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93 thoughts on “Open Discussion #7

  1. Yes would for you to write about the war’s coming our way why our people should be ready.

    also do some post about this spiritual battle that is going on with our ppl (people)

    Thabk you Negress!!

  2. larissa on said:

    @crissjensen i think war is aready being waged against us, just as it has been for the past 5+ centuries.

  3. So does anybody believe, like me, that the reason there was a ‘black’ president selected at this particular time, is so that again blacks can be character-assassinated & blamed directly & subconsciously so that when society as we have known it comes crashing down, they can again point the finger and say ‘it’s all their fault’…

  4. I wonder how many of us who are considered ‘conscious’ & aware are being targeted with Co-Intepro as we speak? Or are being set up with the ‘crazy’ canard to discredit us as they did with Paul Robeson? How many know that the CIA actually drugged Mr. Robeson & then created conditions whereby he was committed to a psychiatric hospital & subjected to electroshock therapy for years?

  5. I’m curious to know how far into the future many of us are thinking? My personal observations of our current societal status are based upon how much we don’t seem to put enough emphasis upon planning for the future of our children, regardless of the myriad challenges we face today. Does anyone have any ideas or conceptualizations of what Black people will be like 50 years, 100 years, 500 years or 1,000 years from now? That’s what’s on my mind…

  6. This is what’s on my mind: http://www.slaverybyanothername.com/ and it should be on yours.

  7. Crissjensen on said:

    You’re right Larissa. we better get right with our faith in, “GOD”. thank you!

  8. All what you just said, and to keep us brian dead, about, whats really going on about us as a people. there is somthing really going on. blacks better open their eye’s to the evil games. Obama is just a smoke screen.

  9. The Hidden Faith Of The Fonding Father’s
    check this link out everyone!


  11. Criss

    Just spoke about Armageddon this morning with my family. It isn’t coming…it’s already here. The universe will correct the wrongs against her.

  12. nmaat

    Yes. It is the last stage in our genocide.

  13. nmaat

    CointelPro and Homeland security are watching me as I breathe. Jah gave me the vision of my enemy. He/She is a commenter on this blog. Am I afraid? Yes and no. Yes…for my families sake and no because they can’t stop the Most High in His divine power for recompense.

    …so fuck ’em muthafuckers!

  14. I don’t know why, but I think we will be fine. I think this is just a test of faith and something we have to go thru to get thru…but I believe we come thru it standing on the other side. I think others think they have our destruction in their control, but I think that power, along with all of their other ‘power’ is illusory. Black people have been puttering around this place called earth the longest… and when the earth ceases to exist, I believe we will still be here..I think as it was in the beginning, it will be in the end…everybody will be black..again. I think ultimately, the legacy of white supremacy will simply serve as a cautionary tale. And a short & bitter one at that. We need to put it in perspective. According to scientific research, whites in their present form have only been around between 6000 & 12000 years. And they’ve only been a dominant global force for less than 1000 years. Historically, that’s a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, we are just caught up in the middle of that blink…or maybe at the tail end of it. But this too shall past.

  15. I don’t believe their plan will work. I think, yes, some of us will perish but we will come out stronger as a result. And while the aim may be to wipe us out, they will be the ones who are instead wiped out. How these people think they can destroy the ionosphere when they have the least protection against the Sun is indicative of their insanity and self-destructive nature. Just stupid.

  16. Sis, there are all kinds of trolls who are paid by FBI to comment on any site that caters to the black population. I’m sure we’ve all run across them. And I’m sure there are many here who are at the very least lurking but why fear anybody/anything if you are walking in truth? What can they do that they haven’t already done? Or that you can’t conquer? That’s my thinking. I cannot fear people who like to portray themselves as invincible, yet they slink & hide in the shadows like 2 bit hookers looking for johns. I also view them like the wizard in oz, hiding behind the scenes, hoping you don’t ever discover how insecure & scared they really are. Their fear is palpable. And I won’t ever own a psychos crimes. I have family too but death to me is not final nor should it ever be feared. I don’t have a death wish but that is not something that can be held over my head. The sociopath is always seeking a way to neutralize you or find something that he can barter with. Walking in truth and knowing that they fear us waaaay more than we can ever fear them is what keeps me strong. And like you, I just don’t give a fluck. They are not God and ultimately, they WILL answer for everything. Doesn’t matter if I don’t live to see it, the important thing for me is that I always walk in truth.

  17. “Does anyone have any ideas or conceptualizations of what Black people will be like 50 years, 100 years, 500 years or 1,000 years from now? ”

    Hopefully in tune with Nature and activated.

