Observations of an Invisible Woman

Confessions of a White Racist: Chronicle Four

“Can I ask you something?”

I looked up into the eyes of my patient. “Yes?”

“Why do you people twist your hair into ropes?”

****rubs temples****

As I contemplated telling my rich, white patient to go fuck herself, I wondered for the umpteenth time why EVERYONE has a fascination with our hair. The question brought me back to my childhood in Ameriklan where white children would ask to touch my hair then call me a Nappy-headed nigger. The Creator gave us spiral waves, in the exact form of hue-man DNA, as a Spiritual antenna to connect with the universe in all Her glory. Our hair, in its natural state, absorbs energies from Nature, animals, the soil and each other. Unfortunately, it also absorbs Demonic forces. These energies are then transmitted to our Chakras:

African Spirit or “Ba”

Which is why you often times “pick up on someone’s vibe.” It is very real and is currently being used to oppress us. That’s why, Black Family, I seldom go out without my head scarf.

Our hair, which is the MOST diversified texture on earth, can be shaped and styled to our liking and in many cultures throughout the diaspora, can represent ceremonial traditions, marriage or even Princedom. These are traits that many emulate and try to pass off as their own invention:


Dreadlocks, also called Natty Dread, locks or ras, are simply left to coil and tangle on their own without the use of combing. As old as time, Moses, Samson and Jesus himself were said to have dreadlocks. The Ras Tafari movement made this style synonymous with their deep connection to God, Nature and reggae music. Today, blacks sport many styles of hair:

Natural Woman

As for my patient, I thought about my mortgage before I replied, “To be one with the Creator.”

She said nothing.

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93 thoughts on “Confessions of a White Racist: Chronicle Four

  1. Very interesting. That’s why we should never put human hair weaves or hair peices on our head because we are picking up someone else’s energy!

  2. sheagirl on said:

    Great reply. In middle school and high school, I always hated it when people would just randomly ask to touch my hair or ask if it was real. Sometimes they would just grab it without warning. I used to get relaxers but I would go several month before finally getting another one and my hair would of course start looking like a fro and this would be when people would harrass me the most. I call it harrassment because touching someone without their permission is usually some form of assault. It made me feel dirty and like I had no value when people would just grab my hair. If the roles were reversed, I’d get into trouble at school unlike the white kids at my old schools. I always wondered why everyone else was so scarily fascinated with our hair. On one hand, they call us nappy then turn around and fail miserably at copying our hairstyles. They’re also obsessed with what happens in Black hair salons and barbershops.

    I do agree with you about the picking up someone’s vibe. I always wondered why it was so easy for me to feel and recognize good and bad vibes when I’m around other people. Well, now I know why.

    Please excuse the typos I’m typing this on my tablet.

    Btw, Hi everyone. I’ve been reading this blog for months but now I’m finally replying to a post. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add to the discussions like you all are. I’m still learning so I’m not as well versed as everyone else yet.

  3. blackmystory on said:

    Patient man ride donkey! You know what I mean! You rose above it and you were good.

  4. darqbeauty on said:

    These people are obsessed with us. It would be comedic if the results weren’t so tragic. Before I “awoke” I used to date a pale male. One that one of their own would call a “ginger” (on a left field side note, red headed men are attracted to me on the regular. I must give off some weird ginger pheremone). Anyways, he used to stroke my hair and pull it and watch it spring back with utter fascination. His mother used to always ask in an almost accusatory voice what did I “do” to make it do all these different things.
    Our hair is our biggest asset. We have been taught to hate it when it reality, it is everything. We can make our hair like theirs. They cannot make their hair like ours. Our hair is efficient on a physiological level. Instead of clogging up the pores by laying flat on our skin, it flows upward, defying gravity, and allows our epidermal layer to breathe.
    They say that they hate us. However, they are everywhere we are. They exclude us from their clubs, so we go and build our own. Then they come and spy. We build our websites. They come and spy. We have melanin videos and THERE THEY ARE. Spying and making comments on things that don’t pertain to them. Go on Yahoo News and read the comments. The story could be about the price of tea in China and they will find a way to make it about us. I hate maggots. With a passion. You won’t find me on videos commenting on maggots. Scrutinizing maggots. Trying to be where the maggots are and in the same breath, declaring my hatred for them. Yet, this is the behavior they display. Actions speak louder than words and their actions tell me that they wish they could BE us. They steal everything from us…after denigrating it. They would steal the damn cream out our coffee if they could! From the silly-cone injections, to the sun cancer, to the Melanotan…it all speaks volumes.
    The fascination with us is never ending. Unceasing. Real stalker like. Let me wear my afro. I have that SUPER thick HUGE type of afro that literally sticks out over 12 inches easily. When I wear my hair out, I can almost SEE their pink palms itching. Which is why I wear my shirt that says, “Please, don’t touch the ‘fro”. Oh, the look on their faces when they see the afro, then the shirt. It’s like watching a child looking into a candy store, then having the owner pull down the goddamn blinds. LOL! Nope, I got their number. Their flat asses are as transparent as glass. I’m so happy more and more of our people are wearing their hair natural. It drives them crazy. Good. Try copying THAT. *smirk*

