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Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near You

{Copied this from Davey D’s Hip Hop corner}

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35 thoughts on “Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near You

  1. mary burrell on said:

    That’s crazy. All of those policeman for one guy? Really? And it had to be a black guy. smh.

  2. Miss Mary

    Of course. We all have superhuman strength.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    This in tandem with the phantom negro weapons Abagon was posting about on his blog.

  4. Mickey on said:

    Yep. Remember Rodney King? 4 police officers on ONE, lone Negro.

  5. I am soo glad the brotha was able to film gestapo. I know they wanted to bust him in the head. lol..cowardly vermin. Thank God for phone cameras & you tube.

  6. soforeal on said:

    why are white people here? and what lesson were they sent here to teach us? something is just not adding up.think about it, how can our creator let such a demonic being slip through cracks and slaughter us on a daily basis for hundreds and thousands of years sure we have won a couple of battles against them but we can’t seem to win the war i know they have had us in bondage for 500 years but why can’t god ( us ) win the war? what benefit will this injustice be to this universe? WE GOTTA SNAP OUT OF IT the clock is ticking.


  7. I remember the King incident very well. I’m keeping it in mind for the Insurrection.

  8. Yes. Even though the cops will probably get off.

  9. soforeal

    We’re still “asleep”. The most High has not decided when we will be awakened. I already saw how the story ends for them and it’s shant be pretty.

  10. Yup. You are probably right. I mean, lynchings were documented & those mofos still got off. Brought children with them like it was a festive event or purely entertainment. But then I guess it was and still is.

  11. IMO..I think whites’ history is a cautionary tale for huemanity. It shows that the 1st can become last and the last 1st. In seemingly a blink of an eye. I think it also shows what happens when beings try to BE GOD & show complete disregard for HIM and his creations. And I agree with Negress…this will not end well for them, but it also may not end well for the vast majority of us–simply b/c we have been complicit. Most of us apparently don’t have any more respect for what GOD has created than they do, or you would think we would do something besides watching it happen. We are at least 90% of the earth’s inhabitants. Maybe that’s why the Creator hasn’t stepped in yet, he’s waiting on us to realize the urgency of this. If ‘they’ fluck up the planet, where are we gon go? And if there is nowhere else to go, then why are we sitting idly by like passive observers when WE all ultimately will perish if things continue on this path. I’m sure everybody’s heard the saying: God helps those who help themselves. Again IMO ..organized religion has made MAN too passive to be of much help to himself, let alone others. Now after having said all that…I also believe this could just be par for the course of hueman history..we’ve ruled, we’ve been oppressed, others have ruled, others have been oppressed & it appears these cycles will continue..maybe this is just wash, rinse, repeat until we as huemans get this shat straight..or completely cease to exist b/c we failed.

  12. Nmaat

    If you study European history, you’ll see that they repeat the same patterns again and again to maintain control.


    These 4 steps have been done by the Edomite since Edom swore to slay Jacob. They haven’t changed they just got more polished as time progressed.

    They will however, destroy the planet before they relinquish control. It’s their destiny to destroy. Deep down they know this but will never admit to it.

  13. I agree. All you have to do is look at their history. But what always puzzles me is what is it about the sociopathic personality that seems to render ‘normal’ humans inert or effectively paralyzed? What have they learned about hueman behavior that keeps us always reacting to what they do instead of acting pre-emptively? Or do you believe this is all ordained by God and it’s destined to happen and play out as it’s already been written?

  14. soforeal on said:

    i’m a young guy 22 years old so i got many more years to live out this madness. i just worry about the kids that are coming up in the future i don’t want them to go through what we have to endure they don’t deserve this. we have to teach them because they hold our faith just yesterday i was reading about those italian men over in kenya leaving little 11 year old girls with babies and getting away with murder i’m so tired of these devils i try my best not to talk to them until they get what they deserve then we’ll talk. everyday i’m scheming i don’t care if i die i was born to liberate my people and i will atleast attempt to do so.

