the Malachy prediction.

  2. I have no idea on this one…not even gonna front

  3. honeytreebee on said:

    What is the Malachy prediction ? It doesn’t surprise me one bit if, the pope was a Nazi. I mean the catholic church over the years have had to apologize for so many things. Like slavery, burning of witches, condoning the killings of the indigenous peoples all over the world, sanctioning raping and pillaging. Don’t get me started on what they end up saying they were wrong about. One can almost say if, that church condones it you should do the opposite of it. It would not surprise me if, the next pope was black. It seems a trend when you are in trouble and the shit looks doomed put a black person in there.

  4. He’s stepping down because the gates of hell needs a new guard because the old one got promoted to Pope.

  5. honeytreebee on said:

    HLJ you might be right. Are they going to do the traditional thing to the retired pope and lock him in a room to pray or prey till he dies?

  6. honeytreebee on said:

    Negress he kinda looks like the guy from the vampire post. Creepy…

  7. Attention Men!!!

    Charmain now has men’s wear….

  8. ooooops…I meant to post her link too:


  9. Leviqueen on said:

    He is a devil.

  10. emile on said:

    I think it’s a case of the heat being turned up on the growing disclosures and controversies of widespread sexual abuse that has been repressed within the church over time. The number of abuse cases have been rising over the past few years and with increasing frequency. More demands of accountability and resolutions are being aimed directly to the Vatican. This whole issue will cut deeper and deeper into the already fragile credibility of the Catholic Church and its religious structure, even to the point of derision.

    The under-current of having a Black pope as a replacement can be viewed in the same manner as what always happens when fire lights under your ass: bring in the Black guy or Black woman to clean up, do all of the dirty work, endure the headaches of re-establishing public relations/public trust and then drop them like a dirty rag when things are back to normal. There are a lot of items on the agenda in the coming years for the Catholic Church in this confusing world, most of which are geared toward strengthening the institution in financial, political and religious aspects. It is my impression that the Catholic Church is managed like any other organization, corporate or religious, where the most appropriate candidate for effective leadership must be placed within an prominent position of effectively handling immediate and pressing challenges while simultaneously assuaging the public’s fears and mistrust. Putting a Black face at the head of the church is a great chess move, as it will divert and deflect attention away from the true evil which most people are seeking to have addressed and accounted. Deflection is an art.

    Unfortunately, when this issue does settle down, abuse of victims will continue to occur, simply because parishioners will either tolerate it out of hopelessness, or because they are totally confused and uninformed of their options. I’m not trying to blame them. But if most knew the true history and origins of the Roman Catholic church, one could see that its current embodiment does not follow in the vein of the original tenets that were created by the church’s most revered founders (e.g. Pope Gregory the Great), whose commitments and works concentrated upon elevating the health, spirituality and well-being of its parishioners and their respective communities.

  11. Emile

    Fantastic as always.

    Studying the Catholic “religion” lead me to Jewry. Jewry lead me to Paganism.

    Nuff said.

  12. honeytreebee on said:

    Negress you most likely already know this, but they insert themselves in everyone else spiritual or religious systems find a way to place themselves on top and become the moral authority and then cause confusion and destruction from within. This is why they have to go all over the world spreading their lies like a disease. Killing and destroying as many links to God and the ancestors as possible. Missionaries only come for one thing control.

  13. Honeytreebee

    Research the Jesuits. That will tell you all you need to know about the white man’s religion.

  14. Amarie on said:

    All the evil he has done in the past has come back to haunt him. I bet he has a closet full of skeletons.

  15. Amarie on said:

    I agree that 2nd pic of him throwing up the symbol of Baphomet is creepy.

  16. the malachy prediction is allegedly st malachy’s prophecy of the world ending when the 112th pope named peter the roman takes over.”In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit … Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations: and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible judge will judge his people. The End.” people are already paranoid because a black man in the running to become the pope is named peter and he’d be the 112th pope.I’m not worried though because only the lord knows when its time,these whites are just scared because they can’t control everything especially when the world will end.Just another example of their control issues http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/14/st-malachy-last-pope-prophecy-theologians-prediction-_n_2679662.html

  17. mstoogood4yall on said:

    that is crazy according to wiki. the jesuits are basically soldiers for the pope,they obey everything the pope says even if they think differently.That is a cult wtf.

  18. I don’t get it myself. I know why black people are more spiritually inclined. I GET THAT part. A necessary and wonderful thing. What I have NEVER gotten is how we could in all practicability, accept religion supposedly based on the tenets of loving your fellow man, peace, harmony, humanity & truth FROM people whose very nature seems to epitomize the EXACT OPPOSITE of all of those things? I just don’t get it.

  19. @honeytreebee–I agree. Religion is another weapon in their war arsenal. It’s another tactic of control. And clearly, they don’t believe a damn thing they are shoveling to us. In fact, it appears they believe the exact opposite.

