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J. Edgar Hoover: Stockholm Syndrome Sufferer

 J. Edgar Hoover – who covered up his black ancestry Picture © FOLKETIBILD/KULTURFRONT

“Not all slave masters abused their slaves – Some actually treated them like family and bore children by them, like the Mississippi plantation owner, William Hoover. He had eight children by my Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Allen. One of those children was my Grandfather William Allen, and one was his brother, Ivery Hoover, who later had one son; J. Edgar.” Millie McGhee, author of Secrets Uncovered, J Edgar Hoover – Passing For White?

A new book entitled Secrets Uncovered, J Edgar Hoover – Passing For White? has been published revealing that J Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI for most of its early history from 1924 until his death in 1972, had black ancestors. The author, Millie McGhee is an African-American who says she was told as a little girl in McComb, Mississippi, USA, of her familles links with Hoover, described by the author Edward Spannaus, his article The Mysterious Origins of J. Edgar Hoover as “one of the most virulent racists to hold a top government position” in the USA in the 20th century.

She says that her grandfather told of her of a “very powerful” man in Washington who was related to the family but did not want the links to be known and passed himself off as white. She reveals in her book that this man was Hoover, who was born in 1895, was apparently anxious that no one should know of his black origins.

McGhee, a former teacher in Los Angeles, contacted a genealogist in Salt Lake City, Utah, for help in tracing her family’s history back over 200 years. Her research shows that Hoover’s grandfather and great-grandfather lived in a segregated black area of Washington and were once classified in a census as “coloured”. In the search of census records into the family of his father, Dickerson Naylor Hoover (who died in 1921 after a long illness) both the Hoover and Naylor families were living in areas of Washington D.C. – then itself a mostly segregated city – where blacks and whites were listed as living in close proximity. Some of the white Hoover families had blacks living with them, not as servants, but blacks being of the same occupation, such as “butcher” or “clerk.” There are also alterations and other oddities in a number of the Hoover family census records, and also in the racial listings which were then included in census records.

According to McGhee, her relatives were warned of “dire consequences” if they spoke publicly of his background. She said that as a little girl she believed that they would be killed if they mentioned the secret.

“Is this man so ashamed of his race that he would spend his whole life passing for white? . . . How has our race offended him ?”

She says that his obsession with the assassinated Civil Rights leaders Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, stemmed in part from a repressed anger about his secret life. Apparently, although members of the Hoover family have contacted her and said that they are not angry about the disclosures, McGhee’s own family were unhappy with her decision to go public, as, understandably, they never wanted to be associated with him.

According to Spannaus, apparently it was well-known both inside and outside the FBI, that there were rumours about Hoover’s possible black ancestry – which were widespread during his long reign. There were also reports that Hoover deployed the FBI to track down who was behind rumours of his black ancestry – just as he did regarding rumours and reports about his homosexuality. The American writer Gore Vidal, who grew up in Washington, D.C. in the 1930s, told the writer Anthony Summers that when:

“Hoover was becoming famous, and it was always said of him – in my family and around the city – that he was mulatto. People said he came from a family that had “passed.’ It was the word they used for people of black origin who, after generations of inbreeding, have enough white blood to pass themselves off as white. That’s what was always said about Hoover.” (Anthony Summers, Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, 1993).

Summers also found evidence that blacks referred to Hoover as “some kind of spook” and even “soul brother,” and realized that in some black communities in the eastern part of the USA, it was generally believed that Edgar had black roots. Hoover’s ancestry was always a subject of speculation within the FBI, because of his lack of documented heritage that was always required when someone joined the FBI. Wesley Swearingen, a former FBI Special Agent (from 1951 to 1977), and author of the 1995 book FBI Secrets: An Agent’s Exposé, said that it was always viewed as a mystery the lack of documented evidence on Hoover’s background:

“Because for all the FBI agents, they’d go back and check everything about your family, your relatives, and everything else, to make sure they’re squeaky clean . . . and here, the Director, and nobody knows really where he came from . . . agents would get into topics like that where they on a surveillance or something, when they finished the crossword puzzle, and had nothing else to do, and they’d start talking about Hoover . . . all the agents would get onto the subject of his real tight hair, his tight, wirey hair, and speculation that maybe there was a little hanky-panky in his family . . . and then his facial characteristics were really unusual

A young Hoover

Spannaus has done excellent research himself, which along with McGhee, have also confirmed that there are substantial discrepancies concerning Hoover’s early biography. He observes how:

Strikingly, there does not appear to be {any} contemporaneous record of Edgar’s birth in Washington. Hoover’s own autobiographical account – on which virtually all biographers have relied – states that he was born January 1, 1895, at his parents’ home on Seward Square, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C., with a physician, Dr. Mallan, in attendance.However, despite the fact that it was legally required to report a birth to the District of Columbia Health Department, and that this had been done for the first two children born in the family (Dickerson, Jr. and Lillian), there was no certificate of birth filed for Edgar by Dr. Mallan.

