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The Most Dangerous Man in AmeriKlan

This is the second post on Mr. Tim Wise, the Jew-“ish”, Southern Anti-Racist speaker. Once I learned to remove all emotions from dealing with white people and to regard them as they have regarded us, I was startled at the level of clarity I have obtained. Listen to Mr. Wise and this 10 year old black co-host on the COWS:

Dr. Welsing was correct to say that the “confusion of our emotions under the system of white supremacy would be our downfall.”  Speaking to Neely Fuller and listening to countless documentaries on the origin of Europeans have given me something utterly priceless: Reflection.

Tim Wise, the anti-racist, is the white, manipulative counterpart to the growing number of conscious black authors, bloggers, speakers, educators and researchers that are determined to dismantle the system of racism and slavery that hold us hostage. Since blacks are conditioned to believe anything that whites say and preach, the powers that be gave us this Jew-“ish”, white-skinned, blue-eyed, southern, soft-spoken, intelligent, articulate, allegedly harmless and non-threatening God-like figure to disarm us, confuse us and to make us less guarded in our suspicion of the power of whites on a global scale.

I recently watched a video given to me by a good friend who has amazing powers of observation. Please listen to the sister who was happy how “the door was being opened to finally talk about race” at Mr. Wise’s Maryland lecture:

The door to talking about racism has been open for about 500 years. You and I right this second are talking about racism and the system of oppression that we are forced to live in. Countless books, articles and blogs have talked openly about racism. And our ancestors have died so we, today, right this second, could talk about racism. So the fact that this black woman seemed relieved and almost happy that “the door was being opened” to talk about a system that whites intentionally created to give them and them alone power is not only mind-blowing but highly absurd.

Mr. Wise, who gets paid handsomely (up to 10,000 per engagement) to use what I call “Jumbled Jargon”, is the most dangerous man in AmeriKlan. He knows this of course, (all whites understand their power and influence over blacks from a very young age despite what they claim) and is a master of lies and deceit.

If Tim Wise and the other white anti-racists are truly willing to end this oppressive system that they created:

1. The system would not exist

2. They would not get paid to do it

3. They would live in poor, downtrodden black neighbourhoods and go to poor downtrodden black schools to fully over-stand the black inner city experience

4. They would use their white power and white privilege to set up foundations for any black person, regardless of income, to start businesses of their own

5. They would use their white power and white influence to overturn the 13th Amendment

6. They would get out of Africa and stop stealing our natural resources

7. They would give us reparations for slavery

8. They would offer a worldwide apology for the inhumane practice called genocide

9. They would stop stealing copper, platinum, oil, diamonds, turquoise and conch from the Caribbean islands

10. They would stop denying that racism exists

Since none of these alleged anti-racists are doing ANY of that, I’m lead to continue my belief in my ancestor’s proverb:

“The white man speaks with a forked tongue.”

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47 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Man in AmeriKlan

  1. leigh204 on said:

    @ DOAN:

    Initially, I thought Tim Wise was doing a good thing discussing the racism black people experience. However, soon after, I noticed this pattern. He is simply repeating what black people/people of color have been saying about white racism since, well, forever. And to know Tim Wise is profiting from the very thing he talks and writes about, he is deserving of the side eye. He’s disgusting.

  2. Leigh

    Funny how when whites say, do or “discover” something, the whole world takes notice. I never trusted this Khazar from the get go.

  3. leigh204 on said:

    That’s due to your excellent bs detector. 🙂

  4. Mickey on said:

    I saw Mr. Wise speak at an engagement once and during the Q&A session, a young Black female student said that she noticed at another university that whenever a Black person spoke about race, White people pretty much did not want to believe what was being said, but when a White person said the exact same thing the Black person said, Whites were like, “Really? That’s intriguing.”, “I did not know this.”, “How insightful.” Wise agreed that this was how many White operated.

    I also read where activist Dick Gregory spoke to “Black Like Me” author John Howard Griffin and they both agreed on the very same thing – the same comment can come out of the mouths of a Black & a White person and people will believe the White person.

  5. Mickey

    That’s because whites can’t handle criticism from anyone except their own.

