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Parasitism is defined as “the relation between two different entities (Black and white) in which one lives off the other, eventually destroying it — Emile


Have you noticed the barrage of monster films and shows on TVWhat do you think the hidden message is?”

That was the question proposed to me by a good, conscious buddy of mine. A few weekends ago when I was snowed in, I cuddled up next to the fire with my book, Yurugu, trying to innerstand this madness that I was forced into. The phone rang and my blogger friend called to chat. She acknowledged the frenzy of TwlightVampire Diaries and the English remake series Being Human. She was baffled at the dark turn tel-lie-vision has taken, even going so far as to put a reality show about a man who collects weapons of torture and gleefully displays them. The question reminded me of the talk I had with Mr. Fuller when he beckoned me to start watching more tel-lie-vision and film.

Now…you see…I don’t want you to start watching TV just for the sake of TV. But whites tell you the next phase of your destruction through the media. They also tell you who and what they’re about. They’ve done it for decades. Flip Wilson was an early form of Tyler Perry’s Medea. Do you know him?”
No I don’t, sir.”
Well, he started the whole ” black man dressing up as a woman” thingGood Times, Sanford and Son and Fat Albert was an extension of the minstrel shows. You gotta start watching it to catch the hidden clues…see what I mean?”
Yes. I believe I do.
In the late 1300’s, an illness, now known as Porphyria, caused many Eurasians living in the snow-capped Caucus Mountains to exhibit an extreme sensitivity to light. They also developed anemia. This inability to produce healthy red blood cells was coupled with coolness of flesh, extreme pallor and a mild form of insanity.

Early form of porphyria

In desperate need to retain life-saving nutrients, like iron, they resorted to killing animals and drinking their blood. Animal blood then opened the doorway to human blood and child sacrifice, especially the blood of young children as they believed it was a more potent form of iron. Word quickly spread of their cannibalistic practice and it was then that the tentative legend of the Vampire Bat Peoples began.
Bram Stoker, an Irish novelist, solidified that myth of Dracul  in 1897 with Vlad III, the Prince of Wallachia; a Romanian Count/ Warrior who cursed Christ and rose from the dead to join his beloved Wilhelmina Murray. Prince Vlad, later known as Vlad the Impaler, acquired the nickname because he would impale his victims on a wooden pike, allowing them to bleed out for his kingdom to see. Prince Vlad, purely by romantic and incidental folklore, became synonymous with the handsome, fang-tooth, genteel, blood sucker we know today as Vampire.
Fast forward to modern-day cinema and we see countless tales of pale-skinned, devastatingly handsome men and women who must devour the blood and flesh of the living in order to survive. Prince Vlad, the most infamous of all creatures of the night, sleeps covered in soil, a dark substance, to gain strength and regenerate his “human” appearance. The Vampire Diaries, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight imploded in the teen/ young adult fantasy-romance-horror genre and sparked a new interest in the “goth” culture. The European has also given us the Zombie, the Werewolf and the Sea Creature. These 3 creatures have one thing in common: An insatiable Blood/ Flesh/ Brain thirst and they are “darkened” through the development of fur, blood, decayed flesh or seaweed and moss.  Could there be a hidden message in the implosion of such films like, I Am Legend, Underworld and Lord of the Rings which have hidden esoteric meanings?
As I began to study the human force of energy, also called The Chakras, I learned that Africans possess a complete and indeterminate level of Ba (the soul of a hue-man).


We are able to absorb ALL energies from the planet! Yes, my family, you are the only Hue-mans on earth that can pick up on earth, air, fire and water. We unfortunately pick up on Pain, Demonism, Despair and Rage. With the correct manipulation, these forces, both good and bad, can be used in our favour or against us. So now that you innerstand the origin of Vampyr and the media’s sly way of communicating with us, let me ask you the same question my astute friend asked me:

Do you believe that there is a hidden message being portrayed in the media? Do you think it affects us? And if so, how?

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86 thoughts on “Nosferatu

  1. Sanctified Brother on said:

    Absolutely. The hidden messages are open secrets and they definitely affect us. We tend to act out what we see. Imagery and concepts bombarding the mind become pervasive in the psyche. It becomes the “standard” and we follow suit. That’s why I don’t watch television (Hellivision, or tell-lie-vision, as you shared). I don’t want the imagery impacting how I behave.

    On another note, this familiarity with the occult makes the occult seem less deadly so we find ourselves getting closer and closer to it without fear. I believe “I Dream of Jeanie” was Hollywood’s first major experiment with introducing the occult to the mainstream. Dumbing it down, making it cute, and making it readily available made it easy to pass off to the viewer as “OK.”

    Those of us who would never have entertained these things have become familiar with the occult now and encourage others to participate. We’ve been had!

  2. Brother

    Fantastic reply!!!

    Funny you mention I dream of Jeannie. It was one of my favorite shows.

  3. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Now i know why i could never get into the vampire and zombie movies.I saw 10 minutes of twilight and immedialtely didn’t like it.I thought zombies were created from african folklore i think from voodoo idk for sure.Anyway i think the hidden message in i am legend was that no matter how important a brother is he will get killed in the end and all his stuff will go to benefit white people.And also in i am legend he used his blood to create a vaccine.That might translate to whites need blacks and is why they are having kids with black men[mixing blood aka vaccine for the sun lol].I never got to the end of a lord of the rings movie i just saw bits and pieces.The message i got from the little bits i saw were that materialistic things are their precious.Did anyone else notice that when gandalf was gandalf the gray then when he died he was gandalf the white.Maybe gandalf was gandalf black at one time but he kept dying until now he’s white and if he dies again he may cease to exist.When you die you are pale and cold.

