Observations of an Invisible Woman

Excerpts From the Talmud

Holy Book

Researching the slave trade and how it was financed, I was not shocked to discover the Jew. Not one to believe anything I read, especially if it is written by Europeans, I did my own research of the Jew-“ish” peoples and stumbled upon The Talmud, their Holy Book. You can learn a lot about a peoples from their religious literature.

Please take the time to read these excerpts:

“A maiden three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition (sex) and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabits with her, she becomes his. The penalty of adultery may be incurred through her; (if a niddah) she defiles him who has connection with her, so that he in turn defiles that upon which he lies, as a garment which has lain upon (a person afflicted with gonorrhea).”
His wife derives no pleasure from this, and hence there is no cleaving. A variant reading of this passage is: Is there anything permitted to a Jew which is forbidden to a heathen. Unnatural connection is permitted to a Jew. By taking the two in conjunction, the latter as illustrating the former, we learn that the guilt of violating the injunction `to his wife but not to his neighbor’s wife’ is incurred only for natural but not for unnatural intercourse.”

 “Our rabbis taught: If a woman sported lewdly with her young son (a minor), and he committed the first stage of cohabitation with her, -Beth Shammai says, he thereby renders her unfit for the priesthood. Beth Hillel declares her fit…All agree that the connection of a boy nine years and a day is a real connection; whilst that of one less than eight years is not; their dispute refers only to one who is eight years old.

“Rabba said, It means this: When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this, it is as if one puts the finger in the eye, but when a small boy has intercourse with a grown up woman, he makes her as `a girl who is injured by a piece of wood’ “.

“Rab Judah said that Rab said: A small boy who has intercourse with a grown up woman makes her (as though she were ) injured by a piece of wood (1). Although the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act, nevertheless the woman is injured by it as by a piece of wood.”
“R. Papa said: It excludes an animal, because there is not adultery in connection with an animal. Raba of Parazika (5) asked R. Ashi, Whence is the statement which the Rabbis made that there is no adultery in connection with an animal? Because it is written, Thou shalt not bring the hire of a harlot or the wages of a dog etc.; (6) and it has been taught: The hire of a dog (7) and the wages of a harlot (8) are permissible, as it is said, Even both of these (9) – the two (specified texts are abominations) but not four.

I think I’ll stop there.

I acquired this book via the internet and settled in with a cup of peppermint tea and began reading. After 15 minutes, I threw the book onto the coffee table and went out to get some air. Truthfully, I did not finish it…I couldn’t…my stomach did not permit me to. Over-standing what I have read has given me greater insight for the image degeneracy that plagues the black community via the media. ALL of the networks on tel-lie-vision are Jew-“ish” owned. As are the majority of record labels. As are the majority of literary/publishing/newspaper companies. 

And we wonder why the black man/ black woman/ black child is being portrayed as animalistic.

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24 thoughts on “Excerpts From the Talmud

  1. larissa on said:

    no wonder the world is so messed up, if these are the people who run the show. .

  2. larissa on said:

    @sister truth a post on the european education system would be highly appreciated

  3. Tyrone on said:


    Jews are the problem, they’ve always been in the middle of everything. For a long time in this country, Jews were the only group of people that could not be called out on their bulls**t. Everybody else was fair game…Gentiles, Blacks, Native-Americans, Asians, Christians, etc. They’re the driving force behind all of the chaos in this country, and everybody knows it. Networks, Newspapers, Internet, Education, Hollywood, Music, Sports, and Adult Films…The Jewish Web!


  4. @Tyrone–On this I have to respectfully disagree. The modern day ashkenazis converted to judaism in what the 12 century? I don’t believe there existed a different mindset in the non-jewish/gentile (oxymoron) whites basic nature before then. It seems they’ve always been xenophobic and fearful of anyone unlike themselves. So yes, jewish people may exhibit the same type of depravity, but I don’t believe they are the primary culprits or even the worst. Non-jewish whites I believe are the ones running the show and conveniently use the prevalent negative worldwide view of jewry to further their own agenda. I believe in time we will see the forces that really pull the strings behind the scenes set up the jewish nation as a fall guy. Not to say they don’t deserve it b/c they do imo, but I won’t ever believe they are the sole architects of global apartheid. I think they showed up to the invite-only party late. Non-jewish whites were already there, drunk and smashed outta their collective minds.

