Observations of an Invisible Woman

Darkness Matters

“Research Melano-Tan Injections.”


“Melano-Tan. You need to see this. Whites are gearing up for the next stage in their desire for blackness and their war against us. It is very real. Why do you think we’re being kidnapped?”

European man injecting Blackness

That was the advice uttered to me by Dr. Yaffa Bey. I called her to ask for business advice since opening my little shop and we spent an easy hour on the phone discussing the power of words and their ability to cast spells, our mis-education system, the term “black“, which really means “white“, our Spiritual enslavement through European demonism, the curse of Ham, which isn’t real, The Khazars who claim to be Jew-ish, why we can’t “snap out of it” and what the future holds for melanin-rich peoples on Earth.

She gave me so much information, my head spun and I was instantly taken back to the first time Neely Fuller and I conversed. Dr. Bey explained why whites have so much aggression, anger and hatred towards us and how they are planning to wipe us clean off the map. What I’m about to say is going to shock you. In the words of Booker T. Coleman, “Don’t believe anything I say. Do your own research. I could be lying to you.” Whites are kidnapping us, melting down our organs, cutting open our skulls and eating our pineal gland in order to become “powerful” and injecting our melanin into themselves.

What is Melanotan ll ? 

Melanotan II is a hormone that stimulates your body’s own melanin production, giving you a deep and natural tan without  the dangers of harmful natural sun exposure or excessive use of tanning beds.

Melanotan ll was developed by researchers at the University of Arizona many years ago. They discovered that one of the best defenses against skin cancer is a natural tan. It was found that by making a way to make the skin’s tanning cells (melanocytes) produce more tanning pigment (melanin). By using Melanotan ll the risks associated with skin damage would be eradicated and a beautiful and natural tan could be achieved.


Melanotan 2tanning injections is a research peptide and so we have no way of knowing how each individual will react, if at all. We know Melanotan ll works naturally with your body making everyone’s experience and results different. We know that certain skin types groups will usually get very similar results.


  • Females: 30 mg package
    (Very fair skinned may need the 50 mg package.)
  • Males: 50 mg package
    (Again, very fair skinned may need the 50 mg package plus a 30 mg package.)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Melanotan ll has short-term side effects. You may experience varying degrees of  nausea, loss of appetite, facial flushing, increased blood pressure, aching limbs and increased libido with the first few injections. Side effects will subside  after about a week. Take your Melanotan ll with food.You may also experience an increase in color of existing moles and the appearance of new moles. Once you have stopped taking Melanotan 2 the moles will disappear and/or go back to their usual appearance. { taken from melanotan magic.com }

Now that you’ve read this, now that you know, now that you understand why you are hunted and feared, now that you know why the white man hates you, desires you and wants to be you, will this new knowledge empower you to open your eyes to who and what you really are? Or, will you continue to be mislead?

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113 thoughts on “Darkness Matters

  1. blackmystory on said:

    What was hidden is increasingly being revealed. What will we do, oh my people, with this information?

  2. That’s why they try to brainwash us to hate our skin. Like reverse psychology. That’s why we need to educate our selves. They know the value in melanin. Probably why they try and mix their children too.

  3. Blackmystory

    More to come, i’m sure. Can you imagine what is being hidden from us?

  4. Miss Megan

    Is that you?

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  6. Not to forget mentioning the Rhesus Negative Blood type. Having learnt a lot about it (my mother is this blood type and I’m sure a lot of you know that it is the oldest blood type on this planet), it is no surprise to me that this, besides the melanin, could be why Caucasian ‘celebs’ are snatching up Black babies QUICK. It’s the cure. Even if the Caucasians are calling it the ‘Anunnaki blood type’.
    They are trying to graft themselves back in because – and this could not be stressed enough, they’re fully aware that their time is up.

    Two days ago, I was on Face Book and I decided to carry out a little experiment. I went onto the NHS Blood Donation FB page (British National Health Service btw, for those of you who are not familiar with ‘NHS’ and my question was to them: ‘I’m Rh -, could I give blood’?
    In a matter of minutes, they responded. They didn’t…and this is the most interesting part, tell me if I was going to be able to ‘give blood’, due to my blood type…instead they asked me to call them on their number to schedule an appointment. And I’m pretty I had them at ‘rh neg’.
    Now you wonder why, besides from the African baby accessory, they are eager to take blood from Black people.

  7. meganoodlesoup on said:


  8. Interesting. And at one point in American history (I don’t know about British history), blood from Black & White patients was segregated. Now they need Black blood of a certain type. My goodness – HeLa cells, Black blood, what next? Black eggs & sperm!?

  9. This may be true because the blood bank won’t stop calling me and always trying to tell me that there is a blood shortage. They ask if, you could like to have your blood go to sicklwe cell children. I have found that they put a little mark on it so it is used for particular people.
    They also run genetic test on your blood when you donate it and they have you sign away rights kind of alla Henretta Lacks. I’ve had one of them say that my blood helped people get well faster and that I should donate as much as possible. This has freaked me out and I haven’t been back since. I’m thinking of changing my phone number as I know they can track you through your cell phone using GPS. I don’t plan on being snatched.
    No good deed goes unpunished.

  10. Welcome!

    Everyone, this is Megan Dorsey, from the post “Introducing Megan Dorsey…”

    Megan, I’m glad you stopped by. Feel free to comment and join our un-brainwashing process.

  11. Hey watch this

    They know and we have it.

  12. Guys:

    They call me too when I was at this one hospital. I always thought that was weird.

  13. Make sure the “Night Doctors” don’t snatch you off of the street. Always carry a gun.



  14. This is more than just an earth thing. They are looking at the universe and dark matter itself. Because you can move out of here when it is activated properly. When we wake up really wake up we might be leaving them behind in way we have not thought of yet. Do you really think this is the only universe? That all I’ll say for now , but think about it…

  15. Thanks for the heads up and concern. Yeah, I’ve seen those sites before. You need to be careful even in your own house.

