Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Origin of White People

Dear Family,

You are the Original Peoples of this Universe. Mother Nature is you. Soil is you. Wind is you. Water is you. Plant life is you. Animal life is you. Do you now know why you are feared and hunted? The brainwashing MUST exist to keep you downtrodden, ignorant, foolish, flimsy of mind and body. You MUST be kept asleep so their evil can continue. As long as you are kept unaware, they will flourish in their plans for your extermination. The systematic destruction of YOU is the only way for them to survive.

Whites hate you because they are NOT you.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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49 thoughts on “The Origin of White People

  1. theworldwelivein on said:

    Negress, the empress of truth that must be told, I thank you for bringing awareness to sleepy souls. You have no idea how you, the commenters, and the priceless information you bring to the forefront has forever altered my essence for the better. Stay blessed sista. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs! You are that friend in my head =)

    This vid is on point!!!

  2. The World:

    You have no idea how your comments affected me. That’s all I want for us, an altered essence for the better…

    Thank you.

  3. WORD LIFE!!!!!!!

  4. I must cosign with World. Sista Truth you have been instrumental in bringing me closer to my divine self. That self that sees the real in me, the Black in me, the beauty in me.

    Peace sis.

  5. Jesus

    My awakening couldn’t have happened with you.

  6. Kushite Prince on said:

    @SisterTruth Booker Coleman is the man! He always drops the real science! He’s great in Hidden Colors 2. I recommend all melaninated people check that film out. Another great post for the people. Keep opening up minds sis. We’re all on a journey to our higher selves. We’re all glad you’re on this journey with us.
    One people,one goal,one destiny!

  7. Prince

    Thank you. I’ve really been digging Prof. Coleman lately. He has a great documentary on The Dogon on youtube.

  8. I’m really intrigued by the study of melanin. Dr. Coleman & Dr. Afrika have some fascinating videos about how important melanin is…I LOVE this…I’m making it my business to learn as much on the topic as possible…

  9. I can’t watch the vid right now because my computer acting up.Blacks have been here longer even their science proves it all started in Africa.They are like the jealous friend who wants to be on your level but can’t and so they try to bring you down to theirs.We are the original kings and queens sorry to say but everyone else is just a copy.Whites try to be first in every thing today to try to make up for not being the first ones on earth.Unfortunately their brainwashing is working.Its sad to see our people on youtube saying they’ve tried skin bleaching or prefer white men/women.I just want them to know that we are the closest to the original people so why would you want to be less than who you are.Whites try to copy our style,hair,dance,and culture because we are the original.I just want to say we shouldn’t be ashamed of our skin because we are dark.We are dark because the sun has kissed our skin.We have kinky dark hair because it has had time to absorb the earth.Our hair is bushy like the trees,shrubs,etc.Our eyes are wide,dark,and full of sadness because we’ve seen more wars and heartache.our noses are wider because we’ve been breathing longer.Our muscles are stronger because we’ve been fighting,running and struggling longer.I just want everyone to know their worth and not think for a second that they are less than.

  10. ‘The power that causes galaxies to spiral, stars, planets and atoms to spin; that causes the double helix spiral of the DNA molecule; this same spiraling power causes spiraling hair -otherwise known as NAPPY, kinky, curly, crinkly, bushy, frizzy, wavy, WOOLLY hair!’ –SUZAR

  11. I shall watch the video as I cook dinner. Thank you.

  12. ms too good:

    Well stated.

  13. nmaat

    That’s why whites want us to kill our hair with perms…so we cannot connect with Jah.

  14. You’ll love it. Fascinating. No,THANK U for turning me onto the subject by referring me to Dr. Llaila Afrika. He was the one who got me hooked on this aspect of our existence. So much stuff to learn & UNLEARN.

  15. He is so right I wish he taught at my school.

  16. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes,Coleman is a master teacher. I may have seen that video. He has quite a few on YouTube.

  17. soforeal on said:

    something that needs to be heard.

