Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Next Boogeyman

Last night, I watched Space Traders again. For those of you that never saw or heard of it…here you go:

So….Here’s the question:

Since we all agree that whiteness cannot survive without an inferior to subjugate, if blacks were no longer the Global Boogeyman, who would be next in line?

I’ll leave this up for a few days so you can discuss and debate.

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32 thoughts on “The Next Boogeyman

  1. Oh that’s an easy one: Asians. They are out-‘flucking’ them in every way imagineable.

  2. I agree. Besides, it takes a lot of arrogance to act superior to the majority on the planet when, at any given moment, the majority peoples of the planet can get together and wipe you out with one sneeze. With that in mind, you’d think they would be nicer to POC – ALL OF US.

  3. You would think so but if history shows us anything, it’s that whites mode of thinking is anything but ‘logical’–at least to most sane people. But the good news is that without a shot fired, they are dying out. All the energy they put into trying to wipe blacks out and yet THEY are the ones with massive fertility issues–I’ve never read where black people, even with our many many issues–have birth rates that threaten our very survival. Karma.

  4. mary burrell on said:

    I never heard of this it’s interesting. It’s a hbo series. I will check this out when my mind is more settled and get back with you. This great though.

  5. I don’t think there would be a next in line. We’re the only real order in this world if you think about it for a while.

    The Asians are destroying huge swaths of the environment by the day with all of their industrial expansion trying to emulate white people (pollution via Chinese Industry on the continent, and negligence via Japan and what happened/is happening with Fukushima )

    Latinos, pretty much the same, most all of them want to be white.

    The South Asians and Arabs have always been trashy in their upkeep of their cities and homes. No one makes quite as good of an outlet as we do.

    Without us I give them one month, maybe two before they implode and either nuke each other to vapor or shoot each other up. That includes the Asians, Arabs, and Latinos.

  6. Very interesting, my lovelies. I have my own choices but will keep silent for now.

  7. mary burrell on said:

    @ Bry: Excellent points.

  8. I would respectfully disagree. I think whites will always see POC as problematic but then I believe that what Dr. Welsing theorizes about whites to be true: the system they have erected ultimately seeks their genetic survival at all costs. I think historically whites have shown that any POC is fair game b/c there isn’t one group of POC that they haven’t victimized and/or exploited. And unfortunately all of us who live under the global system of apartheid tend to emulate the oppressor’s behavior. But there is also vast historical evidence that shows Asian predation that predates white hegemony. I don’t believe whites will ever limit their acts of aggression to POC but we are the most vulnerable targets at this point in time. If that were to change & there were NO POC then I definitely agree they would turn on each other. Again, history bears this out. But honestly, I think they’ll be extinct long before that happens & if anything, black people better worry about the next group in line to exploit/prey on us. I think that’s a more realistic scenario.

  9. i think latinos and asians would be next.Whites can’t stand unity and them speaking their own language.They try to make everyone speak english even the ones on the internet from other countries.

  10. I think that they would inplode. All of them and that it would be a night that we would be glad not to see.

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  12. Kushite Prince on said:

    Very good analysis. I would concur.

  13. Kushite Prince on said:

    They can’t stand it when others don’t conform. It drives them mad!lol

  14. I think it would be the ones who have the money:

    The Jews.

  15. larissa on said:

    I agree with all of the ideas posted so far, and I would like to add that if melanin is the reason for their hatred of us, then perhaps dark South asians/ aboriginal peoples of australia? Basically anyone else who is dark?

  16. Imo they fear anyone who has large amounts of melanin but they know we are the 1st/the original. I think they seek to co-opt East Indians culturally (by conferring ‘honorary’ white status on them) but you rarely see them intermarrying with them. In Australia they had an official policy of breeding the aboriginals out of existence & ostensibly absorbing them into the white population. So I think as has been mentioned, they need the distribution of melanin into their population esp with the continual destruction of the ionosphere. But that takes time (generations) & their dwindling birth rates point to a more pressing issue that apparently hasn’t been solved by leeching our DNA. Basically, I do think they fear those with the most melanin b/c we have the most potential to genetically exterminate them. There is compelling evidence that modern day european whites are descended from people like this: If you look at most of them, is there really any difference between them & a white person? Keep in mind there are multiple forms of albinism.

    Click to access 90420090202.pdf

  17. I saw that picture once of the family full of albinos. I call them the “Pakistani Weasleys”.

  18. @nmaat433

    Damn that’s all I can say .