  4. Parasites. Sucking the life force out of it’s host as it may live. The irony is that without the host, the parasite inevitably dies. Hence the careful balancing act that must be maintained. Funny you mentioned the movies. I believe white people tell off on themselves via ‘entertainment’ and in particular, movies. I believe post-apocalyptic movies give you a clear understanding that they believe that there will be an ultimate showdown on earth where they will remain in an even more apparently parasitic form (ex. I am Legend–depicting what whites will be forced to do if the ionosphere continues to be destroyed–forced underground or inside in ‘hives’ during the day–like vampires–coming out during the nite to ostensibly terrorize those of us still left w/melanin) or like Terminator, some dystopian reality where they have merged the human & machine or I, Robot where machines have pretty much taken over & it’s ‘man’ against machine. I posted a vid awhile ago that covered the topic of ‘transhumanism’–they have been seriously exploring this research and clearly are out of their fluckin’ minds with their collective God-complex. In my mind, it all boils down to one curious connected theme: how can you ‘kill’ the undead?

  5. Nmaat

    Your excellent and very astute insight makes me think of the matrix. The battle between Keanu Reeves and Agent Smith was good vs. evil, man vs. machine, light vs. dark, Ying vs. yang.

    Funny how when Keanu allows Smith to kill him, Smith eventually self destructs.

  6. Sanctified Brother on said:

    Sister, I made a slight omission by mistake. It was “I Dream of Jeanie” and “Bewitched.” I never saw a full episode of them. The “grown folks” would watch them… One of my previous pastors is a former DJ and he recalled a lot of how the entertainment industry started “pushing its dope on the junkies.” Terrifying in its wickedness, Hollywood is.

  7. Do you remember Blacula? Don’t worry most don’t because it was ridiculous from start to finish and it just didn’t work. That is not what we do nor is it in our nature. Nosferatu was the most scary of the monsters because he was not to far from reality in my mind. Today when I see that face and those long fingers I can put those features to some people work with and there you have it.

    The picture in this article of the caveman coming into his own with the “illness” called porphyria, what stands out to me more than anything is the fact that he has no lips. Ever notice that? People with no lips just gotta have something wrong with them. But they flipped it on us and now we think having lips, full and round looks bad. You know soup coolers and the rest, but we always laugh last big lips and all. Anyway, this “illness” to me would be along the lines of sickle cell anemia in Black people. Now, they say how it’s only a Black disease and it’s some kinda curse. Tell me people, if you had the choice [God forbid] between sickle cell anemia and that vampire disease which would you choice. Silly question I know, but this is just an example of how all this sick shit in the world has been made into a Black thing, when we know anything white is a sickness and no good for you. Sugar, salt, flour etc. etc.

  8. Yes, I believe whole-heartedly that the media has hidden messages. What people don’t realize? The media is COMPLETE propaganda. It is designed that we are to think what “they” want us to think; to know what “they” want us to think.
    I learned this from Dr. Phil Valentine and a blogger on YT.
    It is wise to learn how to decode what we are watching.
    911 was orchestrated by the U.S. government, for example… there are many movies that display this information, discretely but nonetheless…. many movies have been show with clocks that read 9:11, billboards, ect reading such numbers also.
    Movies are carefully chosen to TELL us what “they” are planning next. Dr. P. Valentine always said look at the movies BUT never for entertainment and take a pad and pencil with you.
    I mentioned the other day that I’ve noticed that “The Planet of The Apes”, “Return of the Planet of the Apes”, ALL sequels of the “Matrix”, and ALL sequels of the “Aliens” have been repeatedly showing for months now.
    There are MANY movies and television shows depicting interracial dating between Blacks and Whites and many depicting Blacks as no more than slaves or ALL the negative stereotypes. Degrading Black females. If a Black man has a white woman—he gets a show.. ( break the bond between the Black man and women while praising white women ). Depopulation of the African. Period….and the ignorant comply. SMDH.
    It is my conclusion that it is NECESSARRY to demean and degrade a race of people in order to carry out the MASTER PLAN….genocide and depopulation.
    Once the public deems that African life is useless via the bombardment of negative depictions of the African populous. ( WHITE SUPREMACY TACTICS)…annihilation, depopulation and the death of the African will be of no concern. The public will have become desensitized….which is already working…
    This was the SAME tactic that Adolf Hitler did to the Jews….once they were killed; the public had already been desensitized to their death through the negative , INTENTIONAL propaganda fed to the public continuously.

  9. blackmystory on said:

    @mstoogood4yall…there is a novelisation of I am legend that was out years before the movie, which incidentally was very different than the movie, symbolism/hidden message and all. in my city knee-grows are so deep into this satanic social network, i.e. Halloween, Zombie, walks etc one wonders if you are the only sane one on the outside looking in.
    Truth… this is a fine post and you touched on a topic most of us only do on a cursory level.