  18. There is No Effective Constituency for Africa in the United States

    no one cares no matter what color they are in merika, views since reporting on western empire in Africa with their newly refueled boots on ground has gone down to about 30 per day

    and right on cue here they go to ravage Somalia …. like these poor people haven’t had enough of western imperialism

  19. Whites are either from another planet and were brought here or they are genetic mutants as the brother so artfully explained. It really doesn’t matter which is true. The result is the same. It is a race of filthy golems with no connection to God whatsoever so they try to pretend that they are God. Jews are an even worse example. Environment played a role but diet is also key is transforming dark skin into white skin. Vitaman D is required to properly use the energy from the sun. Michael Bradley explains some of this in his book “The Iceman Inheritance”. Whites have just as much melanin as blacks do. What they don’t have are pigment-producing melanocytes that give them color. That’s why they have invented some pills called melanotan to give them permanent darker color so they don’t fry in the sun. There is an article on this site about it.

    Clearly whites don’t belong in warmer climates because they burn without suntan lotion and get skin cancer. but where do whites want to go most of the time? The beach. The Caribbean. South America. They want to be where it’s warm because they never had it as they devolved (not evolved). They are in paradise now since they were loosed from their glacial prison in caves. Whites are products of what is known as involution. It is the opposite of evolution. That is why they love to eat raw meat and we cook ours. It is why they love anal sex. Now that they have mastered the art of making weapons and traveling they have conquered most of the livable planet. Now we have been forced to live close to them and have adopted their godless behaviors of fornication, drugs, money worship, etc. Their women are complete whores. Just look at the porn industry. They always have a few lost sisters, Asians, Indians but 98% of them are Jews and whites. All whites ever talk about is money, sex and defecation. That’s why they invented profanity to express this animal nature. Fuck refers to sex. Shit refers to defecation. It goes on and on….That is also why they love animals more than they love people. They ARE animals!!!!!!

    Only a soul can make you a HUE-man and we use our pineal glands to connect with our souls. Men and women of hue have compassion for their fellow beings. They don’t poison them, starve them and drop bombs on them. We are in effect dealing with another species. Now they have basically calcified our pineal glands as well by putting flouride in the drinking water and toothpaste. I long ago started filtering my water, buying distilled or alkaline water and not using fluoride toothpaste and it makes a huge difference. You will feel it over time even without yoga and other practices designed to awaken the pineal gland. Our bodies are just microcosms of the Universe. As above so below. Read the Kybalion.

  20. Cari

    Most people are willfully apathetic. As long as it’s not in their backyards, they do not care. I saw first hand just how much I am despised when I was in Mobile, AL when Katrina hit.

  21. Jabari

    Thanks for the suggestion. I shall do that. When I used to uncover my hair in the summer, I’d pick up on vibes that made me terrified.

    I’d walk past whites on 5th Ave or in Central Park and get sick. I knew something was wrong but had no idea that it was their aura I was ingesting. There is evidence that calcification of your pineal gland limits your human growth.

    I’m studying this as we speak.

  22. By the way, Dr. welsing talks about your theory in the Isis papers under the section called The Original Motherfucker.

  23. GreeneInk on said:

    We can’t even have Tyler Perry, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, or Maya Angelou without them getting jealous of us.

    They want what they have and what we have also; but let us go over there in their ‘hood, and try to get something that belongs to them.

    They call ‘us’ the thieves when they’re the only ones doing the stealing.

  24. Yup we have to realize what we were to become again what we really are. Europeans are masters of brainwashing, propaganda and mind control. They can’t beat our bodies so they have to control our minds. If we don’t stop it no one else will and we’ll be in this sad condition for as long as the planet remains here.

  25. mstoogood4yall on said:

    so true. We can;t even have a song for crying out loud. If its a song about black women or black men they will say it is racist,then i have to call them out and tell them they are racist because they don’t say a vid is racist when it depicts blacks in a bad light.But they wanna open their mouth on a positive video about blacks.THey also complain about dumb ish that we have that i don;t care about like Bet,and Al sharpton.I tell them yall can have them because Bet degrades blacks more than white networks and has the nerve to have that slogan talking bout “nobodys got you like we got you”.Al sharpton mostly goes to events with alot of press,and he makes sure he gets a perm,wash and set before he goes to those.smh. I don’t trust any man with a perm it looks ridiculous on them

  26. Brother Al sold out worse than all of them. I can’t believe Michael Eric Dyson sold out too. They both used to be down but Jews bought ’em and put on MSNBC…modern day house negros on a short leash. This is the black man’s burden: sellouts, whites and Jews. There is no white man’s burden except trying to figure out why he has no soul. That’s why they do every drug under the sky trying to find God.

