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Are Blacks U. S. Citizens?

Indigenous Americans

I had the most awe-inspiring conversation with my very good blogger-buddy the other day. He stated with utmost certainty that Black AmeriKlans are NOT U.S. citizens. The comment caught me off guard. I allowed him to speak his mind about this controversial topic and he said a mouthful!

So now I shall ask you the burning question:

Are black Ameriklans citizens? 

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98 thoughts on “Are Blacks U. S. Citizens?

  1. blackmystory on said:

    This is a non starter. Citizenship is a membership card in to a corporation, which the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS, after it was co-opted from it’s original designation of united states for america. If knee-grows overstood the implication of being free men and women, disconnect themselves from the matrix, educate themselves on what being a true aboriginal is, separate themselves fro the corporation, then knee-grows would become people of Alkebulan.

    However, since Yurugu’s very existence is based on their parasitic relationship with us, they will try every means possible to ensure we don’t recognize and take steps to enforce our free men status. Finally don’t believe the fear mongering that they will physically harm us, for us to allow them to arm us we have to be remolded as sheep and citizens, mental and physical tools and products of the corporate structure. So yes! Legally we can be citizen, based on the legal structure of birth certificates and SSN number, making verbal and written contracts with the corporations…but psychologically THEY and US don’t see us as citizen.

    This is why the give us shit and we take it.

    Simple answer right?

  2. I’m gonna have take Mr. Fuller’s idea of “America” and apply it here. I would say that we’re not citizens because the ideals of this country are actively practiced by both the people in control and many inhabitants. It would be great if America existed, but I don’t think it does based on the track record of this so-called nation.

    To me, it’s like giving someone directions to a place that doesn’t exist. But if this society was actually how it was written to be, I’d be the first one to sign up for citizenship!

  3. darqbeauty on said:

    Like the IDEA of democracy, the IDEA of being citizens of America is just that. An idea. We are citizens when genetic recessives need people to fuel their war machine as cheap soldiers. We are citizens when a national tragedy happens like 9/11 when for approximately 1 week we saw how it felt to be treated as real Americans. Sad that it had to be at the expense of Muslims. Are we citizens? Yes. But of the 2nd class type.

  4. The big and small of it is we are not citizens, we are and were property.

  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    Citizens??? Are we?? That’s a very interesting question. We should be considered citizens in my opinion. From what I understand,we’ve been here for quite some time. Very good book to check out.

    However,we are not treated as full citizens. I think that’s pretty obvious. Amerikkka is basically a prison. Whites are the guards and we’re the prisoners. We are nothing but industrial slaves for a corporation. We are beaten,mistreated,killed and marginalized in this country,day in and day out. Too many of us are just too blind to see it. So we just wallow in self-denial.

  6. I just live here. If I had the financial means, I woulda been outta here. They can have this rabbit box.

  7. Kushite Prince on said:

    I agree with those sentiments.

    “However, since Yurugu’s very existence is based on their parasitic relationship with us, they will try every means possible to ensure we don’t recognize and take steps to enforce our free men status. Finally don’t believe the fear mongering that they will physically harm us, for us to allow them to arm us we have to be remolded as sheep and citizens, mental and physical tools and products of the corporate structure. So yes! Legally we can be citizen, based on the legal structure of birth certificates and SSN number, making verbal and written contracts with the corporations…but psychologically THEY and US don’t see us as citizen.”

    You really nailed it there!

  8. moorbey on said:

    Can never be citizen’z in this country. I just live here.

  9. darqbeauty on said:

    “Amerikkka is basically a prison. Whites are the guards and we’re the prisoners. We are nothing but industrial slaves for a corporation.”


  10. One movie scene, forever etched in my mind, sums up the answer to this question.

    Recall HBO’s movie, Tuskegee Airmen. Remember the scene where the recruited *black* AMERICAN soon to be officers pilots/flight school trainees on the way to their Basic Training were removed from the train’s passenger compartment and placed in a cattle car so that their seats, their first class accommodations could go to whom … a contingent of captured WHITE German prisoners/enemies of war!!

