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The Niggerization of the Negro

“Truth, have you noticed that our people have gotten worse in the last 20 years?” I stopped sipping my tea and listened to X, my older, conscious friend. “I mean, we’ve dissolved into debauchery in a way that I’ve never seen before and I grew up in the time of ‘Free Love’!”. I thought carefully about my answer, “In what way?”

“Well, we seem to only care about fame, sex and getting money. Our children are taking pills prescribed by the school principal, our girls are identifying with rappers and strippers and our boys are growing up with no respect for women, no respect for God and no respect for themselves. We’ve got schools where our children can choose to be male or female, we have no fresh produce, a McDonald’s on every corner, we’re fatter than ever and the worst part is…we don’t seem to care. We’re falling fast. And I’m scared…Look, all I’m saying is black people are gonna die if we don’t change quick.”

I was quiet as my friend ranted her anguish at our people slipping gladly into the belly of the beast. I wanted to comfort her but even one comment about how “we’re getting better” would be a boldface lie. I too have seen my fair share of our girls wearing next to nothing in the streets, our boys sporting pants that show off the top of their buttocks, gangsta rap about raping 13 year old children and our resistance to anyone that dares to point us in the right direction.

Once upon a time, at least to my memory, being black stood for something. It meant something:

Black Solidarity

You weren’t just a colour, you were a direct extension of God. An Original Human. The First Human. You were proud. Almost defiant and ready to defend your blackness. You couldn’t explain it, but you sensed being black was almost a purpose.


Nicki Minaj

Our entire struggle has backslid into a symphony of slackness. And, perhaps the scariest thing for me is…We seem to enjoy it. And we’re teaching our children to enjoy it. And their children will continue that circle of spiritual defeat until we are no more. I wonder what will become of God’s People? Will we magically rise up one day and exclaim, “Oh my gosh! I’ve been living my life all wrong. I see that now. I must begin my journey of self-discovery before it’s too late.” Or will we continue our cycle of infectious indoctrination and slowly perish?

Let me ask my readers, honestly…what happened to us? How did we go from Black Pride to Worship of Mammon?

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166 thoughts on “The Niggerization of the Negro

  1. GreeneInk on said:

    Absorbing white people’s evils, that’s when.

    This country that we call the United States of America was founded by a bunch of thieving pirates and their “wenches” (or ho’s, as we would call them today); and they were also rapists and cheats, and of course, they didn’t think twice about coveting someone else’s anything and everything … wives, girlfriends, money, children, possessions, and all.

    I remember back in the 70s, nary a sistah would be heard of or even thought about as putting her mouth on some man’s third leg.

    Next thing I knew, the black men were crawling and climbing over the walls to get to white women because they would do it without blinking. They had some serious nasty sexual fetishes and would do anything, and they were particularly fond of black men’s “sizings” (real or imaginary). Black women started trying to keep up with them, and I mean the things those white girls did was just plain slap nasty.

    After that, all 4377 broke loose.

    Sistahs hair went blonde, eyes went blue and green, nails went waaayyy too long, they started wearing weave in their heads like nobody’s business trying to emulate white women in order to be “pleasing” to black men, and it suddenly became nothing for a black woman to allow herself to be demeaned and belittled, even filmed on porn videos. To look at black women nowadays–especially in Hollywood, you’d almost be inclined to think that they are gay white males, who tend to be more jealous of black women than white women are. I mean, look at Minaj, seriously. She looks like there is a gay white male under all of that made up drama and whoredom. You will notice that when gay males get into their histrionics, they start acting like “hyper”-women (more woman than a woman is).

    As the sistah went down the tubes, she took black men with her … after all, she was the one who was raising them to be men and she didn’t know what one was.

    She even forgot that a man who would ALLOW her to demean herself wasn’t worth having.

  2. I too wonder what happened.I wasn’t around back then ,but i read stories and watch documentaries and i think “what happened to us?”Blacks were more united and involved in our communites.Its like the only time some blacks act right is when cases like trayvon martin happen then they go back to not caring. Not caring about all the youth gettin killed in chicago,not caring about the black boys/men going to prison.Not caring about black babies being aborted.Its a shame we are where we are,what happened to ”I’m black and i’m proud”,”fight the power”
    and ”black is beautiful”?Its like we’ve replaced being black and proud with having street cred and being sterotypes.We’ve replaced fight the power with lets conform to it to all get along and be uncle toms.We’ve replaced black is beautiful with light skin and anything close to white is beautiful.WE are in the end times

    2 Timothy 3

    New International Version (NIV)

    3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people

  3. @GreeneInk,
    With all due respect, I am all for the idea of people living with dignity and a moral compass. However, as a young woman in a deeply mysogynistic world, I have recently been exploring the topic of slut shaming. I noticed that in your comment, not once did you accuse men of immorality regarding consensual sex-Yes, you mentioned the word ´´rapist´´, and no sane person would defend a rapist. But you called the women ho´s .I personally believe that nobody has the right to judge the nature of sex acts which occur between two conscious adults in a mutually consensual relationship who are aware of the health risks involved. Since the purpose of this blog is to debate and discuss, I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you have on what I have just mentioned.

  4. @mstoogood4yall
    I understand arguments against abortion, however I support it because I believe that is a million times better than having a child you are unable to care for, and condemning someone to a life of misery, when that person never asked to be born. I think it is sad when abortions occur because people are uninformed about contraception. I also think that if people are interested in reducing abortion, then kids need to be taught to not engage in sex until they are capable of taking care of a child, but of course humans don´t work that way.

  5. I notice these dumb rappers came out at a time when the single parent rate went up.They know dam well they wouldn’t have been able to bring that mess into their house if their father was around.I know my dad wouldn’t.They have a solutin for everything its all about money and destruction.Oh black boy you have your mother raising you and no father.Here follow this rapper he’ll show you how to be a man.Black girls you didn’t have a father ,here sleep with any boy who tells you you look good.I saw an article that said they are planning on using aborted feutues for medical research for diseases like parkinsons.No wonder they are having aboriton clinics in black neighborhoods.They are killing two birds with one stone ,getting rid of black babies and keeping whites functioning longer.Blacks need to wake up,
    get off the hamster wheel, and stop accepting scraps.

  6. mstoogood4yall on said:

    ew nicki minaj looks nasty.She look like elvis meets kid n play in that pic smh.

  7. mstoogood4yall,
    Don´t you think that an increase in abortion of black babies is preferable to an increase in births of black babies to mothers who are absolutely not equipped to raise said babies?

  8. Your last statement said it all. She accepted less far less than her worth and didn’t raise him up when she birthed him to be a strong man. It is not easy to be a black anyone in this land. we collectively are in a tail spin and can’t seemto find our way. I think the first step is to stop looking at outside media. Creat our own black youtube and put up our own images.

    Men must demand that the women they are with be women and act as such and treat them as such. Women nust do the same with men. We must also find ways of explaining this crazyness to children so they know these people are ill and what they should do.So, let’s get to doing…

    Here you go three positive strong black women who are not street rat crazy.

    Now here you go some positive brothas.

    Sorry to blow it up, but hey I just love black people in their element.

  9. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I think education and contraception are the best thing.To me abortion is something used to take care of the problem after its occured.I feel like prevention is more important.If the pregnacy is prevented there will be no need for an abortion.We need to get to the root of the problem which is people not having self control,self esteem, and not choosing responsible mates.A lot of women that do get abortions its usually not just a one time thing.So if they are getting abortion after abortion, that is not teaching them how to be responsible.It teaches them to get a quick fix instead of looking at themselves and learning from that mistake. This is like debating over if guns or people are the problem.

  10. mary burrell on said:

    nicki minal, makes my soul hurt. Sister Truth this girl is from lil wayne’s camp. lil wayne hates black women. She made a song called “stuoid hoes”. Talking about nappy headed bitches. That whole Young Money crew is about self hate. And young children listen to this and emulate it. They are getting paid loads of money and selling their souls. It hurts my mind and my soul to witness this in 2013. Even the president is a sell out and not caring about us.

  11. @mstoogood4yall:
    That pretty much sums up what I wrote earlier.

  12. mstoogood4yall on said:

    ok so then i guess we agree

  13. mstoogood4yall on said:

    ew young money is crazy and lil wayne makes no sense.I was so happy when he said he was going to retire.People are upset with him right now for making a song and mentioning emitt till death and comparing it to beating a girls p@@y.Young money pfft more like young house negroes

  14. I think both men and women need to value their sex more. If, men don’t value thier bodies or their seed and are not slective they shouldn’t expect the same from a mate nor their offspring. Women have had to deal with this double standard for too long when all along it is men sleeping with these women they refer to as hos.

    I think that women should hold men to a higher standard and tell them nem they are interested in that they don’t want a man who can’t control his mind and his dick. Quality not quanitity is what is needed and desired.

  15. mary burrell on said:

    @ms toogood4yall; You were on point young queen. You’ve got your head on straight.

  16. mary burrell on said:

    @ GreenInk; You told the truth as well.

  17. mstoogood4yall on said:

    OOh i love jill scott so beautiful and classy.I never heard of these other artists but i like it.

  18. mary burrell on said:

    @ T.Bee: Thank for the positive videos. We need to lift our people up. Especially our women who get torn down and cut up every which way.

  19. @mstoogood4yall

    Thanks there are a lot of strong positive images of us out there we just have to find them and support them. We have to make effort to get these images out there so that it is clear to those that want more that there is a great and beautiful place waiting for them. Let us not forget we blsck people set the trends. So for every LIL Wayne have 10 positive black men that you promote and share with others. For every sad girl like the one above have ten Jill.

    I have seen this have some effect with black women and their hair out where i live more and more sisters are wearing it natural even at my job. It saves money time, it give you dignity and respect. Also, you get noticed and who can take their eyes off of the sista with the flowing fro or swinging locks. No one can. we have to be our own light sometimes but we are strong enough to do it.

    Don’t ever forget we are beyond awe inspiring.

