Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Historical Effeminization of The Black Male

African Eunuch

eunuch is a man who has been castrated. Typically, this procedure occurs early enough in his life, say before puberty, for this change to have major hormonal  consequences. Castration was typically carried out on the soon-to-be eunuch without his consent so that he might perform a specific social function. That function was to be an asexual, non-threatening guard to the King’s Harem of Concubines.

{Castration tools}

Many eunuchs were African slaves who were caught, groomed and effeminized by wearing feminine clothes, make-up, perfume and jewelry in order to make them reliable servants of the royal court…without the sexual threat of taking the King’s women. The role of the castrated African man was not just to keep other men at bay, but to make the King’s bed, bathe him, dress him and cut his hair. In short, the black man’s role was to be but a lowly servant to protect the interest of the white supremacist.

Today, in modern times, we have many eunuchs.

Tyler Perry

Lee Daniels

Farnsworth, P Diddy’s Eunuch

These wealthy black men were given wealth by their masters for 4 reasons:

1. To be as non-threatening as possible to the system of racism.

2. To protect the interest of white, Jewish-ruled Hollywood.

3. To never fornicate with or created “dark-skinned” children with white women.

4. To never create black life with a black female.

The system of white supremacy has taught me that no strong, noble, intelligent, race-conscious black man will ever be famous or idolized. Especially if he has a noble, intelligent, race-conscious black woman by his side. These men were given the ultimate gift for their non-threatening stature and their allegiance to the system of white supremacy:


Last night, I did something I seldom do: I turned on the tel-lie-vision. As per Mr. Fuller’s advice, I took a deep breath, dusted off my remote control and pressed the magic button. I do not know what station was playing as I don’t have cable TV. I immediately saw beautiful people everywhere. Long flowing hair, perfect abdomens, glistening teeth and upscale houses. Then, the camera centered around the lone black male character. He was beautifully dressed…even in his own house.

I took special notice of how he hanged on to the every word of the white characters, never leading his own line of dialogue, just kind of hanging on. Then the camera zoomed up close to his perfect, model-features and impossibly long eyelashes. His eyes gave it away. He was soft. There was no inkling of a strong, fierce black man in his gaze. Just the look in his eyes told me that he was just another eunuch…in really expensive designer jeans.

Once I took a step back and looked carefully at the barrage of black males that are “successful”, I saw a startling pattern of events. Everywhere that I looked, black males were on the verge of being castrated/ already castrated but didn’t know it:

Cleveland Brown

The system of white supremacy, of course, will deny this but this cunning turn of events is really just another way of exercising their centuries old plan. What is the name of the plan?


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48 thoughts on “The Historical Effeminization of The Black Male

  1. That’s deep but so true.

    Stephanie B.

  2. Very good article sis. Though I can’t even begin to relate me being very male. I do understand the history of marginalized as males and outcome of such programs. That being said I reserve my right to remain quiet on this one.

  3. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Sister Truth This was a great post! You really made some excellent points. I know this is a very touchy issue and people would rather ignore it. But it’s something that happened and needs to be addressed. I agree with your four major points. That’s the honest truth right there!
    This is the book that really helped me understand why there were so many gay and effeminate black men in the media. After reading Baruti’s book it all made more sense to me. I suggest all black people buy this book and educate themselves.


  4. Tyrone on said:


    Authentic black manhood has always been the greatest threat to the white male power structure on the planet, make no bones about it. A feminized blackman is not a threat to whitemen, Why? They’re metrosexual, homosexual, or bisexual…don’t have to worry about them reproducing with blackwomen and lusting after whitewomen as well. It removes the whiteman’s #1 competitor out of the way, which allows them access to blackwomen. As i’ve said before Negress, whitemen built their power and wealth from the wombs of blackwomen…Universal Truth. Blackwomen provided the labor during slavery, and the same ish is taking place today. Prison Industrial Complex…black males behind bars…Sports Industrial Complex…black males produce massive amounts of wealth for rich whitemen that own football, basketball, and baseball teams…Entertainment Industrial Complex…black males fatten the pockets of whitemen via hip-hop, which is used to promote an array of products and merchandise. In order for whitemen to exploit blackmen as they do, the black males that inhabit the genres that i mentioned have to be less than manly by default. Remember, exploiting the wombs of blackwomen is the primary goal. If the vast majority of blackmen in this country were truly free, we would not continue to transfer our god-given blessings over to whitemen. As we all know, the entertainment industry is run by gay whitemen. We wonder why so many blackmen in cinema sellout so to speak…Who’s Runnin’ The Show? In conclusion, brainwashing blackmen to be less than manly benefits whitemen and other non-black men that want access to blackwomen..Bottomline! A note to black folk…don’t focus on what you see, observe what you don’t see.