    Hell No …

    In truth, I am not truly a citizen of the US as long as racism/white supremacy exists and persists. Never was accepted as an American…

    I knew what Amerikkka really thought of people who looked like me way back when I stopped reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in the 4th or 5th grade.

    The main difference between then and now is – a lot of racism has gone from the “front stage” (blatant/open/in your face) to the back-stage (undercover/subtle/behind your back/politically correct).

    If America wanted to accept us as first class citizens the country would pay out reparations, acknowledge and apologize for its past and present sins, and STOP BEING RACIST.

    I’m not holding my breath waiting for any of the above …

  11. Kushite Prince on said:

    Very well said. I can’t argue with this.

  12. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks DB. That just about sums it up to me.

  13. @Matari–the tuskegee airman story makes me think about Operation Paperclip and all of the nazi scientists that were covertly brought to this country after WWII, given citizenship and placed in positions of power in the scientific/intelligence communities..all this while black men who risked their lives & fought in segregated armed forces came back here to be treated as 4th class citizens. This country has shown & told us in a myriad of ways that we can kiss the deepest crevice of her slack ass and yet some us still attempt to wax all affectionate and nostalgic. I may not have seen freedom but I know this ain’t it, that’s for damn sure.

  14. Very interesting comments folks. I’m learning a lot from your opinions.

  15. blackmystory on said:

    North Carolina Mother Shoots Son, Daughter, And Boyfriend Before Committing Suicide [VIDEO]……http://newsone.com/2132311/sandra-palmer-murder-suicide/…..

    This is one of numerous example of what pursuing a baseless dream of assimilating with parasites does for our sanity. You may ask what does this have to do with Citizenship? Ever since we lost our culture, spirituality, language and sense of self, we become confused about who we are, who we want to be and who are are seen as. and in cleaving to a culture that rejects us yet teaches us to reject ourselves, this causes a disconnect from reality and creates an inability to deal with personal issues. Any body here that deals with people with mental health and emotional health, like I do can properly overstand this mess.

  16. Black mystory

    I worked in the prison/slave system called a hospital. Yes. We are emotionally sick. I’ve seen us do some things that would give you nightmares yet we strive to be more “like them.”

  17. blackmystory on said:

    We are the largest group of trauma victims in the world who have never gotten therapy. You do know sister what happens when an abused person does not get psychological help right? I think your Stockholm syndrome post summed it up nicely. Since our culture, language and spirituality was first, forcibly taken from us then later emotional erased, we have become zombies, walking around with out brains, susceptible to the commands and whims of those who animated us from our uneasy graves.

  18. By and large we act as though we are and that’s part of the problem. Especially as few of us have citizenship elsewhere. I’d like us to be ‘citizens’ of my organization; but most of us prefer otherwise.

    It was a bit over our heads. But that’s what Malcolm meant by House and Field Negroes.

  19. Over the years, I’ve learned that the word “american” is really a metaphor for “white people”, even if you do serve/have served in the armed forces, pay disproportionate taxes, are active in your respective communities, assimilate and do all of those other citizen-like activities that would render one as much. Black people are only promptly recognized as americans when it is to the benefit, safety and advantage of white people. Besides that, as the world is now changing and becoming increasingly interconnected, with more people becoming more resolute and comfortable with the discovery and decision of returning to their cultural roots, what value is there to being an american in the 21st century? If the past history and current treatment of Black people is any indicator of what the future may look like, there’s not much to gained from being officially recognized as such.

  20. Sums it all up for me!! Thank you.

  21. Are Blacks U. S. Citizens?

    Me: HELL NO!!

  22. Just look at how they teart us as so called Citizens. right we fit right in with the white folks! keep on dreaming my people.

  23. Tyrone on said:


    In the physical sense, Yes! Mentally speaking, i would have to say no. Our african ancestors made the US the nation that it is, but, this is not our homeland…Africa is home. Should we pack our bags and leave? No, we make America an extension of Africa. Why should we allow other folk to come to this country and reap the benefits of what our foreparents built? We should never allow ourselves to fall into the trap of seeing ourselves as American…we’re african people that happen to reside in the united states, not americans who are african!!!


