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Introducing African Blood Siblings: A Tool for Liberation

African Blood Siblings is one of the most dedicated organizations in our liberation. With a master-teacher mentality, they lovingly welcome all Africans throughout the diaspora to un-learn the mythologies of Western Civilization and re-discover our rich heritage. The builder of this wonderful organization is none other than our own Onitaset Kumat.


Please visit his blog page and sign on with his organization.

Black Family, so much has been stolen from us. Hidden from us. It is time to rediscover it!

“To make steam effective you must bind it up in an engine; to make water serviceable, you must harness it in a mill; to make electricity manageable, you must mask it in a battery; and to make men useful in reformatory or remedial work, you must recruit them into an organization.” — Charles W. Anderson

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16 thoughts on “Introducing African Blood Siblings: A Tool for Liberation

  1. soforeal on said:

    nice. one day we’re going to make things right. i don’t know how or when but we got to plant seed and this looks like a start.

    to make our liberation more easier we must get our siblings out of white peoples bedroom. Soforeal W. Anderson.

  2. soforeal

    You said it! Number one thing to stop doing, like right now.

  3. soforeal on said:

    kick in the door and say freeze sucka! get out of that damn bed, get out. or drop the strings from helicopter and land on the roof and kick in the window and yell WHERE THEY AT!!!!


  4. LOL..you are funny. A real life drop squad, huh? We certainly need one. But some of those in that position would kill you and me to stay in that bed. I say leave em. As we can see all around us, flucking white people has done nothing to change the general condition of black people. It benefits them primarily–they get some melanin to disperse into their population & some more misappropriated black wealth (if it’s a black person with a lil $). Lose Lose for us. In a perfect world, love would be colorblind but love is not a disease, it is a conscious, deliberate decision. Plenty people make the decision to NOT share their love with someone or continue a relationship b/c the costs outweigh the benefits.

  5. soforeal on said:

    yep. i hate when we say we can`t help it that we fall in love with white people. i feel like running into a brick wall when i hear that, you`ll never hear another race say we can`t help that we fall in love with black people!!! i speak for the the siblings when i say MASSA WE SICK!

  6. mary burrell on said:

    @nmaat433; Drop Squad is a great film. I know a whole lot of negros that need a drop squad.

  7. It is a great film. Too bad it is only a film. But yeah I agree, we’d need millions of drop squads just to handle the amount of black people in need of ‘dropping’. lol.

  8. Tree Breeze on said:

    Checked out the site. It is full of such wonderful info. A must explore.

  9. Kushite Prince on said:

    Liberation is the KEY! We can never forget that.

  10. Tyrone on said:


    Thank you for passing on the info. Onitaset is a beacon of light among blackmen, i have the utmost respect for him.


  11. Right back at you Brother. Too many of ours are emasculated or effeminized but not you. You’re a real Man among sometimes boys. You are appreciated for your being.

    Hotep, Bro

  12. Yes Tree Breeze. It has to be wonderful information. It’s your information.

    Come explore,

  13. Imagine attaining and defending Local Power, then connecting that Power internationally. This is the African Blood Siblings. When we do intelligently we can again triumph against the opposing Races. And Prosperity, Independence, Community, that will be ours.

  14. Criss

    I don’t mind links if they correlate with our posts but this really does belong on open thread. Just to keep things on track.

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