  5. Reblogged this on Mbeti's Blog and commented:
    This Black woman is representing Like The Great Dr.Frances Cress Welsing.
    And That’s Saying A lot.A whole lot!!

  6. blackmystory on said:

    People don’t realize how a man’s (or in your case a woman’s) whole life can be changed by one book ( Malcolm X)…

    For you it was Elder Fullers Book, for Prince it was Baruti’s book, for me ironically it was the Autobiography of Malcolm X. I believe elder Fuller was telling you that once one attains knowledge, on cannot go back to ignorance. These people in the horse and pony industry are trying to go back to ignorance, but the pain of their dalliance in all things iniquitous, will burn their souls eternally. For not only have they willingly sold their souls and bodies to Mammon, they have sold their birth right and their progeny.

    This post is a short yet profound insight into the heart of Yurugu and price he exacts on his alter of death.

  7. Jesus

    I understand.

  8. Prince

    Dr. Baruti’s book is on my list with Complementarity. (sp?)

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about both of them.

  9. Ty

    That’s why the black woman must be destroyed. If you cannot control her womb by toxins and birth control then she must be killed. I’ve always said it begins and ends with the black female.

  10. Blackmystory

    Yes, Mr. Fuller’s book punched me in the gut. Talking to him was even more jarring because he doesn’t bite his tongue. EVER. When I realized that everything on this planet was set for our demise, I felt like, “Where was I when all this was going on???”

    This post was painful and many men will resent me for it but it’s true. That’s why whenever I see a “successful” black man on TV, I know instantly that he’s someone’s bitch.

  11. Excellent. Reliable sources inform us of the “bitchdom” of today’s “Successful” African “men.”

    But yesterday was different and their wisdom reigns true:

    “Men may not get all they pay for in this world, but they must certainly pay for all they get.” — Frederick Douglass

    Black Power, Sister.

  12. blackmystory on said:

    “That’s why whenever I see a “successful” black man on TV, I know instantly that he’s someone’s bitch.


  13. mary burrell on said:

    Yes, Sister Truth. I have to admit something weird is happening with some of our black men. Especially in the entertainment world. Strange indeed.

  14. mary burrell on said:

    Farnsworth Bently was always a strange bird to me. I never knew what to make of him. Cleveland the animated character from the Clevland show? Lol. I thought he had a wife and kids. I’ve never really watch the show in full. But Lee Daniels is so disgusting to me.

  15. mary burrell on said:

    Aout Farnsworth Bently I read he was engaged to a young hollywood actress. Maybe it was all the pink and umbrella carrying that had me thrown off.

  16. Miss Mary

    It’s probably a “staged” engagement.

  17. mary burrell on said:

    I hope you are wrong. but something tells me you might be right. That’s scary.

  18. blackmystory on said:

    @mary burrell…Richard “gerbil in the rear” Gear was married. Rock ‘Sex by the poolside” Hudson was “with” female starlets. Quincy “let me grab my ankles” Jones has children. And any male that calls himself puffy, shouldn’t have women laying with him.

  19. @DOAN:

    You remember my e-mail to you a couple of days ago? I had to ponder on some things and it required that i use every piece of information i had–it was ultimately this:

    1.that white women wanted to come home (to Blackness), yet she is too afraid of “relaxing” herself and can’t bring herself to break free of other whites (for that i say she should just stay on that side)

    2. White women can have brown babies with Black men–but it is through the Black woman that true, functional Black Nations are born..(everything that a Black woman knows and can perform culturally is passed down through mitochondrial DNA–this is the hallmark of Black womanhood–white women cannot pass on this knowledge to their offspring with Black men.

