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Michael Jackson Tried To Tell Us The Truth

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55 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Tried To Tell Us The Truth

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Yes he did. Everytime I listen to this on my ipod I am reminded of our plight in this country. They do not care about us. Too bad he found out to late. I loved Michael, But I feel Michael was batteling some self hate issues himself.

  2. I grew up in the age of Thriller and still have the original vinyl record. Micheal was my idol. Yes, I miss him too. He was a victim. Like us.

  3. I notice the music industry is corrupt as well.They try to make people look crazy who are awake and speak out against devilish things. I just hope lauryn hill isn’t next.She talked about how the music industry is.http://thatgrapejuice.net/2012/06/lauryn-hill-warns-artists-dangerous-music-industry/. I noticed artists like Beyonce,lady gaga,Rihanna,and Kanye have changed.How does beyonce go from having a gospel song on her albums to none. How does lady gaga go from being colorful to dark.How does Rihanna go from pon de replay to good girl gone bad.How does kanye go from jesus walks with me to ni@@as in paris.Notice they all wear dark clothing and have some weird lyrics.Also notice that artists who actually have talent and sing about life like jazmine sullivan,lyfe jennings,Marsha ambrosius get little attention,yet these people do.Lil wayne is another one who is willing to sell his soul for money,he always says its all about the money.All these artists really got big and now aren’t the same,coincidence? i think not.ALso notice how kanye lost his mom then he acting crazy now,or how Rihanna got beat up by Chris brown now she acting crazy.blood sacrifice? Either the artsist get caught up in drugs or they sell out and make it big.The ones who don’t do either barely make it.When you sing lyrics you are chanting and getting those words stuck in your head.that is why i listen to old school music because this crap nowadays is another way for them to dumb you down. wake up

  4. Kushite Prince on said:

    You make excellent points. I can tell you’re very observant. Much if todays music fans are oblivious to what’s going on around them. When you get a chance check out the site Vigilantcitizen.com. There is some great information about the film and music industry. I think you’ll find it very interesting.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    @mstoogood4yall; Excellents points you are right on the money young queen.

  6. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I just checked out that website very eye opening. The music videos are getting more and more disturbing with all those symbols.lil wayne vid had him as the devil even his lyric said the ho love me like they love the devil.I don’t see how people can continue to follow him when he obviously is satanic.

  7. Kushite Prince on said:

    Lil Wayne,Drake,Rick Ross,Chris Brown,Rihanna,Lady Gaga,Nicki Minaj,Katy Perry,Beyonce,Ke$ha,Kanye West etc—have all sold their souls. They will do anything for fame and fortune. That’s why our children should not follow these demonic people. They are all possessed by an evil spirit. They know their time is limited and don’t want to be exposed for the phonies they are. In time all will be revealed.

  8. soforeal on said:

    if we can put our differences aside and come together as a people and meditate on white people not being here anymore they will vanish. we have that type of power, but i guess the nice house, cars, condos, $1000 liquor and being with massa is too much to give up.

    they will never care about us! they’re not supposed to.

  9. honeytreebee on said:

    That is why I listen to people who up lift and not all of that crazy stuff. I think if, you listen to them even a few times you start to go crazy like them. First step get you to say it to yourself them say it out loud. Then think it is okay then to do it and let others do it to you. Then accept it as the nor then accept it as good. Then destroy those that don’t accept it or question it. Hey isn’t that possession. Isn’t that what happened to us. The music and t.v. are all tool to keep you acting and being crazy and from your true self. Stop watching t.v. and current events. Stop with their holidays and become very selective about your music and entertainment and watch what happens. It will be harder to go back you might even get a headache after a while from watching or listening to their crap.

    As far as Micheal goes his story is so painful and those white kids. Those can’t be his bios. no,no,no…. raising them will not make them care about us either we did that too.

  10. Soforeal on said:

    yeah i`m about to take a break from all that, especially the internet stuffs driving me crazy. lol, got my passport renewed and lookin to get the hell outta here for a week or 2.

  11. Justice on said:

    Michael didn’t care about US either.

  12. Mickey on said:

    Actually, one has to feel sympathy for him because he was full on self-hated placed their by his father. His father was not only physically abusive, but mentally as well. He was the one who put Michael down for his Black features, w hich ultimately drove him to physical self-destruction. Yet and still, I believe Michael deep down still had a deep respect and love for Black people.