  20. Perhaps a lot of it has to do with TV, Music (and media in general) school (socialization process), and food (rise of monsanto, irradiated foods, GM foods etc). I’ve noticed that as blacks, we’re constantly bombarded with ‘not good enough’ messages from society. Schools whether it be in an urban or suburban area send the same message from the way teachers and administration deal with black students to how other non black students deal with black students. A lot of it is psychology. If you are told something enough times you begin to believe it. I don’t see anything effectively countering these negative images and stereotypes in the mainstream media. Not only are black people told this, but they are also shown this through actions, environments etc. These images, words, and interactions are used to direct our own negative actions. If a person is blasting rap music in the neighborhood at 11PM on a weekday, what are they really telling themselves and everyone else subconsciously?

    From my own experience, even if you do as your told by white people they will still mistreat you. For instance, when my brother was in elementary school he got 99th percentile on all of the standardized test. He should have been tested to see if he was eligible to be placed into the gifted program. At the time the state required high achievement on standardized tests and an IQ of 130. He was not tested until he was in the middle of his 7th grade year. Think of all of that time missed. From my knowledge he wasn’t tested for the math gifted program and not given an advisor, which all of the other gifted students were given these services. It was insane what was going on in my case. The school had labeled me and then the school nurse gave me Ritalin which she is not allowed to do since she is not a psychiatrist. I told my mother right away. They didn’t put me on it. The school was constantly trying to place me in special ed even though my IQ tests did not warrant such a placement. When being in these environments, parents and elders need to tell children that it is the system, not the child themselves.

    1)WE NEED TO BE HONEST WITH OURSELVES! Can anyone name any other good shows that discuss and explore black issues today? I remember Like It Is and Tony Brown Journal. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t appreciate them enough. Also when I’ve tried to explain things (presenting facts or observations) to some black folks they become real defensive and tell me that I’m wrong. The bottom line is many blacks need to stop being complacent and deal with the facts at hand.

    2)WE NEED TO EDUCATE OURSELVES! I work at a school and one of the black students there I asked if he knew what the Harlem Renaissance was. His reply, “My mother does.” I’m thinking what does that have to do with anything. He needs to learn too! And most likely the school is not going to teach him. There are kids going through school who don’t even know what the Civil Rights Movement was. And I’m not saying just learn about what WP say in terms of Rosa Parks, MLK Jr etc. Learn about Nat Turner, Ida B. Wells, Malcolm X, Robert Purvis and other notable blacks that seem to always be omitted. In the TIME for Kids magazine Black History Month edition they didn’t even show Malcolm X or other people of the Black struggle. (I shouldn’t be surprised because I never learned about him in school myself)

    Most are not your friends. There is still racism. You have to ask yourself: To what benefit would white people telling me the truth do for them? That’s what I’ve come to realize. And if you do decide to ask for information or advice which can sometimes be unavoidable, try to research the information on your own to see if what they say is true.

    Instead of money and material goods, we should think INFORMATION, TIME, SELF-SUFFICIENCY (ENTREPRENEURSHIP), LAND, GARDENING etc.

    Pictures tell 1,000 words.

    There are probably more reasons, but these are what came to mind first. Of course, I could be incorrect. Hopefully observations and evidence could show what is truly going on. By the way, I was guilty of all of these things and am now working to rectify my own situation.

  21. I said to myself this would be the year that I stop including myself in Negro Madness. The truth is I’m not like most Black people. That doesn’t mean that I’m better than any of them, but it does mean that I am beyond most of them. I hike on a regular bases, enjoy a wide range of music and I think the president is a figurehead put in place not because he cares about us, but because it was time bring this country to it’s knees and put a Black face on it. I think today’s hip hop is trash and a brainwashing tool, I also think Black people need to stay out of the camera. We nothing to be celebrating or grinning about as a whole. They allow their culture to be jacked then sold back to them and the person doing the selling looks nothing like the person doing the buying.

    Because of the niggerization of the negro my world has become very small. I see nothing outside that interest me most of the time. I am tired of being misunderstood and place into a slot that I don’t belong in. I’ll continue to be just me and let the others slip deeper and deeper into the abyss.

    Really good insight Sis Truth.

  22. ‘Let me ask my readers, honestly…what happened to us? How did we go from Black Pride to Worship of Mammon?’

    When in rome do as the romans do…& in the case of blacks in america–when in the insane asylum, act as the insane do…when you are socialized by the crazed, amoral & depraved from birth, why would you expect ANYTHING but what you see not just in our community, but WORLDWIDE? We all live under the rule of people who represent the anti-thesis of what is Godly and humane. This is the TRUE legacy of western (read white) culture. Further irony is that those of us who realize we live in an insane asylum would be the 1st to be diagnosed as ‘crazy’. Welcome to the alternate universe that is Apartheid Earth.

  23. mary burrell on said:

    And to make matters worse. I feel we are in retrograde. White men on airplanes slapping black babies. Famous actor Forrest Whittaker being accused of stealing in a high end bodega in New York. Actor Alec Baldwin referring to a black femal journalist as a drug dealing coon. Even when Trojan Pam tried to educate us about white supremacy she was met with much resistance in my opinion. But she stood her ground and gave examples why white supremacy is the culprit in our people’s opppression.. Yet some didn’t want to receive what she was trying to teach.

  24. mary burrell on said:

    Some African Americans are of the talented tenth. You remember W.E.B. Dubois coined those successful Negroes that were gifted in education and other talents to better African American society. problem with that is they don’t want to help other brothers and sisters out of the darkness of poverty and ignorance. That disturbs me very much. Especially when they have classist and elitist mentalities.

  25. mary burrell on said:

    @ kowaba; Excellent points.

  26. Great point Ms. Burrell–but the so-called talented tenth is usually designated that by our oppressors. They are usually hand-picked gatekeepers. Nothing more & if that wasn’t the case, blacks would be in a totally different position than we are now. That’s how you know when someone is sincerely for black people–when whites target them for destruction & there is no evidence of illegality. They simply hate them on principle b/c they speak truth to power. They know who they can corrupt, co-opt & purchase. Those who don’t fall into that category you will see them hound. Look at someone like Jesse Jackson Jr..born & raised ostensibly in privilege as one of the ‘talented tenth’ but was convinced that he could do what white politicians get away with daily…he believed the brainwashing that he was above the avg negro…Kwame Kilpatrick comes to mind too…2nd generation gatekeepers who were put into those positions b/c the powers-that-be who are corrupt, co-opted & purchased KNOW their own kind. It’s unfortunate that most of US don’t…

  27. soforeal on said:

    is that you that call in on carbon radio sometimes.

  28. I don’t know what carbon radio is, so probably not. lol..

  29. mary burrell on said:

    @nmaat433: Brother you raise excellent points as well. Look what’s happening to Jackson jr. and his wife they are going to prison. Same as Kilpatrick. Last year Jackson’s mental health was in question. He then came forward saying he was bi-polar. He was probably stressing, knowing he was on his way to prison. That enough to drive anyone crazy. He was drunk with entitlement.

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  31. All the deplorable changes that have taken place are INTENTIONAL war tactics infiltrated from the white elite into the African mind. These seeds have been planted and are growing into trees. I couldn’t tell you how many times it is to my frustration and despair that many Blacks “don’t want to hear that Black stuff” and are totally ignorant to our history and who they are…..complete imitators of white–the very people who are intentionally designing in every nook and cranny to annihilate the African globally. It amazes me how many war tactics and propaganda has bombarded us throughout the years and now; yet most amazing, many Blacks don’t recognize them. We must stop the ignorance of war-tactics. They are destroying us on large scales….

    We have the Black Boule’, the U.S. government and military MK programs, MK ultra mind control in the Black communities, the music industry, Jewish Mafia, Zbigniew Brzezinski…and the list goes on for the INTENTIONAL annihilation, destruction and depopulation of the African populous globally.

    Separation from ALL European influence is key and begin to think for ourselves and come together, even if we were to gather in our living-rooms would be a start. We must return to who and what we are; have our own traditions, beliefs and cultures, etc…no more filth and destruction from these historical oppressors and enemies….it still holds true today. Nothing has changed.

  32. amen.I definitely respect and love the natural haired women even though i am not.I notice with the music industry that the dark skinned or natural haired sistahs don’t get much views.I love jazmine sullivan but her vids average about 2million views while nicki minaj gets 20 million.Jazmin sullivan music doesn’t get played on the radio much except her song bust your windows,which kinda portrays the angry black woman stereotype.I also like ledisi.I don’t understand how ugly men like lil wayne gets views but not a beautiful ,positive natural woman.As black women we have alot of double standards to deal with like its ok for the men to be dark skinned but not us.

  33. Growing up in the 80s & 90s, there were TONS of popular television shows that showed Black people in a positive light. The Jeffersons, What’s Happening Now?, Gimme A Break (Not Nell Carter, but her best friend played by Telma Hopkins), 227, Amen, The Cosby Show, A Different World (more Black high school students started going to college during the TV shows run as a result), Family Matters, Smart Guy, Roc, Girlfriends, Living Single, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and a few other shows that were mostly White but had at least one Black character that was not a negative stereotype (Lisa Turtle from “Saved by the Bell”, for example). Look how far we have fallen in terms of media representation. I have always said that someone in Hollyweird said, “Okay, the niggers have had their fun. Let’s change it back to the way things were.”

    In comes Cooning & Buffonery 2.0 for the new millenium.

  34. To quote the late Geroge Carlin:

    When you are born in the world, you get a ticket to the freak show. When you are born in America, you get a front row seat.

  35. *George Carlin

  36. I totally agree with many points you’ve made here. “stop asking white people…” It amazes me how Blacks trust the opinion and information from whites when talking about African history and who they are—I have yet to meet one White person who has ever researched African history or who doesn’t spew the usual racist/white supremacy rhetoric when it comes to the African both then and now.
    Here it is African history month. Guess what has been shown repeatedly on tel-lie-vision? The Planet of The Apes, Return of The Planet of The Apes, Roots, Jungle Fever, and all negative depictions of the African populous, save none. Total propaganda and nothing more. It is NO puzzle how much this month is not given the respect that it’s suppose to stand for. Absolutely none!! I have yet to see the great production when Denzel Washington played MalcolmX. Not one positive depiction what so ever. I’m not going to hold my breathe.

  37. mstoogood4yall on said:

    That poor baby gettin slapped was crazy.I can’t lie i laughed at the interview the parents gave because the father was like he is going to be really embarrassed when he realizes what he’s done.i was like embarrassed really , shoot if that was my child i would have been like here hold my baby and my earrings and whooped his arse.But then again i don’t take airplanes.