  18. Oh I also wanted to add that our collective enemy isn’t likely to be 1 person. The system is our enemy and they have many supporters and agents but it’s too expansive to narrow it down to 1 person. So yes, there are people who may post or may just be paid to lurk, but to focus on 1 person, that’s how they get people like the Unibomber, McVeigh or the other historic supposed ‘lone wolf’ gunmen to lash out at specific groups or demographics & then they got you just where they want you–in prison or in the grave. The puppeteers are people whose name we’ve never heard uttered or mentioned on tv, believe that. All these others who are apparent are just lowly shills. I said all of that to say: I won’t ever deign to question your spiritual beliefs but always be discerning when you ‘hear’ things in an environ where you know things are not what they seem or someone else has contaminated your environ. They like to keep us confused and off-kilter. But if you are of truth and God, you will be fine. And I can tell from this blog, you are both.

  19. Crissjensen on said:

    Thanks! and i agree i just feel like our ppl gonna start felling the hard evil hand of white folks.
    Thank you again.

  20. This is it for as black ppl. they have no need for us anymore.

  21. Just be careful and keep the faith in God. there getting ready for the Attackes on us.

  22. I believe that that’s what they want us to think. If you believe in God, do you think he created us to be the white man’s footstool? If so, then I guess you can just lie down and die or surrender. I refuse to ever concede that I was put here to serve people who have proven themselves to be as vile and reprobate as any that has walked the earth. I’m supposed to kneel before what essentially is satan? I don’t think so. That will not happen in this lifetime or the next for me. And if you believe that you were sent here solely for ‘their need’ then I feel for you. That’s the lie they live. I refuse to pay any attention to anything that spills from their lying lips. If there mouths are moving they are lying and if their mouths are not moving, then they are getting ready to tell another lie or just got done telling one. People may see this as extreme generalizing but if you have millenia of the same type of behavior over and over, then I think it’s insanity to keep giving people the benefit of the doubt who have proven they don’t deserve it. Those that this doesn’t apply to have proven that they are mere cowards and won’t be any help to us either. Hell, they can’t help themselves so black people need to stop trying to build bridges across waters infested with sharks.

  23. larissa on said:

    To all: Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had obsessive thoughts? Like you literally could not let go of them no matter how hard you tried? The same thought day in, day out, 24/7/365? If yes, how did you cope?

  24. Larissa

    Give into it and let it run it’s course. I feel that way on the way to work thinking about these Demons I must face. Certain “images” enter my mind and just entertain them til they are no more.

  25. Or like Dr. Welsing calls them The Fondling Fathers. Thank you sista.

  26. soforeal on said:

    On the corner i see my young brother hustling to find his way

    On the corner i see my young brother who’s trying to run away

    away from his fears, away the tears, away from the streets, away from the rain, away from the pain

    he doesn’t trust his family no more his father walked out a long time ago and it’s like there’s escape he’s tired of being broke if
    there’s no work then there’s no pay so he gets himself caught up in the game now he’s gotta pay the price of running from the police every night.

    In the corner i see my young sista and she’s crying

    In the corner i see my young sista and she’s dying

    she keeps on looking for love but in wrong places, she keeps putting in work she’s tired of being hurt she’s just trying to make ends meet like everyone else in this society.

  27. Kushite Prince on said:

    Any thoughts on Obama’s gun control speech a few days ago? I found it very chilling! Didn’t Hitler take all the guns away before he started his dictatorship?? Hmmmm…….maybe I’m overreacting. What do you think?

  28. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks for the site! Great information!

  29. Nope you are not over-reacting. Nothing repeats itself but history. I don’t know if this is true but I’ve heard/read it repeatedly that Hitler was secretly a jew…well, since humans are basically creatures of habit and while sociopaths are in my opinion, marginally human at best, it would be in line with their historical m.o., so this go-round it will be a ‘black’ man instituting a new phase of the reich (nwo-which is essentially the same ol order) and guess who would primarily be in the camps this time?

  30. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes I heard that about Hitler as well.In 2010, the British paper The Daily Telegraph reported that a study had been conducted in which saliva samples were collected from 39 of Hitler’s known relatives to test their DNA origins and found, though inconclusively, that Hitler may have Jewish origins. The paper reported: “A chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 which showed up in [the Hitler] samples is rare in Western Europe and is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews … Haplogroup E1b1b1, which accounts for approximately 18 to 20 per cent of Ashkenazi and 8.6 per cent to 30 per cent of Sephardic Y-chromosomes, appears to be one of the major founding lineages of the Jewish population.” AS far as Obama goes,I think white supremacy needed a make over. And Obama is their guy. But all these bills they keep passing year after year,makes it obvious they have big plans for us. Camps?? Yeah I know what you’re talking about. Scary indeed. We need to be prepared for anything. I don’t put anything pass these demonic people.

