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Yours Truly, Cristobal Colon

Portrait of Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colon), of unknown origin, 06/15/10. (art: Unknown)

{This is my second post on Cristobal Colon. I dug deeper into this Khazar’s past and found another letter he wrote to His Majesties}

Cristobal Colon, Anglicized as Christopher Columbus, was a Masonic, mass-murdering Khazar. The white AmeriKlan books portray this European exploiter as some sort of saviour to my people when he was in fact the biggest thief, liar, murderer and rapist ever known to man. Over 100 million of my Ancestors were slaughtered during the Great White Heist.

European public school indoctrination lies to us teaches us that this Jew “discovered” a “planet” that was already in existence. Searching for spices, which was an outright lie, was the reason for the expedition. In reality, the Moors had already introduced spices of curry, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, molasses etc, to the Europeans nearly 100 years earlier. Europeans sailed to the West Indies to conquer and exploit the people and steal their gold-filled land. The first place they landed was said to be what is now known as Puerto Rico, where the indigenous Arawaks welcomed them with food, clothing, shelter and gifts.

Colon, shocked to discover that these “savages” had civilizations far greater than his own, wrote to His Majesty:

Hispaniola is a marvel. Its hills and mountains, fine plains and open country, are rich and fertile for planting and for pasturage, and for building towns and villages. The seaports there are incredibly fine, as also the magnificent rivers, most of which bear gold. The trees, fruits and grasses differ widely from those in Juana. There are many spices and vast mines of gold and other metals in this island. They have no iron, nor steel, nor weapons, nor are they fit for them, because although they are well-made men of commanding stature, they appear extraordinarily timid. The only arms they have are sticks of cane, cut when in seed, with a sharpened stick at the end, and they are afraid to use these. Often I have sent two or three men ashore to some town to converse with them, and the natives came out in great numbers, and as soon as they saw our men arrive, fled without a moment’s delay although I protected them from all injury.

At every point where I landed, and succeeded in talking to them, I gave them some of everything I had — cloth and many other things — without receiving anything in return, but they are a hopelessly timid people. It is true that since they have gained more confidence and are losing this fear, they are so un-suspicious and so generous with what they possess, that no one who had not seen it would believe it. They never refuse anything that is asked for. They even offer it themselves, and show so much love that they would give their very hearts. Whether it be anything of great or small value, with any trifle of whatever kind, they are satisfied.

I forbade worthless things being given to them, such as bits of broken bowls, pieces of glass, and old straps, although they were as much pleased to get them as if they were the finest jewels in the world. One sailor was found to have got for a leathern strap, gold of the weight of two and a half castellanos, and others for even more worthless things much more; while for a new blancas they would give all they had, were it two or three castellanos of pure gold or an arroba or two of spun cotton. Even bits of the broken hoops of wine casks they accepted, and gave in return what they had, like fools, and it seemed wrong to me. I forbade it, and gave a thousand good and pretty things that I had to win their love, and to induce them to become Christians, and to love and serve their Highnesses and the whole Castilian nation, and help to get for us things they have in abundance, which are necessary to us. They have no religion, nor idolatry, except that they all believe power and goodness to be in heaven.

They firmly believed that I, with my ships and men, came from heaven, and with this idea I have been received everywhere, since they lost fear of me. They are, however, far from being ignorant. They are most ingenious men, and navigate these seas in a wonderful way, and describe everything well, but they never before saw people wearing clothes, nor vessels like ours. Directly I reached the Indies in the first isle I discovered, I took by force some of the natives, that from them we might gain some information of what there was in these parts; and so it was that we immediately understood each other, either by words or signs. They are still with me and still believe that I come from heaven. They were the first to declare this wherever I went, and the others ran from house to house, and to the towns around, crying out, “Come ! come! and see the man from heaven!” Then all, both men and women, as soon as they were reassured about us, came, both small and great, all bringing something to eat and to drink, which they presented with marvellous kindness.

I have taken possession of all these islands, for their Highnesses, and all may be more extensive than I know, or can say, and I hold them for their Highnesses, who can command them as absolutely as the kingdoms of Castile. In Hispaniola, in the most convenient place, most accessible for the gold mines and all commerce with the mainland on this side or with that of the great Khan, on the other, with which there would be great trade and profit, I have taken possession of a large town, which I have named the City of Navidad. I began fortifications there which should be completed by this time, and I have left in it men enough to hold it, with arms, artillery, and provisions for more than a year; and a boat with a master seaman skilled in the arts necessary to make others; I am so friendly with the king of that country that he was proud to call me his brother and hold me as such.

