Observations of an Invisible Woman

Black Quotations

Dear Family,

I am writing this post to ask you for a favour.

Please contemplate an original saying or thought.

It must be:

Black oriented

Must appeal to our struggles

Must appeal to our heritage/tribe/clan

Must be have real meaning with no “catchy” phrases

Can be religious or Spiritual or Shamanistic


It cannot be:

From MLK.

From Malcolm X.

From Amos.

From Clarke.

From Welsing.

From Fuller.

Or any other black scholar.

It must be yours and your alone.

Why am I asking for this?

You’ll see…

I hope you’ll participate in this exercise. You’re going to love the results when I’m done.


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61 thoughts on “Black Quotations

  1. Kushite Prince on said:

    The first step to freedom is the awakening of the mind. To many of our people are like walking zombies. We’re walking and talking but our minds are not our own. We have been brainwashed with an Eurocentric mindset. We still have a slave consciousness. We must first learn knowledge of self. We must abandon the idea of being in servitude to another people. The Most High did not put us here to be servants to others. We must begin to love ourselves and embrace our culture and history. And not let others tell our stories. Once we get rid of the slave consciousness and negrophonic mindset—we will truly be free. Not only mentally but spiritually as well. Release the inner demon that is killing your soul. And we can be whole once again.

    Your brother,KP

  2. Hot damn, Your Highness!

  3. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thank you queen. I have my moments.lol Basically I took what I learned from reading Welsing,Fuller,Wilson and others and put it in my own words. I’ve actually been thinking of putting a book together with various quotes I have in my head. I still want to do a book though. If time ever permits.lol But I’m patient it will come in time.

  4. dang i gotta come back later or tomorrow to leave something.This is going to take some deep thinking

  5. Ah cracka be ah cracka, no matter where a cracka be!!!


  6. Also when you address another Black person who is in the know, instead of saying “what’s up?, what’s happenin’? or whatever. Say, “cracka in the truck” and keep a straight face.

    These can be considered tongue in cheek, but a lot of the Panthers my father had around the house when I was growing up said these things all the time. And I always wondered if they had someone in the truck. All that is true I swear.

  7. “You can take a Donkey to the water, but you can’t make him drink it”. No matter how much we read, or tell ourselves we need to change, no one can make that change for us. If we are not ready for that change black people then a change will not come.

  8. Ummmmmm Jesus?

    What have you been smokin’?

  9. song of songs 1:5-6
    How right they are to adore you!
    5 Dark am I, yet lovely,
    daughters of Jerusalem,
    dark like the tents of Kedar,
    like the tent curtains of Solomon.[c]
    6 Do not stare at me because I am dark,
    because I am darkened by the sun.

    The bible tells me I am beautiful but society tells me i am ugly and not worthy.
    My hope is for little black girls to know how valuable they are. I want young girls like quvenzhané wallis to feel pride in their name not to feel shame and want to change it.Know that that is who you are and you don’t need to bow or bend to anyone young kings and queens,except to your parents,god,and elders.
    1peter 5:5-9
    You who are younger, be subject to the elders. Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.
    Thirst for knowledge as you thirst for water.Do not thirst after cars,houses,jewelry,etc.Be grateful for what you have because “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?.”mark8:36
    To the future kings i say respect your mothers and don’t emulate rappers because they are destruction.Be like your father,coach,preacher,or uncle. We have youth on our side so listen to the people who have been there and done that because like the lord they want what’s best for you.Do not repeat the same mistakes your parents made or you will be like the Israelites lost in the desert because they didn’t listen.
    The black community is still here and with knowledge,wisdom,love,and understanding we will get through all these trials and tribulations and be stronger than we’ve ever been.
    James 1:2-4 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything

  10. mary burrell on said:

    @mstoogood4yall: That is lovely. You can’t go wrong with those words.

  11. thanks, i can’t wait to hear what you and the others have to say.

  12. Not a thing. That’s how they use to talk back then and it was cool. Have you ever been to chimpout or niggermania? What I said up there is preschool compared to those animals.

  13. Soforeal on said:

    i have no quotes. but i just want to be free i feel robbed of my life because i had to grow up in this mess. the creator owe us because we are the blood sacrifice for what our ancient ancestors did wrong.

    i hope me being here as a sacrifice will bring forth a future where our new age siblings will be at peace and relive the greatness that once was.

  14. If you should ever catch yourself doubting whether or not African people can emerge victoriously just go on the internet or pick up a magazine and find a picture of any white person.

    Sit down, and with the intent of seeing through to who they really are – stare at that picture.

    It may take only a minute, sometimes it can take five. Focus on their eyes, the message that their eyes speak.

    When you see “it” you also understand what its relationship has to be in regards to African people.

    By seeing them clearly for who they are, you can also infer who you are.

