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Confessions of a White Racist: Chronicle Three

I wasn’t going to post this. I was about to delete it when my blogger buddy contacted me. I told him of the entire incident and he urged me to post it, “Black people need to become more aware of what’s happening when we try to become successful in this got damn country. Post it.” So this morning when I got another letter, I was awed at the level of anguish I had caused since I opened my humble shop on Etsy.

A letter arrived for me in my shop’s mailbox.

Yes, my shop’s mailbox. Not my blog where dialogue is encouraged, not my personal email address, which some of you have…my store. My place of business that I created just for the black family. This was waiting for me:

Reguarding your blog

Hey Lisa,I couldnt find your e-mail address anywhere, but i saw you had an etsy, so i thought i would write you here, i hope you dont mind. Also, my apologies in advance for typos typos, I’m writing from my iPad. Also you will see that after the first paragraph this isn’t spam, but indeed regarding your blog Diaryofanegress that I stumbled upon tonight.I was surfing the web and one search led to another and somehow I ended up on the tragic story about the murder of Ilan Halimi, a handsome young Jewish man who was tortured and killed by an anti-semitic gang called “the Gang of the Barbarians. The leader of the group, Youssouf Fofana, was black. His parents were from Africa, but he was born in France. Again, one search led to another and I ended up searching two things… Why do blacks hate jews and why do people still hate jews. I just didn’t get it, this race is faced with so much prejudiced today and yet they don’t seem to be violent and most jews I’ve met have been lovely people. I did learn that Jews did enslave blacks durning the slave era, so that gives me one explanation, but it still doesn’t explain why many other people of different races discriminate against them. Anyways, I saw that you posted on someone’s blog and unfortunately I lost the link, but I loved whatever you said and it made me think, so I decided to visit your blog. You said, ….

Your posts first intrigued me, but the further I read, the further I just didn’t feel good about reading your posts. I loved reading new things i didn’t know about blacks. I think as a society, everyone should learn more about each other. The thing is, I first thought your blog was a fun informational and unique blog, but i soon realized it was not only full of anger and hate, but that it was a racist white-hate blog. You are obliviously intelligent and I commend you for educating yourself about your ethnic and cultural history and current state of politics, but you may not be as educated as I think you are if you think it’s okay to group whites all in one category. Yes whites are racist and so are blacks and so are Chinese and so on. Yes blacks were once slaves, but that’s not every single white person on earth’s fault. I think the biggest problem as to why many whites are prejudice is because blacks like you are angry and therefore are racist right back. Look, I get and know how whites are because I’m not white… But if I have had any problems with blacks, my biggest problem would be that many seem to feel entitled to do whatever and say whatever they want no matter how it may make someone feel. Growing up I was always uncomfortable around black men, never black women, I had a black besitie. From a very young age black men have always hit on me more than any other color of man, but it’s not just hitting on me, it’s that they harassed me for not being interested. I still remember when I was in undergrad, this will stick with me for life, a black guy (not a student) was trying to hustle his CDs to everyone. He started following me trying to be funny with small talk. I was in a hurry, so I first giggled a little then just kept walking. He grabbed my shoulder and was like ‘woah baby stop.’ I still was semi-polite at this point and pushed his hand away and kept walking. He started screaming “blood is coming down your skirt bitch. Blood is coming down your skirt ! bitch.&q uot; I was mortified, and no I was not bleeding. Most black men who have hit on me respond in the same way he did. It took me a long time to feel comfortable around black men and because of this I never wanted to date a black man, but I had to say that not every black man on earth is like the black men that have hurt me in some sense.

Your “Interracial Agenda” and “21 Truths White People don’t want to hear” posts disgusted me. I come from an interracial background and I love my race, my culture, my parents, and me. How would you feel if those 21 things you wrote about whites was turned around onto blacks. You probably wouldn’t care because you are angry, but someone, some innocent black person my read it and it may hurt them leading them to be angry like you. Imaging if I wrote a list about black women with blonde weaves? Or do you hate them to for liking blonde hair? #13. You really don’t feel as guilty as you want everyone to believe you do…. Well you don’t either so I don’t really think you should be a hypocrite. Blacks aren’t perfect either. No one is, and racism will never go away when people, white and black, like you antagonize the situation. Racism is probably worst than ever because its taboo. Whites whisper the word black, it’s sad. If whites say one thing about blacks, they’re racist, yet many but not all blacks can say whatever they want and feel guilt free and entitled.

Anyways, I love my President Barak Obama, I love Beyonce and Nikki Manaj, and I love my black best friend. But you must hate all four of those people as they live in a ‘white’ world, use ‘white’ propaganda, and are friends with other ‘whites’ right? I hope you don’t take offense to this email… In fact I’ve never cared enough to ever read more than one post of a bloggers blog yet alone ever write to one. Like I said, I think you are smart, but I think you should broaden socially. What you are doing is good, you are speaking your mind, but hating will only bring more anger to you and more hate to others. Your book bio says “I am a black woman living in the Divided States of AmeriKlan dedicated to conquering the system of racism/ white supremacy.” One racism and white supremacy are two very different things and two now can you be dedicated to conquering the system racism when you seem to be racist your self? Or maybe you just want be be the Queen of racists? Don’t get mad, don’t be offended, just think. Having your buttons pushed and not getting angry, but rather rational and eger to forward your cause intelligently will only make you stronger as an activist.