  16. Thank you for posting this. Did you go to the messageboards associated with Melanotan? Those white people are clamoring for this shit like it’s the 2nd coming of the Lord? Someone even said people would ‘crawl’ over each other to have it….nuff said.

  17. T.Bee

    We exist already on other planets.

  18. nmaat

    First Obama, now a possible black pope? Something’s fishy. We’re in for it.

  19. @Negress
    Girl..we’ve been ‘in for it’ for half a millenia. lol…this smacks more of their desperation to me than anything. What happens when a wild, ferral animal is backed into a corner? This is what you see playing out across the globe. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

  20. I know this is about melanin, but I believe that the greater picture about medical experimentation on Blacks should also be addressed. I plan to get this woman’s book, “Medical Apartheid” by Harriett Washington.

  21. nmaat

    When I posted this expose this morning, my computer has hacked. Someone’s sending out spam to all my contacts. My blogger buddy just alerted me of this.

    I am being watched like a hawk.

    I fully expect to be shut down soon.Or suspended.

  22. Here is more:

  23. Wow, I was just talking with my mother an hour ago about how whites will find a way to inject our melanin into themselves. I log on your blog and it’s the topic of the day. Wow. I always told my family that whenever you see missing black kids that are posted on the news or on the board at Walmart, they are in underground slave camps and will be used for experiments. They are preying on the weak. I want all of you to be careful and be aware of your surroundings. In other words, KEEP YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL. Stay safe.

  24. I don’t think you’ll be suspended. On what grounds? The truth? Oh yeah, for whites that HAS proven to be problematic, hasn’t it? But yeah, I wouldn’t stress. And I haven’t gotten any spam as far as know, beyond the usual anyway. But honestly, if we are online– we are being watched. That’s a fact. Anyone who thinks otherwise is terribly naive. I just don’t give a fluck & ain’t takin one either.

  25. Can’t wait for the rest. you do a great job!! on this truth. Thank You!!!

  26. BINGO!!! thats what’s going on with these folks.

  27. That is the back up plan if, all else fails.

  28. You should think of doing on the pineal gland.

  29. Crazy how they hate us them want to be black just like us.

  30. Do you think that maybe the babies are their own insurance policies to keep them alive if, the need a pigment fix. Do you think they would have their children drained of their blackness for such a thing?

  31. Always be very slow to take any medication. Go research it yourself before taking it cause they never tell you everything. This is a good series and thanks for posting it we should all be aware of what is going on here.

  32. I noticed where I work that when they come to get blood donations if, time is running short they want to hurry up and get all of the black people first. Theya also draw a lot of side tubes. I mean a lot!!!

  33. I know and in between them too.

  34. t bee

    Dr. Welsing talks about this in the Isis Papers.

  35. T bee

    They need us and have always needed us. They cannot survive without us.

  36. larissa on said:

    @sister truth could you be please give me a way to contact you, so I can contact you after your blog is banned, or will you simply start another blog?

  37. Larissa

    I’ll just start another one.

  38. Amarie

    Yep. And those abandoned warehouses, university hospitals that are Khazar funded, like NYU, LONG island Jewish, Columbia, Etc…are where they conduct experiments.

    My conscious neighbor told me that a janitor accidentally saw some things he wasn’t supposed to.

  39. @TBee–I have taken the added step of using herbal remedies exclusively. I believe their idea of medical ‘help’ is simply keeping you alive to make more $ off of you & to experiment on you further. It’s no wonder black people don’t trust them. We need to extrapolate this to include all facets of life cuz this kind of unethical, demonic behavior is endemic to all of their interactions with us.

  40. Kushite Prince on said:

    @SisterTruth Great post sis. It’s kind of a love hate relationship. They hate us but secretly want to be us. They see our beautiful physical attributes and want it desperately. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Yes it’s an old saying but still holds true.

  41. Funny..I don’t feel flattered. These Frankensteins are just flat out cray cray. I don’t see any evolution. They do the same thing continually. The technology they employ may be more sophisticated but the animals wielding are just as barbaric as those during slavery.

  42. I joke a lot with friends and family about the relevance between this “vampire” phenomenon in media and the reality of it behind information that’s being posted here! Sh*ts real!

    In a “just” world, now that whites have seemingly found a way to alleviate some of their albinism, you’d think there’d be peace among them and they would leave us the hell alone. So who’s holding their breath that long??!!

    …This supposed “first” Black Pope…It will not be the first Black pope of the Roman Catholic Church. For those who know real history, the original Roman Catholic Church, sans the sexual abuse and illogical beliefs & doctrines, had fully Black origins before it was systematically stolen from Black people (like any/all other valuable and influential institutions originated by Black people. Europe’s original inhabitants, Black people, were all over Eastern & Western Europe tens of thousands of years before the immigration of genetically-deficient albinos from Central Asia. The most notified of the original Latin Fathers was Pope Gregory I aka Gregory The Great, who pretty much laid the principles/precedents of “how” religious institutions should conduct themselves when helping people or society via the church. He was also instrumental in providing the fundamental protocols for religious and secular didactics in effectively educating the populace. Leo III (Black pope) is the papal authority who crowned Charles I (Charlemagne, Charles The Great), the Black King as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, after his coronation in Rome in 800. Charlemagne was a descendant of the Black Frankish Kingdom which included his father, Pepin the Short and his grandfather Charles Martel. The Carolingian Empire was the progenitor of modern France.


    It has been proven through research (even done by whites) that Black people are undoubtedly the first human beings on the Planet Earth, and have been here more than 60,000 years. I may be wrong with the numerical data, but we do know that the oldest human beings still living within our existence are the Khoi San people, who are still inhabiting their “NATIVE” lands of the South African region.