  38. soforeal on said:

    oh, there’s a woman named maat so i was wondering if it was you. it’s a show on blogtalk check it out. anyway cary on lol

  39. soforeal on said:

    carry *typo*

  40. soforeal on said:

    brothers say they’re fly, but they’re never on a flight.

  41. while no one wants women in the back ally way having an abortion the situation should be so that no one needs an abortion. The film that is on this site somewhere speaks to that and the concern is that they are sweeping black women into that crack by making finances so hard. Also it is helped along by trying to date people like the lil wayne and such. So, while I won’t say abortion should be illegal I think that right now it is hurting black people.
    Yet, most do not live in a world where we have a major support network of people to help with our children right now anyway. However, it is true that once an abortion clinic is placed in a black neighborhood the abortion rate there skyrockets. Just something to think about.

  42. mary burrell on said:

    @nmaat433; Sorry about referring to you as Brother. Maat is a egyptian goddess. Sorry about that queen.

  43. mstoogood4yall on said:


  44. I feel you Jesus

    I too like alot of the same things you do. It would be nice to have a hiking buddy. I too am doing all I can to stay in the light and meet every challenge with a positive push forward and up. I want to lead by example so, when someone shows me this shit I drown it out with all of the positive powerful beautiful black people that I can think of and then go find somemore. Like this…

    Yeah do what you gotcha ta do

  45. I so agree with you on this especially five I got rid of my TV a long time ago and limit my online stuff too and found that i have so much more time to get things done and I listen to so much more music too now. A post on these five could be done.

  46. mstoogood4yall on said:

    OOH i loved me some living single,girlfriends,227,and good times.Jackee harry was funny and i still remember the living single theme song.I see the same thing that it seems our progress has regressed in one generation.Started with no blacks on tv and minstrel shows with white people in black face.Nowadays its black people in black face,we are doing this to ourselves.Whites are afraid of being called racist so now they have other blacks doing their dirty work using the excuse of he’s black so its not racist.They used to castrate and kill black men now some black men do it to themselves by dressing as women in movies and murdering other black males.Dave chappelle said they tried that mess on him but he said no and they changed the script.Too many brothers play gay roles,dress as women,and portray stereotypes.I just want to shake them and tell them to wake up because you don’t see white men dressing as white women in movies.It seems they only allow black men good movie roles only after they have emasculated themselves.Just look at will smith,tyler perry,martin lawrence,and jamie fox to name a few.They started dressing in drag before they got action roles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb1WUVAtseU dave chappelle speaking the truth.

  47. mstoogood4yall on said:

    love angie stone. my fave songs by her are brotha and i wish i didn’t miss you anymore.You wouldn’t believe how many whites were on there saying her song brotha was racist.They just want to see black men in a bad light and can’t stand when they are uplifted.

  48. Don’t think my last response made it through. Same answer applies to this as everything else does when we’re dealing with white people. Don’t give them a reaction, absolutely zero conventional aggression (fighting, war, arguing, etc) and don’t be conflicted with other blacks.

    Their Asili gets its energy from us and our conflict with ourselves and other black people – regardless of how “conscious” or successful (money or otherwise) we may be. All we have to do is release any and all tension they send our way and eventually it will destroy them as their massive amounts of aggression won’t have anywhere else to go.

  49. Quite alright. No offense taken. lol..

  50. Hi-five on that. I got rid of my tv too and I don’t miss it ONE bit. Nothing but b.s. propaganda, endless lies & psy ops. I even find now that when I read stuff & it starts going to the left (as in eurocentric), I’m done and movin on. Right now, I’m trying to find other black people who are also interested in moving to Africa in the future or who have already made the transition. Living here for me is like being a prisoner of war. If I gotta struggle, I figure why not do it someplace where I at least feel vested? I have nothing vested here. The US will suck all of our asses dry and won’t think anything of it. And then blame us cuz we complain and protest. I am sooo over this country & it’s continual debasement of black people.

  51. I agree. The problem is that we (black people) are put in the front row so that we can be mocked and derided & made fun of in the same way that DL Hughley clowns people in his audiences. Shit ain’t funny after 500 years. Not one bit.

  52. Hey Truth

    Just saw this post, and haven’t yet taken the time to read all the comments, so someone might have already said what I’m about to say.

    We went wrong as a people when:

    A: When we began putting our parents in Nursing Homes – instead of maintaining a 3 or 4 generations living in ONE household – like we used to do. Someone was always home — looking after/guiding the younger ones.

    – Black people of all classes, backgrounds, skills, education and incomes once lived in the SAME community. ….

    B: When shame and embarrassment became normal – or non entities. (70s – 80s).

    C: As a people, we no longer sacrifice ourselves except for personal betterment. We put our SELF FIRST… Second … third … and fourth in our desire for *whatever* … BEFORE the needs of our children. We stopped putting our children/home/families FIRST!!! We bought whiteness’ lie that we could have our cake – AND eat it too!

    D: As a people, we don’t trust, embrace, help or like each other much – no solidarity like we once had.

    Can blacks in America recover? Can we effect a large enough change?

    I wonder … and I hope.

  53. I hear ya… Gotta fix that.

  54. Hey didn’t crazy letter writing chick say she like this poor crazy thing? Just goes to show how white folks really like you. Could say Angie Stone or someone like that. I didn’t even know who she was.

  55. @mstoogood4yall
    I took a look and you are right. We can’t even tell a black man how much we want him without some white person getting all funny acting. We don’t go and comment on Sarah Mc glochlin??? Yeah I almost posted one of the ones you mentioned. By the way she is singing in my area and I’m gonna go see her. Yeah that is a big reason I like her and some others they say good things about black men even when they ticked off at them. Remember all the old songs they never cursed at there man or woman even when mad at them.

  56. All so true and valid points. If things keep going the way they are we will have to go back to these ways or we just may not survive at all.

  57. Poor baby has white parents that didn’t look sideways at crazy white man. That poor child is going to be put in so much harms way it is so tragic. If, i was Forest Whittaker I’d open my own fancy eats store in my own community and stay the hell away from these fools. Someone ought to take teir shoe of and slap Alec Baldwin across his face with it. As for Trojan Pam we need more men and women like her in our collective face saying this over and over again so that the collective us will hear it and finally wake up.

  58. @nmaat433

    what countries were you thinking about? Have you gone on any vacations there yet?

  59. @Bry
    We should have a work shop or something on this as to get into practice. Not responding can be very difficult at first because they are so good at plucking emotional chords.

  60. nmaat433 you answered this question so well and clearly. Should we be surprised at this behavior or should we be wondering why it took us so long to crack.

  61. @Umoja
    You are so right about this and they use the thinking of our elders as their new found wisdom as with the paleo diet movement it is based off of the African eating habits of the bush people before white people arrived. Yet they tell us to eat a bunch of junk that they know will rot our teeth and destroy our health. And black people will fight with you over what white people say.

    I recently found like it is on you tube it is wonderful to have this program to watch when I need something black orentated and nonracist and nondenegrating to black folk.

  62. LOL

  63. It is sad when you witness such self hate and bile from someone so young and has so many followers. She is most def in need of help and intervention.

  64. @ mary burrell

    thanks for watching glad to share.

  65. now how the hell do we get out of here.

  66. Their not talented 10th if they don’t bring it back to the people. You must feed the ground that you sprang from or you will no flourish. I think we wall see that now.

  67. He thought he was a white man and would get a slap on the wrist now he know for sure that he’s black. That entitlement will only go so far and now he’s headed for the pen not the country club one either.

  68. Africans + European Economics/Finance, European Education, European Agriculture (steroid chicken/fast foods), European Aesthetics & European Religion ie Christianity = complete & utter Failure.

  69. Gat Turner on said:

    I think what we are seeing is natural push back by the “establishment”. As more Blacks become awake and more information is available…they will in turn redouble their efforst at brainwashing the masses. The same thing happened when that study came out inthe 90’s that said Black teenage girls had higher self esteem than white teenage girls. Next thing you know Black girls gettin called bytches and hoes on every rap album for the next 20 years!

    They talked about it in the book “Black love is a revolutionary act”. As some of us grow more aware of whats happening , they must do whatever they deem neccesary to maintain their grip on the others! As we continue to grow expect our people to fall into one of two camps, the awake and the sleep.

  70. I’ve been slowly reading these comments. Some of them are spectacular and very insightful. Thank you for educating me.

  71. @T.Bee & @nmaat433,

    I found out that the African country of Ghana has granted Black Americans full citizenship in its country as it was one of the countries heavily involve din the slave trade. They apologized for their part in it and some Black Americans have taken them up on their invitation.

  72. I think it took us so long b/c we had d i s t a n c e…segregation afforded us a sort of insulation. Once that was taken away…boom!! Unfortunately, association brings on similarization.. when you are exposed to insanity up close & personal, continuously & you have no built-in filters, eventually YO ASS is gonna think that crazay is the NORM too…

  73. This is so true!!! I also recall that since forever there were certain things that were known to be the domain of white men: spree killing, serial murders, high rates of suicide…now you see this in recent very high profile cases..not yet convinced it’s an epidemic in our community, the mass pressitute may just be highlighting these instances for effect (dorner)…cuz it could just be as you say, psy ops, to convince US that we engage in behavior too…now when I see some black people in massive numbers engaging in ‘scat’ eating & flucking dogs, then i know it’s all over.

  74. Absolutely co-sign. What all of us need to realize is that if you are not working to better our collective condition, then you are working to better THEIRS–which is no different than slavery. That’s what we did on the plantation & this is in a nutshell what we continue to do when we clamor to go to predominantly white schools/universities, go work almost exclusively for their corporations (esp our brightest/smartest), shop in their stores exclusively, borrow from their banks while ours fall by the wayside, try to move where ever they are instead of moving into enclaves where we live & build those places back up–all of this we do unconsciously, reflexively but we won’t/don’t support our own businesses, we expect whites to educate us so that we can compete WITH THEM, which is beyond absurd; we do all of the above & then don’t support US. So how are we ANY better off than we were on the plantation? Asians may work with em, play with em, sleep with em, but they are for the most part bringin those resources back to THEIR OWN. There is a blueprint for us…this is not re-inventing the wheel. A lot of us have mentioned it. We need to segregate ourselves & go back to that mindset. White culture degrades whatever it touches. Look at the world. Those who play ball with these people are going ‘crazay’ too, the ones you see who are holding their own–deal with them with a long handled spoon.