  15. Well, you don’t leave much for the rest of us to say. Well put. Ashe.

  16. Matari on said:

    Truth –

    White realists love to insist that most black and brown people are irresponsible, lazy, criminal and the primary reason for America’s financial woes. The following short piece was my written response to a youtube video about two white girls accusing black people (school mates) of abusing THE SYSTEM.

    Someone *roll eyes* should do a financial audit on who sucks/robs the most CA$H from the government teat – black and brown people on welfare, or middle and upper class whites who conveniently pocket mega cash from all sorts of government assistance/welfare giveaways – at the taxpayers expense – for the well to do, and for those adept at knowing how to play the system for huge $$$s.

    Corporate farmers who own huge tracts of land and are paid NOT to grow certain crops.

    Bankers who make super profits, then fail only to be bailed out by the government, with much of that bail out money going into their own pockets.

    Wall St robber barons that swindle everyone they can, get caught, and then get propped up with ca$h so the market doesn’t crash. They get to keep the lion’s share too.

    Derelict polluters that poison communities, “certain neighborhoods,” wild-life and oceans because it’s cheaper to pay the attendant fines than what it costs to properly dispose of toxic waste.

    Warmongers/criminals like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and company who started wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of innocent souls – and get super rich in the process.

    Weapons manufacturers and companies like Blackwater et al that routinely rip off of the taxpayers with overcharges – and even for services that aren’t delivered. Yet, because Daddy Bush or Rumsfeld sits on the board of directors of these rip off corporations, the matter is routinely swept under the rug. Former congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, took these crooks (Cheney & Rumsfeld) to task during congressional hearings – and lost her congressional seat for it because no one else in government had the ______ to back her up.

    The big 3 American auto makers were given a HUGH infusion of cash, yet the surrounding communities in Michigan where once thriving homes and families were left to rot and disintegrate. Many survivors, if you can call them that, now live in shelters, or under a bridge, or in one those tent cities that are increasingly dotting the American landscape.

    Big Pharma – they exist solely for the almighty dollar. No other drug production companies in the world charges for drugs, or pushes unsafe hardly tested meds, or entices physicians to push their products on their patients like the American drug companies do. But if you’re black or brown, you better not get caught with any “unsanctioned” drugs.

    I just barely scratched the surface of how these mostly WHITE MEN, white collar crooks – actual “DEGENERATES” – dressed in the latest Madison Ave attire, are spreading destruction and suffering to others because they’re permitted to feed their over-the-top incredibly insatiable appetites at the expense of the poor and working class – because its those folks who make up the military and prop up the low wage financial system that make the super rich even richer.

    Even Affirmative Action, a federal program developed to right some of the historical injustices suffered by black and brown people was hijacked by WHITE women, meaning that they wound up receiving the lion’s share of the aid. Yet white people, somehow, incredibly believe that AA is hurting them and overwhelming rewarding the “shiftless” and undeserving dregs on America’s society.

    So, when it’s all said and done, those black and brown folks having babies and getting on public assistance – and those that populate America’s racist criminal injustice-complex prisons with SUPPOSEDLY VIOLENT CRIMES — can’t even begin to compare these mostly white murderous, blood thirsty unconscionable thieves perpetrating horrible, despicable crimes against humanity, while being PAID billions for doing so, seemingly go unnoticed in broad daylight no less, and hardly anyone appears to give a damn. Most especially, those two amazingly naive – blue pill swallowing – clueless little white girls.

    Because at the end of the day – all they can SEE are BLACK degenerates.
    The real blights (criminal – immoral white men/women) are rendered invisible.

  17. control+halt+delete on said:

    His story is history. My story a mystery. Power is when you take control of and don’t hesitate to tell your story.

  18. honeytreebee on said:

    whenever I am asked to give to some cause some charity I say Charity starts at home. I must give to me and mine before I can give to the outside. I must meet my core needs before I can give to anything else.

    This is following the wisdom of the mother. You can’t expect nourishment from something that doesn’t have it to give to itself first. Veggies grown on depleted soil will give you depleted food. Depleted people have depleted lives.

    So, lets nourish our core, our selves, our group, our homes and families first.

    This is why I wish to shop black only.

  19. Matari

    Standing ovation.

    May I admit that yesterday I spent the whole day watching Delbert Blair on YouTube? I watched him whiled I cooked, washed dishes, cleaned up and folded laundry.

    Not to worry.

    Mother nature will soon rid the planet of these undesirables.

  20. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks a lot.lol Just calling it like I see it. I appreciate the kind words.

  21. Kushite Prince on said:

    Lol!!! You’re crazy man!lol

  22. mary burrell on said:

    Walking in darkness, unconscious and asleep. What I thought was truth was uncovered as lies.

