Observations of an Invisible Woman

I Had a Dream

“The Dream” that proved to be just that.

Yesterday the Spirit commanded me to get some sun. I obeyed. Walking beneath the intense orb perched in the sky made my senses tingle. The hairs on the nape of my neck stood erect as my brain absorbed details that would later be revealed to me. Awhile later, I came inside, made some tea and settled in my couch next to the fireplace. The gentle crackling of the wood and the smell of cedar lulled me into a deep sleep.

My dream consisted of a faceless man who told me of our fate on this planet. I was still and silent as he explained to me that Carbon, the life force that keeps the universe “alive” is what’s keeping us alive. The horde of bullets, bombs, missiles, poisons and diseases that lay awaiting the human population will soon be unleashed but I should have no fear. Through the chaos, suffering and death, we shall arise through the dense fog of smoke and broken bodies and be One with the Universe.

He drifted off and I was awakened by a noise that I could not identify.

Now more than ever, the Ancestors have been communicating with some of us that are able “see” and “listen”. There are no such things as coincidences on this planet. The stars are aligned for our revival and it is happening all over the world as Africans are feeling the exact same thing…at the exact same time…and speaking the exact same words all the while never having seen each other. My Grandmother, a Divine Force in my life, has been present with me from birth til her physical death. She lives in my house, sleeps in my bed, sits in my chair, travels with me to work and has never, not once, has left my side. She is my constant rock who reminds me that death is just the beginning of your life as the Original Peoples on earth. Black Family, no matter what changes take place, and they will be happening soon, have faith that our legacy will continue forever.

Carbon never dies.

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34 thoughts on “I Had a Dream

  1. My grandmother also tags along with me as I carry on with myself and this life. She has saved me from me and I’m sure several other things that would have meant leaving this life early.

    I have become a shell of a human as my knowledge and vision has become clearer. Or better yet have become a shell of what “they” want a human to be. I can’t hardly stand leaving my safe place and don’t as often as I once did. I’ve ask other Black people who are in the “know” if they have become isolated and why. The answer is always yes and these are the less confused Black people I’m referring to here. We are in a group that I don’t believe is self segregating, but that are being segregated by whoever controls this whole thing. We are being taken out of the line of fire. We will be what’s left when the races are culled and streamlined. Why? Because we are what is needed for this Blackness to continue and be it’s best. The Black fools you see running around out there with their bullshit while draw the fire away from us. The “us” that are not out there, but are here studying and preparing and laying low or the us that know it’s nothing out there for us.

    Today is the day they set aside to honor a man who I don’t know but heard about. I was raise in pro-Black household with Black Panthers coming and going and this man Martin Luther King was not loved there. So I came up when the dream was self-sufficiency and Black up leftment and most of all Black power and Black love. We didn’t care to hold hands with little white children or eat at some white folk dinner table. We had our own children and their hands needed holding and we had our own dinner table to eat from. I respect Dr. King, but that’s it. I will be damned if I’ll be praying to some white man on a cross as my head get cracked open by some stomped down racist cracker. So happy I had a dream day and moving forward let’s have some waking dreams.

    Thank you Sista for the inspiration and the friendship. I pray that the Most High will continue to shine light on your path and keep you close.

  2. Jesus

    Your post moved me. I can relate…a lot. The dead white man on the 2×4 is Cesar Borgia…or zeus…or whatever they wanna call him.

    Our spirit of Zion is an entity that has modeled us after His Divine image. As for being a “shell”, do not ever feel that way. You are more real and alive than the robots they present to us.

    Thank you for contributing to my Awakening.

  3. I read or heard that the person on them 2×4’s was either Da Vinci’s so-called gay lover or some drunk he got to pose for him from off the street somewhere. Either way we have been took, hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok. And when I said shell I didn’t mean that I am a shell…..no, I meant I am by no means what they want me to be. My vision ain’t blurry, don’t worry.

  4. @SisterTruthBeTold

    Speaking of MLK…The rapper Lupe Fiasco was kicked off stage at the Inaugural concert yesterday for singing anti war song and calling out Obama for what he is. Lupe speaks truth to power, just like MLK did… Obama is nothing like MLK regardless of what these cool aid drinkers say.