  24. I feel like our ancestors built it, yes, but this is an insane asylum & the nutters have always run it. I don’t feel any affection for nor affinity for this place. Like Kunte told Bell: This ain’t my home, it ain’t neva been my home!…

  25. Tyrone on said:


    I feel you, but 99.9% of us aren’t moving back to Africa. We make the US as close to home as we can, we need not love it at the same time.


  26. I respect that right to choose. But why choose to stay in a place that you don’t love and whom you KNOW doesn’t love you? lol..a rhetorical question, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to…

  27. Ty

    May I say that we, as in my family, are SERIOUSLY thinking about leaving. We have acknowledged that the U.S. is no place for us.

  28. Nmaat

    Many of my friends and co-workers have found happiness in their ancestral homeland. In fact, I’ve worked with many blacks who claim to only come here to fatten their bank accounts so they can take it with them when they leave.

  29. Well, It’s no secret that I’d love to say deuces & kiss my black ass as I’m leavin’..so I’m curious about the black people who have left–how did they go about it, what kind of work do they do & what countries are they living in? I’m an artist so I believe I can do that anywhere, but I’d love to hear about black ex-pats(isn’t that what they’re called)? I can totally understand how people like Baldwin, Baker & others left here, cuz I think when it comes down to it, politically-minded creative black people are just as hunted as people like Geronimo & Stokely.

  30. Nmaat

    You’re an artist? Please post a link of your works and I’ll promote you!!!

    Second: They went home, asked questions regarding land and property, opened up a bank account in their country, visited often to rebuild connections, worked like horses, wired money from the US to their homeland til they had enough to get started and when the time was right…POOF!

    They were gone.

    Of course, the majority of them had skills that were needed to help earn a living. i.e. nurses, contractors, painters, farmers, etc…

  31. Sis, I don’t need that kind of publicity. lol..But if there is a way to get the info to you privately, I can do that.Thanks for the offer tho. When I say I know of that which you speak of in regards to being targeted, I mean it. I naturally gravitate to the underdog/oppressed. In physical slavery, I would have been like Harriet or Nat…It’s intrinsic to who I am. I despise injustice and those who perpetrate it and feel compelled to speak on it but as a black person who ‘sees’ thru the lies and bs and dares to speak on it, I’m sure as you know–you will be targeted. One way or another. It is what it is. We are dealing with the 666 beast.
    But back to emigration–it sounds like these people were from a different country and simply returned home, is that correct? Do you know anyone who, like me, has no other direct familial ties to another country & has emigrated?

  32. Crissjensen on said:

    @ Negress, what you think of this :

  33. Yes. One ex-coworker. She moved to Puerto Rico. But…she did work in IT so she could take that anywhere.

  34. Oh yeah & when I say get the info to you privately, you can create an email address, doesn’t need to be 1 you ever check again, but yeah, I’m not putting a link on here publicly. Too many lurkers & psychos (besides the 1s who I know about who work for the govt).

  35. Criss

    Not shocking. in fact, the minute they get famous we all know what happens from there.

  36. Mickey on said:

    A similar incident happened in the movie “Miracle at St. Anna”. A group of Black soldiers went into a small town in northern Louisiana to get a refreshment and they were turned away because they walked through the front door. The owner would only serve them in the back. When words were exchanged, he took out a gun and threatened them. At the same time, there were German POWs that were sitting in the diner eating ice cream with no problem. The Black soldiers left but decided to turn around and forced the owner to serve them at gunpoint while denigrating them for serving the White German POWs earlier.

    You can add that to the list of Amerikkka being nicer to the enemy with whom they share skin color than Black “citizens” of the United States.

  37. Mickey on said:


    Have you watched that video in its entirety? Fascinating!

  38. Kushite Prince on said:

    I’ve seen that video before. Griff really breaks it down!