Even should he change his mind and wish to quarrel with my men, neither he nor his subjects know what arms are, nor wear clothes, as I have said. They are the most timid people in the world, so that only the men remaining there could destroy the whole region, and run no risk if they know how to behave themselves properly. In all these islands the men seem to be satisfied with one wife except they allow as many as twenty to their chief or men. The women appear to me to work harder than the men, and so far as I can hear, they have nothing of their own, for I think I perceived that what one had others shared, especially food. In the islands so far, I have found no monsters, as some expected, but, on the contrary, they are people of very handsome appearance. They are not black as in Guinea, though their hair is straight and coarse, as it does not grow where the sun’s rays are too ardent. And in truth the sun has extreme power here, since it is within twenty-six degrees of the equinoctial line. In these islands there are mountains where the cold this winter was very severe, but the people endure it from habit, and with the aid of the meat they eat with very hot spices.

Another island, I am told, is larger than Hispaniola, where the natives have no hair, and where there is countless gold; and from them all I bring Indians to testify to this. To speak, in conclusion, only of what has been done during this hurried voyage, their Highnesses will see that I can give them as much gold as they desire, if they will give me a little assistance, spices, cotton, as much as their Highnesses may command to be shipped, and mastic as much as their Highnesses choose to send for, which until now has only been found in Greece, in the isle of Chios, and the Signoria can get its own price for it; as much lign-aloe as they command to be shipped, and as many slaves as they choose to send for, all heathens. I think I have found rhubarb and cinnamon.

Many other things of value will be discovered by the men I left behind me, as I stayed nowhere when the wind allowed me to pursue my voyage, except in the City of Navidad, which I left fortified and safe. Indeed, I might have accomplished much more, had the crews served me as they ought to have done. The eternal and almighty God, our Lord, it is Who gives to all who walk in His way, victory over things apparently impossible, and in this case signally so, because although these lands had been imagined and talked of before they were seen, most men listened incredulously to what was thought to be but an idle tale. But our Redeemer has given victory to our most illustrious King and Queen, and to their kingdoms rendered famous by this glorious event, at which all Christendom should rejoice, celebrating it with great festivities and solemn Thanksgivings to the Holy Trinity, with fervent prayers for the high distinction that will accrue to them from turning so many peoples to our holy faith; and also from the temporal benefits that not only Spain but all Christian nations will obtain. Thus I record what has happened in a brief note written on board the Caravel, off the Canary Isles, on the 15th of February, 1493.

Portrait of Christopher Columbus looking proud and serious

Colon, a Spanish Masonic Jew, with the trademark “M” positioned fingers like this guy:

My Aboriginal Ancestors…hung like cattle waiting to be burned after they introduced Colon to the mountains filled with gold, silver, platinum, copper and turquoise.  Please take notice of my fore-mother as a child, being held upside-down by her tiny feet as she awaited being smashed, head-first, into a tree.

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36 thoughts on “Yours Truly, Cristobal Colon

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Why do they even have a day of rememberance for him? He was a monster.

  2. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Sister Truth Christopher was a demon of the worst kind! I see know difference between him and Hitler or Stalin. He brought nothing but death,disease,genocide,rape and colonization! A racist murderer! But a hero in AmeriKKKa! No surprise though,we know the score!

  3. We are keeping the legacy of this murderer/slave trader alive by celebrating Columbus day…This monster who unleashed his horror on those innocent natives is glorified as a great explorer, but his voyage had nothing to do with exploring/discovering the new word, but everything to do with economics.

    Negress, It’s no secret that Europeans are very proud of their atrocious acts, that’s why the displaying of slave cabins is still a lucrative business today.

  4. Hi Diary of a Negress,

    I really liked how you highlighted that Colon took advantage of the civility of the people he colonized. Non-Whites are always portrayed as “barbaric” and “savage”, but the historical records that White people provide show a totally different picture.

    Also, are the “Jews” or “Zionists” White people? I always hear White Nationalists say the problem is the “Jews/Zionists”, but you say the same as well. Could you inform me about this? I’m somewhat confused.

  5. Prince

    Great video! Thank you.

  6. Ynotme

    Not only are they proud they relish it.

