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Black man in the office

This is just my observation. But in the work place when an black person is quiet and keeps to one self , I thinks this makes whites uneasy. Or when there are too many black employees together they find a way to break that up as well. I think black people freak white people out in the workplace…is this some carry over from slavery? Do they think blacks, like during slavery, are going to revolt and cause an insurrection?  —–  Mary Burrell

I say this with no exaggeration. Working in white corporate AmeriKlan has taken years off my life. On Sunday nights (and some weekday nights, depending on my shift) a wave of insomnia and terror overrides me. I am filled with apprehension and cold, paralyzing fear of entering my prison plantation called The Hospital. I toss and turn, anticipating Demons who will tear at me, lie on me, meddle with my machine, obstruct my dictation, interfere with my patient load and virtually try to destroy me.

I am the sole black in a sea of white people who fear me, envy my abilities and hate the ground I walk on. To say that I’ve developed a psychological trauma is putting it lightly. I make every effort to codify myself around them, to protect my hair and thusly my aura around them to no avail. They flock to me. Stare at me. Criticize me. Ask me questions that no sane person would ask and drain me Spiritually and emotionally. Without my strong faith in The High Creator, I would slip into the mouth of madness…or become someone that would make my mother weep.

I say this with no exaggeration that working in white corporate AmeriKlan is akin to a slave plantation with overseers in every corner, every hiding place, every crevice. And their number one goal is to bring you to your knees.

Since my blog is designed for us to heal, learn and share, I shall give my family an opportunity to vent out their frustrations and ask questions about workplace violence. Yes…you read correctly. I call it like I see it. What is being done to us is violence. It is real. It is Deadly. And it is a very effective from of menticide.

Do you have a story to share? And can you help Miss Mary and answer her very astute question?

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124 thoughts on “Working While Black

  1. i hate corporate america. i’m thinking about leaving the country and i mean that seriously, i just feel like i need a break for 2-5 years. i am thinking of either going to bahia or senegal and teaching english.

  2. You and many blacks, my luv. Including my own family. A word of caution. Please keep your final decision on the down low as possible. And do not post it on your blog or facebook or twitter.

    That way, Demons will have a lesser chance of interfering.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    I looked up the word menticide. A systematic and intentional underming of a person’s conscious mind. Brainwashing. This succintly defines what happens to black people on a daily in the workforce in America. The white supervisors will use other sell out blacks and people of color to undermine us in the work force. Now in my case it’s a Puerto Rican. T

  4. mary burrell on said:

    And he is a demon. I am diligent to perform my job duties. But he has been brought in to spy and to other dirty jobs. Last year it was a handkercheif head coon. But while she was trying to snitch on me the white folks gave her the N- word wake up call. She eventually quit. Now this Puerto Rican individual is being a real A***hole. I make sure to always as I’ve always done. I am good at my job. He thinks he’s one of them. This shit is stressful.

  5. Miss Mary

    Many spanish speaking Africans identify as white as treat darker skinned peoples like their slaves. My post Brown vs Brown spoke of this where whites will grant other Coloureds the Honorary White Pass, (for now) to carry out their plans.

    Once their duty is no longer needed, they’ll be exterminated. I’ve had trouble in the past with Spaniards and Arabs and Asians.

  6. I was a Secretary in a law office for years before entering into the world of nursing and it was hell in the office. I had to put up with questions about my hair and my accent being scrutinized at every turn. They were trying to figure out where I came from originally, if I mispronounce a word they would jump on me like the devil. I had to try to be perfect around them and it was hell so I can relate. I left the office to pursue nursing and I was able to breathe a bit better but still had to deal with the ignorance of these people. Just dealing with the families of those devils was hell itself. I finally found a way to do my own business and got some relief from them. I have thought of leaving the country all together but they are everywhere.

  7. Charmain

    Accents and natural hair are attractions for predators. I too am natural. Once I let me hair grow wild and long like a lion’s mane. Then I dared to wear my cowry shell barette with the Red Black and Green accents on the side.

    It drove them wild.

    And it nearly cost me a trip to the hospital.
    I hope my company picks up so I can work solely from home away from them.

  8. I also had to put up with the same bull shit questions about my accent and where I came from originally. The next time they ask where you are from originally, tell them ‘MY MOTHER’S WOMB’

  9. I work for a manufacturing company and i make instruments. In my work area there are 2 whites, 1 asian, and me the only black in the group. The older white lady who’s nearly 60 is straight up CRAZY. She takes many pills for anxiety and other stuff and it’s really messing with her mind. She bosses around the asian chick who’s in her early 40’s and treat’s her like a child. The other white chick is in her 30’s and she ( older chick) doesn’t mess with her YET, because she hasn’t been working there long. When it comes to me, she has tried to make me fearful of her and she has failed. She had the nerve to raise her voice and made threats to go to the supervisor on me, because i would not do as she says. I always tell her to go ahead and get the supervisor so i can tell him how she has been harrassing her co workers and demanding that they finish ther work, while she does not. She shuts up after that and tries to be nice, but i ain’t having it. I take pics of her unfinished work with my phone just in case i need to use that on her. I have been looking for other work because of the mental and physical stress i suffer due to the work i do and the people i have to deal with. I have made the mistake of telling other black workers who I thought were friends, that I have been looking for work elsewhere. BIG MISTAKE. One black woman went so far to tell me that she prayed and asked God to keep me there, even though i told her that this job is making me sick. She said ” Girl , you ain’t leaving without me.” I’ve distanced myself from her after that.

  10. I’m also 33 and when the older white chick found out that I’m single and don’t have children, she seemed rather angry. She asked why and I told her I would rather be married first before having children. She got angry and told me that I don’t need a husband to have children. SMH.

  11. After reading all the scary ass scenarios, is it any wonder we are stressed the hell out? Like has there ever been serious study about the psychological toll that dealing with racism has on black people, year after year after year? I’m surprised we’re ALL not on anti-depressants. That’s a testament to our strength. I notice one sistah said how her white co-worker is on meds..I find that telling. This society is set up for their maximum benefit & they STILL can’t hang & need meds? lol..This is what I’m talkin about–they are insane & want us to be equally insane. Misery loves company. My heart goes out to you Negress…I cannot imagine being tormented by a job like that. I sincerely hope that you can leave that situation and can devote yourself full time to creating your wonderful products. I will be ordering this week. Wish I could do more.

  12. Soforeal on said:

    yeah, I’m from Jamaica and these fools always wanted me to say something in Jamaican. they would also try to act Jamaican, get into my personal business etc. they are so trifling and tacky one would bring dreads to work and when we went out in the company truck they would blast reggae music and try to act cool. this job that i did was landscaping it was in a predominately white town even though it was really good pay it wasn’t worth the mental abuse. so after 3 1/2 years i said peace, I’m out and by the way this was about 5 years ago when i was confused about white people.

  13. mary burrell on said:

    Everyone in my work place is on medication. I don’t use any medications. I probably need some but if i have gone this long. I will probably continue to go without it. But all the white folks on ,y job that take medication and they are still crazy if not crazier.

  14. blackmystory on said:

    Interesting post all. I work for my cities government and as a former Union rep turned part time supervisor I have seen both sides. I must say that with my temperament I should be grateful that i don’t reside in the US. Now the nature of my job is stressful already, but I have earned the reputation of willing to mouth off or actually fight with a management idiots, especially when they are too dumb ass to mount a proper disinformation campaign. I also have the reputation of being honest and fair and as a union rep by default I was one almost everyone could trust to fight for them. The creator has protected my back for more than 10 years, but there is a storm a brewing as management has tried several times to set me up. I am in the process of changing my tactic and am now studying the 48 laws of power. This is a grate piece of work, that everyone here should study and craft to your personality. In investigating it I noticed that more of Yurugu have been studying it that us. This book is not about spirituality but is more akin to Machiavelli’s the Prince. Approach it any how y’all want, but spirituality alone won’t stop these creatures, but some good old fashioned power play.

    @Mary Burrell…the quote attributed to you is my place of indentured servitude as well.

  15. A small sample of what I’ve experienced.

    2001 part time stocker – manager would constantly tell obscene jokes about black women’s pubic hair.

    2002 part time clerk at a video store – manager would always eyeball any young black men that walked in the store, even though it was always the college aged white girls that robbed the store blind

    2002 – part time bakery clerk – supervisor talking about how I “was the only good one she’d met” and how we had “destroyed her grandparents side of town” a.k.a. “white flight”

    2003 – admin worker for a law firm full time – developed a great friendship with a black co-worker. new management was brought in and she was consequently by a “Good ol boy” manager who loved to go after anyone for the smallest of schedule infractions, despite us having worked those out with HR previously.

    2004 to Current could literally become a novel, not even close to enough room to type it all out here.

