Observations of an Invisible Woman

Subliminal Messages

Black Family in the Media

“Miss Truthbetold, have you noticed anything different now that your eyes are opening?”

That was the question Neely Fuller fired at me not too long ago when we spoke for the 4th time. I was embarrassed at how blind I was to all the hidden clues and messages that were being thrown at us by the White Supremacist Media.

Not only do I notice “anything different“, I can now spot the hidden messages in EVERY TV program, cartoon, advertisement and commercial. Black family, the media is the number one weapon being used for our mental destruction. Most of the time, we are totally oblivious to this Zionist Agenda Dr. Wright aptly called “Menticide.”

Look at this picture I found in a random article on Yahoo. Believe it or not, they are everywhere! I just picked this one simply because it was first. I will not give my opinion. I’ll just allow you to speak your own minds.

Can you spot it?

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53 thoughts on “Subliminal Messages

  1. Tyrone on said:


    A black female has been pulled over for simply being black by a white cop. The fundamental point that we overlook as blacks, is that, whites use words, symbols, and pictures to speak to each other. They need not be face to face, the code is understood just the same. For example, Men’s Health sent me a free magazine in the mail a few days ago. I flipped thru the mag and noticed 2 things…all the women were white, and the 2 groups of men white and black. No black females were in the magazine…The Subliminal Message? Blackmen who see fit to take care of their bodies don’t lust after blackwomen, instead, they lust after whitewomen. The assumption wants us to believe that whitewomen are more refined and take better care of their bodies compared to blackwomen. Another example, a black couple is at the dinner table, but, the children are half-black…The Message? Black women and men can’t produce beautiful children, which explains why the kids in the commercial must be half-white to sell it to the masses. I could go on and on, but, sistas and brothas get the jist of what i’m saying.

    PS…Media is the portal that is exploited by those that seek our destruction.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    I kind of get what Tyron is saying. I used to wonder why in all the magazine ads or commercials they never used black people with distinct african features. I thought I was just being crazy for thinking this. Then I thought were they saying to be attractive they had to be mixed. I never wanted to trip over that kind of stuff. But I wonder was I wrong for this kind of thinking. I know we come in all shades and hues but I just couldn’t help thinking that the advertisers use certain types of black people.

  3. Ty

    If I had a nickel for every time a white cop pulled me or a member of my family over I’d retire. I get you.

  4. Miss Mary,

    If you’re crazy, I don’t wanna know what I am.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    The family on the thread post looks picture perfect. They are al attractive. But It doesn’t seem realistic to me. I guess that’s what’s going on in this photograph.

  6. mary burrell on said:

    They are all attractive. Forgive above typos. The whole of society is not picture perfect attractive people so is this what I’m supposed to looking for?

  7. Miss Mary

    The picture tells a message about blacks and the black family. Being attractive is part of it. But there’s more.

  8. mary burrell on said:

    That they look like a successful family unit. It’s always reported that black people are single family with just the mother raising them on welfare and no father to help her raise her children. I’m sorry Sister Truth I am not firing on all cylinders today. I will get back with you on this, I’m having trouble connecting the dots here.

  9. No problem my love. I didn’t see it either at first.

  10. there is message there … look at the way the parents have backs to each other, then you have the fact the women are on one side the men on the other … lots of things come to mind as message they are implying regarding african american families

  11. Mickey on said:

    That’s funny since most White women are overweight themselves. And not all Black women do not take care of themselves. Although, I’ve read that whenever some sistas go to the gym, they notice that they are usually the only Black female there or one of the few.

  12. Tyrone on said:

    @Mary Burrell

    Good morning Queen. Yes, we come in all shades and hues, that’s a blessing. However, the media does push the Halle Berry crowd a lot more than the Iman and Tyra Banks crowd, just saying. Mixed blacks are a reality in our race, regardless of how much we argue back and forth. We can love hybrid black people, but, natural black women and men come first. The hiearchy must be respected. Negress is a mixed blackwoman, i love her like chocolate ice cream. Do i prefer mixed sistas over natural sistas? I love chocolate brown women with locs and braids. Negress would be exotic to me in a sense…her hair texture, complexion would be intriguing to me in the physical sense. Why does this matter? When i start to see famous blackmen with women like Kenya Moore from Atlanta Housewives, that’s when i’ll know we’ve come full circle as blackmen.