  7. Ms. J

    Yes. Jews are indeed white. They are NOT Semites who are mulattoes from the continent of Africa. They are Khazars, a nomadic cannibalistic tribe located in the caucus mountains of Eurasia.

    They adopted their relig
    ion by literally picking eeney, meeney, miney moe

  8. Ooops hit the button too fast.

    the only people who have blood ties to the line of David is us!

  9. LOL! There are MASSIVE amounts of misinformation on this creature. I used to get mad but not anymore, now that I know the truth. When I read the book, “They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient america” by Dr. Ivan VanSertima, it only sanctioned my disbelief and skepticism about post-1492 western hemisphere tales. Again, sometimes the very thing you’re looking for can be right up underneath your nose but most people never see it. Everyone is taught to believe the ingrained lies/deception that clearly overlook the fact that there were established nations, cultures, languages, civilizations, economies, etc., who had already here thousands of years before the appearance/infiltration/intrusion of the likes of christopher columbus. Common sense: how in the hayell can you discover something that already exists??!! The greatest legacy that cc might have contributed to the modern world is the confusion crated by miscegenation with the native population throughout the centuries, which is a whole can of worms we might not want to open. Dr. VanSeritma’s book explains, with facts, what the pre-columbian western hemisphere looked like before the horrors committed by whites.

    Also, I paid attention to how he detailed the acute observations made about the physical aspects of native people in every way, shape and form; the immense and shared wealth of their people; their characteristics of community Just as done today, when whites see someone or something that is beautiful and unique, out of jealousy and fear they immediately try to destroy it.

  10. Emile

    Your comments reminded me of black Wall Street when jealous whites saw us doing well WITHOUT them then dropped a bomb on us.

    Yes…they are a most envious race.

  11. My Grand Pa told me stories about the black wall street and how we had our own banks and hospitals and such until the great assimilation. we were getting it togethere all on our own, but could never be left alone… You are right negress they just won’t let us be always gotta come around with some bs.

  12. Thanks for the clarification! I had suspected that, but it seems like their religion is always described as a racial group. So I guess Black and White Christians are the same race as well. Strange….

  13. It is a sick obsession..so when I hear whites tell us to go back to Africa, I’m always amused b/c hell, they’d be on the 1st thing smokin’ & end up over there before we would if we all did decide to leave. That’s why I say they can’t get any peace in their spirit so they cannot let US have any peace either.

  14. Nmaat

    They’re in the islands too buying all our land and sugar cane.

  15. They always have to out do us or think that they are. I remember once one telling me how Africans will accept them more than blacks from here and that they were more African than us here. LOL…

    They are always trying to get someone somewhere to validate their lies in an attempt to get you to believe them. When you don’t that’s when they bring out their books like if, it is in a book it must be true.

    I’ve noticed that if, they know you are not buying their crazy that is when they get mad and they pretty much lose it when they know thier words carry no weight with you and you don’t give a flip about what they think.

    Frankly I get tierd of hearing anything out of their mouths. They are always looking to emotionally drain you, financially strain you, or spiritually drain you. Even while it feels good to say these things and the toxins have to be drained some way we need to focus on rebuilding ours.

    Negress How about some post on black money fitness and ways to support and start black business. Also we need to focus on ways to protect our selves. We have a great history of advancing civilization.

    Perhaps we should also focus on ways to protect it as we painfully know that the savages spend their time perfecting means to destruction. Even amonst themselve peace is only a time for retooling for more war. Treaties are only tricks to buy more time to finish you off or take what could not be taken in war. Like wat happen to Haiti what the French could not win in war they took with treaties. After all who else has 100 and 500 years war, but white people. Just saying

    So let’s get busy build ouw own hive and collecting our own honey, but always keeping our stingers ready at the door. Just like bees we should all be equiped with our own stingers never to be turn on each other, but to strike dead our foes when, needed. Just a thought

  16. T bee

    Did you see my “7 easy steps to help counter white supremacy ” post? I listed shopping from black owned companies only as a major stepping stone for us.

    I’ll work on a finance post for blacks.

  17. “That’s why I say they can’t get any peace in their spirit so they cannot let US have any peace either.”