Only good thoughts and wishes for you. —X (name removed)

Ps Todd Boyd was my professor in grad school. You should research him, he taught me a lot, and he doesn’t hate white people one bit… What he hates is being categorized.

Now read this…

How utterly typical….left to your own devices, and you wretched little n1ggers are STILL blaming White human beings for the problems that YOU yourselves cause on a daily basis. This is why you receive no respect whatsoever….there is no hope for the n1gger species. Filthy, chimp animals, the entire lot of you, and it’s all YOUR OWN fault. Not ours.
We wiped our hands clean of your filth long, long ago… you’re own your own now, n1ggers. Well, except for that ever so necessary welfare, food stamps, obamaphones, free public housing, etc. and all the other free n1gger handouts that you all receive for doing NOTHING, while still complaining, whining, begging for more from human beings.
Never bite the White Hand that feeds you….it might just stop feeding you one day. N1gger punks.

“5. No matter how big your house, how fancy your car and how expensive your jewelry, whites are not EVER going to be impressed with you or have respect for you. To them, you are just another nigger.” EXACTLY. Nothing more, not even human f%$^ing beings….

Whites don’t envy you, we don’t pity you. To be honest, we don’t care at all of you anymore. It is YOU that is destroying OUR country. Don’t like it here? Leave.
N1ggers are by far the most worthless animals on the face of this planet.


So, let me ask you the burning question: Is this all it really takes to unravel them?

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76 thoughts on “Confessions of a White Racist: Chronicle Three

  1. Wow she wants you to read and gave you homework and didn’t bother to do hers before she left such a long drawn out comment. LOL

    Again another white person who thinks it is our job to be nice and feel sorry for them. Oh miss ann gon cry!!!

    She says they blacks treated me poorly and are rude to me, your actions make racist and you are the racist and blah,blah,blah…. She doesn’t even know what a racist is.

    And what will the innocent black people think you could turn them like the mindless zombies they are into into haters of whites oh no!!! But I’m not white I’m Jewish wink wink.

  2. Typical. I didn’t even bother reading all of the 1st one & the 2nd one is like from the ‘things angry, ignorant white people say’ handbook…I know for me I just don’t give a fluck whether their fweelings are hurt, more than that needs to be hurtin’. And all that energy needs to be directed at researching how they are going to keep from going extinct. All their so-called intelligence & technology hasn’t translated into genetically dominant genes or sustained, widespread melanin production. Hence the reason they have to maintain a delicate balance between interbreeding with us for the distribution of our much needed melanin & trying to kill as many of us off as to maintain global hegemonic dominance. If the truth hurts mofos, too damn bad. So sad, too gotdamn bad. I’m sure Fido will comfort you. Or Mr. Ed.

  3. Oh I wanted to add isn’t it amazing whites are always bringing up the canard ‘handouts’ when EVERYTHING they have is b/c of the stolen, FORCED labor of BLACK people for over 250 years? There isn’t sh it they don’t have, want, desire, covet, and conversely envy & hate that doesn’t directly or indirectly come from the mind or body of a black person. But of course, they’ll never admit that to themselves, let alone us.

  4. seedofjapheth on said:

    If I had my way racial identification would be outlawed in this country and it would be illegal for people to refer to themselves as black and white. Regarding the letters I am not bothered if people complain about black people just as I am not bothered if people complain about white people. That being said I am not necessarily saying whether or not any racial complaints are valid. One thing I do not believe in is racial determinism. I do not believe that characteristics are biologically ingrained on any race… I think anyone can learn anything and I believe any individual can adopt any culture they want and groups of people can even adopt any culture they want over time.

  5. seedofjapheth on said:

    I did find the second letter to be disgusting though.

  6. seedofjapheth on said:

    Oh I would just like to thank you guys for discussing things in a civil manner with me. White racists have been far less civil to black people as compared to the way black racists have discussed things with me on the internet so far. Overall I am scared of black racists but the ones I have talked to online so far like you guys have so far at least talked to me in a civil manner so I would just like to say thankyou. But who knows things could change in the future.

  7. T. Bee

    I’m still shaking my head over this.

  8. If you’re getting letters like those then you know you’re doing your job, keep it up sister!

  9. nmaat

    I thought the same thing. Whites receive, until this day, the biggest handouts in the known universe for nothing except the colour of their skin.

  10. I just came across this article which chronicles how much of EVERYTHING they point to as proof of their supposed innovation was directly related to US…again, everything they think, desire, want, covet & conversely envy & hate comes indirectly or directly from US…they need to examine their schizophrenia in relation to race and other attendant pathologies before they ever come pointing the finger in this direction…


  11. Well, these letters show why DOAN’s work is greatly needed in this society. The truth is going to set non-white people free no matter who is trying to withhold information from us.

    And I have one question. If black people are so racist, then why don’t they control what the majority of the people do in: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, religion, politics, sex, and war? Where are all the poor people who run to Blacks for social programs? Why aren’t people running to all-Black schools to get a quality education? I want someone to answer this question.