  31. No overreacting there Prince. Hitler also said ” Lucky for us the masses do not think.”

  32. Prince

    on the back of stop signs and other signs, like “one way” or “school crossing” are directions for the military.

    These hidden in plain sight directions are for our entrapment.

  33. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes he did say that. And that’s why even in this country they must control the flow of information. The history they teach us in school isn’t even correct. And the mainstream media lies to us daily. No wonder there are so many lost sheep wondering around aimlessly.

  34. Kushite Prince on said:

    Is that true about the stop signs??WTF! I need to go check that out. That’s very unsettling.

  35. larissa on said:

    @sister truth thanks i will try that, i was worried cos it’s been going on for three months.

  36. Hi,
    I think that they would only sow the seeds for their own destruction if they ever got rid of black people.
    I’m thinking spiritually and biologically it would be a huge mistake.

  37. @nmaat433:
    Great minds “do” think alike.
    Funny you should say this because this is exactly what I was thinking this morning. I hate to be so cynical, seemingly jaded and antagonistic, but (lolol!) when you have lived the life of a Black person in this country, and received the type of mistreatment we have, from cradle to grave, how can you not be??!! I truly believe that there are “some” whites who may have honest, sincere and genuine intentions as far as getting rid of the SOR (mistreatment) but I’ve got to second-guess their every move like a hawk, just based upon our history of forced integration, from slavery to modern times. Yes, I’ll tolerate you when I have to but I’m also keeping my eyes, ears, nose and mind open to any unconventional moves and infinitely anticipate a “stab-you-in-your-f**king back” conclusion to any and all situations and through any forced or circumstantial interaction we may have out of sheer necessity.

    On the issue of our survival, our best move is that of helping ourselves in every aspect imaginable as much as possible. Group economics at three-hundred and sixty degrees, just like the Asians, Latinos, immigrants, whites do it; educate and train our people with our own resources, vetted research materials and established goals to be met scholastically to compete & surpass own economic enemies; business development where applicable/feasible/complaisant/supportive & stop going to the bank, asking (begging) “them” for a business loan or line of credit, while they copy & steal your business plans/trade secrets/intellectual assets; grow own food, from herbs to fruit to vegetables to grains to fisheries, one, small step at a time, just as Negress is showing us through her exemplary forums! (Thanks Negress! Your contributions are greatly appreciated!) Truth be told, there are only going to be a few of us who will really get things moving in the direction we should be going as a race of people. Study history and patterns will reveal themselves to you. Who says that we have to limit our potential in this country? Support other Black people around the planet, even if you have to give them assistance freely. In the long run, you will reap more than you have sown. We need to take alternatives to a new level and place more focus on helping ourselves.

  38. I think this issue is nothing more than a good example of how u.s imploding. No outside threats. Remember the quote from Pogo: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” The u.s. dollar is practically worthless, and don’t believe all of the b.s. you see/read in the news, which is highly polished and full of lies, deception and refined propaganda. The u.s. infrastructure is 50+ years behind the rest of the world. You have what used to be so-called 3rd World countries who have more advanced public infrastructure while america crumbles daily. White people are going through what seems to me to be an inescapable psychosis, and they seem to also be going to go further crazy because the real SHTF-Phase One of a three-step economic blow-backs that hasn’t even begun to unravel all of its weaknesses/vulnerabilities. Sure, not being employed is fine; but when you can’t find a job, Congress cut off your unemployment (entitlement) checks and they stop coming, your personal debt has become your personal prison for the next two generations, your kids’ prospects for bettering themselves is in a cloud (literally & figuratively), your skills are noncompetitive in a global economy that been’s kicked into second gear and will shift up another gear when BRIC countries start to really laying it on thick with mindblowing business models, your 401K/savings/personal assets are telling everyday that they ain’t worth sh*t and continue losing value; the real estate market across the country is still losing value with worthless properties, even if you don’t own a underwater mortgage ( a stress multiplier)…”Well, dayum! At what point will all this end?”…(lol!)…Then the government keeps threatening to take a “white male’s” last sense of hope (“his” 2nd Amendment rights), the President’s a black man (a victim of the SOR(mistreatment) ), well, then , yeah, you’d be a paranoid too!