    I posted this comment by mistake in the open discussion trend, if you could delete that would be greatly appreciated.

  5. MK82

    Sure no problem.

    Hmmm…since celebs are given scripts, I wonder what will happen to him now? He probably will have to apologize.

  6. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great article by Boyce Watkins. He asks the question what would MLK ask Barack Obama if he was alive today. I think he was spot on!

    If I may, I’d like to humbly submit some questions that Dr. King might have for President Obama if he were alive today. If a man is allowed to lean on your legacy for political gain, then one might expect that he is at least partially responsible for helping to continue that legacy. I can’t put a PhD on my wall while simultaneously refusing to learn how to read, and the president cannot say that he was inspired by Dr. King’s work while disrespecting those who continue his legacy. Here are some questions that Dr. King might ask President Obama were he alive on this day:

    1) Do you have a commitment to racial equality? If so, why are you not willing to speak on the matter? I can’t recall the last time I heard the president say the words “Black man” or “Black woman” in public. It appears that he believes that his racial equality card is embedded in the color of his skin, but men like Clarence Thomas remind us that this is not the case. While the president might make politically neutered statements about Dr. King such as “Dr. Mlk Jr. was committed to service,” we also know that without the battle against racial inequality, there wouldn’t have been a Martin Luther King, Jr. This was the cornerstone of his legacy, and we should not allow him to be softened for public consumption.

    2) Why does your administration refuse to mention poor people? With 40% of all black children in poverty and the wealth gap between blacks and whites increasing during the Obama presidency, it’s difficult to say that the president has shown a great deal of concern for the economic challenges of black Americans. From the beginning, both President Obama and his evil sidekick Valerie Jarrett made it clear that black unemployment was nowhere on the radar screen for the White House (as the president plainly said that “the rising tide will lift all boats,” which is a racialized version of Trickle Down Economics). As a result, whites have seen their unemployment rates and economic fortunes improve since the start of the recession, and black people have not. But then again, it’s never been fashionable to care about poor black people and even some black people love to believe that this lack of progress occurs because black people are lazy.

    3) Are you a man who seeks peace or are you part of the American war machine? Likely due to no fault of his own, President Obama must make himself an extension of the American military, which has filled its free time conquering nations that have never threatened us, toppling regimes around the world, dropping bombs on young children and letting thousands of soldiers die, all so corporations can get access to cheaper resources to fill their coffers. I am not one to say how much the president’s conscience weighs in these decisions to start wars around the world, but I can say that Dr. King would probably not approve.

    4) If you agree that the War on Drugs was wrong, why haven’t you pardoned hardly anyone or given retroactive sentencing? The president, to his credit, played a role in the passage of the Fair Sentencing Act, which reduced the Crack-t0-Powder disparity from 100-to-1 to 18-to-1. But what we must first realize is that 18-to-1 is not fair; it’s just not as horribly unfair as the prior disparity. To be sure, 1-to-1 is fair sentencing, and 18-to-1 only means that a five year sentence translates to a 90-year sentence. The fact that this has become the standard for racial equality in the criminal justice system in America is a reminder of just how sick our nation has become.

    Secondly, even with the passage of the Fair Sentencing Act, the president and his evil sidekick have done NOTHING to allow these sentences to be applied retroactively. This means that there are hundreds of thousands of Americans who remain incarcerated under laws that have been banned. Even the most extreme Obama apologist can’t explain their way out of this one. The president has the power of the pardon, where he can correct many of these wrongs with the stroke of a pen. Yet, he is even afraid to pick up an ink pen to help the black community. Again, I don’t think Dr. King would approve of such a grave injustice.

    5) Why did you cry for the dead children at Sandy Hook, but not for the far higher numbers of dead children in black communities? This week, Minister Louis Farrakhan called on President Obama to come and see about the families of gun violence victims in Chicago. The president said that the deaths of the children at Sandy Hook made for the worst day of his presidency. This statement is stunning in light of how many more children have died on the south side of Chicago and in other urban areas all across America. I dare say that if those Sandy Hook children had been black kids in a poor neighborhood, this would have gone from being the worst day of the Obama presidency to being a normal day at the office. No one’s child deserves to die.