    “Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction,” they say, but these deflections of imposing self-hatred upon us have been used as a distraction in suppressing the truth. I’m really appreciative of the quotes and references made for Dr. Welsing, Dr. Washington, because had I not read their books, I would absolutely not have the knowledge, wisdom and overstanding as I do today. This is why we have to be relentless in spreading this invaluable information.

  43. mary burrell on said:

    What if that crap causes cancer?

  44. mary burrell on said:

    I read some woman in the United Kingdom nearly died from this mess. Yes something strange is going to happen in the world. By something is unfolding.

  45. OH NO!!!! (with my fake look of horror)…

  46. Emile

    A post on the origin of vampirism coming soon.

  47. Hopefully it will cause cancer.

  48. mary burrell on said:

    I knew you were going to laugh lol!!!!

  49. And for those with weak stomachs & short memories who think we are being heartless–let us put this in context–according to many noted researchers, medical experts & compelling evidence ( strecker, horowitz, boyd graves & his discovery of the 1971 Special Virus Flowchart, etc)–AIDS is man-made contagious cancer–courtesy your tax dollars. So don’t weep for whites cuz they DAMN SHO ain’t weeping for us. From what I’ve read, they expected the AIDS pandemic to depopulate the african continent to the point that they would be able to just ‘walk into’ the continent and take whatever resources they wanted…hasn’t worked out that way tho. The best laid plans…the best laid plans…lol…

  50. I’m DONE weeping for my enemy. Not after all they’ve done to me.

  51. Kushite Prince on said:

    The more things change the more they stay the same. I definitely see your point. Embracing our humanity is more important than the advancements in technology. Too many people fail to realize that.

  52. Hey they just called me again today!!! Talking about the hurricane out east and how they need my blood. They forgot all about the black children. I ain’t doin it

  53. This stuff was put out with little research on how safe it really is. Next we will hear that they are growing tumors and such. The sun can’t be fooled so easily. I understand that burning up in the sun can’t be fun and being pasty pale is well yucky… If they weren’t so evil and unjust they wouldn’t have this problem. If, they realized that their recessive genes don’t have to make them and weren’t so attached to their looks they could be helped. Though they would not exist in thier present form any more.

  54. Even if it doesn’t I’ll finish the job. Let it be sunny outside, I’ll go out with a six foot wide magnifying glass and chase em down one by one.

  55. Meh, add that to my list of jokes that sounded funnier in my head than on paper 😛

  56. A fascinating and informative post!

    Everything in the Universe happens for a reason,

    Unfortunately, black — African — people — the biggest victims of racism/white supremacy have been (mis)led to believe that racism is some random emotion, some random occurence practiced by a small number of people, for reasons of “ignorance”


    it is hatred, jealousy and a desire to be AUTHENTIC instead of existing as a dying-out mutation

    aka to be “BLACK”

  57. And I can guarantee you this is why they began to promote integration (between the two) after decades of segregation. They were doing tests/studies on Black people meanwhile. Not to forget mentioning that they were castrating Black men because apparently there is in ingredient in his sperm alone that can cure Hepatitis C. Now I said apparently…but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the truth – considering the Henrietta Lacks story.
    British wasn’t as segregated as America was during this time, no. I don’t think that this is any wonder why British Blacks are so passive and colour blind.
    I don’t know about Black eggs and sperm, apart from the fact that aborted Black embryos are being dumped off at science labs but the Black woman’s womb (literally) in present time, is in high demand. They are actually convincing these women to have their wombs taken out – I guess, due to the risk of – and this uterus related disease escapes my mind – telling them that their wombs are no good any more (I guess lying down while giving birth will do that, defying the laws of gravity and all). Little do these women know, that their wombs are being sold. They owe melanin in fact, to all the fertility pills and penis enhancing drugs that Caucasians depend on.

  58. Exactly, Miss Pam.

  59. I remember something Mr. Fuller said (and I paraphrase)

    “White people don’t hate black people because they’re black. They hate black people because they’re not black people.”

    For those who think (or pretend) this is ludicrous, just imagine a person who claimed to be superior to another person but is always imitating and criticizing that other person.

    If we saw an INDIVIDUAL person manifesting the same behaviors in our workplace that many whites manifest toward black people,

    we would say with absolute CERTAINTY that that individual was “jealous”

    why would a supposedly “superior” person spend so much time trying to make another person appear to be inferior? Why would that inferior person be so threatening to that superior person?

    It doesn’t make sens e to explain that behavior as “ignorance”

    It can only be one thing

    That supposedly “superior” person ACTUALLY feels INFERIOR to that supposedly “inferior” person


  60. Miss Pam

    You hit the nail on the head with that. But may I say one thing? “Ignorance” doesn’t apply to whites are they are the most informed race of beings on this planet.

    What they are is ARROGANT. They want to outdo the Original Creator of all things melanin-based because they feel they can do it better and use it to their advantage to serve their purposes.

    Right now, I’m in the midst of studying the pineal gland and how it relates to our Chakras. Whites do possess one, yes, but theirs is calcified. There is some suggestion that they are lacking a “soul” in the Dogon mythology.

    It will be interesting to see what I find.

  61. @ mary burrell

    I believe there is a spiritual war going on, not meaning “religion” but a force outside our conscious minds, an energy that is far more powerful than physical bodies

    AKA the Universe

    which will ALWAYS seek a balance

    that’s why I believe that the more non-whites, especially Africans and blacks, who are murdered (genocide) the more NATURE will seek to right that balance by reducing the problem population

    From what I understand, nothing is working to increase white fertility which is falling at a faster and faster rate,

    for example, supposedly 30% of white males have non-viable sperm, which means they are having trouble fertilizing the white female,

    and that most of Europe has a “negative population growth rate” meaning more people are dying than are being born

    and that some white females are being born without uteruses and/or undeveloped uteruses and are renting the wombs of non-white females to carry their fertilized eggs to term (google “wombs for rent”)

    and why there is so much scientific research in fertility, resulting in

    sperm banks
    sperm donors
    fertility drugs
    artificial insemination
    adoption mills

    which is why I think many Europeans are repulsed by the idea of another world war — not because they want peace — but because they can’t afford to lose any more males (who are in shorter supply)

    which is why I believe is the MAIN reason so many whites are “breeding” with blacks — and have you noticed that most of the time the blacks that are chosen are often the DARKEST skinned aka the MOST MELANATED?

    which I believe is due to their intent to create a new, more fertile white race with the genetic STRENGTH of the most melanated people on earth.