  6. arielle06777 on said:

    This is a magnificent critique. I am so floored by what I learn on this blog. Waking up is a painful process. And sometimes it makes me feel like this is all too overwhelming. I can’t help but feel hopeless…

  7. blackmystory on said:

    Children have a tremendous capacity to cut through bullshit. Adults fuck it up by asking them to leave their discerning ability behind and act like they old knee-grow ass. That’s why adults don’t want children to talk to them too much and have the tel-lie-vision baby sit and screw up their perspective.

  8. blackmystory on said:

    Also…regarding your point sister I will just give you a quote that will sum up your 10 points, yet at the same time turn it on it’s head.

    “If there is no struggle, there is no progress….Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

    You can see the entire speech here which is more than those lines.

    Respectfully I say Sister truth, that those 10 points are unattainable, especially reparations, because….
    (a) They will not give these concessions willingly
    (b)How does one determine the dollar value on reparations without bankrupting major banks, insurance companies and other big corporations, who don’t give a fuck that they are killing the planet
    (c) How could we keep trifling knee-grows like messy Jessie and others less popular from lining their pockets and what would be the best way to use this reparation
    (d) Items 4-6-9 is untenable because money is the god of Yurugu and we would be asking him to set aside his god, that gives him the power over the land. People have been known to die and kill for their gods.

    Marcus Garvey still has today the most comprehensive blue print for us, even in dealing with those who eats the scrap from massa’s table. But as long as we turn to the Tim (dumb) Wise of the world.

  9. Crissjensen on said:

    Yes, Negress! thanks for this post on this “FAKE FOE” of black people’s. it’s peoples like Tim “the white undercover devil” Wise, we have to watch out for.

    why do thses kind of white devil love to act like their down for black issuses?? Hmmm… oh, criss! it’s all about the white system, and white privilege.

    Ohhhhh!! i get it. Thank you.

  10. @ Negress, when will ppl (people) like Tim Wise be expose for thiere Fakeness? ppl like him i run from fast as wind. lol.

  11. ynotme on said:


    Reparation for slavery would be great, but not in a monetary sense, because it will only prove to them that money can buy, not only our pride, but also the suffering and the struggles we endured AND continue to endure. My idea of reparation would be for white folks to LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE so we can uplift the black community by establishing our own businesses and allow ourselves to slowly heal from our mental slavery.

  12. Arielle

    I am learning myself. I’m still floored by the actions of demons.

  13. Blackmystory

    Excellent response! I’ve read that quote before and it’s one of the best. I know that Yurugu will never offer an apology or reparations…it’s not in his nature.

    I was just airing out my frustration at this Khazar who gets ten grand per speaking arrangement while the rest of us struggle to pay rent.

  14. Ynotme

    Our reparations will come on a spiritual level when we take back what’s ours.

  15. Timothy Wise has adopted that negro preacher style and Negroes cannot resist that bullshit. He has studied his target audience and zeroed in on what it takes to takes them. He does what we should do, study and target, just like Black men that chase white women. They know what it takes to get this person and they target them. We can do it on a wider scale. Timothy Wise is the devil.

    Another great offering sis, proud of you.

  16. @ Negress, that the same feeling i get i think our “FREEDOM AND REPARATIONS” comes from our spiritual healing getting back in touch with god.

  17. Two very crucial and key points were made in your statements….

    (1) “Once I learned to remove all ’emotions’ from dealing with white people and to regard them as they have regarded us, I was startled at the level of clarity I have obtained.”

    (2) “Dr. Welsing was correct to say that the “’confusion of our emotions’ under the system of white supremacy would be our downfall.” Speaking to Neely Fuller and listening to countless documentaries on the origin of Europeans have given me something utterly priceless: Reflection.”

    Extremely important key points that we all should let sink in real deep!
    Less emotional imbalance = more clarity.
    Less confusion = more clarity.
    Clarity is defined as “The quality of being clear, in particular; the quality of coherence and intelligibility; clearness of appearance, of thought, of style.
    More clarity = more light.
    More light = more truth.

    The perpetrators like nothing better than to see us suffer by being piled on with confusion, and even more confusion, running around in circles, going every place on the map instead of our planned destination with deflection, one distraction after another.

    We must overstand this game in which we’re playing in reference to the subject at hand, as Dr. Welsing often compares our overall position as Black people within the system construct of racism (mistreatment) to that of playing a game of chess against white people. We’re the inexperienced player, the novice or never played the game before in our entire life, being matched against someone who has been taught the game to mastery levels, has centuries of experience and supplied with an almost endless, head-spinning, strategic moves.