  16. soforeal on said:

    you ever notice whenever you’re around white people they always gotta tell a blk joke? and my favorite you’re not like the other ones’s

  17. To all:


    Reading these comments…wow. How are we still functioning in society? I feel like they want us to blow up at them then that will give them a reason to fire us or call the cops.

    White people are terrorists. Plain and simple.

  18. mary burrell on said:

    That’s why I have to stay away from the puerto rican. He asked me the other day ” Mary are you afraid of me”? It was all i could do to keep from screaming “Hell No” all i want to do is rip you a new one. I think he could feel my angry vibe. He is crazy because he is ex military and has post tramatic stress and he act irractic alot. so i stay away from him. He says he’s on lots of medications. I stay away from his crazy ass.

  19. @blackmystory–I’m getting that book. And I knew immediately if they reading it, it ain’t got shit to do with spirituality, as they have none. Except as lip service or a way to manipulate you. Nobody who truly believes in a Supreme Creator causes as much chaos, death & destruction as they do.

  20. I once had a manager that would criticize me for the most minor things on a weekly basis. If I made a mistake, no matter how small, she had something to say about it whereas if another co-worker made the same mistake or did something worse, she did not act like that. I got the impression that she wanted me to either blow up at her so that she could terminate me legitimately or she wanted piss me off so much that I would just leave on my own. Neither plan worked.

    After working there for almost 3 years, I was unceremoniously terminated. In addition, I was unable to be rehired due to store having a fully-staffed crew (even though they could overstaff if they wanted), and, if that was not enough, I found out that she prevented me from getting hired at another store across the state (I was in college at the time). This is the same manager I spoke about in an earlier post. What scared me is that someone actually hated me enough to be so damn petty and calculated to get at me to this extent. And for the record, she was an older White female.

  21. Damn…he asked you if you are afraid? The gall. Yeah, I’d say definitely stay out of his path. That one sounds like he may go ‘postal’ one day. I am thankful that they seem to pick up on my vibe & tend to steer clear. But all of this shit sounds like classic bullying–with adults instead. I’ve read where this is rampant nowadays. I wonder do whites just think blacks are born just to be receptacles for all their psychoses?

  22. @Bry,

    2001 – You should have told him jokes about his little Vienna sausage penis.

    2002 – You should have made a point to follow the White girls that robbed the store openly in from of the manager,

    2002 – You should have said, “I have never met a good White person ever in my life and I don’t think I’ll ever meet one.” And then watched for her reaction.

  23. I am in the midst of a Human Rights complaint. For seven years, black staff(myself included), have been recieving ‘love letters’ from an anonymous lunatic threatening to shoot, lynch, burn our homes and get us when we ‘least expect it’. This is punctuated by being referred to as coons, niggers, black motherfuckers, among other names. I was referred to as a ‘nigga bitch’ who had to go’. We have been threatened with being kill and dismembered and scatttered where no one will find our remains. The management screwed up the investigation from the get go resulting in fucking the police investigation up.

    We were initially treated like shit when these letters started coming. It wasn’t until we walked out and the press showed up that they ramped up the investigation. We have been treated like garbage throughout this process. The crazy thing about this is that the work place was already poisoned and continues to be so despite this.

  24. I’m a reserved person by nature and love to read. As a result, the people at my work constantly are asking why are you reading all of the time. Mind you, I work at a school. You’d think the teachers there and other staff enjoyed reading and learning and want to serve as good role models for their students. Nope. Instead they hassle me all of the time. I’m one of four black people in the school. And I’m the only one with my hair natural. I have an afro now. It seems to intimidate some people for sure. I don’t know about my other black coworkers’ motives, but they are always smiling in these white folks faces. It makes me sick. I would never tell any of my other black coworkers how I really feel at work because they’d probably go and tell our white coworkers.

    I feel like I’m living in the south. Racial tensions are high at my workplace and WP are so brash and rude. I was talking to one white female coworker. She engaged me in a conversation and as I was talking with her she just walked away in the middle of it. There was another occasion where I became upset with one of the students because he was being disrespectful towards the substitute teacher (he was an older white fellow in his 60s or 70s) so I pulled the student aside and told him not to talk back to the teacher. When we left the room I was still angry. Then one of the tech staff saw me in the hall and laughed right in my face when I looked at him. He told me, “It’s your face.” Well, I didn’t think it was funny. And the same substitute teacher was there witnessing this whole thing and didn’t say a word. I shouldn’t be surprised though. These people are a bunch of cowards.

    Last year, when I was more confused, and I was sitting with some white coworkers they were saying how frustrated they were with one of the black students at school. One older white female in particular became so agitated that she blurted out some black stereotype about females. You know when WP slip and show their true colors. They all looked to me to see my reaction. I didn’t show any. I totally expected her to say that. And I continued to eat my lunch unfazed. Then after that the whole WS coalition at work went on overdrive to “figure out” who I am. These people are so hostile. Many times I dread going to work because of this crap.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is they will try to make me feel guilty about stuff where I did nothing wrong. From my interactions with WP, they also would say things so I would feel sorry for them. But I don’t fall for any of that anymore. One of my white coworkers I used to be very sympathetic towards and then a bunch of stuff went down last year where I was just like this is crazy. I’ve had enough. So she approached me and again told me her ‘poor me’ story. And I didn’t say I felt bad. I didn’t engage her at all in anyway. I was just pretty blank. She was so shocked. After that she just started avoiding me. And she seemed scared or terrified of me. It was really weird. I guess she realized her manipulation didn’t work with me anymore. Anyway, I was such a fool before about this stuff. These people have so many advantages and benefits for being white. Why would I feel sorry for them? But I guess all of this stuff is a learning process.

  25. dang yall making me scared to work lol.

  26. and my favorite you’re not like the other ones’s

    Or ” You speak so well”. SMH

  27. I remember reading about one of the women(I can’t remember her name) in the Little Rock Nine group. After everything she went through , she has tried to commit suicide many times as she got older. Black folks have been through HELL and are still going through it. The only thing that keeps me sane is reading the bible, meditating and praying. If we are experiencing this now, just think about what our ancestors went through during and after slavery. If I was born in those times, I don’t think i could function at all.

  28. I know right? lol…I told y’all this country is like an insane asylum & the inmates are running it.

  29. Jared Wolf on said:

    Well at my workplace, there was only one African person in my department, and when he was not around I would hear the other white people say ugly things about him. A couple times they tried to start a gossip fest with me too, so I know it is a nasty environment for African people in the workplace.

    Every where I’ve ever worked there has been like 90 percent white people, and less than 10 percent have been black. Why are there so many white people? I think I know, it’s a rhetorical question, but it don’t seem right there’s only 1 POC per department. I wonder if that’s accidental.

  30. Sunnflowerr2k1 on said:

    All of these stories I have read sound familiar. I am from the south and these things are the norm. WP have always feared what they perceive as a threat to their very being, Black People! Ironically I have had some of the same treatments by blacks, who are mentally, White Anglo Saxons. I remain professional and I can cut people with words in the most intelligent way.
    When WP talk they will admit to everything. So I just listen to them and take mental notes. They judge us by our names, Johnson, Brown, Williams, etc. Which I have been told by them sound black. They judge us by the way that we talk. I have been told I sound white over the phone. They judge us based on the last interaction they had with a BP. Since most of them do not encounter/befriend/interact with us on a daily basis unless it is at work. WP are good at telling you that they are not racist and or do not have anything against BP. Yet every time they open their mouths they prove themselves to be wrong. Whatever is in your mind and heart will come out of your mouth and will show up in your actions.
    Brothers and Sisters be strong!!!
    Love and Peace

  31. Yes, it’s hard working in retail. I can’t stand being on my feet for so long, and can’t wait to get an internship this summer. As much as I’m excited to get older, I fear going into corporate America.

  32. Great Post!

    @ Negress, when blacks work in corporate america dont hurt us and causes us to forget our own ppl esp, the women causes the community to suffer greatly right?? which is what white america(KKK) wants.

    ever wonder why there are more black women than men in corporate america

  33. I am simply amazed at the amount of references made to WPs’ use of drugs, both those prescribed and the other illegal drugs that are undoubtedly abused at home, clubs, parties, leisure or anywhere. The unnecessary stress that is imposed upon the commentators of this blog is mind-blowing. Negress is right in saying that this blog is redemptive of the pain through healing, learning and sharing. If I ever do anything here, I want to be a part of helping my people more than anything else. There’s a lot of good information here that has helped me, so I try to do my best in sharing pertinent information that can return the favor. We are a strong people and should never undervalue this asset. I read these posts yesterday and today, and started a prayer to The Creator, to give everyone strength in maintaining your dignity and livelihoods, even in the midst of such turbulent economic times. I made a decision a few years back to work as independently as much as possible, no matter what I’ve had to go through. This came after experiencing several personal and professional incidents of my own. I’ve been set back a great deal, even became homeless a few years on the streets of a death-plagued city. But the resilience we are known to have should, again, never, ever be underestimated or taken for granted. And believe me, I’ve been through some serious, soul-searching shit these past few years. The one thing that I did learn was that I not only got better with my skills but was able to come up with more opportunities and more creative ideas for myself and others, some of which I will be pursuing for the rest of this lifetime. Never, ever give up. The less confused I became, the more I learned; the more I learn, the less anger there was. I know how Negress feels about the anger and sanity issues she’s dealing with, which is why I keep telling you to hang on Sister because you’re on to something better! I just know you are!
    I am saying this because there is a lot that is going on within the job market these days. Which might lead you to ask whether it is worth the effort to contend with this madness at your place of employment. I know we all have our choices to make and certain issues might be directly affected in our lives with these choices. Sometimes we’ve got to dig a little deeper within ourselves and tend to the roots of our Spirituality. But I’ll continue praying for you all with the hope that something more fulfilling and enjoyable is in store for you from The Creator.