  20. Nmaat

    There are things that were done to us on the slave ships, on plantations, in our nrighbourhoods that whites will never own up to.

    Thats why they dig up our burial grounds, invade our villages in Haiti and Nigeria and are now in Mali.

    It is tied in with the esoteric.

  21. honeytreebee on said:


    This is why I don’t go to churches or get involved in organized religions. I think small meetings at house with a small trusted group is best. I don’t discuss my beliefs publicly especially with with folks. I either decline to state or say I am an atheist. That usually shuts them down. It is dangerous to let them in. If they can find a crack they will use your beliefs against you. That is what I learned from history and watching what they do. If, they don’t know and are left out they can’t infiltrate.

  22. honeytreebee on said:

    That’s not a religion that’s a cult.

  23. mary burrell on said:

    I don’t know for sure. But I don’t think it’s because of his age and ill health like it was reported. It’s my opinion that there is a lot of evil goings on in the Vatican. I think there is a lot of devilish activity in that place masquerading as a place of holiness. That’s just my opinion.

  24. honeytreebee on said:

    Negress can I please make a suggestion. That the next post be about us exclusively. Please no more pictures of ugly white men, bat shit crazy white women, or the street rat crazy people who love them. I just meed a break from them and need to see some beauty for a minute.

  25. Mickey on said:

    I just recently watched a documentary on HBO about the cover ups of deaf boys being raped & sexually assaulted by priests and how the Vatican knew all about it and covered it up. It mostly centered on a school for the deaf in America, but they touched upon a similar incident in Italy. One man’s job was to “put fires out” by paying off the families of the victims. And another man basically said that the higher up one goes in the hierarchy of the Vatican, the more common the incidents are. Yes, there is a lot of devilish activity that takes place there.

  26. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I tell ya white ppl will have someone become pope even if they were a nazi smh just as long as the skin color is right.You let a black pope have been part of the black panthers all hell would break loose and he wouldn’t have a job.Just look how they questioned obamas birth certificate but didn’t question john mccain’s even though he was born outside the US.We will never be looked at as Amerikkkon citizens,quite frankly i really don’t care i want to travel when i get a little older and i may even move.Shoot i want peanut to take me with her if she leaving this place.

  27. Sincere on said:

    And you wonder why I’d take my chances out here in the world rather than step one foot in church! You have no problem robbing me blind by way of tithing, enslave me w/belief in your doctrine & raping kids via the choir. The Church is The Mob & the most effective tool against Africans worldwide.

  28. Mickey on said:

    Someone once said when the Whites went into Africa, the White man had the bible and the Black man had all of the land. The White man said, “Put some clothes on. Close your eyes and bow your head. Get on your knees and pray.” When he opened his eyes, the White man had all of his land and the Black man had the bible.

  29. Altho I know what you probably meant, the BP was not the equivalent of the KKK. Ever. I don’t know of any KKK programs that offer free breakfast programs for poor kids (& the US govt subsequently co-opted this program) or free health screenings or the food pantries (which a lot of churches co-opted) or the clothing drives. They were community based initially and that is what scared the US govt (FBI) & why they ended up defending themselves against gestapo police ambushes & assassinations; the govt was then able to malign them with the violent moniker when they were in most cases simply defending themselves. The KKK is nothing but a bunch of misguided malcontents who are for the most part used by those in illusory power as strong arm men & gangs. They give them the dirty work so they can keep the appearance of clean hands. I have never heard of them reaching out to the greater community and helping ANYBODY with food/clothing/shelter.

  30. Crissjensen on said:

    @ Negress, it’s to make room for The Antichrist, who will soon be coming into POWER soon.

    by the way, those photos. man they say alot, when looking at them.i think they speak for them-selves. lol

  31. @ Negress, did know that ameriklan sent her evil Troops over to Africa to first counter rebels and now to so called “SAVE SOUTH AFRICAS RHINO”

    do you feel something deeper is going on here!?

    I know i sure do!!

  32. why my comments not going through

  33. White people aren’t capable of being deep because they don’t have souls. It’s all a distraction from us reaching our natural level of spiritual depth.

    All of this pope mess, the Mali situation, sequestration – it’s all white noise and an attempt to distract us, so they can steal even more of our natural resources and keep our attention held so we can’t focus on black healing, unity and communion with the universe.