  39. ynotme on said:

    Citizens are viewed as human being, and treated accordingly, blacks in the US are viewed and treated as though we are less than stray dogs. Therefore, my answer is NO, simply because we were enslaved, raped, beaten, lynched, and now, targeted for extermination.

  40. He breaks it down but the imagery of black women seems to be a bit over-sexualized. And Jimmy Walker & Andrew Coulter-that should be legal in all 50 states.

  41. Oops–meant that should be ‘illegal in all 50 states’..

  42. This song seems appropriate for this topic…beautiful sentiments, hope black people will be able to sing it soon…

  43. Tyrone on said:


    Real blackmen need not apply in Hollyweird. To be accepted in LA LA Land, a blackman has to bend over and touch his ankles, literally and figuratively. Negress, i don’t watch network-tv, i don’t run to the nearest theater to see so-called black films, the only black magazine i support is Upscale, i refuse to buy sports merchandise of any kind, i refuse to give my money to Uncle Toms. All the whitewomen, and what have all these blackmen gained?…Not Much! Sistas, stop supporting fraud blackmen, Stop It!


  44. Ty

    I no longer support any fraudulent person.

  45. Tyrone on said:


    As a woman of biracial descent, how do you relate to the so-called blackmen in the video? Are you okay with the notion of a blackman masquerading as a whiteman? Do you see them as self-hating blackmen that bring shame to you and other half-black women? I would assume that you would have mixed feelings on this issue, because you’re the end result of said behavior. A blackman that doesn’t love his black sisters, fathering a half-black daughter that may or may not be viewed as black depending on the proximity of her phenotype in relation to natural black people. I feel that insecure blackmen do great harm to their biracial daughters precisely because of their racial baggage. If i was a biracial female, i would not be a fan of the bs that’s taking place right now, being honest about it. As i’ve said before, blackmen are followers, which explains the monkey-see behavior of so many blackmen in the public eye, It’s Shameful! Mickey, i’d like to know your thoughts on this issue?


  46. Tyrone on said:


    Do you think the majority of blackwomen in the US are willing to radically change how they view entertainment and sports, as it relates to their spending power? Many of the blackmen in the video need the continued support of blackwomen to make money, specifically those in hollywood. Being upset is a waste of time, most sistas realize that blackmen who choose to work in the entertainment and sports industries are gonna be whitewashed to a certain extent. They don’t represent authentic black manhood, and never will. Again, knowing the Why of something is the key. Are sistas willing to exact a financial penalty on blackmen who give them the middle finger…Yes or No? M.I.A.M.I.(Money Is A Major Issue). Sistas have to vote with their pocketbooks going forward. The days of sistas protecting brothas just because are over, should have been over a long time ago. I noticed that some of the frauds were with asian women. Note to blackmen, if a woman is not black, it’s selling out just the same…Same Ish!


  47. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, JJ and Ann Coulter are a strange couple, still trying to understand why Ann would be turned on by Kid Dynomite? Basically, most or all of the blackmen in the video are kissing the backsides of whitemen, let’s call a spade a spade already. Whitewomen can’t save blackmen from the fire. We can sleep with all the snow bunnies on the planet, and it still won’t change the facts on the ground. Whitewomen do their job very well, which is, they smoke out the fake brothas. That’s the role they play on the planet, they should be so proud.


  48. Tyrone on said:


    Any nation founded in the blood of others can never be righteous in God’s sight!


  49. It’s strictly business as usual. It’s another way to appropriate black wealth/labor. All that money is going straight back to the white community, bottom line. It’s psy ops at it’s finest, but we know based on stats that these pairings don’t represent the ‘norm’ in the black community (talking about numerics strictly), so it’s another form of conditioning…this behavior should be aspirational for every black man or woman who seeks acceptance, assimilation and embrace by america. Of course, they are no more protected or immune to the brutalities of being black and living in america than any other black person. But the illusion is enticing. Apparently. And I’m sure most don’t think about it that deeply nor are we encouraged to. But once you know who you are and what has been and continues to be lost/stolen from us, I just don’t see what the appeal is? I mean, yes, people fall in love, but I read somewhere & I agree, that love is a conscious decision we make, it’s not a virus or disease that we catch.