  10. Interesting. Media is very, very powerful and highly manipulative for weak or untrained minds. It is so intertwined in our daily lives today that people absorb it like a soothing drug. The simple analogy that’s given by Mr. Fuller is clearly something to contemplate because he is absolutely right in his vindications about the upcoming phases of mistreatment that will be inevitably suffered by our people because of lack of knowledge, denial and sheer ignorance. Given all of the hype and popularity of these types of art and literature, as with anything, all it takes is the showcasing of a few Black people to make us feel accepted and lullaby-ed into thinking that it’s cool to suck blood out of human beings for survival. Why? “Because HBO has three or four Black characters in their current vampire series, and if they were racist that wouldn’t have any Black actors. So why are you making such a big deal out of this? White people have been making vampire movies for years and nobody said anything about it before now.”…..When are we going to wake up? LOL!…I have noticed a rise in interest among Black people, who are often found commenting on what they’ve viewed or read about vampires. Nothing wrong with that; we want more people reading but in more constructive ways too. And you’ve got to give credit where it due because, once again, they’ve done one hell of a job in successfully marketing this genre to our youth and the general media audience. Twenty years from now, when “life imitates art more than art imitates life,” I can see us all remembering having read posts like these, right along with the real-life body-snatchers victimizing our vulnerable children across the globe. I don’t watch tell-a-lie-vision outside of sports and weather, and its a huge distraction when trying to read. Nearly all media content is very dark or non-constructive, so I remind myself that the most important thing in which to invest my time is those that are constructive.

  11. @Umoja–Das ist richtig! All of the signs are there. Groundwork has been laid. The question is are they trying to kill off millions of us here & then resettle us on the african continent or better yet in the middle of a bunch of white nations where we become like sitting ducks without their unwavering sponsorship? A black version of Israhell? lol..another perennial client state WITHOUT WMD cuz we know that ain’t happenin’. lol..Maybe the plan is to kill off all the upstarts and rabble rousers so that those left are the more complacent & docile amongst us…we will be the vanguard– new millenium naggahs (I had to steal that one from Ms. Blue @ the Remix..LOVE it)…carrying the torch like Barack & Michelle… (excuse me while I go vomit)..

  12. Sci-fi buff here lol 😛

    Smith didn’t self-destruct, once he was connected to the mainframe the Source/Architect purged him from the system. Very Yurugu-ish overtones though.

  13. True Blood – totally messed up vampire show with highly negative black imagery.

    Tara, the lone black young woman of the cast, has severe anger management issues (stereotypical strong and angry black woman), a mother with a drinking problem (the white main characters family takes care of her), and after finding a semi-decent black man to settle down with she finds out that he’s a murderer and he gets killed. (can’t have decent black men now can we?).

    After all that goes down she goes lesbian and eventually gets murdered by a white-meth head werewolf banger, only to get brought back from the brink of death to become a vampire stripper.

  14. Bry

    Thanks for the clarification. That indeed makes more sense. Since you love sci-fy, what would be, in your opinion, some good Yurugu movies to watch and learn from?

  15. Jesus

    Yes, I do faintly remember Blacula and thought he looked wrong somehow. Funny how when we mimic Yurugu in his domain, we look awkward for the part.

  16. Crissjensen on said:

    @ negress, have you seen this:


    how is the color-blind going for my ppl!!

  17. No they’re NOT trying to resettle us anywhere. The African continent and it’s people are, as we speak, under siege and has been for hundreds of years….as ALL of those of African descent. It’s resources, land,… you name it.
    AIDS, Ebola, ect….ALL man-made. Dr. Robert Gallo and his team were HIRED by the U.S. and Britain to create a bio-weapons disease that would break down the immune system; therefore kill, via polio vaccinations. These vaccinations are infected with the tissues of green monkey’s; of course the usual white racist BS and cover up is to say and spread that the Africans were sexing said monkey ( crap they would do).
    These vaccinations were MANDATED. Today as we speak in some countries in Africa, with the stamp of that Trojan Horse–President Obama; the Africans will no longer receive aid, UNLESS they agree to and change their lifestyles to homosexuality / lesbianism. ( depopulation method)
    There continues to be ORCHESTRATED wars between the African countries—for the intended master plain of depopulation….for exm…Rhanda….the whole dam thing orchestrated by the US and Britain….the wars in the Congo—same thing (the Congo is the richest piece of real-estate on the planet…..it’s oils, minerals, diamonds, ect.). We are under siege world-wide….for our death, enslavement , annihilation, and for breeding ( with those dam aliens 30ft below us that John Schneider speaks …..”The Matrix” and “Aliens” are played repeatedly via the television). I know that’s far-fetched but there has NEVER been in the history of mankind an allie or concern for African life…..that has not changed.

    “naggahs” really!!….I don’t care for such poison that unfortunately the African populous has so willingly adopted and called it our own. There is no need for beatings and chains anymore. The mind has been captured. Where the mind goes the body follows. We have become the biggest co-inspirators of white supremacy; the very system that desires our death. Stop that.

  18. Battlestar Galactica (the 2003 series) and Caprica are the Holy Grail of all white-supremacist imagery.

    From a nearly totally white “Colonial” solar system where most blacks and other “natural” people come from a “backwards” holistic, nature loving planet, to putting forth an alternative history narrative where white people and their machinery are setup as the original creators of civilization.

    There’s suicide, murder and depraved violence towards the few people of color, as well as the occasional rape. A trite parallel to Hispanic people’s ascension into the white “order”. And last but not least, a black women’s desperate need for white love and the utter disaster that comes out of the lack of it.

  19. Don’t forget how Tara ( the name of a highly popularized and successful plantation by the way, back in the days of slavery…..the same name given to the plantaiton in “Gone with the Wind”) ….anyway, Tara is the town whore to all the white men and woman….including physical abuse by whom-ever. The only Black man on the show ( I forgot his name) , da, da, dum…..is a homosexual. Black strong powerful men are a threat to white supremacy and MUST always be made to look weak and feminized; therefore stripping him of trust, leadership and honor, especially in the eyes of his natural partner—-the Black woman.