    The emotional and confusion aspects of dealing/confronting/discussing this issue must be contained, controlled and constantly monitored in our reactions to people such as Tim Wise, because people like him are masters at working and manipulating the emotional aspects of Black people to produce an effect on the issue of race. He’s the spin doctor of race. That is why he’s getting paid the amount of money he gets: to strategically activate an emotional, destabilizing reaction from us in doctored dialogue of race from a renewed and refined white perspective. It’s just like a car model; the basic structure of the last year’s car is pretty much unchanged, whereas this year’s newer model has a newer and refined exterior and the car dealer uses every sales tactic he can to get you to buy this year’s model.

    There is so much homework WE must do in consistently educating ourselves about how these people plan and strategize, and the true meaning behind words and certain terms, their origins, how they are used against us as reactionary weapons and the refinement at which certain terminology keeps us confused, marginalized, unorganized, working against our interests (short and long term) and misinformed. This not not to say that any of us are doing that. We just need to remind each other, in a helpful and constructive way, of those things we should be continuously aware of in staying on point and focused.

    People of this sort are not going anywhere soon. Don’t be fooled. Just as you comprehend and are fully aware of what’s going on in this game, we should automatically anticipate the perpetrators have already planned, analyzed, refined and waiting to execute t-w-o strategic moves for every move we make on the chessboard. We’ve got to up our game in mastering these aforementioned aspects, emotional imbalance and confusion, by proactively thinking before we become reactive out of passion. The system plays on Black people’s weaknesses, with one of them being their knowledge of how passionate we are. Take any situation in life and imagine it within a setting of any of the nine areas of people activity. We have to overstand how these are multi-purposed weapons being used against us to our disadvantage. To lessen this effect, we have to use the counter-strategic weapon of ‘personal reflection’ as a proven defense method. Tim Wise is smart. He knows what effect he’s seeking and the resultant reactions he’ll get when he utilizes soft and hard words. Words are weapons, too, and can be just as lethal and effective as tactile weapons. Good words can give a high like none other in the world, just as well as bad words can almost kill your Spirit. I still remember the disrespectful way in which he denounced Dr. Welsing discourse on race as “psychological bullshit.” Dr. Welsing in the ONLY behavioral psychiatrist in this entire world who has the deepest, most profound and well-researched studies on the subject of race, genetic annihilation of whites and the feasible alternatives for both races in concluding this issue, not mention the depth of her education, professional experience and her highly-publicized, highly-accclaimed and well-read books. As we all know, such attacks against Dr. Welsing are brushed off and have no effect on her personally. But we must “get it” in overstanding “why” Tim Wise made this statement about her. Tim Wise was checkmated with the truth.

    As each of us become less confused and enlightened to the true nature of unjustified mistreatment, it will gradually weakened and erode the foundation upon which the system stands. Nothing lasts forever, and infinite mistreatment is unsustainable, as well as the refined tools, words and rhetorical strategies being used in its defense. Just as it took time for you, me and the rest of us to break the threshold of ignorance, confusion and darkness, we must be as patient with those of whom we love and hope will acquire the same redeeming results.

    Fredrick Douglass was right, a million times over; power concedes to nothing without a demand. Right now, we are in the struggle, a new paradigm shift that is relentless in seeking to influence the dynamics of the game and how it is to be played. What’s more important is the question: what’s our strategy? Our next move? Now that we know there are such people out to further confuse and provoke the emotional imbalance of our people. We’ve got a lot of work to do within the nine areas of people activity that should keep us pretty busy.

  18. Fantastic reply!!!

    My nerves and excitable nature have always gotten me in trouble with whites. I lose myself in my heated nature to argue with the enemy.

    Now, after dealing with them and failing in every aspect, I’ve learned never to engage them in dialogue. That’s how they peek into your mind.

    I’m codified all the time now. It really does help if only a little.

  19. Criss
    Never he’s protected by his own people.

  20. mary burrell on said:

    I saw a quote from Malcolm X that went like this. ” If you are for me and my problems, When I say me, I mean us, Our people. Then you have to be willing to do as old John Brown did.” John brown as I understand it was an abolitionist. who used violent means to fight slavery. I doubt if Wise is even that serious about fighting racism. I guess he just found a way to profit off of black people’s misery. Shame on him for that. John Brown was hung for fighting against slavery. I doubt if he would die for the cause.