  50. Mickey on said:

    @ Tyrone,

    I do believe that some of the men are whitewashed to a certain extent, but who knows who is truly in love and who is not. I do not believe that anybody should be in a relationship for silly reasons such as self-hatred. You have to love yourself first before loving anyone else, regardless of race.

    As for relating to the men in the video, I do not. They are all in the entertainment business and we all know how Hollyweird operates.

  51. Tyrone on said:


    Thank you for commenting. As you stated, it’s mental conditioning. The powers that be want the plurality of blackmen in the US and beyond to behave in like fashion. As for blackmen loving women outside of their race…we have to take care of home first and foremost. When blackmen stop hating themselves and blackwomen as well, all parties can have a rational convo about the issue. A lot of folk may assume that Tyrone is against “The Swirl” altogether…Not So! I’ve always stated that blackmen should put blackwomen first, and everything else will fall into place. It makes no sense for us as blackmen to bite the hand that feeds us…The Blackwoman! A “Black Planet” is what whitemen and others fear, which is why they push whitewashed blackmen down our throats. Mickey, as a mixed/black female, don’t fall for the bs. A coon brotha is useless to ya’ll as well, remember that!


  52. Tyrone on said:


    As blackmen, we can’t keep using the “forbidden fruit” argument as an alibi. Blackmen have been sleeping with whitewomen since the 1600s, so, this is nothing new. Blackmen are desired by whitewomen and asian women, that’s a given. Blackmen have swagger in and out of the bedroom, that’s a given. Women love the idea of birthing a “brown” baby, that’s a given. Yes, the blackman is the alpha male, that’s a given. It’s way beyond sex today, that’s a dead horse. Money is the issue at hand. Whitewomen fattening their bank accounts thanks in large part to the labor of black males, this is the real issue…MONEY! I view the NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, Hollywood, and Hip-Hop as glorified plantations that suck wealth out of the black race for the benefit of whitewomen and other non-black females…that’s basically what they are…Peep Game Sistas???


  53. Crissjensen on said:

    That’s True. nothing thats change about these fools. when they get used by white women please don’t run back to the “BLACK WOMAN” game it up baby!!

  54. Just the video that’s posted. Is there another one? would love too see it.


  55. @ ty, Sistas, stop supporting fraud blackmen, Stop It!

    Well Said!!

  56. darqbeauty on said:

    AmeriKKKa was blood soaked from birth displaying Racism as a congenital birth defect. Tyrone, you say the truth. AmeriKKKa is damned. She sits as a queen but will be brought low. That’s why I laugh when I hear my more misguided brothers and sisters talking about immigration, China, gun control blah blah blah. This country has let her sentiments about us be known through out the WORLD. She has held us up for global ridicule. Forgive my french, but Fuq her. Besides, as a Hebrew, I know recompense is coming. And He ain’t playing around next time. He’s coming back like a LION for those asses.

  57. @ Darq

    I just had this conversation this morning with my brother. He said the same thing you’ve just stated word for word. There are days when my illness catches up with me and I give into my rage and wish them a painful, gut-wrenching, pus-filled, screaming death. I sink into my mind and can’t “see” what’s in front of me.

    Then Jah pulls me out and I see clearly that the Demons that enshackled us will perish before our feet.

  58. @nmaat433:

    You can do whatever you want wherever you go. Don’t be fooled by others’ limiting talk or skepticism, even your own limited imagination. This of course is not to say that you are doing this, but I feel that we’ve got encourage those who are bold enough to think in such a way. Mobile skills, those that require intellect and nothing else, are the perfect tools for starting over, wherever The Creator may lead you. Again, as I’ve stated before, I will encourage any one of us to who are speculating relocating out of this confusion. As hopeful as we all may be, the only way things are going to change for the better concerning Black people is through our own efforts. That’s the good news; the bad news is that the majority of us are not going to make it simply because of the brainwashing we’ve received as a result of being here for so long.