    Bottom line: whites are beginning to see what it feels like to be a Black person in america. The rich elite are showing them in this post-recession that don’t give a sh*t about them, just like they do you and me, and they’re having to come to terms with this shocking reality. To make it in america, with a source of wealth, without S.T.E.M. skills, without bilingual-multilingual skills, without a non-arrogant attitude toward understanding the dynamics of other ethnic cultures and to be a citizen of an inept government with no vision, you’re stuck with working two part-time jobs to make a full check, with no personal assets, no access to efficient affordable healthcare, involuntary reliance upon public schools, military service as a bottom-line option as a source of income…..And if you’re really up you-know-what creek, you have to rely on the same government that you ultimately despise because they’re “supposedly” taking your gun rights away from you for FOOD STAMPS, SECTION-8 HOUSING, ETC. to keep from starving to death or freezing your ass on the street or drifting from one homeless shelter/church soup kitchen to the other…or watching out for the mentally-unstable kid around the block who hasn’t had his Ritalin and escaped the house but have full access to all guns and rifles and assault weapons you “thought” you secured away from him but he got a hold of anyway!…(lol!)… just like all of us bloodsucking welfare recipients who sit around on our lazy azzes, waiting for a check while these red-white-and blue, hard-working people are paying a-l-l these taxes and so on and so on and so on…(lol!)….

    Sorry to go on a rant, but the first step in dealing with a “problem” is acknowledging you have a “problem”!

  39. “I cannot fear people who like to portray themselves as invincible, yet they slink & hide in the shadows like 2 bit hookers looking for johns.”

    This has me rolling!!!!!!!

  40. Emile

    Looking and listening to whites complain about their government screwing them over is VERY satisfying.

  41. Kushite Prince on said:

    Wow! What a mouthful! You said it ALL! I’m telling you brother,you need your own blog. You’re dropping serious truth!

  42. Hey I was wondering could you make a post going in depth about Black Wall street, also I always notcie other races telling us (blacks) to stop complaining the Holocaust was worse than slavery could you also go in depth how Hitler read newspaper clippings in America about whites burning alive, chopping up, hanging etc black people and realising Psychologically all you have to do is villify a Minority group to the dominant ethnicity in the country and you can do whatever you want to them without fear of your own retribution, so in a sense basically the Holocaust was a result of the mastermind taking notes on what was happening to Black people in America and no white people being punished for their crimes

  43. Mickey on said:

    Yes, Hitler got his ideas to mistreat the Jews from the United States. He told an American who criticized him that he got his ideas from seeing the way Blacks were treated here. And it is true, you destroy the image of the victim, and then wipe them out.

  44. Thank you

  45. Criss

    Hmmm…interesting. I’m sure there’s more behind it. But no shock there. White men have always desired the Original Earth Mother. Dr. Welsing talks about this in her book, The Isis Papers with the “Original Motherfucker.”

  46. Crissjensen on said:

    I agree! Truth always gets out. the for black women have always been there and still is.

  47. @ hunglikejesus, Welocme! and that would be brotha. lol

  48. Crissjensen on said:

    @ Negress, If you type “Michelle Obama style” into Google, 209,000,000 results come up. If you type in “Michelle Obama education,” 183,000,000 results …
    Hmmm! what dose that say’s about AmeriKlan?

  49. I wanted to ask one more topic if you could talk about if possible, I know you did one about Stockholm syndrome and woman in Blue Dress but I was wondering if possible you could make one about black forgiveness toward white women something like that; What I mean is looking at famous black men for example they always talk trash about the entire race of black women when one relationship go’s wrong but white woman they dont For example Kobe Bryant had a white woman accuse him of rape which caused him to lose all his endorsemnets and face Jail time yet that didnt stop him or other celebrities from praising white women, same thing with Tiger woods wife bashed his head in with a golf club after finding out he cheated, his misstresses/ Jumpoffs went on TV making him look like a criminal and lose his endorsements that didnt stop him from going out with a white girl again, same with Terrel Owens having a lazy white baby mamma that wants child support increased even though he’s pretty much retired He currently is going out with one again who has a disgusting attidue (her name is Blonde baller she was on Reality TV she once told a guy fuck your mamma for having you even after she heard his mom was dead) When one white woman does wrong she’s an exception to the rule but when it’s a black woman where a relationship ends wrong it speaks for the whole race with these color struck men. Wh

  50. Crissjensen on said:

    @ R on, You see, what i see! but I don’t feel sorry for those kind of black males who talk shit about black women, to me their the real problem in our black community.why? because they have no comment to BW and children! they seek to destroy us as a ppl. some dont even know thier doing it, also some have lost thier minds, meaning they have allowed the power that be ( WHITE PEOPLE) take control of who they are as black men(lost, gone, soul’s). there will be no saving them either!!

  51. @ Negress, can you do a post on how we blacks need to better prepare for our souls and faith with god.

    and you do a post on the two horn beast ( America)

    a post on roman catholic church (the beast)

    and “Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Prostitutes ( evil church the Vatican)

    Thank you!!

  52. my bad! wrong video.lol here it is:

  53. the last video, is the one. check it out and tell me, what you think of it.

