Observations of an Invisible Woman

Open Discussion #9

This arrived in my mailbox.

HI invisible women. Let me put this clear to you. Racist both white and black racist people are usually dumb. Im surprised that everything you said in your post is absolute bullshit. I was like , will she say one thing that makes sense and is correct. Guess what you disappointed me because everything you said is complete crap and there is no truth to it at all. We should work on fixinf problems with rascism and not spreading them like you. But guess what. White woman are the most beautiful woman on earth and I bet you feel that way to so you take your frustration out on the internet. Most black people are waaaaay to stupid to accomplish anything out of value but you have some smart black people. YOU WISH TO BE WHITE AND IT`s obvious. I almost feel sorry for you but I dont. You said that white people are trying to be black, guess what. That happens one in a million while the opposite is one in one hundred people. SO

FUCK YOU cunt!

if you were amrt at all you would LOOK AT WHAT THE JEWS does. But ohhh too bad YOU`RE STUPID!

Dear white people,

Ever since I opened my little shop, you’ve been craaaaazy, ain’t ya? Keep the insults coming. You are motivating me to succeed more than I can ever tell you. At this rate, I’ll open 2 shops just to piss you off. By the way, please continue to show my black family who you truly are. In the words of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad:

“I don’t have to convince you the white man is the Devil. He will convince you of that himself.”

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97 thoughts on “Open Discussion #9

  1. I read a ridiculous comment somewhere recently that suggested that racism has little or nothing do with the average rank and file white person – because supposedly it’s usually (only) the super rich elitist folks that are truly racist.

    Yeah right! That’s about as true as me growing a pair of super rockets on my back and flying to Jupiter and back every other weekend!

    If the majority of America weren’t racist – racism/white supremacy – oppression – mistreatment – marginalization – etc – and idiots like this simple clown above would not/could not exist.

    More power to you, TruthBeTold, for your amazing tolerance of jackasses and fools!!!

  2. mary burrell on said:

    Wow. What a f@##tard. That person is just pathetic. Shaking my head.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    Sister open up a business. One minuet these clowns are talking about how blacks are too stupid to own their own businesses and the next when you strike out and open your own business they still are being fools. More power to you sister.

  4. “I don’t have to convince you the white man is the Devil. He will convince you of that himself.”
    Nuff Said.

  5. lol this chick calling us dumb well she needs to check her spelling.She too dumb to use spellcheck.I wonder if this is the same bipolar b@tch that left the other letter.Why don’t she just go to a racist website like blackwatch or whatever and stop spying.

  6. mstoogood4yall on said:

    “if you were amrt at all you would LOOK AT WHAT THE JEWS does. But ohhh too bad YOU`RE STUPID!”

    Here poor child let me fix that sentence for you.
    If you were smart you would look at what the jews are doing.
    B@tch if you were smart you would look at what you’re typing and how you’re spelling.And please don’t use those caps letters it makes you look like a 12 yr old raging on call of duty.

  7. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Put a surveillance camera on your store so we can see if this is the same person,because they have the ability to make you think its a gang of them when really its just one confused individual.

  8. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I would like to add that they will not act unless it is a gang of them so it must be one crazy b@tch doing this.

  9. This is so tiring. I don’t even know why you keep them. So sorry you have to hear this from those crazy fucks. Oh, it sounds like the same woman though it could be someone else they are so generic. If, I read another comment like this I think I’LL need a wambulance.

  10. The wonderful piece of art that sent you that filth inspired me to buy some tea tree soap tonight, so if you’re reading this UrbanFire’s sales and my skin both appreciate your comments 🙂

  11. sheagirl on said:

    Of course, what they sent you was pure and utter bs, but my English-major mind could not get over all the typos and grammar mistakes. Therefore, I wouldn’t have taken this letter seriously anyways. So Black people want to be like White people even though they’re the ones stalking us on the internet and continuously messaging us about how they don’t want to be like us? It’s like a drug addict trying to convince themselves that they don’t have a problem and then turning around to tell everyone else around that they are the ones with the problem. They copy everything we do, including what our ancestors did in the ancient world, and try to pass it off as something they invented/started. Not to mention they lie about their own history. You never see the real Europe in all of their historic movies and shows but they spend everyday of the year trying to convince people that the fake Africa they show on TV (which ironically looks a lot like how Europe actually looked in the so called “good ol’ days”) is what Africa always looked like. Yep, they’re the ones trying to be like us by trying to rewrite themselves into our ancient history, assimilating our culture, and continuously sticking their noses into every little thing that we do like they are always invited to the party.