    I was reviewing a lecture given by Dr. Amos Wilson the other day and found myself nodding in agreement to pretty much every detail of confusion outlined in his discourse. Bottom line is that the system in place here in the u.s. will never, ever be to the benefit of Black people in the ways desired. Sure, it will go through transitions but it will never become an asset at which Black people can use to rid ourselves of the problems we face, especially in the areas of economics and education. We are only fooling ourselves if we think that acquiring what Dr. Wilson calls “equal education” as whites will produce a new platform for generating wealth and economic freedom. The system of racism (mistreatment) is design to maximize benefits in these areas exclusively for whites and whites only. For every Black person that has an advanced degree and works within the white-dominated corporate structure, that’s how many times we lose the potential to amass and consolidate resources to create, grow and maintain wealth for future generations.

    Who knows? You could be at the crossroads in which a genuine opportunity of this lifetime lies right in front of you! The concept and realization of moving out of this country remains as strong today for Black people as it did for prior generations, some of whom flourished in their gifts and talents beyond their wildest dreams. The thing about it is this: where there is a will, there is a way. If the desire is there, and it’s force is strong enough to make your vision become a true reality, then by all means go for it!

    Although it is a quote from Mark Twain, it is the essence of his words that matters in the point I’m trying to get across:

    “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

    Think about what you’ll “want” to be doing in twenty years from now, and then think about what you “know” you’ll have to do if you stay here in the u.s. I’d say the sacrifices are worth it!

  59. @emile: thank u so much for the encouraging words! I KNOW i cannot stay here and I know that it will happen & your words echo what i’ve been telling myself: where there is a will, there will be a way..it’s not like it hasn’t been done before. Altho my political views have been shaped by my experiences as well as historical knowledge, what was once theoretical has now become personal, so that has also injected a sense of urgency for me. I experience the beast daily so this isn’t simply an academic exercise for me. I KNOW that there is no depth of depravity to which these ‘people’ won’t go, so I will find a way…but again, thanx for your words, it’s appreciated.

  60. Mickey on said:

    @ Criss,

    Here is the video in its entirety. Professor Griff talks a lot about other issues regarding occultism in the entertainment industry, the homosexual agenda being spread upon Black males, the sexualization of Black females, subliminal messages in advertisements, and one of the last things he talks about is the interracial agenda (the clip which you have posted) which is towards the end of the lecture. He even shows pictures of a dead Black man being eaten. That part is not for the faint at heart.

  61. In this video, Griff mentions another video Maafa 21 (which is available in it’s entirety on youtube), talks about the eugenics movement, planned parenthood & black genocide which is really illuminating. There is a brother, Sam Yette who wrote a book called The Choice & in it author John Oliver Killens writes a forward that speaks to what I believe will always be the official unstated policy of the u.s. in relation to black people–‘the american ruling class had a mad a hard decision, americans of African descent would either accept their miserable lot or die…and warned black ‘america’ to accept that absolute freedom & equality were not part of the game plan for them & that the consequence of non-acceptance would be wholesale genocide.”…

    In my opinion, this is STILL the operational manual of the u.s. govt. And it ALWAYS will be. Once black people understand this, really understand this, these silly notions about becoming true ‘citizens’ of this country will be laid to rest, as all childhood fantasies eventually are.

  62. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah I hear you. Jimmy and An are a very scary combination!lol I think they’re just friends though. Thank God!lol

  63. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes I have that dvd,Maafa 21. It was very informative. I suggest all black people buy it.

  64. yes, just like all other color americans they only care about themselves and what is happening in US

  65. Tyrone on said:


    Black folk need to understand that whites in the US and beyond have no incentive to radically alter their thinking and behavior. Their entire way of life was built on the enslavement and suffering of native-americans, africans, and asians. Their survival is incumbent upon us f**king up as african people. Not to say that asians and native-americans are not problematic to them as well, they view blacks as the greater threat. Black folk are realizing that integration is a fantasy in theory only. The concept of ignoring the color of someone sounds noble and what not, but it doesn’t equate in the real world. A black majority in the US, South America, and Europe has always been the greatest fear of white folk, make no mistake about it. There’s a reason why blackmen like myself, Kushite, Onitaset, and Brothawolf are hated so much by the elite. They can’t control us, and it scares the hell out of them…Real Talk! Black women and men have only scratched the surface. White folk are fighting for their survival as a race on this planet. If we think they’re gonna crawl away into the night, we’re mistaken…Real Talk!