The entry for John Edgar Hoover in the Washington D.C. index of births was clearly added at a much later date, and the certificate number contains the suffix “D” – signifying a delayed filing.

Thus Spannaus obtained a certified copy of Edgar’s actual birth certificate – which was not filed until 1938, when Hoover was 43 years old ! The verification of birth is provided by an affidavit executed by Edgar’s older brother Dickerson N. Hoover, Jr., who states that he was present when Edgar was born, and that he himself was 15 years old at the time. Oddly, Dickerson’s affidavit does not mention a doctor being present, in contrast to Edgar’s own account. He found out that, curiously, Hoover had never applied for a birth certificate until after his mother’s death in February 1938. It seems obvious that his mother Annie Hoover – if she in fact was his mother – would have been by far the best witness, rather than a 15-year-old boy.

The writer Anthony Summers, described Hoover as “the offspring of a disturbed father and an ambitious mother.” Apparently the relationship to his father, Dickerson Naylor Hoover, was virtually non-existent. He was never known to have ever spoken about his father even to his closest friends. His relationship with his mother however, was one of extreme dependency. As a child, he was described as “high-strung”, “sickly”, and even “excessively fearful” by relatives. He was said to have a terror of separation from his mother, whom he lived with until her death in 1938. As Spannaus notes:

“Of course, were it the case that Edgar had already been separated from his real mother at an early age, and Annie Hoover was actually his adoptive or surrogate mother, this psychological profile would be entirely consistent with such a scenario”

Spannaus also found indications that his Dickerson and Naylor ancestors (through Hoover’s paternal grandmother) were involved in a post-Civil War “underground railroad” which was used to assist light-skinned blacks to make the transition from black society to white society. (An academic study cited in McGhee’s book, reports that more than three-quarters of African-Americans have some white ancestry, and that at least 23% of white Americans have an African-American element in their background.)

Hoover’s obsession with fighting those who were struggling for black liberation from was an state of apartheid in the USA up until the 1960’s is well-known. For example, in 1956, in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s decision to end segregation of black and white children in schools, Hoover fought with Attorney General Brownell over his proposals for new civil rights laws and enforcement provisions. Hoover declared that “the specter of racial intermarriage” was behind the tensions over “mixed schooling,” and he on one hand attacked the civil rights organizations, while defending and praising the racist and Ku Klux Klan supporting White Citizens Councils in the South. It was also in 1956 that Hoover launched the FBI’s COINTELPRO(Counter-Intelligence Programme) which targeted civil rights groups and leaders, among others. Hoover’s FBI was literally an unofficial extension of the illegal racist groups that were burning down Black churches in the South and lynching Black people – At the time of Hoover’s death in 1972, blacks still constituted less than 1% of FBI special agents. In the early 1960s, one FBI agent reported that:

“In about 90% of the situations in which Bureau personnel referred to Negroes, the word ‘Nigger’ was used and always in a very derogatory manner.” (Richard Gid Powers, Secrecy and Power: The Life of J. Edgar Hoover, 1987, p. 367).

While at George Washington University in 1917, Hoover had became active in what is politely called the “Southern Fraternity,” the Kappa Alpha Order – according to Spannaus others have likened it to the “college auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan”. His “official” mother, Annie Hoover was the honorary “housemother” for Kappa Alpha at George Washington University, and Hoover remained active in it for the rest of his life. Many of his closest associates at the FBI were also Kappa Alpha members. Ironically, Hoover’s remarkable career path would undoubtedly never have been possible, had it been known to have had black ancestry in his family background. In the decade of his birth, so-called Jim Crow laws were re-instituted through the South. Under the infamous Democratic Presidency of Woodrow Wilson (when Hoover began his career in the Justice Department), segregation was reinstituted throughout the Federal civil service, which had been exempted from Jim Crow laws. And under the prevailing “one drop” rule, any amount of black blood or ancestry would exclude a person from most positions or careers – and certainly from high government positions.

Hoover had first waged a campaign against Marcus Garvey and the black nationalist movement from 1919 to 1923. He launched the infamous campaign to destroy Dr. Martin Luther King when in 1957, Hoover ordered the FBI to monitor King and his Southern Christian Leadership Conference, when it began a campaign to register eligible black voters in the racist South. Throughout his life in the 1960’s before he was murdered by persons unknown suspected of working for the US government, the FBI ruthlessly targeted King. Thus, it is no surprise that when the news came through over the radio that King had been killed shot in Memphis on April 4th, 1968 there were jubilant cries of “They got the SOB!” that reverberated through the Atlanta FBI office. One former FBI agent recalled another agent shouting “We finally got the son of a bitch!” (Curt Gentry, J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and the Secrets, 1991, p. 606; Anthony Summers, Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, 1993, p. 364). Hoover’s FBI also waged an total war against other Black liberation figures such as Malcolm X and the Black Panthers – 38 of whom were killed in suspicious circumstances.