    Here’s a GREAT song. Listen to the words. They are on point and pertain to the post. 🙂

  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great song DB! I used to love that song!lol I haven’t heard it in years. Thanks for posting it.

  6. Kushite Prince on said:

    They love our hair,skin,bodies,rhythm,passion,sexuality etc. They are clearly obsessed with us. I wish they would just leave us the hell alone!

  7. darqbeauty on said:

    No problem! Whenever I’m having a “bad” hair day (meaning a day when my hair does what it wants. I swear, it’s alive and has a personality of it’s own. Some days it’s submissive and will conform to styles beautifully. Other days it’s reaching for the stars and glaring at me balefully with condescension at my attempts to “tame” it) I find myself humming it under my breath.

  8. Kushite Prince on said:

    I hear you sis. That’s beautiful that you embrace your hair. That shows you have pride in yourself and comfortable in your own skin. That’s a beautiful thing to see.

  9. darqbeauty on said:

    They CAN’T leave us alone. Just look at YouTube. They’re on videos that don’t even pertain to them. Videos about melanin and natural hair. The funny thing is, we are not a FRACTION as transfixed with them as they are with us. Though we have every reason and right to, we don’t do whiteface, have white golliwog dolls ect. If we were to leave the planet, we would flourish. Become happy..adjusted with the Universe. Then after a thousand years, we would look up towards the sky of our new home and there would be a spaceship full of them, talking about, “We hate you niggers. So…whatcha been up to? Just in the neighborhood and thought we’d say ‘hello’. God, we hate you people…”. LOL!

  10. Hey where can you buy head wraps and scarfs for and by us. I thinl I’ll start wearing a wrap to work and maybe to school. Cause it ain’t just white people. I had an old asain lady say that my hair reminds her of the coils of buddah and is a sign of God. Then she asked if,she could touch my hair for good fortune for the new year. I said no and bye.

    Oh did anybody see this book about the beckys.



  11. darqbeauty on said:

    Girl, I KNOW Buddha was Black. Can’t NObody tell me those peasy little beady beads on his head on all those statues are a hair style. Please! Girl, Buddha has NAPPY hair. That kind oof nap that looks like taco meat. Oh yes! AND Krishna was Black too. He was so damn Black they had to paint him BLUE! We ALL know a brother/sister or two so Black, their skin has a bluish tint.

    Oh, and here’s a link to some good t-shirts to shield you from “them”. lol

  12. I do too. I can barely keep my hands off my own stuff. we have the best hair. And when it is wet it is the softest stuff on earth.

  13. This is greatnever heard it before. Love it

  14. I know,

    Truth be Told what you really wanted to say

    was we twist our hair to keep from twisting you into a piece of human rope you old biddy. Now stop running your mouth cause you don’t run nothing up in here including your mouth unless I tell you to. Dig it.

    That is what you really wanted to say, but the mortage got it the way.

  15. moorbey on said:

    Blacktastic answer.

  16. mary burrell on said:

    Great answer. White people are obsessed with us. I just feel this is true. You rose above it all with a great answer.

  17. blackmystory on said:

    laughing @ you T Bee….that says it all!

  18. Charmain


    Yes, fake hair comes from dead humans, horses and even cats and dogs. The Asian community has made a FORTUNE off of our self-hatred.

  19. When my hair was long, it twisted up and out into corkscrew curls. people would flock to me to openly stare and comment how I washed it, combed it, etc…. My white co-worker, who I tried to avoid, would pull my curls and watch it bounce back and comment “what does it look like when wet?”