  54. lol yep its amazing and embarassing I dont see how they dont see the hypocrasy in their thinking they really think these white woman would truly love them or look their way if they were a broke nobody. Thats exactly why Jim Brown didnt like guys like OJ michael Jordan, Tiger woods etc for not taking any type of stance whatsoever when they continue to see these things going on even when they themselves were villiefied and no longer beloved by White people, except for Jordan though he’s still loved but it simply takes one slipup for that to change their view on him

  55. Crissjensen on said:

    @ R on you said: I dont see how they dont see the hypocrasy in their thinking they really think these white woman would truly love them or look their way if they were a broke nobody.

    Me:Ding! Ding!! Ding!!!

    R on said: Thats exactly why Jim Brown didnt like guys like OJ michael Jordan, Tiger woods etc for not taking any type of stance whatsoever when they continue to see these things going on even when they themselves were villiefied and no longer beloved by White people, except for Jordan though he’s still loved but it simply takes one slipup for that to change their view on him

    Me: I’m right there with him. let these dead beings go and move on with our ppl. and you havn’t seen nothing, yet! just watch how thses white women do black men just ask T.O. about all his baby mom’s.lol and jordan wont get away either just watch him fall just like the rest of the “blackmen who love white women” tho white women don’t love them. lol it’s your money she wants, not you.

    Divide and conquer at it’s best.

  56. @ Negress, do a post on “The King Of The South” which is the middle east. they are coming up and right ready to swing it with whites for thier power too.

  57. anonymous on said:

    Hi, Negress

    I am posting this here, because it is very urgent. I know you moderate your comments, but if you could please let everyone know about this, due to the small amount of time that is left…This lady needs all of us to help her! Thank you.


  58. Tyrone on said:


    Whites voted for Barack because he’s half-white. Now realizing that they f**ked up, they don’t wanna claim him. They want black folk to embrace him as family, when he’s made life worse for black-americans. Obama fooled everybody, this is the lesson of his stewardship over this country. People voted for a man to rule the free world based on false assumptions…Ass-U-Me!


  59. A vid that touches on the global genocidal war against black women & our wombs, on the other side of this is the attempt to create synthetic melanin- meltanon or epitan I think it’s called:


  60. Thank you. @Negress!

  61. Crissjensen on said:


  62. Haven’t heard of it but, thanks for sharing. Wow.

  63. I have had a rough day today. Was on the bus and white people wanted to touch my hair. Went to the store and Asain people asked to touch it for good luck. WTF is going on here!!! I’ve been natural ever since I left home and have never had so many people want to touch my hair and other stuff.

    I was looking forward to going out with one of my friends that I haven’t seen for a while and this white couple in line in front of me looked at me and smiled. I should of just went out front and waited for my friend who was parking her car. They said you are so pretty and them dropped the bomb. They lady asked me right out without even asking my name. Would I sleep with her husband while she watched… I was disgusted to say the least and everyone in the place heard them. He her husband just stood there smiling…

    The owner cought wind of the situation and made them leave. However, I lost any desire to eat that evening. And am still feeling a little shell shocked by all of this.

  64. T bee

    Whites can’t leave us alone if their lives depended on it. And I suspect, it does. Wear headphones while in their company. Even with no music playing. That deters conversation.

    As for the sex stuff, that’s how they roll. Whites have that level of freak that horror movies are made of.

    Have you seen Cynical Afrikans blog?
    That’ll knock your socks off.

  65. mary burrell on said:

    @ T.Bee; What! That’s crazy. Talk about invading people’s privacy. That is just down right rude. But if black people are so repulsive, Why are they always trying to see what we are doing? Trying to touch us. You don’t touch what you think is repulsive. Whites are strange birds.

  66. darqbeauty on said:

    That site is now BOOKMARKED!!! 🙂

  67. You are right it was like a freak horror movie before my eyes and ears. I’m still trying to wash away their filth.

    And I’m going out and buy several sets of headphones after this and may start wearing shades at night.

    I’ll check out Cynical Afrikans blog too.

    Thanks for the advice and reply.

  68. You should have seen the look on their faces. It was as if, I was some kind of dinner or something. This is why I don’t get into elevators with just them anymore. I don’t like being left alone with them. Even if they never touch you like in this case you go away feeling molested. AND FEELING LIKE YOU NEED TO TAKE A MILLION BATHS TO GET IT OFF.

  69. I took a look at the site and it is more than I ever wanted to see or know…

  70. darq

    When I first learned of his blog, I was floored! I emailed him and asked him if his photos were doctored. He said no…this is what they do on a constant basis.

    We just never hear about it.