It is clear that McGhee’s book has contributed substantially to understanding the complex figure of J. Edgar Hoover – we can only wait and wonder now if the FBI will change it’s official history to reflect a more accurate picture of his life and his time as the head of FBI when it ruthlessly attempted to crush the black liberation struggle. He is certainly a person who does not deserve to have public buildings and institutions named him. 

{Copied from: The secret life of J. Edgar Hoover}


Black Family,

The insanity of the term “whiteness” that the European coined for their betterment, their unearned privilege and their false white solidarity will be their own downfall. It has become more obvious to me that the utter hatred whites have for us stems from utter hatred of themselves.

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67 thoughts on “J. Edgar Hoover: Stockholm Syndrome Sufferer

  1. mary burrell on said:

    This was a good post. Hoover was a mad dog. He is a perect example of self hate and internal racism. He probably would have people killed if they revealed the family secret. He also was a cross dresser. And it is suspected he was a homosexual.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    *typos* He is a perfect example of self hate and internal racism. He was a horrible turdpile of a man.

  3. Mickey on said:

    I plan to get this book. I heard about this story a long time ago regarding Millie McGhee and how, as a little girl, her father mentioned to her the name and origins of this asshole and how evil he was towards Blacks. I also planned on watching the movie “J. Edgar” with Leonardo DiCaprio to see if there is any mention of his Black background. Knowing Hollyweird, they probably covered it up.

  4. Yeah I’ve heard all the rumors about Hoover, both in reference to his sexuality & racial background, just goes to show how insane that ‘one drop rule’ is & how insane & deranged you’d have to become to go to the lengths he did to reject who he was and how that manifested itself in projected extreme rage & hatred—if you think about it, he actually epitomizes the typical american white male psyche–if I was the black hoovers, I wouldn’t want to claim his ass either, they can keep em. What goes on in the dark ALWAYS come to light. I also read that Pres. Harding & Eisenhower had some recent negro blood too. Frankly, there are plenty of whites walking around like Hoover–with features that give them away–Justin Timberfake comes to mind.

  5. Mickey on said:

    LOL You believe Justin Timberlake is part Black? I remember a comedian once said that he was confused and that “he thinks he’s Creole.”

    We did discuss Eisenhower on this site not too long ago. Someone even posted a picture of him as a teenager and another with him and his mother, who was clearly black-featured.

  6. Tyrone on said:


    A whiteman with black blood from (The South), Why are we shocked by this? That’s not the fundamental issue. Why is it that half-black men or those with 1/3 or lesser black blood in them don’t love blackness in the same way as the females? When folk talk about the biracial issue, the convo revolves around the Halle Berry crowd of women, not the men. Colin Kaepernick, QB for the San Francisco 49ers is a vivid example of what i’m talking about. His father is African-American and his mother is Italian. Before he became famous, he was dating a black female who stood by him despite his lack of fame. The minute he gets love from society, he dumps sistagirl for an Asian woman. I’ve noticed this hypocrisy among other half-black men, such as Tony Parker(NBA), Tiger Woods(Golf), Jason Taylor(NFL), Lewis Hamilton(Formula One), and so forth. Why are these men conflicted about their blackness so much? Their blackness allows them access to money and women, yet, they have no genuine love for blackwomen. How can they love blackness on the male side and hate it on the female side? I’m trying to understand the psyche of whitewomen who claim to love the black race, but, discourage their “Black” sons from loving blackwomen? In essence, blackmen are sleeping with two-faced whitewomen with an axe to grind. Even with a blackman beside them, they’re still jealous of blackwomen just the same. This issue needs to be brought out into the open. Blackmen think they’re adding to the black race, when in reality, they’re fathering mixed sons for the benefit of whitewomen and other non-black women. Blackwomen get no benefit from this bulls**t…Real Talk! Negress, as a mixed blackwoman with a brother who is also mixed, How do you feel about this issue? Fulgencio Batista, President of Cuba from 1940-1944 and Dictator from 1952-1959 is another infamous half-black or mulatto man that hated black people. Notice the pattern Negress? Does their hatred stem from them not being black on both sides, not black enuf, is it about (Escapism), were they shunned by the black side of the family? J. Edgar Hoover is just one of many so-called “One Drop” males who despised the african blood within them…Bottomline!!!


  7. mary burrell on said:

    @Tyrone; You just said everything that has been puzzing me for years I could never figure it out. It all seemed like such madness to me. I hurt my head trying to figure this craziness out. I’ve always wondered about Tony Parker. All these racially ambiguous people and their hateful attitudes toward black women. I remember growing up in our neighborhood, their was a mixed race creole woman and her kids and they would call the other black people in the neighborhood monkeys and the girls would stick out their tongues at us. I diddn’t get why they were living in our commun

  8. mary burrell on said:

    @Tyrone; I did’nt get why this creole women and her obvious half black kids who thought they were better than us, living in the raggediest house thought they were better than us?