    I became terribly ill around them. Sick…as in nausea, not being able to eat and needing to lie down. A co-worker and fellow medical contractor from Sierra Leone told me to cover my hair around whites to block them from penetrating my energy and “taking” it.

    From then on, I never go out without my scarf.

  20. blackmystory


  21. darq

    Isn’t it funny how the European hates anything that is of another colouring than his own? That’s why gingers, like Judas, throughout history have been hated. As for the spying, they must do that! Do you know how many whites read my blog? Do you know how many of them follow me onto other sites desperately hoping to read anything I post so they’ll get insight into the Negress?

    Yet, I never read their shit and frankly couldn’t give a fuck. That, my beauty, is power.

  22. In “Hidden Colors 2”, there is a segment about the Black presence in Asia. KRS-One mentions that the Buddha has knotty hair. They even show pictures of him and the proof of the Black presence in different parts of Asia that are here to this day along with the African influence on Asian cultures.

  23. Funny this; I was thinking about this the other day when I was asked why did I decide to lock my locks. And to be honest the reason was because I have a very tender scalp and really course hair. To try and beat my hair into submission was not working out and headache made it not worth it. So natty dread is me.

    I was talking to a Ras a longtime ago and asked him about the natty and he told me something that holds true for me. Our hair is our connect to Jah and the longer your hair the clearer your connection. Black people need to know one thing about their hair and one thing only; leave it alone. Combs are not for Black people and make no sense for people with hair made of tight or loose coils. A brush is useless and is also not for tightly coiled hair. I know this won’t happen because of vanity [which by the way is what natty forces one to be without], but we would do ourselves a very big favor if we stop fighting with our hair and just leave. It’s a fight you will not win, your hair would rather leave you before it becomes something it isn’t.

    Another good one Ms. Truth.

  24. Kushite Prince on said:

    I would concur. I’m sure your hair is lovely. 🙂

  25. Kushite Prince on said:

    Lol!! You’re so spot on DB!

  26. sheagirl on said:

    Hmm, maybe I should start doing that. I finally bought a scarf to cover my hair with when I’m outside, but I haven’t worn it yet. Well, now I know I can put it to good use.

  27. T Bee

    May I say that I too LOVE the feel of my hair? LOL! I stroke it constantly, while reading, while sitting, it’s so lovely and so soft. lol! I have super short hair now, almost bald and it’s even softer that way. I never comb it. Just wash and let air dry.
    You should see my brother’s hair! And my mom’s. How lovely it is! Of course he’s terribly proud of it..hehehe and mocks me with it shamelessly.

    When my hair was long and lion-looking, I’d twirl it between my fingers, my pencil…let the wind fling it here and there…the wilder it looked the more attention I got.

    Now, my head wrap keeps the demons away.

  28. Jesus

    Agreed. I cut mine off…ALL of it but I do not comb it either. My cousin is a Tafari and he also echoes your sentiments.

  29. DarqBeauty said: Buddha has NAPPY hair. That kind of nap that looks like taco meat.

    LOOOOLLLLLLLL. Now that was funny. True, but funny. LMBAO.

  30. Guys:

    My commenter, which I will be “Introducing…” soon, has a shop that will sell you African fabrics, etc…you can buy from her to wrap your hair:


  31. @hunglike jesus
    On your site the pic of the guy with the lock is that you. I think you are right in that the longer my hair gets the more it just locks up all by itself. Evennow with short hair combing it is really not an option.

  32. LOOLOOLOLOLOLOL…That shit is SO TRUE!!! LOLOLOOOOOLLLLL…..the nature of a sociopath.

  33. larissa on said:

    This post brings to mind the time when a woman with a black mother said my hair resembled ”feces”. It’s sad when we partake in our own oppression.

  34. Wooow, preach! I think ‘obsessed’, ‘infatuated’ and ‘fixated’ are understatements when it comes to them and this thing that they have for us…whatever it is.

  35. Regarding the part about the head wrap…I remember saying on one of your posts that wrapping our hair or at least hiding it, along with wearing shaded glasses, is essential – when around them. Like you said, they can infect you with a lot of negativity. From feelings of depression to, nausea. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced the nausea part but I do wrap my hair. It’s become a habit now, so I even do it at home.
    And in a way, that’s why I can’t really ‘fault’ or criticize Black women for wearing weave – especially if it’s synthetic – because that ‘protecting the natural hair’ goes a long way. I also learnt that for someone to cast a spell on you, however ridiculous it may sound, your crown Chakra, has to be exposed. This is why, and so I’ve noticed, a lot of Black women cover their newborns’ heads when they have visitors around. Black women have been covering their hair for thousands of years anyway, be it with wigs or fabric. I can understand the concerns about the human hair that a lot of women wear…because you don’t know who’s hair you’re wearing on your head.