    3. The naturalness of Black women is a stark reminder to white men that they are not desired by the masses of Black women and thus genetically inadequate to Black men (if this makes sense, if not i will further explain once you respond)

    i have more but i hope i am not off topic.

  20. Phoebes

    Please teach….I think we can all benefit from any ideas on this madness.

  21. Kushite Prince on said:

    It’s a great book. He has a very impressive library on many subjects. He’s one of our greatest scholars.

  22. If you haven’t seen it already, you may enjoy this clip, I Am An African Man, protesting against Hollywood stereotypes.

  23. Thank you for the clip!

  24. Oh, wow…..

    Agree or disagree, your points are too obvious to truly trump.

    Oh, and I agree with you 100%.

  25. @DOAN

    I don’t know if i would call myself “teaching” here, but it is just what i have come to observe…and there is no better way to observe whites than in their natural habitats (predominately white schools, work places, neighborhoods)…any Black person who is able to do this is indeed fortunate…for the sheer purpose of clinical observation..you do not need credentials to be able to do this!

    Effeminizing Black men of all ages renders them ineffective in combating racism…it is as simple as this: Black women alone cannot fight racism effectively–so the single Black woman raising male and female children will be a lesser “threat”, whereas a genetically dominant Black man by her side, leading, protecting and having constructive conversations with her daily is the biggest threat for racism…

    Many young Black men in their prime (18-50) are being kept away from Black women in this age range through deliberate incarceration, war, and rap/hip-hop culture that has become increasingly anti-Black female (although this was the opposite truth when hip-hop was first started)..now don’t get me wrong– Black men do get married and they overwhelmingly marry Black women, but the fact remains that there is this crisis–a time of decision making on the part of Black men and women.

    Are we really going to fight this thing? Or keep giving into the illusion that the “real” problem is animosity between Black men and women?

  26. Phoebes

    Great answer!

    The animosity between black men and black women is Zionist taught as we traditionally are not a man/woman- hating tribe of people.

    The illusion is powerful due to propaganda, like the homosexual Tommy Sotomayor is being PAID to teach. I really don’t think we fall for it though. Just my opinion.

  27. soforeal on said:

    damn they done have farnsworth bentley lookin like a strawberry ice cream this is not a good look. i rebuke him lol

  28. Tyrone on said:


    All of the bulls**t that blackmen deal with via whitemen and others is about the black female. The wealth and power that built the US and Europe is because of the black female. Whitemen assume that most blackmen lack knowledge of self. They parade naive whitewomen to us via media, flood the airwaves with feminized blackmen, portray blackwomen as less than. Note to whitemen…Tyrone and other like-minded blackmen know the game, you’re not fooling us with the nonsense. How did i come to realize this truth? Hatred of strong blackmen on this planet opened my eyes on this issue. Why was Marcus Garvey hated so much? He was a mirror to blackmen on this planet…A Reflection! Whitemen have always known that a self-loving blackman is sexually refined as well, Meaning? A blackman that loves blackwomen is a lover of womanhood. He desires to be with his reflection above all women. However, he has the capacity to love non-black women as well. Sista-Loving blackmen who have sexual relations with whitewomen and other women will raise their mixed offspring to love black as they do. This group of blackmen are a minority within the larger group but feared just the same. Black male sexuality is a game of “Sexual Mathematics.” Black men and women multiply, more black babies. More black babies equals more black men and women. More blackmen means a surplus of black males for blackwomen and non-black women as well. Meaning…A Black Planet! Sex has always been important in african culture. We’re supposed to love women and sex by nature. A blackman can’t be free without being fully sexual. If a brotha is not having sex, he’s up the creek…dead, paralyzed, doped-up, sick, behind bars. Black Eros is not just a slogan to me, it represents black manhood in totality. Blackmen love p$$$y, we need not run away from our nature. God gave us “The Gift” for a reason. Populate the planet and colorize the planet…we were tasked to do god’s will on earth…Bottomline! Sistas, please understand that your “Chocolate Fruit” is priceless, worth more than diamonds and gold…Love It! Pink Cocoa is heaven on earth, blessed any man that can sip from your cup!!!

    Black Eros

  29. Ty

    I honestly don’t know how to respond to this.

  30. Tyrone on said:


    Unfiltered Truth is what blackmen need to hear. Why the loss for words Negress? What nerve did i pinch?


