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Blacks and Health: A Natural Way to Heal #10

One of my Dill planters

One of my Dill planters

Last year, I grew absurd amounts of dill on my front porch (picture above). I toiled and toiled to the point of callouses to reap the benefits of this delicious herb. Dill, also called dillweed, is apart of a family called umbellifers. Did you know that this pungent and delicious herb is a cousin to the carrot? Parsley, parsnip and fennel are “grandparents” as well.

The common name dill comes from an Old Norse word “dilla” and means to calm or soothe.

Dill originated in Western Africa. A medicinal herb for at least 5,000 years, it was used as an aphrodisiac and in shamanism to ward off evil. Europeans discovered our herb when they raided the tomb of Amenhotep II and found him filled with this aromatic herb. Our ancestors knew of the benefits of this amazing plant and Eurasia soon followed in our footsteps. Caesar was said to eat large quantities of this herb after a large meal to soothe indigestion. Perhaps the most well-known use is this:

Dill pickle

Because of its strong flavor, dill has also been used for centuries to enhance the flavor of vegetables, meats and seafood.

Aside from gas, dill helps / prevents:

Dill relieves:



Hiccups ( yes, it really works)



Painful menstruation

Sores/ Ulcers (when grinded or pounded)

Our ancestors also used dill tea or pulverized dill as an early form of anti-septic for cuts, bruises and surgery. Aside from being delicious in fish and my soups, dill is an excellent way to get calcium.

I eat the whole thing…seeds and all!

Next article: Sage

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17 thoughts on “Blacks and Health: A Natural Way to Heal #10

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  2. Crissjensen on said:

    Thanks, I learn soo much from you. keep up the good work.


  3. mary burrell on said:

    I love the smell of dill. It is delicious.

  4. Thanks. I learn from my readers as well.

  5. I grow it inside inthe winter.

  6. mary burrell on said:

    A quick question about the Garden Tomatoe clear skin soap.. I am curious about it. can you elaborate more about it.

  7. Miss Mary

    Tomatoes are filled with antioxidants that heal skin, kill bacteria and smooth out lines and wrinkles. I also used neem, which is really food for fungus infections.

    I found out that acne medicines are actually making acne WORSE! Like the brand name one called Retin-A. It “peels” you, then attacks the bacterium.

    Tomatoes are a good source of anti-septic skin care. Also good for eczema and psoriasis. This summer, Jah willing, I’ll come out with Pine-Tar soap for ring worm and head lice. If you have school age kids, it will be needed.

  8. mary burrell on said:

    I would just like to have clear skin and wear minimal make up.

  9. Miss Mary

    Acne/bumps/cysts are a byproduct of certain factors that your doctor doesn’t want you to know. They are:

    1. Genetics
    2. Foods
    3. Environment
    4. Hormones
    5. Stress

    My one doctor fills up my teenage patient with Retin-A only to have her come back next month with the same problem!

    To have clear skin, or as clear as you can, :

    1. Drink water, water, water
    2. Limit milk as Africans seem to “break out” with dairy
    3. Exercise
    4. Eat raw vegetable and fruits
    5. Turmeric makes an awesome spice cleanser. Mix with water and clay.
    6. Watch the stress level.

    Other from that, there is no magic cure.
    Acne will flare up with stress or hormones, especially around the cheeks and neck and jawline.

    sunlight helps too as your melanin will kill acne bacteria.

    Hope that helps.

  10. Queen!! I love this post. Let me tell you how I was vibrating so fully and deeply reading your words. It’s amazing your energy. I love to come here and bask in it. Learning so much from you my sister. Peace.

  11. Ajua

    Thank you so much! I loved writing it. I do adore my herbs. Im drinking ginger tea right now! Lol.

  12. Gonna love reading what you’ve researched about sage! LOL! I love the flavor of sage! I see you becoming huge in the business of exports one day. No joke.
    I pray for you and the rest here because we’re all struggling with our little business ventures now but one day, sure enough, we all will surpass these challenges.
    I truly believe this!

  13. Emile

    Thank you sir. I spoke to someone the other day who told me that there cannot be true wealth and independence without Africa.

    When Jah blesses my business, I shall go global to Ghana.

  14. mlungisi207 on said:

    guys I would like to know which herbs can help someone with impotence due to kidney problem. there is a person who desperately need advice

  15. mlungisi

    Ginseng root, Yohimbe and Ginger. All will increase blood flow to that area. Please check with your dr to make sure that your kidneys can handle herbs. Some medicines counteract with roots.

  16. mlungisi207 on said:

    thanks a lot

  17. I love the flavor and smell of dill, I always use it on my fish. Thank you Negress

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