  12. blackmystory on said:

    @sheagirl….”Not to mention they lie about their own history.” according to the “scholarly dissertations”, a continent is a large land mass surrounded by an even larger body of water. If this is the case then there is no Europe (name of an ancient kidnapped African princess called Europa) but actually Asia. At one time it was called Eurasia and under certain circumstances it is still called such. I agree with T Bee about keeping their trash and befouling your aura. This is why I put up the moderation filter on my blog. Whenever I get similar nonsense it goes directly to trash. Your followers already know that Yurugu’s is floundering around scared of you, yet fascinated by you. I am glad she reminded us that “white woman are the most beautiful woman on earth and I bet you feel that way to so you take your frustration out on the internet.”, because that more than anything else seals the deal on whether or not she may have mental and emotional imbalance.

  13. I’ve sat here for almost 5 mins staring at the screen trying to think up some response to this … I have nothing. Yet I did want to comment. Or just to say something in support. I will never understand why such disgusting human beings seem to feel the need to spread such hatred and anger.

  14. I am very selective in the types of websites I visit and post on. When it comes to sites that discuss racism, I only go to the ones that are monitored and moderated. These assholes will not allow anyone non-White to post on their websites, including Whites who do not agree with them, but other websites run by POC allow them to post and spew their cyber bile.

    If I am anot allowed into your house, you are not allowed into mine.

  15. mary burrell on said:

    It’s probably the same idiot that’s been posting the same things as before. It is clear that you and Abagond must be doing something right. You must be telling the truth or they would not keep coming to your blogsite. It is amazing how they keep coming back. When you or Abagond or Brotha Wolf expose something about their evil way of doing and being then they want to keep coming back to prove what you said was wrong. And they keep coming back repeatedly. They just can’t stay away because they don’t want to except the truth about their vile and evil ways.

  16. mary burrell on said:

    I like what Mickey said if I am not allowed in your house you are not allowed in mine. We see these demons for what they are. You don’t have to show us this we know they are the devil.

  17. I’m actually feeding off their angst. I must admit that I love it. Lil’ old me causing such a ruckus.


  18. Miss Mary

    Can you imagine what would happen if we all had businesses?

  19. mstoogood

    I do not have the money for a physical store. My shop is online.

  20. Bry

    Thank you for the support! I shall ship asap.

  21. mary burrell on said:

    If we all had businesses would they try and repeat what happened in Tulsa? Maybe but not without getting blown the hell away. Black people are different so they would try something if all blacks were self sufficient. If they are always spying on black blogsites just imagine what they would do if black people actually had their own businesses that created a prosperous community. They would be spying. They for some reason can’t seem to stay away. They even live in the hood with their offspring talking and dressing like the other inhabitants of the hood.

  22. Miss Mary

    They probably would not drop a bomb us, maybe…,but find a way to secretly poison the water supply, buy us out from under the table or raise taxes so we can’t keep up the shop payments.

    Oh wait!

    They’re doing that now.

    My bad.

  23. oh lol.So she is emailing you this garbage? she must have a lot of time on her hands if she is creating different accounts to spew her hatred.

  24. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Black people wake up wake up
    Its time to ride,like rosa parks get on that bus lets ride
    Its not time to get scared and run and hide
    Its time to pick up rebuild, resupply
    My heart hurts to hear our children cry
    My heart breaks to see one of them die
    Time to take back our community
    F the white man with his impunity

  25. Kushite Prince on said:

    @SisterTruth This person is clearly deranged. But I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over this illiterate demon.lol

  26. Prince

    What I find funny is how they’re coming out of the woodworks.

  27. Kushite Prince on said:

    That’s what they do when they feel their back is against the wall. They’re just scared as hell.lol I think they realize their time is just about up. But don’t let it get to you.

