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Blacks and Health: The Natural Way to Heal #9


Is there anyone who doesn’t like the scent of dried cloves? Indigenous to Africa, the spicy, sweet buds have been used for hundreds of years as a nutritional spice for food, a preservative for meats and a remedy for a variety of health concerns.

For over 2,000 years, both Indian and Chinese traditional medicine have adopted our extensive use of clove flowers and clove essential oils. Arabic traders brought the buds to Europe in 4th century A.D., and in the seventh century, Europeans adopted our traditional medicines and cloves became wildly popular.

Cloves are high in many minerals including iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, potassium and vitamins C , K and A. They are also extremely rich in manganese and dietary fiber. The main chemical component responsible for clove’s powerful analgesic, anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, as well as its distinctive aromatic smell, is a substance called eugenol. Did you know that our ancestors used this essential oil for easing pain during surgical and dental procedures?

What are some of the things Cloves aid/ fight: 



Parasitic infections

An aphrodisiac for low sex drive


Headaches, when made into a tea

Cleans your blood

Bad breath



Cancer prevention, when made into a tea




Jah gave us the world’s first antiseptic with this aromatic bud! Please drink up to purify your body from the toxins of today’s cancer-laden foods.

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23 thoughts on “Blacks and Health: The Natural Way to Heal #9

  1. Great information DOAN! Always welcome your sharing of the simple things we take for granted in this currently over-processed world we live in. With each posting you provide about the wonders of these herbs and spices, I’m amazed at the powers that hold. I have to be honest in stating that for many years, I’ve overlooked the importance of these substances, by not taking the time to read and comprehend their wonders. The business of life is mostly to blame but it’s great that someone like you is contributing such great information. You should know that your help is greatly appreciated and I’m renewing my interest in the naturally healthy aspects of these plants!

  2. Emile

    Soon the pharmacies will close to us. Soon the drugs the Pill Pushers throw at us will not be there. We are rapidly deteriorating as a society. Get back to Mother Nature. She’s never failed us before.

    ObamaCare will have many pitfalls for the black community as ALL bills are designed for our destruction. I alleviated my own depression with St. John’s Wort, cutting back on sugar and getting sunlight.

  3. I appreciate the info too & am grateful that I grew up with a mother who always sought herbs & vitamins instead of western meds. Tumeric, Bacopa Monniera & rhodiola are all herbs I take daily. I think you mentioned tumeric but not sure if you have featured it yet, but the benefits of this herb are astounding.

  4. Nmaat

    I come from the land of curry so turmeric is on my list of herbs to promote. It’s wonderful, no?

  5. Definitely. When I read the info related to prevention of cancer/tumors, among many others, I was sold. I still need to step away from the sugar tho, I ain’t gon lie. lol..

  6. Cause sugar tastes goooood! And it feels good…til you crash.

  7. off topic, but is the Samoya & the Bear ad to the right, yours? If so, you ain’t got just 50 jobs mon, you got 50 aliases too…I know corny. lol..

  8. oh yeah, can you list some sugar alternatives?

  9. figs. Believe it or not figs are a healthy natural sugar source. My family also likes agave nectar.

  10. mary burrell on said:

    Enjoyed the post. Maybe you can compile a book of all the post on healing with herbs and we could purchase it at Urban Fire.

  11. yeah…lol

    Us islanders all have, like, 90 jobs.

    My grandma used to get up at 6, do the yardwork, care for the kids, plant, wash and get it together by 6:30! LOL

    Samoya is mine.

    I wrote a children’s book just for us last year. We need more POSITIVE black children’s books and we don’t have many so, dammit, I wrote one!

    Samoya deals with heartache but she overcomes it with her Teddy.

  12. Miss Mary

    That’s a great idea!

    Thank you. Now I have 91 jobs. lol.

  13. I use *Stevia*, NOW’s brand, powdered one pound.. it’s kind of expensive, about $58.00, however a LITTLE bit of this stuff is extremely potent (sweet).

    I’ve tried different brands of Stevia, I like NOW’s the best! It’s worth the price, as far as I’m concerned.

    additional info:

    As always, I suggest that interested parties use the internet to further RESEARCH ….. all unfamiliar herbs, plants, etc INFO regarding health benefits, etc…

  14. Hey in the spirit of ‘cooperation’ I will have something for you later, I’ll send it via email. We gotta support each other.

  15. Thanks for the info, I think I’ve heard of that before. I will def research it.

  16. This is great knowledge. Thank you Queen. I will be picking up cloves on my next trip to the market. Namaste, Love.

  17. Tea Tree Oil is a big one for me, it’s an essential oil + natural antiseptic and it literally works for *everything* Cysts or infected zits/acne – swab some on and it’ll dry it right up and within a week you can’t tell you ever had a blemish.

    I’ve used it for inflamed gums after I quit smoking and even for cold/flu bugs – just apply some topically and within moments you start to feel it penetrate and attack the sickness, in a lot of cases it feels like its ‘burning’ the sickness right out of you.

  18. Bry

    Tea tree post coming soon.

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  20. Thanks for the information. Clove is also great for fighting candida yeast infection.

    Here is a tasty recipe

    Ingredients: (makes 2 cups)

    2 cups of water
    1 teaspoon whole cloves
    ½ teaspoon grated nutmeg
    ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
    Few drops of lemon juice
    Agave nectar or honey (optional)


    Lightly crush the cloves and put into a saucepan with the nutmeg and cinnamon
    Add a cup of water and heat to boiling. Turn the heat down and simmer for 2-3 minutes
    Turn off the heat and let steep (sit) for 5 minutes
    Pour through a tea strainer and, if using, add the lemon juice or honey or both.
    Drink and enjoy!

  21. Sun Light is so important for us and the more melanin you have the more sun kisses you need. Nature would have us give maximum skin exposure to be most effective, but that is hard to so in this world with so many who think sexposed shin is an inviation to sex.

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