  34. I also found the subject of what Sisters face with their beautiful hair while in the workplace very interesting. And yes, Black women who grow and wear their naturally-beautiful hair as The Creator intended, are indeed a threat to jealous people with have low self-esteem, self-hatred and pure jealousy, as “naturalness” always draw more attention to the other aspects of your overall beauty. You should know that you are not alone in in this, as I read of this happening in Brazil, too:


  35. Maybe there are more black women in corporate america because they want to divide and conquer.Its the same thing they did with government assistance,the woman pretty much has to be alone to get alot of that stuff.They figure lets keep the woman in charge so that it goes to her head and she starts being crazy.Its a difference between being independent and being an ego nut case.A lot of women like the man to be working on their same level or higher.This emasculates the man and puts the woman at the head of household which is not how its supposed to be.I think its fine if the woman makes more money but its not ok to me if she is the one wearing the pants and the man is being weak and not leading his household.I just couldn’t be with a man who isn’t in charge because that to me is his thing not mine,and i’m indecisive so i wouldn’t make a good leader.

  36. Emile

    Thank you sir from the bottom of our hearts. My hair has always caused me pain on the job. One white patient yanked it when I was testing her reflexes. she claimed she never saw anyone’s hair snap back into place like that and wanted to know “how I did it.”

    You have no idea the thoughts I carry around with me. But my mother pain isn’t worth acting out on my hidden passions.

  37. Just because a woman makes more money than a male does not constitute nor make one less of a man, especially since we’re constantly overstanding how the SOR (mistreatment) works to the detriment of both Black women, Black men, Black families and the Black population. No one ever calls a white “stay-at-home” dad/male/boyfriend/companion/unwed father a loser, impotent or incompatible as a prospective mate. Your life and the choices you make are not predicated upon whether you are a successful component of a predetermined level of success within a corporation, which is being labeled as a hellhole of a career choice anyway and lately, even from the mouths of whites. We also know that they never wanted us there in the first place, have always held outright disdain for us and still use legal means to stifle any potential progress we may possess in succeeding them (i.e. glass ceilings, etc.). They never seem to have to gumption, the testicular or ovarian fortitude to acknowledge that everyone else including white women have gained from affirmative action policies that were initially designed for Black women and Black men!…Yet they took no time in blaming, humiliating and shaming us with their negative, deceptive campaigns and hidden agendas. And still trying to run that game about “they made it by themselves, worked very hard and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps??!!” So four-letter-word them! All of ’em! (lol!) Just being facetious but real talk: who wants to knowingly spend precious time banging their head against an impenetrable wall, while being systematically exploited, used and finally discarded with no regard for past performances or significant contributions. I can’t remember the lady’s name right now, but she was an editorial board member of a major newspaper in DC back in the 80s and 90s, who was unceremoniously fired from her position, escorted by a security guard out of the back door of the building where she worked. As you can guess, this type of traumatic experience almost gave her a nervous breakdown (I may be incorrect and maybe someone can correct me with proper info.) Again, I can’t stress enough of how important our mental health is relative to our life experiences.

    I love the fact that this younger generation has caught on earlier than we did about the right roads to take in pursuing “careers”, avoiding the confusion, back-stabbing and cut-throat working environments of the corporation. I like that fact that I’m missing a lot of unnecessary drama, headaches and disappointments by “not” being a part of that culture. And yes, it’s a struggle being considered the most powerless human being on the face of the Planet (Black men) but The Creator offers more pleasurable options, should you seek to replace your life’s worth and limited time toward pursuing more meaningful goals. As they say, “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” Black men are vindicated with documented proof that they make extraneous efforts to make themselves a part of their offspring’s’ lives, regardless of established setbacks and societal racism. The divide-and-conquer tactics used to maintain separatism between Black women in all its varied forms is something to be forever mindful, and comprehended for why it as used to keep us fragmented, working against our best interests and its use as a power dynamic tool of SOR (mistreatment). I recently learned that they also do this to Asian men and Asian women (to supposedly curtail the intellectual/economic potency of Asian males, stereotypes, etc.) I anticipate the same socioeconomic techniques to be used within the emerging Latino sheeple that are currently being pursued by the corporate greed monster per their planned and exploitative financial plans. (We’re trying to warn them!) Any-who, this “pit-the-Black-woman-against-the-Black-man” game is old hat, and what has been exposed is hardly as effective and potent. Regardless of the constant bombardment of negativity, there are still Black men who love Black women, understand the game at hand and are creating alternatives for coming generations. Self-knowledge will increase, and along with that, self-love, love of family and love of our people. It’s a process. The SOR (mistreatment) is unsustainable and will eventually come to a crashing end, one way or the other, as all games eventually come to an end.

  38. mary burrell on said:

    @ Amarie: I cosign I need to step up in my spirtual life. But I do try to stay prayed up.

  39. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth & Everyone: Today my PR co worker was just as sweet as pie. Being nice and complementary and pleasant. I am so damn scared. It’s like he has two personalities. I am going to listen to my spirit and keep my distance. That guy really is scary though.

  40. @Mary Burrell,

    Please keep a digital recorder on your person. Just in case he snaps.

  41. @ mary burrell: whatever you do, prioritize your personal safety and never, never allow yourself into a vulnerable situation with this guy. Stay out in the open where others can witness his actions should anything go down.

  42. mary burrell on said:

    To Sister Truth and The Black Family: Thank You For your concerns and positive and valuable input. Peace and Blessings to all.

  43. You’re welcome. Also, a taser might be very useful.

  44. mary burrell on said:

    @ Mickey; A taser is kind of scary to me. I would not want to tase myself. But the digital recorder sounds like a good idea.

  45. You may also want to consider getting some pepper spray (the hotter, the better), but check if it’s legal in your state.

  46. I never said a black man who stays at home is a loser.I was just answering a question of why do you think more black women are in corporate america.I was trying to say was that if a woman runs the household and not the man its emasculating.Making more money doesn’t automatically make you the boss of the house.In fact its more women of every race than men going to college so i wouldn’t be surprised if women are the breadwinners in 20 years.I still think the man should have a say and lead his household even if his woman makes more.

    Yes and unfortunately i see news stories where black men and women are fired for little reason.In houston a black woman was fired for asking if its ok if she pumps breast milk.I also remember that case where that black man killed his coworkers because he said they had harrassed him and used racial slurs.Working in offices is really hard for black people,they have to deal with racist jokes,being looked over for a promotion even if they are qualified,why because whites mostly get promotions and jobs based on who they know not their skills.This is why i could never work in an office.

  47. @mstoogood—if you have ANY skill/talent, I would encourage you to look at creating a hustle or better yet a business. Black people on the whole have so much latent and untapped talent that we are either ignoring or we are using to the advancement & enrichment of OTHER people.

  48. mary burrell on said:

    @ynotme: Pepper spray and digital recorder are good ideas. Thank you.

  49. Sincere on said:

    Keep your conversation superficial. Little about your personal life is to be revealed @all times. Do not attend any work sponsored events. Do not introduce your family. Do not engage them in public/outside of work or anything of substance pertaining to you be it your aspirations, hopes, dreams most important: Your thought process. Always be the best you can possibly be @your job, task or assignments. I arrive to work earliest. If your on time, your late. Keep a script ready. A statement, a story, an answer (all false of course) to feed their ignorant curiosity if need be but give them nothing to perpetuate negative stereotypes about US. “We are not friends we’re co-workers.” I’ve never shot marbles or made mud pies w/you remember that. Treat any & everything you say like it can & will be used against you in a court of law. Don’t let them disrespect you, ever & lastly, keep your reputation unassailable. Ms. Burrell, This can be taken as a caveat, advice or code to abide by when Working While Black. I’m on edge most days fearing my temper will cost me my livelihood. The 1st thing I do is think of those counting on me to combat this potential scene. 2nd, Our ancestors have endured worst just to bring us to this point. 3rd, WE all know how far we have to go. I lean on these for clarity, sanity & strength. I hope I’ve been of help.