  36. Wow! I love the way my hair curl up at the ends when I plait it. It defies gravity. I just love being a black woman and enjoying my relax free hair.

  37. @Negress

    It’s amazing how black folk can turn a negative into a positive. Blackwomen have assumed that their curly hair was inferior to caucasian and asian hair. Today, whitewomen are sporting weaves, extensions, wigs, braids, locs, etc. Attend any hair show dedicated to black hair, and sistas will see “Wannabes” all over the place…Karma. As blackwomen gain knowledge of self, the allure of straight hair decreases in scope. Sistas are beautiful with any texture of hair, but, afros, braids, cornrows, and locs bring out the true essence of black female beauty…Curly Is Beautiful!!!


  38. Hey went to your site you have some nice things there.

  39. Wearing your natural hair is so freeing. No poisons on the scalp. There are as many ways to do it as there are days of the week and people on earth. Or Like Hung Like Jesus let it lock. And no one wears hats and wraps like black folk can.

  40. Yeah, that be me in all my glory. Combing my hair when I was growing up was nothing short of traumatic. I told myself that if I ever have any children combs and brushes would be out. That is until they got to where they could decide for themselves. I guess that’s why I don’t have any.

    Combs are truly not for Black people.

  41. blackmystory on said:

    Not wanting to jack this thread…but what do y’all thing about this commercial. There is so many symbolism in it.

  42. The comb is a device of torture for Black children. Our hair was made this way for a reason.

  43. Yeah, the animals. LOL

  44. At 0:13 there are two white females engaging a lone black male in the background, enough said.

    The older female wife that the man and wolves shake hands with is comfortable being bitten – she’s learned to accept white male aggression.

    At 0:16 a lone black male is taking steps from the other end of the room towards the young woman and the wolf man, the couple speaks briefly for one second, flees into the car, which is, phallic shaped, blood red and small – (symbolic of an erect white penis) and flies out of the window at high speed.

    It ends with the young lady stating “I never had a chance” , in other words no way that the white male’s instinct will let her stay and have a chance with the black man in the room.

  45. I just finished watching hidden colors 1 and I think it should be viewed by all and then there should be a study guide for children.

    Truth Be Told perhaps a post on this and the 2nd film or maybe a guest post from some of the people in the film. I know a tall order, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming big. Besides if, anyone could do it I think you can. Just a thought.

  46. i don’t see any symbols in the commercial other than the wolves.Maybe they represent his aggressive side and shows that he is like the wolves.Everybody else are sheep and he is the wolf among the sheep.The white woman says she never had a chance maybe trying to compare her struggle to blacks, how the white women want to say they are minorites too and are victims of the white man.How she said she was afraid then intrigued that is how the white women are they claim they were afraid of the white man during slavery&jim crow then they became intrigued by all the money and status he had.So they turned a blind eye to his evil deeds to blacks because they could overlook that with all the material wealth he provided for her.

  47. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I also noticed she said she was afraid when the wolves were growling at her but once the red car appeared she said she was intrigued.That shows that she was afraid but forgot all about being scared once he showed her his wealth.The car[wealth] made her turn a blind eye to his animalistic side.

  48. blackmystory on said:

    Good point @mstoogood4yall….the wolf occupies a very important place in Yurugu’s history. He is symbolically the progeny of his civilization and is a symbol of strength in his lore. Yurugu is telling us that he is dominant in all social setting and as the alpha male he will have the best of the bitches from the pack. Of course the best of the bitches are….?
    The commercial also indicates that the spraying of stank spice is symbolic of urine or pheromones, that the dominant alpha male sprays to mark his territory. Yurugu always strive to show his dominance over the female and other ethnicities, including the lone “minority” in society. Don’t forget the element of beastiality involved in this as well, because only a wolf like presence, can entice the fear and compliance in the “submissive bitch!”
    Like the observation of the small car. As Dr Cress continually reminds us, big brown ball, small white ball. The symbol of the car as a red ball is indicative of them acquiring color to prop up their manhood. Their manhood is in their penis, even though their’s is a negative population growth problem.
    I like your observation as well @Bry….All projections!