    I also believe all kinds of genetic experiments are being conducted on black people to discover the “secret” to melanin and black fertility. By their own scientific data, whites reported that African females have the HIGHEST FERTILITY RATE in the world — despite all that’s been done to destroy them psychologically and medically.

    Bottom line, I believe whites are causing — by their ACTIONS — their own natural extinction because

    Nature (the Universe) will always correct anything that is out of balance that has the potential to destroy the planet because only NATURE has the power to decide what people will be the majority and what people will be the minority and will make those “adjustments” by any means necessary.

    = a low white birth and fertility rate

    unfortunately even if I am correct, they will not save themselves by ceasing to destroy non-white life because it is inherent in their nature

    but we should avoid being premature in celebrating this because the smaller their numbers

    the more dangerous they will become

  62. There’s a YouTube video on the harms of Melanotan, and they mentioned how it’s being sold on “black market” websites. What a powerful tool words are.

  63. @Negress

    Whites have always lusted after melanin, which explains their obsession with black sexuality. Whitewomen allowing random blackmen to impregnate them with a half-black baby with the consent of their white boyfriends and husbands. White female celebrities adopting black babies from Haiti and various countries across Africa, and so forth. What are white folks trying to accomplish? They want to mold black and half-black babies into white people under the guise of multiculturalism. Blackness is the obsession of all human beings, black or otherwise. Europeans are the lightest of the bunch, so, they feel the most slighted. Asians and Native-Americans are colored, but, their melanin is not as concentrated as ours. They wrinkle the same as whites, black folk need to stay mindful of this. The “Melano-Tan” foolishness is an extension of what whites in Brazil and Dominican Republic have been doing for years. What do you mean Tyrone? Whites Spaniards and Brazilians actively encourage race-mixing with blacks to gain access to the DNA of black people. Half-Black children are born. They’re brainwashed to see black as inferior, thus, they mix with whites…White Baby! But, the white baby is sun-kissed as a result of the biracial parent. They have olive skin, dark hair, and brown eyes…black enuf to party and bulls**t with blacks and white enuf to enjoy “White Priviledge. This is how whites think sistas and brothas?


  64. Ms J

    Words cast spells. Words empower. They also subtract energy.

  65. Ty

    They can’t have it both ways.

  66. @Negress

    Yes, they want it both ways. As long as whites have access to black sexuality, they’re okay with being white. If black people stop having sex with them, they would lose their minds…Real Talk! Whites have moved past stages I and II. Stage III involves actively pursuing means to darken themselves for real and permanently…F**k A Tan! They want the real thing. They can get it via sex with black folk or achieve it by way of science. Yes, white folks are that crazy Negress!


  67. Hear! Hear! You laid it perfectly. Karma. You can PLAY God all you want but ultimately HE will let ya know. But you are right once they realize that they can’t reverse the low birth rates, they’re liable to take errbody out–typical sociopathic behavior. I also believe that what Harriet Washington’s research has found (and what a lot of black people are living daily here & now)–is that they are still experimenting on us. I think Dr. Llaila Afrika posited that the study of melanin is the ONLY thing they are doing in science nowadays & I believe he is right.

  68. @Negress–yeah, I’ve watched his vids pertaining to melanin & he is right on that count as well as his assertion that all ‘parasites’ are white & the truth may hurt but what has the white race acted like in terms of their relationship with others on this planet? Like voracious parasites. They attempt to suck the life out of everything on this planet & this is the modus operandi of all ‘western culture’. Does ‘western’ (read white) culture still need to amass more ‘stuff’? More money, more natural resources, more land, etc? It’s like they are compelled to do it tho their infinite lust for more imperils the earth’s finite resources. Do they seem to be willing to curtail their lust or are they instead plotting and planning to kill off those who use the LEAST resources in favor of those who use the most? Ass backwards. As usual. That’s why I believe they are the ‘anti-christ’ in the sense that their very nature is antithetical to God, life & humanity.

  69. Crissjensen on said:

    @ Negress, can you add me to your contact list, so i can be updated if they do banned ya! i’ll know your new info. thanks!!

  70. @ Kushite Prince, Well Said!!

  71. Negress, great post!! all what you said about them is on point.

  72. Ty, you sooo right on the money my friend. and it’s a little deeper to just check this link out here you’ll find it’s more to this shit then what ppl are saying, but thiere is agenda going on here that they(the Edomites) push down our throats. its’ a battle going between us and them. all about POWER!! AND f**king with blackness as a whole.


  73. larissa on said:

    To all:
    An African once told me that life is all about survival of the fittest/dog eats dog; therefore whites are superior to us, because they have understood the meaning of life. She also said that our purpose on this planet is to serve them. What are your thoughts on this?

  74. Save “BLACKNESS” from the Edomites who are hell bent on destroying it’ til the very END. WAKE UP israelites.

  75. @ larissa, here you go the edomites r to sever us, see:

    Answer: Malachi 1:2-3 declares, “’I have loved you,’” says the LORD. But you ask, ‘How have you loved us?’ ‘Was not Esau Jacob’s brother?’ the LORD says. ‘Yet I have loved Jacob, but Esau I have hated, and I have turned his mountains into a wasteland and left his inheritance to the desert jackals.’” Malachi 1:3 is quoted in Romans 9:10-13, “Not only that, but Rebekah’s children had one and the same father, our father Isaac. Yet, before the twins were born or had done anything good or bad—in order that God’s purpose in election might stand: not by works but by him who calls—she was told, ‘The older will serve the younger.’ Just as it is written: ‘Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.’” Why did God love Jacob and hate Esau? If God is love (1 John 4:8), how could He hate anyone?