  71. That site..that site..lol..I can only handle it for a lil bit..but long enough to learn that they have defiled an honored & esteemed phrase ‘scatting’..disgusting..who da fluck does stuff like that? And why? And then have the nerve to broadcast it & market it to other degenerates as if it’s normal? The hilarity in then trying to demean black people when this kind of shat is documented BY THEM..@ T Bee–you must look like the really friendly type cuz I wish a mofo WOULD..lol…

  72. Miss Mary and T. Bee

    A great book to read:

    The Iceman Inheritance.

  73. Thanks will do

  74. I almost vomitted when I saw some of those pictures on that blog. I didn’t get past the first page. I already know most are weirdos, without needing to see the visuals. I had a white man ask me to sit on his face while at the bus stop, he was stopped at a red light. I asked him if his nose was bigger than his prick. The piece of shit’s face turned red, he drove off calling me a ‘whore’. Another beer bellied asshole told me he likes to take his women ‘doggie’ style(this out of the blue). I told him not to waste his time or energy as he hadn’t seen his prick in years. They love to spew unsolicited garbage, the more perverse the better it would seem. That blog is probably par for the course. It seems they get off on talking filth and obscenities to women, especially black women. It’s like a compulsion with many. Luckily for me, I see them as the fucked up sacks of shit they are and the only thing they get from me is a rejoinder followed by a laugh. Then again it depends on what kind of mood I’m in.

  75. White men can’t seem to stay away from me. Especially when I wear my dashiki and shells. They follow me around stores, supermarkets, the library, always wanting to strike up “conversation”:

    “Ohh! Is that plantains? How does it taste?”
    “Cassava? What’s that”?
    “I’ve never had coconut milk. I’ll bet it’s delicious. Do you live around here?”

    *cue vomit*

  76. Don’t you wish you could just blink your eyes and they would disappear. You want to feel pretty and have a nice day and then they remind you you still live in crazy creepy land. Where they Don’t know how to behave themselves.

  77. darqbeauty on said:

    This and “Whitewatch” give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside! LOL!

  78. I just read this at another site & altho I am sure most of you know about the US’ nefarious history when it comes to Haiti, I hadn’t heard about these Wikileak cables before. Not surprising but the brazen way these sociopaths act in Haiti calls for a boycott of the named companies. Pls read up on this issue & think about if you had to live off of $3/a day. Also pls share the info with as many as you can.

    WikiLeaks Haiti: Let Them Live on $3 a Day

    Dan Coughlin and Kim Ives

    June 1, 2011

    Contractors for Fruit of the Loom, Hanes and Levi’s worked in close concert with the US Embassy when they aggressively moved to block a minimum wage increase for Haitian assembly zone workers, the lowest-paid in the hemisphere, according to secret State Department cables.

    WikiLeaks Haiti: The Nation Partners With Haïti Liberté on Release of Secret Haiti Cables(Disaster Capitalism, Sweatshops, World)

    Leaked documents provide an extraordinary glimpse of US maneuvering in Haiti from before the 2004 coup through the devastating 2010 earthquake.

    The Editors
    About the Author

    Kim Ives

    Kim Ives is an editor with Haïti Liberté.

    Dan Coughlin

    Dan Coughlin covered Haiti for Inter Press Service from the UN and Port-au-Prince between 1992 and 1996.

    WikiLeaks Haiti: The Aristide Files

    Secret US Embassy cables depict a far-reaching campaign to prevent Haiti’s democratically elected leader from returning to the country after the 2004 coup.

    WikiLeaks Haiti: Country’s Elite Used Police as Private Army(World Leaders, Regions and Countries)

    A secret US Embassy cable describes how Haiti’s business elite armed and deployed police units in pro-Aristide strongholds like Bel Air and Cite Soleil after the 2004 coup.

    Dan Coughlin and Kim Ives

    WikiLeaks Haiti: US Cables Paint Portrait of Brutal, Ineffectual and Polluting UN Force(Global Organizations, World)

    As the renewal date for the UN mission in Haiti nears, WikiLeaks cables reveal a litany of MINUSTAH’s failures.

    Dan Coughlin

    Haiti WikiLeaks Sparks Political Furor and Elite Drama(World Leaders, World)

    Secret US Embassy cables ripple through Haitian politics, imperiling the appointment of a new prime minister.

    Dan Coughlin

    The factory owners told the Haitian Parliament that they were willing to give workers a 9-cents-per-hour pay increase to 31 cents per hour to make T-shirts, bras and underwear for US clothing giants like Dockers and Nautica.

    But the factory owners refused to pay 62 cents per hour, or $5 per day, as a measure unanimously passed by the Haitian Parliament in June 2009 would have mandated. And they had the vigorous backing of the US Agency for International Development and the US Embassy when they took that stand.