  9. mary burrell on said:

    It’s like brotha wolf says, whiteness is a hell of a drug.

  10. Yeah, this is not only true of mixed race men, but also of brothers who make it big. What’s a black woman to do? I think it is better to know how they are though before you start having children with them that they will damage with their rejection issues.

  11. Hell yeah Justin Timberfake got cotton comin outta his ears..it’s the hair & the features, he looks like what I would imagine a quadroon or octoroon looking like…Timberfake’s hair when he 1st came out told the secret, just like the late PBS artist Bob Ross, remember him? His hair was kinkier than a lot of black people, can’t tell me he didn’t have some recent african in him. And I saw that pic of Eisenhower’s mother, definitely looks like a light-skinned black person. Like I said, all these people just show how schizophrenic this society is.

  12. Tyrone on said:

    @T. Bee

    (The Swirl) is not about whitewomen assuming they’re better than blackwomen…It’s A Smokescreen! Blackmen jump ship because they think the grass is greener on the other side. A lot of blackmen and half-black men have an “Escape To The Burbs” mindset. Whites live in comfy neighborhoods, have high-paying jobs, the best schools, and so forth. Us blacks in the hood ain’t got it like that. Blackmen want all that whitey has thanks in large part to slavery, but, some of us don’t wanna build with blackwomen to get it. Another point, stupid blackmen think they’re pissing off whitey by stealing one of his daughters, Really? Whitemen are willing to sacrifice white females if it will gain them sexual access to blackwomen and other brown-skinned women…blackmen know this as well. Coonville is an island that confused blackmen need to be hauled off to, they serve no purpose in the Black Family. A blackman can’t benefit from blackness as it relates to women and sex, yet, dislike blackwomen at the same time. If a blackman truly loves blackwomen, a Nubian female will be in his bed come nightfall…Bottomline! We should never link loving blackwomen and engaging in IR sex as the same thing…neither has no relation to the other. A blackman can sex 100 whitewomen in a year…has nothing to do with him loving his reflection. Just because God blessed brothas with physical and sexual traits that other men would kill for, doesn’t give us the right to stab blackwomen in the back. A lot of negros are feeling themselves way too much right now, and it’s causing friction within the race…Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You Blackman???

    PS…T. Bee, appreciate the feedback

  13. Maybe b/c all the men you noted have white or non-black mothers? Of course that doesn’t touch on all the full-blooded black men who reject black women too, but we are all victims of white supremacy indoctrination & I really can’t say I think it’s too unusual based on the history of this country, that people of mixed ancestry would be even more conflicted about race than the average black person. For those of us mostly black or at least phenotypically black, our allegiance is really established from birth by the larger society tho some of us may deliberately choose later in life to betray that allegiance. But a mixed kid? I really can’t be mad at them if they choose to reject blackness when a lot of full-blooded blacks do the same. Not saying it’s not cowardly & flucked up but we live in a flucked up society that teaches both whites & more tragically BLACKS to hate black.

  14. More like poison.

  15. Tyrone on said:

    @Mary Burrell

    All creoles are not created equal, black folk need to understand this. Negress is a creole woman that loves black, on the other hand, other creoles don’t love black in like fashion. Who gives a damn’ about whiteness? White folk don’t even care, so, why would any half-white person see themselves as better than black people anyway? I wouldn’t change places with whites for all the money in the world…Real Talk! Black ancestry is priceless!!!


  16. Miss Mary

    Hoover was indeed gay.

  17. Mickey

    Just like they covered up Lincoln.

  18. Ty

    My family, albeit mixed, identifies with Africa. Many islanders have Dutch, English, Chinese, French and Aboriginal blood. That’s why you see such a vast array of facial features and hair textures.

    I only see myself as black. As for my brother, I can’t speak for him, but he also identifies with Africa even though he has (strong) Arawak blood.

  19. Tyrone on said:


    Half-Black men and women can’t play both sides. Tiger Woods don’t wanna f**k with the black side of the family, yet, his black penis scores him a lot of chicks. If push came to shove, Would he cut off his BBC(What Whitewomen Call It) for another? I don’t think he would do that. Blackness is not a one-way street. Natural blackmen and mixed blackmen who shun blackwomen are two-faced. If a blackman is not willing to trade places with white and asian men, he should stop hating on his black sisters…Real Talk! The same group of so-called blackmen would be crying their asses off if their blackness was taken from them…Yep! Bottomline, we need to get the feces out of our backsides…Coonville!


  20. Miss Mary

    It starts with childhood. If you have a house hold that preaches your “superiority” to your darker siblings, then yes, you’ll be brainwashed. We never grew up in that house hold. Funny thing though, the Creoles that think they’re better than Africans and look their noses down on them are the first ones to run crying to that same African when white folks call them a nigger.