    One of the things that we don’t want to admit is that most of us have little interest in truly connecting to the legacy of Mlk Jr., largely because the truth behind his beliefs makes most of us uncomfortable. Dr. Cornel West has been attacked from all sides for critiquing the Obama Administration for it’s lack of interest in racial inequality, mass incarceration and violence. Ironically, before he died, Dr. King was also heavily criticized for his remarks on very similar issues. Also, notice that Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was as close to Dr. King as anyone living today, has not been invited to the White House largely because he speaks on issues that the administration would rather ignore.

    Some like to excuse Obama’s deliberate oversight of Jackson by referencing Jackson’s ill-timed remarks on Fox News five years ago. But if this is President Obama’s excuse for ignoring the needs of 40 million Americans, then that would make him as petty as someone accused of being upset because he didn’t get tickets to the inauguration. We can’t accuse Cornel West of being a petty man on one hand, but then say that Jackson’s unfortunate remarks about Obama give Barack an excuse to put his personal vendetta ahead of the interests of millions of Americans.

    In America, truth-tellers tend to be persecuted, and liars often emerge as heroes. Right now, we are living in the den of political thieves, as Dr. Martin Luther King’s hard work is being borrowed and leveraged by people who would never invite him to the White House if he were alive today. Dr. Mlk Jr. made sacrifices to create opportunities for Obama, but Obama would probably not sacrifice his political opportunities to support a man like Dr. King. The two have as much in common as a soldier on the battlefield and a teenager who plays military games on Xbox. These men are very, very different.

    Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins

  7. Prince…here are the answers…

    1. Because Barry is a dark-skinned white man who doesn’t give a fuck about black people.

    2. Because poor people, like blacks, are scourges who need to be put out of their misery. All they want is hand-outs. And malt liquor.

    3. Peace??? What’s that? War is a money maker, especially if you can fund both sides…like Rockefeller and Rothschild.

    4a. The “War on Drugs” is a coined phrase for the “War on Niggers.” Since war is all the European knows, why ask him to change his ways? Besides, war is great! See response #3.

    4b. The 13th Amendment, mustn’t forget that…was placed into law to keep blacks where they truly belong. In chains.

    5. Because only white life is precious. Niggers don’t count.

    “In America, truth-tellers tend to be persecuted, and liars often emerge as heroes. ”

    Since Ameriklan, the most Evil country in the world, next to England, was built on lies, why stop now? Lies made the white man stinking rich. Lies made whites believe they are superior. Lies are the social construct of all things lacking God.

    If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

  8. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great reply! I would have to concur. But I really wish someone would ask Obama those questions. It would be entertaining just to see him tap dance around the questions.lol

  9. Prince

    Anyone who dares to ask Barry the truth, will be 6 feet under.

  10. I have to agree with SisterTruthBeTold on this one, speaking truth to power will get you killed.

  11. Kushite Prince on said:

    That’s true. You’ll be joining Jimmy Hoffa for sure.

  12. Kushite Prince on said:

    That’s why so many people are scared to speak out. Very few people have the courage to speak out on this sick twisted system.

  13. @Kushite Prince

    Especially when they are making money off of it, i.e. Obama and any other Black person you see on TV.

  14. I really don’t give a fluck about what ‘power’ thinks about what I say or think. Call me dense but I just don’t care. Any flack or blow back is par for the course. Frederick Douglass told us long ago that power concedes nothing… I figure if those like Harriet, Nat, Sojourner & the like could risk literally swinging from the end of a rope, then today we as a people have no excuse for just going along to fluckin get along. It’s heretic and shameful. And I’m not trying to wax like i’m all pious and righteous. I’m human just like anybody else but I just think I’m one of those people who is just tired of seeing our people continually suffer and do it as if it’s ‘normal’..this shat is not normal and I will never accept it. I can understand people being scared but damn, how in the hell do people think huemanity made ANY kind of advances if everybody was scared all the damn time?

  15. In the interest of avoiding wasting time , waiting for the president, “leaders”, clergymen and the like, to do something for us when we should be doing for self, by all and any means possible, I’d like to assure Dr. Watkins and all of those who ask these questions with this simple answer: whatever you’re asking for from these people, it ain’t happening. So, to avoid disappointing oneself and getting on with the business of survival, we should move on, anticipate more b.s. and bottomless promises, and use our time constructively, just like other ethnic groups are doing.