  13. Tyrone on said:


    Excellent point Sista. Yes, the music industry is upside down right now. It’s always been corrupt, but, at least real talent was cultivated within the genre. Today, it’s about hype and commercialism. When sistas such as Jill Scott, Ledisi, Jaguar Wright, Lalah Hathaway, Jazmine Sullivan, and many other black songbirds are not given the same attention and support within the industry as Adele…Major Problem! A lot of my homeboys say that Beyonce is part of the “Illuminati because of her association with Jay-Z. Do they have a point? She was raised in the church, and now she’s supersexual in a major way. Kanye was part of the counterculture, and now he’s running around with a lost whitewoman who has been pimped by her mother, Kris Jenner. He has no wiggle room on this issue. Black people need to understand that our culture is being stolen from us brick by brick. We created jazz and blues, whites co-opted them. We created r&b and hip-hop, whites are trying to steal them as well. Whites exhibit the same pattern without fail. They wrap themselves in black culture. Soon after, they want black artists to dilute themselves for their consumption. Thirdly, they find ways to profit from our culture. Fourthly, they seek to embed themselves in certain aspects of our culture and gain control if allowed to. Michael Jackson is a vivid example of the racial pattern that whites use. Selling-Out never achieves anything for black people over the long haul. It gives white folk power and influence they don’t deserve. Blacks in the music biz are going down the same road as their kin in hollywood. A lot of blacks jump ship in hollyweird, and what does it gain them? As far as music is concerned, i’m a big fan of D’Angelo, Bilal, The Roots, Dwele, Kem, Ledisi, Anthony David, Jill Scott, Talib Kweli, Chrisette Michele, N’Dambi, and many others. Black people, support authentic black culture and artists.


  14. So true and artists that start off good go bad or become sexualized.I used to love ciara because she would dance her ass off in her vids better than alot of guys.then her albums didn’t do well so she started to become sexualized and did that video ride it,which was banned in some countries.Keri hilson couldn’t sell albums either and she became sexualized.same thing with Kelly Rowland i watched her vid Motivation and it was extremely dirty. I have much respect for the artists you listed because they choose not to sell their body or soul to sell albums.Those other artists i believe have made a deal with the devil[whites]. THe whites get what they want which is a dumbed down and divided black community. While those artists get what they want fame and fortune.When are more blacks going to step up and say no we are not for sell, its slavery revised.Don’t even get me started on the nba and nfl.THey want to complain and have lockouts because they are spending their money too fast and then complain the coaches and owners make more,instead of making their own dam league.

  15. Yeaaah….No!! Michael Jackson is really not a good example of anything except extreme self-hatred.

    I think I know what you were trying to say Sista, but you just used the wrong person.

  16. mary burrell on said:

    Mickey is right. Joseph is responsible for the dysfuntion of Michael and his siblings. He was filled with self hate himself.

  17. theworldwelivein on said:

    Jesus, I certainly feel and understand your sentiment; however, I believe that his music, art, philanthropy, choice of breeding partner, and body dysmorphia highlight that strange and painful dichotomy of love/hate that some blacks possess. The fact that he surrounded himself w/ other blacks either as friends, business partners, or employees speaks volumes about who he truly was in his soul. I also believe that as he aged, he became more black-identified given that his music often espoused justice, empowerment, and faith.

    Nevertheless, I am a MJ (Frm Jackson 5- till death)fan so perhaps my observations are biased. I was crazy for MJ y’all…had the white glove, beat it red pleather jacket, penny loafers AND white socks, posters, pins, and jumped up and down like a lunatic when I saw him perform the now classic “moonwalk” on the TV special Motown 25. I saw him in concert during that era and all I can say is WOW. I remember my mother and I staying up late to watch the premier of Thriller-good lawd, it blew my little mind! MJ was becoming quite powerful with his buying of music collections (I think he was on his way of owing 1/2 of Sony and he returned Little Richard’s collection to him) so I’m sure Sony pressured him in ways that I can’t even fathom.

  18. theworldwelivein on said:

    Oops…”owning 1/2 of Sony”

  19. theworldwelivein on said:

    And he truly did have Vitilago…now the cosmetic surgeries….that’s all on him.