  75. Greeneink

    I read your comments about 5 times. Everytime it rings truer and truer. Identifying with whites, Stockholm Syndrome, is the single biggest reason why we are slipping.

    Since all conquered peoples emulate our oppressors, we act, think, dress and live as they do. That is why the true Niggers of society are white people.

  76. Honey Tree Bee on said:

    @ Truthbetold Hope you like the videos i posted.

  77. Hope you like the videos I posted

  78. @T.Bee–I’m still researching. Haven’t really narrowed it down but some of the frontrunners are S. Africa, Nigeria & Kenya & no I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the continent yet but it’s a must. The problem is finding people who are of like mind who have already been thru it who are willing to share info that would make the transition easier.
    @Mickey—I’ve tried to substantiate the Ghana offer but it seems that if that was an official policy, it was some years ago. Not sure if it’s still in place or not. If you go to their government website, it doesn’t say anything about that. I think they do have outreach to people in the diaspora, but i’m not sure if they are offering outright citizenship.

  79. Where we went wrong? Simple…..INTEGRATION. All that marching and singing to do what? To sit on the same toilet as whites and nothing more. We are in the worst shape than ever before due to integration….lost of African agency, consciousness, imitating whites, and disunity. Which is why MLK received the holiday and MalcolmX did not. MalcolmX— KNEW what integration would do to the African populous….we’re looking at it.

  80. ….in addition; integration has that” white man’s foot” on our necks; another reason MLK is praised. When Blacks were segregated, they flourished and weren’t infected with the poisons of integration. Whites complain, but believe me they love this integration crap. If it weren’t so, they would not have burned down the MANY Black towns that flourished and they would have no need to thwart Black unity or progress as they do fiercely today. Ever heard of Memorandum 46? Read it in it’s entirety. It states clearly how the progress and unity of the African populous….globally, is to be infiltrated , weakened and dissolved at all cost. MalcolmX KNEW what he was talking about.

  81. Whites complain about Blacks living in “their” neighborhoods and “their” country. Don’t believe for an instant that they have a problem with this integration. They KNOW we would flourish and prosper WITHOUT them, we would surpass them ten-fold. Why do you think we can’t even converse on any website without them trolling!! Our unity and progress frightens them all. Notice we NEVER troll them. They just haaave to know what we’re doing and speaking about. Just like old times; nothing has changed. We just might speak of a revolt or up-rising. lol

  82. Seriously, can Nicki and Lil’ Wayne just die in a plane crash already!!

  83. @Umoja–You are spot on. I always point to the Marcus Garvey movement to illustrate this phenomenon. If the govt in particular REALLY wanted blacks to repatriate to Africa, they would have supported Garvey. Instead they sent infiltrators into the UNIA & came up with that bullshit ‘mail fraud’ charge & quickly deported him. They are schizophrenic and you will NEVER hear the truth coming from their lips ON ANY SUBJECT and certainly not on the subject of race.

  84. mary burrell on said:

    @Umoja: They are vile and disgusting. I just wish they would go away and all the others of their ilk.

  85. Umoja
    Stunning observations! Thank you.

  86. @Negress

    Yes, black people in the US and worldwide are backsliding, Why? Black people are the chosen people…We’re Royalty! Our heads and chins should always be upright. We overcame the inhumanity of slavery, colonialism, jim-crow, and other isms. If we didn’t come from the best, we would not be here. When did it start to fall apart? The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a trap for black people, it sent the racists underground. Before we gained our so-called freedom, the enemies of our race were in the open for all to see, we could see them a mile away. Another point that we overlook…other groups lumped themselves in with our struggle that have nothing to do with us and our belief systems. In other words, so-called black leaders got in bed with folks that are killing us today…democrats, feminists, pro-abortionists, gays and lesbians, hollywood, collegiate & professional sports, adult-film industry, organized religion, and so forth. Hip-Hop is a vivid example of our insanity. The genre was pro-black and pro-bw at the start, today, it’s the complete opposite. Blackmen degrade their mothers and black sisters for financial gain. Violence is promoted, hatred of women is promoted, homosexualization of black males is promoted, dangerous sexual behavior is promoted, etc. Sports is another genre that is killing our race. White coaches visit the homes of blackwomen with the intent of lying to them about their athletically gifted sons. Ms. Davis, we would love for Jerome to play football or basketball at our college for free. The colleges and universities make billions from the bodies of black males, yet, are not willing to pay them. Let’s not forget that the vast majority of brothas don’t make it to the NFL and NBA. Tyrone, they have a 4 year scholarship, Right? No such thing as a 4 year scholarship, more like year to year. Whites want blackwomen to continue selling their sons to the slavemasters, Why Not? Majority white campus, whitewomen, white cheerleaders, white agents…Black=Money Poor blackwomen and their wombs have become (Cash Cows) for greedy whitemen and gold-digging whitewomen who use their sexuality to entrap naive black males from the hood. Sistas, why do ya’ll tolerate this bulls**t? What benefit do ya’ll get out of the arrangement? I don’t see a lot of sistas on ESPN, in managerial positions, agents, lawyers, sideline-reporters, game-analysts, etc. Sistas…Stop The Madness! Inter-Racial is another issue that’s causing division within our ranks. Chasing (Snow White) has become an obsession for some blackmen, Why? All of us know the ins and outs of “Forbidden Fruit.” Whitewomen were off-limits to blackmen on this planet. On the other hand, whitemen could rape blackwomen with impunity. Desiring whitewomen became an act of revenge against whitey in the minds of blackmen. Today, blackmen have full access to white females without the threat of violence, Really? Blackmen are killed all over this planet precisely because of our mingling with Becky. There’s a reason why so many blackmen are in jail today. Whitey is so paranoid about us stealing his pale princess, he has to create all kinds of obstacles for us to jump over because he thinks the vast majority of Carbon men want “Becky.” For the record, blackwomen are more attractive than their anglo sisters. Secondly, whitewomen are the ones with the insane obsession, Not Us! Thirdly, blackmen lust after whitewomen because we know we can get the punany…Bottomline! If this was not the case, the swirl would not exist. Fourthly, only a blackwoman can birth a black child…having children with white females and other non-black women is not a substitute for the real thing. Right now, a lot of blackmen are out of control with their sexuality…hiv/aids, abortions, teen-mothers, etc. Black male sexuality is a double-edged sword. We’re sexual because God wants us to be, the chocolate skin and curly hair has a purpose(Panty Dropping). As a blackman, i have sexual power in relation to blackwomen and women in general. I appreciate the blessing that was given to me. Sexual refinement is the key to our advancement along with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. How do we as blackmen combine the intellectual, spiritual, and sexual for the greater good of our race? It’s an ongoing process sistas and brothas!!!


  87. Thanks for the reply. After I posted it I realized that I should have mentioned some of those shows. It’s crazy how much of an impact television makes on people which I found it interesting how A Different World impacted Black high school students.

    I saw a documentary on the making of Saved By The Bell, if I’m remembering correctly, one of the creators of the show said that the character of Lisa was actually originally supposed to be a White Jewish Girl, but apparently Lark Voorhies (the actress who played Lisa) did such a good job portraying the character they gave it to her. Regardless it is still good that they picked her and she was on the principal cast of a long running show for the younger generation.

    If anyone is interested I came across a show called Evening Exchange it’s hosted by Kojo Nnamdi and it airs on the Howard University channel. I can’t find a list of episodes, but I saw perhaps the most recent episode here:


    And apparently he has a radio show program as well:


    Hollyweird said, “Okay, the niggers have had their fun. Let’s change it back to the way things were.” Exactly! This is how the white supremacists operate.

  88. Didn’t realize the comment was going to post that way. The first reply is to Mickey.

    @mstoogood4yall Thanks for your reply as well. I remember the theme song to living singles also. That show was a good presence on the air. Dave Chappelle is an upstanding man for sure. He has principles and walked away when producers of his show were going against them. Have you seen his interview from Inside the Actor’s Studio?

  89. @Umoja
    Yeah. It’s crazy how much trust people put in white people that’s one of the reasons why things are not changing. I’ll never forget what one white male told me. I said to him I don’t know what to say in certain situations. He then said, “What I do is I make up stuff, and no one has ever questioned me about it.”

    Television just furthers negative associations with blacks which in part pushes availability bias. Availability bias (the first thing that comes to mind) then drives action which is justifying the mistreatment of blacks. Well, at least this is my hypothesis based on the evidence presented here. The dehumanization of blacks equating us to primates. Disgusting!

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

  90. @T. Bee

    Yeah. I don’t have a TV myself either. For me, it has really helped me with thinking much clearer. Unfortunately, my father and brother watch tv. My father watching it everyday. He would then make fun of the black women on ‘Basketball Wives’. When I visited my family for Christmas and they were watching TV I was shocked by how many stereotypes are perpetuated through the tube. And I do thing that people become desensitized after awhile from seeing these images. Thanks for your reply.

  91. Thank you. 🙂

  92. When will these knee-grows ever learn that no matter how much money, prestige, & power they have, they will NEVER be viewed as White and will NOT get the same treatment as their White counterparts!?

  93. Crissjensen on said:

    WOW! thanks for saying it. lol

    I’m with on that TIP!!

  94. @Negress, great post. keep the truth coming. everything you say is to better our ppl! so, keep doing it no matter what.

  95. mary burrell on said:

    I was thinking about an interview Dave Chappelle did on Oprah Winfrey. He talks about filming for a skit on his show a segment called the “Black Pixie”. A Jim Cow minstrel character. He says he remembers seeing a white crew member laughing just a little too hard. I guess he came to his senses knowing he was getting rich but at the expense of black people in perpetrating these racist stereotypes. Yes he could have stay and made lots of money but he got a revelation and walked away. And they labeled him as being crazy. Crazy because he didn’t want to throw his people under the bus. I noticed how in my place of employment whites loved Chappleele. This is very telling about our sociiety. When white folks are laughing too hard at us.