    “If you don’t understand the system of racism [mistreatment] works, what it is, and how it works, then every thing that you do understand will only confuse you.” – Neely Fuller Jr.

    “The denial of racism [mistreatment] is essential for its survival.” -Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.

    The system of racism [mistreatment] is defined as: “a global system of people who classify themselves as white, and are dedicated to abusing, and subjugating everyone in the known universe whom they classify as not white.” -Gus T. Renegade.

    Overall, what they are saying is that, if you can’t clearly comprehend the dynamics of all of the fluff-and-puff, ear-tickling, and blowing-smoke-up-your-a** that is being used as a cover to their real agenda, then you will continue to be disorganized, confused and misinformed, disappointed, bamboozled, angry, etc.

    While time is foolishly wasted waiting on these people to accept us and make us a part of their realm, which some of us clearly don’t won’t to be a part of in the first place, it could be used more constructively in more educational, profitable and less-stressful ways. We are constantly reminded, in subtle and overt forms (media, people activities, personal incidents) of how we as Black people don’t matter anymore, with the showcasing of Latinos, white women, non-white immigrants and homosexuals as having more viable agendas and concerns than we do. So, what are you going to do? That choice is left up to each individual to decide. Insanity is explained as doing the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again…yet expecting different results. I’m more inclined to avoid this of time-consuming, non-productive activity and choose to view better alternatives that will help me and those of the same mind, same goals and dreams for our children.

    Dr. King was a great man, a fragile human being like the rest of us and did what he thought was the right thing to do for humanity in his 14,000+ days under the Sun. I have always deeply appreciated that ever since I truly overstood the essential meaning of his self-imposed mission. Although they strategically hid his economic plans for Black self-sufficiency away from us, his ambitions, goals and raw honesty can undoubtedly move anyone toward realizing the better parts of their consciousness. But he, President Obama and many more to come, will never move certain people of whom they specifically seek to influence with common sense, patience and solutions to their practiced mistreatment of Black and non-white people, here in this country and across the globe. And even in 2013, these very same types of people are here with us today, but with much more refined strategies that will work just as well as it did 50 years ago. My personal belief is that they will never change. I never knew why before, but I do know why now. That’s why I don’t get mad because I overstand what’s going on. In order to know where you’re going, you have to know from whence you came. Until the rest of us come to the realization, we will continue spinning around in circles and wondering when these sort of things are going to change.

    I was just thinking about the some of things that are possible to happen over the next four years while reflecting over the past four years. I asked myself: what have I learned from them? What should I have been doing that I’m not doing now? What moves do I have planned? And as Mr. Fuller has stated, the SOR is always planning its next move in its overall plan for mistreatment of Black people and non-whites.

  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oVHTAmG1ZI Rapper Trick Daddy summed up ‘the game’ beautifully..in living color…

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  18. @Emlie

    “But he, President Obama and many more to come, will never move certain people of whom they specifically seek to influence with common sense, patience and solutions to their practiced mistreatment of Black and non-white people, here in this country and across the globe. ”

    Emile are you seriously putting Obama and MLK in the same category? What common sense solutions has he implemented or proposed to stop to mistreatment? Was his statement about “there being no White or Black America” leading to these solutions? His silence on Israel bombing Gaza and the deaths of over a 1,000 innocent people leading to a solution? His expansion of the illegal surveillance and oversight of Americans (especially POC who speak truth to power) leading to these solutions? The illegal bombing and overthrough of Kadafi leading to these solutions (which also lead to the genocide of thousands of Black Libyans)? If my interpretations of his “common sense solutions” are incorrect please set the record straight.