  12. @ Seed

    First off: Blacks CANNOT be racists. We lack the political power to rule over anyone. We do not write laws. We do not manipulate the media. We cannot tell anyone anything about any subject, including our own history, because it has been stolen and re-manufactured by Europeans. I am a Pan-African Separatist. I do not believe in intermingling with the European for obvious reasons.

    Second: Outlawing racial identity will not work as the European system of dominance over my people has been set since the 15th century. When your ancestors created the term “white”, they did it to maintain a system of control over ALL other races of people with melanin. They hated their own kind:

    Germans, yes, Germans

    The only “race” that mattered to them was Anglo-Saxon. The so-called Master Race. Over time, your ancestors decided to increase their white populous by admitting other ethnics into the White Club.

    It was done to keep their boot on the necks of Africans, the only race that posed a real threat to their species. That evil system, Seed, continues today with other “ethnics” claiming to be anything other than black…like the “Hispanics.”

    Third: Remaining neutral on this matter isn’t going to make it go away. Acting like you’re “sitting on the fence” is fooling me. From the moment you knew what your race was, you knew instantly how I and my people would be treated.

    Fourth: Fear of the Blackman/Blackwoman is absurd since whites have caused other whites the greatest degree of pain, anguish, suffering, malice, hate and degradation since the dawn of time. Your race is your own worst enemy. Not mine.

  13. @ Bry and Ms J

    Thanks to you both. Ms. J…whites cannot stay away from us if their lives depended on it. And it does. I cannot answer because it doesn’t exist…Except in their own perception.

  14. Kushite Prince on said:

    @SisterTruth Sounds to me like she’s trying to lay the guilt trip on you. We’ve all heard this nonsense before. “All races can be bad”,”blacks aren’t perfect either”,”anyone can be racist”….etc.
    The only that concerns me is how she got your shop address. And are you being watched? That’s the real questions. That long ass letter was just a bunch of babbling.

  15. blackmystory on said:

    Truth..this is all distraction. As Bry said, you only come on their radar when you stop toeing the line. And isn’t it interesting that (by the second letter) the commonest of denominators are always the ones defecating all over themselves trying to prove they are tough? The real power brokers just send someone like the first letter’s author, who I suspect is more of an agent, than a concerned shitizen.

    Either way both letter writers are just bitching because their house of cards are falling down. You know I have expressed this to you, but if you can’t find a righteous African to watch your back, I suggest you extend your reach and get an equalizer. No way should anybody should be writing me letters to addresses I never gave them. We would have to meet and have a discussion…dig me?

  16. Your Highness

    I contacted Etsy and people are allowed to converse with you by “ask the shop owner a question” tab. It’s not illegal. Am I being watched? Yes. Jah offered me a vision last year of the culprit.

  17. @ blackmystory

    The fact that she took the time to do this tells me that I irritated her. Oh well. They know what’s coming. And there’s nothing they can do about it.

    Let the chips fall where they may.

  18. Kushite Prince on said:

    Really?? Well keep your eyes open sis. I don’t trust these demons. They will stoop to anything. Their deception knows no bounds.

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  20. seedofjapheth on said:

    Oh I agree with you that White people are the biggest enemies of White people. And as for can Black people be racist… maybe me and you have different definitions of the word racist. By racist I mean having a racial worldview. I think you are using the term racist to refer to systematic inter-generational oppression enacted on a political and cultural level.

    But maybe I will use the term racial from now on when I commment on this blog instead of using the word racist.

    As for being a separatist I once proposed an idea for a future situation in America where the community members of each neighborhood in America have a right to determine by a council what ethnic characteristics they want for their neighborhood… for example if a neighborhood wanted to be black they would have a council that made rules that would forbid White people or other non-Black people from residing in the neighborhood.

    This system would result in things in America becoming decentralized to the extent where each neighborhood becomes essentially a tribe. And some neighborhoods would be for Black people, some neighborhoods would be for Jews, some would be racially mixed neighborhoods, some would be hispanic neighborhoods, some would be for White gentiles, and some would be for White jews and gentiles, and maybe even some for gays.

    But the main thing would be that this situation would be completely voluntary and the federal government would not be able to make laws that elevate one race above another, it would just be each community deciding as a community what sort of neighborhood they want to live in. And this could only work if the different races of people were mature enough to treat each other with mutual respect and agree not to try to rule over each other or encroach upon peoples territorities.

    Ultimately we need to find a way to empower the elders in your community. The loss of prestige of the elders has made society become very chaotic. We need to figure out how to return to living as communities where people have common dreams, common emotions, common hopes, and a common culture. The American idea of individualism is very hurtful to communities and to the elders. I believe individual rights are good but the philosophy of individualism is very destructive.

  21. seedofjapheth on said:

    TYPO I meant to say “we need to figure out a way to empower the elders in OUR COMMUNITIES… elders in all the races are being disrespected.