  96. mary burrell on said:

    I am starting to connect the dots about becoming conscious. But I’m sure you and all the other commenters know so many black people in America have no desire to wake up and don’t care. When I try to tell them about these things I’m told that I spend too much time on the internet blogs and need to go get a life. So i guess everyone will not be saved.

  97. mary burrell on said:

    I remember a black co worker making a statement that intergration was the worst thing to happen to black people, I did not understand what she meant at the time. She was angry because herson was dating a white girl and the girl was pregnant and she was disappointed he did not want to date black women. I think when we are segregated black society was intact and we all had our values and morals together. We were not the train wreck that we have become today.

  98. I honestly think that the Black community has officially gone off the cliff. I’m of the younger generation, and the things I see my peers do is really unfortunate. Last month, one of my Black female acquaintances said that the upcoming release date for Lil Wayne’s album was going to be the best day of her life. Throughout my life, I was always seen as “different” by both Black and Whites, and got bullied by racist White males who loved rap and had Black friends to spare. I fear for my generation, because many are either heading down the wrong road or have little help to pursue their constructive dreams. And the fact that White people caused this problem is the killer. Although a lot of Black celebrities started out associated with us, their crossover appeal was used to market them to White folks with more money. This has been difficult for me as a music lover, because A. Keys was somebody who I thought had some sense compared to the rest. However, her new white look has pushed me away, because I never knew her as such. Kanye started off somewhat conscious, but now we see where that’s gotten him.

    But this isn’t even the worst part. While many Blacks are focused on non-constructive things and people, Whites are gearing up for war. They’re the ones buying up all the guns, joining the hate groups, and declaring that they need to “Take our country back”. Therefore, his whole idea of integration is nothing more but falsehood. But it’s a trick that WORKS. I hardly see Black people of my age group coupling up together, but we can make children together almost effortlessly. One has a better chance of seeing a Black-White couple than a Black-Black couple where I live. And I’m also seeing growing numbers of White people in my age group who surround themselves with Blacks for solace and support, which they get for sure! I’ve even seen where White females strike friendships with Black females and then receive worship for dating Black males. Meanwhile, the Black women have little chances of finding partners or end up running to non-Black males. As long as the white person is down with rappers like Lil Wayne – who blatantly degrades Black women and martyrs like Emmett Till, they’re not racist like other Whites.

    There’s a lot of work that has to be done in regards to the Black condition. Either we counter racism or we perish. Stay strong Sis. Truth and all the others on this page. I still am confused as a VOR, but the blinders are being pulled off day-by-day.

  99. To all:

    Here’s my answer.

    The niggerization of the negro was a tool of warfare created by The European to allow us to wipe ourselves off this planet. What happened to us? Stockholm Syndrome. Once we lost our need to hold on to our roots post the Civil Rights Movement and were tricked into believing that we’re finally “equal”, whites won. Period.

    As long as Whites exist on planet earth, blackness can never be at peace.

  100. I agree with everything you stated. I would add that though this is a scary time in history for black people..we’ve been here before. The Reconstruction period was similar. It’s an opportunity for those who are able to pull the blinders off as the sistah mentioned-to see clearly what is going on. You can’t formulate a plan for freedom if you are not acutely aware that you are a slave. This period in history I think is both a curse & a blessing. A curse b/c there will be much suffering left in it’s wake but a blessing b/c out of it will come a re-birth, a shift in consciousness that is so so needed.

  101. Nmaat

    I do hope you are correct. Umar Johnson said something I agree with:

    You cannot have victory without Africa. You cannot have financial success without Africa.

    I had to listen to his interview 3 times to finally “get it.” The Chinese understand this more than you know. That’s why they are recolonizing our continent as we speak.

    As blacks, we must invest in our home.

  102. As long as Whites exist on planet earth, blackness can never be at peace.

    And don’t forget that there will always be those Black’s (I call them modern day Judas) that will sell other Blacks out for 30 pieces of silver.

  103. Amarie

    I have a few on My site. Cointelpro calls them “shells.” Those blacks will be killed first.

  104. The topic of treasonous blacks or ‘gatekeepers’ is mentioned on the video I posted in Open Discussion that features Cynthia McKinney & Dhoruba Bin Wihad. People who sell us out need to fear the repercussions worse than they desire the perks of betrayal.

  105. brothawolf on said:

    I don’t entirely agree with the notion that we were united back then because there were many of us who was just as lost back then as we are now. Some of us were not willing to fight for freedom and equal rights, but I do agree that many more were. Why? Because the problem was in plain sight. It was not covered or hidden, but exposed for all to see.

    Today, and in recent years, it is not so easily seen, at least not as much as it was in the past. The problem became carefully hidden to where it’s hard to call it what it is without a lot of disagreement from even your own people.

    One reason could be that many of us bought the lie that racism is no big deal. Another reason is worse to fathom. They know that racism is still alive and well, but they simply give up.

    They don’t see any hope. They don’t see any chance for black people to finally get their due, their recognition of humanity. They don’t see freedom or success in their future. They just see life as one fucked up existence and so whatever happens, happens. If they get used, so be it. If they sell out, so what? They swallow the black inferiority campaign and don’t care what happens.

    It is a sickness that took hundreds of years to infect, and it’s hard to see the cure when all you see is sickness. Will there ever be a time where black people will be cured? Will black people ever free themselves from their inner oppression so that they will tackle the external oppression? And what will be the key to unlock those mental shackles?

    We must understand that not all black people want to be free. We can’t see ourselves as a monolith. We can only help those that want it and part me wants to believe that many of us want to be helped. Will it be easy? Not at all. But the first step must be taken. I already see some willing to be those leaders, and I see some who are true leaders in their own right.

    The important thing all of us must know is that somehow, for whatever reason, we can not give up. We must not give up.

  106. 16,000 man hours of surveillance against Dr. King during the last 3 months of his life. I can guarantee every single one of us posting here has had our “file” reviewed for at least 1-2 hours.

  107. Brothawolf–you are soo right. There was never a time in our history, including during slavery, when all black people shared the goal of freedom. Some of our people are so emotionally/psychologically crippled that even the notion or idea of freedom is scary. What they gon do out in this big ol worll if’n ‘massa’ ain’t around? But I will never concede defeat or give up the pursuit of a world that more often than not values and uplifts humanity & justice. What we have now is the antithesis of those hallmarks of true civilization.

  108. @Bry–you def got that right. I have a site where I can view where site visitors link from..and today I had to laugh b/c one of the visitors linked from my yahoo email account…but this is par for the course. The FBI is so devoid of integrity and any real purpose they have to keep a job somehow, so that’s where people like us who have committed no crime but yet we will have a file opened on us while someone whose a bonafied criminal, say like them, will make a 6 figure income, all at our expense. Ain’t amerikkka grand? lol…

  109. @Micky I was discussing this with a friend of mine and yes Ghana does offer other like black americans citizenship and so do some south african countries. I am going to do some more research on it. He was also mentioning that some countries have it written into their constitution.

    @nmaat433 when we find out what the deal is we should post it and a long time ago I remember seeing a black guide for black travelers it included tips on traveling through Africa. If, I see it again I’ll post the information.

    @kowaba I know how you feel. I go to visit with my family and friends and just hate it when they want to just spend time with the all sucking eye. T.V. is hypnotic and mind programing and I just don’t want to give my power over to it. So, I find it best to either get them envolved in some activity or meet them outside of the house. When they turn it on I take it as my cue to leave. I either go home go for a walk or bring work with me to do in another room. I also tell them that I can’t stand the high pitched noise of the t.v. and that it makes me tired. And Yeah tv can be so damaging to the black mind and they are not even aware that they are taking part in their own debasement. As for Xmas time try to get them to watch something like hidden colors or the spook that sat by the door with you and then try to get a conversation started. After the program turn off the t.v. and talk if, they turn it on say something like oh, I so want to hear wht who ever has to say could you turn it down or off. And then afterwards go for a walk or find something else to do.

  110. honeytreebee on said:

    @mnaat and micky we sould all do some research on this.

  111. honeytreebee on said:

    @kowaba I wrot a long response to this and the wordpress thing I think ate it. so if you see two comments on this that is why. It sounds like you might need a little plan when dealing with the family. Don’t let them rope you into watching trash. Try to get them to do other activities with you away from the t.v. or go for a walk get up and do something in aother room. Bring something else to watch like hidden colors 1 and 2 then get them talking about it. Turn off the t.v. and say you just gotta hear what they are saying. Act like it is so important people really like it when someone is listening to them and what they got to say.

    Yeah the all sucking eye is a real ball of nasty nasty. It ges you to participate in your own mental slavery and degradation of mind, body and soul. That is why I say don’t let them rope you in. Also take it as your cue to leave when t goes on and they won’t budge. If, they want you around that thing will get turned off sooner or later. Some of my friends say it is nice to do so and have noticed that they get far more attention from me and others when they do.

  112. honeytreebee on said:

    @tyrone I read your comment and I agree. we need an action plan and black men should know the deal before they step foot out the door and before they become sexually active that there is a war going on and what these people want from them. I find not dealing with brothas that don’t treat black women with respect a must as I must protect me first. I do my best to give praise to brothas that do do it right. However, we are not perfect so if, they have got half of it right I try to focus on that because it is dangerouse to throw out our family just because they don’t have it all correct.

    My big thing is I see a lot of these men who have no respect for themselves. It like they have all the resources in the world and then some and on a routine bases want to eat shit. They could have the best of everything, but insist on shit. If, you try to point this out to them they will take your head off. They demand that their woman even when she is back look and act like that crazy thing above. If, black men raised their standards of what they would accept in a woman all women would rise to that standard over night.

    Black men complain that black women treat then poorly it is beacuse that is what they will accept. Just like black women accepting less from black men. All that is needed is for brothas to pull up the pants and act like men and treat their women folk like ladies and alot of this nonsense will stop. Every woman on the planet wants a black man all he has to do is set the standard and all will meet it. Black women are waiting, but how long can we wait…

  113. ‘Niggerization’ comes in many forms. The ones I particularly despise are the blow hards and the self-aggrandizers. They will spout off all sorts of ‘slogans’ about black empowerment, but when action is called for they are no where to be seen. Barring that they will arrive at the last moment to take any perceived attention or publicity. The jackasses with the pants hanging off their asses or the clowns sporting garish weaves, nails, and makeup are harmless in comparison to these more insidious buffoons. While the may cause some other black people embarrasment or consternation, they don’t me. Buffoons who carry on like that loon in the picture with the bizarre get up are just that, buffoons. The harm is when white folks get a load of them and use these assholes as barometers in which to stereotype black people. These sterotypical views can be harmful at a social level in so many ways as it translates into profiling in policing, housing, economics etc. With whites, everything is perception, if it ain’t white, it ain’t individual. Blacks are a monolith with them.