  19. Never seen this before. Hilarious and true. It’s hilarious because it is true. The funniest comedians ALWAYS tell the truth because they aren’t bound by the one thing whites hate more than blacks: political correctness. It was invented by Jews to piss off whites to keep us fighting while they steal everything. It worked and it’s still working. Black have two enemies and they are both white: Gentile European and Jewish Europeans. They have been engaged in tribal warfare for thousands of years and blacks have always gotten caught in the middle. That’s why Lincoln didn’t repatriate blacks to Africa. That’s why they made us think Africa was a horrible place and did their best to make it so. They don’t want us to leave. Jews need us here for divide and conquer. Whites need us here because they’re boring and we make their lives interesting. They feel like they have a real soul when we are around. Of course they don’t. They are just draining our energy like vampires. That’s why there are so many zombie and vampire movies from Jews in Hollywood. They are the vampires and we are the mindless zombies buying all their crap, watching their porn filth, sports and degenerate movies, listening to their brainwashing music and staying high and/or drunk while drinking fluorinated water that destroys the pineal and pituitary glands that connects us back to God.

    They need us but we DON’T need them….not at all. In fact without them we can cure ourselves of what ails us and rediscover the God within. If we continue emulating the white man our fate will be the same as his and his woman. Death……eternal death. Why? Because we are aiding and abetting him at this point in his quest to dominate the planet.

    Why would every other animal species of albinos on Earth be seen as genetic defects every for whites? Think about it. They are a genetic defect just like Frances Cress Welsing has taught us. That lack of melanin causes a lack of soul. That’s why they steal, kill and lie. It’s all they CAN do!!!!!! and they do it very well!!!!!!! Save yourselves black people!!!!!!

  20. Oh yeah, thanks Mickey, I forgot to mention these are Pakistani Albinos, the Bhatti Tribe specifically…

  21. @Negress

    East-Indians, South-Asians, Aboriginals of Australia, Pacific-Islanders, and Native-Americans are the other PoC on the planet besides black people. If we were not around, they would target the blackest ones in the bunch…East-Indians and Pacific-Islanders. Why would they target them? The same reasons they target us…melanin, culture, sexuality, knowledge, resources, etc. Whites have conflict with african people because they see themselves as cursed…everybody else on the planet has color except them, this explains the insanity that is whiteness…Bottomline!


  22. Yes when whites were isolated to Europe in the Caucasus mountains (Blacks didn’t try to kill them like they do us) they turned on each other. Whites will find differences amongst themselves in the absence of people of color. They did it here when the Irish and Italians migrated here. When blacks are not around whites kill each other. One day they saw how self-defeating this was and decided to direct their aggression externally toward other races. They were still angry about being isolated to Europe (roped off and then started using ropes to lynch blacks) so this was just a matter of developing a “common enemy” mindset. Whites still have it today even though it has been suppressed in some of them. When it comes down to life, death and prosperity you will see it come to the surface of even the most well-meaning whites. They have a pack mentality like dogs and wolves. Black people are too nice.

  23. @jabari70

    All that was said in your post is true blackman…All of It!


  24. Me personally, I think ‘whoever’. Just because someone has melanin (people of colour, especially) it doesn’t mean they are your KIN or ally. Black people have no ally; I think that kind of illustrates itself by the way other non-whites take advantage of the racial hierarchy – in terms of how they treat us. Hell, not even all BLACK people can be trusted so why should other people of colour be? Please…

  25. Black people are not really black. We are not African American either. Most of us are descendants of African slaves (most of us don’t know which country but I am from Zambia since I took a DNA test) . We never got repatriated to our homeland because Jews needed us to stay in America for whites to have an enemy. While whites have been distracted keeping us oppressed Jews have stolen everything. They destroyed the family with feminism. They perverted the country with their porn and filth on TV and in Hollywood promoting gay behavior.

    DAS (descendants of african slaves) have common enemies: whites and Jews. Whites don’t realize that Jews are their enemies because they believe all that phony God’s chosen people crap and the Holohoax. Whites really hate the Jews but they fear being labeled an antiSemite so they vent their hatred on blacks and other people of color. Now that the Jews control the Federal Reserve they have created a society of 100% materialism. Everyone wants to be white because white represents money. Hardly anyone cares about their soul anymore. If you are obsessed about money you are destroying your soul. We are not punished for our sins. We are punished BY them! A man cannot have two masters and man cannot worship God and mammon. The Bible is a metaphor for how to return to the Garden of Eden but whites have blacks thinking it is a literal and completely historical document. Wrong…….wrong……wrong. When has a slavemaster ever given a religion to their slaves that would benefit them? They give you whatever continues your enslavement. They took the chains off of us because they have our minds now. We are enslaving ourselves now with self-hatred produced by centuries of white supremacy.