  22. kowaba on said:

    Thanks for posting this. It’s interesting how people are always denying the facts of the matter. First off, these people (as in non-black people) are always going on saying that we’re rude, hateful, etc when we tell the truth. If they have a problem with what we are saying then they should just try to fix it and take responsibility for their pitiful behavior instead of saying people are hateful. I have tried in the past not to say anything when being mistreated, but to me it seems that it gives them more license to mistreat. No one else is saying stop mistreating this individual. To me, the message being given in these situations is just shut up and take it, so as not to appear rude if you want to defend yourself. For the first letter the writer sounds confused. What does being interracial have anything to do with the Interracial Agenda? She seems to be responding to it emotionally and not objectively. I myself do not have two black parents, but I can tell you that my Asian mother did not equip me with the tools to cope with and handle racism effectively since I function as a black woman in this society.

  23. I remember Dr. Claude Anderson defining racism as “the competition for power, resources and wealth between ethnic groups.” After the (supposed) end of slavery, Black people took all of their industrial and technical skills and used them to create wealth for themselves. What happened? The government allowed the immigration of ethnically classified white Europeans into the country, created unions that locked out Black skilled workers and monopolized every branch of city/county/state government where such applicable skills were needed. Every economic or social advantage that was initially produced by Black people eventually wound up benefiting everyone but the very people who created it.

    I just finished viewing a video this morning about Jessie Russell, a Black inventor who specialized in wireless technology and primarily invented the modern cell phone. He talked about how he was the only Black engineer among his white peers while working at Bell Labs, an occupation he chose himself. He also stated that it was his confidence that played a major part in the creation and application of cellular telephony, which inevitably prevented telecom companies from losing huge amounts of money through out-dated equipment, inept technology and obsolete telecom services. Jessie Russell’s innovation, ingenuity and technical foresight is what started today’s mobile technology in which EVERYONE across the planet uses on a 24-hour basis for personal/business communications, entertainment, education, social networking. How many people take for granted that is was whites who started all of this, while unknowingly using this indispensable mobile device to create niche markets, unprecedented economies and tens, even perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars of business activity? Look at where hip-hop culture is today compared to its infancy 30-40 years ago, and the multi-billion industry, the global audience and the cultural phenomena it created it after deriving from a bunch of disadvantaged Black youth who used their creativity, innovation and ingenuity.

    Whites have relied upon and created their wealth on the backs of everyone else and even admit it through jokes:

    “I know how to start a business. First, you get the black people to do it so that the white people will do it. Then, you get the black people to stop doing it”
    –Dwight Schrute

    Considering the history of Black people in the U.S., we have never, ever been in any controlling position of influence within any specter of our modern society. And even when we had our own independent economies and communities, we were infiltrated and destroyed by outside forces.

    How much wealth did whites lose in personal assets in these past few years during the Great Recession compared to Blacks and non-whites? There are more whites on public assistance than any other ethnic group. That’s not racist, that’s just a fact of the reality of times we live in. So who’s fooling who? There have been incalculable numbers of non-Black people receiving all kinds of social/public welfare since the creation of these programs. Many of them are hidden under different names and terminologies and given less public humiliation and shame than those receiving SNAP/TANF/General Assistance. The middle-class was created by the same government that “gave” people money to start neighborhoods, go to college, buy homes, start a family, save and invest in the stock market and budding commercial industries and they have the nerve to think we don’t know this??!! At the same time that returning WWI/WWII/Korean War Black veterans were denied the same??!! We haven’t even scratched the surface of the amount of corporate welfare given profitable corporations through tax dollars from which even Black “and” white taxpayers don’t benefit. Why are 40% of u.s.veterans still homeless on the streets where you live? How many people who constantly complain about welfare recipients ever served in military forces, became a casualty or serious injured for life, come back home and get treated like shit, can’t find housing, can’t find a job, and looked down upon when you just give up?

    Deflection, where I direct your attention away from me and blame you for the things that I am doing myself, is an art. You have to be cognizant of the tactics people use to try and intimidate you into thinking you don’t know anything. It’s a defense mechanism. If there’s anybody who deserves the right to be angry about being screwed over, it’s definitely us!

  24. Kowaba

    Many mixed blacks are not given effective tools to cope in this racist society. You’re not the first to admit that and you shan’t be the last.

    Whites have a job.

    And their job is to cleverly abuse everyone in the universe who isn’t white. And they do it exceptionally well. Thanks for dropping by.

  25. Emile

    Damn good response!

  26. @Emile–You hit it out the ballpark. Imo, the whole of so-called ‘western’ i.e. white civilization is nothing but a big welfare entitlement program that exists b/c of the free & deliberately undervalued & unacknowledged toil of blacks . The ones in the know, know this. But a system that is apartheid at it’s core, in both class & race–with a tiny minority controlling the resources of the vast majority, can only grow so far; it is predatory, parasitic & cannibalistic and what we see in the world right now is evidence of this. What I hope to see is more people rejecting business as usual and seeking alternatives that include blocs of nations & not just individual attempts (Libya & Iraq) that end b/c the leaders are murdered by US forces or their puppets.

  27. Mickey on said:


    Have you seen the documentary “Hidden Colors”? One of the things the DVD talks about is how the Blacks who were newly freed from slavery had the skills that White immigrants and other Whites did not have and the creation of the unions that helped Whites get jobs and effectively shut out Blacks from said jobs.