    To resolve the impasse between the factory owners and Parliament, the State Department urged quick intervention by then Haitian President René Préval.

    “A more visible and active engagement by Préval may be critical to resolving the issue of the minimum wage and its protest ‘spin-off’—or risk the political environment spiraling out of control,” argued US Ambassador Janet Sanderson in a June 10, 2009, cable back to Washington.

    Two months later Préval negotiated a deal with Parliament to create a two-tiered minimum wage increase—one for the textile industry at about $3 per day and one for all other industrial and commercial sectors at about $5 per day.

    Still the US Embassy wasn’t pleased. A deputy chief of mission, David E. Lindwall, said the $5 per day minimum “did not take economic reality into account” but was a populist measure aimed at appealing to “the unemployed and underpaid masses.”

    Haitian advocates of the minimum wage argued that it was necessary to keep pace with inflation and alleviate the rising cost of living. As it is, Haiti is the poorest country in the hemisphere and the World Food Program estimates that as many as 3.3 million people in Haiti, a third of the population, are food insecure. In April 2008 Haiti was rocked by the so-called Clorox food riots, named after hunger so painful that it felt like bleach in your stomach.

    According to a 2008 Worker Rights Consortium study, a family of one working member and two dependents needed at least 550 Haitian gourdes, or $12.50, per day to meet normal living expenses.

    The revelation of US support for low wages in Haiti’s assembly zones was in a trove of 1,918 cables made available to the Haitian weekly newspaper Haïti Liberté by the transparency group WikiLeaks. As part of a collaboration with Haïti Liberté, The Nation is publishing English-language articles based on those cables.

    In an emailed statement, the State Department declined to comment on the disclosures in this article, citing a policy against commenting on documents that purport to contain classified information and stating that it “strongly condemns any illegal disclosure of such information.” However, the State Department spokesperson added in the email: “In Haiti, approximately 80 percent of the population is unemployed and 78 percent earns less than $1 per day”— actually, according to the UN Development Program, 78 percent of Haitians live on less than $2, not $1, a day—and “the US government is working with the government of Haiti and international partners to help create jobs, support economic growth, promote foreign direct investment that meets ILO labor standards in the apparel industry and invest in agriculture and beyond.”

    For a twenty-month period between early February 2008 and October 2009, US Embassy officials closely monitored and reported on the minimum wage issue. The cables show that the Embassy fully understood the popularity of the measure.

    The cables attest that the new wage even had support from a majority of Haitian private sector representatives “based on reports that wages in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua (competitors in the garment industry) will increase also.”

    Still the proposal engendered fierce opposition from Haiti’s tiny assembly zone elite, which Washington had long been supporting with direct financial aid and free trade deals.

    In 2006 the US Congress passed the Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement (HOPE) bill, which gave Haitian assembly zone manufacturers preferential trade incentives. Two years later Congress passed an enhanced version of the duty-free trade bill called HOPE II. And USAID Haiti provided technical assistance and training programs to factories to help them expand and take advantage of HOPE II.

    US Embassy cables claimed that those efforts were imperiled by parliamentary demands for a wage hike to keep pace with soaring inflation and high food prices. “[Textile] Industry representatives, led by the Association of Haitian Industry (ADIH), objected to the immediate HTG 130 (USD 3.25) per day wage increase in the assembly sector, saying it would devastate the industry and negatively impact the benefits of the Haitian Hemispheric through Opportunity Partnership Encouragement Act (HOPE II),” said a June 17, 2009, confidential cable from chargé d’affaires Thomas C. Tighe to Washington.

    Tighe said that the “ADIH and USAID funded studies on the impact of near tripling of the minimum wage on the textile sector found that an HTG 200 Haitian gourde minimum wage would make the sector economically unviable and consequently force factories to shut down.”

    Bolstered by the USAID study, the factory owners lobbied heavily against the increase, meeting with Préval on multiple occasions and with more than forty members of Parliament and political parties, according to the cables.

    The Haiti cables also reveal how closely the US Embassy monitored widespread pro–minimum wage demonstrations and openly worried about the political impact of the minimum wage battle. UN troops were called in to quell student protests, sparking further demands from Haitians for the end of the 9,000-strong UN occupation.

    As the Haitian Platform for Development Alternatives put it in a press release in June 2009, “Every time the minimum wage has been discussed, ADIH has cried wolf to scare the government against its passage: that raising minimum wage would mean the certain and immediate closure of industry in Haiti and the cause of a sudden loss of jobs. In every case, it was a lie.”