  21. nmaat

    Blackness in AmeriKlan was made into the ultimate sin. Due to the inadequacy of genetically recessive genes, whites had no choice but to play the ultimate mind game on ALL of us, which is to have us deny blackness and love the oppressor.

    It is true that Africa’s DNA can only be passed on by the mother, so everything the child sees, feels and experiences comes from her. But…

    I’ve seen more than my fair share of full fledged blacks who HATE black females / males and want nothing to do with them. That’s why I called this the Negro Madness Disease. We all suffer from it in one way or another.

  22. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Truth: I get eelyou. I just remember that woman and her kids living in that ramshackle house. Yes they were pretty people they kept to themselves mostly. It just puzzled me that they had an air of superiority about them. This is not true of all mixed race people. But I just remember that family in our neighborhood. The study of race in America and globally is very complex indeed.

  23. Miss Mary

    It was designed to be that way on purpose to confuse and dismantle us.

  24. @Tyrone: I totally agree. This man is the epitome of what a lifetime of self-hatred can do to an individual and the danger it poses to the rest of society. Imagine going through a lifetime, never enjoying the pleasures of loving yourself, loving others and the gifts The Creator has given us on this Earth. People like Hoover remind me of the many people who are extremely wealthy and have it all but are forced to hide from the rest of us, cursed with this mental sickness and can’t even enjoy the warmth of the sun or even a fresh, calming thought. Self-hatred is indeed a sickness. I believe this may have been one of the reasons why he was sexually confused, as a result of suffering from some kind of trauma that occurred in his early life due to any number of abuses that are still very prevalent within families today.

    The other thing that pisses me off is when we think back throughout the time of his career and all of the unnecessary pain and suffering he imposed onto our people, simply because of one his personal problem: self-hatred. Unfortunately, even to this day, a lot of people are very confused and lie to themselves about this underlying issue. This is why I am vindicated in believing that racism (mistreatment) is an invention that used as a social control mechanism, and continues to unravel each time that history exposes another episode of “real” american history: all of the dirty laundry that’s need cleaning and airing out.

  25. mary burrell on said:

    You know when you explain it like that it makes sense. It just seems that there is some force that is purposefully trying to keep black people from rising to the top. I’m glad you are here to help connect the dots.

  26. This person irks me like no other human. Not only is he a self hater but he has no idea what a penis is for.

  27. Jesus


    He and his right hand man “figured out” what to with it.

  28. Kushite Prince on said:

    @SisterTruth I remember my uncle telling me he was part black when I was a kid. Then later we find out he’s a cross dresser too! WTF!lol Whatever! Bottom line is he’s only partially black so whites can have him. He’s no one we should want to claim. In my opinion a person should have at least three grandparents that are black for that person to BE black. All this stuff about being half-black,1/4 black,1/8 black,octoroon,quadroon etc..etc.. Is just silliness! In my book he functioned as a white man so that’s what he was! Period!

  29. Kushite Prince on said:

    Lol! Good one!

  30. Kushite Prince on said:

    @emile Maybe he thought if he could destroy black people he could destroy the black blood coursing through his veins. What a fool!lol

  31. Mickey on said:

    But that depends on the definition of Black. The 3 Black grandparents could actually all be half-Black and identify as Black or one is half, one is 75%, and the other is full-blooded. But that is another topic for discussion.

    Maybe we need to do what Dave Chappelle suggested……have a Racial Draft. I bet Negroes would not want to claim this macadamia! LOL

  32. And I bet they got the pictures to prove it too.

  33. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah I see your point.lol

  34. Prince

    Being black and gay in that era was terrifying. No wonder Hoover had issues.

  35. @ Kushite Prince

    I also think it has to do with how you identify yourself. I know of two guys who have white mothers and black fathers. In one case the mother left her son and went back to Italy. In the other case he was adopted by a black family. Both men identify as black men married black women and have black children. They have light skin these men and one could pass if, he cut off his hair yet, neither one aknowledges their white half or white mothers.

    Given the chance neither has chosen to live as white even at the threat of losing all contact with their white family members. In my book since they carry themselves as black men and have rejected whiteness I see them as black men.

  36. Yeah, that Tiger Woods and others like him won’t give a sista the time of day till the white woman steals all his shit and he’s sick and rejected at large by whites. I think Tiger got a little taste of that with his wife. Now all of a sudden in interviews he’s no longer caublasian.( Hope i spelled that right) LOL… He is still messing with them crazy white girls, but really with all of the man hoing he is doing perhaps it is best he stick with them because there are things you can get that a condom won’t protect you from. Herpes and HPV come to mind.

    To be so gifted with blackness and throw it in the gutter with so little regard for yourself and your people is tragic. Black men need to take better care of themselves and demand better partners for sex and for life. I guess it bothers me some that they would take their seed and energy so lightly and not value it and honor it. As many partners as these men have it reminds me of something that I learned in a nutrition class. Fat people are malnurished and are fat because they are eating too much food of poor quality with little or no nutrition. Give high quality food high in nutrition they tend to lose weight fast. I’ve seen this happen so many times.