    And we all know about the destruction of Black section of Tulsa, OK where the prosperous “Black Wallstreet” stood as well as other businesses that were destroyed by racist, envious Whites. Black Wallstreet was about to do business with the likes of France, England, Canada, and several countries in South America. Well, you know who put a stop to that venture. However before even that horrific incident in American history, in the American West, there were over 30 all-Black townships that were settled by freed Blacks. The all-White towns that were nearby were not as prosperous as the Black towns. Instead of asking the Blacks what they did to become successful, the Whites just took over the towns.

    In short: Even when Blacks prosper or make gains, SOMEBODY ALWAYS DESTROYS IT!

  28. Crissjensen on said:

    This is why i don’t like or trust Bi-racial kids. sorry. i just get this very bad feeling when around with them. esp, if the mom is non-bw.

  29. Which to me drives home the point that we as a community need to be able to defend ourselves against outside onslaughts. Bullies will continually prey on those they deem as easy pickings. Same reason that US will go into Africa continent without a 2nd thought but will gingerly tip-toe around a country like N. Korea. Bullies instinctively know who they can brutalize with impunity.

  30. larissa on said:

    @Crissjensen, I agree with you. With all due respect to Sister Truth and other well meaning mixed race people, I think a lot of Africans have experienced brutality at the hands of mixed race people who have been groomed to ensure the continuation of white dominance. I can only hope that if there is an after life, it is better than this.

  31. Why is my comments always backed up? dose not post when i click post comment!

    also i really dont care for whites as a whole there done in the end!! haha.

  32. Another clown with too much time on their hands. I stopped reading their garbage after the first rambling paragraph. The asshole must have a split personality judging by the second part calling everyone ‘niggers’, another loon on the loose! If it wasn’t for the fact that the asshole hunted you down, they would be laughable, as it is there appears to be a screw loose. Beware, and I ain’t joking! I have personal experience with hate mail and it gets worse! White supremacy at its’ best.

  33. ^This to the letter. My mother is white and I’m a mixed black (my dad was beyond crystal black though so I’m dark enough to not get any “light skinned privilege”), and I didn’t start to get the final puzzle piece that established the perimeter of the puzzle until I came into Dr. Welsing’s work on Youtube.

    Thinking of the whole topic reminds me of the movie Losing Isaiah (another Halle Berry miseducation flick) where someone said “Black babies belong with black mothers”, I remember being little and thinking that whoever said it had to be racist because my white mom was the best there could be to me and I had already witnessed her being exiled from her overtly racist family.

    Fast forward to 20 years later and that one line makes more sense to me than any other in the world, because I am/was woefully unprepared for the world that existed outside of my family’s home.

    -She couldn’t prepare and didn’t understand herself the genetic survival imperative that makes the basis for the white collective’s (and individual) racism.
    -She couldn’t provide a connection to my African ancestry.
    -She couldn’t tell me that no matter how many jobs I work, whether it was 3 at a time or working 80 hours a week – my contributions would never be acknowledged.
    -She couldn’t prepare me for the self-hatred I felt comparing my hair and nose and lips to the images I saw on the TV.

    And that’s only scratching the surface on what I’m comfortable talking about, I could go into further detail but my stomachs already upset even bringing up the subject.

  34. @ hernie

    I find it funny that they tell us to “do something…” “make something of yourself”. And when we do, it upsets them.

  35. Bry

    This light skinned/ mixed/mulatto/mestizo stuff has to stop within our community. I ignore the petty comments about my Island Creole heritage because for me, all I see when I look in the mirror is Africa.

    The creation of the mulatto, which I will explore in a later post, was done to keep the darker skinned Africans/ Aboriginals down by creating a buffer class. Some, who hated themselves from internalized racism, LOVED torturing their brethren. Others said, “Screw you! I’ll never betray my race.”

    Are all mulattoes traitors?
    Are all dark skinned blacks true to the race?

    The fact that we’re still separating ourselves based on noses, lips and hair texture is left-over from slavery and those of us that are caramel/ mocha skinned are the “whipping” post for that anger.

    Bry, focus on how YOU self-identify. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Is it a black man who loves his race? If the answer is yes, then that’s all that matters.

  36. ‘Make something of yourself’? In reality they don’t want us to really ‘make something of ourselves’. They employ the ‘glass ceiling’ to ensure this. They will throw some negroes crumbs but will not let them achieve en masse. They don’t want the negroe showing them up hence the use of techniques via language, behaviour etc to attempt this. They start out trying to do this when the negroe is in kindergarten through a micro-aggressive technique called streaming. They especially love to perpetrate this on black boys. The brain washing starts young via media, education;is dependent on your class and or social status etc. Luckily some of us have/had elders who educate us as to the meanings of these modes of behaviour and languages from childhood. You recognize and see shit coming from a mile off and can navigate around it or through it. That asshole who wrote those letters will eventually learn this, they will either become more entrenched in the white wash mentality or have a nervous breakdown.

  37. Crissjensen on said:

    right! this not to negres, i’m talking about those fake ppl who act all down and show their true colors, when you talk TRUTH! not all mix ppl, just the snakes that are out there. i love my blackness and everything about it so if they dont fine move on and go to your other side and play. lol. i will go down for my ppl!!