  5. Nmaat

    I must concur. Since these Khazars are indeed “whites” that adopted their new religion as a mask, they are one and the same with gentile whites.

    Who is the puppet master behind the puppet? The book of revelations tells us in plain text.

  6. Ty

    Khazars, who are white Mongolians, are indeed using the “anti semitic” cry to denounce any responsibility for their debauchery.

    The only true Semites are us.

  7. Mickey on said:

    *Stares at the screen*

    What the fuck did I just read?

    You know, I once heard that White supremacists really hate Jews more than anybody. I have even read once where this White supremacist told a Black guy on a message board that the Black guy was stupid because he did not realize that the Jews were screwing over Blacks as well.

    I just recently read that the Jewish-run media purposely makes Blacks look bad to keep heat off of themselves. Any thoughts?

  8. Mickey


    Yeah…you should have seen my face when I got done with this. Hmmm…let’s see pederasty, bestiality, incest, rape, murder…

    And we wonder why films like Saw, Hostel, a Serbia Film and Human Centipede are “popular” with whites.

    Yes I agree that Jews are more hated than we are collectively. I remember a time when some confused blacks sought solidarity with Jews due to our similar circumstances.

  9. I agree they are hated, don’t know if it’s ‘more’ but non-jewish whites have to tread carefully with ashkenazis b/c they have smartly positioned themselves in positions of power globally and they have ALL the dirt on those in the shadows. So yeah, they are hated but I think they all ultimately support global apartheid and the subjugation of people of color in general, and blacks in particular. At least in theory. They may differ in application. So that adage that the enemy of mine enemy is my friend doesn’t necessarily hold true here. My motto is you can’t truss none of em cuz they all sociopathic as hell and THAT’S primarily why they can’t get along with each other ‘cept when it comes to oppressing us. There truly is no honor amongst thieves and criminals.

  10. Negress..I apologize for my ignorance on this topic, but what does the book of revelations reveal? I admit to never having the desire to read a book that has been tainted by unclean hands. Not to disrespect you or anyone else who values it, but once I realized it had been altered & translated by those who wish our demise, it ceased to have any real relevance for me. I know a lot of people believe it reveals prophecy but I am a natural cynic and always wonder how much is authentic and how much has been purposely altered? And how does the avg person discern between the 2? Again, no disrespect intended.

  11. Confusion….the “ultimate” weapon.

    This is why it is so important for reflection, “re-flecting” on his-tory to come to your own discovery and conclusions about today’s spinning propaganda with “truth”.

    “Truth crushed to the Earth will rise again.”

    Turn off the tell-a-lie-vision.
    Turn off the iPod.
    Turn off the radio.
    Read. Study.
    Read some more. Study some more.
    And yet read some more, and study some more.
    And read just a little more, and study just a little more.

    A nation’s future is determined by how well it treats and respects its women, back then as well as now.

    Considering The Creator’s spiritual/biological construction of a female, her instinctive traits as mother, wife, defender of righteousness and morality, her body’s unique and wholesome role as producers of strong nations, her complementary, necessary, contributive yet totally equal role to that of the male, how can a religion, whether manufactured or supposedly sanctioned by a “god”, condone the role of this human being, this spiritual being, to such degenerate levels, or violate the sacred, distinguished convention by associating her with an animal and its unclean characteristics?

    If you haven’t a clued in that something is obviously wrong with this mystical or “holy” publication that has been propagandized as an “untouchable” since its inception, then yes, you will find nothing wrong with it and consider it as such. This is one of the primary reasons why I follow no religion, regardless of how much they try to blow my mind with the “oohs!-n-aahs!” or tickle my ass with feathers!