    It’s interesting that you would say that. Every now and then, someone will say something that really catches the eye and gets you really thinking. As much time as whites have literally and figuratively been on our ass, it has been they who were the parasites, whether economically, socially, politically or other wise. Whites claim that they don’t need us or our assets but yet are always the first to try and squeeze what they can out of us. I am beginning to believe with stronger convictions that this whole issue of race, racism, mistreatment, et al., is an invention, a buffer that they use at trying to keep us confused and distracted away the real causes and objectives underneath all of this. I’m beginning to see the whole issue is one that is centered upon the fact that whites themselves are not being comfortable with the curse set upon them, their physical attributes, the whole nine yards. A bad spirit is a curse and locks you out of the capacity of enjoying goodness, peace and prosperity. Deflection is an art, just as when they hurl derogatory names at us. What they are actually doing providing an exhibition how they really feel about themselves, and how much they want to be like us (Black/non-white). I’m beginning to see that this whole thing is really based upon their troubled spirituality, which is a very serious issue and can be a very discomforting adjustment you’d have to make for the rest of your life. “Misery loves company”, and since they are not at peace with themselves (can’t love themselves), they try to create disharmony for the rest of us. That’s something that we all can contemplate upon, because it is also a spiritual issue that goes deep. Just as you and I know ourselves and The Creator, the evil that has been done to our ancestors will be revisited upon these people and reproached by The Creator. It may not happen in your or my lifetimes, but it will come. I have never been what you would call a heavily spiritual person, but lately I noticed that I’m much more cynical about white people in their entirety. It seems the more you learn how these people have lied, cheated and stole for all that they have, you can’t help but be skeptical of every word, action or deed they commit. If most white people had to live under the duress that we do, they would have killed themselves a long time ago.

    As I always state, the system of racism (mistreatment) is not sustainable. I think there will come a point of finality that levels out with the impatience many people around the world are witnessing, as they become more educated and begin reflecting on their past and how much of a destructive role whites have played in it.

  18. Emile

    By far, your absolute best comment!

    Whites as a whole are disagreeable with Nature. It shows in their inability to Co habitat peacefully with Mother Earth.

  19. Yup, when I took a vacay there a few yrs ago, it was swarming with em. And they definitely were doing most of the building. So I guess as long as there is that comfortable & familiar white over black power dynamic , then they can tolerate black people. I think in darkest, deepest Africa, you’ll find one of them like Columbus, taking notes and observing us as if we are lab specimens. Their usual m.o.

  20. @T & Emile–you both hit the nail on the head. They will NEVER let people of color have peace. It’s just as simple as that. But once you understand you are dealing with a sociopathic personality then you can reasonably navigate. I was watching something about satanism & how the adherents basically are advocating the worship of self, which made me think about the greek figure Narcissus & how his ‘worship’ of himself led to his dithering away–he was, in effect, useless to himself and everybody else and that’s what I see as the ultimate legacy of white supremacy. They have built altars to worship a false god-themselves and not only has it NOT advanced civilization, it has in fact, been stunted spiritual/psychic growth for them and everyone else. What we see today in the world is the white man’s creation– a false consciousness based on oppression, violence, chaos and control. Humanity has moved backwards, not forward. Who really but a nutter would believe to advance civilization you have to control & enslave it? The same people who believe to save a village you have to destroy it. What total insanity.

  21. Thanks, I’ll look at the 7 easy post.

  22. vonmiwi on said:

    Not only did they destroy our historical legacy and culture, they destroyed the same life sustaining force of all the indigenous peoples of the world, with the exception of those who have not come in contact with today’s world.

    No one can teach me or my children about their perceived greatness while attempting to denounce mine.

  23. larissa on said:

  24. Crissjensen on said:

    @ Negress, why do whites love to celebrate EVIL monster’s?? have notices this with them. cause i sure do!

  25. Criss

    I’m working on a post explaining vampires and their origin.

  26. @T.Bee:
    I love your logically thinking, especially concerning business development and protection of our all-inclusive assets, i.e. cultural, social, commercial, etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with defending oneself, their community and their interests. If whites were/are threatened in any way, they justify their actions based upon rationales of biological survival, culture, genetic perpetuity and a host of other reasons. Are not Black and non-white people around the globe facing the same issues? Why can’t there be a feasible compromise where all of our existences are balanced with justice and truth? It is my ultimate belief that, deep down in the hearts of our people, we have nor never had premeditated intentions of harming whites. This had been proven time immemorial. Read and study his-tory and the patterns will reveal themselves to you. It has been they who have provoked negative episodes of our tragedies, exemplified with innumerable episodes of how their beliefs, their irrational fears and their spiritual insecurities interests were imposed unwarrantable upon our peace and love of peace. This is not to say we must be fools, for only a fool would willingly negotiate or compromise without having a contingency plan. I think that more of us should not only not forget the past but also plan for the future. Too often we are overburdened with what has happened to us while not planning for defense our future interests. Again, there is nothing wrong with defending your interests. Ever wonder why no one will bully the Chinese? Because China has a complete, fully-encompassed, well laid-out and highly-practical contingency plan to back up its interests for nearly every challenge or speculated challenge it faces. Give respect where respect is due. Regardless of what think of them, China’s sh*t is tight and air-locked. Every other nation knows this and respects them for this, regardless of the various criticisms they may have about how they handle their business.