    FAKE! ppl understand blacks are going to be on “TOP”

  38. mary burrell on said:

    Sister, I agree with Herneith. The first thing I said was this trick must have multiple personalities. And how did they get your Etsy address? I couldn’t continue as we’ve heard this drivel before. You must be doing something right to get these dogs to frothing at the mouth. Continue speaking truth. Some indivduals can’t handle the truth.

  39. Miss Mary

    Frothing at the mouth is just the beginning. As whites feel their grasp slipping away, violence will be next.

  40. mary burrell on said:

    This is always the halmarks of a racist. First they want to start in on why are you so angry? Really? Then the trick wants to start talking about how black men want her. Or whoever this creep is. It could be a man writing this crazy shit. Then they want to tell us how racist we are. When we are just reacting to their racism. If they hate black people so much why go to a black people forum. I sure as hell am not going to Stormfront or chimpout. I feel alot of racist are just projecting.

  41. Seed Why are you here? What are you trying to accomplish? Do you have a solid opinion about anything? Is it possible for you to be straight about anything you say here. How are you going to not race Identify people then put them into separate communities based on race. What this says about you is you have no idea of you own. Why do you have a need to share this with us here?

  42. Truth. She is most likely reading this as she left no other way in which to receive a reply.


  44. Was this the same person but two letters? If so crazy ! Watch yo back cause no telling what’s next.

  45. A friend of mine told me this is called the sunset effect. Where it is most intense just before the end and their sunset sets forever.

  46. No, I did not see the movie in its entirety but am very aware of it. There’s also “Hidden Colors 2” that exposes more truths about Black history prior to 1619
    America. I’d strongly encourage you to view it because the more we know of our history, the less deceptive and effective the perpetrators are with the invented tool of racism. That is why I keep saying I’m fully convinced that this term racism is nothing more than an invented justification for unjustly mistreating people. A person who is not at peace with themselves obviously can’t live in peace with others.

  47. Negress,

    This is just another tactic often used to harm the prospective black entrepreneur. This person is probably getting paid to discredit you or just doing it out of spite or personal gain…His/her primary goal is to damage your reputation by exaggeration or misrepresentation of the facts you are presenting to us.

    This individual is nothing but a coward because he/she chose to avoid your blog
    where an open discussion would be a challenge to him/her.

    Negress, I guess having a blog such as this, that deals with racial/controversial topics, is going to make your business/name a rich arena for character assassination.

  48. Ynotme

    I was warned not to link the store with My blog by my family. But then I thought, “why hide?” I did create a store just for us, so why should I misrepresent it?


    Yes. Most of them are.

  49. Mickey on said:


    Yes, I own both “Hidden Colors” & “Hidden Colors 2” DVDs and I STRONGLY encourage Black and part-Black people to buy them both and EDUCATE others. When I saw the first one, I knew about only 20% of what they discussed. The other 80% blew my mind. The second DVD is equally supreme.

  50. There are plenty more where he/she came from

  51. These two emails are chilling. As I have a suspicion that this is how most whites secretly feel about us. The fact that she/he sent it to your business address is especially scary. They obviously wanted to make you feel unsafe in your work area : Cowards ! I wonder if the same person could have written both emails ??

  52. seedofjapheth on said:

    I don’t think people should be put by anyone into separate communities based on race, I think that communities within neighborhoods should have a right to determine what the racial character of their community is. But this would be communities deciding on their own, not the federal government.

    But that situation would not be my first choice. I think the best situation would be if racial identification were outlawed and if people were only able to identify as human. But I don’t know if people in America would willingly follow that idea or not, maybe they would. But if they wouldn’t I would say the next best thing would be to grant individual communities the right to racial self determination. This would mean that if a black community wanted to they could choose to be policed by blacks people, judged by black people, and granted a jury of black people. It would mean that different races would be able to govern their own affairs. It would also mean that communities which wanted to be multiracial would have the right to be multiracial too. Also you could have communities based on religion and politics, like a community of conservatives or liberals for instance.

    I think only a few communities in America would opt to define themselves in racial ways and most would define themselves in other ways like politically or religiously but I think most would just be tolerant communities for all sorts of people who are diverse racially, politically, and religiously.

    So abolishing racial identification is my first choice, the next best thing I would say is community self-determination.

    As for why I am here. The reason I like to comment on this blog is because people have been more tolerant of me here then they have been at some of the pro-White blogs I have commented on. They accused me of being an enemy agent because they think my goal is to disrupt White Nationalism. But that is not my goal, my only point I was trying to make to them was I don’t think Whites are superior to anyone and that I don’t think that White people deserve to have all of the USA. I was basically trying to say to them that I think White people should pursue their racial survival in a multiracial society where people have equal rights and that I think it’s silly to believe that Whites are superior because I think that the races are equal and that any economic differences between them are simply due to historical events, various sorts of warfare.

    As for what I am trying to accomplish. I am not trying to accomplish anything.

  53. Tyrone on said:


    When did “White Jews” become black people? I’m amazed at how fast whites with a pinch or more of black blood in them will deny whiteness just to get over on black people. It’s easy for her to play the victim as a white female. They were not kidnapped from their homeland, were not enslaved, were not raped by jealous-ass whitemen with penis envy, and so forth. Blackwomen suffered at the hands of her white fathers and brothers. White females have benefitted greatly from the suffering of blackwomen on this planet, and they know it. They have the nerve to think they’re superior to blackwomen on this planet, What have they contributed to humanity besides XXX movies and prostitution…Seriously? And, she had to throw the usual “Coonville” episode into the mix. As if, real blackmen run around kissing the ass of (Fish Bait), which is the role that whitewomen have been forced into by their men anyway. They need to understand that it’s not about them, and never will be. Whitewomen are not relevant to the convo, Blackwomen are the issue…Bottomline!!!