    So what does this have to do with black men and white women. Perhaps if, he has to carry on with so many of them at once he is not getting what he truely needs with them. Yet, I don’t think these men think about that. However, they better start thinking about it soon beacuse a lot of sisters are finding other black men in other countries that love them and want them badly. One of my friends from Senegal is trying to have me meet her handsome brother. Very charming man over the phone and I just may go meet him this summer. It would be nice to get out of the USA for a while and be in a black space where I may go days without seeing a white person.

  37. I was all for you until the last sentence. lol..keep dreaming Sis. Their ass will probably beat you over there. lol Trust. But yeah, Tiger is a product of his environment. I blame his dad for whatever issues he has with WHATEVER percentage of blackness he does have. Self-hatred doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Plus golf courses aren’t exactly teeming with us. But I guess that’s an excuse b/c if he wanted to find one of us, he could have sought one out. Apparently that ain’t what floats his boat. Which is fine. I was over that negro long ago. Let Becky or Inga take his ass to the cleaners again.

  38. blackmystory on said:

    This is an interesting post Truth. Thanks for shedding light on this cockroach. It’s interesting how most of the respondents are going in on the children from mixed ethnicity or the knee-grow males cup caking with Yurugu females. While this is true, I caution others about intentionally missing the ourstorical fact that knee-grow females have been comfort women for Yurugu males since plantation days and are still doing so, albeit with less fanfare than their counterpart. More important we need to heal ourselves by practicing sensible relationship among ourselves. We need to stop watching the celebrities or the few who are co-mingling with other ethnic groups and get over the self hate that is causing us to be at each other’s throats, whether Yurugu is around or not. After getting chastised by a female for calling her African, because she has Caucasian in her blood, I realize that we shouldn’t be too eager to claim anybody at face value until they prove themselves intellectually, emotionally and spiritually—not just physically.

    While the narrative of the mixed children being some of the most virulent anti-African, or self haters, there are many among us, who while physically don’t run to Yurugu, still worship him in the church, in the beauty shop, with skin bleach, embracing European history and culture over African, thinking that being educated, articulate or “nice” means you are not “black” etc, etc. This to me is more troubling than Tiger Woods and the celebrity escapades.

    Physician heal thyself!

    As well…what’s the deal in the continual emphasis on Truth’s linage? Does repeatedly bringing that up make her lesser than you or I? I know she has mentioned it in context of a post, but I tend to forget/ignore it because to me she is more than that. Maybe some of y’all have seen pictures of her that I have not, but somehow I feel the constant emphasis on her linage seemingly out of context, is taking away from who and what she is as a blogger and conscious hue-man.

    Physician heal thyself!

  39. @ blackmystory

    I’ve learned, just recently, like in the past 5 years, that being black is more than a skin colour. I’ve met many blacks who would gladly fling their brethren to the wolves for a smile from the European. That’s partially why we as a race haven’t progressed. We’re full of traitors.

    We love the white man more than we love ourselves. Also, we are insanely petty and superhumanly jealous of each other for the tiniest perceived advantage. That’s why when I wrote this:


    I put in-fighting and envy at number one.

    As for the lineage thing…ALL caramel/mocha skinned blacks are mulattoes. The white man made sure that he screwed enough of us to pass on his DNA to last a lifetime.

    I do not take it personally. I used to in the past. “Hey Brownie!” “Hey Mocha-Latte! We could have some beautiful brown skinned babies, you and I.” These things are silly and I don’t have the time to waste on skin complexion. We have more pressing things to deal with…like the up and coming war we’re gonna have to face when ALL nations will gather up to have ALL blacks of ALL complexions exterminated.

    If we can’t see this as being more important than my island heritage….we’re screwed.

  40. blackmystory on said:

    I guess I was a victim of that too in the past, in that coming from Jamaica and growing up around rastas that were persecuted as being too black, dirty etc, I developed a philosophy that I would never talk to a female lighter than me. This caused me to miss out on some good friendships over the years. Yet I still had to deal with the bullshit of dark skinned knee-grows hating themselves and each other. I guess maturity has done what the lack of proper training from young failed to accomplished for me as a youth.

    Damn! Just reading those examples of the cat calls you heard in the past, makes me lose hope for any masculinity to come back for us.

  41. blackmystory

    We are all sick. Every single one of us. Me especially. But I’m fighting my illness daily. That’s why I’m not upset by the colourism issue. It’s one of the many, many things that was dome to keep our eyes on us and not on the European.

    As for black masculinity, they’re some strong brothers out there but you never see them. You never hear about them. All we do is bitch and moan about each other yet we fail to realize that everything begins with us.