  49. @blackmystory & Bry:

    There’s a lot of symbolism and psychology that is heavily used in advertising and marketing. Ever since becoming knowledgeable about how the SOR (mistreatment) works in all areas of people activity, I am more aware of this as to how it applies in the how manipulative we are in the context of economics. Bry made some very good, keen observations about the symbolism that’s used to always place whites mostly in mature and sophisticated settings. Contrast this commercial to the ones you see where Black males are given the roles of constantly being profiled as buffoons and forever comedic, e.g. Terry Crews and NFL players Ray Lewis and Greg Jennings. BTW: I’m not putting down these Brothers and only mentioning them for exemplary purposes, as they are victims of the SOR (mistreatment) as we all are right now. This is why I say that we’ve got to create and manage our own media in all venues because the imagery is nothing more than 21st century buffoonery in a now digitized format.

  50. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    Michaela Angela Davis (formerly of Essence) says black hair is magic when asked about her hair by white people.

    Check out this blog:

  51. Sincere on said:

    I never felt more comfortable as I have since growing my dreads. 7yrs. Strong w/no intentions of stopping. My people say cutting them would be (like) cutting your spirit. All my employers past/present have provided random drug testing but I’m always 1st (laugh, please laugh). The most ignorant thing I was asked by “others” was “Will you come to work one day w/your hair down?” It took me a second to realize that these fux think my crown uncoils, then bam! Big Afro. I never ran across a people w/such ignorant curiosity. I never ran across a people who would question a lie or stereotype instead of asking a question to get the facts. Dumbest ish in AmeriKKKlan I swear. If I was them i’d study us too. Our style, vernacular, etc. is self contained. We don’t go outside our race for the latest & greatest. Every race wrecklessly eyeballing our every move for that. Even apparel they make in hopes that only whites will wear/buy doesn’t become a hit until we touch it. We got the Midas touch. Now if we could keep our gold & others hands off it…

  52. mstoogood4yall on said:

    true and just look at the youtube videos of whites doing a dance blacks have long since moved on from like the harlem shake smh.

  53. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ sheagirl…I can relate to all of what you said. And I agree with the part of being able to pick up “vibes” from other people.

  54. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Negress…chances are, it wasn’t just because they touched your hair. Sometimes when people touch my hair, I think about where their hands could have been. I hate to say it, but some folks are nasty and they will put their dirty-ass hands in your hair. So that could be a reason you became ill…maybe somebody passed their germs to you by touching your hair.

  55. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ darqbeauty…you speak truth. Even with my hair relaxed, some of these white folks and folks who want to be white will try to find out how I switch it up and why it’s kinky-curly.

    What I find funny is how some WW copy BW although they are said to be the epitome of beauty. Yes, some Black women copy white women as well but I believe it is for different reasons.

    With WW, I think that the ones who tan excessively/have lip injections/butt implants/cornrow their hair want to be seen as “exotic” on some level. They don’t actually want to be black but they want to attract Black men.

    I was in a bookstore one day and these two WW were there with a little girl who was obviously mixed. One of them, clearly the girl’s mother, was a sight to behold. She was probably only in her mid-30’s but looked more like 50 because she was tanned and leathery. She had cornrows in her hair and her lips stuck way out, to the point you could tell she’d had “work” on them. Her boobs and butt were obviously fake. And she was complaining to her friend that she needed somebody to help her with the little girl’s hair.

    I shook my head and chuckled to myself.

  56. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ darqbeauty….very true. I know an older white lady who thinks that her years as a missionary in Brazil qualifies her to speak on all Black people.

    Now she lives in an all-white community with very few Black folks around and she STILL says the most ignorant stuff about Black people. I had to stop talking to her one day because she was seriously pissing me off, talking about Trayvon Martin and also the plight of Hurricane Katrina victims.

    She doesn’t like us colored folks (except me, because I look white enough to be accepted…yuck) but that doesn’t stop her from asking why my hair is like “this” or if I can share some authentic Jamaican recipes with her. So as you see, they want to steal bits and pieces of what we have for themselves.

    And I agree, YouTube is the worst with racism. It’s like all the white supremacists on the Internet come out to play on YouTube.

  57. Cinnamon

    Tell that white lady you have a real authentic Jamaican recipe for her called: Bitch Lick.