  54. verbs2012 on said:

    The problem with white people as a collective is that they haven’t remedied the wrongs that they have wrought upon this planet. They especially do not feel sorry for what they have done to our people. ” Look coon, we are on the top, you are on the bottom, just accept your lowly position, get over it and move on……and at the same time continue to allow us to walk over you, ok”. White people as a whole continue to hack at an already infested wound with their rusty machete and still feel no remorse.

    The other problem with the so called white man as a whole is that he is a master dodger of accountability, he has 2 mental blocks which disabled him from being held accountable for his crimes, they are called pride and arrogance.

    However, why so surprised eh people? There is not a single nation on this planet that likes us. We were foretold that we would be hated by all nations, this nations are you enemies not your friends and as times of adversity increase, they will begin to really show us what they REALLY think of us, ALL OF THEM. At the present time we are merely being tolerated, however their patience is now beginning to waiver.

    All nations on this planet have always had a particular problem and feel extremely on edge when our people rally together, uplift and empower ourselves, and there is a particular reason for this which many of us already know and others have yet to find out.

  55. Verbs

    I’ve been saying that for months now. If the animosity we’re getting is bad now, in the very near future, it will be monstrous.

    My family and I believe that we’re under some spell which was cast upon us on the slave ships. No way can we be in the exact same position for 500 years and when one of us tries to awaken the masses, we die or disappear.

    Something is going on that only The Most High knows about and soon it will be revealed.

  56. brothawolf on said:

    It’s like every single repeated white response in one long incoherent babble that seems like a transformation happening before our very eyes. At first, she sounds sheltered, then conservative, and then blossomed into a fully grown racist weed.

    It’s typical for these kinds of whites to lay the smackdown of guilt onto blacks, the whole race and not individuals. To them a few blacks equals at least 30 million. And those few stereotypes coax their low-level thinking.

    If there’s one thing white people can’t stand is being criticized by blacks. It’s slanderous to them. They know why blacks are weary of them, but they hate the feeling more than the reasons.

  57. @brothawolf
    She came face to face with the truth and thought so much of her own thoughts and feelings that aending some ill thought out letter would change reality. Why don’t you know a few harsh words and things just change over night. Whites believe they have that kind of power over us and when they don’t they just shatter.

  58. larissa on said:

    Can someone please clarify, is it one letter, or two letters from different people?

  59. larissa on said:

    ”So this morning when I got another letter”
    I assumed that the Part 2 is the ”other letter”

  60. larissa

    I do not know. I assume so. Whites are a complicated bunch.

  61. verbs2012 on said:

    The letter above is one of many reasons as to why the Most High has declared war on the so called white man aka Edom and has promised us that we will be used by him as his weapon of war to have our revenge and to completely exterminate the European population. Did the Most High state the he hated Esau for nothing? Even as we speak, the re invasion of Africa is under way. The white man has a bottomless belly, he is never satisfied with what he has, he must have everybody else’s by any means necessary………and should he be excused and escape judgement for all this?

    As is written, he has a “perpetual hatred” for us, it will never be abated and white people on the whole will not stop until the last black person on this planet is taken out. The white man is a destructive creature who hates life, beauty, happiness, joy, love, abundance for all and most of all peace. He embraces death, destruction, misery, greed, bloodshed, murder, disease, famine, plaques, anger, hatred, darkness, desolation and all other things negative with wide open arms. He is a menace and a danger to all life on this planet. The Most High will soon open up an industrial can of utter wrath and fury on his hide, only then will he know what time it is but by then it will be too late for him.

  62. Verbs

    By the time the “common” white man realizes that his hold on the planet is waning, we’ll be in full head-on war. I was offered a vision by I AM of how the story ends. We will be victorious.

  63. Lol, do you know what the letter reminded me of? Or should I say, LETTER.
    A violent man and his fear of having the woman he once abused (emotionally, spiritually and physically), having the courage to pack up and walk out on him for good. To begin with, just as she is preparing to make her exit, he’s telling her: ‘C’mon, baby..I love you, it won’t happen again…’ trying to manipulate her emotionally and whatnot…but then when he sees that she is serious, he starts to get very loud and aggressive, letting what are his true feelings, pour out: ‘You bitch! You whore (insulting her and emotionally blackmailing her)! You’ll be nothing without me! Don’t you GET that you’ll be nothing without me! No one would ever want you! You’re disgustin’, filthy whore…!’
    At the end of the day, it’s fear. It is the idea that we’ll come to no longer wish to have anything to do with them (AT ALL) that leaves a bitter taste in their mouth and has their blood boiling. Because without us, what ARE they exactly? Nothing. And that was what I got from that letter. The dysfunctional relationship (if you can call it a relationship’ between that of a violent man and an oppressed abused woman striving to be free.