  50. You’re welcome

  51. @Negress

    My advice to sane black people…Do Your Damn’ Job, Get Paid, Go Home. The laugh and smile ish is about making whites comfortable. It has nothing to do with us. Whites worry about the wrong things. Christopher Dorner was a “Model Negro” for white folk. What did all of the brown-nosing gain him?…Death! Be civil, cordial, rational, and all of the other ish. However, we should never lose sight of the fact that we’re in the company of people who talk s**t about us amongst themselves and to their spouses at home. Kumbaya is for kids, not adults. Until we’re able to have our own, we have to play the game to get by.


  52. @mstoogood4yall:

    No disagreements with your statements. I was just trying to complement them. It’s still all good, in the interest of “minimizing the conflict” per Mr. Fuller’s advice. Our varied perspectives on the issues we’re facing as Black people in hostile environments is beneficial, perhaps even more informative, when everyone’s viewpoint is considered.


    Great advice that is timely and very appropriate as an option these days.

  53. I wouldn’t know about Corporate work places – as I’m still very young, but I’ve heard (as a Black person) you have to be an actor around these ppl – and like someone said above, keep your conversations with them, short and fake.
    Don Nicoleone (she has a radio show), said it best: ‘If you’re a Black man, do not let anyone know you’re married or in a relationship. Being that it kills them to be in the presence of a Black man who is providing for his family, they’ll have him fired (it happened to her husband, who’s a doctor). She also said for Black women – when applying for a job – wherever, to tell the person who’s interviewing you: ‘I’m married, my husband takes care of me but – I’m bored. I need something to do’. She said that the last thing a Black woman should do is to make it seem you’re desperate for the job (or alone) because with them knowing that you have so much to loose, they’ll happily take it from you, take advantage OF YOU or deny you of it.
    Overall, you’ve just got to be a really good actor when it comes to Caucasians. And don’t let them come too NEAR you, either.

  54. @ mary burrell

    If you aren’t already documenting your daily interactions with this PR coworker. I would do so. I had a similar incident happen to me last year. Another coworker and I were being threatened by this particular individual. She got our boss involved and we both mentioned that we were being threatened and harassed which constitutes as a hostile work environment. She was told to stop harassing and threatening her coworkers which got her off our backs. I kept notes to myself and didn’t share them with anyone regarding my interactions with her, but I did use my notes to talk with a union rep. If your profession requires you to be a part of the union they can provide you with legal advice (as well as represent you on your behalf) and you can submit a grievance (but you’d have to check what your contract says regarding this matter). Submitting a grievance would be a last resort, and it’s better to be prepared with your notes if you have to take this course of action then trying to remember a timeline of events.

    In my case, I did form an alliance with a white coworker to get this Latina off my back because I knew that the administration would “consider” my white coworkers words more than my own. If you would decide to do so, and I don’t recommend it at all, I would proceed with caution because it can actually make matters much worse. Luckily that didn’t happen in my case, but if another incident like that were to arise at work I probably wouldn’t take the same tactic.

  55. @ nmatt

    Thanks,but i have a hard time figuring out my skills and i’m still learning who i am.I will continue to pray and ask the lord to reveal to me who i am since he knows me more than i know myself.So far my best skill is cooking,but i don’t see much money in that.

  56. mstoogood4yall on said:

    @ emile

    Ok. I agree with your statements as well,stay blessed.

  57. mstoogood4yall on said:

    You are so right tyrone.
    one of my fave quotes from Malcolm X “Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.”

  58. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I will pray for you.

  59. Gurl don’t be fooled. Black people, hell any people will buy good food when they won’t buy anything else. There are plenty of people who took a passed down family recipe and turned it into gold. But if that’s not where your passion lies, think about something you enjoy and have a passion for that you would do for FREE. I think that’s a start.

  60. mary burrell on said:

    Thank YOu Everyone. May the Creator bless and prosper you all.

  61. SugarKiss on said:

    Regarding workplace hostility, I want to share a post I wrote earlier tonight on another blog regarding this very thing. Base on an article written last year dealing with the black woman and “invisibility” An interesting read…I particularly find the comment section to be just as telling/educational.

    Article link:

    what I said in response:

    … But it doesn’t take away from the subconscious assimilation of our historical depiction. (the nappy head, dark skin, big lipped, wide nosed, loud, troublesome female) ALL BAD

    It’s really damning for us, especially when we try to be upwardly mobile. And even to be seen by the white media, you have to be vetted, non threatening and definitely not too “ethnic”looking. I’m sure we have heard and seen that term before…

    Unfortunately, I see the absence of black women all the time currently in the media having meaningful, loving relationships, in places of authority, making important decisions, running nuclear households, her absence as desirable for a mate or even the attraction of sex…

    And the “dark-skinned” woman?


    I am actually battling this “invisibility” complex at my job. No matter my years of experience, impeccable performance history, vast knowledge base, trust among my peers and even the leadership qualities I have been told by others to exhibit..

    I am no more than the “worker bee” who should be “happy and grateful” to be working at all…utilized overwhelmingly for my qualities until it’s time to promote somebody. I know I’m not the first and won’t be the last…

    Then their eyes just start blinking, words become stuttered and they will look anywhere else for a leader than to the the capable black professionals they work with everyday. White authority (at my workplace) typically have no interest in developing black professionals, they will just hire nice, vanilla, barely competent ones or an ‘acceptable’ minority (that would be a great post abagond–especially in the workplace) to be typically accepting and non argumentative while promoting workplace hierarchy.

    Well, a house Negro, I am not. And as far as my issue of “invisibility”… I’m up for the challenge.


    ~Great topic, Negress

  62. This is a very constructive post and I appreciate all who shared their experiences.

  63. @mstoogood4yall

    I want other men to fear and respect me at the same time. Tyrone is black 24/7/365.


  64. @Sugarkiss

    No matter how capable a black employee may be, the white power structure within the company is not going to elevate them above Todd or Becky…Bottomline! It’s the same with other groups as well. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t ask for equality in the workplace, of course we should demand compensation for our hard work. If a brotha or sista is bringing in a lot of business, they should be elevated. Because we lack a coherent business infrastructure within our race, we’re forced to tolerate bs others don’t have to…Unfortunately! We deal with stupid stuff as a consequence of being black and educated. The “1” black in the office, the field or house negro stance, the conservative vs. liberal stance, etc. As it relates to blackwomen, they’re the innocent party in “The Quad.” Sistas have to fight with whitewomen, whitemen, and backstabbing blackmen as well…3 vs 1. Sistas should always stay mindful of this scenario.


  65. Cinnamondiva on said:

    My mother once had a relationship with a man from Ghana…they are still on friendly terms to this day. Recently he told her that he planned to move back there, after living in the US for 35 years.

    And I agree with truthbetold…don’t share your plans with just anyone, because some people can stab you in the back. Whatever you decide to do, I hope it works out.

  66. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @truthbetold…I couldn’t agree more! Very true.

    @ Mary…I’m sorry you’ve been having trouble at work. I can relate to some extent. Try to keep your head up and stay focused. Continue to just do you. Sometimes you have to beat them at their own game.

    @Charmain…I feel you. With me, though, it’s the phony compliments about how I’m “educated” and “speak so well”. That is pretty much code for “you’re not white, but you’re smart”. I hate that shit.

    I also remember this racist Hispanic dude asking me why I spoke perfect English (oh, the irony!) because apparently a light-skinned Black woman shouldn’t do that. *sarcasm*

  67. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @soforeal…sweet! My mom is Jamaican. Weh yuh come from? My mother’s family is from St. Ann.

    The only time I’ve ever felt comfortable speaking patois around white folks is when I’m in the company of this one friend who is pretty cool and he tries to understand more about the culture. He is very respectful about it. But for the most part, I prefer to speak patois when I’m with Jamaicans.

    I look at it this way…some people want to steal bits and pieces of our culture. In some ways, it is flattering but also annoying as hell. They don’t realize that dreads are a spiritual/symbolic thing (for Rastafarians). It’s not simply a trendy “hairstyle”. And a lot of people who aren’t Jamaican love our music but most of them can’t name any Jamaican artist besides Shaggy, Sean Paul, Beenie, and Bob Marley.

    And I feel you on the folks all up in your business…that drives me nuts, too. I’ve met people who would be way too intimate with me within minutes of us being around one another. They either overshare details or ask personal questions. I know this one white girl who is constantly asking me stuff about my job and there is also this older white lady who is constantly asking me if my clothes are new, like I’m not supposed to have nice things.

  68. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Amarie…that is what I’ve noticed with some WW. They won’t pull that shit with somebody they see as being on their “level”, for the most part. But they will do it to women of color, especially if the woman refuses to kiss her behind. I’ve seen it happen to Black women in retail positions most of all.