  23. Umoja on said:

    It seems that the greatest conquest and most valued than diamonds is the African mind. Both Whites and Blacks are in this battle; one vying to enslave the mind and one vying for it’s freedom.

  24. We first born were made in the image of the most high and the truth only offends those who lie

  25. if you do not submit to the will of your creator you submit to the will of your enemy

  26. You are where you are for a reason every soul you encounter there is a reason you must learn to listen for that reason.

  27. I may have said to much I apologize but I am a writer

  28. Kal

    Keep em coming!!!


  29. Your happiness is your responsibility no one else. Do not be angry at others who dont do what you wont do for yourself.

    Do not become your enemy to defeat him.

  30. moorbey on said:

    I don’t want to see Afrikanz fighting, i want to see Afrikanz united. Mosi Ngozi

  31. Matari on said:

    Thank you, Truth

    Here’s another. This one took place on a blog that’s familiar to some here. It was quite a while ago so I don’t recall what the specific topic of the thread was, aside from being about *race*.

    A couple of non-black commenters (one asian/white and the other white) had the audacity to say some ridiculous thing. This was my response to them.


    “I think what is racist and not has to be widely examined by people of various ethnicities and cultural backgrounds and using some common sense while doing it.”


    Unlike you and and your pal, I don’t put much stock in common sense where WHITENESS is concerned. If common sense permits racism, what does that say to YOU about common sense? I KNOW what it says to me!

    The longer I live, the more I see that VERY FEW whites are trustworthy when it comes to matters of race.

    I’m sure that “various” child-molesters, rapists and people that commit sex acts with animals would also LOVE to have a “common sense” say about how and to what extent these deviant acts affect their victims – and how those victims are being “a bit over-sensitive” about a little casual sexual penetration. I’d venture a guess that THEY would see their supposedly unintended errors as NOT VERY “criminal” and somehow justify it as natural.. (“well, everybody has sex..”) and find every excuse possible to defend and reason away their wrongdoings. Fortunately, society does not give a child molester – and rightly so – the right to measure and judge the boundaries of what constitutes as deviant sexual acts.

    BUT – unfortunately, even abused animals get more respect in this regard than abused black folks!

    Do you see where I’m going with this, or do you need someone to spell it all the way out for you??

    Yes, here everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how inappropriate it is.

    My opinion is that people who aren’t black ought not to tell/instruct how those who are the most victimized by white supremacy (black people) if they are being over-sensitive or how they should react or behave in the face of mistreatment, real or otherwise.

    If it is appropriate for YOU to suggest how blacks should behave in any regard, then it’s just as appropriate for me to tell you that you SHOULD mind your own damn business. We know better than YOU what’s racist and what isn’t.

    After all, that’s common sense, too – is it not?


    {{Now I’m off to research Delbert Blair on youtube.}}

  32. It amazes me how many tactics white supremacy uses to conquer us.They use division [light vs dark skin][black man vs black woman]. They use the school system to miseducate our youth by suspending them,putting them on meds,telling them they have a learning disability because they can’t fathom a black child is acting out in class because they are too smart.They use their women by pusing the interracial agenda and putting their faces as the standard of beauty. They use a biracial president and push him as the first black president to make us think we are in control. They use the media to condition our thinking and make us house negroes.
    Yet we are still here.Black women still have more confidence than white women despite them telling us we are not beautiful enough .They cannot break us.We may be wounded but we are not dead.We may be surrounded but we have not been conquered. We may have times where we are exhausted from fighting but we will never stop fighting.Pretty soon we will need to fight the hardest we’ve ever had because they are becoming extinct and will not go down without taking as many as they can with them.They will take the house negroes out with them but know we will still be standing.Black people are starting to wake up thanks to blogs like this.survival of the fittest.

  33. Kushite Prince on said:

    I totally agree with you! They have used every tactic they can think of. But none have been 100% successful. We still have that warrior spirit inside of us. It just needs to be reawakened. More and more of us are seeing what’s going on around us. We have to destroy the false consciousness in our minds. I think more of us are coming to grips with the reality that being colorblind and colorless are illusions. And that these people are never going to change. Therefore,we must change as soon as possible. Our very survival is at stake.

  34. Crissjensen on said:

    GREAT Post.

  35. Mickey on said:

    My brain is a gun and knowledge is in it’s clip.

  36. sheagirl on said:

    They say it was ancient aliens who accomplished ancient feats. I say to the European, progress may seem alien but to the African, it’s just another day in the life of the creator’s most cherished people.

  37. You guys are blowing me away!

  38. Here’s mine so far:

    The root of Africa is in its soil. That soil is us.

  39. Dutch

    Thank you!

  40. Another one:

    Nothing is more dangerous to the black struggle than a white-identified black person.