    When studying the Bible, it is critically important to always study the context of a particular Bible verse or passage. In these instances, the prophet Malachi and the apostle Paul are using the name “Esau” to refer to the Edomites, who were the descendants of Esau. Isaac and Rebekah had two sons, Esau and Jacob. God chose Jacob (whom He later renamed “Israel”) to be the father of His chosen people, the Israelites. God rejected Esau (who was also called “Edom”) and did not choose him to be the father of His chosen people. Esau and his descendants, the Edomites, were in many ways blessed by God (Genesis 33:9; Genesis chapter 36).

    So, considering the context, God loving Jacob and hating Esau has nothing to do with the human emotions of love and hate. It has everything to do with God choosing one man and his descendants and rejecting another man and his descendants. God chose Abraham out of all the men in the world. The Bible very well could say, “Abraham I loved, and every other man I hated.” God chose Abraham’s son Isaac instead of Abraham’s son Ishmael. The Bible very well could say, “Isaac I loved, and Ishmael I hated.” Romans chapter 9 makes it abundantly clear that loving Jacob and hating Esau was entirely related to which of them God chose. Hundreds of years after Jacob and Esau had died, the Israelites and Edomites became bitter enemies. The Edomites often aided Israel’s enemies in attacks on Israel. Esau’s descendants brought God’s curse upon themselves. Genesis 27:29 tells Israel, “May nations serve you and peoples bow down to you. Be lord over your brothers, and may the sons of your mother bow down to you. May those who curse you be cursed and those who bless you be blessed.”

    blacks are the descendants of Jacob( now Israel’s) and whites are Esau’s descendants who brought God’s curse upon themselves. tho, this is a battle between Israel(us) and the edomites (whites)

  76. @Larissa–tell your friend she can take my place cuz I’ll be DAMNED if I ever concede to that bullshit ass way of thinking. She wanna play Kizzy, go head. Take my spot. I’ll go stand near the Nats, Toussaints & Harriets. And what whites have figured out ain’t rocket science. It’s not like it’s something we can’t study and it’s not something that works when we are conscious & awake. They have succeeded simply /c we have been brainwashed, brain-rinsed & lobotomized. A 1 eyed man is king among the blind & hence you have global apartheid.

  77. And yes the edomites kingdom is falling down and Israel’s (blacks) is next to “RUN THE WORLD” thats what alot of this is about now.

  78. @ Pam, damn that was deep, real and on point. cause i’m seeing the samthing with the white race. Hmmm! could god be doing his job on them(the Edomites).

    I sure hope soo!!

  79. Well Said, Miss Pam.

  80. mary burrell on said:

    @Trojan Pam: I feel honored to have you reply to my comments thanks for the information.

  81. blackmystory on said:

    The ingredient in Mummia is…
    Found on the internet

    In 1867, a jar was found in a Paris pharmacy with the inscription “Remains found under the stake of Joan of Arc.” The jar contained a blackened human rib, carbonized wood, a piece of linen and a cat femur–the later being explained by the practice of throwing black cats onto the pyre of witches. For more than a century and a half, they were believed to be genuine relics of Joan of Arc, until 2006 when scientists performed spectrometry and carbon tests on the relics. They found that the remains were not from 800 years ago, but from an Egyptian mummy from the sixth to the third century BC. Ordinarily, a fake relic from the distant past would be something newer, not older — and how did pieces of an Egyptian mummy end up in a Paris pharmacy anyway?

    It turns out that starting in the 15th century, Mummia — a powder taken from the bodies of Egyptian mummies — was a major part of medieval European pharmacopeia, with a particular emphasis on extending life and preserving the body. The practice apparently originated during the Crusades (possibly with King Fulk of Jerusalem), when Crusaders were reportedly amazed to see the dead bodies that had perished so long ago remain in such a preserved state. It remained part of European medicine for many centuries — the French king Francis I (1515-1547) took a dose of “mummy” daily, and the English King Charles II (1630-1685) rubbed ground up mummy powder on his skin as he believed this would turn him into a ‘Pharaoh’.

    By the 16th century, exporting mummies to Europe was a big business — to such an extent that a French physician visiting Egypt at the time found that fresh corpses were dug up to meet market demand. The practice of using even domestic fresh corpses to make mummia may have been rather common, as is suggested by English Renaissance literature. Indeed, the particular jar discovered in 1867 may have been renamed either during a time of French nationalism, or because the body of a saint may have believed to have special powers — as “Egyptian Mummies” may have gone out of style at some point.

    We can be horrified by the morbid practice and consuming mummified corpses. But we can also be appalled at the lose to history. How many Egyptian mummies disappeared due to this practice?


    Up until the Vietnam invasion, it was thought that ALL pineal glands calcified, as viewed after an autopsy. However, when autopsies were carried out on African men, it was discovered that their pineal glands showed no evidence of calcification and in fact was organic up until the body died.

    It is in the tradition of Yurugu, he who was missing his heart force, his asilli, in the form of the dark skin female, Euro-Asiatics, ate the organs of the deceased in order to ingest that which made the ingested ones powerful.

    Nothing is really new and the more things change the more they stay the same.

  82. I just heard about the discovery of the Black Vietnam veterans pineal glands not being calcified unlike their White counterparts while watching “Hidden Colors 2”. Also, scientists have to experiment on albinoid mice because the outcome of the experiments will give them an idea of what will happen to a White person. They cannot experiment on black & brown mice because they are melanated mice and the outcome will be different and mimic what would happen to a Black or Brown person.