  20. @ crissjensen

    That story is crazy,the hospital at first said they wouldn’t do that then they put a sign saying no african american nurse to care for baby.People like that are crazy because i don’t care what color the doctor/nurse is just as long as they are good at what they do.The hospital should have handled that differently,they should have told him that request wouldn’t happen and if he didn’t like it go else where.You know if a black person were to say they only wanted a black nurse and doctor they would’ve discharged them so quick or they wouldn’t receive service because most people at hospitals are white.

  21. Bry

    Gracias. I must watch them. I have a personal favourite:

    They Live.

    I must have seen it 10 times.

  22. mstoogood4yall on said:

    So true.I notice with telivision and movies its always the black man is gay ,abusive,unfaithful,deadbeat dad,or a rapist.I rarely see anything with a black man being a faithful husband and loving father.It’s also crazy to me that they make movies showing black man impregnanting his daughter yet i mostly see news stories about white men doing that.Matter fact its some white women in hollywood who say their father molested them but they kept quiet because they didn’t want to lose their career. Yet i don’t see hardly any movies on that.
    I say f tv because that doesn’t depict my life,my family,or my truth.The black men in my family are amazing husbands and fathers,but there won’t be a movie showing that anytime soon.All i can say is black men you are amazing,strong,and are needed and loved.

  23. Brotha I love your passion & believe me I share your views & am aware of all of the overt & covert attempts to destroy us. The naggahs comment may have been stated flippantly b/c I don’t personally use it in my everyday life, but i can also see how some see us giving ‘it’ too much power. I see whites as the original ni gger & we, the projected & manufactured one. Based on the context in which i borrowed it (the blog talk radio program ReMix) I don’t get that it was meant as a pejorative but I can understand you being offended by ANY use of the term. Understandable. So I apologize if my repeating it here offended you.

  24. There was some Black nurses who had to tend to a white supremacist who was rolled into an emergency room with the whole nine yards of a KKK member. What would you do? Me? I wouldn’t tend to him at all. Think about it….how many Black people has he harassed, burnt crosses in yards, or intend to kill? How much white supremacy rhetoric and practices has he done? He was tended to and sent home to continue the same if not more. I would loose my job that day.

  25. It’s Lafayette (picture link below)

    Yeah…. lot’s going on there too. In the first season they had him chained up slave style in Eric’s basement. Then he got hooked on V (Vampire Blood – which is the equivalent of crank/pcp/speed), started dealing V (drug dealing black guy)

    Later on he gets into a relationship with an occult practicing Hispanic man, they fall in love, fast forward a year and Lafayette kills him while practicing Voodoo.

    Programming from the pits of hell straight into our living rooms….

  26. mary burrell on said:

    Nosfaratu was always a very frightening film to me. I put it right up ther with the Exorcist. I know this isn’t about movie talk. I’m sure it’s about something much deeper. I need to give this further introspection. What I have noticed is that blood violence and gore are in abundance on television. There is lotss of interest in the supernatural in young adult literature. I noticed that among white youth in the music scene the more angst and darkness the better for them Maybe that’s why there has been so much killing with these school shootings. And all these incidents in the malls and movie theaters across America.

  27. mary burrell on said:

    I noticed that lots of white youth seem to be preoccupied with slasher films. Many of you commenters here are much more astute and have your so called third eye open. (I have yet to figure out what that is) But I have discerned that there is much preoccupation with darkness. Especially with white young people. And maybe all the violence that is widespread with the shootings.

  28. @nmaatt443…..
    Words are things and that word has and still does great damage within the psyche of the African mind. I remember when that word was an instant beat-down while I was growing up. It was totally taboo and only spoken from whites. But we loved and committed to each other much more back then….sigh. It’s usage is the poison that it was meant for; unfortunately many Blacks have naively sprayed perfume upon dung….it still smells.
    Apology taken. All is well. Thank you

  29. Umoja and nmaat

    If I may please say one word?

    It has come to my innerstanding that there is but one nigger on the planet. The person responsible for the desecration of mothet earth, poison food, tainted water, AIDS, swine flu, etc…

    No black person is a nigger.

    We never done ANY of the things listed above. I’m no longer scared of that word and use it appropriately to whom it really belongs.

  30. mary burrell on said:

    My problem with True Blood is the stereotypes of the African American characters. In the original book the characters of Lafayette and Tara is nothing like the show. Lafayette is a drug dealer and killed very early in the book, And Tara is a white girl. Alan Ball the producer of the series took liberties with the characters. Lafayette is a very effeminate queen and Tara is a sapphire shreiking harpy. They killed the brother who was her lover in one episode. Before she was bedding the white charaters. Now she ‘s become a lesbian vampire.

  31. mary burrell on said:

    Charlain Harris the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels from which True Blood is inspired doesn’t really care about black people anyway. So the only black character is a drug dealer. Go figure.

  32. mary burrell on said:

    Sister and family you know I’m slow to connect the dots. I will be transparent here. But the vampire metaphore is clever and succinct. I believe they want to suck the life out of black people. But there is something they need to from us to sustain their life force. How am I doing family am i close? Sister Negress what say you?

  33. Miss Mary

    Fantastic. This also goes with my “Darkness Matters” post.

  34. mary burrell on said:

    Whew! Now I can go to bed. Sister you and the other commenters are more of an esoteric nature than me. So I wanted to join in the dialouge. But I knew you guys are more in tune with things spirtually.