  31. Ty

    Sex was sacred to the blackman/ blackwoman. That’s all. No pinched nerves. It’s just that the physical act itself was more than just “an act.”

  32. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, sex has always been sacred within the black male/female construct. A blackman expresses his love for blackwomen sexually, this we must understand. I can tell a blackwoman i love her all day every day. Until she feels me inside of her, she can’t measure the love that is within me as a blackman. Sex allows a blackwoman to know how we really feel about them, this is the point i was trying to get across to you and other sistas Negress. Ty is explicit, sistas should know this about me. Sex has never been a hangup with me, it’s how all of us got here…Yes? I love you Negress…Always!


  33. I love you too Ty.

  34. So, it goes to prove Mr. Fuller was 1,000% correct in his assessment of how Yurugu showcases overall success of Black people by parading a few of them before us and questioning why we’re always complaining about SOR (mistreatment). I think about this al the time ever since I’ve heard him explain the strategy that is being used.

    We must keep reminding ourselves that the media is a SOR tool that is used to affect/influence our brain-computer. That is why they broadcast/print/transmit/display the most negative, discouraging, dispiriting and non-constructive images and sounds to E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y, so that everyone will have the most negative or schizophrenic impressions about Black people (and nonwhites too) in every area of people activity. For example: look at the subtleness of how Farnsworth is suggestively holding his umbrella against the contour of his image. Images and symbolism, as taught to us by Dr. Welsing, are some of the most powerful tools on the face of the Planet. When she advises us to monitor the information that is digested/inputted into our’s and our children’s brain-computers, this is a crucial, necessary and very important activity that we should stay on top of through-out each day given to us by The Creator. We have severe competition with the availability of media/high-technology 24-7-365. I often refer to own as a quad-processor: double the efforts in purging old data while doubling the effort to input/set to memory constructive, helpful and empowering data.

    Success, as determined by the SOR (mistreatment), is a measuring stick that is used to determine how far you will go in their sphere of influence. The success of a people is determined on the basis of how much their needs are met within their functioning society. So, how can an individual be “successful” when he/she derive from a family/society that is highly-deficient in all nine areas of people activity? How many times have you heard the bios of specifically “successful” Black people, who’ve become successful in Yurugu’s sphere of influence but still have family members living in regressive social structures? Of course there is nothing wrong with success; The Creator wants us to become successful and perpetuate success, e.g. “be fruitful, multiply and replenish the Earth.” However, once these people do become successful, their acquired resources are pre-determined/re-distributed/re-routed back into Yurugu’s SOR (mistreatment) to their benefit. Defining your own level of success includes how much you’ve helped another who needs the most help while helping yourself.

  35. Crissjensen on said:

    Great Post!! Love Everything.

  36. Emile

    Thanks for pointing out Farnsworth’s umbrella and body language! How subtle it is but so dangerous. Excellent reply as always.

    And…I love this:

    “Defining your own level of success includes how much you’ve helped another who needs the most help while helping yourself.”

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  38. maeleonline on said:

    Reblogged this on Not yet uhuru….

  39. So true, Negress they want to effeminize our men to suit their own purposes.

    I would love to marry a Black man when I get older but not a effeminizated one. A strong Black man who is against White supremacy and loves his race.

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  41. Thank you, the referrence to DR. WELSHING, was on point, the reat coupleDR. NATHAN AND JULIA HARE,have analysized this oin the 1980’s..

  42. Sexually ,this is a very sensitive topic ,but at the crux in the fight against white supremacy/DNA, …….if our males perform in ways that kills/delete/ undermine the black /DNA]family, than we are colluding in our own GENETIC-geneocide …
    …………….the mass incarceration of black males and accompanning sexual assault of thous. of black boys-men will also have to be addressed, we are looking at the jail phenon/sexual outcome, that P.S.T.D., related to the rape of black males….these men have come home to molest young boys, …We can’t heal or get clean until we recognize the sexual abuse coming out of jails and how else can you rationalize how prevalent this has become in the last five years……..in LATINO countries ,you will never see a black male television or public eye , unless.he is an homosexual!! this is nt a coincidence!!!!

  43. Lohnnie Cakes on said:

    Reblogged this on lohnniecakes.

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