  83. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks Criss. I appreciate that. 🙂

  84. mstoogood4yall on said:

    WOw that is exactly what i’ve been thinking.I notice they push the interracial agenda.Just look at paula paton and robin thicke.She is biracial but says she’s black and their child looks white he has blonde hair and blue eyes.This is what they are trying to do breed out the black race and replace it with a more fertile and tanner lookin white race.Its a shame too many black males are falling for this bs.I notice it is the darker skinned ones who they go after and have babies with.That is why they push the light skin agenda and use dummies like lil wayne to enforce it.

  85. DOAN: Thanks for the link to Dr. Anne Brown’ “Understanding The Codes of Darkness.” I listened (peacefully) to the entire 3-hr. interview. Deep, deep and very helpful information and very intellectually stimulating that I’d highly recommend to the rest of us here! Thanks for the post!

  86. @TrojanPam:
    Good observations and totally agree with the spiritual element involving this madness. Earth is dynamic and is only “one” component of the Universe’s infinity. The Creator is definitely going to balance things out, regardless of the money, weapons, etc. of RM/RW/RC.

    I never knew why but I started paying more attention to the irregular weather patterns we’ve been experiencing over the past few years. I didn’t know why this has stood out to me, but there’s something big coming our way on a global scale. I’m not trying to scare anyone or put out some hype, because I’ve never been the type of person who’d put much concentration on my spiritual self. But you know when you are changing on a personal level when your spirituality is teaching you something. I personally believe that more superstorms, more tornandoes, more floods, more hurricanes and other fatal weather is going to rock certain parts of the Earth to the f!@#$%g core and “force” the SOR (mistreatment) to its knees like never before in the coming years. Is it me, or is the Earth truly out of balance with all of its understated environmental/social/political problems that’s being brushed over by the powers-that-be?

    I’m heavily persuaded to believe that a lot of this has to do with the spiritual war you’ve mentioned. If you keep denying that something exists, you fool yourself into believing it ain’t there. A lots of whites are losing their material wealth all over the world, due to natural disasters, stealthy financial theft by their own kind, greed, etc. I don’t know how this are going to turn out because the fiscal health of most white-controlled governments (i.e. EU, US) are becoming less and less compensatory for white folks than in the past. I mean (LOL!) look at the irresponsible, deplorable and regressive fiscal conditions of these countries!

    In the long run, this will put a check on GDA progeny, and further lessen their numbers in the future, even as they are now less than 10% of the current population of the globe and decreasing. This will leave many just as financially vulnerable as the people who they stole their wealth from, and will be reluctantly forced to be mobile in search of new sources of building wealth.

    A lot of deflection is underway also, as the unbelievable number of white people are moving into African, South American and Asian countries as the fires are stoked about the immigration of non-whites into places like the EU and US. Such hypocrisy, even as they play on the fears of ignorant people.
    Interesting times indeed!

  87. @Crissjensen

    Whites don’t hate us because we’re black and brown, they hate us because they’re pale…No Melanin. I don’t know any other way to say it Blackman. Whitemen, in particular, are the most obsessed with being darker, Why? Women have a stronger sexual attraction to dark-skinned men(Blackmen) versus those that are not(whitemen). Whitemen see their women jumping in bed with blackmen in the US, Europe, Latin-America…If they don’t find ways to darken themselves in a permanent way, no nookie for them…Real Talk!


  88. @mstoogood4yall

    Paula Patton is a vivid example of a stupid half-black female. Mixed blackwomen having white babies with whitemen, it’s all the rage nowadays. They claim blackness, but, their babies are white…What Gives? Garcelle Beauvais is another mixed blackwoman with white children…she has 2 sons by her former white husband. Victoria Rowell is another mixed blackwoman that birthed a white daughter with blonde hair and blue eyes, and she had the nerve to say her daughter is black by extension because she’s a black female…Insanity! Halle Berry is another stupid mixed blackwoman playing games with our bloodlines. Stacey Dash is half-black and half-mexican…all of her children have white fathers. Yet, she wants to portray herself as a black female. All of these women want blackmen to support their careers, and ignore the “Elephant In The Room.” They have white babies. Our race gains nothing by the likes of Tamera Mowry birthing white babies with whitemen…Nothing! Sista, i’m trying to understand the insanity of these women? As it relates to blackmen…any negro that does not want to father children that look like him might as well paint himself white, yellow, red, etc. These are the same type of blackmen that helped white slave barons locate other tribes in Africa just to get their hands on guns and other devious s**t. They’ve always been in our race…Sadly! I don’t f**k with that side of the family Queen, i don’t want them around me. They kiss the ass of other men, who in turn, use them to create division and chaos within the black family. True Blue blackmen will never be seen on “Tell-Lie-Vision” for the foreseeable future. To be a blackman in sports and entertainment involves bending over and letting nature take its course…Wink Wink! The real racists are in bed with us, not those outside the window. The easiest way to cripple the black race is by way of sex involving uneducated and uninformed black males and females. No bloodshed, no guns, no bombs, results are the same…Diluted Blackness, Wasted Blackness!!!

    PS…Black people, there is no such thing as 1/3 black, 1/4 black, and so forth. If you don’t have a black mother and father…Not Black! If you don’t have at least one black parent…Not Black! Everything else is pure bulls**t…Bottomline!!!

  89. Reblogged this on replace white supremacy with justice and commented:
    darkness matters

  90. Pingback: Darkness Matters | InnerStanding Isness

  91. @ emile

    I agree, something significant is happening on the planet, things that are outside the control of man (and woman) and even beyond the control of the white supremacists

    although they will pretend to the death that they…

    “…got this (under control)…”

    they can’t afford to lose face and have non-white people pull back that Wizard of Oz curtain and view their mortality

    so we must keep our eyes open for more refined deceptions and slights of hand

  92. Think about it. In day to day life why are people envious of others, main reason is because that person has something(s) they don’t. So the envious person gets twisted and seeks ways to have what the other person has and/or tries to destroy them. Sound familiar?

    On another note I was listening to a Ms Blue (Theremix) podcast from January 2013 while reading your post. I decided to pause it and listen to the embedded “understanding the codes of darkness” video. I was dumbfounded when I heard Ms Blue’s voice again and had to check if I had actually shut down her podcast. What a great job she and yourself are doing trying to get people to wake up.