  15. Isaiah 45:7 – I form the light and create darkness: I make peace, and i create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

    Hello all first time poster here. I believe that black people in america are the descendants of the hebrew israelites in the bible. From what I’ve researched and read online is that, because of our ancestors disobedience to The Most High by not keeping the commandments and worshipping other gods, they were cursed. You can find this in Deuteronomy chapters 28-68. We ( Negroes) are the lost sheep of Israel. Most of us are still asleep as Truthbetold said, but some of us are starting to wake up. Just my 2 cents.
    (This is an awesome blog by the way. I found you throught Abagond)

  16. Most of us are still asleep as Truthbetold said, but some of us are starting to wake up. Just my 2 cents.

    My apologies, I meant as Diary of a Negress said.

  17. And I believe that is what we all need to do–our individual part to tear down this system. Not all of us are fighting warriors, some of us are word/info warriors, or guidance warriors, reconaissance warriors or training/education warriors..but we all have a part to play. Just don’t think you are in the battle alone. And pls don’t be a suicide warrior b/c that won’t help you or anybody else. I love the story of Nat Turner but L’Overture is who I’d like to be. We need more Touissants. And Garveys. People who can move/co-ordinate masses in a unified movement toward freedom. And we have to be willing to die AND kill for our freedom to make this world a different place. And realize our enemies, our true enemies, are willing to do the same. Unfortunately, too many of us would rather live enslaved than risk taking a step toward freedom.

  18. soforeal on said:

    lol no suicide warrior

  19. nmaat

    I read once from a black scholar on the web:

    Whites ACT
    Blacks Re-ACT

    Meaning, they’re always striking first and we must be in constant “ready-for-battle” mode. That wears me out frankly. I’m not one of those go, go, go folks. I need stillness and silence to recoup. I think white know this as they have sociology, human behaviour and anthropology labs at MIT, Columbia, NYU and Harvard universities…all Jewish run.

    They keep us in a constant state of fear, ignorance, childishness, foolishness and confusion so that we’ll never become hip to the game. Once we *DO* realize what’s happening, we get fired/laid off/ killed/ put in jail/ ostracized or made to look insane, like Dave Chappelle.

    We are in the last stages of humanity on earth ruled by them. How do I know? Because we’ve plunged into madness like beastiality, pederasty and God knows what else they’re dangling in front of us.

    Things will play out exactly as God ordains. They will perish and their houses will be made of rubble. All in due time.

  20. Amarie

    Well said. More of us will become awake and then shits gonna hit the fan. When Zionists realize that they are losing control, they’re going to break out the hidden weapons they have in store for us.

    And ALL other nations will join them in eradicating the Negro. But they will fail. Thanks for the complement.

  21. I copied this from one of the websites i like to read.www.Hebrewisraelites.org.

    The Most high entered into a covenant with the children of Israel. He told them if they obey his laws and commandments they would be a mighty righteous nation (Deuteronomy 28:1-13) but if they choose to disobey he would bring down a great punishment or curses upon them. These curses can be found throughout the bible, but primarily in the books of Leviticus 26: & Deuteronomy 28:. Those curses put upon Israel by the most high is the entire history of the black people in the America’s.

    (Deut 28:43-44)
    NOT BEING ABLE TO STAND AGAINST OUR ENEMIES (Leviticus 26:37-38, Deut 28:25)

  22. Amarie

    Thank you for the info. You must converse with Darqbeauty, a commenter on here. She too is a Hebrew. I am of the tribe of Benjamin.Our awakening is near and the Edomite can sense it.

  23. We should study the Science of Warfare. Really, the way to gain victory over an opponent is through warfare. The young man was in a war zone but unprepared for warfare. We saw in a microscope what can happen to our people if we remain unwilling to Organize.

    Soldiers find your Generals. Warriors find your Armies. Africans find your Organizations. Or this young man’s fate is yours.