  42. larissa on said:

    @Sister truth I beg to differ when you say”me especially”. Perhaps you once were, but now you seem to belong to the group of the most aware and conscious, therefore you cannot be ”especially” sick. I think the truly ill ones those who want to have babies with ”nice” hair and ”pretty skin colour.”

  43. blackmystory on said:

    @Larissa…that there! @truth…to paraphrase Muhammad Ali…the man (or woman) who sees the world at 30-40-or 50, the same way they saw the world at 20, has wasted the 10-20-30 years of their lives.

  44. blackmystory

    I love that quote.

  45. Hey don’t give up Hope because if, you can spot it and are working on it then there is hope. We blacks of the americas are strong if, we choose to be and can play a large role in uniting all Africans.

  46. Sincere on said:

    Truth, I love black women like it’s nobody’s business! I am light skinned not “DeBarge” like. In the south I’m “Red” don’t think a Beyonce shade either, I’m darker, she’s what we call yellow. My whole intro just now shows you Truth how pathetic we are participating in this propaganda directed @us. I love dark skinned black women Truth though my past situations/encounters doesn’t reflect this. The ratio would be 60/70% are not as dark as I would prefer. This is not by choice. I don’t know how many times a beautiful dark skinned women will say to me before I could speak “uh, uh!!! I don’t do red” & that’s cool. I Dig the fact they love black men. This doesn’t fuel any type of resentment toward my Queens in any way. This does not make me run outside my race for comfort. Here I am. My skin, a receipt of the of the slave trade. Like most of us here in AmeriKKKlan I’m cut like bad dope w/european baking soda. In my eyes Truth the blackest woman is the ultimate prize. Regardless if I have been shut down & not recognized by some. I say this to these cowards who have used this same rejection to desert their sisters. You think Keisha on section 8 loud & obnoxious. Have you seen Becky from the trailer park or low income area. Yes they live in low income areas too. Becky will key your car & make a scene outside ya’ mama house just the same behind a child that may or may not be yours (laugh). You can find quality black women just like these so called ofays, snow bunnies we say. My grandfather told me at the end of the day you bring it home to a sister. “They” economies set. Off the backs of your ancestors. You dying or divorcing one only benefits them. I apologize Truth I’m rambling. Just know there are some of us out here who won’t settle for nothing less than a Beautiful Black Woman so dark we could easily blackwash any trace amounts of “their” DNA in us down to single digits by reproducing…

  47. Kisses

  48. Wow wow wow. Edgar Hoover was an example and sign of his times. You can tell he was an idiot with a chip on his shoulder. He also may have been a very sad man, in sustained mental turmoil. All I can say is that it all starts will loving yourself for what you are and being proud of your roots, no matter what they may be. We live in a crazy world with all sorts of psychological drama going on. Don’t become a victim. Have a drink (if you drink) relax, be cool, be strong and think positive thoughts.

    BTW I just read Christopher Dorner’s manifesto…

  49. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah he knew he would be crucified. So he took his frustration out on black people. He was truly a sick individual.

  50. Crissjensen on said:

    BlackWomen Rule!!! in his younger photo you could see his black side, but boy in older photo you can see his white (evil) side. lol

    and yes, it dose matter who the chid mother is. that why u see soo many mix race ppl who hate thier black side, cause non-bw don’t know mother africa deep down inside!! tho, they love too think they do. esp,when they are with black men.thinking they could do “blackness” better, then the black queen herself.NOT!!!

  51. BlackWomen are Africa!! Okay! no other group of women can be her only her kid’s.

  52. that mix race man is an “evil dirty monster” who is in “HELL” where belongs.

  53. Tyrone on said:


    Justin Timberlake is from “The South.” Him having black blood is not a shock. Megan Fox is another “mutt” with southern roots. Both herself and Timberlake hail from Tennessee.


  54. Tyrone on said:


    Racism is about control and power. Those who are not black by birth feel slighted by God, which is the source of the conflict. Whitemen brainwash blacks to hate themselves because they want something from us…Money, Land, Blackwomen. If they can’t be black, they want to take.


  55. Tyrone on said:


    Black and Half-Black are the standard….1/3, 1/4, 1/5 is utter foolishness. If folk want to be black, they should be serious about it. Look Black ain’t cuttin’ it…Real Talk!


  56. mary burrell on said:

    The incident That I related to in earlier post was just something that happened to be personally. This was in no way an attack on sister Truth be told. I was just referring to something that happened in my youth. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Diary of A Negress.

  57. Being Black and gay can still be terrifying in this era.

  58. Great post. I saw a film about Hoover, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t remember them touching on his “Blackness”. But, I think this sort of thing happened a lot back in the day. Especially just after our enslavement ended. There were hundreds of thousands who were the product of or descendants of those who were raped.

    These days they try to hide the rape part. Like how they were going on about Michelle Obama being “related” to some family in Georgia. Please, since when are the descendants of a rape victim going to consider the family of the rapist to be their kin. Just another way to try to sugarcoat the holocaust in this country.

