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The Incredible Nina Simone

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18 thoughts on “The Incredible Nina Simone

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Nina Simone was the truth, She was a truly gifted artist. I love See Line Woman and Put Some Sugar In My Bowl.

  2. Sugar in my bowl is one of my absolute favourites! I love the slow, haunting melody of this song though. It reminds me of a man I once knew.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    It’s very sexy and Don’t Smoke In Bed. And I Put A Spell On You is hot too.

  4. Miss Mary

    Now we’re talking! Whew…what a song “I put a spell on you” is!

  5. “The name of this tune is Mississippi Goddam…and I mean every word of it!”…LOL!

  6. Kushite Prince on said:

    I love Nina. But to be honest,I hope that biopic with Zoe Saldana flops. She can never do Nina justice. Sorry if I offended any Zoe fans.lol

  7. moorbey on said:

    Kushite Prince i am in full agreement with u that Zoe can never do Nina Simone the justice that she deserves. Truth be told they are not trying to show the Queen any justice anyhow.

  8. Amazing vocal! I especially love her Gospel “Take Me To The Water”

  9. mary burrell on said:

    She was a queen. I like Zoe Saldana as an actress,but I don’t think she’s the right actress for this job to do justice to this queen.

  10. Whites chose her to “whiten” our heroes up.

  11. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks brother. I totally agree!

  12. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    I have only come across Nina Simone’s music in the last couple of years, but she is an amazing singer. Take a listen.

  13. @ maryburrell:
    This latest movie is a perfect example of how whites are always re-interpreting Black history, and especially through the vehicle of tainting the professional lives of people like Nina. How can you change the image of Nina Simone, in her totality, by having a lighter-skinned, non-white actress portray her faithfully in a cinematic sense? Zoe Saldana has repeated referred to herself as a “Latina”, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The skin dynamic, as described in the Willy Lynch letter, is continually being used as a tool to further the confusion among us, i.e. lighter-skinned Black actresses are supposed to be more talented, more beautiful and creative than our darker-skinned, beautiful Black actresses who are just as good, sometimes even better at their craft. I have nothing against Zoe Saldana or any other non-white actress/actor simply because they too are victims of this confusion promulgated by whites, just in a different mode. The problem can be broken down into two parts. (1) There’s not enough backbone with the Black entertainment profession to stand up against the obvious. (2) Wealthy Black entertainment professionals with the money, resources, talent, and know-how are underestimating their own potential by “not” producing such documentary media that would give them complete creative and editorial control over the entire content of their productions, not to mention the tens of billions of dollars that could be capitalized upon by giving Black, non-white and white media consumers who happen to love the great Nina Simone, truly love her music and the 5-Star quality media that they’re capable of producing.

    In thinking ahead, wouldn’t this would be a genuine opportunity for Lauryn Hill when she gets out of incarceration? Why didn’t someone contact India Irie for this opportunity? Hasn’t Angela Bassett or Loretta Devine or Viola Davis proven over and over again how greatly talented they are? There are/were many beautiful Black actresses readily available. Are there any Black entertainment professionals who have a clue what Black media is capable of?

  14. Emile

    the prince of darkness, Henry Kissinger said imagery shapes our conceptions.

  15. LOL..now why you gotta put that energy out in the Universe about Lauryn? And speaking of hollywood, hope this isn’t too off-topic, but what do you think about all of these people coming out in defense of Tarantino and calling Spike Lee derogatory names?

  16. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ mary…this post is right on time, because I added some Nina Simone to my playlist the other day! “Sugar In My Bowl” was pure old-school seduction.

    I also love “Little Girl Blue” because there’s something melancholy about it.

  17. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Kush…I’m with you on that. Don’t get it twisted, I think Zoe is talented and very pretty. But I agree 100%.

    She lacks the “soul” that Nina had and she looks nothing like her.

  18. Kushite Prince on said:

    I agree. She definitely doesn’t have the soul to pull off Nina!

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