    When I was still in college, I did a short internship with a bunch of wealthy older white women. There was one in particular who made things very difficult for me. I believe that it was because I defied stereotypes in her mind. I was slim, I was pretty, I was very light-skinned, I was polite, and I always carried myself well. I was trying to land a decent job and make something of myself.

    She seemed to be on a mission to bring out the worst in me. She would give me tasks to do and then complain about my work. When I asked for helpful feedback, she would catch an attitude about it. I noticed that she was much nicer to another (white) girl who came along. This girl was sloppy as hell…she would roll in wearing shorts and some stank flip-flops, with her hair in a greasy ponytail. Her work wasn’t that good and she wasn’t putting in any effort at all. They would allow her to leave for lunch and sometimes she would be allowed to leave early. She said she was looking for a job but there was nothing professional about her. But I guess she didn’t have to be professional…being white was good enough.

    Anyway, the older WW tended to talk down to me constantly. She had this condescending attitude of “I’m better/smarter than you”. I am half white myself, but I was still the only Black woman there, if that makes sense.

    But I agree with you…they do treat non-white people like children sometimes. I’ve experienced it, too.

  69. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Amarie…I will be 30 this year. I’ve been married 4 years now, but we don’t have children. Some people are very surprised by that.

    As to that cow being mad that you don’t have kids, she needs to get a life. I doubt she would be telling a white girl that you don’t need a husband to have children. The problem is that in her mind, she has stereotyped all Black women as single mothers.

    Not that being a single mother is terrible (I was raised by one), but it shows how society expects this from Black women in general.

  70. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @nmaat…I agree, but I believe lots of Black folks do have mental health issues because of what we’ve been through, quiet as it’s kept. I just think that we don’t have the luxury of seeking help the way white people do.

    And I would say that strength is a fine quality, but it can be overrated sometimes. The myth of the “Strong Black Woman” is harmful, IMO.

  71. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Mickey…”Vienna sausage penis”?! *DEAD*

    @Amarie…ooh, girl, I’ve heard that more times than I can count. “You speak so well”. Like Black people should be stupid or something. Ugh.

  72. I agree with you. I don’t want to make it seem as tho there aren’t mental health issues that imo invariably result when you are born, bred & live your whole life immersed in a hostile environment. That is to be expected. But I believe that the human mind can adapt to anything. If black people could adapt to the hellacious circumstances of the overt terrorism that was chattel slavery, then we can deal with ANYTHING. But as Dr. Joy DeGruy expertly laid out in her book, Post-traumatic Slave Syndrome..some of those coping mechanisms that were necessary on the plantation have been carried over for generations and are liabilities now. But I won’t ever blame my people for our mirrored or projected psychoses–all the dysfunction you see in our community simply mirrors the dysfunction and insanity we have had to deal with in this society. Yes, we need to deal with it but i don’t believe medication (illicit or prescribed) is going to ultimately help. It’s simply a band-aid. I think we need a wholistic way to deal with any & all forms of stress/duress and simply a way of embracing our divinity and the fact that we are not the problem & have never been the problem. Which is not the same as saying we don’t have any problems. We cannot change others and would be unwise in sitting around waiting but self-love and getting in touch with our inner strength and power–which I believe no one can take from you–you can only offer or give it away–are steps in the right direction. And I think Negress has posted some excellent herbal alternatives for those who seek more natural methods of ‘medication’. Nature provides everything we need & indigenous people have known this forever. Finally, I would never encourage anybody to front and pretend everything is ok just to appear that they have it together. If we need help we should always seek it, mythology be damned. Cuz at the end of the day, if you can’t save yourself you sho can’t save or help anybody else.

  73. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Negress…I won’t generalize because I know some decent white people, but I will say that I’m careful around them. I’m careful around ALL people.

    But you’re right. Some of them will stab you in the back if you even look at them cross-eyed. I had an incident in 2009 with the property manager where I live. I pulled up to the gate thinking that security would let me in, like she always does. I have a key card but I wasn’t able to move close enough to the sensor. I rolled down my window and politely asked the lady to let me in. She simply looked at me, but said nothing. This older white Hispanic guy glared at me, then said they wouldn’t let me in because of my “attitude” (code/stereotype: Black woman= bad attitude).

    At this point, I was confused because I hadn’t done anything wrong. I just wanted to be let into the complex and mind my own business. Anyway, the guy continued to harass me and he refused to let me in for no apparent reason. I’m ashamed to say that I finally broke down in tears and started shouting at him because I was sick of this bullshit. Definitely not my finest moment, but when you deal with certain things day in and day out…sometimes you lose control.

    Later I learned that he’d filed a police report on me, falsely accusing me of “threatening” him. I’m only five feet tall and there is nothing scary or intimidating about me. He also did a background check on me, which cost about $160 out of my husband’s pocket. I tried to talk to a relative about it, but she said I was playing the race card. This is a relative who usually denies that racism exists, although she has experienced it herself.

    I’m sharing this story because what you said is very true. Some racist white folks (and the crooked people who side with them) can’t be trusted. They will try to bait you into confrontations so they can play the victim, like in my situation. They will try to make you look like a criminal or a violent person so they can be comfortable with stereotyping…just look at what happened to Trayvon Martin (and that was in my state).

  74. Just like I said in my earlier post. My manager always picked on me almost as if she wanted me to say something to her to give her an excuse to terminate me or make me leave on my own. I was not her only target, but she made damn sure to keep me in her crosshairs. I once told her off in front of some customers (although it was my day off) and in front of another co-worker who gave me a pat on the back for defending myself. The reaction: My hours were cut to once a week for six weeks straight. I knew that was her “punishment” for me, but other people told me that was her way of trying to make me quit. It did not work.

  75. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Mickey…I feel you. I was in a similar situation when I interned at this one place. I had to deal with a WW like that. Sometimes you have to be very careful with some white folks because like you said, they will try to push your buttons. They want you to lose control so they can play the victim and also to feed into their stereotypes about Black people.

    The WW I had to deal with would talk to me like I was stupid and although it worked my nerves, I had to smile sweetly at her. She was an older white lady as well (wealthy Jewish lady). She put on this show of helping fund abortions for mostly poor Black women, but I could tell that she was threatened by having to work with somebody like me. I wasn’t obese, I didn’t act subservient although I was pleasant, and I was more classy than she was despite being a broke college student.

    Now I follow Teddy Roosevelt’s motto: “speak softly and carry a big stick”. This is how I prefer to deal with them.

  76. mstoogood4yall on said:


    I’m sorry to hear you had to deal with that its even more messed up when you can’t talk to certain people even though they have gone through the same yet deny it.Just know that you can come here and talk to us about what you are going through we will not judge or jump to conclusions we will listen. Everybody on here stay strong don’t let these incidents steal your joy that is what the devil wants.

  77. Mickey on said:

    Sistas even have to deal with backstabbing Black women as well.

  78. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Another thing is also be careful if you go to your bosses house or co workers.
    Another zimmerman smh this time a black man is the vicim.I don’t think they arrested him yet.

  79. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Thank you Tyrone for being the few brothas left who don’t point blame at black women but instead uplift them.

  80. mstoogood4yall on said:

    @ sugarkiss
    great link.

  81. mstoogood4yall on said:
  82. kowaba on said:

    Thanks for the link. I think it is a natural reaction (conditioning and/or genetic impulse) for whites to mistreat blacks, so it’s not surprising to me that this happened. I know whites have a lot of power. I’ve been in a situation where there is only one white person and the rest were non-white people, a racial slur is thrown at me and no one says anything. Really messed up stuff. If I’m outnumbered with whites in the room, I could be sure that something bad may go down since they seem to work in groups.

  83. kowaba on said:

    nmaat433 mentioned that treatment in the workplace sounds like bullying. It just so happens there was an anti-bullying lesson that took place recently at my workplace. The guidance counselor was explaining to the students what bullying is. Apparently, there is an acronym:

    Imbalance of Power

    I researched some more from a book and it states the following verbatim:

    “Various researchers (Hazzler, 1996; Hazzler, Hoover, Oliver, 1992; Ross, 1996) report that bullying includes the following elements:

    Harm is intended.

    There is an imbalance of power.

    There is often organized and systematic abuse.

    It is repetitive, occurring over a period of time; or it is a random but serial activity carried out by someone who is feared for this behavior.

    Hurtful experiences by a victim of bullying can be external (physical) or internal (psychological). ”

    -Bully Busters

  84. honeytreebee on said:

    Hey just a movie to show how crazy they are even with themselves.

  85. sorry to hear you had to go through that,yes it is best to have another black person around but even then some of them wouldn’t care either.

  86. Tyrone on said:


    Thank You Queen! My love and loyalty is to blackwomen…Period! Blackwomen have never turned their backs on our people, but, the same can’t be said for a lot of blackmen on this planet. Blackmen who don’t defend their black sisters against unjust criticism and hatred don’t deserve membership in our race…Bottomline! I don’t like the “Blame Sistas First” crowd of blackmen that get too much attention within our race. A blackman is judged as worthy by how he thinks and behaves in relation to blackwomen. Tyrone is Pro-Blackwoman without apology. I don’t care if everybody else hates me, as long as Sistas love and respect me…I’m Good!