  20. Gotta agree with Mickeys point about Joe Jackson. He also consented to MJ being raped.

  21. anonymous starseed on said:

    SIGH. I came across this blog site a few days ago through a facebook friend and I read the article “miseducation of the negress”. Reading the story gave me the chills, as I my self was targeted in my youth by my elementary school psychiatrist for my highly advanced intellect. Once I had found out what slavery was, I became obsessed. I read every slavery, holocaust and history book which in turn boosted my language skills and put me at the top of my class. I was then psychologically programmed by a master psychiatrist who I recently found out worked for many government organizations. I however did not recall the programing until a few months ago, but for many years I wondered why I behaved in certain ways, why I could speak in a perfect russian accent (and identify origins of people with similar accents), why I remembered the stankness of the master psychiatrist’s coffee and cigarette breath, why I had gone down and uncontrollable road of destruction, why I had got a god awful butterfly tattoo and why I had suffered so much mental anguish in my teenage years. I am only 23 now. I am what would be considered a “star seed” or “indigo”/”crystal” child. Psychic ability is not unusual in my family and I was also drugged and used/worshipped in rituals by the programmers to tell the future. I remember my incarnations before this one. I have been white, black, male and female. I remember my Ma Ka Ba body years before I had the faintest bit of esoteric information. I write this to say, we are souls experiencing a physical existence. I know why I am here, I know why I have suffered, I know why my ancestors suffered. But at what point will you (negress and followers) realize that you are not victims. Everything that is occurring right now is divine order. And if it weren’t, we would be slaves on a southern/caribbean plantation today. To be conscious only means to be aware. But what are you aware of? Are you only aware of hurt and pains? Are you only aware of (white) society and its bullshit? Or are you aware that you are a cosmic being on a planet with a job to do? Reading through the other posts began to make me depressed, so I will discontinue reading. It is I, and the other members of my generation who are looking to the older generation to lead us into the future, not keep us locked to a dark and depressing past. My generation looks at the older generation for guidance, and yet all we see is “white people this, white people that” and “we are all victims because….”. This puts at in a place of weakness, because we see the past generations engulfed in defeat, and not fighting for us, or themselves. Every nation on this planet has gone to war, has killed and has suffered. Why is it that people with melanin are psychologically trapped? Our melanin has the ability to absorb and convert energy, yet all these articles have no resolution. Just underlining anger, hurt and pain that all of us are absorbing as we read. And to negress, the “pale horse” that resides inside of you is your lower self that cannot accept that you are black, beautiful, intelligent, and so on. She must die in order for your higher self to find peace. It is confusing for me to see you to promote our blackness and say to be proud, but then say how you rarely walk out on the street without a head scarf out of fear of being victimized by a lesser power who waits on your insecurity like a last supper, yet runs away when you let your light shine through. Are you victims or victors? I have a big ass afro that I have worn since childhood, and only when it was permed for one year did I feel ashamed of my self. No white person or anyone could convince me that I was less because I could not conclude that I was lesser to my self. I live in a racist town, and when I and my husband go out we are stared down by white people like nothing I have ever experienced. And you know what we do– we stare at them right back, because their staring is just another game and when they see how serious we are its like they start glitching and twitching and begin acting right. I hope you can walk outside with the same strength in your heart one day. Our victimhood is what they love most because it convinces them that they have value. LOVE YOURSELVES MORE, please. Please remember the laws of attraction. I hope you find enough peace to turn this blog into a more uplifting one for the community. White people have only as much power as you give them. If they ruined our past and present, what we represent will create a brighter future. think higher thoughts. turn off the tv. quit pumping all the hollywood propaganda and celebrity gossip. we the youth are counting on you!! peace.

  22. Interesting comment. That’s all I’ll say for now.

  23. Tyrone on said:


    We need to have control and ownership of our culture…Bottomline! A lot of folk that don’t look like us are making billions of dollars from black culture…music, dance, art, literature, athletics, and sexuality. We’re playing ourselves for crumbs. The NFL and NBA are enslaving blackmen to modern-day plantations. Hip-Hop is assaulting black womanhood and promoting violence within our race. If we don’t own it and manage it, we have no bizness associating ourselves with it. This is the fundamental point that we need to understand as african people.


  24. Amarie on said:

    @negress- I agree. Not just MJ, but all of the Jackson 5.

  25. honeytreebee on said:

    Owning you stuff and supporting what you want to see are so important. Here’s a little some thing in that line of thought.

    I tried to include a little of every enjoy. Truth be told why not a post on all of the positive black music out there and all of these great artist that we should be jammin to. Why don’t we know more about artist like these, yet we let the media dictate that we know about Lil Wayne and his madness. Let them have him. Like I said before he needs to be replaced and drowned out by 10-20 artist like these.