  28. Sincere on said:

    I am a Black Man/Woman… Rhythm begins & ends w/us. I am a Black Man/Woman… Style, grace, elegance, intelligence, compassion, love we are naturally wired to feel. This is what it means to have “Soul.” Trust me It’s not just a catch phrase. You have no soul so you recognize POC is/as a life source. Why would POC in general want to be white? Y’all Pale in comparison (giggle), seriously. We gave life to this planet. Death & destruction your only contribution. Why would you even hype yourself up to think a white woman has anything on a Black diamond, A Queen, Mother of the earth, birther of civilization? I never knew a Black woman who had to work@ having full lips, hips, an ass… & even that is in season w/y’all right now. Up until now y’all clowns ass’ been flat as an ironing board. Who wanna be like who? Plastic surgery, tanning, listening to OUR music is your bootleg way of trying to zoom in on us. You think a Black Man purchases penis pills? (laughing so freaking hard right now!!!) We natural, authentic. That ish you trying so hard to replicate we take for granted. Europeans never had or created any religion or spiritual system. Pyramids are usually created by POC in various corners of the earth. I will say this: Your threats@Truth will come to a screaching halt. I’ll gladly beat the sleeves off you bitches. While i do not condone violence against women of any race. The men in your family are not exempt. Trust me. I’m with the business on any & every level. Good day, Devil.

  29. nah…

    It’s kinda funny to think that my little endevour is enough to rattle them.

  30. penis pills…hehehehe

  31. Kushite Prince on said:

    I feel you. Just keep doing you beautiful. 🙂

  32. First they tell us to go away and start our own we do and them they don’tlike it and feel that they have the right to open their mouths and say something to us. Imagine what would happen if, black people had their own money instead of us dollares and all of our own shops, banks, schools and so on and this time our own military, think tanks, and damn we would need our own force field shield. Then maybe we could get some peace.


    check this out a black man is already thinking of that.

  33. How do you like that? If you don’t like me or my people it’s very simple, don’t come where we are. I really don’t put a lot of energy into folk that I don’t care for. Cases in point; chimpout, niggermania etc. is not hate to me, that is worship. If I hate really beans, I mean really, really, really hate beans I sure as hell ain’t gonna make site all about my hatred of beans. I’m just saying.

    Sis you know what this means don’t you? YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. If you weren’t they wouldn’t bother you. Fuck……..never mind, just me being me.

  34. I’m not around the super rich elite, I’m around plain ol’ white folk they are racist.

  35. Jesus

    Yeah. Wait til I invent more soaps. lol.

  36. you do that sis, the world always needs soap.

  37. hehehe…is that your way of trying to tell me you wanna eat my soap again?

  38. mary burrell on said:

    And the illiterate ass clowns can’t spell worth a damn. Idiots.

  39. Happy bullish presidents day. smh my parents still think lincoln freed the slaves.This is why the younger generation needs to educate ourselves because the older gereration believes the lies.

  40. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Dear psycho single white female/male idc

    Please stop writing letters to this beautiful strong black woman.She doesn’t care about you and your opinion nor do we.Please take your lame ass to another websiteand stop spying on us.We don’t want your voice being heard,hell all we’ve heard our whole lives is your voices shouting.While you’re at it please invest in a dictionary and a tutor,because you need both badly.Yes i am toogood4yall racist and jealous b@tches.Tell all your other friends to stop messing with blacks and africa. All yall want to do is tell us to go back to Africa and say its a hell hole,yet yall stay going there. Yall get mad when we talk about you,and when we don’t [damned if you damned if you don’t]. So in closing all i ask is that you leave us alone and march on washington so yall can get free mental health care.YAll need it the most out of everybody.


    Mstoogood4yall racist and jealous b@tches

  41. mstoogood4yall on said:

    sincerely [typo] lol

  42. And this letter just goes to show that it must SUCK bad to be Caucasian.
    Black people: being thankful for what you have. Melatonin for one. It keeps you from doing what the stalker did. Acting a paranoid, frantic fool.

  43. It’s ironic how whites are notorious to repeat, ” they’re always moving in our neighborhoods”. They don’t want us in “their” neighborhoods, yet there is no website in existence meant for Blacks, where whites aren’t trolling and spying on us. We can’t seem to get away from these folks no matter where we go; neither “out there” or online. You can’t go on YT without whites trolling and spewing their racist rants. They make it their business to troll on “black videos”. It’s amazing how many whites will go to the extent of pretending to be Black– hoping for leniency from Blacks in order to spew their racist garbage. They’re such idiots. They don’t realize that many of us “see” each other, we don’t need a face to “see” each other. They truly have a secret obsession with the African.

  44. Thats why they r there, to spy on us, and make sure we continue to fool our-selves into believing this color-blind bull-sh*t and also to help push us down the path of doom’s day.

    black people dont keep fooling your selves when it comes to whites and thier, love the world B.S.!!