  27. @nmaat433:
    Spirituality is a strengthening asset, the penultimate possession endowed to us by The Creator. As a people, we need to get back to realizing this in its truest form and essence. It was the strength of our ancestors’ spirituality that brought them out of slavery. The Creator’s spirituality told people like Harriet Tubman what to do the free her people. The Creator’s spirituality was an essential element in the creation of the Great Pyramids, the advancements of the sciences or other precedents created by Black people. It is the essence of spirituality that makes us accomplish so much in excelling in every aspect of a functioning life, form business to sports to the arts, you name it. Our gifts were meant to help each other grow and prosper, not to destroy, stifle or regress. You are absolutely correct. Great civilizations were built by the contributions of the peoples’ gifts and planned for bringing out the very best in its people, not the worst. As his-tory has shown us, none of this can be done without positive, reinforcing spirituality.

  28. Kushite Prince on said:

    You’re welcome. I’m glad you liked it.

  29. Tyrone on said:


    Whitemen will never be happy, this we must understand about them. White as superior, Really? The ruthless way in which Columbus and his brethren vomited all over indigenous americans and african people is proof positive that the whiteman was born evil from birth. Black folk that feel whitey can be rehabilitated are wasting their time and ours as well. I don’t care about the feelings of whitemen, i don’t want them close to me. I know how the game is played.


  30. Sincere on said:

    Truth Be Told, how is it we as a people know we were subjugated to Christianity in Amerikkklan yet follow it like the ocean to the sun. You have even made reference to it being the greatest story told yet some of your posts have informed us well that this wasn’t made by us/for us. Which is true, the bible wasn’t written our native tongue. This should be a red flag to anyone with an inkling of common sense. This Victorian/jacobian english document only to be revised by caucasoid kings enslaves us to this day w/o force. I do not attend church, do not believe in most stories that come from the bible or Quran because they, Christians & Muslims have African Blood on there hands from the slave trade & beyond. Just like your name I seek the Truth especially in my spirituality. The BS stops today. No doubt about it Truth you are one of the Greats regardless but I need you to set me & my people straight on his matter once & for all. My apologies in advance if you have previously addressed this matter.

  31. @ Sincere

    I do not follow religion but the principles of Ma’at (The Spirit).I was raised in a Christian household and my family are avid churchgoers.

    I myself do not go to church but I *do* believe in The Most High, I AM THAT I AM. We were indeed robbed and brainwashed, amongst other evil things not of this universe, so we don’t really know who we are.

    Awakening comes slowly for many of us, myself included. In truth, Christianity and the Muslim faith stems from Judaism/ Cabalah/ Metatron/Wicca but is cleverly disguised as the “Roman-Catholic” principle.

    Our African books, the REAL ones, were either burned or stolen from us or re-written so we’ll “turn the other cheek.”

    What I try to do is not follow the church, but the PRINCIPLE of The Most High. Which is what I always refer to in the bible quotes that I’ve posted on here. Even though I suspect that the bible was altered/ erased/ and certain passages were omitted, It still speaks to me at my core.

    I hope I answered your questions.

  32. Sincere on said:

    I too believe in THE MOST HIGH. Thank you Truth…

  33. They celebrate evil to convince others to become the next colon. He is their hero a messiah really

  34. A song my teacher used to make us kids sing in 2nd grade….an old white lady:

    In fourteen hundred and ninety-two
    Columbus sailed the ocean blue
    He sailed, he sailed, he sailed, and he sailed,
    To find a place for me and you!

    Can I throw up now?

  35. Aishah Bowron on said:

    Just can’t understand why this genocidal monster is still being celebrated in the U.S.A. He never once set foot in the USA . He only reached a few tiny islands in the Caribbean

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