  26. No doubt he was a really good entertainer and I think entertainer should do just that. Like now when entertains feel the need to spout their political views and influence weak minded people. Please, pick the mic, the ball and keep your opinions to yourself.

    MJ did some good things, but I can’t get over his transformation into a white woman. And who in the hell believe that those children have even one stem cell that belongs to MJ?

  27. I am curious as to why you think we have suffered and what do you think is the ultimate resolution? And why there are certain people who seem to always be at the helm of those machinations that cause our suffering? I can appreciate your viewpoint and I would never encourage black people to see ourselves as victims. We are powerful or else they wouldn’t covet everything we are. But imo in order to mount any battle, you have to know who your enemy is. And you will know him by his deeds.

  28. Crissjensen on said:

    Great Post! Negress, have heard about him(Michael Jackson) talking about Sony Music, and how blacks are slaves to those evil beings?? also that MJ was leaving sony company and if he had lleif he would be

    leaving with his half of the Beatles catalog. (wow! talk about have half of sony music records)

    Michael Jackson owned the rights to the Beatles’ songs. and they wanted the rights back from him. Hmmm!!

    Now we can see why they wanted him “GONE”.

  29. @Ty, i agree. you should check why michael jackson and prince don’t like a lot of the record companies and what really gose on when it comes to black folks. lol

  30. emile on said:

    Spot on about cultural control, management and ownership. The only option toward creating positive and less demoralizing content is a complete separation from the current industry. I really don’t blame these young artists for the positions in which they find themselves, although there are alternatives to other effective promotion of their talents. When you look at the big picture, from a conscious perspective, you can clearly see that they are victims of the SOR (mistreatment) and haven’t been informed about “what’s happening?”, to quote Dr. Welsing. Maybe the next generation will be able to allow us to purge the filth from their minds and ambitions with the information we give them today. The artists we see today are nothing more than the results of the environments in which they grew up, as exemplified with DOAN’s post about MJ. If successful, this chess move is undoubtedly going to have a huge financial impact on the culture and operations of the entertainment industry, considering the fact that it has sustained itself through the theft/infringement/plagiarism of Black talent. Manipulation of Black artists is nothing new; whites have always prospered off of our artistic, cultural and intellectual wealth. That’s the crux of the problem, breaking the chains to that linkage. If we are to truly empower ourselves through the concentrated control and guidance of these mediums, it would undoubtedly have a tremendous impact on influencing and improving our overall conditions in possibly all areas of people activity. Nothing worthwhile is ever going to come easy, but I still say that it’s worth the effort when considering the ultimate outcome. It’s a given that Black people are proven trendsetters; people emulate us because they want to be like us. Hence a positive trend would empower others to follow suit in their artistic endeavors and life actions. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  31. Soforeal on said:

    @honeytreebee. here’s some more sisters for you.

    Akua Naru (bad ass sista)



    Xolisa Jerome (my sista)


    Noni Limar

    Kadija Kamara

    Nia Andrews

    Rozzie Daime

    Meshell Ndegeocello


    Baby Sol

    Ntjam Rosie (goddess)

    Nina Vidal

    Yes my taste is eclectic lol

  32. Soforeal on said:

  33. SugarKiss on said:

    I read that. It was so true and could have really been doubled. It’s just that many irrelevant white folks around.

    But the comments, white ppl beside themselves over the gall of him to point then out!

    Ugh, they will never learn.

  34. very true and they forgot to mention madonna and the beatles as well.THey take something blacks have been doing and get more famous than the black people that’s been doing it for years smh. Notice how all the whites went crazy over justin timberlake and now justin bieber,even though there have been black artists more talented vocally and dance wise.Usher is a better dancer than both justins and has been around a while.eminem and mac miller are overrated as well,there are way more talented black rappers than them.Whites are the ones who mostly buy that crap anyways and eminem’s lyrics are always about drugs or killing his mom,so i guess whites relate to that.Even elvis is lame compared to michael jackson i mean michael’s moonwalk vs elvis’ little dance there is no competition.

  35. T. Bee on said:

    I’m usually not one for rap or spoken word, but I like this and will check her out thanks. This is what I’m talking about. I can give something like this to my cousins and such and take it to a different place a higher space. There is nothing like music to free the mind and change your reference. Someone on this blog said that music is meditation and chanting. When one chants one calls what every you are chanting into being. Let’s call for clearer minds, inner peace, collective soul healing, and self empowerment on a higher plane.