  87. kowaba on said:

    mstoogood4yall, thank you for your kind words. I noticed your comments above about trying to figure out what to do for your career. A book I’ve been using is called What Color is Your Parachute? They have a specific edition for younger people called What Color Is Your Parachute? for Teens it helps with deciding on a college major and career. Perhaps this book will be helpful to you.

  88. @ kowaba
    Thanks i will look into that book.love the title lol

  89. kowaba on said:

    You’re welcome. The book specifically talks about finding your mission in life (the spiritual aspect). I went to a church and the pastor allowed me to take a look at the book before I decided to purchase it. I couldn’t tell you specifically what the version for high school and college students is like, but it’s definitely worth looking into. The version I have uses suggestions to figure out what your hobbies, passions, and work environments you would like etc.

  90. The funny part to me being in corporate America is how whites always want blacks to go to lunch with them. Most of the time I had something else to do or just wanted to chill since it’s MY hour. They always take offense even if you go 90% of time and skip a few. They are really that insecure. They realize we have tons of reasons to hate them and they also realize that we need our jobs to survive since we have not attained the black unity we need to separate from them completely. It is a stressful way to live your life. I still wonder what type of horrible karma we as a race may have on our heads from previous lives to be tortured this way by whites for so long. Bad things don’t happen without bad karma. Good things don’t happen without good karma. Being white in and of itself is also terrible karma, although whites don’t realize it. Karma is law. God is real.

    Luckily I work from home now so I no longer have to dine with whitey and pretend I like sushi, mayonnaise and “How I Met Your Mother”. haha………

  91. Jabari

    You’ve been listening in on my conversation haven’t you? Karma is very real and I don’t know what we did to deserve this, but I can say that whites’ karma will be ten times worse.

    I’ve never met such an insecure entity of beings in my life who need their captives to adore them. This insanity is what will destroy them when they realize that they only have allies who look and speak and think like them.

  92. Agreed. There is plenty of bad karma to go around but whites are even hoarding that for themselves along with anything of “value” they believe will somehow immortalize them or save their “souls”, assuming briefly that they even possess them. This is the only “heaven” that greedy, evil people will ever know so I guess they are making the most of it.

    Materialism destroys souls. This is obvious. Chasing money as a way of life is chasing the destruction of your soul. The only justification for it is if you believe you have no soul or that your soul is somehow unimportant. What I think would make us “feel” better about the “black man and woman’s burden” is to realize that whites are born into this sickness. When you look at them with their green or blue eyes you can tell they have no idea that they are sick. It is really pathetic to have zero moral compass. They are still at step one of AA’s twelve steps: DENIAL. All they can do is recklessly and clumsily attempt to justify our continued oppression as some Darwinian “survival of the fittest” nonsense. To claim to be superior to others demonstrates inferiority. It is quite ironic.

    Unfortunately white sickness has also made the world sick. When they are born into white supremacy it becomes their normalized world view. Pretty soon it becomes the world view of other races they have similarly infected. Look at how Asians try to mimic whiteness by surgically having the epicanthic folds removed from their eyes!!! Indians change their names to sound more white. All races do it to a degree but Euro-centrism is really just another form of greed. Emulating whites is equivalent to chasing paper and a form of self-hatred. Money takes care of itself when we trust God but very few of us really and truly trust the Divine at a level that would free us from the bonds of consumerism. I am guilty to a degree as well.

    By the time whites grow up they wonder why blacks even want justice since white domination has been everything they have ever known. Their mindset is clearly amoral and there is no excuse for continuing to accept it as an adult but a child’s mind is a blank slate and a dry sponge. They absorb whatever we expose them to and what they get in America is a steady diet of lies and historical falsehoods. It is really sad what happens to a child’s mind between the time they leave the mother’s womb and the time they become willing participants of this system. We know for a fact the average person rarely deviates from what they are taught as a child so it is really a matter of breaking the cycle. Clearly whites have no interest in breaking the cycle of their own sickness which they continue to deny even exists. They have become dependent on white supremacy like they are addicted to meth and prescription pain killers.

    So why don’t whites change? Because most of them simply can’t. The spark of the divine has been extinguished in them completely…..just like trying to light a wet match.

    I’m trying to catch up since massuh had me on da plantation for a minute 😉

  93. Jabari

    Most whites do not see themselves as anything but the norm. By logic, that means that anything else is abnormal. They refuse to explain why they are the true minorities on this planet. They refuse to explain why they must be first in everything even to the point of lying, trickery, rape and murder.

    While some of them do realize that there is something “off” about the world, ego and fear will not permit them to take a deeper look for they know that what’s wrong is them.

    I read an article today about a woman who got killed by a lion in the zoo whilst attempting to clean his cage. Her co-workers are “shocked” that this animal would turn against her.

    The thing that most Europeans WILL NOT learn is this simple fact:
    They are not the head of nature. They are, unfortunately, apart of it. They’ve been doing this for centuries…attempting to domesticate and control a wild beast and bend it to their will. Slavery anyone?

    Do they truly think these animals are dumb?
    Do they truly think these animals don’t know who put them in cages while people gawk at them?
    Do they truly think these animals do not miss their families and cubs?

    Only a white man/woman will fly to a foreign country, kidnap a wild animal, chain it, try to tame it, beat it, and if the animal fights back from being taken away from his own habitat and family, they kill it for reasons of “disobedience.”

    This is a sickness beyond anything the Most High can cure. Jabari, instead of “examining” whites, we need to start having “other conversations.” This has gone on for long enough.

  94. Amen!!! and say it again!!!!

  95. T.Bee on said:

    There are so many things to cover regarding our own lives. It could talk a lifetime. What would you say are our biggest issues?

  96. The biggest issue is black unity in my opinion. The Jewish media and phony history books teach us that we have contributed little to nothing to history when in fact we have contributed nearly all of it in some form or fashion. Whites just steal it, relabel it as theirs. I don’t understand how some of us believe that Africans just sat around doing nothing for thousands of years waiting on the white man to come and save us. It is a ridiculous notion and a true testament to the thoroughness of the brainwashing still going on today.

    As soon as a few “blacks” come together for a common good or goal the FBI/CIA immediately slanders and libels them or sends a black sellout as an infiltrator to destabilize the organization. This is what we have to stop allowing. We can’t have Clarence Thomas as part of the Reparations Movement. I don’t think we’ll ever receive reparations but it is a worthy and lofty goal. Jews control that too so they always shut down those congressional conversations started by Rep John Conyers via HR40. Conyers himself had sold us out now as well just like the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus. Personal motivation, pride and profit seem to almost always trump the people once the so-called “talented tenth” get a little power. We are all talented in some way so I reject that terminology coined by DuBois.

    The related issue of course is single black mothers and the social engineering of black women to date thug losers or white men for their money while brothers date skanky, broke white women who do nothing but dilute our race. Maybe it’s a good thing for black women to take the money back from white men that black men have lost to white women but Jews are actually trying to destroy both whites and blacks both in the process by promoting interracial hookups while they maintain their racial “purity” by intermarrying only with other Jews. The elite Jews even practice inbreeding which is why they have so many genetic disorders at the top tier like Tay Sachs. Kate and William are cousins just like all the US presidents have been related to each other. It’s all lies.

    Black unity will require that we reject the white culture of materialism wholesale and re-prioritize with God at the top, where it should have remained all along. The masses MUST come before individuals. God and nature MUST come before windfall profits. Corporate greed MUST become a thing of the past and be replaced with true corporate responsibility. We need MORALITY over MONEY!!! There must be severe stigmas and penalties in our community that prevent sellouts from taking bribes to infiltrate and undermine our causes. We need our own religion. We need our own political party. We need our own language. Most importantly we need our own GOD!!! You can’t take Christianity as taught to African slaves and expect any good to come from that. Whites would never give us anything that would assist us in our liberation…..NEVER!!! Everything they took from us we must either take back or re-invent. They worship only money and violence. We know God destroys them in the end so we have already won but the sooner the better.

  97. I have thought about the karma thing too & I agree, if what we see in our history is our karma, then once the Creator gets in white people’s ass there won’t be anything left but fumes..on the other hand..power is cyclical..it’s not like whites have been on top from the moment they popped up–they have only been in power for about 1000 years of what researchers have estimated to be about a 10000-12000 year existence–so black people have had long periods of time when we ruled. Hell, we’ve ruled more than anybody simply b/c we’ve been here longest. Maybe everybody gets a chance at bat and what you do with that rule determines whether you ever get a chance to step on the mound again. I believe we will. Others–I think they have gotten their chance & have failed miserably at leadership & their future (or non future) will reflect that.