  12. blackmystory on said:

    “I acquired this book via the internet and settled in with a cup of peppermint tea and began reading. After 15 minutes, I threw the book onto the coffee table and went out to get some air. Truthfully, I did not finish it…I couldn’t…my stomach did not permit me to.”….I was laughing at that. I could just picture you doing that, including spitting out your tea…Lol!

    Sometimes one has to get their hands…or minds dirty to overstand the filth that is out there.

    Since you are more prolific than I, maybe you can do a story of the number of Khazaars in the upper echelon of the homosexual movement. We are still seeking solidarity with them, but under a new guise of homosexuality, but everywhere I look it seems that the Khazaars figure prominently there as well as other areas of people activity.

    That book should now make a sturdy door stop…or tire brace to help you change your tires…Lol!

  13. nmaat


    It’s ok. no worries. Africans believe in many different principles. What matter most is that we stick together.

  14. Emile

    Well said! Everyone is unplugged for the most part in my family.

  15. Blackmystory

    hehehehe…yeah, I sputtered my tea. My book is being used now a book-end.

  16. To wet your appetite on the “REAL” Jews:


  17. blackmystory on said:

    Lol! Wise choice my friend…wise choice.

  18. Tyrone on said:


    Point well taken. What irks me the most about jewish folk is the power and influence they have over our people. Our race is held hostage by these ashkenazis as they are identified as. Growing up, i listened to a lot of speeches by Min. Farrakhan. He made it a point to expose the hypocrisy of modern day jews in the US who have influence in many aspects of our lives. I agree with your point about all whites being corrupted, but, jews are the ones in front of the parade. Of course, they could easily play the background, but choose not to. They build the web that brainwashes the masses, this is what makes them dangerous. Whites are 8-10% of the global population, yet, control 85-90% of the wealth at the same time. How do they maintain the status-quo?…Distribution of Information. We call it logistics in warehousing and transportation. Without trucks, trains, planes, and ships…Nothing Moves!


  19. Tyrone on said:


    Hip-Hop…Basketball Wives…Love & Hip-Hop. I was watching Fox News a few days ago, and what pops up on the screen? Shawty-Lo, a rapper from Atlanta is bringing his life to television on the Oxygen network…All My Babies’ Mamas is coming to a flat-screen near you in the summer, WOW! Yes, hell has frozen over. He says drugs made him impregnate so many women, but, the kids are well taken care of. Don’t get it twisted, i support black women and men multiplying to the max within reason. Shawty-Lo doesn’t realize that he’s being used to make his race look bad in the eyes of other blacks and the nation as a whole…Ditto!


  20. Tyrone on said:


    America will never reach her full potential as long as black womanhood is marginalized. Blackwomen are the heart and soul of this country, they must be respected by the human family…Period!


  21. Yeah! Fake white jews. blacks are the REAL JEWS!! look it up in the bible.

  22. “BLACKS” are the “REAL” jews. look it up people. it’s not hard to see who the bible is talking about.

  23. ynotme on said:

    People like Jerry Sandusky probably use this book as their personal reference guide.

  24. Leviqueen on said:

    Since researching this disgusting text myself i find that it all makes perfect sense. This reality in which we live in us one big, huge lie. I have always known this to be true, but to think for a moment that these Jewish impostors actually believe this garbage in the talmud is one big joke! I have zero respect for our president and all of them before him because he knows the truth about many thing in which he chooses to keep mum. The state of Israel and the Jewish people there are indeed the synagogue of satan as stated in Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9! These people are sick, twisted, murderers and the children if satan!! People need to wake up and see that everything in this world and the reality we are living in is one big lie perpetuated by Esau to destroy us bottom line. It never seize to amaze me at the the sheer length Esau is willing to go to destroy us as black people. We are truly powerful and blessed beyond our own understanding.

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