  35. Miss Mary

    Don’t sell yourself short…you are just fine. We all have a LOT of awakening to do.

  36. I concur but I also realize that there are those who differ in opinion. And so I try to be gracious. With us. lol..but I wholeheartedly agree that there is only one TRUE N-word and they are the lazy, depraved, entitled, morally vacant beings who still operate under the mistaken belief that POC and in particular WE are born for no other reason than to not only serve them shit but be a shit receptor for all the shit they cause. All with a smile of course or at least without a frown. So like I said before, I believe they are the primary n-word and we are simply the projected & manufactured one.

  37. I’m with you. I am definitely not on the spiritual plane. I consider myself more plain spoken & I like to look at global apartheid, it’s adherents & history from more of a psychological perspective b/c to me the system is a textbook study in deep pathological psychoses. It’s also why I believe it’s futile to engage in dialogue with them on the subject. It’s like a sane person trying to hold a conversation with someone’s who’s schizophrenic– a total waste of energy and time.

  38. And if Black people helped them, would they be grateful? Remember that episode on “The Jeffersons” when George gave mouth-to-mouth to a KKK member and when his son told him that George saved his life he said, “You should have let me die.”?

  39. mary burrell on said:

    That’s why I come here to listen the various perspectives on things that pertain to us. I can’t even talk to some black people. I’m starting to somewhat understand about consciousness where our people are concerned in this global society.

  40. Another True Blood reference that’s important, but really small. There’s a character by the name of MaryAnn in season 2.

    A deeply spiritual white/Greek woman who was really a Maenad – an immortal, shapeshifting, monster/human hybrid that uses it’s ability to internalize circular truth/logic in order to bend the laws of physics.


    In the end they find the only way to kill her is to trick her into believing that her God (Dionysus) wants her to sacrifice herself, they succeed and in the end they rip out her black, tar-filled heart (symbolic to them of someone in touch with nature).

    Also worth noting was that her character was going out of her way to give Tara and her first boyfriend (black man named ‘Eggs’) a fresh start from his crime filled past.

    Black hearted / Giving a new life to a black man and woman – no way they can let her live.

  41. @Maat @ Negress
    Point taken…I can agree on that one, you all will have to excuse me for being a bit “old school” and “square”, I was around at the very end of the Civil Rights Era…. yet, I have a most fitting word for those you’ve described, but I’ll remain respectful to all those aboard. lol

  42. It’s the melanin that they desire….close. It is life. Many whites take melanin tablets and did you know that the melanin is taken out of our aborted babies for this melanin? Those unnecessary hysterectomies on women of color? They’re afraid they may burn the hell up without it…..

  43. mary burrell on said:

    Is this why PlannedParenthood is funding the African Americam community. to extract the melanin from aborted fetuses?

  44. You’re right on track and don’t realize it. lol You are on a “spiritual plane” if not metaphysical. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t . This may be a bit “out there”, but I believe the ancestors are waking many up…for those who pay attention to the nudge if you will.

  45. YOU GOT IT!!! You’ll find all the abortion clinics smack dead in “Black communities” and the propaganda to abort your own to boot; which many follow through naively because they comply with the self-hate and rejection and the many Blacks who feed this same propaganda to each other. You know what I’m talking about….when ever a Black female is pregnant? That pregnancy is not received with celebration or delight of expectancy of the child’s birth. We have been programmed this way; anti-Black. It’s rare that I have witnessed joy when an announcement of pregnancy if it’s a Black female. It’s imperative that we COMPLETELY become aware of propaganda and close our ears to dam near EVERYTHING that whites say.

  46. Planned Parenthood was founded by the known racist Margaret Sanger. This program was designed for what is called Eugenics….just a nice word for depopulation and genocide

  47. soforeal on said:

    yeah, those white girls love them some twilight, i call them twitards. about 2 years ago i started picking up on white people`s energy and when i was around a lot of them i always wanted to get violent. there is something about these vampires and i`m so sick and tired of them promoting movies like the Texas chainsaw massacre and these killing gory type films also our people run to the theater just to indulge in their madness, they advertise their sickness everyday but somehow they are still seen as mentally sane.

  48. OMG! I was thinking the same thing just yesterday. I noticed on nearly all my cable channels there is some type of gore and filth. I thought to myself, ” this is the produce of European mindset”…..the mindset of killing and destruction of everything. and everyone…living, no hold-barred

  49. I agree I am where I’m supposed to be. But there is so much I don’t know and I have discovered and re-discovered here on this blog that is so edifying and resonates so much, that there can be no other explanation than I have been led here by a higher force. But when I compare my experience to others who are obviously more in touch with “spirit” like Negress, then I don’t see it that way. But I do believe God is guiding me, as He is all of us. I’m just hard-headed so He has had to slap me upside the head as opposed to the nudge you speak of. lol..but He has my undivided attention now. lol..

  50. Soforeal on said:

    yeah buddy

  51. I’ve never heard that before. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit tho. I’m sure you’ve heard of melanotan then? So let me ask you this: do you think that whites’ fertility issues are strictly a result of the accepted theory that women who are purportedly more educated tend to have fewer babies or do you think it’s biological and specific to just them?