  45. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about whites is that whites can’t stand to be told what they’ve done or are doing wrong to others. They are repelled by truth. They think they are blameless. They think they are the real victims. Victims of what… what exactly? Other than their own broken psychology, inverted morality, and warped morality? If whites didn’t “malign” Africans, and didn’t have Africans as a group to look down upon, feel better than/superior to, their collective delusional/irreparable psyches would implode. Seriously some whites NEED to malign Africans, or else. It’s a spiritual sickness..

  46. My dear

    Have you read Yurugu? Dr. Ani dissects this to a tee.

  47. I’m in the process of reading Dr. Marimaba Ani’s book, “Yurugu” I’m usually reading 4-5 books at a time. Dr. Amos Wilson and others speak on this subject matter also . One of my favorites along with the two above is Dr. Phil Valentine. How many have mastered de-coding their behavior; I find very useful in my daily affairs. It’s the necessary armor needed when dealing with some of these folks; if not the majority of them.

  48. @Negress

    Sounds like some bitter white person that can’t admit the truth about themselves and their race. For the record, all whites are racist by default, Why? All whites benefit from the past enslavement and present-day bondage of african people. Doesn’t matter if they were born in the 1900s, 1800s, 1700s, and so forth. I don’t see whites trying to dismantle “White Priviledge” on this planet, just saying. Whites hate to be exposed for the frauds that they are. Their wealth and power is not organic, it was stolen from others. As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” They see the writing on the wall, and it’s making them very uncomfortable, as it should.


  49. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @mary…right? I was just reading that foolishness like, da fuq is this moron talking about?

  50. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Mickey…I agree 100%. That is a very good point.

  51. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Umoja…that is real talk there! I won’t say it’s all white people, but a lot of them do have some cognitive dissonance about the truth.

  52. Cinnamondiva on said:

    As to the bit about WW being the most beautiful in the world…that is strictly a matter of opinion. Some white women are very beautiful, but the Black woman is the original woman.

    All races have their share of pretty and ugly people. Black women come in all shades from ivory to blue-black, all types of hair, and with beautiful bodies. That ignoramus needs to sit down somewhere and read a damn book.

  53. You noticed how she was talking out of both sides of her mouth, right? Telling DOAN that racists are generally dumb, but then puts down all non-White women by saying that White women are the most beautiful. I am sorry, but not only is beauty in the eyes of the beholder, one has to take a look at what the hell they are beholding!

    And as for reading a book, you know you can’t fix stupid.

  54. larissa on said:

    There are uglies and pretties in every race, but the advantage black women have is that their melanin makes aging more graceful. Besides, all things being equal, I think most honest people would agree that sun kissed skin looks better than pale pasty skin.

  55. Exactly. White women do not own the copyrights to beauty.

  56. “Nothing new under the sun” same ol, smae ol B.S.!!

    Great Post! Negress.

  57. @ Negress,

    have you seen this link?

    check it out and see what u think of it.

  58. Crissjensen on said:

    @ negress, have you seen this video full of FEMA CDC coffins in georgia?? there also in Memphis Tennesse,texas and i think fla too. wow!! also in other places where our ppl don’t even know these things are out there wating for them.

  59. Folks, don’t even bother engaging or debating these white racist oxygen thieves, mock them. They live to rile up black folk. Being the sick, evil fucks they are, riling up and getting a rise out of a black person is akin to masturbation to these clowns.


    I would have loved to have gotten a letter from that clown in order to exercise my swearing skills!

  60. hernie


    I’m tickled that I’m “upsetting” these folks.

  61. larissa on said:

    Will you ever do a post for mentally deranged blacks, I mean totally cuckoo blacks, who do not trust the european shrink system. Are you still gonna write about vampirism?

  62. “Being the sick, evil fucks they are, riling up and getting a rise out of a black person is akin to masturbation to these clowns.”

    No joke. Below is their idea of “watching dogs”….. I’m thinking of starting a blog just to document and disambiguate all of the media nonsense they shove down our throat.


  63. Bry

    Please do! Cynical Afrikan shows us daily who these being are.

  64. Its my 19th birthday today.thank you lord for letting me see another year.

  65. Happy BORNDAY!!!! Hope you get all that your heart desires!!

  66. lol thanks I’m just happy its not happy conceived day {awkward.}

  67. Ms too good

    Happy birthday. Jah bless.