  41. soforeal on said:

    Africa be still because i come whether night our noon (warriors roll wet or dry)!

    Black people are homeless mentally and spiritual we need to get ourselves covered or be put away.

    Blackness is oneness once we realize that they can no longer push us under.

    White people thought they coud be like us but they have lost their damn sense they could never replace this african face!!!!!

    We have to be willing to die to live and make it better.

    The black man needs to stand up we keep skylarking as the days pass us by. the day has ended and nothing
    we have achieved we need to rize we are gods greatest creation no longer can we make the vampire conquer the children of the emperor.KINGS OF THE EARTH COME TO YOUR SENSES

    The earth is what the black woman signifies she is more than riches like a garden she beautifies the entire district.


  42. Kushite Prince on said:

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

  43. soforeal on said:

    thank you,thank you kindly. had to tap into the COSMOGRAMMA.

  44. Kushite Prince on said:

    That was truly inspiring!

  45. theworldwelivein on said:

    I just spewed my tea out!! LOL!!

    You know what, it just occured to me that this expression may have stemmed from our ancestors in bondage in the States. I recall reading slave narratives that had a similar if not exact expression coming from some of those elders if my old neural cells have not steered me wrong.

  46. theworldwelivein on said:

    Praise Yah! *waving my imaginary classic church fan w/ black leaders*

  47. theworldwelivein on said:

    You guys are incredible!!! Im speechless.

  48. The Black community survival depends on the Black unity survival.

  49. SugarKiss on said:

    The universe choose me in my black skin
    to be a caretaker of Mother Earth.

    I am the backdrop for the brilliance of all colors and the sum of all colors combined.
    I am reminded of this every night, as I see reflections of myself and
    the depth of my blackness as it blankets the sky.

    The depth of my blackness winking back at me EVERY TIME I close my eyes.

    I am everywhere the Sun shines, commissioned to follow every walking soul on Earth.

    Why do They love my Black soul as they hate my Black skin?
    Why are They are in awe–as I can always hear Mother’s drum?
    In awe of the effortless melody I posses as She lifts my song?

    They are in awe because as I am Authentic. Without flaw.
    I am Home.

    Home is a mess.
    And Mother is tired of my drunken slumber.

    I must be silent to hear Her speak.
    I must wake up my brothers and sisters.

    Trust me, She says.
    It is time for the visitors to leave.

    With all the awesome intellectual original quotes, I decided to do something a bit different and dwell of the One. Universal and Spiritual.

    Enjoy. (It’s random but from the Soul. I am not a poet.)

    One Love,

    SK 😀

  50. Umoja on said:

    I have to share this, yet this didn’t originate from me….I just thought it was funny…so here goes…
    When I was born, I was Black, When I grew up, I’m still Black, When I go in Sun, I’m still Black, When I’m scared, I’m Black, When I’m sick, I’m still Black, And when I die, I’m still black.. And you White fella, When you born, you Pink, When you grow up, you White, When you go in Sun, you Red, When you cold, you Blue, When you scared, you Yellow, When you sick, you Green, And when you die, you Gray.. And you calling me Colored?

  51. Umoja on said:

    From the time we are born, we are taught to hate everything African or Black.

    We are taught to value the Caucasian culture over our own culture. We are

    taught to value the Caucasian history over our own history. The miseducation

    starts from the day we enter school, when the African child is confronted with

    the first nemesis of cultural annihilation: the language of his culture is

    repressed in favor of the European languages.

  52. Umoja on said:

    Disunity and lost of consciousness is White greatest weaponry against the African; yet unity and consciousness is the Africans greatest weapon to their ultimate freedom, victory and the end to white supremacy.

  53. Umoja on said:

    Religion was born on this plane to further separate man from his internal beauty, his eternal Godship. Religion was very clever, it did not have to govern and rule peoples through the sword. It need only to perpetuate the teaching that God was not within their reach; that all-knowingness and all power was not within them.

  54. Well deserved. 🙂

  55. Don’t be wasting your tea, that is uncalled for and while not be tolerated.

    Your cell have not failed you at all. In fact, we reach for the collective Black unconscious without even knowing it. I would like for you to read a piece I did called Memories of My Enslavement over on my blog. That was some direct channeling as I was there as I was writing it sitting at my desk. Barbwire Rapist is another from the collective Black unconscious, hell all my pieces in some way came from such a place. OH!! when you have time http://depressionmymuse.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/memories-of-my-enslavement-42/ AND http://depressionmymuse.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/barbed-wire-rapist/ you’ll see what I mean.

  56. SugarKiss on said:

    Great saying about separation from spirituality.

  57. Very nice guys…Umoja, great job!

  58. Another one:

    The key to melanin is the key to the planet.

  59. Want what you need you do not need what you want.

  60. you dont have to stand tall in this world but you have to stand up

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