  36. honeytreebee on said:

    Soforeal I love the last clip you posted Rosie has a real beautiful voice. I will research the other and get back to you about them. Thank you so much for adding to the waves of soulful black voices. I know what some will be getting for B-days.

  37. He didn’t, until he got the proverbial black person ‘wake-up’ call. By then, for him it was much to late….he was their property, lock, stock and barrel.. dreadful

  38. soforeal on said:

    yeah, that list was just the tip of the ice berg. lol, anyway thanks.

  39. honeytreebee on said:

    Wow the things I learn here.

  40. honeytreebee on said:

    That would explain alot of MJ behavior. I didn’t know he was raped. Wow his Dad what a nightmare and what a betrail

  41. honeytreebee on said:

    I had a chance to look at some of the artist they are great!!! Love it. Post more.

  42. soforeal on said:


    Andreya Triana

    Mystic and Miranda

    melanie durant

    yolanda johnson

    kissey asplund

    dezaray Dawn


    Monica Blaire

    Porshe Smith

    Iman Williams

    Joy Jones

    Julie Dexter

    Renee Neufville

    Sy Smith

    Deborah Bond

    Georgia anne Muldrow


  43. Don’t forget Queen Ifrica.

  44. Soforeal on said:

    the music seen in jamaica is really messed up right now not many positive artist like queen africa all you hear is sex and killing in the music nowadays.

  45. Soforeal on said:

    “typo” scene

  46. SugarKiss on said:

    I saw this link and believe that this is the reason our music is so messed up. We as a ppl are very hard to control outright (like programming and such) so they use our next greatest outlet: music

    Add enough zeroes and you end up with ppl you don’t even recognize anymore…


  47. Soforeal on said:

    they put billions in the music industry to dumb black people down. snoop dogg is starting to make positive music and now the IRS is after him. the music biz is like oh no you don`t, how dare you switch on us after we have paid you millions to destroy your people`s minds.

  48. SugarKiss on said:

    Oh, the things I learn….I have been grappling with some knee jerk reactions to all of the erased history of black ppl, America feels more and more like a vacuum these days, but anyways.

    During my workout today, I was really fired, up, angry about just…everything. And I asked my spirit guides to help me. Show me where my focus should be… so I came here briefly tonight and find not 1, not 2 but 3 reminders of my true self. My extension of God. I need to find balance and continue to strive to live by Universal laws. Your story is fascinating and that issue with the butterfly…I’ve heard of Monarch programming and was doing some reading on it regarding sexual brainwashing and programming for sexual rituals…

    And how you were programmed to exploit your psychic ability to tell the future. I always wondered who could be so sinister to be decades ahead of the game with technology and the manipulating of public opinion, the rising military, fake get rich quick schemes, the draining of educational and CREATIVE outlets worldwide, masking our metaphysical and spiritual abilities behind the occult and “crazy ppl who claimed to be abducted by aliens”…It really makes a ton of sense and connects so many random thoughts I’d been having about this….

    Just wow. I would love for you to share more.


  49. mary burrell on said:

    Micheal, before his death described the evil going ons at Sony music. He talked about how dirty the music executives were especially Tommy Motola. Michael called im the devil. He talked about how underpaid the black artist were. And he owned a percentage of Sony music. I wonder were they complicit in Michael’s passing as well.

  50. The video above was recorded in Brazil and directed by Spike Lee who is currently recording a documentary called “Go, Brazil, Go!” MJ tried to speak truth to power on several issues. After years as a fan, I too thought MJ was a quack and gave up on him (his image didn’t help any). But if you read between the lines of some of his interviews (Ed Bradley for example) as well as his public speaking appearances (Al Sharpton, London), you will note that MJ knew something about the evil nature of the music industry and he tried to tell us this. In the end, they took him out as they did Whitney and many other artists. Read between the lines!

  51. That’s what happened to J. cole I didn’t even know he was still making music…listen to his song “crooked smile” it’s so beautiful

  52. You were lucky. This generation sucks with Justin Bieber, Shitty Minaj and One Direction.

    I love Michael Jackson and his music too. I also believe he was a victim of the system and internalized racism.

  53. I know right. Hip Hop’s purpose these days is to promote stereotypes about Black people in order to make the White corporate owners rich.

    BET and music videos are modern day minstrel shows but this time Black people are willing to make themselves look stupid just to make money.

    BOYCOTT BET! I know I stopped watching that channel unless it is for Gospel.

  54. I agree. I love Michael Jackson regardless

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