  93. This is be a bit off topic but I hope you’ll excuse me for sharing (and venting) here

    After posting on a particular blog recently (against my better judgment)

    I have come to an unfortunate but not surprising conclusion:

    Black people are going to need more than melanin to survive and prosper in the coming days. We cannot count solely on a “spiritual force” to do for us what we can and must do for SELF.

    And the first thing we must do is acknowledge the existence of racism/white supremacy as a GLOBAL SYSTEM

    The second is to ADMIT that we are prisoners of this global system and that to get free of it we must study and understand it

    If you check out this post, pointed, straightforward questions (like mine) are completely ignored, I suspect, because they can’t be answered or the answers don’t make the other posters “feel good.”

    It is like watching a roomful of adults put on costumes and walk around pretending to be real-life astronauts and super-heroes.

    @ Negress — you tried to reach them as well with some hard truths but had the wisdom to cut out early once you saw it was a waste of time and energy better spent elsewhere, like on this wonderful blog of yours

    Finally, I posted something (a link) that I hoped would sober them up as they staggered around, boasting about another “first black”, and get them down off that “juice” high of denial and delusion.

    but it did no good.

    What they did not like to think about they ignored. This is very, very common among the black collective, to do a lot of boasting and bragging and pretending, but if we are HONEST there is nothing to boast or brag about when you are locked in a prison camp, can’t figure a way out, and your children are DYING.

    If I sound harsh, judge for yourself, but it is troubling (to me) to see what we — a tiny minority seeking truth) — are up against when it comes to sharing information about racism/white supremacy, with the victims who refuse to acknowledge its existence (!)

    that being said,

    I forced myself to come back to reality and remind myself (like now) that in all things most people are followers and will follow blindly wherever the masses are going — and the masses will always follow wherever their masters lead them

    and that it will always be the minority that will choose the less traveled road, seeking truth and justice as best they can

    I guess our people are no different than the rest of the human population — in that respect.


  94. Miss Pam

    First, let me commend you for all that you do for The Original Peoples of Carbon. We thank you for your tireless efforts.

    Second, I’ve come to a startling conclusion: Not all black folks are going to make it. And that’s not a bad thing. Last year, when my sickness got the best of me, I called Prof. Griff of Public Enemy and ranted in his ear for damn near 1 hour.

    He giggled, not out of malice but because he himself knew what lay ahead if we don’t open our eyes. He then made a deep and wondrous statement:

    “Sometimes the wolf does the herd a favour.”

    Miss Pam, you cannot save folks who do not wish to be saved. You cannot force them to “see” if they are willfully blind. Black people are the sickest people on earth. We never got “better” because slavery never ended. We never “grew up” because only whites can be “The Man”.

    We are so filled with denial, which is a silent cancer, that most of us will HAPPILY be lead to the gas chamber eating McDonald’s and Hi-C fruit punch.

    Do you how many times have my own people called me names? Delusional, racist, paranoid, “Where are you getting this information, Negress?”

    “I’ve never heard of this! Do you have a source that I can look up? Truthbetold, sorry, but I do not believe this is possible!”


    Sorry, I’m not laughing but when you can “see” and others can’t, AND DON’T WANT TO, you begin to wonder if YOU’RE crazy. Miss Pam, please watch John Carpenters, They Live. It’s on youtube.

    And finally, leave the black folks who are willfully ignorant alone. Only a small number of us will be needed to win this war, anyway. Save your energy. You’ll be needing it.

  95. @ Negress

    your logic cannot be argued and thank you for reminding me of what I seem to forget. That you can’t help, inform, or save anyone who does not want help, information, or saving

    And I will keep that quote in mind when all else fails:

    “Sometimes the wolf does the herd a favour.”

  96. Most welcome.

    That’s why we’re here.

  97. You discovered what I did months ago & why I stopped posting there..I also think that there is too much energy wasted on trying to ‘convince’ whites that we are worthy…like they don’t already realize that? lol…they KNOW, believe me. They just hoping WE don’t realize it or enough of us anyway. Wasted energy in my opinion & rarely does it seem that anyone thinks that these people have an agenda for being there b/c there are a bazillion websites online…why do they consistently show up where ever WE are–even in the virtual world? I mean like ‘clock work’…maybe cuz they punching a clock? lol…And B/c ‘massa’ is STILL concerned about us ‘congregating’ together without his supervision/guidance or that of his appointed ‘proxies’. It’s as true today as it was on the plantation. And also as far as the majority being followers & only a small segment ‘knowing’–it’s always been the case–during any people driven movement, it’s always the vanguard (who are usually villified at the time) who step out 1st. Most black people didn’t participate in the civil rights movement but you can be sure most were more than willing to reap the benefits thereafter. But what I don’t want black people who ‘get it’ is to subscribe to that ‘talented 10th’ delusion..we shouldn’t feel like we are better or special; we may get it 1st but I feel we have an obligation to share it with all willing to hear it–each 1 teach 1…I’m still learning and the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know shit. But the bits I have absorbed have made me ravenous for more b/c it’s nourishment for the soul. Black people are starving from a centuries old diet of lies, degradation & hate. All you can do is offer to share your meal of knowledge–if they are ready to get off that bs junk knowledge diet then fine, if not, I say keep it movin’…

  98. Nmaat

    Well spoken. I must be wary though, I fell once into depression and I’ll not allow anyone to lead me there ever again.

    It’s hard road and very brutal but you cannot save each other if you yourself are drowning.