  24. Tyrone on said:


    The “Po Po” are an extension of the political class, they don’t operate on their own. They think and behave as they’re told by mayors, managers, representatives, and so forth. We focus a lot of our attention on them, when instead, we should be inquiring about who’s in charge of them. As we know, black males in the US are marked for death. The powers-that-be allow drugs and guns to flood into ghettos all across america, and nothing is done to stop it. Hip-Hop that promotes black genocide is pushed to the masses as art, which is comical. Religions that have nothing to do with blackmen are promoted as lifelines for us when they’re not. Blackmen want to be friends with everybody, but, what’s the definition of friend? Blackmen see athletes and rappers all over the tube, and assume that things have changed, Really? Preachers work for the man, black politicians work for the man, so-called black activists work for the man…We’re F**ked! Any blackman that wants to stay free and alive can’t be in the mouth of the shark and in the belly of the dolphin simultaneously. He has to reject all that he has been taught, he has to disassociate himself from unbelievers, stop spending money with others that don’t like him, realize that manhood is a jungle filled with snakes, crocodiles, hyenas, and vultures…Not Central Park! He has to understand that he and his fellow black brethren will never be in the circle, so, trying to be liked by others is a waste of time…The Most Hated! Be willing to break ties with blackwomen who work against himself and blackmen as a whole. Yes, they do exist brothas. Understand that whitewomen and other women are “Fish Bait.” Sex is used as a weapon by the Illuminati to trap, deceive, and fracture the black male/female relationship. Understand that media is the portal thru which our enemies reach and teach lies and propoganda to our people…TV Is Cancer. Radio and internet are more useful to the struggle, but, the evildoers want to gain control of both mediums, Why? The Net and Satellite Radio are unregulated by the government, which makes them dangerous.


  25. Ty

    Well said. Also remember that the true origin of the police are slave catchers. So they’re just doing what comes naturally.

  26. Mickey on said:

    Exactly! The police were about guarding property…and slaves were property. The slave catcher/overseer/slave breaker class is an ancestor to the modern-day police class.

  27. Tyrone on said:

    Yes, they are the original slavecatchers. Thanks for reminding me Queen?


  28. Didn’t I tell you they do what they want? Be damn camera or eyewitness.

  29. Truth Be Told,

    You should do a post on this, but it might give you a head ache.



    I don’t understand this Germany is a strange place with sickening habits, but they are not the only evilpeans to practice this and have it lrgal.

    The treat their own like this so, even when they think they are being nice they are still mean and evil if, they think stuff like this is okay.


    And this is how the men folk treat eachother in some form or another. So, never let them walk behind you and it brings a whole new meaning to I’d love to have you for lunch.


    Just saying watch your back, front, sides, above and below…

  30. darqbeauty on said:

    Oh yes, we are definitely waking up, as prophecy has foretold. Check out the website “SlayingEvil.wordpress” I believe. The brother has got some phenomenal information on what to expect when we wake up as Hebrews/The Elect. Time is short. Soon all information will be cut off. Get your knowledge while you can because the powers that be know that their time is short. All over the globe we are realizing who we are. They are terrified of us, and with good reason. I hope you check it out. May the Most High continue to keep you and lead you on the path of truth.

  31. Thank you! right on the money, with this comment.

    @darqbeauty, Thanks, for the link. I will be reading his blog more.

  32. @Negress, @ Family, check this youtube link out:

  33. Criss

    No shock there. They’re everywhere.

  34. @Darqbeauty, I had to come back and thank you as well for this link to SlayingEvil. I am reading and learning alot. I’m so happy to finally find people(you, negress, etc) who think like i do. It’s a small group, but sometimes that’s all it takes to get the ball rolling:)

  35. Truthfulwun on said:

    400yrs…if history has taught us anything it sould have taught us not to be surprised by these things. From our captivity in Egypt to Babylon thru the Persian up to our current 400yr captivity in America. The Most High will deliver us!

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