  21. mary burrell on said:

    I’ve been reading about these so called white anti-racist activist. Well good if they want to clean up what white racist messed up. These racist created this beast called white supremacy. Then they need to collectively find a way to kill this beast. Instead of denying and sweeping the mess that was created by them.

  22. Miss Mary

    I agree wholeheartedly.

  23. Mickey on said:

    @ ynotme,

    I heard that Johnny Cochran, before he died, was working on how much the U.S. government owed Black people for slavery.

  24. ‘That’s because whites can’t handle criticism from anyone except their own.’==

    Sis, ‘handling it’ and changing their behavior and mindset are two wholly different things. They’ll listen and then go about dissecting it and creating talking counterpoints afterward. Wise has done what all white men have learned to do, hell, what EVERY person in the world has learned (including some of us)–take something that black people do effectively, tweek it, re-package it and sell it as ‘new and updated’ and sell it RIGHT BACK to the very people who created it in the 1st place!! All at a very handsome profit I might add. He is a ‘race’ pimp. Not unlike some other un-named negroes who have a national/international presence and choose to mouth a lot of shat but the only thing they are interested in changing is their status and relative income.

  25. I can think you can always tell who the real deal is in relation to whose for the ‘people’ and whose faking–if the govt goes after them–financially, public humiliation, harassment, etc..then ding, ding, you are more than likely looking at someone who is really genuine and sincere–now the OTHER kind they co-opt, hire and use and usually these populate ‘top’ positions of token power. So I always look at what people are doing, not what they say. It’s like a game to them. But again, if you understand the sociopathic personality, you understand them.

  26. Probably why he was killed. And yes I believe that. Cancer seems to really prevalent amongst american political foes as of late. What are the odds that Castro & Chavez would both contract cancer? Yes, disease exist but know that bio-germ warfare is real too. AIDS, ebola were I believe expressly designed for this purpose. Yeah, people can think hysterical conspiracy theorists but the evidence is out there. Boyd Graves & Dr. Robert Strecker , just to name a few people who have done the hard lifting on the topic.

  27. Kushite Prince on said:

    @ Sister Truth Tim Wise is a wolf in sheep clothing. He is not a friend to melaninated people. Although he does do a great job at pretending to be though. But I can see through his game. He does NOT want to dismantle the system of white supremacy. Why would he?? Since he profits from it. He’s a devil in my book. case closed!

  28. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great post!! Two thumbs up! 🙂

  29. blackmystory on said:

    Ashe truth…there is money in pimping. e just got to know who is being pimped.

  30. ynotme on said:


    I also heard about that, and I believe his legal team(The Dream Team)is still dreaming about pursuing it. If memory serves me right, a lawsuit was filed by a group of black folks several years ago demanding reparation, but it was dismissed by the court, they were told by the judge to take their claim to congress.

    Mickey, Monetary compensation without political changes will only take us back to square one. The constitution needs to be amended or re-written to remove those clauses that’s keeping slavery and white supremacy intact.

  31. Mickey on said:

    Here is an article I lifted from Black Commentator.com.

    Why They Owe Us!

    Day-by-day, African people in America are becoming more familiar with the concept of reparations and what it means to our continued struggle in America for self-determination, liberation, independence, and freedom. Therefore, we must be clear that reparations means “repair” for the damages inflicted on a people or a nation. In pursuit of this repair, we are conscious of the fact we must engage in the process and assume responsibility for repairing ourselves, which includes: changing the way we think, supporting our own institutions (particularly financially), supporting our families, supporting our own Black business enterprises, cleaning up our communities, and changing the way we relate to and think of each other as a people. These are just a few of the internal repairs we must constantly work on.

    In this connection, part of our internal repair is to struggle, fight, mobilize, and organize to demand external reparations from those governments, corporations, and institutions that are responsible for our historical and continuing state of oppression. Just as Jewish people proclaim, “Never Forget,” African people should do no less!

    We should “Never Forget” that “They Owe Us!” Part of our internal repair is to consciously understand that “We Are Owed” and that we have a historic responsibility to demand reparations from those forces of white supremacy that continue to benefit from what they did to us and that lingers on as part of the vestiges of our enslavement.