  98. Oh I also don’t think they have ‘allies’. They are like schoolyard bullies who enlist people to help them in their dirty work who are just as scared, cowardly & damaged as they are & like any animal who smells blood, whenever their so-called ‘allies’ detect that they are down for the count or even injured–they will swoop down on their asses to finish the job so that they can ascend to the ‘throne of illusory power’. Imo the worldwide community is just waiting for someone to strike back at the US. Once it happens, I think there will be a feeding frenzy. Once the spell is broken all hell will break loose.

  99. That’s why they are on other planets looking for refuge but the blacks their want nothing to do with them.

  100. Jabari

    Do you listen to Khalid Muhammad?

  101. Jabari and truthbetold
    Yall are both on point.

    Jabari all this time i thought it was the whites pushing the interracial agenda,but it makes more sense that its the jews.THey do stuff to divide and conquer even the ones who seem helpful like tim wise.He makes money talking about racism and making whites look even worse ,while making some blacks feel he is on our side when he’s not.He is and always will be on the jews side.


    That is crazy to me as well that whites go and capture animals and are “shocked”when the animal attacks.Sounds kinda like how they raise their kids,they have warning signs of violence but are ignored,then when they go shoot up ppl they are so” shocked” it happened.I watch that ish and smh and say to myself even i could see that was going to happen.I don’t understand how they have their dogs off leash and are well trained but their kids are on leashes and running around.Seems a lot of them are backwards and put animals before people.

  102. mstoogood4yall on said:

    “There must be severe stigmas and penalties in our community that prevent sellouts from taking bribes to infiltrate and undermine our causes”

    Very true but its something that some blacks will have a no snitch rule when it comes to crime or protecting drug suppliers[whites].We need that policy to prevent corrupt blacks from selling us out.

  103. honeytreebee on said:

    I’ve noticed this too. How many time will they rescue a dog or cat when people are dying. They’ll even do this to their own the white people in Sandy Hooks needed help, but there it was like cherry pies and disco queen can’t miss it for all to see. They got dog stories running and people tearing up over dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They can’t even rescue themselves. So, why are we still surprised? Cause it is just damn crazy.The animals have more rights than humans and are treated better too. They don’t even call them pets they call them their furry companions and family members. I could see it if, they treated all life that way, but I don’t even need too say it they don’t.

  104. You know I listen to my brother Khalid Mohammed!!! droppin’ it likes it hot. That African man was a true soldier that realized that we are at war. Farrakhan sold him out just like he sold out Brother Malcolm. Now Farrakhan has come out supporting Tyler Perry, a black man in drag in the fashion of Martin Lawrence and Wesley Snipes. Look at all the rich and famous brothers throwing away their money to white women. Ignorant and unconscious as hell.


    We got a lot of work to do.

  105. If you’ve been to cynicalafrikan, I think it’s obvious that they have a tendency to ‘like/love’ dogs a little too much for sanity. Dr. Delbert Blair is of the opinion that there are a lot of animal/human pairings here & I think the fact that bestiality is a re-occuring theme in their history, could indicate that maybe they are one of these pairings. Haven’t we always said they smell like wet dogs? And what is God spelled backwards? Some strange shit to ponder.

  106. Jabari

    I think we need to take a page out of Marcus Garvey’s handbook and start having “conversations” with a selected few.

  107. Mickey on said:

    It’s funny taht you said some of them put animals before people. I onced helped a professor on a PowerPoint presentation he wanted to use for his class discussion. My job was to look up various pictures on the internet based on a list that he had given me. Someo f the themes he wanted to discuss was violence and cult following. I decided to use some photos from the horrific Jonestown Massacre. I also used a picture featuring a dead dog among dead bodies of people. He admitted to me that he could handle pictures of dead people but seeing a dead dog really got to him. I silently thought to myself how fucked up that was.

  108. SugarKiss on said:

    @ Negress and Jabari.

    I agree wholeheartedly and am glad I am not alone in my assessment of their “unusual obsession” with dogs in particular.

    Conversations are in order, for sure.

  109. T.Bee on said:

    Oops I ment hurrican sandy not sandy hooks the shooting thing . But wait they both had dogs and people fawning over the dogs. People got shot babies had their faces blown the fuck off. I mean somehardcore shit. And What Do They do bring in some fucken dogs to pet. And that makes it all alright. don’t cha know.

  110. There is a whole pet supply industry now because of how whites worship their pets. They pay for toothpaste, outfits, expensive surgeries, etc. They even have luxurious funerals for their pets. Don’t get me wrong. I love animals but clearly they value dogs more than people of color. Whites are not humans. It takes a man of “hue” to be a hue-man. They really think their pets “love” them when we all know that God did not give animals human emotions. Dogs get used to the same routine. They get used to food. They get used to being walked. They get used to sitting on the sofa. It’s Pavlovian response and nothing more. Whites misinterpret this repetitive behavior with affection because they lack the depth of emotion God gave darker-skinned people. These same animals relate to people of color in a more genuine way. You can see it with your own eyes. Richard Pryor used to joke about animals at the zoo. Whenever they see “black” people they think they’re going home.

    To expound on the inability to love, I don’t believe white men and women love each other at all. All of their marriages are convenient arrangements. The wife is always screwing the landscapers while the husband is at work screwing his secretary. They outsource their kids to Mexican nannies who have replaced the slave nannies they used to call mammies. Why? So they can spend their time making more money which they use to buy more empty dead things and more drugs like oxycontin to stay high. Whites do far more drugs than blacks. That’s why “blacks” get into trouble trying to meet the excessive demand because whites can never get high enough for long enough. They are trying to simulate a connection with God by getting high but they are really only connecting with demons. Whites have serious psychological issues and a death wish. It’s best if we leave them to each other by separating permanently, just like it was before they were once again unleashed on the planet.

  111. It will be a challenge in choosing the proper brothers and sisters because so many are partially, if not wholly, beholden to this corporate capitalist system of exploitation. The provocateurs must stay filtered out. The technology they have makes it even harder because they can even see what you’re reading from outer space using satellites now. The CIA/FBI doesn’t care about bleeps on the radar but as soon as you start reaching the masses like Brother Garvey and Malcolm did they create a file on you and start undermining you, your family and your legacy with lies, libel and slander.

    Here’s their files on Brother Malcolm:


    Farrakhan recently had the nerve to say that Brother Khalid had “mommy” issues and that he didn’t know how to handle a woman, a polite way of labeling him gay. Ain’t no way Khalid, or Malcolm for that matter, were gay. Farrakhan is the one breeding his children like whites and Jews do. I think when Farrakhan became deathly ill he found out that he was probably being poisoned by the Jews. I believe he then made a deal with the devil to moderate his position on things like gay rights. They probably poisoned Hugo Chavez as well. They do it all the time in different ways. That phony-Jew, bisexual scumbag and agent of Whitney Houston Clive Davis had Whitney Houston poisoned and then blamed the murder on her drug issues. These creatures are literally animals who were taught to walk upright.

    Gays deserve equal rights legally of course but they don’t deserve to be overrepresented in the media the way they are just because Jews own the media and many of them are also gay or pedophiles and pederasts. The gay agenda that Obama fully supports is not the same thing as gay rights. The gay agenda turns straight people into mental and emotional homosexuals. They are pushing it in grade schools now as part of the standard curriculum. Guess who made that decision? The Jews that run the NEA. They have already dissected our brains centuries ago. They know how to push the right buttons. That’s why they love seeing a black man in drag. Farrakhan will be wearing a skirt soon.

    Sorry to get off topic there but this racial betrayal makes me furious.

  112. I originally write this piece as satire back in 2010 but it angered whites greatly which means it roused something in their subconscious.


  113. I originally write this piece as satire back in 2010 but it angered whites greatly which means it roused something in their subconscious.


  114. Jabari

    I do know, from simple research, that the reason why the pale lab rat is used to test new drugs is due to the similar genetics it shares with whites: Albinism and inbreeding.

    As for your article?


  115. Truthfulwun on said:

    Working in corporate America is definitely the mordern plantation. These crackers will never change. Asians africans arabs east indians and all caucasians are our enemy. We shouldn’t expect any decent treatment frim either of these groups. So called black and latinos need some unity unfortunately we hate ourselves. And are wilking to sell out for the crust of masters pie

  116. Corporate America is definitely a modern plantation but it has ALL races working on it now for the white and Jewish elite. If you want something closer to African slavery you have to look at the modern prison system, an invention of Europeans of course. Inmates literally slave away for major corporations for commissary money to buy junk food.

    It is true that we are universally hated. ALL races, including most of our own, hate us. That is a huge problem since we have internalized their hatred of us as hatred of self. Even if some of them don’t hate us then they don’t respect us because we don’t stand united against white supremacy. We do whatever we are told for enough money and fall further and further out of respect and dignity into disgrace. John Henrik Clarke said it better than anyone. The white man stole our religion, relabeled it with white people and white places, then sold it back to us as Jesus to enslave us. You have “blacks” all over this country and in Africa praising Jesus…..praising white supremacy.