  58. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ larissa…that is horrible. I’ve been told that I have “n*gger hair” by whites and Latinos and a few black people, but no one would EVER dare tell me that my hair looks like shit. Seriously? Telling somebody that their hair looks like feces?! That woman should have been bitch-slapped.

    I’m sorry that happened to you. Cruel comments can stay with us a very long time. I will admit that I’m trying to overcome my own self-esteem issues around my hair, because of what people have said to me.

  59. The next time someone tells you that you have nigger hair, tell them, “The more nap, the better the dap!”

    Watch for their reactions! LOL!

  60. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Sincere…when I was a little girl, my mother would send me to school with these long braids down my back. I had some of the nappiest hair you ever did see. Anyway, I was surrounded by mostly white people as a very young child until I was about 10. I remember that my playmate was a little white girl who thought my hair was beautiful and she always said the kindest things about it. But I realized that other people saw my hair as freakish and ugly.

    Like one day when my braids came loose and I had this enormous cloud of hair, and the white lady who babysat me called a bunch of people to gawk at my hair. That was one of the first hints that despite my light skin, they saw me as “different”.

    I would love to have some dreads. My uncle had some of the most glorious dreads until he had lung cancer and had to cut them.

  61. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Negress…in the UK, especially England, “gingers” are persecuted for their red hair and pale skin. I find that interesting because they’re as white as can be, yet other white folks don’t like them.

  62. Cinnamon

    White people do not like other white people. In fact, they are the perpetrators of the original self hatred.

  63. You are right they want to attract our black men, because they hear some of our black men saying “She black and ugly eeh” so they feel if they are halfway there they will somehow fit in, thus attracting our black men. White women are easy bitches, they fantasize about our men constantly. When I was in high school I remember some of the white girls saying I wonder what it would be like to be with a black guy but if I’m too white I may not stand a chance. This is what it’s all about. Once upon a time it was the fat and ugly white chicks going after our men because their own white men don’t want them, now they are at the gym pumping up their bodies, and getting false butts and breasts, plumping up their lips to get our men. Such sluts the whole lot of them.

  64. GreeneInk on said:

    They are fascinated with our hair not only because of our race, but because we are the only ETHNICITY on the planet with our grade and texture of hair. It is due to jealousy; there is none other like it anywhere on this earth.

    I don’t care what ethnicity they are, white people’s hair is all the same while ours is certifiably distinguished from everyone’s on the planet. We are THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH and our hair texture identifies our genetic beginnings. We are the Firstfruit of the Planet Earth dating back to the antiquities.

    We are separated apart from the rest of the world not only by skin color (all of their ethnicities are white and closest to white with the same slick non-textured hair grade); but we are the one and only people on the planet who are endowed with the inheritance of God’s “In the Beginning,” … the Chosen Ones–straight out of Africa and the original people of the Northern Star and the Far East.

    No one else can lay claim to this thickly-rooted original heritage as God’s first creation ever in humanity except us; it kills them to see it.

    They know who we are even when we refuse to acknowledge it and try to hide it ourselves with unnatural processes and chemicals that damage our skin, scalp, and ultimately burn us and give us cancers.

    It is like spitting in God’s face, really, for black people to try and hide or try to change their (our) hair texture. Only a lack of appreciation for the Lord’s grace would cause us to deny that which he gave us from birth.

    It is a “gift” from God that separates us from everyone else on the planet. EVERYone, and intentionally so: God had a reason. It is our IDENTIFIER.

  65. GreeneInk on said:

    We braid it “like the trees” because we ARE the trees … as they were first planted in the Great Garden.

  66. Sincere on said:

    Regarding our hair. My Queens need not perm their hair. Many hair products/perms contain carcinogens. Women in general have many cancer causing factors to worry about besides European aesthetics.

  67. And the choir says A-Men!!!

  68. anybody know some good healthy food recipes to eat.i’m trying to eat healthy but don’t want to be a vegan lol.

  69. mstoogood

    I shall do a post on healthy eating.

  70. mstoogood4yall on said:

    did anybody else notice the word ginger if u switch the words around spell nigger,these racists are recycling words.