    Lil Wayne had the nerve to make song making fun of Emmitt Till the 14 yr old “black” boy from Mississippi who got massacred by whites in 1955 for supposedly looking at a white woman. What’s funny about that to include in your busted raps?

    Black people have to stop giving up out of frustration with each other and selling out for Jewish Federal Reserve notes with white slavemaster rapists on them. Money won’t save your soul but it will lose it for ya. You only get one soul people. This life is short. Heaven is forever. Think about the future.

  27. Ooooh, yes! We ARE NATURE!! Simply beautiful. I so wish we’d stop torturing our hair, skin, minds, energy, natural beings… Makes me sad. The picture of Nicki Minaj (sorry for misspelling) is downright frightening. Back to nature, connect with nature, live nature, breathe nature, BE nature… Be yourself which is NATURAL. Sometimes I want to weep for us, other times I want to just become a hermit and live a life of solitude because it hurts my heart to see the mass confusion. Namaste Queens and Kings. Thank you for BEing here with me in this space.

  28. Whites hate you because they are NOT you.

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well Said!!
    We r now waking up to this MADNESS!! from Edom’s.

  29. I love being me!!! sorry whites(edomites) you can’t kill what the most high put on earth no matter how haed you try ( and believe me we know you are trying very hard to kill us off!). black is 4ever!!! lol

  30. mary burrell on said:

    Is this where the term when referring to whites as cave dwellers comes from? I heard a guy refer to white people as blond blue eye cave devils. Is this what that man was referring to?

  31. Miss Mary

    Yes. They are Cro-Magnon. Cave Dwellers.

  32. mary burrell on said:

    I see now. It makes perfect sense.

  33. You should listen to Khalid Muhammad from the NOI. (I believe Farrakhan had him killed just like Malcolm). Khlaid tells you exactly where whites came from. I don’t know if I believe the Yacub story where whites were created by a black scientist sellout who bred the lighter blacks until he obtained whites but Khalid understands white behavior. They never buried their dead. We taught them how the bury their dead. When the men would hunt and not catch anything they would come back and eat the women. Whites still like raw meat to this day and accuse Africans of being cannibals. Whites view their women as objects only. They sodomize their young.

    They were shocked when they encountered African culture with women in prominent position as queens. Whites are savages. That is clear from their behavior. They were taught how to act like humans on the outside but nothing has changed on the inside. They have no culture worth mentioning except the one they stole from us and relabeled. Then they taught us the lie and we believed it. Moses saved these people from themselves. They were killing each other until they discovered it was more beneficial for them to kill people of color.

    Check out this site: http://waronthehorizon.com. They keep it really real but it’s not for the faint of heart. Whites use to use black babies as bait for alligators so they could use the alligator skin to make things to sell. This has all been verified to be historically accurate. They called the babies “alligator babies”. And blacks think we aren’t not as war. They love their buddy Todd and Biff. Damn………

  34. SugarKiss on said:

    Ok, so I have been grappling with when or even whether I would post at all about my feeling about where white ppl have come from. And often times I talk with a close friend of mine because we often ponder why we can’t list A SINGLE redeeming quality about the culture of whiteness and being white historically and in modern times.

    It’s funny now that I have come across such black awesome and informative “concentrated” blogs, if you will, and found that many people share my theories and overall impression of “whiteness.”

    As far as my beliefs of their origin: While I do believe that Africans were the original humans with the most connection and overall knowledge of Mother Earth and her role in the Universe….I also believe that other “types” of humans were “created” and placed on Earth for more lessons and soul experiences. This is one of the reasons I feel that mixing of the DNAs are obvious at birth and why so many different histories of invasions and “explorations” of one culture/race to another is also evident by looking at those features that most closely associated with our senses and relationship to the sun (eyes,nose, lips, ears and HAIR of course).