  34. mstoogood4yall on said:

    know the black panthers weren’t bad. WHites make it seem like the black panthers and malcom x were as bad as the kkk.WHen really that is comparing apples to organges,we are the apples they are the organges.The Bp were out in the open with their faces shown,not like the kkk cowards who hide their faces.
    That is what annoys me about whites, they want to do stuff in the dark that they know is wrong because they don’t want to face the repercussions.I say stand up for what you believe don’t be a coward. Blacks have stood up for what we believed in even when it meant death,whites hide what they believe in and all they face is a little tongue lashing and they can’t handle that.
    Whites are trying to make everyone believe lying,stealing,and killing is ok so that they can convince themselves its not so bad everybodys doing it not just me,same way they did slavery.They want pp; to get used to the evil ways so that they can practice it in the open when everyone is more accepting.Look at the gays for example,they coming out now more than ever,but only after they got enough ppl to embrace them. Whats done in the dark comes to light,they are trying to bring their dark deeds to light,but not with confession but with conversion

  35. I knew you didn’t mean they were the same. But b/c we know that we are not the only ones who read this blog & I’m sure there are many more lurkers than there are posters..lol..I just felt compelled to add my 2 cents. You can tell by your posts, you are more aware than 99.9% of your peers. No offense meant lil Sis.

  36. Crissjensen on said:

    @ Bry, I agree. but the deep i was talking about was about us as black people! the deep attacks that there doing on us, is going to go full swing now.

    trust me i know those anti-beings don’t have, “SOUL’S”!

  37. @ the family, have u all seen this video!? the END is truly here now.

    see and hear what peopel around the world R going through.

  38. @nmatt

    None taken. The lurkers lol IF YOU ARE READING THIS HOW’S YOUR LIFE. i wonder how long it will be before truth gets another one of their crazy fan mail smh.

  39. I bet this Sith Lord looking Caucanderthal has some major skeletons that were about to come out. If they elect a Black man, then you KNOW the church is in deep crap because they always trot out the Black people to clean up the mess…and if it doesn’t get cleaned, then to blame. OR they could be trying to further some hidden agenda by fulfilling the Malachi prophecy. I don’t trust the Great Whore that sits upon seven hills. Nor those that dwell within her.

  40. very true they do put a black face on things when its going down.Like the president and don’t forget the oil spill mess i still see commercials with black people on there for bp oil.

  41. T.Bee on said:

    Just for a change here are some interesting clips to look at. Have sme fun with it.

  42. honeytreebee on said:

    The earth is going through a polar shift and we are seeing the results it takes time, but it will be a 20-40 degree shift before it settles down and rest for a while heres a look how things could change.
    20 degree shift

    40 degree shift

    Nothing un the universe stays the same. Change is the only constant. Enjoy

  43. honeytreebee on said:

    nmaat and truthbetold
    This is why I keep it quite on that front. They can’t get us anyother way. They know if, they can control the God head half the battle is won. Now they are going after the Goddess head it has been hard for them as they need a willful submition. They haven’t had much success with this so, now they attack our compliments and try to insert themselves. This is the big reason for promoting the disunity between our men and women. It is not a physical disunion that they really want, but a spiritual one so, they can insert and asert themselves as the God head.

  44. White people, with their evil, white supremacy, arrogance, pretend decency, are exhausting; and yet, the ‘God’ of the universe allows them to prevail. Why? Why? Why? When I’m at work with them, how they shun ‘you’, pretend you are stupid as a style of communication, goes against the ‘team playig’ bs they espouse. But yet, ‘they’ controll all on the global level…. When will it end? I can’t take it anymore..make it stop………they’re monsters

  45. Ms. J on said:

    Oyan, I agree. I’m just 20 and it bothers me a lot. It’s such a shame that Black people live their entire lives subject to such mistreatment.

  46. white ppl love dogs just read the comments on this

  47. Now compare the two videos comments

  48. I’m telling you, they are related & they instinctively know it. lol…so…they are anguished by the pigs killing a canine but a black man gets derided & blamed for his own death? Yes, folks, if EVER there was a prime example of extreme psychosis, this is it.

  49. Laughing out loud, louder, loudest. This pope must have been doing his scary look thing on purpose. In every picture I see of him, he seems to do his best to look like the demons that live rent-free in their heads. It is too bad that he ‘resigned’, he could have leaked more Vatican poison out, to let us know who they really bow down too. Santa Satan. Oh, and Ra called. For the next Pope / Paus / Claus to stop wearing fish heads (miters).

  50. Well Said!!

  51. Those hand signs he’s throwing up in the second picture are in homage to Baphomet, a pagan deity of occultist devil worshippers. No joke, he is seriously representing his true religion to everyone. These devils try to lie like Baphomet is tied to Freemasonry, but it’s ties are with the catholic church. While true freemasonry originated in Egypt, the devils stole it (as everything else) and perverted it (as everything else) and tied it to evil.

  52. Gat Turner on said:

    Siter Truth,
    I remember you once said you had an interest in Chem trails…I came across this website today..hopefully you can glean some new insight.


  53. Crissjensen on said:

    check this video out!

  54. I had a similar pic of this guy (or one of the popes) posing with two, dark-skinned little black boys who looked scared to death of him. And looking at their faces, I was afraid FOR them.

    It’s obvious to me, looking at those eyes and his expression that something other than “holiness” is afoot

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