    Stay warm!

  59. Being black and gay is always terrifying regardless of the era, that’s why so many black homosexuals and lesbians hide their sexuality by acting homophobic and a lot of those individuals who are most hostile toward gays and hold strong anti-gay views may themselves have same-sex desires.

  60. Kushite Prince on said:

    I hear you. All these different percentages of being “black” just cause confusion. No matter your mixture, I think the important is if the person as an allegiance to their people. It doesn’t matter how light/dark skinned or their phenotype. It’s about loving and caring about the well being and empowerment of their people.

  61. @nmaat433

    J. Edgar Hoover is a whiteman, let’s be crystal clear about this black people. Him having black blood would not make him a member of our race. Whites that have black blood in them should be more racially sensitive to racism against blacks compared to those that do not…this is the fundamental point that we overlook. Doesn’t mean they’re gonna love black folk, doesn’t mean they’re gonna associate with us. When in the company of other whites, it should make them uncomfortable…Bottomline!!!


  62. Crissjensen

    Inter-racial Protocol…Decoding The Swirl

    Only a blackwoman can birth a black child. Non-Black women birth half-black babies.

    Black men and women in IR relationships have the upperhand because they’re black…the non-black partner experiences blackness via their black partner…the black partner can jump ship at any time.

    Inter-racial is not about racial harmony, it’s a sexual fetish…it’s not natural for a blackman to not love his black sisters…blackwomen are the most beautiful women on the planet because they’re firstborn…the first is always blessed with the most.

    Any blackman that says he is not sexually attracted to blackwomen is not normal…a blackman can find other women physically attractive, but, that has nothing to do with him loving blackwomen…blackmen should not confuse love and lust.

    Blackmen were blessed with physical and sexual traits that other men would kill for…Naturally, this creates a “Fathead” complex in some blackmen…they feel entitled to the bodies of non-black women just because they’re black…Trouble!

    Whitewomen and other non-black females are not the problem…women are obedient to their nature more so than men…women will always prefer the strongest males regardless of race…blackmen have physical and sexual traits that women like, therefore, sex with blackmen is viewed as an entitlement by all women, black or otherwise.


  63. @Ty, i agree! lol

    blackwomen are the most beautiful women on the planet because they’re firstborn…the first is always blessed with the most.

    Aman to that!!!!!! always have been and always will be. Bw First!!

    blackmales better get right and stop this madness it’s messing things up for our people(ppl) their black women and black kids come first before everything else until they see this they’ll never grow into full poweful men that they are. what do they think people are not looking at them when they misstreat blackwomen(bw)??

    and talk down there own. yes, other’s are watching blackmen and evrything they do and say.

    oh, but don’t worry, cause with the nation turning against us ( and they will), black folks are going to get there acts together and come closer like never before. watch and see!

    the most high already tells us this. tho we’ll lose some cause of thier foolish ways and thinking the world loves us and are for us many will be killed and lost into the whitemens world of pure evil. some will turn on us (the lost one. tho!) and mislead many in to traps, so we(bm’s) don’t need to be around other’s that don’t have our best interest at heart. black power will rule again!!!!

  64. You’ve said it best!!!

  65. @Crissjensen

    Blackmen can’t survive on this planet without Nubia(Blackwomen). We can’t run away from who we are blackman. God blessed us with our black sisters because he loves us that much, this we must understand. Some blackmen are easy marks, they get sucked into quicksand. Kissing the behinds of whitemen and other men for no reason. Our women are the Cream, we have no reason to chase women not of our tribe. The Black Race will never be on top again as long as OJ Simpson type blackmen are running around…Ditto! Any blackman that has no love for blackwomen, does not love our race…Bottomline!

    Black Eros is the key to our salvation as blackmen. PolitiSex…Politics & Sex. Loving blackwomen without apology is a political statement in and of itself Criss. I want like-minded brothas to put BE into practice. Not supporting blackmen in hip-hop that degrade blackwomen…BE Not supporting blackmen that commit violence against blackwomen…BE Not supporting blackmen that jump ship in sports and entertainment…BE Not supporting blackmen that support abortion and homosexuality…BE

    Supporting blackwomen that love their blackness…BE Supporting black womanhood and motherhood…BE Supporting the advancement of blackwomen in business, politics, religion, sports, entertainment…BE Loving blackwomen of all shades and nationalities…BE Promoting safe-sex practices…BE Not engaging in risky sexual behavior…BE Supporting positive images of black sexuality in media…BE Not being ashamed to tell blackwomen you love them…Black Eros


  66. Good post. I knew about this. Edgar Hoover was a sellout Uncle Tom! This phony would have been considered a Negro if he hadn’t passed in those days although he was 1/4 Black. Plus anyone who hides their Black ancestry and sides with Whites to harm Blacks to me is a sellout and phony.

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