  68. Excellent Video talking about Malcolm X’s legacy feat. Dhoruba Bin Wihad & Cynthia Mckinney…

  69. mary burrell on said:

    @ misstoogood4yall: Happy birthday young queen. You’ve got a lot of living to do.

  70. Thanks everyone,I had a great birthday and am looking forward to gaining more knowledge and wisdom from people like you all as i grow older.

  71. An article about how british citizens who were slave owners were compensated or given ‘reparations’ for slaves when England abolished slavery…but let us mention the other ‘r’ word and they lose their collective fluckin minds…


  72. Nmaat


    It’s ok luv.

    When i’m fully activated, every African shall get their reparations. Count on it. I’ve already decided how I’ll “enjoy” my wealth.

  73. An article about the sham that was touted as ‘obama as a grass roots activist’—he ain’t shit…and I dare say he & michelle are equally yoked…a double dose of shit…


  74. mary burrell on said:

    This is just my observation. But in the work place when an black person is quite and keeps to one self , I thinks this makes whites uneasy. Am I correct in this asumption?

  75. mary burrell on said:

    I once heard a white supervisor say quiet people bothered them. The supervisor was referring to one black employee who was a loner. Or when there are too many black employees together they find a way to break that up as well. I think black people freak white people out in the workplace.

  76. mary burrell on said:

    My last question is this some carry over from slavery? Do they think blacks like in during slavery are going to revolt and cause an insurrection?

  77. Miss Mary

    Perhaps it’s time for a working while black post? I’ve suffered irreversible damage due to this.

  78. Ms. Mary

    It’s my experience and opinion that whites (and some others) are not comfortable around blacks they don’t know, AND/OR can not control or have influence over.

    So… if one isn’t “acceptably black” at work, expect ISSUES to arise.

  79. This is true. I had such an experience. I didn’t talk much because quiet frankly; I had nothing to say and talking deterred my work performance. Well the whites AND Blacks would try to involve me in their petty and caddy concerns…distraction by trying to “figure me out”. They would always ask vague questions to try to “find” something on me to deaden my light throughout the workplace. Their questions never had anything to do with the job itself; they were searching for some “dirt” in order to spread such around the workplace. You see, I was the top performer and they couldn’t stand it. I out-shined the white supervisors even. ..that was a “no-no”. I finally got bored with the whole thing; mastered everything then finally left. If you’re quiet, Black….whites think you’re secretly scheming a revolt….just like old times. The “house negroes” are like crabs in a barrel; they tend to side with the white racist if you dare allow your light to shine because of their hidden jealousy and cowardice.

  80. The above slide share was made by whites who are saying all of this about the current system to say what? lol…do we really believe they are for the dismantling of a system that props them up artificially? lol..counter-intuitive.

  81. Slide 130 made me laugh out loud. If they’re really interested in helping non-white people they need to go find a local bridge or mountain and go bungee jumping.

    Preferably without a cord.

  82. @ negress. have you seen this

  83. and this video too.

  84. Crissjensen on said:

    Everybody have you guys and gals seen this video!!

  85. theworldwelivein on said:

    Given that Israel has practiced ethnic cleansing and womb violence (forced sterilization) of Ethiopian Jews, I was not surprised to see two significant actions of deflection recently take place: Both a new member of Parliament and Ms. Israel of 2013 are Ethiopiennes.

    I inform my people of this not b/c I want to stir up negative sentiment (as I’ve learned emotions are useless in this fight-best to stay clear-headed), but because we must always be aware, as folks who comment on this blog are, that the successful continuation of intentional malicious acts of white supremacy in all its forms is to place a few Blacks in ‘front womb-man or man positions to give the illusion of what many blind sheep utter today:we are living in a post-racial society.

    So many excellent topics on this blog and the blogs of those who comment, and I must say thank you to all for your input. I don’t comment often, but please know that this a ‘safe-place’ for me and I just can’t thank you all enough for that sense of community. You guys have made me ‘feel’ sane, as most people in my family, co-workers, and acquaintances believe deeply that systematic and institutionalization global racism died years ago.

    @Ms. Burrel: Happy Belated Birthday Sista! May the Most High continue to bless you! I want to add that I WISH I were as aware as you are when I was that age, for if I were, I would not have invited unnecessary heartache into my life. Your youth coupled w/ your consciousness gives me hope for the future.

    Since reading black-oriented blogs and during my own research, I’ve quit my job, divorced from my ex’s WASP family/friends and started my own business. I am now thinking of teaching in our most under-served schools or starting an organization to dispense intellectual nourishment that would benefit OUR children.

