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Bio Weapons: A Tool for Black Destruction

Black parents who read my blog: Please stop giving your children vaccinations. They are toxins.

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17 thoughts on “Bio Weapons: A Tool for Black Destruction

  1. About twenty years ago, I had came up with the idea of have every person of the planet copyright their personal DNA, to be used as a means of economic, legal and scientific defenses against unwarranted use and abuse of all body organs, fluids, tissues, sampling, postmortem rights, etc. This was during the healthcare debate of the Clinton Administration’s Health Security Act of 1993, where it was vehemently crushed by the now-corporatized healthcare industry. I had re-read and restudied the Tuskegee Experiment at the time, after listening to a radio interview (forgot host/interviewee names). Ever since then, with extreme scrutiny, I’ve viewed the healthcare industry in a totally different light. I’d like to offer a few books that contain great information relative to your post.

    Dorothy Roberts’ “Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics, and Big Business Re-Create race in the 21st Century” increased my skepticism and cynicism after reading how about the various speculated biological/biometric applications that are being proposed to be used and now implemented in scientific R&D, law enforcement, healthcare and other important areas of our society through the primary use of DNA.

    There’s also Dr. Harriet Washington’s book, “Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans From Colonial Times To The Present” that provides a chronology of blatant abuses of Black people across the globe in the fields of medicine and science.

    There are no Planned Parenthood offices in heavily-white populated areas. Neither are there any “targeted” policies aimed directly at white populations as a component of reducing the world’s population and its associative societal demands. People, and specifically Black people need to wake up. The past election contained oogles of metaphorical comments made by white GOP men about their consciousness (awareness) about the fact of the decreasing number of the white children, specifically males, across the world. I wonder how many people read that the way I did?

  2. Mickey on said:

    The book “Acres of Skin: Human Experiments at Holmesburg Prison” by Allen M. Hornblum also speaks of the use of Black prisoners for medical experiments. Even the Nazis used Black POWs for experimentation.

  3. Tyrone on said:


    We complain about internal and external forces reducing our numbers? Black people are gleefully supporting an anti-black, anti-blackwoman, and anti-american man in the White House…Barack Obama! 500+ murders in Chicago/2012…Planned Parenthood…Hollywood…Radical Islam…Gay-Marriage…The Link? Mr. Obama himself. As i’ve told friends and family over the years, whites and others will use those that look like us to finish us off, Why? The enemy within is the greatest threat, not those of another tribe.


  4. soforeal on said:

    @Emile i would give my life just so black people can wake up and be who they are supposed to be. if we are ready to spill blood i am down for it, i can`t take this anymore we have let thses reptilians ruled for too long!

  5. indeed. But not surprising.

  6. Emile

    Due to the fact that whites are decreasing in their population, we’re getting the suped up version of this vitriol. There are NO accidents on Jah’s earth. That’s why the homosexual agenda is in full swing for black males and females.

  7. not surprising but pissing me off

  8. Tyrone on said:


    (How To Kill Black People Without Leaving Fingerprints)


    The saddest aspect of this nonsense is that our own are complicit in the brainwashing. The “Illumanati” is infecting black youth from the time they emerge from their mothers’ wombs…Scary! Sesame Street has always been part of the loop, as well as Cartoon Network, Walt Disney World, and so forth. Disney wants families to visit their parks in Cali and Florida. They have been promoting homosexuality all this time, and we had no idea…Sinterklaas!


  9. Ty

    Yes…we’ve ALWAYS played a big role in our own destruction.

    How you ask?

    By being greedy for the master’s crumbs and jealous of each other. In the end, we all lose.

  10. Check this shit out.

  11. Here is another piece on using Blacks for medical experiments.

  12. Mickey

    I’ll look out for that documentary. I liked a beautiful truth, so this looks promising.

  13. I know in order to have inner peace we have to learn to forgive, but if I were in that old man’s position, I would not be able to forgive those people who did that to me.
    It was so heartbreaking and shocking to see the condition his head is in.

  14. Negress,

    Can you please delete my first comment? the one that says gravatr1

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