    Whites have been experimenting with buffoonish and clownish attire since time immemorial. When blacks do it, it becomes a statement of their dysfunction. White supemacy in action. Pathologize anything which isn’t white. When whites fuck up it is on an individual basis. Beware the self-aggrandizing negro, not the loon in a funny get up, folks, even if these deluded white people do!

  114. hernie

    Well said.

  115. @mary burrell:

    There has been major misconceptions about DuBois’ overall plan of the talented tenth concept. Originally, it was never his intention to establish or place emphasis on the class divisions we now have within the Black population as it has resulted into over the years. What Mr. DuBois wanted was for those who were fortunate to go to institutions of higher education to bring back what they learned and help the other 90% of our population with acquired knowledge, skills and wealth over the proceeding generations of his era. I think (not sure) he was speculating that within 2-3 generations, African-Americans would have undeniably had the economic framework upon which they could use to build upon and become independent and self-sufficient as well (or even better) as other ethnic groups at that time. However, as with anything worthy and practical involving Black people, things get become twisted by outside forces; the original message gets misinterpreted; and tried-but-true divide-and-conquer methods were used to impede Black progress. This is the reason why when it comes to the history we’ve been taught, it should be critically re-analyzed from a purely Black perspective and questioned as to how it has applied to improving the interests of Black people. It can also reveal a lot of mis-truths and confusion that was more than likely manufactured to keep us marginalized, undervalued and disorganized. The best example would be the antagonism that was created between Mr. DuBois and Booker T. Washington, both of whom developed sincere efforts in separate but unique ways, with the ultimate goal of improving the plight of our people. Although both men were from different philosophies, backgrounds and such, they were still successful in creating plans to develop the means of accomplishing the same goal(s). Many outsiders pitted them against each other, and against their shared common interests with deflective, insignificant and divisive nonsense, as a deflection and diversion, bringing attention away from improving post-slavery Black life. The same can be said of the divisions that contested Malcolm X and Dr. King while they were living and at the apex of their influence upon the general Black population and even the global society. These are the things we must learn and become aware now and in the future in our constant pursuit of justice.

  116. INTEGRATION = ” We’ll squeeze everything out of them and pour US unto them.”, says whites.
    There you have it–complete imitators of whites— lost of African Agency, praising white, white identifying, COMPLETE anti-Black ( unity and progress), rejection of self and others (Black), sexual deviance and perversions ( homosexuality, lesbianism, pedophilia, rape—all European origins and culture), European food and language, European holidays; which if researched you’ll find that many are celebrating murderers and filth, praising a white God (Jesus, stolen from Kemet), and the list goes on….

  117. Gat Turner on said:

    Whats up Fam!
    I wanted everybody to see this article about some of the theories the right wing has about “US”. The hatred and paranoia of Black people is worse than I expected.

    February 24, 2013 09:00 AM
    Gun Fools Worry Obama Will Turn His Secret Black Army On Them

    It takes a special kind of imagination to think of things like these three conservative gun nuts did on the air last week.

    First, there is Stan Solomon, conservative radio host and paranoiac, worrying over the private black army Barack Obama will raise to kill white folks with guns.

    Right Wing Watch:

    But Solomon wasn’t finished: “I believe they will put together a racial force to go against an opposite race resistance, basically a black force to go against a white resistance, and then they will claim anyone resisting the black force they are doing it because they are racist.”

    They. Who is they, do you think? “They” is black people, armed to the teeth and commanded by President Obama.

    And from there, it just spirals into some kind of dystopian middle-school fantasy, guided by wingnut and Twitter denizen Greg W. Howard, who first claims that race relations were “healing” before Obama was elected. Yes, sure they were. This is how well they were healing. Greg W. Howard, in his own words:

    Howard agreed: “You may be right because he has been sowing the seeds of racial hatred; we were healing quite well as a nation on racial issues until Obama came along and now we have a lot of racial discord.”

    After arguing that Obama is “not American” and not a natural born citizen, Howard maintained that Obama may begin “wiping out a few hundred people who own guns, pull a large scale Waco or a Ruby Ridge type incident” and have it “tinged it with racial overtones.” But just in case Obama goes through with his plans to “take down” the Internet, “people are setting up phone-trees all over the place” to stop Obama in his tracks.

    Yes, that whole racial hatred thing was healing quite nicely until Howard and his ilk decided to attack the African-American president with accusations that he’s not really a citizen, right? See, that’s how their minds work. They’re the ones sowing all the hatred, setting up phone trees to make sure the black dude doesn’t kill their internet after he takes away all their guns, and yet it’s all President Obama’s fault.

    They weren’t even close to done with the paranoid gnashing of teeth and wailing from the rafters:

    “If Obama can take your guns away he can take your car, he can take your home, he can take your bank account, he can take your very life,” Howard said.

    Unsurprisingly, Pratt agreed with their insane ramblings: “I do agree that the Obama administration would definitely be capable of something as evil as you were suggesting.”

    However, Pratt warned that “a lot of people resolved, ‘no more free Wacos,’” and that if Obama “starts playing the massacre game the way you did at Waco, well, you’re going to get surrounded, you won’t be able to go home safely, your family won’t be safe.”

    Larry Pratt and his sidekick Howard make Wayne LaPierre seem almost sane. Almost. These are people who resent the president’s Secret Service protection, and why not? I’m amazed they haven’t likened that detail to the commanders of Obama’s Secret Black Army.

    This is why race relations suck in this country. It has nothing to do with Obama, and everything to do with deranged lunatics who have weapons and don’t take their meds regularly. People like Solomon and Howard are a dime a dozen. They’re the reason mental health services need beefing up in this country. The sad part is that Pratt and LaPierre use them and their paranoia to whip up some profits for their gun manufacturer keepers. Being paranoid is bad enough. Being a paranoid puppet is just pathetic.

  118. The majority of the Caucasoid populous have a mind of a psychopath….total lack of and incapable of accountability. ZERO!! I’ve heard whites continuously say, “Obama stirred up racial hatred” REALLY,!!.. this statement gets me cursing! (I made a promise to myself that I would try not to curse so much…..well that’s over and done, I’ll watch my language here though) I could just knock these people right in the kisser for saying and believing such BLATANT LIE! HIS SKIN COLOR STIRRED UP THE RACIST GARBAGE THAT MOST POSSESS WITHIN!!

    When Obama was running for the Presidency, whites blatantly showed their true colors of racism/white supremacy without restraint all across the U.S towards President Obama and the First Lady……and continue to do so presently. He continues to get death threats from racist whites. If we had a complete buffoon (Bush) in office, whites are content as long as the color is white. Period. Never mind that he took the economy down and ALLOWED the death of 10,000 people in hurricane Katrina. Never mind that FEMA intentionally turned away ALL help offered from France, Britain, China, ect…( yes, it’s true….this is cleverly kept from the public…..it was all PLANNED…..A “Marshal Law”, depopulation of the African populous, dry-run)

    The gun sales skyrocketed, the popular racist websites crashed for the first time ever, hate crimes against Blacks skyrocketed, death of Blacks with impunity skyrocketed, bogus incarcerations of Black males skyrocketed… and so on. These idiots place the blame of their racism on ONE man towards the racism/white supremacy that has ALWAYS existed in the history of mankind since the very introduction of the Caucasoid. Whites were indeed comfortable practicing, supporting and maintaining racism/white supremacy COVERTLY; when Obama was running for the office—their racism became OVERT , out of the closet, if you will.
    Their fear of loosing control and domination ( white supremacy rule) became overt and continues. Have you all notice how whites are using all derogatory racist terms that one can imagine openly, fearlessly and UNPROVOKED; and the constant depictions and comments of President Obama and the First Lady as “apes” all over the U.S.. ONLY whites are freely showing such pictures and making such comments. One CANNOT visit YT and many site, without whites depicting Obama as an ape and all the usual racist terms by WHITES!! His performance is of NO CONCERN for them….believe that!!

    What the public (and Blacks) do not realize is that President Obama and ALL presidents have never been “elected” but “selected” prior to their “election”. President Obama is the fall-guy and the Trojan Horse. Amerisnakes will NEVER select a staunch Black man as president; a mulatto? Yes, mulattoes rarely fight against white supremacy. This “Black” man steers the slave master’s ship and will do so or be killed. Amerisnakes has never been run by the president. Amerisnakes is a corporation. The Vatican, Britain and World banks run Amerisnakes. President Obama is to implement the NWO, and the depopulation of the African populous, via….the promotion of homosexuality/lesbianism both here and abroad, (sanctions placed on areas of Africa—there will be no more AID in certain areas..UNLESS the African populous AGREES to a lifestyle AND practice of homosexuality/lesbianism, yep….all true) ,breeding with whites, and the increase of the usual racist/white supremacy world-wide—-Trojan Horse. It is hoped that this “Black” face will be trusted by the African populous; therefore succumbing to these sinister tactics of this slave who steers the slave master’s ship. It has been PLANNED for years and now implemented…..so whites can all relax and shut up….this mulatto is THEIR president. As long as Whites exist—there will be white supremacy. It is their NATURE to dominate, control and kill; they are by nature predatorial psychopaths, sexually deviant, devoid of morality and spirituality and the terrorist of the world. It is their ONLY history, do we need more to prove that?

  119. @ honeytreebee

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll be visiting my family next month and they have suggested eating out at a restaurant. Planning on looking up some movies like Hidden Colors to show my family.