  52. Well have you visited cyncialafrican.com? lol…not only do they celebrate death & destruction, they also celebrate and love to parade their complete depravity and perversions. There is just some shit that I believe only they & mentally challenged people engage in–and they are so deep into their insanity that they advertise it to the world & market it to other freaks. Everything is exploited for profit potential…lol…pure in-san-i-teeeeeeee…

  53. Soforeal on said:

    yes they are the brahma bull of perversion no doubt their resume is impeccable it will never be matched. they deserve a big bronze boot up the ass courtesy of kangaroo!

  54. @nmaat…..No, whites education has very little to do with their fertility. Due to their LACK of melanin they aren’t as fertile as those with melanin. Whites are hyper-sexed in more ways than one. It’s rare to find those of color at a fertility clinic. Whites now fear their extinction. It’s said that between the years 2025-2050 they will become the global minority. Their numbers are becoming increasingly low. Even that know racist David Duke has concerns for this and is now propagating for whites to start having more babies no matter the circumstance. Whites are now trying to get back into the gene pool. How? By breeding with Blacks (besides using this for the intended depopulation method of the African, further disunity, mulattos used as buffers between Blacks and Whites, and the global genetic suicide of the Black populous). The off springs of these sexual (white supremacy trump card) unions will possess the melanin needed ; therefore–white survival. You see, many of these off springs will be raised “white” and therefore will breed with white. This is one of the main reasons why interracial breeding is fiercely propagated—it has NOTHING to do with love, acceptance, a utopia of the races or the end to white supremacy—far from it. White supremacy increases ( if that’s possible, what more could they possibly do). Why are Blacks targeted for this propaganda, besides those things that I’ve listed above? We possess the most disunity and ignorance to war-fare….prey. NOT breeding with whites is the perfect offense to white supremacy if not the end to white supremacy.
    Read, ” The Interracial Con Game “—A MUST READ. Every Black person should have this book in their library given that it is fiercely propagated to breed with whites.

  55. @nmaat433

    Whites are already a global minority. They are less than one-tenth of planet Earth’s population. They have always been the minority in the world because they lack color. This is what White supremacists have been saying for years, that is why they were against race mixing because they saw it as genocide of the White race. One of the ways that they can increase their numbers is by having as many White children as possible, as you have already said David Duke advocates. However, this will not work because:

    A. White homosexuals cannot breed children (for obvious reasons.)

    B. Many White men & women are sterile.

    C. If Whites only breed with each other, they will be inter-related and the only way to survive after that would be inbreeding.

    They could also do a reverse on the one-drop rule to increase their numbers: One drop of White blood makes you White. Most of us on this board would qualify if that were the case. Wouldn’t that be funny? LOL!

  56. @Mickey–I don’t even believe the 10% stat..you notice how they’ve conferred ‘honorary white’ status on black & brown skinned people on the census? And I’m sure they don’t just do that in this country. When they count populations in europe, the assumption is that they are counting white-skinned people. We know that’s not true. Just like here. So I’d bet dollars to donuts the number is closer to 5% than 10. And falling. And you are right on the interbreeding with POC of color in general. I think tho they like to mix it up. A certain percentage admixture with asians is preferrable since they are really eurasian (if from here at all. lol) and then some mixing with latinos & finally some heavy duty infusion of melanin from us—I bet these mofos have gotten it down to a science. And I think this is what keeps the needed distribution of melanin going on in the species. I also think they are already inbred. I think many studies have been done that pretty much prove that they have less genetic diversity than any other group. Translation: inbreeding. And the reverse one drop rule ain’t ever gonna happen. Not under global apartheid. Not unless we all turn into clarence thomases or tiger woods. And I’ll be damned.

  57. @Negress

    The killing of unborn babies is acceptable in white culture. The murder of white females is acceptable in white culture. If whites condone violence within their own ranks, What does that tell us? They have no soul, their spirit is hollow, blood is their obsession. All of the horror movies over the years…Friday The 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, The Omen, and a bunch of other flicks are vivid examples of the sickness that is within the white psyche. Unfortunately, we as black people are becoming what we claim to despise…Evil Ass White People. We’re behaving like our former slavemasters, and it’s disgusting to me. Hollywood is pushing gayness on blackmen with the assistance of men like Tyler Perry in modern times. Jamie Foxx and David Alan Grier committed a treasonous act against our race by dressing up as women on “In Living Color.” No matter how much Jamie tries to rationalize what was done, he had no business doing it. American media is broadcast on a global scale. Black people in Africa, Europe, and the Americas are polluted with images of black manhood bowing down to the Jerry Sandusky’s of the world. All of a sudden, blackmen don’t like women anymore…blackwomen, whitewomen, asian women…Women Period! The black race and humanity as a whole receives no benefit from “The Original Man” being a fruitcake…Real Talk! For some odd reason, blackwomen such as Oprah have been hoodwinked by the “Unbelievers” in hollywood and white-media to push black genocide. Abortion, homosexuality, and race-mixing are the tools that racist whites are using to destabilize our race at this time. They don’t wanna kill us outright, they want our DNA. Wonder why Planned Parenthood makes it a point to set up shop in poor inner-city neighborhoods to target black females? Glorification of gangsta-rap is a backdoor way of promoting homosexuality…Peep Game Brothas! No heterosexual man wants to be locked up in a cage with a bunch of men. A lot of so-called thug rappers glorify being in jail, as if not having sexual access to women is a good thing. It’s amazing how gayness found its way into hip-hop without being noticed. Black people have never connected the dots, until now.