  13. Tyrone on said:


    A blackman, blackwoman, and 2 black children. The father is the darkest, the mother looks mixed, the son looks mixed, the daughter looks natural. Why can’t the father and mother both be dark-complexioned? I see this is a lot in commercials, Strange?


  14. larissa on said:

    This is off topic but I’m gonna say it anyway. Movies like last year’s The Help and Django Unchained brought beautiful black women such as Kerry Washington and Viola Davis to the forefront of the media spotlight and public consciousness. Right now Washington is everywhere. She is absolutely stunning, and her beautiful skin tone, amazing eyes and lovely lips are due to her African heritage. I believe she outshines all the white female celebrities who are currently being glorified in the media. In fact she is currently the only black actress who is receiving attention in the mainstream, and the mainstream means produced by and showing mainly whites. Unfortunately, these women who are so stunning and of African descent cannot be allowed to take centre stage in the white world unless they are playing maids or slaves. It’s like they are so and talented and pretty but they’re black so to feel better about ourselves we have to put them in movies which remind us that at the end of the day they’re just darkies . I have not seen The Help and don’t plan to see cast as Django, but from reviews I have read, both movies are just tools for the continuation of white supremacy. The real problem is not even their being maids and slaves, it’s the fact that nothing positive seems to come out of these movies, when it comes to black people.

  15. Tyrone on said:


    Most whitewomen that we see on the “Idiot Box” don’t look like the whitewomen we see in real life. A lot of Southern Belles, Bellas, and Latinas are the actual white females that we see staring back at us. Real whitewomen are not on tv and in magazines.


  16. larissa on said:

    the woman in the picture could easily be asian or Latina

  17. mary burrell on said:

    I guess it’s the colorism, the black man versus black female conflict and all the petty stuff that keeps his divided and not unified that causes confusion among us. I guess the devil is in the details of this photograph.

  18. Tyrone on said:


    Hollywood has a (One Sista Rule) that is employed by those in power. Right now, Kerry Washington is the flavor of the hour at this time. Kerry is one of many beautiful sistas in hollywood, in fact, sistas are the cream of the genre as it relates to looks. Sistas can’t be satisfied with just seeing one sista at a time, we need to see all of them. Nicole Beharie is stunningly beautiful, yet, we don’t see much of her, Why? 10, 15, 20 Nubian women would be too much for whitewomen to handle. Black female beauty is powerful, it scares men, black and otherwise.


  19. Mickey on said:

    I disagree regarding the media not pushing the Tyra Banks crowd. She was one of the top supermodels of her day. She was the first model of color on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. I believe she was on their twice. She is light-skinned and green-eyed. She may not be a first generation mixed race woman like Halle, but she is mixed to a degree. Many of us call that a multi-generational mix [MGM] One person called it “slavery era mix”. LOL

  20. Mickey on said:

    Did you ever see that one McDonald’s commercial where the parents and a daughter are all very dark-skinned and their son is very light-skinned with soft, curly hair and he is dancing at the table (poppin’) with his Chicken McNuggets? That commercial always stood out to me because although Black families can be multi-colored or be predominately one color and have a person that does not “match”, so to speak, this family featured in the commercial was just a little to miscast.

  21. Is it that this family appears to be middle class? Idk.

  22. mary burrell on said:

    They appear to be a happy sucessful looking family which is the anthises of what America perceives African American families to be. And as I said in previous above comments there is the petty conflits that white supremacy has put on us like colorism, black male vs female gender conflit and all the other petty stuff that keeps us divided thrown into the mix in one photograph.

  23. mary burrell on said:


  24. Ok. interesting comments.

  25. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Sister Truth Due to our melanin,black people can create almost anything on the color spectrum. My family has just about every complexion you can think of. That is the beauty of black people. However,looking at this picture I do notice the father is dark skinned and the mother is lighter skinned. And she could easily pass for a biracial woman. I seem to see this a lot in commercials and newspaper ads. I have said many times that the white supremacy structure will always lean towards anything closer to whiteness. Since whiteness is presented as the “norm”. This is why women like Alicia Keys,Halle Berry and Paula Patton are seen s the most beautiful “black” women. I think it makes white people feel at ease when they see someone that has some white admixture. To them having some white genetics makes one more “human” and relatable. This also plays into the colorism that still divides many black people’s minds today. It continues to skew the beauty standard towards whites. At least this is what I see. Am I close??lol

  26. mary burrell on said:

    @Kushite; Prince, I think the two of us are on the same page.