  71. mstoogood4yall on said:

    i live in texas and i see these beckys with black men all the time and most of them will be clinging to him when a beautiful black woman walks by.I can’t stand insecure ppl if he gonna cheat, he gonna cheat ur clinging to him isn’t going to stop ish.That is why i say even if a white dates a black they still have those stereotypes and prejudices they just think the person they are with is an exception.They cling to them because they believe the stereotype about black men being sex crazed and black women being jezebels.

  72. ms toogood

    OMG! I never knew that! Thank you!

  73. mstoogood4yall on said:

    thanks i need to lose 50 pounds lol,i saw this story about a black woman who looks so young and her secret was she drinks rainwater and eats from her garden.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6oJA_xhTa8 )

  74. That is why I don’t use alot of store made products anymore and I don’t use any store bought makeup or shower gels. It has to be all natural even my tooth paste.

  75. I think this needs to be studied BY US b/c it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if lye can melt a metal spoon, it’s more than probable it can seep thru skulls into our brain matter. Especially after years of continuous use. You can be sure the manufacturers of relaxers already KNOW this, but like tobacco manufacturers, they sho ain’t gon release that research to the general public.

  76. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    Calling tightly coiled hair taco meat is offensive.

  77. I didn’t call it taco meat, I said it looks like taco meat, which it can. It can also look like peas, cotton and wool. It wasn’t meant to be offensive, only descriptive. Buddha’s statues ALL depict him with VERY tightly coiled hair that is reminiscent of peas to me. It’s not offensive to me, it is what it is. Like my hair is like sheep’s wool. Am I calling myself an animal? No. It is a likeness. However, as a previous poster stated, saying that locks look like “turds” is highly offensive. If you were offended, I am sorry.

  78. darqbeauty on said:

    That’s an excellent blog. Bookmarked!

  79. darqbeauty on said:

    That was beautifully stated.

  80. darqbeauty on said:

    I’ve seen other videos of that woman!! She looks AMAZING!! I think she is 70 something. Which is why it kills me with laughter when they hold up some knifed up and butchered Hollyweird star as the epitome of ageless beauty. Those women age like dragonflies. smh

  81. do you work in the healthcare industry?
    I was wondering because i need some advice about which career in the health industry is right for me. idk if i should be a registered nurse,pharmacy tech,or radiology tech.so confused.

  82. ms too good

    I shall reply on open thread so we don’t derail this post.

  83. Crissjensen on said:

    Good post! @ Negress, somthing our ppl need to know and love who they are.
    ppl wanna be like us more then we(blacks) know, but the TRUTH is coming out more and more. “BLACKS” are the GREATEST ON EARTH!!! one love.

  84. Beautiful HAIR!!!! Poetry

    I find, in being Black,
    a thing of “Beauty”;
    like a joy; a strength;
    a secret cup of gladness …
    a native land in neither time nor place …
    a native land in every Black face!

    Be loyal to yourselves;
    your skin;
    your hair;
    your lips;
    your speech;
    your laughing kinds
    are Black kingdoms,
    vast as any other.

    somthing i found for the people. Enjoy!!

  85. Coil vs. Comb

    Tight curls

    wound like small coils

    in a retractable pen

    have no patience

    for hard plastic combs

    with jagged seams

    and sharp teeth


    through the dense spirals


    around my head.

    Snapped, my naps snap back.


    the tight texture tenses

    against those little teeth.

    And with vengeance,

    my hair

    breaks combs

    into plastic


    And the coils spring back.

    Like the spring in my pen

    held in knowing fingers,

    twisting strands of lines.

    Forming follicle phrases from:

    Curls coiled in S’s, O’s and Z’s

    Spelling my hair free

    in long hand.

  86. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    My comment was directed to Amarie.

  87. larissa on said:

    @cinnamondiva, thanks for the support. it is very much appreciated. when i confronted her about, she said ´´i must have been joking´´. i guess part of life is accepting you cannot change people.

  88. Leviqueen on said:

    Love this stuff!!!

  89. Newish to the blog. what about afro picks?

  90. blkgirlinberlin on said:

    Just happened upon this blog. I have been natural for a few years, but have recently started growing locs. It is really hard here in Berlin. Germans have no shame in starting at you, touching your hair without asking, plus asking endless questions to why dont you just wear your hair like the other Blacks here.

    Its really hard.

  91. I know I go to school and the White AmeriKKKlan students are always fascinated with my hair and the way I do it. I am natural by the way and I don’t see why White AmeriKKKlans are so fascinated with our hair and touch it our of ”curiosity”.

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