  58. @mstoogood4yall:

    Seen this on the morning news. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” An issue like this is an example of something of which only we can correct, by taking matters into our own hands, using the available technology (image editing, social media, non-B.S. networking, etc.) to reverse the trend of negative media profiling of Black people. Regardless of the contemporary stereotypes of young Black girls, I am certain that there are more than enough 16-year-olds who are just as beautiful (and even more!), self-respecting, imbued with self-esteem and undeniably capable of becoming successful fashion models in the most positive light. But we can’t expect Yurugu to finally come around and willingly acknowledge this fact. I think it is best when we learn from our mistakes, as when we didn’t do those things that were right and just, and resulted in putting us in the vulnerable positions we now find ourselves. Will it be easy? Nope. But there is still a chance to turn these types of negative events in a more positive, reaffirming direction for our youth.

  59. And did you also know they tried using aborted babies to cure parkinsons.

  60. I’m noticing the biological theme that is present here in this dialogue and previous postings of late. Melanin, genetics, porphyria, fertility, etc. I honestly think this is one area where, on a general level, Yurugu is running circles around our heads because of lack of knowledge. But you’d have to think from the perspective of one being under the constant threat of genetic (biological) annihilation and having the will to survive by any possible means. I also agree that there is a conscious awakening happening via our ancestors. I’ll speak for myself in saying that I have had deeper reflections on just exactly what slavery “might” have been like. It can happen in many ways, through different approaches to the individual’s Spirit. IMO you are conscious of the subjects discussed here, then you are already on a spiritual plane whether you know it or not. The antithesis of consciousness is denial, rejection of truth or complete avoidance of anything to do with the state of current reality.

  61. @Mstoogood…..yes they’ve used aborted babies to cure Parkinsons, but their stem-cells, not melanin…Yet, I’m sure they probably kill two birds with one stone by extracting the melanin. My regret is the hysterectomy that I had years ago, because I think those bastards bottled my melanin from it….I’ll have to check into it. I later found out that I could have signed papers in order that my poor uterus wouldn’t be used in research laboratories….of course “they” do not offer this information. I do know from my research that women of color have the highest rate of UNNECESSARY hysterectomies (Eugenics). Here’s a good book, I’m sure many of you’ve heard, ” Medical Apartheid ” by Harriet A. Washington. Warning; you think you’re angry now…..the atrocities that these recessives have done and continue to do …AND are INTENTIONALLY hidden would have us all experience such alien rage that such rage would frighten us…..uum, I kinda’ think it’s necessary….unity and awakening would happen over night.

  62. Crissjensen on said:

    @ mstoo, i agree, i too don’t care what color a doctor is, but it seem some ppl do. and the hate is still continued at who? all things black. i feel everything your saying, but im sick of the B.S.! from these kind of evil beings. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  63. You have movies and tv programs bringing vampires to whites to program them to accept these roles as natural ways to aquire power. That is why vampires are mainly white prepping their young to accept ingesting blood our blood for survival. You have movies like star wars with the clone wars to prep whites to accept cloning for survival. And through music they program blacks to accept death. Planned parenthood collects black fetuses. And there promoting race mixing to diversify their dna for survival. All the end of the world movies prep whites for the end of their current state.

  64. Kal

    Fantastic and astute reply!!!

  65. Like they said in the matrix there is a level a standard of exsistence they are willing to accept. Planned parenthood from the beginning promoted white births and abortions for blacks. Just waiting on a staged attack on a large level to convince the masses its time to implement these alternatives to oblivion. As the w.h.o. continues to vaccinate africa with a.i.d.s.

  66. I read this article and thought about your admonishment…lol…


  67. Some more bizarro shit…so now they like to have sex on our corpses?


  68. Kushite Prince on said:

    Check out the film Maafa 21. It has some eye opening information! You won’t be disappointed.

  69. Careful now the white will take an African tradition that was used for insurrection by the Haitian, and other islanders and make it evil. Voudou was not evil, but a tool to keep in touch with the ancestors and scare the shit out of white folks. The maroons used it and it gave our people a strength never seen before by white men when raiding plantations. This is one of the reasons that white make sure it gets portrayed as the evil we brought over. It ain’t. Now it is difficult to work with as it has been infiltrated by white by a few Africans who would teach them the ways and now that portal that our people came with is polluted. The would zombie thing scared white folks because black shaman didn’t want white people there and would turn them into zombies to scare the rest of white folks off like in serpent and the rainbow, but there was always some one who would go and rescue this person. So, I would say it is evil by nature, but i sure would not want to get involved with it right now. I think that portal is closed perhaps forever.

  70. T Bee

    Perhaps a post on JuJu is in order?

  71. honeytreebee on said:

    I was talking to a close friend who happens to do research and he was showing me some interesting stuff concerning our DNA. It is changing and strands are becoming activated. They now have children being born with 3 strands of DNA instead of two. The got people thinking the world is going to end and they are just afraid that their time is up and they will be left behind. As we shift out of this into a new space they will be left here to clean up their own mess. Their afraid that we will eventually walk out of here and into a new and better dimension.

  72. honeytreebee on said:

    I actually met one of there in my biology class. She had a special sun screen she had to wear at all times and had to carry an umbrella. She was kinda mean and talk about white the paper looked more tan than her. She also told the class that if, she got sun it would destroy her liver and yes she was on a high iron diet. I also noticed that in that class that there were a large amount of strange illnesses among the white people i that class. Another girl could not allow herself to get cold or she would die. Yes she would die from a chilly day. So she even on warn days had jackets and dress like she wast visiting the south pole. The there was the guy who had a disorder that made his skin freakishly stretchy. Think Gumby would say damn that’s some stretch.