  27. Kushite Prince on said:

    Well that’s what I see. But I realize we may all see different things. The important thing is that we keep our third eye open. These vile demons love to put messages in film,tv shows and commercials. Don’t get caught slipping!

  28. Kushite :

    Ok. I’ll for more before I dissect. Good comments.

  29. This picture seems to be promoting the notion that a “Beautiful” black family is one where light skin dominates in the family features. Two dark-skinned black people in a relationship won’t sit well with whomever the photo is being promoted to.

    It’s like the RWS jerk us around.

  30. larissa on said:

    @miss j and mary i think you nailed it.

  31. Kushite Prince on said:

    Ok that’s cool. I look forward to your comments.

  32. Kushite Prince on said:

    That’s a very good assessment as well.

  33. Crissjensen on said:

    Mix light skinned mom, light skinned little girl, dark mix son and very dark father somthing i see all the time in white media.

  34. Besides from the mixed looking son is it the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ effect (that’s what they call it for some reason)…? The idea that the woman should always be lighter – because this relates to what seems more feminine and the man should be darker? It’s kind of like what they do in movies featuring just animals. You’ll notice that the male animal – say a dog or a bear for example, is always darker than his female counterpart whereas – and obviously, she is much lighter. Bugs Bunny and his female interest is another example, Idk.

  35. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    In the photograph used for this article the man looks black but the woman and children have a mixed race phenotype. In most stock photos of black couples the women are lighter than the . I have also observed this in black love art work. Go to google or bing and do an image search for “black love”. Most of the couples in black love art work are either the same color or the man is a shade or two darker than the woman. These sorts of images send a subliminal message.



  36. Mzchoco and everyone:


    You guys are sooo damn astute! I’ll wait for more comments before I dissect.

  37. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    Referring to colorism and sexism as petty sounds dismissive. You might find the Intra-racial Colorism Project informative.




  38. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    Modeling and PR agency request white, Asian, Latino and African American (light complexion) models only. The white female attempts to defend the request for only light skinned black models as not racist. You have to click on the two images at the top to enlarge and read the ads for models.


  39. Ok everyone…here goes:

    1. The black female is so light, she could “pass” for something else other than black.

    2. The black male is obviously dark skinned with distinct African features which reinforces the Black Brute stereotype.

    3. The family is telling us that they are not close/ intimate as they are NOT facing towards each other but *away* from each other.

    4. The female child is darker than her brother so that reinforces the stereotype of African-looking, black women being ugly.

    5. The black male is smiling brightly holding is light skinned son which tells us he values the “whiter” looking child over his darker daughter.

    6. The black female child’s hair is wedged between her brother’s hair and her mother’s hair which emphasizes her “ugliness.”

    7. The ad tells black men: In order to have a happy family with pretty kids you must marry “lighter” or non-black to achieve this.

    8. It doesn’t show a wedding ring on either parent.

    9. The children are holding their parents in a stranglehold rather than embracing them which reinforces black violence within the family unit.

    10. The black male is wearing pink which is a colour designated for women.

  40. The message that this image relies to me is Black (real Black) is not good enough. If you’re a dark skinned male and you must have a Black women, you better get you an ambiguously “black” woman so that you can have you some acceptable children. If you look at tv today you’ll notice that most “black” people on tv and especially women are barely Black. The ones that are obviously Black are loud, over weight and mouths never closes. I personally don’t mind a Black women that has a few extra pounds on her and if she be opinionated, then good. Who wants “yes man/woman” next to them? Not me. But I’m not all that confuse and I know where my loyalties lay. I have said it before and I’ll it right now. I’ll would rather die alone if I couldn’t have a Black woman next to me. So far, that has been the case.

    This picture says to me; Black is cool as long as it ain’t too Black.

