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Introducing Ajualuv: Store Envy


First, have you ever seen a more perfect creature in your life? This very determined and ambitious woman not only has her own company:

And her own blog:
But, she also holds holistic health seminars, group art therapy sessions, promotes healing through crystals and knowledge of our chakras and, if that’s not enough, she will hopefully purchase a building filled with all-natural products to promote African Healing and self-awareness!
How does she do all that and find time to sleep?

I am a writer and artist, the eternal student, always learning and growing along my journey, whether in a formal institution or sitting with Mamma Nature.  I hold degrees in the African way of life, Religion, and (man’s) Law from Tufts University, the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London), and Howard University School of Law.  I was trained in painting and art at the age of 7 by Mr. Joe Pinckney and continued my study of art at programs held at Cornell University and Parsons School of Design.  I am a Reiki Level II practitioner trained at The Reiki School and Clinic in Philadelphia, PA and Holistic Passages in Woodbury, NJ.

My love of travel began at the age of 13 when I travelled to Russia on the People to People Program.  I then lived in Belgium for a year on a Rotary scholarship as a teenager and in England for several years while working for the Africa Centre in Covent Garden.  I have visited over 15 countries.

Currently residing on Power Hill, I spend my days loving my King and building our kingdom, creating in the food laboratory and on canvas, reading and writing about metaphysical wonders, and practicing meditation and spiritual healing.  I continue my studies (both formally and informally) in metaphysical matters, energy healing, herbs, crystals, shamanism, the matrix, and meditation.

I use this blog as an accountability partner, a tool to help me be the woman I want to be at all times.  I write about listening to Mamma Nature and following her guidance on what to cook, cultivate and cleanse — Ajua

I stole a peek at her store, Store Envy and saw this:

Cowry Earrings

You know how I feel about my shells…

Please support this young woman in her quest for black independence! Shop with us and us only!

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13 thoughts on “Introducing Ajualuv: Store Envy

  1. Kushite Prince on said:

    A very beautiful sista! I will definitely check out her site. I wish the sista nothing but success in her endeavor. We have to support each other.

  2. Love the site! Definitely see some things I want. And I like the store envy concept too..And love the Sistah’s energy/vibe & her blog! Good stuff. Thanks for introducing her…

  3. Me loves them Black women and especially the ones that have their heads properly put on their shoulders. Big up sis and continue to do you.

  4. meganoodlesoup on said:

    OMG! I love her stuff! So pretty and eclectic.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    I love the earrings and bracelets I am very eclectic. The dress is pretty what sizes do they come in .

  6. Glad you all approve. More to come next week.

  7. I am just filled with gratitude and my heart is full and thankful! I appreciate you and all that you are doing to help lift us up as one and encourage us to work together. You are an inspiration to me and I look forward to being of service to you and the on-line community that we are all building together. So much love for you sister! Namaste!

  8. My pleasure. I wish you nothing but success and joy for your company.


  9. Wow what an inspirational woman! I love this new segment to your blog. It is a beautiful thing to see Black love in action. I used to go the Africa Centre all the time…memories.

  10. Thank you. I enjoy it too. We need to start sticking together.

  11. Wonderful store, great blog and truly fantastic work as healer. Such a joy. Go Ajua! Xoxo

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