  120. @honeytreebee

    Appreciate the love Queen, your comments are very much appreciated. Blackwomen are not perfect, but, the bulk of the blame has to fall on us as blackmen. Men that love themselves and the women of their race don’t behave as we’re behaving right now. Blackmen in Chicago are killing each other and innocent blackwomen and children as well…No Excuse! We complain about racism from this group and that group, Really? The Black Klan scares me more than the real KKK…Real Talk! As black people, we need to think for ourselves. Stop believing the bs that comes out of the mouths of so-called black leaders. The phony preachers, politicians, journalists, and professors are our biggest enemy, Why? Whitey pays all of them to lie to black people with impunity, and they do that very well. I don’t give a f**k about any of them. I take concrete advice from the likes of those in my family, close friends, and black bloggers such as Negress, Kushite, Onitaset, etc. Impossible is a cuss word in my world. We can overcome all of this madness, but, it requires that all of us be a leader unto ourselves. Most human beings are followers by nature. Black folk are trying to overcome mental slavery. Followers + Mental Slavery = Epic Fail. I try to be the best blackman i can be for my family and race as well. Tyrone can’t be all things to all people, blackmen need to understand this basic truth about themselves going forward. Look Inward Sistas & Brothas!!!


  121. @Mary Burrell

    Integration caused us to let our guard down…Sadly! As time goes on, more and more of us realize that we were sold a pipedream by our leaders. Dr. King’s heart was in the right place, but, his logic was flawed from the jump. Why would we want to copy all of the bad habits of our enemy? Our race is jacked up today, because, we’ve turned into our slavemasters. All of the evil crap that whitemen have perpetrated on humanity for hundreds of years, blackmen are doing the same today…Like Father, Like Son!


  122. Niggerization; “Let’s squeeze everything out of them and pour US in”, says whites and their beloved creation white supremacy; that way we will be non-threatening to white supremacy and of no use to ourselves or each other…..prey —easily controlled, dominated and annihilated.

  123. @Ms. J

    Any black female that gives her money to Cash Money Records, GOOD Music, and all of the other frauds in hip-hop should be locked up for Treason. Blackwomen can’t continue giving aid and comfort to self-hating blackmen…Period! Sista, i stopped doing that s**t years ago. Rappers, athletes, it’s all bulls**t to me. Don’t give them your money sistas? Lil’ Wayne is a vivid example of what will happen to Kanye…College Dropout to Sellout. Kim K is not a blackwoman, regardless of her phenotype. Puffy has to take a lot of blame as well. He’s the one that created the Black/Unblack mindset among naive blackmen. Chasing after other women just because they look black or have african blood in them. It doesn’t matter if they do or not…They’re Not Black…Bottomline! Dumb-Ass blackmen still think it’s about sex when the other chicks are all about the money. Negros so blinded by p***y, they can’t see the forest thru the trees. Money is the language of the Unbelievers, that’s all they care about. F**k with their money, that’s when ish will start to change.


  124. We were much more united “back then”. Do you think Black businesses could flourish today? Blacks do not support Black owned businesses because of programmed lack of trust, etc. Blacks would rather pay high cost of shoes from a white person than a lower price for the same shoe from a Black person. Black businesses have a hard time staying afloat because of poor support from fellow Blacks, especially in their own neighborhoods. Do you think you would find such and influx of interracial marriages and breeding today as you would not have in the past? No, today Blacks have the highest rate of interracial breeding/dating than all races combined. Is their love and acceptance all of a sudden? No, whites are preying on the ignorant, self-hating, white identifying Blacks. Whites are now boldly acting out their hidden desire to “sex” Blacks just like old times.Was there any Black on Black crime as it is today ? No.
    You see the difference is, whites no longer have to beat or torture the African to control and manipulate them—those Africans back then… MINDS weren’t captured yet. Today, the MINDS and consciousness of the Africans have been captured, therefore, there is no need for beatings and torture… which makes for the disunity and niggerization in the African populous (mind).

  125. mary burrell on said:

    Now something else disgusting has happened in the news. The young actress Quevenzhane’ Wallis was called a derogatory word that no female child should be called. And these animals just want to shrug it off. Why isn’t black hollywood protesting? This is just an outrage. Everytime our young black queens try to shine some ass clown tries to hurt them. This is a true shaking my head moment. When Kanye West did the fool on Taylor Swift they wanted his head and balls impaled on a stick. All the white folks was coming for Kanye. Even Obama called him an ass.

  126. @mary burrell

    Mary, we can’t all agree. We can’t just goose step behind someone who has some half thought, superficially attractive theory. Yes, there is racism. Is it the penultimate injustice in the world? I don’t think so. I think it’s one of the things that needs to be dealt with. TrojanPam’s outlook is too narrowly focused on racism, as far as I can tell.

    That thread on Abagond’s is still getting comments. No one has mistreated TrojanPam. The thread has been pretty civil. It should be ok for us to disagree with each other. TrojanPam has been asked fair questions. Discussion, questions, examination, those are not bad things.
    Speaking for myself, I will never blindly agree with anyone, doing so is not a basis for authentic solidarity. Blindly agreeing with someone out of false solidarity is part of what got that charlatan Obama elected. We must use our powers of reason dear Mary.

  127. “Yes, there is racism. Is it the penultimate injustice in the world? I don’t think so. ”

    The overall theme and narrative of truth’s blog establishes that it is the penultimate injustice in the world via the content of the posts that she makes day in and day out.

    That being said if you aren’t here to help add to that particular discussion then you’re only here to detract from the work everyone else here is interested in participating in.

    In other words, you need to step.

  128. @Bry

    “The overall theme and narrative of truth’s blog establishes that it is the penultimate injustice in the world via the content of the posts that she makes day in and day out. ”

    Well maybe this blog establishes only a part of the great troubles out there.

    “You need to step”

    Don’t worry, I post here very seldom.

  129. “Well maybe this blog establishes only a part of the great troubles out there.”

    Seriously, just stop. There’s only one “great trouble” out there and that’s white people. Every problem we currently have is an extension of the chaos they project.

  130. Sure, I’ll stop. I was interested in addressing Mary and I’ve done that. Take care.

  131. @brothawolf

    Black people need to avoid those in our race that don’t want freedom, as you stated. Every brotha is not my brother, Every sista is not my sister. Good black people must wrap their brains around this harsh truth, otherwise, they will pay the price. Another point, we need to be leaders of our own lives. There is no such thing as a “black leader.” That bs must cease…ASAP!


  132. @Gat Turner

    Black people, don’t give Uncle Sam your guns? Any government that wants to confiscate the guns of private citizens is dangerous. Obama is doing his job very well, lying to black folk and killing us as well. I don’t believe a damn’ thing that comes out of his mouth. The military have guns, the thugs have guns, except law-abiding citizens…Foolishness!


  133. @Umoja

    You’ve fallen into the trap. Have conditions in the US gotten better or worse since Obama became POTUS? How can we constantly beat up republicans, when 90% of our people vote for democrats? Come on black people, are we that stupid? Umoja, Obama is not on our side. He’s doing all of the dirty work for whites that they couldn’t do themselves. A white president couldn’t get away with the ish that Obama is doing. Republicans hold their tongue on Obama because they don’t wanna look racist. In actuality, Obama is the real racist. He doesn’t like white people, don’t like black people. Obama is a tool for racist whites on this planet. Notice all of the insanity around the globe right now? Africa is being over-run with islamic terrorists, crooked chinese tycoons, and Obama has nothing to say about it. Umoja, Wake Up Star? Our people are dying over lies and damn’ lies…Enuf Is Enuf!!!


  134. @Mary Burrell

    Outspoken black people in Hollyweird, Really? Sista, don’t hold your breath? Black actors are so shook, their lips are glued together with butter. Them defending black womanhood against the powerbrokers in the industry is a pipedream. It’s funny that you mention Kanye. He made Taylor Swift relevant when most people had never heard of her anyway. Made a white country girl cry, whites beat him up for it, and now he’s having a baby with a pseudo porn-star…Strange Times We Live In!!!


  135. @umoja:

    Great points made about the after-effects of integration, which is becoming redefined as a social cocktail of planned mistreatment and economic benefits at our expense, hence the social and economic challenges we are now facing. Parasitism is defined as “the relation between two different entities (Black and white) in which one lives off the other, eventually destroying it.” Patterns we’ve experienced from slavery to Reconstruction to Jim Crow to integration to hip-hop to now have all exemplified the parasitic nature of whites relative to our existence here in the western hemisphere.

  136. @Tyrone–I agree with everything you said except that Africa is being over-run with islamic terrorists–I think instead they are, as they have been for almost a millenia, over-run with capitalistic, parasitic, neo-colonialistic (which is the same colonialism in black, brown &/or yellow face now) terrorists…the whole islamic terrorist canard is simply a fantasy created LITERALLY directly & indirectly by the CIA/Pentagon. Nobody does a better job of raping, pillaging and killing Mother Africa than the FUKUS axis and it’s co-horts/proxies–both black, white & otherwise. What happened in S.Africa has been brought home–the ANC (Mandela) selling out the majority black nation with backroom deals to keep the economic power in the hands of whites while projecting the lie of a BLACK FACE as the true power base. I also disagree (maybe a typo?) that Obama doesn’t like whites–he LOVES their dirty draws from what I can see & why should we be surprised? If black people with 2 black parents ensconced in black communities their whole lives are socialized to HATE black and LOVE white, Obama’s true loyalties should be a no-brainer.

  137. Anybody remember this series? Eyes on The Prize…This episode features Emmett Till…I remember seeing the photo in Jet of his mutilated body..the more things change the more they stay the same as the 1st anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin..

  138. Pingback: Having Empathy For Someone’s Struggle | From Ashy to Classy

  139. Here is an interesting vido from 1994 featuring Dr. Khalid Muhammad on “Donahue”.

  140. On a sidenote: I saw that episode of Donahue & I remember seeing actress Phyllis Yvonne Stickney on there…anybody remember that Sis from the Women of Brewster Place & What’s Love Got To Do With it? I wonder what happened to her? Also another interesting fact: Realionnaire Farrah Gray is supposedly Khalid’s son. I was shocked when I read that. Never knew it and I don’t think it talks about it much.

  141. Mickey

    Thank you. That was very invigorating.

  142. @Tyrone…..I think you’ve been mistaken. Nowhere in my statements do I mention supporting President Obama or any president for that matter. It makes me wonder if you’ve read my statements at all.