  19. I also want to clarify something..my targeting and I suspect MOST targeting of people of color who happen to be in my opinion, disproportionately black (for whatever nefarious purpose) started WAAAAY before Obama was selected & entered 1600 pennsylvania ave. I know mine started during the bush administration around 01 or 02, possibly even earlier. I think this was deliberately timed so that while the administrations prior to Obama (esp. bush) are the ones who started ramping up illegal surveillance and targeting; I believe ultimately this is a part of the larger plan to tie all these assorted crimes of state to a ‘black’ person in most people’s mind for what’s about to happen on a global level. I don’t think most people work backwards from major events and realize current events were planned many decades ago by people probably long dead. People tend to forget about who started what program & simply blame the current administration. This is by design. And the unaware and ignorant will buy it. And I’m not saying this to absolve Obama from any responsibility. He is definitely working someone elses’ agenda. He is not oblivious imo or unaware. He damn well knows who butters his bread, but at the end of the day, Obama ain’t got no real power. I can’t imagine anybody being naive enough to believe otherwise. I think not only was he ‘selected’ to be prez b/c of his bloodline; I would go so far as to say he was ‘created’ exactly for this assignment. And I believe that to be true for every (p)residents going back for awhile now, some say all since Kennedy.

  20. nmaat

    My family and I said the EXACT same things word for word!!!!

  21. Well apparently those of us who get ‘it’..are a threat to those in illusory power for some reason. But I see whites as that cartoon character wyle. e. coyote (sp?)..always in pursuit of the seemingly oblivious roadrunner..and always failing…times running out tho…http://www.stewartsynopsis.com/what_white_people_don.htm….and not for us…pay attention to what the brotha says about the sun sterilizing them…you are in the medical field so maybe you can co-sign or refute, don’t know if it’s true but it resonates for me…and the global birth rates support his assertions…

  22. MLK is in a class by himself, and quite honestly, Obama or others can’t possibly measure up to the level of personal commitments and sacrifices made by him. I’m referring more generally to how the SOR [mistreatment] works, of how it uses, abuses, manipulates and scapegoats various Black and non-white people as diversionary tactics that keeps everyone continuously distracted from the desired goals of real justice. I’m not in the business of criticizing the President or anyone else, as this activity is (1) time-consuming in the most nonconstructive way, and (2) doesn’t get us any further in realizing our common goal of effectively stopping mistreatment of Black and non-white people across the globe. As an independent thinker, I’ve come to the conclusion that the president is also a victim of this system, after realizing “how” the system works and the hidden factors at play that most of us don’t concentrate upon enough. Our focus is mainly upon the reactions of particular events affecting our lives, but no one seems to proactively educate themselves about the conventions and machinations that are used within the SOR [mistreatment] to produce these events, from community level to places on the other side of Earth. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my personal observations and that’s cool with me. Being adults means we can agree to disagree and still have all come out on top. Comprehending “how” the system works will explain all of your queries about the actions committed in the Gaza Strip, Libya, etc. Again, I’d like to quote the paramount significance behind Mr. Fuller’s statement: “If you don’t understand the system of racism [mistreatment], what it is, and “how” it works, then everything that you do understand will only confuse you.” Confusion: it is this key operative word that brings it all home. Confusion is but one of the many strategic tools used to perpetuate conflict, disorganization, and marginalization among individuals as well as nations. There’s a lot of constant study and observations one has to undertake in wholly comprehending the importance and relevance of these words as they apply to all that is happening around the globe, and within the nine areas of people activity: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, war/counter-war. As a suggestion, maybe you’d might want to read Dr. Welsing’s book “The Isis Papers” and Mr. Fuller’s “United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept”. These books will clarify your perspectives on almost any of the current events happening within your life. I highly recommend them.

  23. @ Emile

    Thanks for the information, but I am already well versed with both Neely Fuller and Dr. Welsing, matter of fact I have the compesatory code sitting on my dresser. I was simply responding to the comment that you made. I do agree with you statement that critizing people is nonconstructive, but making assumptions about what you think other people may know not an effective means to facilitate communication either.

  24. I agree. I’m still learning, as we are all victims and learning our way out of this confusion.

  25. Tyrone on said:


    Barack has no love for our people…500+ murders in Chi-Town. It takes the senseless slaughter of white children to move him to act. What more proof do we need sistas and brothas? Obama is a harsh lesson for our people. He has gave the middle finger to blacks in the US and those in Africa as well. First Black President…Really???


  26. Tyrone on said:


    Black people are voting for the benefit of other groups, not ourselves. We’ve been kicked to the curb. Democrats got what they wanted, they don’t need our votes anymore. Barack gave them all that they couldn’t achieve with a white face in the WH…A Liberal Majority! Meanwhile, blacks are slipping further and further behind year after year…Go Figure! Obama did his job, he made far-left ideology mainstream…white liberals see him as a modern-day FDR. In exchange for him bowing at the altar of Lucifer, black folk have to die…Ugly Truth!