    As we continue to organize around the issue of reparations, we should be clear that “They Owe Us” for:

    The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery: The United Nations World Conference Against Racism declared that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery were Crimes Against Humanity. Crimes against humanity have no statute of limitations.

    The Expropriation of Our Labor: For more than 250 years, we were forced to work for free. Our free labor was a major ingredient in the building of the United States and its wealth as a nation. Also, the thousands of white individuals and their families that accumulated wealth and continue to this day to benefit from this free labor.

    The Slave Code Laws: The slave owners developed their own codes of what they could do to enslaved African people in America that permeated throughout the emergence of this country. In many ways, informal slave codes exist today (racial profiling).

    The Destruction of the African Family: The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery had a devastating impact on destroying and dismantling African families.

    The Raping of African Women: Our capture and enslavement provided white men with the power to rape African women and girls by the thousands without reprisal.

    The Fugitive Slave Laws: When our enslaved ancestors resisted their enslavement and fled plantations, the government of this country sanctioned laws and policies that supported the capture and return of so-called “runaway slaves,” enslaved Africans. The Dred Scott Decision should be consulted to fully understand the implications of the Fugitive Slave Laws.

    The Colonizing of Our African Culture: Created systems by law and societal practices that forbade African people, in our captured state, to engage in our traditional spiritual and cultural practices.

    The KKK Night Riders and Lynchings: The Ku Klux Klan was established in the late 1860s as a secret society whose mission was to exterminate, by any means necessary, African people in America. They were known to have been responsible for the lynching, and murdering of thousands of African men, women, and children.

    The 13th and 14th Constitutional Amendments: The abolishment of slavery was really a constitutional scam and the 14th Amendment that allegedly made African people citizens of America was imposed on us. We were never asked if we wanted to be citizens.

    We Were Denied Our 40 Acres and Our Mule: We didn’t get it! We were sold down the river and the land was given to white confederate soldiers.

    The Jim Crow Laws: The Jim Crow Policies of the United States of America became the fabric and foundation of American society after the period of Reconstruction. Jim Crow Laws and Policies reinforced the foundation of white supremacy and Black inferiority in every aspect of American society.

    The Fighting and Dying in Imperialist and White Supremacist Wars: We fought and died and continue to fight and die for the freedoms of others and were / are denied our own freedoms and civil rights.

    The Assassination of Black Leaders: Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Fred Hampton, and Mark Clark to name a few.

    COINTELPRO: This was a government program, established by the FBI under the direction of J. Edgar Hoover, designed to destroy the Black Power Movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

    The Crack Epidemic: Research reveals that the United States Government, through the CIA, targeted Black communities for the dispensing of Crack Cocaine.

    The Criminalizing of Our Youth: It should be obvious that the aim of the Prison Industrial Complex is to Criminalize Our Youth to insure a young and viable work force for this multibillion-dollar industry.

    The Jailing of Our Freedom Fighters: The incarcerating of our Freedom Fighters, thus making them political prisoners.

    Centuries of MisEducation and Mental Atrocities: This has caused serious damage to our people, that continues to cause much mental confusion about our true reality as an African people in America and around the world.

    No matter how controversial it may be in these economic times, we as African people in the United States of America are “Still Owed!”