  66. Tyrone on said:


    Blackwomen have the power, they need to use it wisely. Loving blackwomen is a lifetime commitment…Infinity!


  67. Crissjensen on said:

    @ Mickey, thanks!! will check it out.

  68. Nor, do they care about how they really treated us (Black people’s). tho, they love to pretend like they care. they’re not fooling anyone this time around. “SORRY” white folks, we see right thur you!!!

    @ Ty

  69. I agree, Ty. how do we get sellout bm to see that?

  70. Crissjensen on said:

    Never mind about the “SELLOUT BLACKMEN” i mean how do we get our real true loving blackmen to back their WOMEN?? cause trust me i know blackwomen are the TRUTH! white men have always known this, about our women.

    Hell the world can’t make it with out BlackWomen. no surprises there.

    People who dont love blackwomen will dealt with, in do time. just watch and see.

  71. Ty said: Women love the idea of birthing a “brown” baby.

    CrissJensen said: are those brown baby black? cause in order to be black you must come from a black woman.

    the bible talks about mixing. in order to be Jewish your mom has to of jewish descent. right? so all these mix kids that blackmen are having, are not all black. in fact some will be EVIL against blacks, god people, and the bible talks about this.

    childen belong to there Mother’s and will take her ways and teaching. so when mix kids have non-blk mom, what do think that means for black women!?

    And blacks are the real jewish people. so what you think god is telling us about this??

  72. LOL this the link:

  73. turning blk-males gay! it’s true. lol

  74. I don’t know if you want that link up,but you can check it out, and see it. and then take it down. sorry about that!

  75. Check this out too

  76. sorry for all the links,but here is another one.

  77. Criss

    I don’t mind the links but can you put them on open discussion? It seems we’ve gotten off topic. But to answer your question:

    I’m not shocked by any of it.

  78. GreeneInk on said:

    Black Americans are annexed on to citizenship and voting rights by a couple of AMENDMENTS to the Constitution. The original constitution writers didn’t even consider our ancestors to be equal as human beings, let alone citizens of their ill-gotten land-grubbing.

    However, by the Bible, the only black history book written so far … we are native to the Middle East, Persia, upper Arabia, northern Africa and northern parts of India right below the Caucasus mountains.

    That’s why we so love our “Persian-oriented” names, like Jamal, Abdul, Aakeem, Karim, Kasim, Aja, Shereen (also spelled Shirin in India), and Tangelyn … we’re in love with those types of names truly because our ancestors hailed out of northern Africa, India and Persian countries east and west of the middle east … where we once believed we came to America as members of the Islamic faiths.

    As it turns out, we were the ones who originated Judaism, Christianity and even Hinduism and Buddhism as well as Islam.

    All Africa All Dark and Colored Peoples All the Time. They didn’t call Africa and its surrounds “the dark continent” because someone turned off the lights.

    What that means to Black Americans is that without the amendments, we are not, in fact, true citizens of this country. It doesn’t apply to President Obama … his paternal ancestors were STRAIGHT OUT OF AFRICA. They never passed through the USA as slaves or the descendants of slaves.

    This is why people call him a Half-frican, but in truth, he is more African-American than we ALL are. He knows where his “daddy’s peeps” came from for sure.

    If the amendments were to be shaven off and the Constitution rewritten in such a manner as to make us full citizens, only then would be be full US citizens instead of annexed ones.

  79. GreeneInk on said:

    And I said all that to say this: Those amendments are disposable and reversible. That means we are NOT truly full citizens of AmeriKla.