  27. Ty

    Obama serves his masters well. Just like Clinton, Bush, Reagan, etc…. No difference. Just a darker face.

  28. Ty

    Once again: Democrat/ Republican….is the same thing in disguise.

  29. Brotha did somebody piss in your cornflakes today? lol..don’t mean to minimize your valid & justified frustrations, but I notice all your posts today are of the same tone. Now you ain’t like brotha West & mad cuz you didn’t get an invite to the ‘inauguration’? (rolls my eyes. hope you can detect the sarcasm)..But yeah, I think it’s obvious that the placement of Obama is nothing but a continuation of the standard operating procedure of global apartheid–find POC who can be be gatekeepers for white supremacy..it’s nothing new, it exists everywhere POC exist. Obama is just the culmination of what’s been going on with so-called black leadership in this country since we got here–co-optation of the so-called ‘learned class’ of black people to keep us po ‘unlearned’ negroes in check and chasing our collective tails. And the fruits of this unspoken doctrine are visible everywhere–black people’s collective conditioning–economically, psychically, spiritually–has not advanced us as a collective ONE iota. We take 1 step forward & are summarily knocked 3 steps backward. By design. But all is not lost. B/c we are dealing with sociopaths who are by definition self-destructive, while they are actively & prematurely planning for our death, the Creator of the Universe, in HIS/HER (whatever your views), infinitely superior game of comeuppance–has created a situation where white birth rates are decreasing b/c of THEIR own manipulation of the the earth’s fragile atmosphere/ionsphere. The delicious irony: while they are vigorously creating bio warfare agents/weapons that facilitate our genocide, they are in fact the ones with species-threatening fertility issues that apparently they haven’t been able to counter. Karma is a muthaflucka, ain’t it? I also believe the more I look at the problem, that being in the eye of a storm skews perspective. The Egyptians ruled for millenia, the Moors ruled for about 700 years in Spain, whites have held the reigns for about 1000, nothing & nobody last forever & certainly not people who have to artificially prop themselves up via patent lies & oppression of 90% of the world’s inhabitants….I don’t care what anybody says, this shat is not sustainable…when the aforementioned black people ruled, they uplifted & enlightened all that wished to be–truly an example of the rising tide of civilization lifting all boats..juxtapose that to how present company rules..

  30. Tyrone on said:


    All black people should have a “don’t give a f**k” way of viewing the prison that we continue to find ourselves in. Any black woman or man that wants to be free has to take it, not ask for it. Depending on Rev. Smith or Rep. Davis to fight for us is a waste of time. The preacherman is bought and paid for, the politician is bought and paid for, the activist that we see on tv is bought and paid for. Nmaat433, how many free black people do you know? What is the definition of free? Those of us that are fans of Negress are free, we know what the f**k is going on. Take my house, car, bling…my life, health, freedom, and blackwomen will cause me to kill you in no particular order. Coons, racist whitemen, and the like need to know and understand the consequences of their actions…Ditto!!!


  31. Brotha I love your enthusiasm! But I have to disagree with your assessment of what ‘freedom’ means. And I am only speaking for myself (obviously)..but in my opinion..having knowledge of the system of global apartheid and it’s adherents is not freedom…it just means I’m acutely aware that I am a slave..which is still more than you can say for most of us..but it doesn’t in anyway confer ‘free man’ status to me..that happens when this system is completely eradicated and vanquished and we are ALL truly free in every sense of the word and we can speak about global white apartheid in strictly past tenses…then WE IS FREE..and until we are ALL free in that sense, I don’t believe any of us are free…in my estimation. But again, opinions are like….you know the rest. lol..

  32. Actually, you know what, I want to amend what I said–b/c there will always be those who are mentally chained to ‘something’. Some of us unfortunately are so used to enslavement, we run from the very thought of emancipation. So I will say that freedom to me means that at the very least the global structure/apparatus of global apartheid needs to be fully eradicated & an alternate structure erected based on the principles of truth, justice and basic human respect, would signal to me at least, ‘freedom’…of thought. But it starts there I think. As a man thinketh…

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