    As an aside and please forgive me for derailing of the sistas message. I was listening to a program on American Radio Works http://americanradioworks.publicradio.org/features/mississippi/. It was about Jim Crow and if you click on the “podcast” at the top of the their homepage you’ll find it. They interviewed some Black people and some white folk about their journey through that system. We all know the stories and seen some of the pictures. Mind you now I sat on this very same computer just today and watched Django and then the program on Jim Crow. Call me a masochist, but I need to know as best I can who my enemy is and how that enemy works. What hit me squarely in the face today is white people got some a lot shit to answer for. And I known this my entire life, but today it was brought to the front of my head. If you would have heard how absolutely nasty these crackas were on this show I listened to, your mind would be made up. I often run into Negroes who think shit is just fine and I need to get with the program? Which program I wondered. The good little nigger program? Well, you can count me out and if it means not being blissfully happy, well I’m prepared to never smile again. We gotta make up our minds are we gonna just continue frolic about like children or are we gonna stand up and be men and women? I’m just saying.

  41. Jesus

    Well stated! Very observant.

  42. Crissjensen on said:

    Thank you Negress!! I agree with what you said, but you said it better, then I.

    I did meant to comment on the little girl hair vs. the mom hair. Hmmm! light skin son, but a dark skin daughter! i always thoght it was the other way around.

  43. @ Negress, I have noticed one stereotype out there: couples in the media are almost always women with light/mix color skin. When in real life those women who are married/dating non-black men are more with dark skin women, very dark skin- they r very “African” looking features. Hmmm!

    Interesting because it tells me/us that

    1. There is no correlation between light skin color (of black women) and interracial marriage/dating.

    2. Interracial marriage/dating might still be taboo even for media ‘’liberals’’ and that they might be trying to fade out the color issues (color difference).

    What you say Negress?

  44. Criss

    The darker skinned female child coincides with black females being “ugly.”

  45. Criss

    Very good correlation. Perhaps you may be correct. I’ve always said there is no such thing as a “liberal”. They ALL stand for the same thing.

  46. Tyrone on said:


    Your comments are on-point. Whites will always show more love to blacks or biracials that look like them, this is the crux of the issue.


  47. Tyrone on said:


    Other races will always feel the need to push an inter-racial agenda via black folk, this we must understand. Replace whites with asians and native-americans, the same insanity is gonna take place. The natural arc of humanity is to be black or black-like, which explains the endless obsession with all things black-related…beauty, sexuality, music, dance, art, and so forth. Whitewomen are spending thousands of dollars to look like blackwomen, whitemen are sporting locs and braids, Why? They want access to black culture, so, promoting the black/inter-racial dynamic is par for the course. If whites truly loved being white, they would not spend so much time begging black women and men to have sex with them. Why should blackness only apply to black people? This question is the foundation of the humanist movement. Color doesn’t matter, love has no color, love is colorblind…Which race is the most colored? The african race, of course. The racial cliches want us as black people to ignore the fact that we have coal, brown, and caramel skin. Notice, they don’t say paleness or whiteness doesn’t matter, only color.


  48. Crissjensen on said:


  49. @ Ty @ Negress, i agree withu both.

  50. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks brother. I only speak on how I see it.

  51. I believe I can spot the subliminal message in this picture. As I’ve said months ago now that breeding with whites is the fierce eugenics war tactic targeting the African populous—we will soon see “mulatto” children and adults throughout all media engines. The Black man and Black woman bond/love will continue as targets of dissension and degradation. Mulattos will soon take center stage and praised throughout all media engines to further bring forth dissension between the Black man and Black woman while the continuance to date/breed with whites is propagated. In addition, the Black man will continue to be paired up with a white woman, Spanish, ect. but not a genuine African woman…..UNLESS she is in the role with a Black man where as they share the usual negative stereotyped relationship that are currently depicted and has been for generations. Black love….unity is a complete threat to this system of white supremacy. Love and unity combined would turn this world upside down and would cause the end to this system.

  52. ….in addition; I’ve noticed in this picture that the two adults aren’t facing each other…..no connection. Black love / connectedness between the Black man and Black female—- thwarted at all cost in this system.

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