  32. Tyrone on said:


    As black people, we can’t keep falling into the multicultural/diversity trap. The real racist on this planet are those that claim to want what’s best for black people. Klansmen and skinheads don’t scare me, they’re just a bunch of bitter white boys with too much time on their hands. If we’re gonna discuss this issue, we can’t continue associating with “Moles.” As is noted, Tim Wise is jewish and southern. All informed blacks know the real story behind the white jews who played an integral role in the transatlantic slave trade. Why am i saying all of this? White liberal jews such as Tim Wise have been phony from the jump. In order for dixiecrats/democrats to win national elections in the US, they had to come up with a way to convince african-americans that the dixiecrats were not a racist party anymore, in comes the northeastern jews to the rescue. If rednecks in the south are donkeys, why are white jews from the northeast in the same party as them? Jewish whites were cover for racist whites in the south, they were the new and improved democrats so to speak…Really? Kennedy was elected because blacks fell for the lie. Remember, Kennedy’s VP pick was Lyndon B. Johnson, a dixiecrat from Texas. Kennedy was taken out because he was a phony in the eyes of those in his party. He was selling a lie to his own party. Look at what took place after the death of JFK? Starting with the Great Society, it’s been downhill ever since for black people. Whites will always use moles or decoys to fool black people. As i’ve said before, all whites are racist because all of them benefit directly or indirectly from the disrespect of our people. Just because some whites wanna jump in bed with us doesn’t negate the truth. Stop falling for that bs sistas and brothas? Tim Wise is not gonna be shot dead by a black cop, he can’t walk in my shoes. Negress, if we’re gonna have a rational convo about this issue, black folk gotta include all whites. The notion that Israelis, Arabs, Persians, Italians, and Spaniards are not white needs to cease. Seriously, we’re contradicting ourselves. How can we bitch about racism when we focus on one group of whites and kiss the ass of their cousins who behave in like fashion? Why is the word that we need to adhere to. Understanding human thought and behavior is what will save us. Black folk don’t have to hate other races, we must have racial-awareness in our interaction with them…this is the fundamental point that we miss as a people. I get along with whites, asians, and indians just fine, Why? I know the truth about them, which prevents them from punking me. People treat us like s**t because they assume we don’t know the ugly truth about them. Whites have shown their true colors, so, i limit my interaction with them. They want blacks to sit with them at lunchtime, Why are they worrying about that? Deep down, they realize that all blacks are not stupid, it bothers their spirit. We have to operate in “Stealth Mode” until we get the baggage out of our race. Always Keep Them Guessing…AKTG

    We Come In The Night

  33. @TYRONE–I get along with whites, asians, and indians just fine, Why? I know the truth about them, which prevents them from punking me. People treat us like s**t because they assume we don’t know the ugly truth about them. —

    Brotha, you said nothing but the gospel truth. People deal with you based on cues you give. If they feel you possess the naivete of a chid, they will treat you as such. If they realize you see thru their lies and bs, they have to deal with you accordingly.

  34. Tyrone on said:

    Thank You!!!

  35. @Tyrone:
    I agree with your statements about knowing the truth about others and not falling for the okey-doke. To quote the late Mayor Harold Washington, “Just because I love my people does not mean I hate others.” I’m not down with hating anyone, because as Nelly Fuller Jr. has taught me, it is ultimately counterproductive and nonconstructive. However, that does not mean we have to be foolish in our interactions with others. We should approach others with the same keenness for mistreatment as they would do with us. To be honest, I do not believe that most people are out to deceive us or have ulterior motives of exploitation. But in a complex world where essentially everyone’s out to get “theirs”, to help “themselves”, “their” people and “their” interests, we can learn to lessen our losses by following the same MO. You “want” to seek out the best in others, which is a noble thing. But I can’t blame any one of us for being highly cynical after living within an environment of continual mistreatment. To validate your point, we have just seen the perfect example of how Black voters were exploited for the advancement of others with the latest general election, where there was pretty much a total ostracizing process put into play for Black voters to the benefit of Latinos, white women, homosexuals and every other so-called “minority” interest group. We also know that 99.9997% of these people did not and do not have an direct involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, yet overwhelmingly benefit from the fruits of the CRM struggle in every aspect and every way imaginable. I feel like I’m in a time warp when I see and hear the sly and negative remarks made against us as Black people. However, there are lessons to be learned from all of this backlash.

    Reparations IMO are directly correlated to the success or failure of any nation. Has anyone ever thought of this issue in this way? If the system used Black people, their mistreatment, abuse, and exploitation as the primary component to establish its wealth, then the demise of this country is directly related to the current treatment and economic condition of Black people. Even if we were to receive reparations in various forms, what overall plan or agenda do we have that is documented, consensual among specially and exclusively Black people, not influenced by outsiders working against our direct and future interests and immediately applicable in helping Black people out of their current economic plight? What workable, fail-safe plans do we have to immediately use these resources in creating perpetual, generational wealth that will be used as an economic shield to ensure that we will never, ever become enslaved, financially vulnerable, economically exploited or held captive in debt to others? Is this information disseminated to every Black person in the u.s. as the primary step toward enacting its fulfillment? Information is power. Envisioning the end result and working backward (reverse-engineer), these are some of the things we should contemplate upon before launching an all-out campaign to demand reparations, including contingency plans for Black economic framework developments (Plan B). Reparations is serious business and will entail more than just the reception of what’s owed to us. “Those who forget the past are bound to repeat it,” and if we are absolutely positive that we don’t want repeat the horrors of our past as a people, than we must lay the groundwork, the foundation and the structure according to the plans drawn out today.