  64. larissa on said:

    @mzch i think u nailed it. the white self esteem cannot exist without an underdog. they cannot feel high unless someone is beneath them.

  65. verbs2012 on said:

    Agreed Negress, this is a main reason why I do not buy into the so called “patriot movement”. What this movement is really all about is restoring the cream and the good times back to whites and ensuring their leadership position remains in place. However we can clearly see that the white man is not fit to rule.

    Yes, war is coming and we will be victorious. His own arrogance and pride will be his own downfall. You cannot wreak havoc on an entire planet and expect to not have some sort of recompense head back in your direction at some point down the road.

  66. verbs2012 on said:

    It is a common strategy that white people execute when their feet are held to the fire of accountability, the label slinging, demonizing and slandering technique. Calling them out for their wickedness is not a crime, do not be put off or fall into the guilt trip syndrome trap they attempt to trigger when they get lashed with the truth of history and the present, continue to move forward relentlessly with the cannons of truth and don’t stop firing.

    They can and do call us out in a negative manner all day as criminals, thieves, muggers, welfare recipients etc, but we are not allowed to point out their short comings in like manner?????? Hypocrites, if you cannot take the heat………….

  67. @MsChoc–wonderful analogy. I think whites have studied in depth human behavior & what makes people tick. They incorporate that into everything they do, including & especially the oppression of folk. Everything they have is built on careful, subtle mind manipulation–otherwise how else do you explain less than 9% of the earth’s population controlling the resources & activities of the other 91%? We need to be studying the ways of the sociopath b/c essentially that’s what they are.

  68. Oh also wanted to add that when you look at mostly men who behave in the way you describe, what kind of women/partners do they usually choose or do they have to CREATE in order for their control to be effective? Usually people with little to no self-esteem who are eventually completely isolated from family & friends & made to feel like all of the abusers insults/episodes of violence ARE THEIR FAULT. So yeah, you hit the nail on the head EXACTLY.

  69. brothawolf on said:

    I’m no expert, but this is a classic case of projection and having a complex.

  70. Thank you 🙂
    I’ve had this misfortune in stumbling upon or being confronted by Caucasians (usually online) who use this type of tactic. The: ‘we are all the same/Black people are just as racist as everyone else or not as worse’ tactic’, and then, when you appear to be above this overplayed, emotional blackmail, reverse-racism card that THEY like to use, their true feelings come out. They may believe, battling with a no-bullshit Black person who knows every card in the deck, that the last resort, as if to fuck with our self esteem is the ‘N word’ ridden, ‘Black people ain’t shit’, ‘Africa is a shit-hole’ rant…so they go there. But the whole ‘wife beater and abused woman analogy’, despite the many convos I’ve had with THEM, actually hit me when I read the letter.
    I’m guessing the most painful thing for a Caucasian to stomach, besides that of the blatant inferiority that stares back at them in the mirror, is a Black person who is ABOVE them – spiritually, mentally, emotionally etc. A Black person who knows what Caucasians are. They hate not being able to fuck with a Black person psychologically because we all know that Caucasians play the psychological game painstakingly. They even have this MENTAL script, complete with words that are to be said to a Black person or POC, in a specific order, so I agree with you when you say they have studied human behaviour and human mentality down to a T.
    Fine e.g: Female dog…I mean Caucasian female asking Black woman (a woman she knows) if her ‘hair’ is ‘real’, even though – and whether it is or not, she may know the answer to her question.
    I think it really fucks their minds up when they come across ‘a Black’ who is not like those other ‘Blacks’. Y’know, the ones that – and as Caucasians say: ‘aren’t like those ‘STEREOTYPICAL Black people’. It’s sinister.

  71. Hellz yeah. And thank you.

  72. Well think about it this way, if you are a 80lb weakling, going up against a giant, you are going to have to resort to mental manipulation–you can’t beat them with brute force. So this is the white man’s trump card. BUT the only way that works is IF he is dealing with a black person who is not aware of WHO he/she is & has knowledge of who/what the white man is. Then he is dealing with someone he cannot con outright & then you will see the reverting to the reptilian brain—the fight or flight scenario. He will either appear to back down but if he has continued interaction with you, oh trust, he’s going to try to figure you out and find your ‘weakness’, your ‘achilles hill’..this is how these mofos operate. Basically they are sociopaths. Look up the profile of a sociopath and you will see the history of the white man as it relates to how he deals with people.

  73. @brothawolf

    Whites need to understand that black people will not be stupid forever. They wrongly assume that their power and wealth will save them…Wrong! Black folk are the righteous heirs of the throne, whitey knows this deep down, which explains the hate. I want them to continue being prideful and arrogant. Whatever is inside my skull, No man can reach…Black Victory!


  74. @nmaat433

    Whites think the average sista or brotha they see in the streets lack knowledge of self…this will be their downfall. Assuming is a recipe for disaster, Psychics are not real ya’ll. If i could predict and foresee human behavior, i would be a wealthy man right now…Ditto!


  75. Negress, keep on going!


    Well said. I am a Sista and I do know who I am as a person. Black is beautiful. We were the first people and the ones who built civilization. Caucasians know this deep down and thus the hatred. They have a inferiority complex. And it makes their blood boil when they know that many of us know their true nature.

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