    @Negress- I completely agree: Africa for Africans-It is the ONLY way to establish our power, authority, and legitimacy as a group. We just have to clear out the trash from our collective minds.

    Just a side note: I try to steer clear from large retail stores that profit through exploitative labor practices, but needed some items for my Granddad and he likes to purchase them from Target. So, I’m walking around and decided to check the beauty aisle-even though I make most of the stuff I put on my skin/hair; anywhoo, I noticed an earth-colored child about the age of 6 staring at a large banner of an advertisement picturing adorable children. The problem with this is that the children were white or tan near white biracial children. What I was to hear next made my heart break: “Mommy, I wish I looked like that” as she pointed to the nearly-white child who looked nothing like the ancestors or her self.

    Ohhh, 1 more side note: I find white woman and girls are seriously intimidated by the unalterable G_D given hair I sport or when I don a head-wrap, especially if towing supposed biracial children in their arms and their Black man is near to see the celestial beauty that is a Black womb-man. And now that the hair has reached a length deemed as ‘long’, they stare at me with daggers in their eyes as if they desire to shear me completely on the spot. To say the least, I find this reaction quite visceral and am certain it spills from their subconscious (or conscious for some) inferiority complex.

    That’s enough chatting for me today. Blessings and Hugs to you all! Thanks again for reading=) (Yassss, I AM THE ONE WHO HUGS!)

  86. The world

    May I contact you privately?

  87. theworldwelivein on said:


  88. darqbeauty on said:

    I was reading about the Guiness World Record Holder of the largest afro and came across this article in Gawker and read the comments. It was very telling. It makes me want to shake my people. The ONE thing you have over everyone on Earth is your hair. When you wear it natural, it is a thing of glory.The envy and longing in these comments are palpable. This is why I LOVE rocking my huge assed afro. Because deep down in their hearts, they know it is incomparable awesomeness. That they will NEVER have. Pay special attention to the Irish man’s comment about driving those afros around like ROYALTY. Note, the discussion board has been closed. *side eye*

  89. @ theworldwelive in
    thanks for the belated birthday wishes

  90. mstoogood4yall on said:


    Her fro looks amazing and thick too.I bet your hair is very beautiful as well

  91. Another POC freedom fighter who fell victim of CIA manufactured ‘cancer’…VIVA La Chavez!…

  92. Okay, can we just address the fact that there are multiple grammatical errors in this? Aside from that, this is incredibly petty and pure emotion. Devils and logic apparently don’t mix well.

  93. EyesWideOpen on said:

    It’s comments like these that make me so grateful I live in the internet age to see the way whites really ‘think’ and ‘feel’ about black people (and I use those two words very lightly). The internet sealed the deal for me in confirming my instincts that – at the deepest level – there is something so, so fundamentally wrong with these ‘people’.

    IMO, brainwashing and upringing are insufficient to explain nastiness like this. How many black people, in a MILLION YEARS, could ever bring themselves to write something like that about someone they don’t even know who has done them no wrong? And lord knows, we have infinitely more reason to hate whites than they have to hate us.

    Ironically, I think that’s part of the reason why they hate us. Deep down, they know how savage, barbaric, vengeful and mean spirited they are and how they would never rest until their dying day if we were as evil to them as they’ve beein with us. In that, we irrefutably prove that we are morally superior to them. Admittedly, that’s nothing to brag about when you’re dealing with evil people.

    Her letter is an example of why white peope as a group simply cannot be trusted. How much you want to bet that off the internet she’s a two faced hypocrite? There are simply too many of these types of comments across the web on wide ranging topics from sports, to politics, to music, to news – we’re not even talking right wing sites – for it to be just a few kooky racists. The thing that wrote that ‘love letter’ is representative of white Amerika.

    It’s comments like these that made me realize that whites are demons in human form. So nasty, so hostile, so hateful, so evil, so anti human. You can sense her evil spirit just from reading her drivel. One can start from the beginning of this blog, read everything written and you’ll see almost no mean spirited comments about whites. I bet Truth can count on one hand the number of comments she’s had to delete from her regulars for going too far.

    I shudder to think that creatures like this work as cops, firemen, EMTs, nurses, doctors etc. Take care of your health folks, you don’t want to be putting your ‘care’ in the hands of psychotic haters like this. They’ll take care of you alright.

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