    BTW: all of my comments directed toward particular commentators should not be viewed as personal attacks or a reproach. It is only meant as constructive criticism, which I invite all of us to provide for me as well in making our dialogue meaningful, educational and helpful. I believe constructive criticism will be beneficial in helping all of us stay on point and focused on our goal.

  36. Listening to Tim Wise on The C.O.W.S. completely changed my view of him. I used to think that he was being genuine until I heard the way he spoke to Justice. Honestly, I think the “Anti-racist” group as a whole are subtly trying to put non-White people to sleep. Many non-Whites I know would claim that all Whites are racist because of people like Tim Wise, but little do they know that he – and plenty other in this group – have ADMITTED to being racist on The C.O.W.S. The racists always stay ahead of their victims, unfortunately.

    Also, it would be logical that White people’s discussions of race would hold more weight in the system of RWS. If the views of the victims were both validated and properly addressed, then the system would disappear. And we know the RWS don’t want that at all. So while many Black people scratch their heads looking around for yet another “Black leader”, White people allegedly against racism provide a sort of soothing lotion. But their numbers are very small.

  37. To Everyone:

    I’m having trouble logging into my site. I highly suspect that this is being done ON PURPOSE. I hope you are able to read my note.

    In the event that I get terminated, I want to tell you how much I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT.

  38. If this site does ‘mysteriously’ disappear, I know I will raise holy hell–my specialty.

  39. Tyrone on said:


    Appreciate the feedback! At this time, black people are voting for the benefit of others, as you correctly stated…Hispanics, Homosexuals, Muslims, and so forth. Obama spent the past 4 years bending over for all 3 groups, and what did black folk get from him…Not Much! Illegal-Immigration hurts african-americans in the workforce, homosexuality corrupts blackmen, and muslims are causing chaos and bloodshed in Africa. Our so-called leaders tell us that these groups are allies of the black race, when it’s not the case. We take all the arrows and bullets, while others sit back and do nothing. Honestly, i don’t trust those not of my tribe right now, i have no reason to. Cynical is the word that best describes how i view race. My mind is always jabbing at my spirit…Tyrone don’t fall for that, Tyrone ignore that, Tyrone look deeper…Survival Mode!


  40. Thanks Kushite Prince. You should know that my responses to these dialogues are always committed to helping all of us out of this confusion, in my own little way.

  41. @Tyrone: Believe me when I say that I cosign with your sentiments. Even among our own people, I reflect back on the lyrics of Public Enemy: “every brother ain’t a Brother.” Overall, we are all victims of centuries of confusion, but it is through the Spirit of The Creator that people like you, me and the other respondents are enlightened to what’s really going on. I am still learning, as well as I presume you are about how this system works, the break-down and analysis of its structural make-up and what we can do to provide solutions and defense mechanisms for ourselves and our people.

  42. In a way, this is a good thing that happen (access denied to login). Heads up DOAN…do you have a backup plan? A contingency plan? Just in case you aren’t successful the next time around? Not to say that you do not think this way, but we’ve got to get in the habit of thinking, planning and preparing “proactively” in stead of being “reactive” as the typical victim. Just trying to help in a constructive way to keep a good thing “going and going and going”…LOL!

  43. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks Emile. I’ve been reading a lot of your responses and you are a very intelligent woman. You have a real way with words. I think you need to create your own blog. We need more women like you spreading that type of knowledge. Your posts are always a pleasure to read.

  44. @Kushite Prince:
    ….A-Hem!…(lol!)…I am a male BTW….no biggie! We all make honest mistakes!…Top priority>Minimizing the conflict>thickens the skin!

  45. Kushite Prince on said:

    Oops! My bad!lol I went to high school with a girl named Emile. I stand corrected— you’re a very intelligent MAN.lol Keep spreading the knowledge. It’s very much appreciated.

  46. dont take my site away! i guress she’s telling to much “TRUTH”!!

  47. Mickey on said:

    Here is a video from 1992 on Oprah where she has guests who have racist views and their childen who disagree with them. She later has Jane Elliott on the show and she drops some knowledge on folks.

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