    Where white ppl are concerned, my theory takes a turn from above. (this may seen a bit off to some because it incorporates many ancient theories about the Earths beginnings in the time of Atlantis)

    I think the race of white ppl where originally here in the time of Atlantis (originally not even from Earth) but was integral in it’s downfall and destruction. I believe they were driven underground where they lived away from the Sun, no spiritual connection to God or God’s vibration and emerged sometime after the last ‘seeding’ of Earth (which is why their history is REALLY short relative to other races/cultures of humans on other continents who boast 1000s of years of CULTURE, SPIRITUAL beliefs and connections to the One.)

    Also why they hair is lifeless, long, stringy, dull.

    Why they have NO rhythm–no real soul connection to this planet that comes very natural to others (us the most)

    Why they have no culture–they are the leeches that they were when they originally settled here and have taken advantage of ALL OTHER ppls of this Earth by undermining original human respect, knowledge and spiritual connections original ppl have to Mother Earth.

    I agree with the notions that they are losing the ability to recreate and their women are having sooo many problems reproducing ( Only as an adult did I come across such real TROUBLE for the white women I know young women, getting pregnant.) No other culture had ever had the rates of infections, endometriosis, overall unexplained infertility than them.

    Why ppl have literally spent their entire existence oppressing others and taking physical things (resources, raw materials and precious metals) giving them this demi god-like status and then building entire empires around them.

    I know these are harsh statements, but I really don’t think–deep down on a spirituall level, that they are from here. Truly.

    I think they are the chosen “bad guys” of Earth that we MUST work together to overcome. It’s so comic book. But there is a reason they fear us sooo much.

    We need to wake up.

    I will leave a link to great Youtube series that deals with spirituality and our deeper connection to Earth, but if you have the time, what I really want the readers to see is the story of Altantis. Look for parallels and just be open minded.

    It’s like rinse and repeat.
    I’ve rambled long enough.


  35. SugarKiss on said:

    Here is the link:

    Now mind you, this, like most facts on Earth is a theory or in this case, treading off of the beaten path.


  36. Great post. There are only two possibilities to the origin of Caucasians:

    1) They evolved in glacial climates after being confined to the Caucasus mountains by Africans long ago. This is what Michael Bradley asserts in his “Iceman Inheritance”. I do not agree with his assertion but it is an interesting read.

    2) Whites are extra or intra-terrestrial beings. In other words they are from outer space or inside the Earth itself. It’s a fact that whites could not have evolved from blacks as quickly as it happened plus they have a Neanderthal gene that we do not possess. Species do not overlap in evolution. They evolve within their species. Monkeys cannot become humans. A rose cannot become an orange. Only a learned ignoramus with tons of PhDs would assert something so obviously implausible and asinine.

    When you divorce the Divine from science nothing makes sense. When you unite them everything does.

    Let’s see what happens today.

  37. Leviqueen on said:

    The truth is out, Esau is afraid and ashamed. Keep spreading this truth if Divine Blackness. Esau hates it, they are losing their minds as we speak! Lol I love it.

  38. SugarKiss on said:

    Jabari70 – Exactly.

    If you would have asked me even a year ago if I truly believed in the notion what white ppl were somehow alien to this planet….talk about me giving the side eye…

    But soooo many characteristics and connections to mother Earth they lack–like the the separation of science and discovery from spirituality. Their OBSESSION with weapon development and the “cool”ways you can kill a man. They ‘explore’ this Earth to a fault..digging up things and raping the lands and ppl… What are they looking for?

    Their obsession with creating realities through, politics, banking and “fake-a-nomics” to support their privilege and worship of paper money and material possessions…. and they are historically “possessed with evil spirits” that need constant eradication…they know how hollow they are spiritually and they laws of attraction speak for themselves…

    They are the original herd mentality. They follow each other blindly–just look at the political spectrum and the non sense they are being fed and actually try to justify in a debate. (Talk about poisonous environment)

    The ultimate insult in my opinion–is that they outright admit where the cradle of life exists but will study and follow historical religion/spiritual belief that proves their “science” 10 fold from EVERY OTHER continent but Africa. Have you seen how they have suddenly flocked in droves to the ancient belief systems and practices of:
    South Americas (Mayan civilization/beliefs)

    and other other “far east” belief system that focuses on the development of the spiritual self and preservation of the third eye?

