Observations of an Invisible Woman

Introducing: Shaquanda Mattox of Shaquanda ProInc

This young, ambitious African student, not only gets a good grades, but she has her own creative company.

I’m an ambitious young woman trying to make it through school. I go to dccc full time because I am a graphic designer. It’s what I do and what I love. I do it for multiple reasons. One reason is i am hoping my small business will help me pay for school. Another reason would be that I love being creative. I would say i have been in business since December 2nd, 2012, my 18th birthday. I’m working on my LLC even as we speak.

Shaquanda’s Art


Black is beautiful

Not only are graphic designs and art her specialty, but she also creates business cards! If only I had found her 3 months ago, I would have never ordered from a European company! This very talented young woman can help you design any art/creative project you need. Please contact her for more information.

When I took a look at what she has to offer, I thought to myself, “If she’s doing this now, at age 18, can you imagine what she’ll be capable of at 20? At 30?”

Please support her growing efforts at black liberation. When you purchase from us and us only, you build wealth and independence.

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22 thoughts on “Introducing: Shaquanda Mattox of Shaquanda ProInc

  1. mary burrell on said:

    That’s beautiful. Beautiful images of our people.

  2. Kudos Sis!! I’m so happy that she is pursuing entrepeneurship at such an early age, wish I had of been that smart. lol…

  3. nmaat

    Yeah. I know what you mean. She’s got her head on straight. If only we could just put that 1 TRILLION dollars we have into our own community…

    The Asians got it right.
    The Jews got it right.
    The Indians (from India) got it right.

    Everyone has it right.
    Except us.

  4. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth; I co-sign to all the above statements you just made. What can’t we be in that catagory?

  5. But can you imagine if we drilled into our young people’s head to start their own businesses instead of ‘go to school & get a good JOB?’ There is so much natural talent in our community that could employ all of us 12 times over. But I think times are about to get to a point where we will be forced to rely on each other like we haven’t in a long time…

  6. Nmaat and Miss Mary

    The moment of which you bespeak is coming 3 years from now. How do I know? Obama will no longer be in the white house. why is this relevant?

    Because whites, in their anger for our perceived gain, will retaliate against us in ways we never saw coming. Expect more trayvon Martins, more joblessness, more foreclosed homes, more white rage…all due to their psychotic anguish at the black man sitting in the white house.

    The time for us to band together is yesterday. I cannot stress this enough. We are running out of time.

  7. Soforeal on said:

    i put a big smile on my face whenever i read about sisters like this. i wish her well.

  8. wow those are amazing pictures,the women in them are stunning.Love their eyes and skin tone.This young woman will go far.

  9. She is amazing. So happens I need some cards so I just contacted her. Thanks I wish you well Shaquanda.

  10. brothawolf on said:

    Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

  11. honeytreebee on said:

    @ truth we are starting to get it right I Use a black book store exclusively. If, I see something that I want at another book store and am not going to order it off line myself I take a picture of the book and have it ordered at the black bookstore. I want a book on whatever it comes from a black book store(.) I recently saw a teacher who ordered this way in there too she said that she tells all of her students that for black studies which she teaches this is the only place and way to get the book. They get extra credit for doing this too. So we are starting to wake up slowly but, surely. I am working one making all of my purchases black. I go to three different coffee houses all black owned and if, I go someplace else I send as little as possible. I bring extra tea bags so I don’t have to pay for more tea. just more hot water which is free and they don’t know the difference. Yeah, but it can be hard to do an all black thang, I just take it as a sign that when I’m done with school I’ll have to open a few things myself. Like a laundry mat, coffee shop, bookstore, produce market and so on. I also want to own the buildings outright so as to not worry about someone getting stupid and pushing me out.

    Yes, I will keep her and other I’ve discovered here on file so when I need them I will have them at the ready.

  12. honeytreebee on said:

    Like many of their plans this will only backfire on them. If, blacks can’t get jobs in the white sector we will only start creating them like before desegreation. If, they have more trayvon martins and forclousures we will move back to our own neighborhoods away from them. And if, we see more white rage maybe it will make more of us wake up and realize that they are sick puppies. Let’s just haves some stuff together when it does happen so, we can direct it properly this time.

  13. Kushite Prince on said:

    Black people need to practice group economics. This is what other groups do. And we have to teach our children to do for self. It has to start early so that we can stop being servants to other people. This is the righteous path we should be striving for.

  14. Your Highness

    Well stated. Groups economics is what this is all about.

  15. Absolutely fantastic graphics! I have to get space chick

  16. Crissjensen on said:

    Love, what, i’m seeing. keep up the good work.

    We r a great people!! never4getit blackfolks.

  17. thanks. if you need anything made let me know!

  18. thank you for your well wishes

  19. Shaquanda

    Most welcome dear.

  20. I didn’t know where else to put this, but I just discovered this sistah and she is PHENOMENAL..she needs to be repped and supported…beautiful art & tshirts..


  21. nmaat

    Thank you! I’m on it!

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