  99. Truer words have never been spoken. What’s the saying: when the student is ready the teacher will arrive. Or something like that. I have learned so much coming to your blog, info that resonates at my very core. I’ ve run across some of it previously but maybe at that time I wasn’t ready to receive it & some of it frankly, I still can’t wrap my brain around but at least I know it’s available. There is so much knowledge available out here it’s always amazing & sad to me that people choose to cower in the dark. But hey, whatever works. But know that what you provide in this space is invaluable. No apologies or explanations needed. Certainly not to those who mean us no good anyway. And oh yeah, Ms. Blue & the Remix is tha BOMB!! I’m pissy that I’m just now discovering her. That’s what um talkin bout…so much good info here!

  100. @ pam, thanks.

  101. Did your neigbor tell you what they saw? I am really curious.

  102. Mickey:

    My neighbour told me the janitor saw child porn literature and documents from other countries. Perhaps ICE? I do know that ICE works with the FBI to bring illegal immigrants here for slavery/ sex slavery.

  103. @TrojanPam:

    I think we all have come to that same conclusion, for many different reasons and perspectives. You are not the only one with this type of opinion. I hear the weariness all the time. SOR (mistreatment) can be very tiring at times, because after all we are human. I’ll never forget what Oprah Winfrey said about “racism being very tiring sometimes. Really.” Realistically, the job of trying to force something on someone is fruitless, especially if they are resistant to such help. We must remember that we, too, at one time were in denial until becoming enlightened to the obvious. For the sake of sounding too crude, sometimes #!%& has to get right up underneath your nose before it gets your attention. Speaking for myself, knowing the fundamentals of how the SOR (mistreatment) works is undoubtedly one of the best tings I’ve done in my entire life. It had been a true awakening for me and has educated, enlightened and re-invigorated my interest in history, the art of lies and deception, all of which are tools I use in my studies to decipher and comprehend the principles of how systems works. I don’t have enough time to research all of the goo-blobs of information that is out there related to many subjects I’d like to dig deep into. There’s so much to learn, think and reflect upon. But that is me, and everyone is not like “me”, neither you or the rest of the wonderful, intelligent people who gather here.

    Let me be very clear in stating that, above all else, your individual personal health should be a top priority and consideration, whatever your individual intentions may be in this life. It is not very good to read about someone like yourself, succumbing to mental instability or sicknesses due to mistreatment. Real talk: common sense here. Think about it…If one can’t help/take care of themselves, how then will they be able to help others?…Use de-stressing activities to re-activate & recharge those healthy neurons in your brain computer. We have to remember that those who wish us ill & failure in this, the most incorrect practice on the face of the Planet (SOR (mistreatment)), love nothing better than to see our people in a continuous, almost inescapable condition of suffering and emotional pain, knowing all along what this burden places upon us in pursuit of justice. I’ve read countless times where Black people/POC have gone absolutely insane as a result of relentless mistreatment. We should learn from this and guard our sanity at all costs…and I do mean at all costs.

    The foremost objective in which we all can relate is the “peace” we are seeking , a direct outcome of the application of justice. As the saying goes, you’re gonna lose a few battles in winning the overall war. I believe that the paradigms are changing on a universal level, and yes, you are right; there’s only going to be a few of us who really get it. We’ve got to anticipate the numbers of truly conscious people to grow over time, even as we continue to learn how this system works and develop just ways in which to correct it. Maybe we’re ahead our time in effectively coming across to our people. Maybe a shock-wave of divinely-inspired consciousness of unanticipated, unprecedented proportions will occur within the next generation. Or, maybe tomorrow? who knows? I believe The Creator will definitely let us know. Reflecting back on our timetable of suffering as Black people here in this hemisphere, it’s clear that our generation is much different, more knowledgeable and are challenged with much more refined injustices than previous generations. The same parameters will change with coming generations. But the one thing that will forever bind all of our experiences is the mistreatment we have received and continue to receive. And as before, there was always a breaking point where enmasse, the people suddenly woke up and just didn’t take it anymore. If it happened before, it surely will happen again, as the SOR (mistreatment) is unsustainable. You are right in saying that the system has to be continuously challenged but there must be newer ways to approach such a dilemmas. Proactive, strategic, contingency-based and critical thinking and planning is a pre-requisite rather that settling for lopsided reactionary and sometimes fatal responses. Why? Because the game has changed and Black people (generally) are making the same self-defeating moves on the chessboard in all nine areas of people activity. So, just how many moves can you make on a chessboard? We will never know until we’ve made a commitment to educate ourselves on absolutely every possible move, including those that have been created, perfected, refined and mastered by us. And in the meantime, that somebody who’s got to make that commitment is me.

  104. Emile

    Well said, sir. I’ve always known that something was amiss but couldn’t out my finger on it. You know when I “woke up”? When 9/11 hit.

    A friend of mine gave me The Protocols in school and while I did read it, It didn’t really register. When 9/11 happened, something clicked for me.

    Then I began to feel different.

    TV became a nuisance and my mind wasn’t clouded with football and music videos and clothes and shopping. I wanted more but couldn’t place what that was.

    When someone introduced me to some radio stations that talked about blacks and our sad state of affairs, I wept. At last!!! I’m not crazy after all.

    This blog is my 250.00 per hour therapy session. The sad thing is, Miss Pam, you and a small sample of blacks are it. Not to sound crude but it’s true. We’re gonna have to fight this fight…just the handful of us.

  105. That is so true. We must very wary of these non hue mens for when all of their evil comes back upon them and they are in their last days they will kill as many of us as possible. The wages of their sin is their eternal damnation and oblivion.

  106. Again very true it reminds me of the time when someone complemented harriet tubman on how many slaves she rescued. Mrs tubman said she could have saved more if they knew they were slaves. Everyone of you incredible black women remind me of her. It is a honor to say this

  107. @ Kal

    I consider it a great honor to be compared on any small level with Harriet Tubman

    Thank you for those kind words!

  108. larissa on said:

    Another picture has been taken down. Am I the only one who can’t see it? If people who took down this picture, FUCK YOU! Your decision to take down the picture only shows how pathetic and scared you are. You really think this will stop us from interacting with each other? You have another thing coming.Demonic idiots!

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