    As a ppl–those spirits/souls who inhabit the Caucasian…live in a dense and dangerous fog of evil, denial and outright resentment towards the original ppls of Earth. The universe is self correcting and beginning to purge herself of them and they know it. On a subconscious level–and with the help of the coded media, they know they can’t sustain the black and browns as a source of labor for their riches while simultaneously trying to eradicate us. They will try it though and continue to fail when the final veil is lifted.

    My opinion. Of course.

  39. SugarKiss on said:

    The funny thing is once you wake up–you see how the continued brain conditioning permeates everything…it’s almost comical.

    “Keep at it, YT.”

  40. Fascinating theory. I’ve thought it flippantly before but you laid it out really well…definitely as plausible as anything else. We know something’s ‘off’ about them tho. Def will check out the video. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Mother nature will correct the wrongs that have been done to her. Whites feel this happening as I type this and fear it more than they fear loss of money.

  42. True. Whites use money as a replacement for spirituality along with excessive amounts of sex. They can never fill the void of course. Whites have bought the black church with 5013c’s and bribed them to teach prosperity gospel in direct contradiction to what Jesus taught. Now many churchgoing blacks think Jesus wants them to be rich. The problem is that since they conquered the world by force now they have subjected every other race to their sickness and normalized it. As long as we live amongst these “intellectual animals” we will as a whole continue to emulate much of their grossly immoral behavior.

    As a firm believer in karma and reincarnation I feel that “whiteness” and “blackness” are just forms of karma. You must have been a very bad person in one or more of your previous lives to be born white with little to no soul. “Blacks” are blessed to have a natural ability to connect with the Divine but we also have the bad karma of having to deal with these white devils. I’ve heard from some adepts that the African practice of vodou unleashed some very bad karma on us that generations of us are still paying for.

    It’s a bad idea to try to control demonic forces that exist outside of this world, whether for religious ritual or gain. You can get what you want in the present but there is a terrible price to pay in the long run. Humans in their present state cannot control these demons. In fact many of us are controlled BY them! We know whites are almost completely controlled by them as the voice of God has been silenced in them.

  43. SugarKiss on said:

    Jabari70 – Wow.

    Great assessments. I also agree that on a completely non linear, spiritual level, you have chosen to come to Earth at this time, in this black body, to aid the the transitional period. Even choosing to come to Earth in a white body, the challenge of being here, it has much to do with a soul’s lessons in the infinity of the Universe.

    I think the melaninated black body is (on the Earth plane) our truest connection to God. And in these very trying times, what we are doing right now, raising our consciousness will aid in the preservation of Mother Earth in her truest form of life giving and sustaining. The blessing of our black skin is definitely proof of that.

    All of that I do believe.

    There is a reason white ppl are obsessed with “life”on other planets and other “oxygen sustaining” bodies in the universe. Think about it. It’s in their nature. Reckless abandon. Just look that the false financial system of fiat money they created and sold to the rest of their “Euro” brethren. It’s on life support, ridden with corruptness and scandal.

    The evil secret societies they represent are VERY old, with old knowledge of how to manipulate the mind and so forth. They conjured up those demon spirits for personal gain because they really don’t have much else to connect them to Earth.

    It’s really unfortunate and I could go on…. but I digress…

    We must continue to awaken our brothers and sisters.


  44. SugarKiss on said:

    YW Nmaat. It’s so funny because when I watched this little movie, the connection smacked me in the face. I appreciated the way the producers didn’t make any racial assumptions in their coloring and were really just telling a story. It’s really eye opening, imo and I hope you find the time to watch.

    “Off” for sure. An understatement. 🙂


  45. @jabari70:

    “When you divorce the Divine from science nothing makes sense. When you unite them everything does.”

    Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding!!! On point!

  46. Jabari

    Do you know Credo Mutwa? His interview with a white reporter is fascinating. He also states similar theories and experiences about “alien” peoples on earth.

  47. SugarKiss on said:

    I cant watch it at all. Has it been removed?

  48. SugarKiss

    It seems fine to me. Hit your refresh button.

  49. SugarKiss on said:

    Negress, thanks I found it under another user. Thanks again for responding.


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