    So, they still exist in real life and yeah almost always of white ancestry.

  73. honeytreebee on said:

    I think so.

  74. Hmm..interesting. But as a layperson who is pretty much clueless on biology, wouldn’t 3 strands of DNA be considered a mutation & thus a negative or am I wrong? Are you or your friend familiar with nano implants & the fact that now they can inject these into people without their knowledge? I just think it comes down to the historical fact that the medical establishment has always been complicit in using black & brown people as unwitting & involuntary guinea pigs since we got to these shores. We should never forget that. And I don’t know how many people have heard about this case. What I would encourage is to watch this trailer to it’s end. (unless you have a weak stomach) But even then, I think we need to SEE live and in living color what was done to this man as a CHILD.

  75. Emile

    You’re so damn astute!

    I’ve purposefully done biology, genetics and development posts for a reason. I am in the midst of writing my “finale” on white hueman development as we speak.

  76. Interesting post, DOAN. I have also been noticing how white people keep on putting out films of people possessed with demons. Part of me wonders if the demons signify non-White people. The devil and demons are always depicted as being black and red rather than White, while all their victims are White women and children.
    What are other people’s thoughts?

  77. Ms J

    Very astute insight.

    My estimation is this regarding the “black and red” demonic pictorial.

    Jesus, in the Bible, was depicted as having “eyes that looked as if on fire.” By associating The One with demonism, they not only mock Jah but they condition us to hate Him.

    I could be wrong but since the occult is mockery of Jah and his peoples, that is what comes to mind.

  78. T.Bee on said:

    The children were all born with natural occuring third DNA strands. They have less (junk DNA) and scientist don’t know why. I told him if, I had a child with a third strand I would move far wawy and make sure they knew never to give out samples least they end up like Heneretta Lacks.
    I watch the trailer and at some point will watch the movie. I know about thenano implants and the real harm they can do. You are right the establishment see black and POC as no more than large lab rats and one must be very careful about what one does. Yet, we are all being experimented on and even when scientist want to tell the truth they get crushed by the large companies.

    You could look for more of this brothers stuff on you tube it is quite interesting. It shows just how much money plays in their decision making.

  79. I don’t know if I agree with their designation of ‘junk DNA’. I think just b/c researchers haven’t figured out what its’ use is, doesn’t mean it doesn’t HAVE a use. I mean, most of us use only what, 10% of our brain but I’m sure the other 90% is perfectly useable. lol..I take anything the establishment says with a grain of salt. Inevitably it does come down to profit motive with them. As is the case in every sphere of life. Have you ever heard of Royal Raymond Rife? His story epitomizes how greed supersedes any & EVERYthing with them & he was white so you can imagine what they would do to a POC in the same scenario.

  80. Just found this series by Dr. Delbert Blair…I know I’m late..but are you familiar with him? He mentions us at one time having more than 2 strands of DNA..

  81. T.Bee on said:

    These scientist are upset because it would mean a lot of those old stories are true like the earth at time having two suns and our DNA strands putting themselves back together and such means we will start shifting faster and their old way s won’t work for much longer. I just love watching their faces as they have to say yes Africans were right as long with other people of color. The third strand is seen as an advancement and not a mutation.

  82. GreeneInk on said:

    I think you are right about all of this occult stuff happening in the secular realm these days, but it does cycle around. Kids of earlier generations were having fetishes over monsters and vampires when I was a kid, that’s how Dracula and Frankenstein and all of that came along…and then developed into the slasher cult of Jason and Freddie and Michael Myers, et al; then it just went away and now it’s back again.

    Side note: Before there was Flip Wilson in drag, there was Milton Berle. White men not only started it and thought it was funny, but they are the ones who introduced black men to doing it in Hollywood … go along to get along.


    The very name “Jesus” is mocking the Lord. I wonder if folks who say God never answers their prayers realize that maybe it’s because of the name.

    If someone called me by the wrong name, I wouldn’t answer either.

    “Je” (hey) “sus” (pig in Latin).

    King James mistranslated it, along with a bunch of other stuff, and somehow the Lord and Savior Yeshua (Joshua in English), meaning “God saves” in Hebrew and Aramaic ended up becoming “Hey Pig.”

    I’m sure satan is having a good time laughing about that; but the Lord’s name was never ‘Je’-‘Sus’. Ever.

    That in itself was of demonic origins and came from white-dominated European Roman catholicism, and not from the original Jewish people of scriptural Bible origins.

  83. GreeneInk on said:

    The devil and demons always represented darker people. The Mormon church that Mitt Romney came from even taught that black people were cursed and tossed out of heaven and that is how they were “changed” from white to black.

    It wasn’t just about the devil fighting the angels in heaven and getting tossed out on his horns; when it happened, they say, he allegedly took all of our “black” ancestors with him.

    Their story is even different than the one about the Hamitic curse.

  84. nosferatu is just how a english speaker recorded hearing romanians say “nos fratu” which is shorthand for “our brothers”( fully it’s frații noștri). this is the compassionate view, a disease, forces people to extremes, these disease proliferates, extremes become the norm, habits develope, and now you get a culture. but in the beginning, the root was literally “our brothers”. those of use who caught this germ, and didnt die, developed this vampyric culture.

    NOW, in the symbolic, this applies to blacks and whites. those in power are preparing the white masses for the unveiling of their true origin, and hoping that this newfound positive attitude towards vampyrs will soften the blow to their view of reality.

  85. OHM

    thanks for the history lesson!

    Personally, I cannot wait to see their reaction.

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