    The way out is simple in construct….reject materialism and embrace spirituality but in practice we know it is impossible to save 100% of the “black” masses. Most are lost and will remain lost in this life. We have to accept that, move on and understand that time may yet save their souls. It depends on their past and future karma. Everyone has plenty of opportunities to wake up. Few will choose to do so. Matthew 7:13 says “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it”. Some of the Bible is historically true. Most of the Bible is allegory and the rest is lies inserted by the Jewish Masoretes through purposeful mistranslation. If you cannot discern the difference by asking God to reveal it to you and doing your own research you will be eternally confused and misled.

    We need black women to take the lead and I will explain why from a cosmic perspective. First let’s face it. At this point the “black” race is basically dead spiritually as a whole. We have assimilated most of the white race’s wicked ways. So now that we are dead we need to be re-born. How is any form of life born in the universe? With feminine energy. Feminine energy is creative. Men must help of course but to resurrect the “dead black race” black women must take the lead and black men will follow no questions asked. These laws of energy are universal and cannot be violated. If black women want to chase money, white men and thug losers then we will remain dead. We need the feminine spark for our resurrection.

  117. This is also why whites are from Canaan and dogs are referred to as Canines.

  118. Nothing but the truth! I have a situation right now with this white male professor. He tried to get me and a few other mostly black students kicked out of school for plagiarism, tried to fail me in a previous class, and is trying to fail me in the class I’m currently in.

    I can feel his rage towards me. I never lost my cool with him, and am always polite when I see him, and I think that pisses him off even more! He is a young 30-something white male married to a Asian woman. So there goes that theory that White men who date interracially are somehow less racist.

    Also, as a Black woman you have to deal with other self-loating Black people trying to tear you down, and other ethnic groups like Hispanics, Asians, Indians, and Arabs who look down on you because you are black.

    And don’t be attractive, fit, intelligent, feminine and a Black woman. That will make people’s heads explode! Lol seriously, it burns some kind of rage in some people.

    And twice this last month I was in my car in a shopping mall parking lot and a White male security guard approacehd me trying to find out what I was doing. The last time, the guard ignored and Asian couple in the car and came right to me!

    “Um, hello negro, what are you doing?”

    Um, what are YOU doing? You bored or something?

  119. ElFuego on said:

    @Amarie, Well my by brothers and sisters, I was once afraid of posting on this site, I thought it was a thermometer site that they use to gauge us, spy on us etc. DiaryofaNegress is just far too good.

    My story is that after six years of teaching myself a specific trade ( I will not be too specific), I decided to abandon my own business to comingle and rise up with these “people”.

    Weeeeeellll. First, like many commenters above, these idiots asked me if I had children, to them, an intelligent black male of 31 MUST have some baby mama drama. I then noticed that the overseer kept asking me as if I was lying. Why? Because his miserable ass had 3 kids and was forced to work with these effing children of the corn.

    Second, they tried to humiliate me, get this, WHEN I ASKED FOR THE DRAW THAT THEY THEMSELVES PROMISED ME FROM DAY ONE! They then said that nobody else was paid like that, this after, confirming, on 3 different occasions that they would cover my costs of transportation etc. to the tune of 1300 dollars a month. Long story short, being the shysters that they are, I was insulted and given a run around. However, knowing I was intelligent, experienced and had the ability to make them money, the overseer (who I had caught using other employees work to make money) assured me to go back the next day that a check would be there for me.

    I told him to give me a day and I would THINK about it. This is after I explained to him that although I am poor, I am not desperate and would much rather go back to working by myself than working with a bunch of stupid white college kids who talked about me behind my back, would talk about me out loud and wouldnt talk to me to my face, they acted like little bit*h*s. I have already paid dues in terms of working in white offices and at 31, I AM TIIIIIRED. I much rather grow my own business and avoid these people like the plague. Now, to be fair, not all white people are the devil, including my supportive wife. Even she dont really like white people as she grew up around black and hispanic people in florida. Either way, like the book Working While Black states, at around 30 we have to stop what we are doing and ask ourselves, WHAT ARE WE DOING?

    These people dont care about us and they just use us for anything and everything. God forbid you are intelligent and not afraid to shine, they then call you arrogant, knowitall etc. They like to be around humble crumb snatchers and Uncle Toms.

    I have had enough, I only look to do business with them and treat the good ones with love and respect, however, I am noticing, that in corporate America, they are far and few in between.

    You must all know that we ALL have something they need and lack: CREATIVITY and INTELLIGENCE!

    I can spit out ideas off the top of my head that take them weeks or years to even dream of. I can calculate and analyse better than any of their ivy leaguers. This angers them to the point that they try and DESTROY us at EVERY WORKPLACE!

    Growing up ignorant and hispanic (most of us hispanics are ignorant idiot racists that hate ourselves and our african ancestry) in Harlem, I often thought Afrocentricity was an overreaction. You see, growing up in Harlem in the 90’s, amongst your own people, you have NO CLUE about white bigotry and the system. It wasnt until I went to school with whites and then work with them that I learned of their hatred, arrogance and ignorance and fear of intelligent black and hispanic folk.
    It is then when I gained knowledge of self and began studying African American History and Brainwashing and the System of Global White Supremacy.

    I was setup in college, on various occasions. Twice with white women trying to entrap me into rape. Unbelievable. The third time I was in the dorm of a fellow student when it got raided by the police. The student was stashing drugs for his white fraternity who was being investigated for the death of a white student who happened to be the son of a Pharmaceutical Giant. I was innocent and had to serve 3 days until I was bailed out only to be setup by my white lawyer who is now a white judge in that state. This corrupt piece of human garbage left me with the guilty party’s black female attorney who declared me guilty without my consent to a black female judge who then remanded me to community service and a noli prosequi. I was then burdened by this stain for 10 long years until I just recently got it expunged.

    In the words of MF DOOM, you cannot reform some of these people. Unfortunately, we are kind hearted, open souled people by nature. Only when we learn to limit our contact with the bad white people will we learn to be free. I blame Christianity as it teaches us to be victims and constantly turn the other cheek.

    I have had it. I try and limit my contact with the enemy and try only to befriend the ones I have known for a long time and have always been kind to me. The rest can go to hell.

    If you are in your mid thirties, WAKE THE HELL UP! Go into business for yourself and build a diverse network. Weed out the snakes, they always reveal themselves and go forth in your blessed journey. Too many in our generation are Uncle Toms that think they will benefit when in reality the man is just using them until they cast them aside. Don’t wait for Forty to start doing your own thing.

    The beginning is ALWAYS hard, but never give up, it gets better. Meditate and limit your media intake as it is a negative tool used to brainwash us with niggers and spics masquerading as black folk and hispanics.

    The same way we have undesirables in our races, we must be aware that there are undesirables in the white race as well. This also means that there are plenty, if not MILLIONS of decent, hard working, God Fearing, Honest White folk out there that are yearning for our kinship and friendship.

    Lets not let the demons of the white race alienate us from the good that fight for us in secrecy and in public.

    I love you all and please, Negress, please please keep this blog alive.


    Love, Peace and Understanding are the only way.


  120. Iceman

    I allowed your comment because we can all learn from it. Good luck to you, sir.

  121. ElFuego on said:

    Thank you for posting the comment. I just have a bit to add. I read your latest post and it may seem far fetched but I agree with you. I think that the socio-economic karma that they themselves have created is now apparent to have bit them more than us. We are all born into poverty and struggle, so this is a walk in the park for us. They, on the other hand, being born on 3rd base, will go batshit crazy when their own financial schemes evaporate into thin air.

    Second, I know my life story seems like that of a dummy that never learns and keeps dealing with devils. However, we must never let their mediocre hatred turn us into blind hateful creatures. We shine while they lurk.

    Bless you and I hope your business goes far.

  122. I believe it’s their plan.Cause they all do this divide and conquer and patronize.I was the only black female choosing not to sellout against the whites and honorary whites and uncle Toms and Aunty Toms.They didn’t like to see me hanging with the other “blacks”. They would rudely include themselves in conversations.I give my Creator the glory cause he got me out of the situation.And I control the amount of contact I have with them.I don’t miss them either.They’re like life sucking vampires.I wondered what was this fascination with them getting drunk and inviting me to attend their “fun”.It’s so they can blame it on the alcohol.I wish I had this blog a few years ago cause I felt I was the only one experiencing this crap.They lied on me,stalked me, belittled and deteriorated my character.I’d be lying if I say I came out unscathed.But I prayed and God answered,I fasted for 40 days on just water to get rid of the huge negativity from the toxic environment.But now I know we can’t be friends letting them in my space will only set me back.But it’s not just black men.They choose the weakest ones and sway them.God knows I use to think not all of them are the same but now I disagree.

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