  143. honeytreebee on said:

    Perhaps you are right that the bulk of responsiblity for this mess rest with black men, but I still think that sistas can do a lot in encouraging our men to go the right way. Don’t take anything less from a man but kingly behavior. And tell them so. We must start being the Queens that we are and being creative with our efforts to keep our units together. At first chance a black couple needs to start their own business. Cofffee shop, computer store, laundry mat, something. They should also be flexible in their roles because we all know that a lot of companies will fire or not hire black men more readily than black women. So, we shouldn’t let the government and white people run the black men out of our houses. Just saying Tyrone we need to get hip to the game and make up our own rules that fit our needs and desires. But, we arent there yet.

  144. I was reading your exchange & just my 1/2 a cent: I think that the power has always resided with black women–life comes thru her & she is the 1st teacher–for both males & females. In Africa, isn’t it true that most countries are matriarchal in nature? Prior to slavery, I don’t believe that black men had any need to fear or be insecure about the role of his woman. Slavery & it’s aftermath has skewed our views of each other. Only a insecure man has a need to debase and/or control his woman. I believe that’s an influence from white culture/society. But ultimately imo, the black woman holds the trump card, she can withhold affection, love & sex IF she desires and I believe the brothas will quickly fall in line. Black women have given away our power (as have black people on the whole) & wrongly expect it to be given back. It both cases, it ain’t gonna happen. You gon’ have to take that shit back if you want it back.

  145. emile on said:

    Outstanding points made! Very good counter-war moves to keep in mind.

  146. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Yep agree with the clothing part.
    I see white kids wearing goth clothing and its scary,but if a black person wears baggy jeans he’s a thug.I don’t condone dressing like either,but i do see the double standard.Example: i remember a news story where kids overseas were wearing goth clothing and were getting killed for it,oh the whites were so sympathetic and saying they should have freedom of expression.Then when cases like trayvon martin happen they say well he shouldn’t have dressed like that.Ii recall a guy on the news saying black and latinos shouldn’t wear hoodies because of it.no sympathy.THis hypocrisy is killin me.

  147. honeytreebee on said:

    @nmaat Thanks for the comment and feed back. While I do agree that most counties and most say mother land and are female identified. Here in this strange land we have it backwards yeah and it has affected us. I think there are a lot of black women who do not put up with that mess here in the broken land of carzy, but it makes finding a mate hard. I know of a lot of sistas who have to look for their king in the islands or back in the mother land and even there it may be better, but you can still end up with the same problems look at Terry Mc Millin and her jamacian love who got here and then tells her he’s gay. I see alot of sistas getting it together and willing to work with a brotha. All I’m saying is if, black women get it together and black men still have yet to step up then the responsiblilty for some of this mess will shift to them. As I see it black women aren’t marring outside of their race in vast numbers. We are waiting at the expense of never having a man or looking outside of the country. Some brothers know instinctually that they need to step up and will do so if, pushed.

    I know a sista who will go walking in a mall with a white guy from her work and she get these brothas who 1/2 the time are with white or asian women will find a way to come up to her and ask her what she is doing with that white man? They’ll be all up in her face and trying to talk to her the minute they see her. So,even though black men date out they do not like it when black women do. I know a few brothas who are sheeping in the white and it always amazes me when they start ranting about black women dating out. When I or this other woman call them on this some of them it makes them think and lots of them give them her number. When white girl sees this they ofthen flip out and hang all on the man. Some just get hostile and blame black woman’s attitude. Yet, when i remind them I’m not that sista and neither are a lot of other sistas that wouldlove to have a black man than they get on the color blind bs and I have to ask then why they chastizement. When they figure they are stuck and told on their true feelings a lot look to just exit ASAP. Which tells me they know and are banking on having black women wait for them till they get ready and are willing to sarcafice a whole generation of them for…

  148. Honey

    Everything you just stated will be in an up and coming post called The Double Standard.

  149. mstoogood4yall on said:


    I can’t wait for that post.

  150. @TreeBee–I feel you & agree. I think like a lot of what has gone ‘left’ & wrong in our community–this existing rift between brothas & sistas can be traced back to the desegregation/civil rights era. Black love has NEVER been & will never be a priority or even a desired outcome for an apartheid-based society but before desegregation I think there was infinitely more cohesion within our community, which of course translates into healthier male/female dynamics–romantic & otherwise. I don’t know if it’s just human nature that people instinctively band together when there is an agreed & recognizable ‘enemy’ arrayed against them but it would seem that once that perceived enemy was thought to be either subdued or eliminated during that period in our history, we collectively as a people let down our guard & allowed that enemy entree into not only our sacred personal physical space but more importantly into our sacred emotional & psychic space. We have not been the same since. I think segregation afforded black people not so much physical separation b/c most of us still worked for them & had limited social contact with them, but more importantly, it gave us psychological distance. We as a people, saw ourselves as a separate entity from the rest of society & tho this was foisted upon us, in retrospect, it seemed to serve as a buffer. Once the facade of inclusion was accepted by us, we lost that buffer I believe & the result is what we see today. In so many ways. And it seems, we need an exorcist. For real.

  151. mstoogood4yall on said:

    @ tyrone & honeytreebee

    I agree 100% with both of you. It starts with the women because men will do what you allow them to do.We have to choose the right men and avoid the no good ones.At the same time its the man’s responsibility to be the leader,protector,and provider. The men need to step up and do those things for themselves,their community,and their kids.Unfortunately we have some women who will say they don’t want or need a man.Then you have these absent fathers who don’t take care of their kids.Some men are intimidated by women who are independent,when they need to look at her as an ally not a threat to their man hood. Society has told us that a woman is supposed to be quiet,sweet,and have no back bone,that is changing now.We need to find our balance again and not let society tell us our roles. This society isn’t made for us we are forced to abide by their rules.They have conditioned us into believing that matriarchs are a bad thing when that is our original culture.The dictionary has 3 definitions of matriarch. 1 is A woman who rules a family, clan, or tribe. 2 A woman who dominates a group or an activity
    and 3 A highly respected woman who is a mother. Society has made us think its a bad thing because they use definition numbers one and two to show that hey black women are masculine,when in reality its definition number 3 that best describes what a matriarch is in our culture.A woman who is a strong respect mother not a jezebel,neck rolling woman saying i don’t need a man for nothing.

  152. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I’d also like to say that this is why the whole feminist movement wasn’t made for black women . Heck we’d already been working while white women where trying to get rights to work.We also were equal to our men while whites were the ones with the whole only a man can work and the woman can’t work thing.i remember seeing a show and the blacks in the desert had the women being the navigators of the clan and leading them to water. That was never our fight. I still can’t figure out how this whole black women are golddiggers thing came about when white women were the ones sitting in the house not working.Last i checked black women were right by their men working in the fields.

  153. honeytreebee on said:

    @Kowaba let me know how it goes with the family and all. If, you need ideas I’m sure everyone could help you out. I don’t celebrate many holidays,but when I do decide to give a gift on these days I give books on black f folks and dvds on our experience and history. Sometimes if, I can find a good conference going on with someone like Harry Belafonte I will offer them a date with that as the main attraction. Just a thought.

  154. Tyrone on said:


    Women know the souls of men. As you stated, some sistas have associated themselves with less than godly blackmen, and our race has paid a terrible price because of bad judgement on the part of some sistas. Queens have bought into the myth that men should choose them, which is a flawed concept. Men are chasing after “chocolate fruit.” We’re not presenting our true selves to women, being blunt about it. Women are very astute, they know who is real and who isn’t. A blackman will reveal his true self by how he speaks about blackwomen and how he treats them one-on-one and in a group setting. It’s uncomfortable for a sista to ask a blackman if he loves them or not point-blank. A lot of Queens would love to ask the question, but it’s uncomfortable. A blackwoman deserves the right to know if a blackman is fully committed to our race and them as well, just saying. Sistas, it’s all about you. Our job is to protect you, provide for you, and love you and the babies…Period! I’ll never put myself above blackwomen, God would not like that. Play your position brothas, it’s not about us. My father and grandfather would disown me if i ever conducted myself in a way that was foreign to how they raised me as a blackman. As you stated Queen, blackwomen are supposed to be strong. Real blackmen love the go-getter spirit in sistas. Sistas, Do You! Ignore the bulls**t. Lame blackmen want ya’ll to be like women of other races…F**k That! Blackwomen don’t follow, they lead. Stop the madness blackman, Stop It! Sistas, real blackmen still exist on this planet. We’re the invisible brothas the media chooses not to focus on. Demand only the best in blackmen, don’t tolerate the foolishness Nubia!!!


  155. Tyrone on said:


    Whitewomen should never view themselves as better than the Original Woman. Blackwomen are the reason why they’re able to live a comfy lifestyle at this time. Whitewomen would not have been able to endure what blackwomen were forced to by white slave barons…Real Talk! They’re white forefathers enslaved and raped blackwomen, and they’ve reaped the benefits of their wickedness…Bottomline! Whitewomen are so irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. They haven’t contributed anything to womanhood, other than loose sexuality and abortion. I don’t see what’s so great about them, other than the sexual. Blackmen are stupid, we’re not bright. Blackwomen are the reason we’re still here, yet, some of us waste time chasing Snow White because we think it will upset Whitey…Foolishness!


  156. @truth can’t wait for the post.

  157. T.Bee on said:

    You speak the truth. Thank you. We need our complement to put things back where they belong. Both have adopted customs and standards that are not their own. This need sto be corrrected and quickly.

  158. kowaba on said:


    Yeah. I’m definitely going to buy my brother Destruction of Black Civilization for his b-day. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Thank you for the encouragement and support.

  159. maeleonline on said:

    Reblogged this on Not yet uhuru….

  160. Pingback: The Niggerization of the Negro [Society Today] | Africapublic

  161. Man, this is the truth! I am so angry at the Black Community for being so stupid and backslidden in their ways.

    Negress I am afraid Jim Crow will come back.


    Read this link. Voting Rights Act of 1965 was struck down in the Supreme Court today.

  162. Well said. White women are just mutated inbred albino copies of Black women. Yes Black women are the reason why White women live so comfortly and are so protected.

  163. I love Nneka so much! Thanks for posting that! :))

  164. I love Nneka so much! Thanks for posting that! :))

  165. @MsTooGood…Will Smith emasculated? Plz explain…or do u mean he had to act like a clown?

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