    It is foolish of black to think we can go it alone and be successful in a white man’s world. If we banded together globally we could stop Jews and whites but we won’t because we want their Federal Reserve notes too bad. We want to be white. We have adopted almost ALL of the white man’s destructive and anti-God perversions and habits. We think God will bless us by emulating Satan? Come on…..We want our personal struggle to be separate from the collective struggle, even though whites still consider us one huge monolith. Even if we make the money we lose our soul. What lasts longer? Our short life of 70 years or eternity. Think about the future. This is not a black struggle. It is a struggle for God and you won’t find that in any black church in America. They’ve bought the ministers with 501.3c’s. We are not even citizens and black people don’t even know it. The Christian Black Codes at the link below are still in effect today through legal trickery. We are property of the Roman Catholic church. The Constitution only applies to land-holding white aristocrats. That’s not us so the amendments do not apply to us either meaning we are NOT citizens. We behave like slaves anyway so we may as well be slaves too I guess. The only solution is separation but don’t listen to Farrkhan (con). He works for the Jews too.


  26. Jabari

    Again great comments. Makes you wonder who the Khazars pulled the wool over our eyes, eh?

  27. Farrakhan works for the Jews? Even after he made anti-Semitic comments about them and said that Hitler was a great man? Plus, isn’t he part Jewish himself?

  28. If Farrakhan doesn’t work for the Jews then he’s working for himself. Both have the same result for us. Sometimes you can think you’re doing the right thing even when you aren’t but Farrakhan is a fraud either way. There is compelling evidence he had Malcolm and Khalid both killed. We know what happened to Malcolm and Khalid was poisoned. He was jealous of their power and the attention they were drawing away from him.

    Think about it. Every time African slave descendants start something positive what happens? We get infiltrated by some non-white provocateur on the payroll. They sow the seeds of discord and before you know it we’re all back to square one. This what COINTELPRO and GAY Edgar Hoover were all about. It’s still alive today. They are still spreading lies about MLK saying he used to beat white women and that Malcolm was gay. They always accuse us of what they are doing themselves. They say we are violent, oversexed, dumb and criminal. What are whites? Violent, oversexed, uncreative and criminal.

    Farrakhan may be Jewish which provides even more reason for his treachery. Look at all the money he is bilking out of those people. How could he not be corrupt? If it walks and talks like a duck then it’s a duck. This is how Jews trick everyone all over the world…they play both sides. This is how they financed all of the world wars. They financed both sides and then forced the winner to pay the debts of the defeated. They can’t lose. This is why most of the true info about 9/11 comes from Jews. They did it and they also want to control the truth movement about it. They controlled the Occupy Wall Street movement. It’s controlled opposition. They are of their father the devil. Satan is so tricky that he can convince you that he isn’t tricky at all. The Jews are no fools. They use the same playbook over and over. Unfortunately mankind keeps falling for it over and over as well. The problem is that they write our history books so it’s all lies. They put the flouride in our drinking water. That came straight from Hitler’s Germany. Hitler had Jewish ancestry as well and it is known for a fact that he was either gay or bisexual. See the pattern?

    We have to stop looking for perfect leaders and start sticking to perfect morals. Leaders come and go but the truth lives forever and never changes. That is God…the only true leader. Once we have that then it won’t matter who speaks for us but we do need real galvanizing leaders who have charisma. Farrakhan, Jackson/Jackson Jr, Sharpton and Obama are NOT those leaders.

  29. jabari

    The Khazars know that all it takes is a desperate man hungry for affection and power to betray his own people. That’s why when ever I see a rich black person on TV, I instantly write them off.

  30. As the Bible says it is easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle…..than for a rich man to inherit the kingdom of God. Unfortunately our people lost in this land take the Bible literally because that is how the white man taught it to us because whites are incapable of grasping the metaphorical symbolism behind most of it. Maccabean Jews have also drastically altered the content of the Bible even though the Bible expressly forbids doing that very thing at the end of Revelation. They don’t care. It’s not their God. Satan and money are their gods….and of course themselves.

  31. Jabari

    I do believe you’ll like my post tomorrow.

  32. I like all of ‘em sister!

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