  80. The constitution ain’t worth the paper it’s written on. Those in positions of power flout it whenever they so feel like it and wield it when they need to keep the peons in line…imo there is no respect for law b/c those in illusory positions of power are criminal to their core and sh*t rolls down hill. Is it really any wonder that lawlessness permeates every corner and crevice of this society? You don’t have a govt here, you have a criminal syndicate disguising itself as ‘govt’.

  81. Thank you, Queen!!

  82. Mickey on said:

  83. Well Said!! Like your P.O.V!

  84. WOW! thanks for this link, @ Mickey.

  85. those that r running the world now means the end so god is coming to bring down the evil power that be. and who is the evil power… white people!! so blacks get ready cause mean you are white main Target. it’s their in the bible.

  86. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @darqbeauty…Very true! It all seems to simply be an idea, an illusion. And they also want us to believe that America is “post-racial”. I call BS on that notion.

  87. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @nmaat43…I agree, especially with the part about folks being nostalgic about America’s past.

    I am relatively young but I remember having a conversation with some other Black women last year. They were offended because I said pretty much the same thing you did (although I softened my words a bit). But they were angry because they wanted to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that we’re all treated equally in this country. My mother also has that mentality. I believe it comes from not wanting to see things the way they really are, because the truth is too painful.

    I expect that from white people and white-washed minorities, but not from other Black folks.

  88. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @emile….that is the truth! “American” symbolizes “white” in the minds of many people.

    Black people have been in this country for centuries. Hell, they have been the BACKBONE of this damn country for nearly 400 years. But they are rarely acknowledged as citizens who contribute anything of value.

    I’ve had white folks straight up tell me to my face that I’m not a “real” American. Last time I checked, I was born in the US of A. I’ve been to at least 45 of the 50 states.

    My mother came to the US from Jamaica in 1976 but she has always paid her taxes, held down a career, and been a law-abiding citizen. I do the same. So it pisses me off to have somebody tell me that I’m not a “real” American.

    I believe that arrogance will be the downfall of this country. They send poor people of ALL colors to die on the front lines, to shed blood for America, but in reality…only a few people are allowed to call themselves “real” Americans.

  89. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Crissjensen…I believe that some mixed children with non-black mothers will most likely be racist if their mothers are. I am of mixed race myself, but my mother taught me to be open-minded and treat others the way I want to be treated. I think it all depends on what children are being taught at home.

    But I have met one WW who was definitely racist and instilling the same racism in her biracial daughter…very unfortunate indeed.

  90. No! Sorry, but U.S Chief justice clearly states in the case of Dred Scott that there are only two types of citizens permitted (I.) White persons ( extended from original framework)
    (II.) Persons born abroad having at least one white American biological parent and subject to jurisdiction thereof.

    The list usually consists of a few more details such as those of ” alien enemies ” But it’s also clearly stated that despite the 14th amendment & its original intentions to protect ppl. of color that Negroes & ppl. of African heritage are all ineligible

  91. He also clearly mentions that although many U.S states seemingly & willfully accept any and all as citizens on a state level ….. This in no way makes anyone automatically a natural born or naturalized citizen of the ” United States of America ” or its original framework. See you’re not 2nd, 3rd r last place citizens …. Technically! Because you only exist as property under state ward being protected with Privileges & Immunities. But, No! The negro isn’t eligible to be U.S citizens at all.

  92. How could we be actual citizens, they named us after them (AFRICAN AMERICAN). Two names from two different Europeans. A third group took our language culture and land. The only things given to us by “them” has been to tear us down ie., welfare, family planning clinics and christianity just to name a few. Are we to think that they would actually give us something? Is stockholm syndrome affecting us that bad? Man, they can still kill us with no punishment. It’s not just stuff that happened 100, 200, 300 years ago, ot actually just got more technical and effective, cause now we do a better job at ourselves (think about that the next time you talk about black on black violence and aborted black pregnancy numbers. We can’t be the fool to really believe that. The President has to sign permission for US to be able to vote. C’mon wake Israel the rest of us are waiting…….

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