    Editor’s Note: We first posted this story on June 1, but at the request of Haïti Liberté, our partner in this series, we temporarily removed it until June 8. Some enterprising bloggers noted the “pulled scoop” and, pointing out that you “can’t stuff the news genie back in the bottle,” attempted to summarize it for their readers. Along the way, a few subtleties got lost—like that the factory owners at the center of this sordid story, who moved successfully to block the $5 per day minimum wage passed by the Haitian parliament, were making goods for big-name US retailers like Levi Strauss and Hanes. In keeping with the industry’s usual practice, the brand name US companies kept their own hands clean, letting their contractors do the work of making Haiti safe for the sweatshops from which they derive their profits—with help from US officials. We apologize for the delay in bringing the original article back online.

    Dan Coughlin and Kim Ives

  79. When I find interesting articles that chronicle the ongoing crimes against us I have to share, probably most have heard about this brotha, who is a cop on the run, having been accused of 3 murders…this is a posted copy of his manifesto where he gives his side of the story…I can vouch that the LAPD ain’t shit. Ain’t changed one bit.


  80. After reading that ‘manifesto’…I smell ‘wet dog’. While some of it is plausible (the well documentedLAPD culture of brutality, lies & racism), the rant about gun control, his praising of the US govt (which is a zillion times more racist,lying & brutal than the LAPD, they are in fact 1 in the same) and his praising of other agents of white supremacy, makes me think either this is fake or this brotha is one of those black people who has bought into the false mythology of ‘america’ and once exposed to the underbelly & the realization that all they have pledged allegiance to is one successive lie after another & that they will always be nothing but a nigger in the eyes of the system–either a useful one or a problematic one–but a nigger nonetheless & then lose it. Sounds like this brotha was used to being in all white environs but still had faith in the system. Again, this is a deliberate hoax by the powers-that-be or it’s a legit manifesto…but now that i think about it—didn’t both the Unibomber & Timothy McVeigh write manifestos too? Like I said I smell wet dog.

  81. If true I am only surprised that it doesn’t happen more often. Watching someone get a beatdown is tramatic to the soul. So, unless you are souless and can think of another person as less than a person I think it is only a matter of time before snap. Oh wait don’t lots of white people fit that description…
    Anyway they scared now did you hear that the LAPD shot some poor guy like oopsy wrong guy and shit…looking for him. They will blow this up big time and I wouldn’t be surprised if, they tried to paint all black people as bullet spraying killers… Oh, wait that’s them… LOL

  82. I’m waiting for more info. this doesn’t sound right.

  83. Yeah, when 1st started reading it I thought it sounds plausible. I mean he names names & of course we all know the LAPD has a gestapo-like history, but maybe it’s the cynic in me…the way he praises known agents of white supremacy like GW Bush & Hitlery & mentions gun control deaths w/specific mentions of cities that interestingly enough leaves out chicago but yet he supposedly went off b/c of systemic brutality against blacks? Too many of his stated heroes are open enemies of the black community, if not by word definitely by deed so the inconsistencies could just be that he is one of those brothas who bought the lies of this country & upon finding out that he had been conned–snapped. Or this could be some manufactured shit like I believe the Sandy Hook/Aurora killings to be. With the media you always have to leery b/c they are merely the propaganda wing of the govt. I also thought the LAPD shot 2 latino women who were in a pickup that was similar to the one Dorner was driving? Just shot it up. It’s obvious the directive is: shoot to kill. They ain’t even trying to negotiate like they did with that alabama dude. Typical tho. But it’s karma. What goes around always comes around. Might be a while but eventually your shit comes back to you.

  84. I happened to stumble across your blog while looking for more background information on Dr. Bey. I’ve just been curious as to what she teaches and want to keep an open mind. I couldn’t stop reading the blog last night and to be honest , it scared me quite good. I have to do more research but what about us half breeds? I’m not sure what I am, but I identify with black(dad is filipiono or Japanese and mom is black with/Cherokee) but I’m a little worried. My kids are of mixed decent as my husband is black and white. Are we cursed and forbidden to enter into an eternity of good things. I love my husband dearly and would never divorce him for having a white father. I honestly don’t believe in divorce. I didn’t pick him for being of “mixed” race, but I feel in love with him as a person. I do see your point on a lot of things and this blog has definitely been an eye opener. Just want more answers and don’t really know where to start. thanks.

  85. Alia

    Since I try and follow the principles of our leaders, Marcus Garvey simply said, “Race First.”

    We have many mixed breeds here. I’m from the islands so you know where I’m coming from. Many will and do disagree with me but in my honest opinion, as long as you identify with Africa, raise your children to identify with Africa and put race first, you’re “one of us.”

    We’ve been diluted in one way, shape or form…only a few blacks that I’ve ever met can claim 100% African DNA. As for your husband, same rule applies: Race First.

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